Best Bread Slicer

The WELLAND Wood Compact Bamboo Bread Slicer is our best bread slicer, which allows you to 3 different slices so you can slice bread and toast in your own way without compromising on its thickness. You can cut your bread with a bread knife along the grooves easily with this bread slicer. It has a flip out design is spring loaded for ease of use right away.

Our step-up pick is the Presto Bread Slicing Guide Guide Slots and because it is dishwasher safe, this bread slicer is super easy to clean and to maintain all in all. It is also quite easy to use due to the instructions and guides. It can take a loaf size of up to 5.25 inches in height and it can be used for bread machine bread as well due to its versatility.

The budget pick is the Bread Slicer Depot Maple Slicer Classic and this bread slicer guide is very elegant when it comes down to its looks for any kitchen countertop. As a sturdy bread slicer that does not scratch easily for longer usage, it is great for toast and sandwiches as well and can help you direct your knife without much effort.

A Little Background

The bread slicer is one of the best inventions of mankind. It is a kitchen tool or appliance that, instead of using old regular knives for cutting bread, is used to cut bread in even slices and depending on how thick or thin you want them. Bread slicers can be adjusted to your needs and can make quick loaf slices on the go. They are usually very durable and can be a great thing to have in the kitchen, especially if you make homemade bread on a regular basis or have a regular bakery or shop.

The popular phrase “the best thing since sliced bread” basically means that something was a notable invention. The phrase comes from the invention of the bread slicer by Otto Frederick Rohwedder in 1928. Slice bread became a thing in household kitchens in the 1930s, especially in America, and the rest of the world followed suit. Bread toasters were invented but the phrase may have stemmed from Wonder Bread’s campaign advertisement.

A bread slicer, simply put, saves you a lot of time and effort on having to exactly measure how much space you need to reserve for each slice because the bread slicer has evenly distributed and carefully measured slots for you to slice up your loaf of bread in the way that you want it to be. A bread slicer, like most food slicers you can use in the kitchen, is a great time-saver in general.

If you are a person who generally makes homemade bread then you must have a bread slicer. The purpose of the bread slicer is not limited to the bakery – you too can also experience the benefits of sliced bread at home. The good thing about a bread slicer is that you can choose the thickness or thinness of the sliced bread. Home-based cooks and pastry makers who make their own organic bread will benefit from bread slicers as well.

Breakfast is something that cannot be completed without your daily dose of sliced bread, in most countries and customs. Bread is a staple in most breakfast meal plans and this is because they are packed with nutrients that are essential for you to start up your day. Bread can give you energy, carbohydrates, protein, iron and calcium – all of which are important in your daily needs of work, school or activities through the day, to keep you active and strong.

The bread knife is a great invention as well, but it is only the best if you’re in an emergency and want to slice bread in a place where a bread slicer is not accessible. Otherwise, it’s a lot better (and easier) to slice up your favorite bread loaf with the bread slicer because it is not just less of a hassle but also less time consuming in general. Bread knives are also great for custom slices but you should leave it to the bread slicer if you want truly even slices (or if you maintain a bakery at this point).

Bread that is whole grain or whole wheat tend to be healthier than regularly baked bread because of its health benefits due to the wheat bran slightly being included in the list of ingredients. The wheat bran has tons of fiber (even if it tastes pretty bad for the kids) and can be a great way to help you slim down because of its detoxifying properties and good effects on your digestion (like pineapple and fruit fiber).

Also note that the heavier the bread, the more nutritious it is, because lighter bread doesn’t contain much and is mostly for mass production compared to more expensive and heavier bread – just make sure you don’t overeat bread to avoid bloating.

Making your own bread at home is possible, and many people are doing it nowadays. This is because people are starting to be more health-conscious nowadays and want the freshest ingredients for their foods, especially for breakfast with their bread. Therefore, it is somewhat a good thing to have your own freshly-baked bread at home with the use of a bread machine or a regular oven, and then slice it up with a helpful bread slicer machine (if it’s a loaf of bread and not French bread or anything like that).

Homemade bread has its own benefits other than being healthy and made for the health-conscious person. Homemade bread is one of the best things to have at home because it is healthy and is also cost-effective for those who want to save up. Homemade bread ingredients can be bought at a local store and then it is up to you to make them at home. While there are many cheaper breads out there as well, you won’t really save because of the lack of quality ingredients in those breads, which you can only find in homemade bread.

Bread slicers are important in the kitchen because of their even slicing power. Bread slicers are used simply by putting the bread and then running the blades through it. Bread slicers are mostly adjustable so you can do whatever kind of thickness of bread you want with them.

You can experiment with your room temperature if you find that your dough isn’t rising if you are making homemade bread. You should also be careful when handling yeast because they are the very pillar of your bread making process.

How We Picked

If you want the best bread slicer, here are the common things you should look for in one:
Adjustability of thickness: the bread slicer should have the right amount of thickness for regularly sliced bread. The adjustability of the thickness of the bread should be available so that you can adjust according to your needs. Some people like a bread slice that is thick but some like it thin. When making club sandwiches or just slicing up your own toast, you can choose the right size if you pick a bread slicer that has adjustability option when it comes down to the bread thickness.
Number of slots: do consider that bread slicers come in multi slot form or single slot form. Some bread slicers can act as guides so you can quickly slice many bread slices in just one go. Other bread slicer types, on the other hand, give you the option to slice one at a time instead. These single slot slicers are okay but if you want to have more bread slices in one go then go for a bread slicer that has many slots.
Material: bread slicers can be made of food-safe plastic or wood. Like in a chopping board, using bread slicers that are made of wood is a lot healthier than plastic, although food-safe plastic is okay because it is easier to carry from one kitchen to another, especially if you go on a camping trip or go elsewhere that the bread slicer that is made out of wood can be too heavy or bulky to carry along with you.
Stability: do consider a bread slicer that is safe to use and very stable when it comes down to operating it. having a bread slicer that is safe is important so that you do not cause accidents in the kitchen when it comes down to using the bread slicer for cutting up your bread. You have to ensure that the bottom of the bread slicer is made with gripping material such as rubber so that it does not easily slip from your kitchen countertop as you slice up your bread.
Easy setup and cleanup: do consider a bread slicer that is easy to put together as per instructions that are included. The bread slicer should also be easy to clean so that you can use it whenever you need it and not worry about having to clean it up later. While wood is a great bread slicer to have for health reasons, you can go for a food safe plastic bread slicer if you want something that is dishwasher-safe.

Our Pick

Our best bread slicer is the WELLAND Wood Compact Bamboo Bread Slicer which is totally great for either thin or thick slices of bread. You can choose from up to 3 groove sizes at 0.8, 1 and 1.2 centimeters thick and it is also quite easy to put together to slice bread in a precise and fast way.
Made only with eco-friendly material to make it healthier for your bread, you can enjoy really thick slices or even thin ones with this reliable bread slicer. It is also strong and durable so it can last for many years. It is a nice bamboo bread slicer that looks good on your kitchen due to its design.
If you want no more odd pieces of bread when you slice up bread at home, this antimicrobial bamboo bread slicer can do the trick as it is not just very durable but also easily reusable whenever you need it. The bread stop of this bread slicer eliminates the need to hold your bread in place as you slice it up.
Measuring 12 x 7 1/2 inches in total, the bread slicer is an efficient kitchen tool that is made with a lot of workmanship in mind. You can cut the width you want and slicing bread has never been easier with it. you can use it for both home and bakery bread and it is very versatile for various needs.
As an extremely durable bread slicer, it is great for homemade bread and has been handcrafted for your best needs. It is also quite easy to position the loaf in this bread slicer so you can make loaf cakes without much problems. It gives you an easy storage solution as a kitchen tool.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not a deal breaker, the WELLAND Wood Compact Bamboo Bread Slicer can be a bit hard to clean up, since it is made out of bamboo material. However, the plus side is that it is a lot healthier for your food compared to plastic because it is natural bamboo material, much like on a healthier chopping board made of wood.

Step-up Pick

The Presto Bread Slicing Guide Guide Slots is our step-up pick which is great for easy bread slicing due to the fact that the guides are color coded. As a sturdy and reliable bread slicer, you can use it with an electric knife to slice up your favorite bread products – whether homemade or from the bakery.
The slices are approximately 1/2 inch when you use this bread slicer to make bread slices. It also has a decent thickness selection to let you get a more consistent cut out of your bread or loaf. The bread slicer is useful when you are making sandwiches and toast at home for breakfast or for a party.
The design of this bread slicer is pretty good and the knife alignment is just right. It is made to slice up good homemade bread neatly and is generally an easy way to cut your bread evenly. The bread slicer is a good and sturdy kitchen tool that gives you precision guide slots for ease of usage.
The guides make it easy for this bread slicer to produce even slices and you can store sized loaves without a problem. It has a sturdy construction at the bottom and can work to slice every single time as a bread slicing guide for your sandwiches or toasting needs.
If you make bread machine loaves then this bread slicer will have no learning curve so it is easy to use to make slices out of regular and big bread machine loaves. It can cut pretty evenly as a bread slicer and is a handy gadget in the kitchen.
If you are working on better bread then you’d better try this bread slicer for your bagels, garlic bread and Texas toast. The bread slicer also keeps the loaf in place with enough stability due to the tilt design. You can cut with a bread knife or electric bread knife easily with this bread slicer that is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Budget Pick

The Bread Slicer Depot Maple Slicer Classic is our budget pick because of its solid construction that will not just fit most bread knives but may also last for a longer time of usage. It also looks good in any kitchen due to the aesthetic design and usability.
If you want a bread slicer that means business without breaking the bank then we suggest this one. It can help you make slices out of bread maker sized bread due to its size and it will not break easily due to being a sturdy bread slicer that is handmade and tough.
You get no more mess on the countertop of your kitchen with the use of this bread slicer that is so easy to operate. It can take almost any size of bread or loaf due to its versatility and can also accommodate an electric knife due to its neatly designed knife gaps.
With proper care and maintenance, this bread slicer can last a lifetime in your kitchen. As a handmade bread slicer, it easily helps anyone who makes and bakes bread on a regular basis due to its great variety of usage, whether for sliced bread at home or for a bakery.
Being made of hard maple for its material, the bread slicer can make sliced bread similar to sliced bread from a bakery. It is also great for your handmade bread recipes as a natural wood slicer and it is made with stainless steel screws so you don’t have to worry about durability.
Made with a heavy duty design in mind, the bread slicer has a good grip on your countertop to avoid accidents. You can also make sourdough bread loaf slices evenly with this heavy duty bread slicer due to its versatility. It is also okay with a fat blade to use when cutting bread.
The bread slicer stores easily due to its compact design and the materials and assembly are made to meet kitchen standards. Its knife gap is about 1/8 inch and it can be stacked with items when storing.

Best Bread Slicer with an Adjustable Thickness

If you want a bread slicer with an adjustable thickness then you can go for the SANNYSIS Thickness Adjustable Bread Loaf Slicer. It is a lot easier to cleanup than other bread slicers out there and has a slicing guide that makes it super easy and does a great job of slicing bread.
It can withstand usage for a couple of years due to its durability. It is also easy to clean because of the removable crumb catcher to make things convenient. The bread slicer also has a divider for choosing the preferred bread size for your needs and slicing is easy with the design of this slicer.
You can cut your own bread with this bread slicer and it will slice evenly, easily and effortlessly. What’s more, the sturdy construction makes this unit withstand rough usage for many years to come. The bread slicer is also nonslip on your kitchen countertop due to its rubber feet at the bottom.
The bread slicer allows you to create perfectly sliced bread because of its beautifully crafted design. If you want to slice up your homemade bread at home with a sturdier product then this bread slicer can be a great tool for your needs. It is also easy to wipe down for those who have less time in the kitchen.
It works well with its generous slicing surface so you can avoid accidents. In addition to that, the slicer works very well on most bread types and even machine bread. You can get the right size of a cut with the use of this bread slicer. It is also quite easy to store due to being collapsible and foldable. Moreover, this bread slicer generally accommodates any size of bread or loaf.

Best Bread Slicer for Machine Loaf or Machine Bread

If you want a bread slicer that is compatible with machine loaf bread then you can go for the West Bend Collapsible Bread Slicing Guide. It has collapsible sides to make it easy to store when not in need or use. Moreover, this bread guide can be used on any kitchen and it can evenly slice up your favorite bread.
You can slice up your favorite 2-lb bread loaves, whether homemade or store bought, with the use of this bread slicer. The design of this unit quickly slices up bread so you can spend less time in the kitchen, especially at breakfast. If you have bread machine loaves then you can slice it up with this bread slicer.
For a bread slicing guide that is nice and sturdy, this bread slicer is an economical choice and will not compromise your safety as well. It is also quite easy to clean due to the design of the unit. Whether you use a bread knife or electric knife, this bread slicer can work well to evenly slice up your bread.
You can use the bread slicer for machine loaves as well and it has stable rubber feet to keep your kitchen accident-free. It is an easy to use unit and it is also easy to clean when rinsing the slicing guide. Moreover, this bread slicer also works well for pie crusts and similar food items.
With no guesswork needed to slice up your bread at home or in a bakery kitchen, the bread slicer can be a nice vintage kitchenware that everyone can use in the kitchen. With its numbered slots for ease of use without having to estimate, the bread slicer is very useful and easy to store as it folds down to save on storage. Moreover, the bread slicer can be used for cookie dough as well as large sized bread.

Best Bread Slicer for Slicing Bagels

The Trudeau Bagel Slicing Guide Adjustable Thickness gives you the option to slice bagels and this particular bagel slicer is adjustable as well as an innovative kitchen tool. It does a great cutting job and it gives you perfect bagel sandwiches with almost no chance of cutting yourself.
Your slices are uniform with this bread slicer which is okay for bagel chips. You can find it easy to clean as it is quite dishwasher safe and is perfect for your BBQs with making delicious bagel sandwiches and the like. It can safely slice bagels without accidents and no fear of slipping.
As a safe kitchen product, you can slice bagels in half or in layers and you can allow the sharing of a bagel with the use of this slicer. With enough stability, it is also easy to adjust by hand and it can help you create snacks at home without a lot of effort.
It works better than most slicers out there and is perfect for parties as well. It also easily disassembles to clean it up so you can use it later right away. It is great for making bagel appetizers and can bring about good results with its safe and anti-slip base to put in your kitchen countertop.
You can definitely work on lunch recipes with bagels without much effort and can make brunches a breeze. This bread slicer simply works and does a perfect slicing job and it has an adjustable outer ring for your perfect bagel. Eating bagels cuts calories so you can slice it up to your desired thickness.

Best Bread Slicer for Cake Bread

The SuperB2C Stainless Steel Bread Slicer Adjustable has many adjustable layers and it is also made out of sturdy stainless steel material. Perfect with any serrated knife for bread, you can split the bread evenly or do some cake and cake style bread slicing at home.
It seems very tough when it comes to durability and it is non-stick so it is easy to clean with its stainless steel material. It has 7 laps to cut your cake or bread from 9 to 12 inches in diameter due to the adjustable ring. You can also work on separate layers with this slicer, which can also make cookies.
You can toss this slicer in the freezer just fine due to being stainless steel and cut whatever size you want for your bread or cake. It is easy to use for most types of bread and is of high quality due to its design. You can make nice slices of bread without much effort and make chocolate bread and cakes.
As a handy and reliable bread slicer, it is quite durable and can be tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Whether it is bread or cake, you can find this 304 food grade stainless steel made slicer with a total of 7 layers very useful for various recipes.
It also cleans easily and it will not be deformed due to the durability of stainless steel. Perfectly ideal for making cakes as well as for biscuits, this bread slicer is completely reusable.

Best Bread Slicer that is Made out of Bamboo Material

The DB-Tech Bamboo Compact Foldable Bread Slicer is made out of 100% bamboo wood so it is an eco-friendly tool for your bread maker bread. You can enjoy thick or thin slices without a lot of effort and produce straight and perfect cut every single time.
You can choose from up to 3 groove sizes and even if you use a bread maker to make your bread, it is fine. With its spring loaded design to make it safe to store, it is also ideal for sandwiches due to the 3 different slices that you can use to try to cut bread without a lot of effort.
It is easy to use with your knife along the grooves and can take almost any kind of bread knife. It can also fold easily and you can cut the loves evenly with this bread slicer. Its height is 4.5 inches and it is sufficient for the toaster as well.
Giving you a compact storage afterwards, your homemade bread will be evenly sliced and you can choose different thicknesses for slicing. It is also very natural in its design and you will get no more odd pieces of bread when you use it for your bread.
You can make wider or narrower breads and cakes with this bread slicer and produce slices out of a good sized loaf. It is also environmental friendly and can take even 2 lb loaves of bread due to its design. It is also quite easy to quickly open and set up.
It is compact and slim due to the better design compared to the rest of the bread slicers out there and can process both bakery bread and homemade bread.

Best Bread Slicer with a Crumb Catcher

The ATB Wood Bread Slicer Guide Tool is perfect for your daily toast and to make the best uniform slices of bread possible. It is great for your slicing and cutting needs for loaf cakes and even for French bread as well.
There is a crumb catcher that can also be removed for cleaning it up thoroughly and easily. You can also manage longer loaves of bread with this bread slicer and can also process gluten free bread. If you are into bread making then you can use this slicer with a crumb catcher for ease of cleanup. It has a sturdy wooden base and can help you slice up banana bread.

Best Bread Slicer for Beginners

The OHF Kitchen Pro Bread Loaf Slicer is a great bread slicer for beginners that is totally safe to use. It allows you to slice all bread types and has a neat bread guide to make it easy for you to slice nearly any kind of bread. It can help you produce even slices every single time without a lot of effort.
As an effective kitchen tool to make even slices as much as possible, this bread slicer also stores neatly when not in use so it is simple and efficient. The included crumb catcher makes it easy to clean as well. It is probably one of the best baking accessories out there to have in your kitchen or bakery.
It is also quite durable and it has a very durable cutter mold that makes it ideal to cut sourdough and other bread types. It also easily wipes clean so it is simple to maintain. Moreover, there are also multiple slots in the guide so you can slice up artisan bread or regular bread in no time.

The Competition

Other bread slicers did not make it to our list because they were not too safe to operate due to lacking stability on the bottom part. It is important that a bread slicer should be stable and safe to use when slicing bread, since it can cause damage and accidents not just to your kitchen but also to the person slicing the bread, so you need to keep it safe and sound with a stable bread slicer.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a bread slicer?
A: A bread slicer is a kind of device or kitchen appliance that allows you to slice bread. It slices bread manually with a row of cutting knives in a machine. The goal of a bread slicer is to slice up a loaf of bread manually, whether it is a store bought bread loaf or a homemade bread loaf.
Q: What does “the best thing since sliced bread” mean and where did it come from?
A: The phrase “the best thing since sliced bread” comes from the very fact that sliced bread was a big craze when it was invented back then. It was considered a technological advancement that was very useful in the kitchen, and is still useful today, ever since it was invented by Otto Frederick Rohwedder in 1928. Today, the bread slicer is very much used everywhere.
Q: Why do I need a bread slicer?
A: Slicing bread can be a tedious task, especially if you need to get it evenly. It is similar to slicing cheese from a block of supermarket or homemade cheese. Most people need a bread slicer to get evenly thick or thin bread slices for your next sandwich party or daily breakfast needs.
Q: Who can benefit from bread slicers?
A: Bread slicers can be used not just by bakers but also by those at home who often make their own bread or buy their own loaf without being sliced yet.
The bread slicer is not just something that is for your local bakery – you can have one at home that is compact and easy to store and setup. This is why bread slicers have been popular because most people might actually want to make bread at home.
Q: What nutrients can bread give to humans?
A: In most parts of the world , bread is an important food in the breakfast table because of its content and nutrients. Bread can give you carbohydrates to power you up, protein for muscles, iron for your blood, calcium for your bones and energy to start the day.
Q: How does a bread slicer compare to bread knives?
A: While bread knives are cheaper, they also require you to have a lot of good estimation in slicing your bread. You might get uneven slices if you use a bread knife to manually slice. If you want very even slices and want to do it quickly then you should go forth and buy yourself a bread slicer instead of depending on the bread knife all the time.
Q: How can I tell if my bread is healthy enough to eat?
A: Contrary to popular belief , bread that is heavier means that is actually a lot more nutritious and healthier than lightweight bread. Moreover, gluten-free bread is a great thing to have if you’re going on a gluten-free diet. Whole grain or whole wheat is the best kind of bread to have because of its health nutrients and fiber.
Q: Can I make my own bread at home?
A: Yes, many recipes online can show you how to make and bake your own bread at home. You just need a couple of kitchen appliances and supplies to make it and some don’t even require kneading, which is convenient for the time-conscious people. While making bread is always a lengthy process, there are many recipes out there that can shorten its total production time.
Q: Can you save more money if you make homemade bread?
A: That depends on where you get ingredients from and depending on your time spent and your kitchen appliances. Some people have homemade bread maker machines and bread slicer machines and some have ovens. Some people have easy access to local market priced bread ingredients like flour and yeast and can also have other ingredients for their bread to make it healthier (e.g. making banana bread).
Q: How do I use a bread slicer?
A: A bread slicer works by positioning your bread loaf into the machine or guide and then adjusting the slots. Some bread slicers are widely adjustable so you can use it to your advantages. You should follow the instructions that come with the bread slicer so you can enjoy a safe and accident-free bread slicing experience.
Q: Why should I let my bread cool first before slicing?
A: The bread should be let cool after you have heated it up on your oven or bread maker. This is so that the crumb will not get ruined at all. Slicing cool bread is better than warm bread slicing because it will give you a fully even finish and slice that will not ruin your bread at all. It will give you a presentable look for your sliced bread.
Q: How long do I need to wait for my bread to be sliced?
A: About 1 to 2 minutes , depending on the weather and temperature where you are, you can easily slice bread after it cools down. You can just touch the bread to find out if it is cool enough, and it will usually take a minute or two to do so.
Q: Why do I need a scale in making homemade bread?
A: Weighing scales are important in making homemade bread because you would want to have perfectly measured ingredients with your water to dry ingredient ratio. This is so that the consistency of the mixture will be met and so your bread will have a very good texture inside and out.
Q: What is sourdough and why do I need it for homemade bread?
A: Sourdough is a kind of ingredient used in making bread and is a great thing to add if you are making rye-based bread. It will keep your bread as fresh as possible for a long time but can be added with yeast if you find the bread too sour in the resulting product.
Q: How do I make the crust of my bread crunchy?
A: If you make homemade bread and want crusts that are pretty crunchy, you can try adding fine semolina and coat it to your dough before you bake it. This will ensure a crunchy bread crust. Most people want a crunch crust for their bread because it will add not just presentation but also some impact when you eat bread.
Q: What are the basic steps I need to do when making bread at home?
A: First , you mix the dough with the basic ingredients like water, flour, yeast and salt. Proofing comes next, which lets the dough rise with the help of the yeast and the flour.
After the rising of the bread, we bake it into a hot oven (or your bread machine will bake it for you). You just let it cool down for a while and then you can even slice it with a bread knife or a bread slicer and then serve or eat it right away. You can also store it for later consumption.
Q: Can I make traditional bread recipes with a bread machine?
A: It is unlikely that your traditional bread recipe will work well on the bread machine because of its different kind of cooking process. You should just stick to bread machine specific recipes if you want to use your bread machine and use the traditional recipe for the oven. Both of them can produce delicious bread, however, if you put the right ingredients at the right consistency.
Q: How do I properly reheat sliced bread without ruining it?
A: Sliced bread that might have been left in the breakfast or lunch table yesterday can be reheated in the oven or wherever you can. It is best to reheat sliced bread in a regular oven rather than a microwave because microwaves can make it brittle and tough (kind of like crunchy garlic bread).
You can wrap your sliced bread in aluminum foil and toss it in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes. Wrapping traps the heat better for evenly heated bread without ruining the quality. Moreover, aluminum foil is very much okay with regular ovens, but not with microwaves.
Q: Why doesn’t my bread rise?
A: If you make bread at home and your bread feels too shy to rise, you should check the quality of your yeast. The water should not be too hot so that it won’t kill the yeast. A cold kitchen will also not make your bread rise because yeast needs room temperature that is slightly warmer to rise.
Q: How do I keep the dough from sticking into the kneading surface and my hands when kneading?
A: Kneading dough is one of the greatest kitchen messes we could experience when making bread. When kneading dough, to make sure it doesn’t stick too much to your hands or to the surface, you can add some more flour.
It will eventually become less sticky if you keep kneading the dough with lots of patience and strength. You can also add semolina and make sure that the surface has enough flour for you to knead the dough onto.

Wrapping It Up

The WELLAND Wood Compact Bamboo Bread Slicer is our best bread slicer that has 3 thicknesses and is also eco-friendly and easy to use overall.