Best Acupressure Mat

The Nayoya Back and Neck Acupressure Mat is our best acupressure mat and you will wake up in the morning feeling refreshed with pain relief with this acupressure mat and it can be a great healing tool for those tired because of stiffness of their muscles. It really promotes complete relaxation and it is great at providing pain relief.

Our step-up pick is the Bed of Nails Pink Acupressure Mat and it can increase blood circulation and release stress and tension. You will find this very relaxing and it has a higher nail count than most competitors. Getting on and off the mat is easy and it is also safe to fall asleep on. It can significantly improve sleep as an acupressure mat with over 8,820 nails in total.

The budget pick is the ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set and you can use it daily to promote better rest and your wellness routine for 10 to 30 minutes depending on what you need. In fact, you can also stand on your mat or lay on the mat. Recovery after workouts is easy as it releases endorphins that naturally energize you to relieve stress.

A Little Background

People often get scared when they hear the words “acupuncture” because of the stingy needles – which some people claim to be unsanitary. This is why acupressure mats have been popular lately as an alternative for home use or potable use that is relatively cheaper.
Acupressure mats make use of the similar acupuncture concept to relieve stress and muscle tension from your body and to induce total relaxation, hence they are sought by people who don’t have enough time to go to a massage or chiropractic center.

How We Picked

In choosing the best acupressure mat, here are some of our conditions:
Mat size – know the dimensions of the acupressure mat and if it is just right for your needs.
Number of points or spikes – this defines how much pressure points the acupressure mat contain to relieve pressure from your body.
Coverage – it is important for any acupressure mat to have full coverage and not just comfort and stress relief. It should cover the back and body greatly as well as the neck if there is a pillow included.

Our Pick

Nayoya Back and Neck Acupressure Mat

Our best acupressure mat is the Nayoya Back and Neck Acupressure Mat and it is very helpful for your back and neck and it also helps your body to heal itself. As for the point count the acupressure mat has 6,210 acupressure points on the mat and 1,782 acupressure points on the pillow.
For people with terrible migraines, this acupressure mat is the best choice as it also comes with a pillow set for neck pains. It has a carry bag with handles for ease of traveling with it. The acupressure mat can increase in blood flow and you can safely use it during the night when wanting to sleep.
It relieves stress and it also treats chronic low back pain as an effective acupressure mat. It also gives you a sense of calmness as it slowly aids in healing your back problems. The acupressure mat can also guarantee relief from anxiety and stress as long as you use it on a soft surface.
The acupressure mat is so good that it really helps with your neck problems. We highly recommend it as a neat mat to release the tension in the muscle. At about two weeks of use, you may start to see results with this acupressure mat if you have sciatic pain.
Furthermore, it is so relaxing and the acupressure mat can work well for those who have had problems with migraines. It can give you euphoric pleasure if you have tried different solutions in the past. The acupressure mat comes conveniently with a vinyl carry bag for travel purposes.
Achieve a better night’s sleep with this acupressure mat without skin piercing needles of acupuncture. The acupressure mat is also great for storage and travel purposes and helps muscle relaxation be achieved. It also gives you headache relief at the comfort of your home.
Equipped with all the principles of reflexology in mind, the acupressure mat can help you wake up without neck pain which is a bit similar to acupuncture without the pain. Recommended usage of this acupressure mat is about 20 minutes per day.
The acupressure mat is great at promoting stress relief and you can stand barefoot as well on the mat with great ease. There is no need for masseuse, therapist, and chiropractors for this acupressure mat as the pressure points of your scalp can be addresses.
Beginners can use it for 10-15 minutes and intermediate users can use it for 20-45 minutes. Moreover, 45 minutes and up is recommended for advanced users. It can effectively work on the body as a neat acupressure mat and there is no need for prescription pain killers.
With a very interesting experience on this acupressure mat, you can achieve complete relaxation from a bad stiff neck and it is great at increasing blood flow. You can also relieve tension from your head and it is great at reducing aches. It can reduce inflammation and pain.
Moreover, this is an enjoyable experience for reduction in pain as well as for management of pain and stress. With thousands of acupressure points, the acupressure mat is so great that we would recommend it strongly for stress and tension problems.
It help relieve muscle spasms and is quick and easy to use for a healing experience. It relieves shoulder pain and a great companion when you have back pain. With a total of 7,992 acupoints, the acupressure mat really loosens everything up and your body starts to feel warm when you use it.
Great for mild or chronic pains, the acupressure mat works on your pressure points. You just lie down shirtless on the mat or with shirt if you are a beginner. It relieves headaches and you can just lay on it with ease on the mat and neck pillow.
A great secret for pain relief, the acupressure mat can give you a pulsing sensation that energizes you but also provides improved sleep. You can place it anywhere due to its portability. It can help manage pain and works for those who have bad posture.
With improved circulation for a fair price, the acupressure mat can draw blood flow as it conforms to your body. Giving you an improved mood, this mat is truly amazing and the stitching looks good. You will be really pleased with the mat and with the neck pillow for the increase in energy levels.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some minor flaws but not deal breakers to say about the Nayoya Back and Neck Acupressure Mat include the fact that it can sag a little when it is overused or not maintained properly, but this is true of all acupressure mats out there.

Step-up Pick

Bed of Nails Pink Acupressure Mat

Our step-up pick is the Bed of Nails Pink Acupressure Mat and it is ideal for back and body pain and it can also relieve insomnia. A great way to relax your muscles as natural treatment, you will feel so relaxed as it can increase energy levels for those who has back problems.
A great relaxation tool, migraines can decrease with it as it can also improve skin complexion and raise mindfulness. You will be very pleased with this mat as it is of great quality as your body releases oxytocin.
Made of full cotton material, there are 2,142 acupressure points for the pillow. It is ideal for before going to bed and can work on upper shoulders. It brings out endorphins to relieve pain for easing tension and is quite unique with its features.
For people with sleeping problems, it can reduce stress and anxiety and is great for work or travel use. The acupressure mat can target more acupressure points. The dimensions of the mat are 16 1/2 x 28 1/2 inches. Relaxing on the mat is easy as it diffuses the pain and can also relieve constipation.
It works on back pains and gives you the ability to sleep better. As a holistic gadget, the treatment is not lessened at all for home use and for neck and back pain. It is comfortable to relax on for stress relief and is great after a stressful day.
As an efficient treatment method, the acupressure mat can relieve chronic pains and also work as cellulite treatment. To wind down with this acupressure mat is so easy and it can be used by yoga practitioners. It is easy to use to release tensions.
It is used by many athletes and it can alleviate chronic pain. As an at home treatment, your body experiences a healing state with it as you meditate to promote the body’s healing in a very relaxing way. It can relieve tension headaches and is great for different body parts.
The acupressure mat can give you a great feeling as an effective tool that helps to keep you healthy to stop pain. Those who are sitting a lot at home or at work or school can use it for easing tension and as part of their relaxation technique during the day or night.
It works on the muscles and joints and can give you a state of deep relaxation to alleviate stress. Giving you different great sensations, relief and comfort for 10 to 20 minutes, it is a great acupressure mat.
Moreover, it has an easy cleanup using warm water and vinegar solution. The acupressure mat is easily used to warm up for daily use.

Budget Pick

ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Our budget pick is the ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set and it is a great pillow set as an acupressure mat to let your body heal. It can promote restoration and is ideal for back and neck for total body relaxation and insomnia relief.
Great for healing and rejuvenation, the acupressure mat gives you pain relief and aids in digestion. With increased energy, the acupressure mat gives you 7 color choices for muscle relaxation as an at-home remedy. You can rejuvenate your body with it as it promotes circulation and is easily portable.
For pain reduction, the back of your thighs can experience its benefits and give you faster muscle recovery so you feel healthy. It can reduce muscle tension naturally and is in the form of a cushioned mat and pillow.
Muscle recovery is a breeze with the acupressure mat which works like acupuncture. If you sit at a desk daily such as office workers and the like then this acupressure mat really works for back pain and chronic back problems.
Lying on your stomach also works for this as you can use it on any sturdy surface. It can help increase your energy and it can relieve back and neck muscles. The thick cotton is of high quality and the acupressure mat uses the concept of acupressure treatment.
With improved blood circulation, the acupressure mat can work on your neck’s pressure points and release endorphins can block pain to relax your muscles. With thousands of acupressure points that adhere to the body’s meridian lines, the acupressure mat can relax the muscles.
Giving you energy & circulation, the acupressure mat can help get blood moving with its soft foam and points that work on the back and neck. Made with plant-based eco foam, if you have any tight areas then this mat set can work on them.
You can easily relax onto this acupressure mat for your neck and feet problems. It works for athletes and is great for stress relief. Use it prior to bedtime to gain full support for the neck area. The cover is removable with 2 velco strips at one end.
There are 6,210 acupressure points for the mat and 1,782 acupressure points for the neck pillow to give you relaxation. This cushioned foam mat gives you a feeling of bed of needles to let you sleep through the night.
Also applicable for active individuals, it is large enough to improve your sleep and stimulate nerves. The mat measures 25 x 15 3/4 inches and gives you full back coverage while the pillow measures 14 1/4 x 4 inches for increased comfort.
It can release tight muscles and it also includes a pillow with acupressure points. You can massage pressure points easily with this acupressure mat for pain relief to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. With neck support, you can become completely relaxed with this acupressure mat.
It can help with inflammations and serious stiffness and also give you therapeutic support with holistic pain relief. All you need to do is to gently hand wash the acupressure mat for maintenance.

Best Acupressure Mat with a Neck Pillow

Zensufu Back Pain Relief Acupressure Mat

A great acupressure mat with a pillow, the Zensufu Back Pain Relief Acupressure Mat is quite soothing for back comfort and total body relaxation. Enjoy a blissful complete relaxation for your back pain relief and rest from computer work.
It can help with future problems as an acupressure mat that measures 26 x 16 inches in its dimensions. Bringing you neck pain relief, you will be super happy with this mat as you feel better and feel healthy with sessions of a few minutes a day for acupressure.
The acupressure mat can be easily folded so you will absolutely love this mat. With 212 flowers with 30 points on each flower, this massage mat can relieve stress and low energy and can help with pain control. It is a stress-relieving mat with a neck pillow.
You can feel its effects as it can eliminate pain and soreness with thousands of stimulation points. If you have neck pain often then this acupressure mat can help with feeling very relaxed from chronic pain which is surprisingly wonderful.
Great at keeping muscles relaxed, this mat and pillow combo can give comfort every night so you can use it on your bed. You can sleep like a baby with this acupressure mat as it can relieve pain and can be part of your wellness routine.
Trigger points easily with this acupressure mat as you will absolutely love the product and really feel the benefits due to the relief from upper pain and the like. If you have severe insomnia or want to target upper back pain, it is relaxing to have, even for mid pain and lower back pain.
You will really like this acupressure mat as it can be used for about 15 minutes to target specific areas such as neck pain. You will be feeling really refreshed and peaceful and gain relief from neck pain and alleviate stiff neck problems as well.
If you lumbar lordosis and osteoarthritis then this easier to carry acupressure mat is good use for you. It comes with a clear vinyl carry bag and is great for anyone with lower back pain. You will find it easy to doze off on this acupressure mat that offers deep relaxation.
Overall, it really works as you can feel the tension melting away to give importance to your general well-being. Bringing you tension relief, if you want to relax for bedtime then this acupressure mat may fix all your problems as a pain reducer for your neck and shoulders.
Also ideal for bad migraines, the acupressure mat is healthier for your body than other painkillers and it can also work well for your shoulders and back.

Best Acupressure Mat with a Carry Bag

ACEVIVI 3-Piece Acupressure Mat Pillow Set

The ACEVIVI 3-Piece Acupressure Mat Pillow Set can significantly reduce muscle tension and is great at increasing blood flow. It can relieve back and neck problems while lying down on it. The set is amazing for pain relief and it can improve blood circulation as an acupressure mat.
This 3-piece set is super helpful and you feel the benefits right away. This pillow set is great at reducing pain and to help increase energy levels. Also good for migraines, the acupressure mat relieves stress and you can even take it on travels due to portability.
If you suffer from severe migraines then get relief instantly with this acupressure mat. It also works for your back and neck and is great for sciatica pain. The benefits you can expect are plenty and anyone with backaches as well as sciatic pain can benefit from this acupressure mat.
If you even want a good back scratch then the mat really works. Great for your neck and shoulders, the acupressure mat is convenient with a vinyl carry bag as part of your home remedies. Using the mat is easy and it helps very well. Portable for storage and travel, it can ease the tension of your muscles.
With its clear vinyl storage bag, you can provide relaxation anytime and anywhere as a portable solution. It is better than more expensive ones and it can also improve sleep quality and back pain relief. With 6,210 acupressure points, your neck and shoulders will be remedied after a few uses.
People are pleasantly surprised when they find this acupressure mat as it also helps people suffering from insomnia or those with sciatica. People with occasional backaches will benefit from this acupressure mat as it is great at soothing back pain.
You can even fall asleep on the mat and it is safe to bring you a sense of relaxation. The mat cover encloses a 0.98-inch thick foam cushion. Bringing you neck pain relief, the mat measures 14 x 24 inches and can be used for 10 to 15 minutes.
On the back are quality acupressure points that can improve your quality of life if you sleep on the mat. You can even use it on the side or use it to relieve back pain when you lie on the mat. It can instantly relieve points and you can do almost everything on the mat.
You will feel that your blood pulsates and your tension will ease with this acupressure mat. You can have healthy digestion and instant back pain treatment with similar results to acupuncture. It is made of 100% soft cotton fabric so it is natural and hypoallergenic.
It can reduce pain in the back and it is so effective. Easily roll up the mat and use at the comfort of your own home or outdoors. The pain goes away instantly as the acupressure mat can cure neck pains when used under your neck or for back pain relief to ease the tension.
The acupressure mat also helps with circulation and can work even with clothes on. As a great back treatment solution or for burning sciatica pain, you can use it as a pillow and you feel that your body warms up as it can improve circulation.
People who suffer from headaches often will find this acupressure mat a wonderful addition to their lifestyle when they rest on the mat to improve sleep with positive results. It is also great for relieving hip and joint pains.

Best Acupressure Mat for Chronic Pain

Sivan Health and Fitness Acupressure Mat

The Sivan Health and Fitness Acupressure Mat is a great mat and pillow set to put energy in your mind when you feel stressed or with low levels of energy. Use it on a reclining on a sofa and it can cure lower and upper back pain.
It works well right before bedtime for those who have low energy. Compactly, it even rolls up for ease of use. It is great for your body and soul and helps with pain management. It treats mid and chronic back pain and it is so portable that it is convenient to take along.
Lying on the mat is easy and can provide relaxation and calmness as well as back pain treatment. This very good quality mat is awesome that the pressure of the stimulation is relieving. With its pillow, it is a great home acupressure solution.
The mat measures 18 x 29 inches and the pillow measures 6 x 17 inches and they bring you into a state of deep relaxation. The set makes the pain disappear and is great therapy for all. You will like the size that can stimulate positive energy as a stress reliever to give you a state of deep relaxation within a few minutes of laying.
The pillow is not attached for customized comfort and it can also relieve your stress with the best effects possible. It is extremely relaxing and can promote the release of endorphins for your back and neck relief. You will love this mat and feel re-energized with it.
It can stimulate the nerve endings and you can feel refreshed after about 20 minutes with pain relief and a great sensation. The neck pillow is designed in a modern form and can work in the nerve system with many health benefits.
With thousands of stimulation points, it works on tense shoulders and it can be used anywhere for portability. This mat and pillow combination gives you immediate relief and healthy blood circulation so you can totally relax after a day’s work for great stress relief and back pain relief.
Working well on a bed, it relieves headaches and is based on old Indian healing traditions. To promote better sleep, this mat is superb and is a very effective tool. You can even use it after a shower as it stimulates blood circulation.
All the healing benefits of pain relief are here in this mat as it relieves stress and also improves sleep. With a removable cover that is easy to maintain, this Swedish acupressure mat can also help alleviate pains and various other aches and pains.
You can use it for naps as the traditional method has been used for a thousands of years. It can help with digestion and is also harmless to the skin and can relieve muscle tension. It is hand washable and can relieve pains and aches even while on a chair.
It can improve blood circulation and is great for all stimulation points. With its non-toxic plastic nails, your overall energy levels will give pressure to your body to provide the right energy levels.

Best Acupressure Mat for Foot Relief

Nemoyard Running-Man Acupressure Foot Massage Mat

Available in 3 colors, the Nemoyard Running-Man Acupressure Foot Massage Mat can really feel kind of therapeutic even at the comfort of your home. This acupressure mat measures 11 1/2 inches by 15 1/2 inches and is great for acupressure treatment anywhere.
These are very good pads and are ideal for those with serious feet trouble. This foot massage mat is super unique and can be a fun activity during family gatherings. It is in fact the same props found on the running man Korean game, if you are a fan of the show or have watched the show otherwise.
The Running Man inspired acupressure mat cures insomnia and you will notice the difference when you run across it. In fact, you will feel rejuvenated with this acupressure mat as it is super effective. The mat comes in 2 pieces when shipped.
It really massages feet well when used on a regular basis – but not so hard to pierce through your skin or cause discomfort. The acupressure mat is made of a plastic and rubber mix that is safe for the skin and can relax the nerve aches.
You can place it on the kitchen and bathroom or anywhere you like and you can use it every single day. Notice the difference as your feet improve as you can ease tiredness with this acupressure mat. Overall, you will love this mat as the best thing ever for an innovation for acupressure.
Walking on the mats relieves the muscles as it is made of skin-safe rubber. The acupressure mat also makes a great present for those who want to experience happy feet and a fun game. It also removes toxins and is helpful for those with plantar fascia.
It can increase in blood flow and is lots of fun to play with as a acupressure mat for the whole family. In general, it can keep yourself fit and refreshed.

Best Acupressure Mat for Neck Pain

DG Sports Neck Pain Acupressure Pillow

The DG Sports Neck Pain Acupressure Pillow is great for neck pains as an acupressure mat to relieve muscle tension and neck and shoulder pain. It can increase blood circulation and work on shoulder tension as well as headaches.
Bringing you happiness hormones, it can relax muscles and it is not expensive and does the job pretty well. Tension headaches will be relieved as it is also an aid in sleep quality. The advantages you can get from acupressure will be on this mat.
Enjoy the benefits of acupressure for relieving pain as you will absolutely love its 1,350 acupressure contact points to gain increased blood flow during the day and when you rest at night. Helping you release endorphins and oxytocin, it also works for anyone with an arm injury.
Measuring 12 x 3 1/2 x 9 inches, it is a stress-reliever that prevents migraines and can help to release tension and neck pain to bring relief and relaxation. People with upper shoulder aches will get a sense of well-being as the product seems to be good quality along with the acupressure pillow.
Okay for home or office to create relaxation while promoting stress-relief even from degenerative diseases, this mat is great because of its contour to get relief from neck pain for about 15 to 20 minutes of regular use. Ideal for less costs, It works for mild scoliosis and is great for relaxing on.

Best Acupressure Mat in Different Colors

HemingWeigh Complete Acupressure Mat Pillow Set

The HemingWeigh Complete Acupressure Mat Pillow Set helps anyone increase energy levels and is great for releasing inner tension. As an effective wellness tool, it works well for tension and insomnia problems and greatly improves sleep and boosts energy levels.
Depression can be alleviated with this complete mat set as it also increases the blood flow so you will feel so refreshed and positive with a refreshing feeling from this acupressure mat. You will be less stressed with this high quality acupressure mat as it works better than expected as a pillow set.
Due to severe tensions such as muscle tension, a lot of the problems in your daily life need some work and this mat will do the trick. With a bonus carry bag, it is portable. You can also fall asleep on it and it is a great help for depression and lower back pain.
Great for relieving muscle tension with its 8,820 contact points, the mat can increase circulation in your blood. Using acupressure mats like this brings amazing benefits in a natural way for your neck and shoulder muscles.
Measuring 17 inches x 29 inches with a thickness of 1 inch, the regular use of the mat is good for your back and neck for total relaxation. This well tested tool gives you improved sleep, pain relief and a relaxing feeling as your loosen muscles up.
It can help relax your back and improve blood oxygenation with increased blood circulation. All in all, you have nothing to lose with this mat as the neck pain goes away quickly, healing the body accordingly.
This Swedish acupressure mat is great for people with frequent low levels of energy and can be used before dinner time. It can help with back pain and can soothe your body and mind to bring about a nice sense of well-being as well as deep inner peace.
Tension and high levels of stress can be relieved with this health tool as the mat and pillow is amazing overall and shockingly effective. The first couple of minutes can bring about a surprise but muscle stiffness can be cured in the long run.
As a decent pain and stress reliever that can create relaxation, endorphins are released easily and insomnia can be cured. Great for relieving other conditions, it is also a good stress reliever to bring you much more quality sleep and relieve for upper spine pain.
People with some lower back pain and chronic pain can benefit from this mat. If you have a lot of stress and suffer from fatigue then this mat is awesome for alleviating those. Great for migraines, it has enough acupressure points.
It can promote pain-relieving with gently warming sensation for sleep. With the release of happiness hormones, you can cure feet fatigue and energize with endorphins and oxytocin through the day. You can feel tension slipping as the mat can really release tension.

Best Acupressure Mat made of Cotton Material

Spoonk Cotton Pagoda-Blue Acupressure Massage Mat

Made with 100% high quality thick cotton, the Spoonk Cotton Pagoda-Blue Acupressure Massage Mat allows you to feel the relaxation from fibromyalgia with plant-based eco foam that helps with back pain.
Along with a carry bag, this 26 inches x 16 inches mat gives a warm sensation for curing plantar fasciitis and stimulating neck points. This acupressure massage mat is also a lower back massage pillow for muscle soreness to improve circulation in your most comfortable position.
Portable, it can be tucked safely away. Enjoy a euphoric feeling after 3 to 4 minutes of use as it can boost energy. If you often get tension headache, using these mats will make you feel good. It can also relieve back problems and occasional neck pain.
Your life will become very relaxing as it also targets neck and hips for relaxation treatment. It will not cause allergic reactions and is great for any joint pain. You can just roll it up after use. It has neat therapeutic benefits and is made of non-toxic abs plastic.
Working to induce deeper sleep, it can be your new favorite porcupine for alleviating anxiety and insomnia. A great tool of health, it feels more like a massage with over 6,200 stimulation points. People with back issues can count on this mat.
It can relieve muscle tension, help with muscle soreness and help you deal with the daily stress. It has a 5 year warranty as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Competition

Other acupressure mats out there were not really effective because they lacked in the number of points or spikes and did not have a lot of full coverage for comfort. They were also a bit hard to maintain or to clean up in comparison to the acupressure mats that we have reviewed here in this article.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can acupressure reduce the signs of aging?
A: Yes it can, because acupressure can improve your muscles and also increase your blood flow. It is a great and natural healing solution for preventing loose skin.
Q: Should you use acupressure when healing from an illness?
A: It is safe to use acupressure to heal from an illness because it makes good use of your body’s blood flow and circulates it well to promote faster healing.
Q: What is the difference between acupressure and acupuncture?
A: While acupuncture uses needles, acupressure uses finger pressure to release muscle tension and the like to promote better healing and to relieve pain.
Q: What are the two approaches of applying pressure?
A: In acupressure, you use constant and intermittent pressures depending on how you want your body to heal. Constant pressure slowly increases and continuously presses on a point while intermittent simply means that there are intervals between pressure point applications for about 10 seconds.
Q: Can high blood pressure be healed with acupressure?
A: Yes it can, because acupressure helps regulate blood flow which can also strengthen the immune system and relax or revitalize the body.
Q: Where did acupressure originate?
A: As we all know, since the Chinese were the pioneers of acupuncture , it is no surprise that acupressure also started with them. the Japanese Shiatsu massage is a more modern approach to the acupressure method.
Q: What kind of pressure should I give to stimulate each pressure point?
A: You should use a firm pressure that is deep depending on your level of comfort that will not hurt you too much yet make you feel relieved.
Q: What are the most common acupressure point sections?
A: Most people work on the arm and hand points especially because they are the easiest to access. Chest and abdomen points, leg and feet points as well as shoulder, scalp and head points are also acupressure point sections that are common.
Q: How can you commonly treat headache with acupressure?
A: Use your hand to relieve headache by applying pressure to the flesh that lies between the index finger and the thumb. Subsequently, you can also use the midpoint of the eyebrow or the outer tip.
Q: Can acupressure help people suffering from tonsillitis?
A: Yes it can, because acupressure can relieve inflammations as well so it may really work. Pressure points for tonsillitis may be located inside of your elbow, on your thumb, on the second toe or at the back of the knees.
Q: What is the best recommended time of usage for an acupressure mat?
A: Consider about 20 to 30 minutes of daily use of an acupressure mat depending on your level of comfort. Some beginners may not stand it but experts can go longer.
Q: Can you take acupressure mats anywhere?
A: Yes you can! Acupressure mats are easy to use, carry and maintain, such that they are extremely portable and light weight so you can take them to the gym, to your office or anywhere you like, which makes them an inexpensive way of natural healing.
Q: How do you relieve lumbar pain on an acupressure mat?
A: Simply use the posterior position or “Indian seat” so you can relieve stress and tension from the lumbar region and muscles.
Q: Can acupressure mats remove toxins?
A: Acupressure mats can remove toxins and help you revitalize your health. Removing toxins means that anything that can deter your health will be eliminated.
Q: Can you stand on an acupressure mat?
A: You can stand on an acupressure mat , provided that you start off first with socks and then gradually change to bare feet if you are used to it.
Q: Aside from the floor, where else can you use an acupressure mat?
A: You can use an acupressure mat on a sofa as well as on a bed. You can take it with you in the office, while traveling or anywhere you like.
Q: Can acupressure mats work on cellulite?
A: Yes it can. Cellulite decrease can be seen after sessions with an acupressure mat due to the increased blood flow and circulation to break down fats faster and better.
Q: What is the Shakti mat?
A: The Shakti mat is the basis for most modern acupressure mats out there. It originated from India but was introduced by Jonathan Helbom, a circus performer, based on the bed of nails act.
Q: What is the typical spike count of an acupressure mat?
A: An acupressure mat contains 6,000 to 8,000 spikes or somewhere along that line, which safely apply pressure to your skin to relieve stress and other discomforts.
Q: Why are acupressure mats different from yoga mats?
A: Obviously, it’s the spikes that make them different and much more effective in relieving pressure in a safe and convenient (portable) way.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Nayoya Back and Neck Acupressure Mat is our best acupressure math that will have you feeling good after laying down on it to relieve stress and muscle tension.