Best Backpacking Backpack

The JanSport Right Pack Backpack 1900cu in is our best backpacking backpack which is ideal for both backpacking and school purposes. This supreme and ideal backpack is available in a multitude of colors and designs. It is made from sturdy polyester material and it weighs super small at only less than 1 kg.

Our step-up pick is the Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack and this one has a water resistant outer material. It can fit any laptop up to 15 inches of size. It is currently available in a lot of colors while the included laptop sleeve is also soft lined to keep your laptop safe.

The budget pick is the High Sierra Loop Backpack and it has been made from full polyester material. It also has a total of 6 exterior pockets and four interior slips and it comes in a variety of colors and designs. It also has a computer sleeve that measures 12 by 11 inches with a thickness of 3/4 inch.

A Little Background

Backpacking is serious business. The world is a very wide place to live and there are many things and places around the world that we have not explored just yet. We are too busy perhaps on our day jobs and school work that we sometimes forget about what nature has to offer to us that we keep ignoring day by day. Therefore, we should definitely get into hiking on some of our free days. The fact that hiking is very lively and yet rigorous is why not a lot of people get into backpacking but this is a challenge to some people, however.
If you do not know where you are going then you are in big trouble. One of the basics to backpacking or hiking is to get a lot of directions and a sense of direction. If you are very bad with directions then you should get a friend who is good at it. Traveling alone can be dangerous even if you know yourself that you know how to navigate with a compass or with a map or with your Google Earth / Google Maps. Not every forest in the world can be mapped so you may need to do some exploring on your own and be careful for anything suspicious.
Backpacking requires a lot of knowledge and social skills. Other than going through jungles, forests, deserts and snowy places, you will also need to ask a few locals on directions. However, you should be very careful because asking for directions can sometimes lead you into a trap, especially if the civilization or the city or town aren’t very friendly with foreigners or like to play tricks and money scams on them, so be very vigilant and learn more about the place first before asking for directions specifically.
You have to be prepared for the worst if you want to go backpacking or hiking. We all know that many people can get injured or sometimes receive fatal blows just because of hiking and not following park rules and regulations in their state or vicinity. It is important to stay safe rather than be sorry at the end. In this case, you need to prepare not just gear but also yourself and some basic skills. You should be able to sense danger beforehand and always have a back-up plan in case things get worse.
Things can go from quiet and tranquil to chaotic and fuzzy if you don’t have proper gear. One of this includes a sturdy backpacking backpack to carry along with your journey. The backpacking backpack will help you get your things organized so you will have easy access to anything that you need pronto. You will definitely find a backpacking backpack very rewarding when it comes to it accessibility.
A sturdy backpack that is suited for backpacking will definitely be your best companion for the journey. However, there are many brands and names to choose from when it comes to the best backpacking backpack. Despite that, you should definitely only get one that is more suited for your needs. Backpacking backpacks for teenagers are different for adults and for kids so it should be picked carefully.

How We Picked

When it comes to the best backpacking backpack it was not easy choosing among the rest. Here are the key points we considered for the best backpacking backpack.
Size – the capacity of the backpack should be considered first. The backpacking backpack should be measured in liters or cubic inches and you need to compare between bags to know which one is mostly ideal for you and your items and in using for your intended bag purpose.
Comfort factor – you should know whether the backpack has comfort features such as padded shoulder straps and back pads. You will need a backpacking backpack that keeps your muscles stress-free or at least reduce the weight and stress on your shoulders during your journey. Therefore, this calls for a backpacking backpack that has padded shoulder straps and back pads.
Safety of your items – make sure that the backpack is highly safe and easily zipped to protect your items. For instance, the laptop and tablet casing should be highly protective and padded. The backpacking backpack should have a lot of safety mechanisms to keep you and your items comfortable and safe at the same time and should fit a lot of items in the long run.
Design – while this is not important, it is also a cool thing to have a stylish and colorful backpack so you know you have your own personal identity to make it easier for you to identify which your bag is, if you travel with a group or with someone else. There should be many colors and styles to choose from with the model of the backpacking backpack.
Durability – along with comfort, you should definitely emphasize durability and this is why you should get a backpack that is made from strong polyurethane or similar material. The durability of the backpacking backpack is crucial to identifying which is the best backpacking backpack.
Additional features – a water proof or water resistant backpack is ideal for getting into the Amazon jungle and such. A backpacking backpack should be highly reliable even when the going gets tough. It should also have its own unique features to stand out from the crowd and become an ideal backpacking backpack in general.

Our Pick


JanSport Right Pack Backpack 1900cu in

Our best backpacking backpack is the JanSport Right Pack Backpack 1900cu in and it has been made from sturdy polyester material. This particular backpack weighs super small at only less than 1 kg so it is very easy to carry around. As for the looks, it is also available in a multitude of colors and designs so you can personalize properly. It is also largely ideal for both backpacking and school purposes.
As for the capacity of the JanSport Right Pack, it has a space of 1,900 cubic inches inside so it can fit a lot of stuff in it. As for the comfort factor, a set of padded shoulder straps keep your shoulders comfortable all throughout the journey. For its usage, it is totally ideal for weekend hiking and general purpose traveling. Moreover, when it comes to build and strength, the construction is made from Cordura and leather that sets the standards for durability.
Overall, the JanSport Pack Backpack is very ideal for carrying text books so college people can use it as well. As for people who often go tech at any trip, it also has a laptop compartment which also makes it ideal for high school, senior high and college students. Moreover, when it comes to construction, it is a very resilient backpack overall.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

A few minor flaws have been found on the JanSport Right Pack Backpack 1900cu in but these are not alarming or threatening. These include the fact that it is a simple backpacking backpack such that it does not have a water bottle carrier and an inner organizer but it will do the job right if you are just looking for a simple backpack for hiking or camping or backpacking in general.

Step-up Pick

Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack

When it comes to our step-up pick best backpacking backpack, we chose the Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack which can fit any laptop up to 15 inches of size. When it comes to the construction and comfort, the laptop sleeve is also soft lined to keep your laptop safe. This backpacking backpack is widely available in a lot of colors. As for the special feature, it has a water resistant outer material.
Durability is never compromised due to the fact that it has been made from nylon and polyester for extra durability and comfort on the go. The shoulder straps use HeatGear material for adding comfort and security. Adding to that, the bottom panel is made from material that is resistant to abrasion and super tough. But what else makes it special as a backpacking backpack? Well, it makes the use for UA storm technology for high resistance to elements.
The Under Armour Backpack has a total of 5 pockets outside and a set of 3 interior slip pockets for a well-organized backpack for hiking purposes. When it comes to its organization, you can keep your valuables waterproof due to the front pocket being able to resist water well enough. As for the size and capacity, it has a cubic volume of 1,875 cubic inches. For additional convenience on the go when it comes to getting yourself hydrated in any hiking or backpacking situation, it comes with two water bottle pockets on each side.
Adding to that, the front laundry pocket has an ample amount of room and is gusseted in its design. Moreover, the top grab handle is very comfortable and helps it to be stored properly. Conveniently, this backpack by Under Armour has been designed to fit even 6-footer people. All in all, it loads up books and laptops very well, making it ideal for both students and hikers in the long run.

Budget Pick

High Sierra Loop Backpack

For our budget pick, we chose the High Sierra Loop Backpack which has a total of 6 exterior pockets and four interior slips. This one also has a computer sleeve that measures 12 by 11 inches with a thickness of 3/4 inch. As for the material, it has been made from full polyester material and it comes in a variety of colors and designs.
Moreover, the High Sierra Backpack comes with a media pocket as well so it is very versatile. Adding to that, the compression straps at the sides are highly adjustable. Moreover, the bottom straps and monster hook help you to add any other gear you need.
Super ideal for traveling and hiking and general backpacking, the backpack by High Sierra comes with mesh beverage pockets to keep you refreshed and cool on the go. For convenience, it also has a multi-pocket organizer which includes a key fob. Adding to that, a hanging accessory pocket helps keep your things organized.
When it comes to versatility, the multi-compartment design makes it versatile for any outdoor adventure. In addition to that, the back panel is also highly padded for extra comfort while the shoulder straps have an S-shape design. For added comfort, the back panel is designed with style.
As a matter of fact, you can also buy a rain cover for this backpack so you can stay safe from the elements. On its features, the media pocket also has a port for headphones so you can listen on the go. Moreover, for easy access, the key fob helps you keep smaller items in place and protected. Last but not the least: the suspension system of the straps makes your backpack very versatile and handy.

Ideal Backpacking Backpack for Women

The North Face Women’s Jester Backpack

If you want an ideal backpacking backpack for women, you should go for the The North Face Women’s Jester Backpack which has been made from polyester. It has a total capacity of 26 L and was designed for the physique of a woman so it fits perfectly.
When it comes to versatility, the shoulder strap webbing is very comfortable. Adding to its features, bike light loop makes it easier to see during the night and is also reflective up to 360 degrees. Moreover, the water bottle tabs make it convenient for placing drinks and refreshments. It is currently available in a ton of colors and designs for personalization.
This Women’s Jester Backpack can fold flat when storing so you get more convenience in space and it can fit most 15-inch standard laptops and MacBook Airs. All in all, the backpack is an ideal backpacking backpack for any college student. And furthermore, it is also ideal for lighter loads since it is for women.

Best Lightweight Backpacking Backpack


Outlander 20L/33L Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack

The Outlander 20L/33L Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack is our ideal lightweight backpack. As for the design, it is indeed very compact in its design due to the fact that it can be folded properly into a zippered inner pocket. As for the features, the various compartments make this awesome bag to be a backpacking backpacker that is essential for hiking and trailing.
As for the size, it has a capacity of 33 L and a super light weight of less than 1 pound so it is conveniently spacious yet light and easy on your shoulders. It is also very space saving in the design of the bag. For personalization, it is widely available in a multitude of colors. For the build and design, the main compartment has a ton of rooms. Moreover, the various pockets have a classic design and shape so you can fit in a lot of important necessities and items.
A must-have for going to faraway places, the Outlander Travel Hiking Backpack also has an internal zippered pocket for the most important items you have. In fact, the side pockets can fit in any water bottle or other necessities. Adding to that, the durability is top notch due to the fact that it has been made with nylon fabric which also has water resistant capabilities.
The bag’s zipper is made from SBS metal material so it is super sturdy. Moreover, the backpack resists all kinds of abrasions. Also, the zipper is also a two way design so it does not get worn out or broken easily. Generally, the bag manages stress points easier due to its build and its design.
This awesome backpack, the Outlander Hiking Backpack, can become an all-purpose bag for any purpose whatsoever. In fact, it can fit most laptops from 12 to 13 inches and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Best Rolling Backpacking Backpack


J-World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack

For an ideal backpacking backpack that rolls, we have the J-World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack in which the rolling mechanism makes it ideal for most kids and high school students. As for the size, it measures 18 inches tall and 8 inches wide. It has been made from 600-Denier polyester so it is super tough. For the features on safety, the handle locks up to 3 stages so you can adjust and convert it to a rolling backpack instead of a backpacking backpack.
On mobility, the wheels roll without creating noise so it stays quiet when pulling it. And in fact, the wheels are also highly maneuverable for kids and teens. It is available in a lot of colors and designs and sizes and is an ideal school bag and backpacking bag combined into one. Moreover, you can fit in just about anything in its organizer pocket as well as the pocket wallets outside of the bag.
This backpack can carry water bottles, text books, gadgets, notebooks and such. On versatility, the front organizer will definitely keep your things easy to access. What’s more, the T-shaped handle is made from PU coated aluminum piping that is very lightweight and durable. Overall, comfort and durability are combined into one with this ultra lightweight bag.

Best Unisex Backpacking Backpack

The North Face Unisex Borealis Backpack

Made from high quality nylon material, we chose The North Face Unisex Borealis Backpack as an ideal unisex backpacking backpack. True to its name, it is a unisex backpacking backpack that will definitely cater to any situation of hiking, camping or general backpacking. As for the comfort factor, the sternum strap is also removable for your convenience. Personalize your backpack because it has a ton of colors to choose from. Adding to the features, a hydration port is included to keep your drinks and keep you refreshed after hours of hiking.
An organizer pocket keeps your things in place and in the right protection and a stow-able hip belt is also included in this backpack which has a winged design. The Unisex Borealis Backpack also comes with a PE sheet and a spine channel to keep you comfortable for hours. Moreover, it can ideally be used by most college students as a backpack as well.
Adding to that, the back panel has been padded with air-mesh material so you get comfort and support on the go. In terms of comfort, uses FlexVent technology on its shoulder straps with its injection molding padding so you get the best support from a backpacking backpack without straining your shoulder muscles. Furthermore, a reflective light loop will definitely guide you as your continue your journey in low light or during the night. Adding to that, a mesh drop pocket at the front can keep your things easy to access.
As for the capacity, it has a total volume of 29 L. In fact, there is also a secondary compartment for keeping your things well organized. The backpack also has a laptop sleeve for its main compartment part and aside from that, there is also a sleeve for tablets.

Highly Comfortable Backpacking Backpack

High Sierra Swerve Backpack

The High Sierra Swerve Backpack is a neat and comfortable backpack in which a tablet computer sleeve helps to protect your tablet which measures 12 by 11 inches with a thickness of 0.75 inches. In fact, any laptop or MacBook Air can also fit in to its 17-inch cushioned and fully padded computer sleeve.
For its features, a key fob is included with the organizer which has various pockets so you can keep your things organized. For durability, the polyester material is nonetheless top notch. In fact, the pockets contain an interior zip and an interior slip as well. Also, a headphone port makes this backpack ideal for audiophiles.
The multiple compartments of this ideal backpack for backpacking make it truly versatile and handy in emergency situations. The backpack also comes with card holders on the organizers as well as pen pockets for on the go hiking or student use. Also, the bottom is also fully padded for protection while the back panel uses air flow technology to keep you comfortable.
For size, the High Sierra Swerve has a total capacity of 2,230 cubic inches. As a matter of fact, there are mesh pockets for drinks as well. In addition to that, the extensive space of this backpacking backpack makes it super ideal for frequent travelers while the reflective piping aids you at night. In fact, the S-shaped shoulder straps are equipped with a suspension system so your journeys won’t have to suffer through muscle pains. The backpack is also completely waterproof so you can definitely take it to the forest or the jungle with no problem at all.

Backpacking Backpack also for School Use


KAUKKO Outdoor Travel Hiking Backpack Schoolbag

A great backpacking backpack for students, the KAUKKO Outdoor Travel Hiking Backpack Schoolbag is so versatile and you can choose from a wide range of colors and shades. On the construction and size, the main bag has a capacity of 22.4 L and it is made from PU leather and nylon that has water repellent capabilities. The bag’s shoulder straps add comfort and are highly adjustable and measure 45 to 90 cm each for extra comfort.
Backed by a warranty exchange policy, you never need to worry about this backpack. In fact, the two side pockets keep your drinks in place without falling. Moreover, the outside zipper pockets can be a haven for your valuables while the inside pockets can be your place for the important things you carry on your journey. And what’s more, the main compartment is for larger items.
This generous backpack can hold laptop sizes from 15 inches to 18 inches while the main compartment has a drawstring closure to protect it further. Adding to comfort, the cotton lining with red stripes add functionality and style to this backpacking backpack. In fact, it can fit most textbooks and other schooling items and you can fill it up with just about any item you want. All in all, it has been made with both nylon and canvas material.

Backpacking Backpack made from Canvas Material


Hitop Geometry Dot Casual Canvas Backpack

The Hitop Geometry Dot Casual Canvas Backpack can be used for boy boys and girls as a teenager school backpacking backpack and is available in a variety of designs. It has a capacity of 22 L and can be used to carry laptops. The shoulder straps are padded and are highly adjustable while the canvas material plus small amount of PU material makes this backpack a unique and authentic type of backpack to choose.
The black lace pattern adds style and authenticity to this backpack while the lightweight feel makes it a must-have for young backpackers. The vintage design also makes this backpack quite unique and as a fashion item. The backpack also has water bottle pockets for your convenience while the compartments on this backpack are very versatile, spacious and yet compact to keep all of your necessities in place.

The Competition

Other backpacking backpacks out here are not as durable and reliable as this one. It is important that for anything you spend your money on, you should get something of equal and deserving value for its price and features.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of backpacking or hiking in general?
A: According to The Huffington Post, hiking makes you happier in a sense because you get to relax and enjoy with someone to see the beauty of nature all around you. In addition to that, hiking also gives you a sense of pleasure and enjoyment if you have travel buddies with you. Moreover, backpacking has its share of benefits when it comes to social purposes and mingling with others.
As a matter of fact, bonding with your family or your friends can be great if you do hiking sometimes. Did you know that people who are still recovering from injuries and other ailments can use hiking or backpacking as a form of therapy or treatment whenever they feel ill? Yes, this is how beneficial backpacking really is. In fact, you can go hiking practically anywhere near your neighborhood. Generally, it is almost less expensive than other recreational activities.

Q: What are some of the tips you should know about backpacking or hiking?
A: According to REI, you may need to get along with an experienced hiker or backpacker to stay safe. Also, you need to make sure you know where you are going. Always bring safety gear with you and make sure your backpack is highly reliable. In fact, you should know as much as you can about the destination first before going there and you must physically, mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for the worst.

Wrapping It Up

To summarize, the JanSport Right Pack Backpack 1900cu in is our best backpacking backpack fit for all of your outdoor hiking and travel needs without much fail and will guarantee your safety and preparedness for any situation whatsoever.