Best Down Pillow

The Royal Bedding Luxury Down Pillow 500TC is our best down pillow and made of standard size, they are luxurious and comfortable and they are very high quality and firm. They are plush but not mushy and may be the best pillows ever for your bed. If you need a good fluff, these will be holding up perfectly to alleviate pains with its 500 thread count cotton cover.

Our step-up pick is the Royal Hotel’s 500 Thread Down Pillow and it is so comfortable and it stands out as a luxurious and comfortable pillow that is firm for maximum comfort and support. Ideal for sensitive sleepers, the look and feel of the pillow is great. As a set of 2, it is one of the most luxurious for your bedding ever. It also has edged with double silky piping.

The budget pick is the All About Down Goose Travel Pillow and as an excellent down pillow, you will be very happy with its very good quality and the increased firmness is also available. It is more pliable than others so you can liberate yourself from discomfort. As a down travel pillow, it is perfect and it is not too firm. You will love this pillow as no feathers stick out with this down pillow with 700 fill power. It is certainly recommended and highly ideal and convenient for use for your needs.

A Little Background

A down pillow is like a down mattress and it is like a traditional pillow that has tons of feathers and down that keeps your nights comfortable in terms of sleep quality, comfort and breathability all the way. Down pillows are better than most synthetic pillows but they are quite expensive all in all but they can be your great buddy for sleeping on a cloud.

How We Picked

In choosing the best down pillow, consider the following factors first:
Size of the pillow in dimensions – the down pillow should have ample amounts of sizing for your bed of choice or size such as queen sized, king sized, etc.
Fluffiness of the pillow – the down pillow should have straightforward fluffiness when it comes shipped to your doorstep and especially when you put it in the dryer to enhance its fluffiness.
Materials used on the pillow – the down pillow should have sustainable, eco friendly and really authentic down pillow contents such as down and feathers.

Our Pick

Royal Bedding Luxury Down Pillow 500TC

Our best down pillow is the Royal Bedding Luxury Down Pillow 500TC and it is one of the best luxury down pillows out there made of hand plucked goose down. In the industry, it is one of the best, containing a set of 2. Made of bacteria free material, it is ideal sensitive sleepers with a pretty good loft.
A down pillow for the price, you can make your bedding superb as they are versatile for any comforting position that you need. The pillow is overfilled well with 750 fill power and it is truly a luxurious down pillow that you can enjoy all the way with its look and feel.
One of the very nice pillows out there, it has a 28 oz fill with large clusters of white goose down filling. It is one of the most luxurious down pillows out there made of purified white goose down for maximum comfort. It has a 90% down ratio and 10% smaller feather and is on the firm side for comfort and support in one go.
These are very nice pillows with luxurious covering so that you can fix them to the shape the way you want it. As a great pillow set, you will love these pillows as they come in double silky piping edged material. The fill count and loft are both great and the pillows are very soft.
Shipped a beautiful zippered package for a great price, you will get a feel of elegance and a clean finish with the 100% cotton cover of this pillow. They are firm pillows but they are soft and they are truly luxurious and comfortable. These are awesome pillows and are great white goose down pillows.
As a set of 2 down pillows, they can be the best goose down pillows ever and they are fantastic for the best ever down pillows for allergy free relief. They are great for a good night’s rest for you to have the best of pleasant dreams without breaking the bank.
They are indeed better than memory type firm pillows and the pillows arrive factory-sealed. They live up to the product expectations. They are ideal for a good night’s sleep and are compacted into a small package. For those with snoring problems, this is a great pack of pillows with a standard and queen size.
These are great pillows that will definitely last for years to come. With the finest 500 thread count, the pillow is nice and they retain their loft at all times. Among the best down pillows, this is better than a standard pillow and being feather pillows, they can be fluffed in a dryer with great ease.
Surviving over the years, you will be very satisfied. The pillow measures 20 x 28 inches and it is better than more expensive ones. As a fantastic investment, these are plump pillows but you should dry clean them only for maintenance.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some small and not significant caveats but not deal breakers to say about the Royal Bedding Luxury Down Pillow 500TC may include the fact that it is firm so it might not be for people who are not into firm pillows at all.

Step-up Pick

Royal Hotel’s 500 Thread Down Pillow

Our step-up pick is the Royal Hotel’s 500 Thread Down Pillow and is one of the best luxury down pillows out there with great white down filling that you can enjoy. You will definitely sleep very well as it has a great and reliable 500 thread count cotton cover. The pillows are enormous and they are a tad better than cheaper down products.
The pillow is overfilled with a luxurious covering as well as a great and comfortable 750 fill power. You will be very satisfied with these pillows as they are one of the leading ones in the industry. With bacteria free material, the 35 oz fill makes it the perfect pillow for the job.
For great comfort, it is a luxurious down pillow that can feel great with a clean finish. In fact, you may not want to get out of bed with this pillow. Also, they are soft and are amazing for the price. As a set of 2 down pillows, they are made with hand plucked white down and packed in a zippered package. Made with 90% down ratio and 10% smaller feathers, you will be off to have pleasant dreams with its elegance due to its purified white down.
Better than other down pillows, you will be sleeping on the right pillows with this king sized pillow set. It is also allergy free with incredible luxury. Also, these pillows are firm and they make good snuggle pillows overall. As neat and reliable king size down pillows, these are really nice pillows that will be better than expected between soft and medium firmness.
The price is perfect on the pillow which measures 20 x 36 inches. They can be easily fluffed in a dryer and the pillows fluff right up as expected. As a good sized pillow, it is bound for dry clean only.

Budget Pick

All About Down Goose Travel Pillow

Our budget pick is the All About Down Goose Travel Pillow and it is made with an Egyptian cotton cover as an outstanding product which also make great RV pillows. It compresses easily as a pillow and is one of the great pillows out there woven in Germany. It is definitely better than airline and hotel pillows and you will feel sleep on a cloud overall. Measuring 12 inches x 16 inches, it is of medium weight and it fluffs back into shape when you need it.
You can also customize the product for travel and home and its goose down is great. A cleaning service is available as well for this truly an outstanding product. Ideal for packing, it is filled with 4 ounces of down fill that is incredibly buoyant and soft. Moreover, the goose down in these pillows is of high quality which makes it a plump travel pillow to say.
Made with eastern European goose down, it has been piped around the edges and it has a great fill adjustment as well as a beautiful craftsmanship. It is also certified humane for the quality and you can also add an extra ounce of down for a small fee. It will last for years and you will be very impressed with the quality.
Having been made from the most ethical down sources, this is a great neck support pillow and your neck will feel comfortable all the way. It does not skimp on the fill at all and you can also freely travel extensively with this pillow compresses for packing. It is great to sleep on and can be smaller than standard pillows for traveling.
It is the perfect pillow for traveling as it easily springs back to life when you need it. The pillow is indeed perfect for traveling if you are for the right pillow to do the job. It is made of smooth cotton and is of lighter or firmer weight.

Best Down Pillow made of Goose Down Material

Cuddledown 700 Goose Medium Pillow Queen

The Cuddledown 700 Goose Medium Pillow Queen is made from high quality goose down and measures 30 x 20 inches overall. It is the perfect pillow for your needs as a medium pillow to rest your head upon. It will work well for a side sleeper due to its versatility and it is also hypoallergenic.
It works out great as a feather and goose down pillow and it is also truly a luxury down pillow. You will love this great pillow for its quality and it is ideal for those who are used to side and back sleeping. With 700 fill power, it can be customized for your personal preference. As a European pillow, it can attend to your neck injury for a great down pillow.
It is also indeed the perfect pillow for your needs of legitimate white goose material which can finally sleep without disturbing. It is made of large clusters of down that conform to whatever shape. The down fill can also make a huge difference in your sleeping routine in a good way and it is firm enough that it gives neck great support.
Dubbed the most comfortable pillow by most, it is made of down proof material and is applicable for a side sleeper. You can definitely feel your investment in comfort work well for this breathable and smooth pillow that is super comfortable and just right all the way.
Extremely light, when you have this pillow, you feel like sleeping on a cloud. With a 450 thread count, it is indeed very fluffy and it is also crushable just the way you want it. With finer qualities than most pillows, you will be able to sleep so well due to the 100 percent cotton content.
As one of the best pillows out there, this down pillow has just the right amount of loft for your needs such as reduced neck pain. Made of cotton sateen material, it is pretty perfect for those looking for years of comfort from a real goose down. Made with fine imported materials, it is definitely worth it due to the quality of materials that make it so comfortable.
This pillow is just right for your neck pain and back pain so that you can have great night’s sleep that you rightfully deserve. Available in 4 sizes, it can make a huge difference in your sleep as it is light and lofty and doesn’t go flat at all. It is worth every penny to give support that you need. Available in 4 firmness levels, you will be sleeping much better as this pillow is soft enough for its loft and compression. It is of queen size for beds of the same size.

Best Down Pillow made of Duck Down Material

Cuddledown Duck Down Medium Pillow Queen

The Cuddledown Duck Down Medium Pillow Queen is uniquely made of duck down and is similar to higher end pillows. You won’t notice any smell at all and it will be soft as you need it. A medium pillow that is soft enough, it is also unbelievably comfortable and is made of quality cotton you can depend upon to support the neck area as a comfortable pillow measuring 30 x 20 inches.
You will love this pillow due to the premium materials present and a natural feeling of comfort that is not overstuffed at all. The pillow will do the job just fine and as expected and will work well for stomach sleeping people. Bearing the perfect fill materials, it can alleviate and erase neck pain in a breeze for several nights of use. You will love this pillow for your head to sink in.
Being affordably priced, it is not too soft and not too firm and good for your overall health. Taken from the Pyrenees Mountains on its materials, you won’t lose your sleep anymore and you can treat yourself to comfort with this hypoallergenic pillow that retains its loft. With medium weight, this down pillow, it has 600-fill power and has great firmness levels.
It is made of cotton cambric fabric as quality pillows from European countries. It will be favorite pillow to sleep on soon enough and it has the same construction as expensive pillows. It is a wonderful pillow with great duck down fill for neck and back support. Regarded by some as the best pillow ever, it can be useful for trying to be comfortable with down proof material.
If you are sleeping on your side, you will enjoy its fluffiness as it is soft but supportive. It has a 245 thread count and is also nice and squishy. You will like this pillow very much as it is made with 100 percent cotton cambric. You may have hit the jackpot with the support and fluffiness of this pillow so you can use it comfortably due to the fine materials.
People who are very picky about pillows will be surprised about its quality and comfort with the exact amount of support for a good night’s sleep. Coming in 4 sizes, the pillow is made with materials that are just right with no stiffness at all. Ideal for side or back sleepers, it provides the support needed with 4 firmness levels to choose from. The pillow perfectly molds to your needs and is of queen size.

Best Down Pillow with a Firm Feel

Ogallala Hypodown Pearl Goose Down Pillow

With a pearl white color, the Ogallala Hypodown Pearl Goose Down Pillow is made with pods of milkweed plants and is also edged with satin piping for a luxurious feeling with 700 fill power. Made with hypodown, you can get a better night’s rest with this 100% cotton pillow made with hypoallergenic fibers. It is firm with its goose down and it supports your head well as a firm pillow.
If you can’t sleep then it has stabilized components to make you feel luxurious. As a queen sized pillow, it is more durable than most and it conforms well. It is not a synthetic and it measures 20 x 30 inches as a hypoallergenic pillow with syriaca clusters.
It cradles your neck with 70% white goose down and 30% syriaca clusters or milkweed fiber. To get the best sleep ever it has a 353 thread count fabric to change the way you sleep in a good way. With feather down blends, this new sleeping pillow is made with pure natural hypodown and double-layered for durability overall.
Made with inner and outer cotton sateen, it is ideal for spot cleaning. It can wick moisture away and can ensure coziness and is more breathable than other pillows overall.

Best Down Pillow with a Silk Blend

Abripedic Silk Goose Down Pillow 450TC

The Abripedic Silk Goose Down Pillow 450TC is made from high quality silk material so you can get the feel of elegance with a comfortable support all the way. With a 2 inches gusset, the cotton silk blend shell is great compared to other down pillows. It has a 450 thread count with a luxurious covering.
Made of natural silk, it has the higher fill power possible for luxury and this goose down pillow has also been made with purified white goose down. The pillow measures 20 x 36 inches and is also bacteria free and well made with 650 fill power overall.
It has been made with hand plucked goose down and you can see that this pillow is soft. As a single goose down pillow, it has great workmanship and ships in a beautiful zippered package. Made with 32 oz fill, it has large clusters of down material ideal for sensitive sleepers and it has been edged with double silky piping. With a touch of luxury, it has 90% down ratio with 10% smaller feathers.
You can make your bedding better with this pillow as it can be fluffed in a dryer. With a clean finish, this soft, luxurious and comfortable pillow will improve your nights with the ultra smooth feel. Made with a 45% silk material and 55% cotton cover, this silk goose down pillow has been woven well as a neat luxurious goose down pillow with white goose down filling.
The goose cluster quality is also allergy free and has a a higher puff up feature. For luxury and comfort, it also keeps the cluster from escaping. Being factory sealed, it has a faster fluffing process than most pillows, making it luxurious and wonderful. Ideal for dry clean only, this king sized pillow is something you can enjoy with incredible luxury. Overfilled with pleasant dreams waiting for you, this silk goose down pillow is more luxurious with a feel of elegance and maximum comfort.

Best Down Pillow with a Gusset Design

Downright Himalaya Pillow Gusseted Goose Down

With great finish details, the Downright Himalaya Pillow Gusseted Goose Down can give all year comfort and neck support with its silk piping. This pillow is a wonderful choice with its 2 inch high gusset that is not too soft and not too firm for standard beds.
You will like this pillow very much. It measures 21 ounces fill for king sized, 18 ounces fill for queen sized and 16 ounces fill for standard sized and is a wonderful choice for a white goose down and gusseted pillow with spectacular sateen that is hypoallergenic with double stitching at 354 thread count.
As a comforting standard 20 x 26 inches pillow, the queen 20 x 30 inches while the king sized measures 20 x 36 inches. With a high thread count, it is very plush and both elegant and light for the price point. With 700+ fill power, it can support your neck and give moisture evaporation that is definitely worth your money. As a superior bedding product, it has a medium weight fill with sateen that is worth your consideration. You will love its lifetime limited warranty as well.

Best Down Pillow for King Sized Beds

Pacific Coast Down Chamber Pillow King

The Pacific Coast Down Chamber Pillow King is real luxury for head support and you feel like in executive clubs for its loft and comfort. The king sized bed is best pillow for most and this pillow is comfortable with 100% cotton and a single internal core design.
The cotton cover is soft that you may never sleep on another pillow again. You can rest your head easy on the cover with a 500 thread count. If you sleep on your back, stomach and side, it’s not a problem with the internal core of down. It can be machine washed and dried and is ideal for any sleeping position.
With 550 fill power, it comes trimmed and is very comfortable for maximum comfort. You will be impressed with this pillow with its white goose down and barrier weave down proof fabric. Like most hotel pillows, the standard size measures 20 x 26 inches, queen size measures 20 x 30 inches and king size measures 20 x 36 inches and is made of quality feather and goose down. Having a small inner pillow for effortless care, it has a 5 year limited warranty.

Best Down Pillow with a Soft Feel

Snuggle Soft 600 Goose Down Pillow

The Snuggle Soft 600 Goose Down Pillow is soft to the touch with a satin corded perimeter. It is hypoallergenic with its long staple egyptian cotton that is soft with a satin corded edge. It’s heavenly at 20 stitches per inch with no feathers to poke you.
With 600 fill power, it has heirloom quality with a quality sateen woven shell. With 4 millimeters double row stitch, it is cozy as a white goose down pillow. In fact, your pillow will feel soft as it is temperature regulating to keep your spine straight. With wrapped Egyptian cotton, it is light in your hand and one of the most incredible and supportive pillows with the luxurious look.
Your assurance is guaranteed that this all down pillow that is hypoallergenic with a touch of elegance for any position. Ideal for side and back sleepers, you can rest your head easy as it is very light, pearl white in color and is also backed with a comfort guarantee with 30-nights trial.
It has a 340 thread count for the perfect posture and it has a down proof perimeter with 100% long staple material for years of comfort as a luxurious pillow. You can now rest more comfortably with its double row stitch and all of the feathers. Your shoulder will be relaxed and it is also for side sleepers.
Truly and very light weight, it feels soft as a down pillow. Overall, if you want a pillow that is very soft and very light, this is what you want. It has one density level of free pillow adjustments for 1 year and is backed by a 10 year product guarantee.

The Competition

Simply put, other down pillows are down in the dumps when it comes down to their comfort features, quality, texture, softness / firmness and accommodation to the person who will use them. It is important for any down pillow to be highly reliable when it comes down to overall down comfort and quality in the long run.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the different pros and cons of down pillows?
A: According to Hullo Pillow , they are ideal for all sleepig positions, with great support and are also moldable to your needs and desire. They are easy to cuddle with and they are light. They can be, however a bit expensive, difficult to maintain and can be distracting to allergy sufferers. They may also require constant fluffing for the loft maintenance.

Q: Any information about a down pillow?
A: According to Overstock , down pillows are good for giving head and neck support as well as good air flow all the way. You should, however, use a zippered pillow protector as well as a pillowcase so that the feathers will not get in the way of your sleep. A lot of down pillows can be machine washed provided that you follow their instructions. Make sure you choose a hypoallergenic down pillow if you are prone to allergies or go for a down alternative pillow instead.

Wrapping It Up

To summarize it all, the Royal Bedding Luxury Down Pillow 500TC is our best down pillow for those who absolutely need down comfort in their bedding all year round without compromising the price and comfort and absolute peaceful sleep all the way.