Best Deck Sealer

The Anchorseal 2 Green Wood Sealer Gallon is our best deck sealer which can potentially protect your deck wood against end grain checking. Other than that, it is also great for shielding your wood from the elements. In the long run, your wood investment will be protected. It also has a new and improved formula compared to its old formula. One bottle contains 1 gallon.

Top Pick: Anchorseal 2 Green Wood Sealer Gallon

Our step-up pick is the DECK-O-SEAL Tan 4701033 and it is super ideal for swimming pool decks as well as for coping joints. It has a tan color when applied and it has an elastomeric formula joint sealant formula which protects your wood deck or swimming pool area.

The budget pick is the DeckWise Ipe Seal Hardwood Endgrain Sealant and this sealer can cover up to 500 square feet of your deck. As a whole, the budget sealer gives protection, security, stability and integrity of any decking made with hardwood and it is fairly very easy to apply. The formula seals and puts an end to end grain and contains 1 quart.

A Little Background

Decks can be of any material – wood, concrete or stone. While a lot of people have wood decks, some can be made from other materials – especially the ones that are near the swimming pool. These decks should be built to last and should be made with the finest materials, or if not, at least sturdy materials so that you will have less trouble maintaining them in the long run.
A lot of people use decks so maintenance is very important. They have heavy foot traffic and you should consider this fact. If you often have guests or kids roaming around the deck then you should at least consider the maintenance of the deck. Make sure you inspect each corner and part, especially if it is a wood deck, so that injuries will not likely happen. Always keep an eye out for heavy foot traffic areas and see if it needs sealing, cleaning or other repairs.
Take note of the objects you place or often place on your deck. For instance, some plants and planters might form stains on wood and this can lead to rotting that might require you to reseal or replace the wood part. Avoid placing objects that are too heavy, especially if you know that the quality of your wood in your deck is not as sturdy as most wood types.
Weathering and the harsh elements of nature can take its toll on your deck. Since decks are naturally placed outside, it gets exposed in the harshest of winds, storms, rain, snow and hot temperature. These natural elements are more dangerous to wood than to other kinds of materials and this is why you should always keep an eye out for any damage that might be caused by weathering. Hailstones can also be present in your weather system and this may cause potential cracks and splits onto your wood deck.
Wood used to build your deck or some other materials in your deck may not last long enough. A lot of decks are made of wood. Generally speaking, wood quality should not be compromised and this is why you should get a super high quality wood. But this is not always the case, since wood has gotten more expensive due to going green laws and this is why most people will resort to concrete or cheaper materials.
Without protection and maintenance, an unsealed deck can lead to disastrous injuries. It is important that you consider a deck structure that is super sturdy in the built; otherwise you will be wasting a lot of money on repairs that are not even needed if you maintain your deck properly. You may not have a set of deck materials that are super sturdy, especially if you are on a tight budget, but do consider the maintenance that you have to perform. In fact, even those types of decks that require little maintenance still need maintenance and resealing if possible.
A deck sealer can be your friend if you want to save dollars in big repairs and save from getting a repairman to do the job. Deck sealers work like most sealers made for grout and driveways and other solid surfaces. The only difference is that most deck sealers are specially made for end graining and wood surfaces so it is best that you check for which material the deck sealer is for.

How We Picked

Choosing the best sealer got us referring to various criteria and guidelines:
Does the deck sealer protect against end grain checking, if it is for wood decks? This is highly important for any deck sealer that is specifically made for wood decks. This will protect your deck in the years to come once you have applied the deck sealer properly and let it set for a certain period of time.
How much does the deck sealer contain? Most deck sealers you will see contain 1 gallon while some will contain 1 quart. Whichever you choose, ensure that your deck sealer will be enough for your deck or deck part that needs to be resealed. Also take note of the storage procedures as most deck sealer formulas will need to be stored in a cool and dry place away from sunlight so that it will not ruin the ingredients and the effectiveness of the deck sealer.
Is the deck sealer for wood or for stone and concrete? A lot of decks out there will be made of wood but there are a few that are made with concrete or stone so make sure you get a deck sealer that works exactly for your type of deck material.
Is the price of the deck sealer worth it? Generally speaking, deck sealers cost from $10 to $50 or more depending on how much sealant it contains and which is it used for. Naturally, if you need a gallon of deck sealer then you will need to prepare a bigger budget for that.
Does it have a hassle-free and no-drip formula and application? This is fairly important when working on decks, so that you do not cause mess to the nearby wood or down below. Sealing a deck is quite troublesome on its own and this is why the contents of the formula should allow an easy to use and easy to apply sealer.
How much area can the deck sealer cover up? This is usually expressed per gallon or per quart at a certain square feet or so, depending on the size of the area you need to cover on your deck. This is also very important when choosing the best deck sealer.
Can it truly withstand weathering and protect your deck? Naturally, most deck sealers for wood decks will claim that they are water resistant or weather proof but this does not guarantee that they are. Always read the comments to know if the product really worked for the customers and if the deck sealer really stood up with their deck for years, not just days or a few months.
What are some of the ingredients used for the deck sealer? Most deck sealers you will find, if they are of high quality, should have less petroleum content on them so that they work best, especially if you want to find deck sealers for wood decks.

Our Pick

Top Pick: Anchorseal 2 Green Wood Sealer Gallon

Our best deck sealer is the Anchorseal 2 Green Wood Sealer Gallon which has a new and improved formula compared to its old formula. In terms of its capability, the said deck sealer can protect your deck wood against end grain checking. All in all, you will want your wood investment will be protected and this deck sealer definitely does the job right.

One bottle of this deck sealer contains 1 gallon. Being great for shielding your wood from the elements, the Anchorseal 2 has a formula which avoids too much dripping. Furthermore, with this deck sealer, the formula gives stability to the wood material. In regards to its ingredients, it is able to stick better than ordinary wood sealers and has been made with renewable materials so it is more environment friendly as a hybrid sealer. It contains less petroleum based material which is what you will want to look for in any ideal deck sealer.

The Anchorseal 2 Green Gallon can cover up to 231 cubic inches in 1 gallon and it can also cover up to 400 square feet with a thickness of 4 mils (32 square feet with 10 mils).

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some users only complain that the container may arrive dented or damaged but this depends upon the handling.

Step-up Pick

DECK-O-SEAL Tan 4701033

The DECK-O-SEAL Tan 4701033 has an elastomeric formula joint sealant and is our step-up pick. Contrary to products made for wood, it is ideal for swimming pool decks as well as for coping joints. With its effective formula, it protects your wood deck or swimming pool area and has a tan color.
As for the contents of the deck sealer, it has been made with 2-part polysulfide based joint sealant content and it has a self-leveling formula so there is no more need to worry about its alignment with your current deck level. The DECK-O-SEAL does not stain and cures at a temperature that is ambient and it becomes absolutely tear-resistant, flexible and firm when dried.
This particular sealer is definitely great for sealing and caulking joints to make a weather-tight and flexible seal. In addition, with its quality, it does not cause discoloration. Being a super sturdy deck sealer, you can expect great things from it as it does not get affected by chemicals from the swimming pool.
Like most deck sealers, it is able to resist abrasion, moisture and weathering. Moreover, common brittleness and cracking due to exposure to UV rays will be prevented. Adding to those features, expansion and contraction run smoothly during the change of temperature so it does not cause cracking.
One bottle of this deck sealer contains 96 oz. As for its specifications, do know that this is a Grade P, Class 25, Type M at ASTM C 920. In federal specifications, it is a Class 25, Grade P, Type M at A-A-1556A while it is a type I, Class A and B with CRD-C-506. The Tan colored 4701033 DECK-O-SEAL comes with a stirring paddle, setting agent and an applicator.

Budget Pick


DeckWise Ipe Seal Hardwood Endgrain Sealant

As our budget pick, the DeckWise Ipe Seal Hardwood Endgrain Sealant is a sealer for your deck that gives protection, security, stability and integrity of any decking made with hardwood. This seals and puts an end to end grain so it is an excellent choice for wood decks.
For its coverage area, the Ipe Endgrain Sealant can cover up to 500 square feet of your deck and it is very easy to apply. One bottle of this sealer contains 1 quart. This is a wax emulsion sealer for wood decks. The best application for this deck sealer is ideal for lumber, newly sawn logs, turning blanks and other wood cuts with face grain and exposed wood end.
In the long run, the DeckWise Endgrain Sealant is able to extend the life of any deck board. Do know that application should be within 24 hours from when it was cut for better results all in all.

Ideal Deck Sealer for Pools


Cool Pool Deck Coating 5 Gallons

You might want to have the Cool Pool Deck Coating 5 Gallons which is our ideal sealer for pool decks. On the average use, it gives you coverage of up to 200 square feet and with spare for 2 coatings.
As for the drying time, the Cool Pool Coating only takes about 30 minutes to dry up one coating. In terms of applying the sealer, it comes with a 3/4 inches roller nap for two applications of coating. Due to its clear color, it can match any tint color or any acrylic paint. It will significantly reduce the heat build-up of any swimming pool up to 38%.
One bottle of this deck sealer contains 5 gallons. In addition to that, the deck sealer can last up to decades with proper care. When it comes to its content and adhering to safety standards, the said formula complies with ADA.
Here’s the good part – the Deck Coating at 5 Gallons from Cool Pool comes with a 10 year commercial warranty and a lifetime residential warranty. On its surface texture once the sealer has dried up, it definitely gives you a walking surface that is non-slip and non-skid and is ideal for swimming pools.

Best Gray Colored Deck Sealer

DECK-O-SEAL Gray 4701032

The DECK-O-SEAL Gray 4701032 is instantly protects and cools your swimming pool deck area once it has dried up. For those who want a color to match their current pool deck, this seal is of gray color.
The said sealer for your deck stays absolutely flexible when it cures and dries and is ready for you to use it. In addition to that, the sealer’s formula gives your deck high resistance. One bottle of the deck sealer contains 96 ounces.
As for the specs of the deck sealer depending on quality standards, this is a Grade P, Type M Class 25. In its formulation, the sealer is highly resistant to temperature changes. But where is it best used for? Most people have experienced that it is applicable and good for exterior and interior use and that it is also working and great for sealing swimming pool deck joints.
This deck sealer forms a seal that is weather resistant, flexible and firm when it comes to its hardened and cured texture. When you use this deck sealer, your deck will have super high resistance to aging, weather conditions, chemicals and shrinking. In addition to that, the deck sealer prevents moisture, weathering and abrasion.
When you order the Gray DECK-O-SEAL, it comes in a patented package which has the proper ratio of the setting agent and it also comes with an applicator, stirring paddle, setting agent and base material can for its accessories. Receiving fairly good feedback from customers, this particular deck sealer is safe for your deck and does not discolor your deck.

Ideal Stone Deck Sealer


StoneTech Salt Water Resistant Sealer Gallon

If you want a deck sealer that works specifically for stone decks, you might want to have the best deck sealer which is the StoneTech Salt Water Resistant Sealer Gallon. It is truly an ideal sealer that works for applications on natural stone decks. It contains 1 gallon for one bottle and it eagerly protects your deck against most water-based stains.
In terms of content, the StoneTech Sealer Gallon has a water-based formula and will definitely protect your sealer and your deck against salt water damage so it is also ideal to be used near the ocean or on very high humidity places.
Furthermore, aside from those compatibilities, the deck sealer is also ideal for masonry surfaces and similar deck types. As for the coverage area of the sealer for decks, it can cover up to 100 square feet using 1 quart. When you want to use this deck sealer, keep in mind that you should wait for 2 hours for a second coating to be applied so that it will dry up and seal your deck real good.

Best Matte Finish Deck Sealer

Deck-O-Shield 1 Gallon Pool Deck Sealer

The Deck-O-Shield 1 Gallon Pool Deck Sealer is an ideal deck sealer with a matte finish which can cover from 75 to 100 square feet per gallon as its coverage area. One container of this deck sealer contains 1 gallon so it is best applied for bigger decks and deck areas. In terms of its ease of application, the sealer for decks can be sprayed on or rolled easily.
The deck sealer gives a natural matte finish when dried. The Deck-O-Shield Sealer is totally great for fixing and preventing cracks and keeps away water due to its matte finish. But where is it best used or applied on? People and customers agree that this deck sealer is ideal for masonry, concrete and stone decks to keep it water repellent.
In terms of its content, it is a ready to use formula so you get less hassle in mixing it up. It is a great deck sealer for those who like budget sealers. In fact, using it on a concrete pool waterfall will make the running water fall smoother than before, according to some reviewers on Amazon. In addition to that, it is also ideal for pool edging stones.

Best UV Resistant Deck Sealer

Solarez UV Cure Grain Filler Sealer

The Solarez UV Cure Grain Filler Sealer is ideal for resisting UV rays to cure tacky wood decks. As for its usefulness, it easily cures using a quick chemical reaction for open grain woods that gives less build-up so you can get a super quick protection for your deck after sealing as the reaction can be as quick as seconds and not minutes or hours.
With its fast acting formula, you will have a deck sealer that gives you less shrinkage than most solvent based or water based sealers. It also acts both as a grain sealer and filler and contains 1 quart. Overall, the Solarez UV Sealer is an awesome deck sealer which is also ideal for sealing oily wood grains. In terms of its contents, it uses photochemical reaction in its curing process, making it super quick to dry and allow your deck to be readily used as soon as possible, especially if you have a high traffic deck or deck area.

Ideal Deck Sealer for End Grain

UC COATINGS Anchorseal 2 Sealer Quart

The UC COATINGS Anchorseal 2 Sealer Quart can easily protect your wood deck against end grain checking. Again, this is a deck sealer that is used for wood decks and it is a very much preferred deck sealer for log and lumber use.
Its formulation gives you less dripping so you will have a hassle-free application of the deck sealer. Its overall content improves the stability of the deck as a sealer. In addition to that, it is also an eco-friendly product due to having less petroleum based ingredient and only containing natural and renewable ingredients as a hybrid sealer. Some users have also commented that the UC COATINGS Sealer Quart might also prevent bugs and termites from deteriorating wood, so it is worth buying if you want to keep your wood deck up and sturdy for the many years to come.

Ideal Deck Sealer for Sanding

Liberon SS1L 1L Sanding Sealer

Being ideal for use before sanding to make the woodwork easier, the Liberon SS1L 1L Sanding Sealer is a great sanding sealer for your wood deck. In addition to that, it is also great for use before waxing to seal the wood to give it a finer finish.
As a matter of fact, the Liberon Sealer gives you less wax needed when you use this deck sealer. In terms of its application, you can apply either with a cloth or a brush so it is very easy to use. One bottle contains 1 liter.
The sealer is great for use on MDF, bare wood, furniture and similar wood items. In general, most people buy this product because it definitely helps to ease sanding. Furthermore, the said deck sealer is also ideal for use on shelves, table tops and surfaces that need sanding and waxing.
When you want to use this before sanding, the recommended sand paper is a 240 or 320 grit abrasive paper. Moreover, a second coat can be applied if necessary for best results. As a whole, the Liberon SS1L Sealer is ideal for flooring, furniture and other similar places.

The Competition

In general, there aren’t too much deck sealers out there so the ones that we picked are the best of the best. Deck sealing is not something that most people will get into but it is definitely important when it comes to maintaining your deck, especially if it is a deck made of wood or hardwood. If you want to improve the life span of your deck then you should consider buying a deck sealer that will absorb and dry as quick as possible but provide you with years of maintenance-free time and durability.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the importances of sealing your deck?
A: According to the website Deck Redo , deck sealing is important. Having a properly sealed deck protects against moisture and weathering. This is so that your wood deck or pool deck will stand up to many years in the future.
In addition to that advantage, a deck that is properly sealed keeps away UV rays. We all know that decks get a lot of sun light in general and this is most especially the case if your home is situated in a very hot country or location. The sun can take its toll on your wood deck. To prevent this, you should protect your deck from UV rays by choosing an ideal sealer that will definitely do the job for you.
Moreover, irritants and contaminants such as dirt and grime are washed off easily when you properly seal your deck, especially if it is a wood deck that you are maintaining. Cleaning dirt off wood is definitely not easy, since if you applied water or water-based products, it can shorten the life span of your wood material and cause it to rot. This is also the case if you have a deck that does not exactly have super sturdy wood material because you do not have the budget to purchase hardwood.
Likewise, a lot of cracks and splits are prevented when you have a properly sealed deck. This is because cracking will not just be seen on your pavement or concrete surface but will also be seen on your wood, which can cause it to become more brittle and eventually break apart, which can be super dangerous if you do not take good care of it.

Q: Any tips on cleaning and sealing your deck?
A: According to Demesne , you should treat your deck as early as possible to minimize future repairs. In fact, small repairs help to prevent big repairs in the long run and you should make sure you have pot feet so that planters will not stain your deck. You should always prepare the deck first and clean it up before sealing. Do know that clear sealants do not last as long as colored sealants and may not protect you against UV rays. However, clear sealants give your deck a more natural look.

Wrapping It Up

Concluding it all, the Anchorseal 2 Green Wood Sealer Gallon is our best deck sealer if you have a wood deck. However, not all decks are the same as some are not made of wood. But in general, this is the one you should pick if you have a wooden deck.