Best Briefcase

The Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Briefcase is our best briefcase and this one is truly very sturdy and fashionable in its looks and design. As for the durability, it has been made from genuine heavy duty leather. Moreover, the folders and organizers can be expanded and be used for various business applications. And adding to that, the rugged yet stylish design makes this briefcase our top pick. The briefcase also has an expansion option of 1 inch. Also, it uses dual combination locks for the best security for your top secret business files.

Our step-up pick is the Samsonite Luggage Leather Slim Briefcase and this briefcase has been made from genuine leather on its entire build. What’s more, it has organizers for pens and files. It is also lined with nylon material for durability and a modern look and the zipper closure adds to the convenience of the leather briefcase.

The budget pick is the Solo Premium Leather-like Hard-sided Attaché Black and both sides have combination locks to better protect your items. Moreover, Velcro closures protect the file pockets for better security. Also, the hard-sided construction makes it highly durable for its price. The briefcase measures 17 inches overall.

A Little Background

Here are some things you need to know first when it comes to briefcases and business in general, so you are better familiarized with the topic much more.
The concept of business has been around for a long time. Businesses have been around ever since the world began and ever since people have started to trade. Even without involving money, business goes as usual when you want to trade eggs for a bunch of apples, trade wood for wool or trade silver for something more valuable. The concept of doing business goes way back even before money was conceptualized.
Money was later made because of the inconveniences presented by trading and barter exchange. For instance, what if you have berries but the trader wants to trade corn and you want wheat instead? What if you have apples to trade for the eggs but you left them at home, which is a kilometer away? This was the boiling point which sparked the idea of having money, which can be conveniently carried in your pocket. In Lydia, Turkey, the first coins were used as a replacement for the barter and trading system around 670 B.C. to which most of our biblical ancestors have used silver coins in buying things and in paying taxes to the government. Today, various nationalities have different currencies and everyone is struggling to survive by making money in the real world and in the virtual world called the Internet.
In business, you need to have an open mind and a keen eye. Doing business with someone is more than just sales talk – you also need to be an eager listener and you need to address the needs of your target market. Any business must have a target audience in mind. Are you a seller of children’s products? Are you marketing clothing for women? Are you focusing on selling the latest gadgets? It doesn’t matter what field you want to choose and what your target demographic is – business is business. You should not mix that with anything else because money can ruin relationships and friendships.
Many people who do business need to have a very organized set of goals to achieve. What do you plan to do with your business? Maybe in a few years, you know you will go broke from your current job so you are investing in a business, even if it is a small one. For instance, you are working for a talent agency as an actor or actress. And because show business is not a very stable source of income to upkeep unless you have a lot of projects, potential and talent, it helps to invest in something like a restaurant, a clothing line or any business of your own from the salary you get. In fact, any person can do this – with an open mind and a keen sense of opportunities, you too, can be a great business owner.
Doing business can be hard, especially if you are a newcomer to the industry. In a world where everything is so cliché, it is hard to beat company giants when it comes to various products and services. People will always think that your product is fake or stupid unless you get a large advertising back up or if a lot of people have tried and tested your product. Indeed, doing business for the first time is frustrating, but buy and buy, you will definitely achieve your goals when you put your mind to it. Remember that Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook as a college project to keep their school community connected, and now it’s technically the most widespread medium of communication around the world today. Who knows: your scrapped basement project can become the next big thing in the world of business.
Business is a give and take basis. With every loss, there will always be a gain. If you experience turbulence in your business then expect some rise in sales soon, because nothing really lasts forever, especially if you put a lot of effort to your work. If you fall once, don’t worry about it because everybody falls. Everyone commits mistakes and the best thing that you can do is to recover from that loss, see it as a learning opportunity to improve yourself and your business in general. Learn from experience, which is the best teacher in our opinion.
Business is also risky but will be worth it if you take the risk of introducing something new to the market. Most people get discouraged that their products are not well funded and are called copycats. Most big companies also do not let these independent entrepreneurs pass them by, and this can be hard and challenging. But to be on the top of the game, it takes a lot of determination and not just mere sales talk. You have to be honest and open-minded but you should not be too much of a yes-person. Always learn how to fight when there is an opportunity to fight for your right. Keep an eye out for people who might steal your work and always uphold the best ideals and goals for your business. Any form of business that is true in its ideals will be successful someday, no matter how small or insignificant it is.
Today, many businesses have been established at the expense of their own fruitful hard work. Facebook and Microsoft were established by literal college dropouts. This is clearly showing that the times are changing indeed. You don’t need a Bachelor’s Degree or a college degree to be successful in life (although degrees are great ways to prove yourself in the industry). You just need the right approach for the road you will take and the challenges you will take and face head-on. Many companies today started small and you can use them as your inspiration to go from employee to employer to manager and to CEO eventually.
You too, can be an excellent business owner or employee if you strive hard enough. Businesses can be very exciting ventures to look into, especially if you want to be independent in your own way. We don’t want to be slaves forever and this is why some of us will venture into a business of our own. In this way, we can prove to the world that we can make our own money and not be dictated by the standards set by the world. The advancement of technology today was once the science fiction and odd thinking of yesterday. The touch-screen James Bond gadgets of the 1980s are now highly accessible in every corner of the world, often at a cheaper price.
With regards to doing business, you need a briefcase to carry your work items. A briefcase is made for keeping items on the go. You know that stereotype where dads carry a briefcase going to work as an office worker? Yep, most of us will go through that phase, especially if we live in the metro and achieve some sort of managerial or secretarial position in a company or office or firm. Briefcases are the most ideal form of storing documents without folding them badly or getting them spilled with coffee. Briefcases are built for the most important security measures in mind.
Most people keep a briefcase for work purposes. A briefcase is a handy tool for working at the office. It is usually a carrying case which carries important files, folders and documents for signing or for review of your company staff or the bosses and the other company heads. Briefcases can be locked easily with or without password combinations on each end and are usually enclosed with sturdy metal or brass locks. Briefcases are very handy and they carry standard A4-size papers or longer, depending on the size of the briefcase you have or you will buy.
People who often work for offices carry a briefcase, especially managers. Being in a managerial or secretarial position will often require you to get a sturdy and reliable briefcase to store documents, contracts and other papers and files. These briefcases also need to have separate organizational pockets and division so that your files don’t get mixed and matched. Some briefcases also have locked combinations so that top secret files are never stolen easily unless they know the combination password.
Briefcases stand very secure for keeping important documents. If you have top secret company papers then you should not just carry them along with you outdoors on a clear file or envelope. You should keep them in a briefcase so that no one will be able to grab them from you or use them against you. Company secrets are highly valuable and this is why you need to protect them with a reliable briefcase so that your company or business will stay safe from predators and people who might take advantage of you along the way.
Briefcases are usually made from leather or aluminum and can be carried on the go. The regular briefcases we often see are the hard cases which are either made from aluminum or ABS plastic material. Aluminum ones usually carry the stereotypical money pack in most movies and media, but as a functional briefcase, it usually contains important documents that the company needs.
Generally, briefcases should not just be stylish but also very functional and versatile. Briefcases should be the emblem of style and security in any manager or office employee or worker. They should also have the responsibility of holding the most important documents to uphold the company secrets. While the style of the briefcase comes as an important factor, if it is too flimsy to carry and protect documents then it might not be a great briefcase to consider. Also, take note that if you do not want to harm your inner electronics or make creases in your documents; consider getting a sturdy crush-proof briefcase.

How We Picked

Quality and value are among the best criteria for us to choose the best briefcase out there. Any worker or employee or even freelancer should have the best features for their briefcase, and among the features we picked were:
Durability – the briefcase should be highly durable with its material and build. ABS plastic or aluminum material is usually for those who need a highly protective hard case while a soft case is usually made of leather or nylon material. Briefcases can be standard modern or traditional depending on their usage.
Organization pockets – the briefcase should have great organization features such as dividers and multiple pockets. You may not know it, but a briefcase is more than just one solid type of briefcase unlike in the 70s and in the 80s. Today, you will find a wide variety of briefcases with pockets and cheaper but more durable and lightweight material other than leather.
Protection – in addition to its durability, your items inside should be greatly protected. A briefcase with one or two more safety combination locks is a great buy. You are getting a briefcase to protect your items and this is why you need something that stands strong depending on the contents of your briefcase.
Style – if you are a manager or someone with a high profile position, you should definitely get a briefcase that has style and authenticity other than its other features. Stylish leather or buckles or accents add value and durability to the leather briefcase or hard aluminum briefcase.
Comfort – the briefcase must be easy to handle and also very lightweight if you carry a lot of items in it. Make sure that the briefcase can be handled well by the person who will use it. If you intend to give it as a gift, you should definitely know how much items will be expected to be carried by the briefcase.

Our Pick

Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Briefcase

Made from genuine heavy duty leather, our best briefcase is the Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Briefcase when it comes to durability and quality and overall factors of the most ideal briefcase. It is very sturdy and fashionable in its looks and design on the construction part. As for the comfort factor, the handle is very comfortable for long trips.
In addition to the great durability features, the bottom of the cases is protected with 4-feet metal parts. The Alpine Swiss Leather Briefcase measures 19 by 14 inches and it is super convenient because it also has an expansion option of 1 inch so you have more room even with a smaller briefcase. When it comes to getting your items together, the folders and organizers can be expanded and be used for various business applications.
As for the safety factor, the Alpine Swiss briefcase uses dual combination locks for the best security for your top secret business files. When it comes to the style, the rugged yet stylish design makes this briefcase our top pick. The Alpine Swiss Expandable Briefcase has a ton of organizer slots for pens and other business items and it is also conveniently backed by a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Cons and disadvantages are inevitable – the Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Briefcase has a few but they are not too much compared to others. For instance, the pen holders might run shorter for most people depending on their pen sizes.

Step-up Pick

Samsonite Luggage Leather Slim Briefcase

As for our step-up pick, we chose the great and reliable Samsonite Luggage Leather Slim Briefcase which has also been made from genuine leather on its entire build. When it comes to reliability, the zipper closure adds to the convenience of the leather briefcase. As for the inner material of the briefcase, it has been softly and sturdily lined with nylon material for durability and a modern look.
The Samsonite Leather Slim Briefcase stands 11 by 16 inches. It is super ideal for getting things together for your office items because conveniently, it has organizers for pens and files. The briefcase is also very stylish and durable and will definitely worth your money in the long run. Being backed by a warranty of 3 years, the briefcase is a worthy investment.

Budget Pick

Solo Premium Leather-like Hard-sided Attaché Black

As for our step-up pick, we chose none other than the Solo Premium Leather-like Hard-sided Attaché Black which is a great and solid briefcase to consider. When it comes to protection and organization, Velcro closures protect the file pockets for better security. And what’s more, to comfortably keep you on track, the carry handle is contoured and very durable for long business trips.
When going inside the briefcase, the main compartment has a big capacity. As a matter of fact, both sides have combination locks to better protect your items. In addition to the safety features, the organizer section keeps your items together and well-organized. As for durability, the hard-sided construction makes it highly durable for its price. This awesome briefcase by Solo measures 17 inches and is thoroughly backed by a warranty of 5 years.

Ideal Briefcase for Laptop

Kenox Vintage Pu Leather Men’s Briefcase

When it comes to our budget pick, we chose the Kenox Vintage Pu Leather Men’s Briefcase which has a very wide strap at 1.6 inches. As for the versatility and flexibility, this briefcase is the real deal as the shoulder straps can be adjusted from 75 to 150 cm. This dynamic and useful briefcase measures 14 by 11 inches and it can fit 14-inch laptops, notebooks or tablet.
You will feel at ease with this briefcase due to the fact that the shoulder strap can be detached as well. The Kenox Vintage Men’s Briefcase comes in two colors and it can also become a handbag due to its flexibility. As for the material, it is finely made from faux leather and it is very durable. All in all, the Kenox Men’s Briefcase is a great medium sized briefcase.

Best Travel Briefcase

5.11 Tactical 56003 Adult’s Side-Trip Briefcase

The 5.11 Tactical 56003 Adult’s Side-Trip Briefcase is our best outdoor briefcase which is ideal for traveling due to the padded shoulder strap. As for the comfort factor, the shoulder straps are very comfortable and are removable. In addition to that, the swivel snap clips are included on each end of the shoulder straps as a unique accessibility feature.
When it comes to the convenience of the briefcase, the belt system backs up the briefcase and the large hidden pocket. As for the capacity, the 5.11 Tactical Briefcase measures 16 by 12 inches when it comes down to the size. Moreover, it has one main compartment plus 2 front pockets. Moreover, the interior is very easy to access. It is also great for rugged traveling and it also comes with a ton of side pockets. The Velcro sealing has been used for the pocket entrance.

Best Compact Briefcase

Tumi Alpha Bravo Earle Compact Brief

Our best compact briefcase is the Tumi Alpha Bravo Earle Compact Brief which measures 23 inches on its shoulder drop. Conveniently, this briefcase comes with a luggage tag to help prevent theft and loss. As for the material, it has been made from ballistic nylon and it also comes in two designs to suit your personalization needs.
Very compact in its design, the Tumi Earle Compact Brief also has a zipper closure that is very reliable in the long run. As for the accessibility, you can never go wrong with the briefcase due to the fact that the main compartments are very easy to access. And in addition to that, the front pocket is very reliable and comes with a magnetic snap. Moreover, the leather accents have been given to the top carry handles that have been webbed for style.

Best PU Leather Briefcase

Jack&Chris Men’s New PU Leather Briefcase

If you want the best briefcase made from PU leather, you can opt for the Jack&Chris Men’s New PU Leather Briefcase. This particular briefcase measures 17 by 15 inches and it has been made from PU leather that is of high quality. And in addition to that, the storage area inside has organizers for pens, papers, keys, cards and many more.
When it comes to pockets, the briefcase comes with a rear zip pocket for storing valuables. Moreover, it also comes with two slip pockets on the front. The briefcase inside has three main compartments for larger items and it can also fit some laptop sizes so it also makes for an ideal laptop briefcase or laptop bag. The Jack&Chris Briefcase is indeed super durable and lightweight in its design. Adding to that, the sleek design is ideal for business on the go. And in the long run, it is also easy to clean due to the material used.

Best Aluminum Briefcase

RoadPro SPC-941G Black 17.5″ Aluminum Briefcase

When it comes to the best aluminum briefcase that stands up to durability, we chose the RoadPro SPC-941G Black 17.5″ Aluminum Briefcase which has been made with high quality black aluminum exterior for durability for many years without sacrificing weight. When it comes to materials, the reinforcements on the corners are black with a flat finish on the exterior.
In addition to that, the black plastic handle is ergonomic due to the molding so that your hands won’t get tired. All in all, the combination locks are two so that your valuable papers are safe within the briefcase. And also, some pockets make up the lined interior so you can easily organize your items well.

Best ABS Briefcase


Samsonite 10558 Focus III 6-Inch Attache

A very affordable briefcase made from sturdy ABS shell that is hard sided and is very durable but lightweight, the Samsonite 10558 Focus III 6-Inch Attache is an ideal ABS briefcase to consider. Moreover, the hinge can open easily or partially or fully depending on your position for the briefcase. This briefcase is super ideal for business use due to being able to fit documents, tablets, notebooks and other important items.
What’s more, the organization pockets keep your items well-put on any trip. For safety, the combination lock ensures your items will be protected from potential theft or loss. For flexibility, it can be opened up to 90 degrees and it can fit 15-inch laptops.

Best Roller Briefcase


Mancini Leather Goods Deluxe Wheeled Case

The Mancini Leather Goods Deluxe Wheeled Case is our best roller briefcase which can fit up to 17-inch laptops due to its ample size. What’s more, 2 side pockets can be used for smaller items. The briefcase easily fits folders and documents and easily organizes them due to the dividing organizers.
Moreover, the laptop sleeve is very convenient for keeping your laptop or notebook safe from harm. The briefcase by Mancini is also made from genuine leather so it will stand for a long time. And adding to the convenience of the briefcase, there is also a front organizer for all of your business or school needs. All in all, the Mancini Deluxe Wheeled Case has a very stylish design.

The Competition

The competition on briefcases isn’t really much but we did pick the best briefcases out there when it comes to quality and durability as well as style and comfort factor.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know some of the FAQs in our section if you want to know more about briefcases, their advantages and some tips perhaps.

Q: What are the pros of using briefcases?
A: According to Overstock , briefcases are very functional for both men and women due to their versatility and organizational pockets and the compartments and the like. Also, the size of the briefcase can come in handy when carrying a lot of documents. Moreover, briefcases are very safe because of the security features and the locks that can be present when having a briefcase for business trips or business use. Usually, the style of a briefcase is very exquisite and it is also a fashion statement.

Q: How do you properly choose the right briefcase for the right job?
A: According to Real Men Real Style , always consider the leather or hard shell quality of the briefcase. Also, the durability of the product is a very important part of choosing the best briefcase out there. You can choose between hard sided or soft sided depending on your preferences but make sure you are able to carry the briefcase comfortably. Adding to that, the zippers should be reliable and do not fail.
Also worth nothing is the fact that there should be enough room for many items depending on the items you will put. If you need a briefcase for gadgets and laptops make sure it will encase the laptop. The organizational pockets of a briefcase are also important in choosing the best briefcase.

Wrapping It Up

Simply put, the Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Briefcase is our best briefcase for business use or for any other instance which requires you to secure your paper works.