Best Bath Pillow

The GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow is our pick for the best bath pillow. Its nonporous surface keeps it very easy to clean and easy to maintain as a product for any use.

Our step-up pick is the Home Prime Luxury Spa . It is a pillow that can fit any kind of bathtub whatsoever due to its very intuitive design, great form and shape.

Our budget pick is the Epica 2X-Thick Luxury Foam.

A Little Background

Bath pillows are unlike regular pillows because they have a waterproof capability and a bunch of suction cups that keep them sticking to your bathtub. The fact they are designed to support your neck and head is an added advantage. One other advantage is the use of suction cups. Just as their name suggests, suction cups are cups designed in some bath pillows to offer suction when used in a tub or home spa.

How We Picked

When it comes down to choosing the best bath pillow, we considered the following options first:

Size – its dimensions should best fit any kind of tub, such as a Jacuzzi.

Non-slip capabilities – it should be very easy to set up yet it will not slip away like regular pillows out there so it will have the best kind of stability possible by using the suction cups.

Durability – it should also be tear-resistant to be a very great and effective product to consider for your budget and your needs.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance – the product should be relatively easy to clean overall and should not be a hassle to wipe off dirt and soap from.

Waterproof – as it is a bath pillow, it should be waterproof. Furthermore, it should be mold resistant, mildew resistant and completely be odor retention resistant. It should also dry up as quickly as possible and should be able to be used in an inflatable bath.

Head, Neck, Shoulder Support – one fo the most crucial features of a good item is the neck, head, and shoulder support. lack of this kind of support may cause headaches, neck pain, and so forth.

Our Pick

For our best bath pillow, we chose the GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip as it is super soft and super comfortable to use in any bathtub due to materials used to make it. With the GORILLA GRIP Pillow, you can choose between two panels of construction or three panels of construction. It measures 11 inches by 14 1/2 inches overall. The large area of the product helps to cushion your head better for a relaxing experience.

It is made up of a very powerful gripping technology that cannot be compared to competitors out there. When it comes down to comfort, It is specifically designed for shoulder and neck support.

Flaws but Not Dealbreakers

Some cons concerning the GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip Spa that are not a deal-breaker may include some things such as the fact that there could be slight ripping if it is not handled carefully. The best way to remove it from the tub is to pull the suction cups themselves. Pulling the suction cups ensures you can remove the product from the bathtub without tearing it.

Step-up Pick

When it comes down to our step-up pick, we chose the Home Prime Luxury Spa. The main reason is that it can fit any kind of bathtub whatsoever due to its very intuitive design, great form, and shape. When it comes to size, it isenormous in its design so it will fit any neck or head thanks to its size. Also, it has very great support for the neck as well as the shoulders, so it is very comfortable overall. In fact, a free sponge loofah is included to fully complete your experience.

On reliability and stability, the Home Luxury Spa Prime comes with two suction cups that are very strong and are very durable and reliable. In addition to that, it can be used on any Jacuzzi, bathtub, and much more, at home, or for commercial use. This item from Home Luxury is also a great gift set for the people you love. In addition to that, with measurements of 3.1 by 7.4 by 10.8 inches, it looks very decent and large for most people and will fit just right in any bathtub.

Budget Pick

For our budget pick, we chose and considered the Epica 2X-Thick Luxury Foam Spa Pillow as one of the best pillows for a low price. Take note there are other products that are cheaper, but not as good.

With the Epica Luxury Foam, the very thick construction that is present in this item makes it very ample for any spa for that matter. This means it will offer strength and stability to any person who will use it. Also, it helps you relax and melt away in your bubble bath due to its incredible softness and stability not common in the best bath pillows. The foam used to make it is ultra-comfortable so it is great for relaxing.

If you would like to have one of the best bath pillows, then this is one of the best to have for its price and features. It also makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys having relaxing bubble baths or spas at home. This one has a 2-panel design which makes it adhere to the tub’s edge so it easily bends itself for a perfect fit to any bathtub, Jacuzzi and the like. With the design of the Epica 2X-Thick Pillow, its hinge is highly flexible so it can adhere to any shape of bath.

Convenient Bath Pillow with Free Bath Sponge

The Harrison House Luxurious Bath Pillow w/Sponge comes with a free Konjac sponge that is made from bamboo charcoal. This helps to exfoliate your skin to give off a deep cleansing capability to your skin for a fresher and cleaner feeling in a natural way. The product comes with super large suction cups that keep it as stable as possible. The item also greatly resists mold and mildew due to the fact that it is greatly equipped with a quick-drying mesh. The material used to make it is a specially woven material that helps the water flow at an even rate and it helps the product to dry quickly and as much as possible.

There are a total of 4 suction cups on the item that are relatively comparable with market competitors out there. With a thickness of 4 inches on its headrest, it measures 13 inches across and 14 inches downwards. Its contoured shape is a great addition to any tub to get a fully customized experience because it conforms to the shapes of many people’s heads. The item has a two-part design and is very easy to set up overall. The item can also be easily washed in the washing machine along with towels and can be slightly bleached with no problems at all.

Ideal Bath Pillow for Use at a Jacuzzi

The interior part of the Kleeger Non-Slip Home-Spa Jacuzzi Bath Pillow is solid and the bathtub pillow has a double panel which makes it just right to the tub’s edge. Being dirt-resistant overall, in any bathtub, the product is a must-have due to its great build of material. This item has great resistance against mold and mildew due to its great waterproof capabilities.

The product has great and reliable suction cups to keep it from slipping, and it also has super tough foam padding that keeps the user as comfortable as possible.

Ideal Bath Pillow for Use at a Spa

To any bathtub, spa, Jacuzzi and the like, the KOVOT Waterproof Ultra Soft Spa Pillow is so awesome that it easily bends itself for a perfect fit. The exterior part of this particular product is highly durable to withstand many uses. This item has a total of 7 reliable suction cups for easily attaching to the wall of your tub. It is also super soft and smooth and very cushioning in comfort levels. The foam fill of this product is truly relaxing overall, and it is also very easy to clean due to the very fact that it is odor resistant.

The product is much like most bath pillows out there with a cradle head and two sections that greatly support the shoulders, the head, and the neck. It also a two-panel design that sticks firmly in place and is also resistant to mildew, chemicals, and mold due to its maintenance-free design.

Reliable Bath Pillow that is Mold Resistant

The Ideaworks 14×13″ Home Spa measures a standard 13 x 14 inches and is a great supportive product for the back and the neck. With a thickness of 4 inches, the bath pillow also dries quickly due to its great and intuitive design. The item also supports the shoulders well and the open-air fibers are used to help it dry quickly.

The bath pillow also has a bolster neck rest like most bath pillows out there for the great support on your shoulders, head and neck. The bath pillow can either be hand washed or steam cleaned for added convenience on maintenance.

Awesome Bath Pillow that is Odor Resistant

The Blue Coast Collection Luxury Bath Pillow is specifically contoured for giving the best kind of support for your shoulders, head and neck and the bath pillow comes with a total of 6 suction cups that are very large and nonslip in their qualities. The bath pillow is also odor resistant and keeps mold and mildew away due to its quick-drying capabilities that lets air and moisture pass through quicker. A warranty of 6 months is given to this bath pillow.

Unique Bath Pillow that is Inflatable

The Aquasentials Inflatable Terry Cloth Bath Pillow is one of the best inflatable bath pillows so it is very unique and can be used while traveling and the unique design of this bath pillow makes it one of a kind yet very comfortable. The bath pillow is made from terry cloth which is super comfortable and 4 suction cups make up this bath pillow for super stability in any tub. The large size makes this bath pillow highly comfortable and reliable. The bath pillow is also incredibly large at 23 by 15 inches.

Unique Bath Pillow with Included Gel Eye Mask

The Serenity Now Soft Luxury Bath Pillow one of the bath pillows that come with a unique eye gel mask for completing the luxurious experience at home or at the spa. The pillows are ideal for any Jacuzzi, hot tub, spa or home tub and the bath pillow offers great support for your shoulders, neck, and head due to its greatly contoured design. The bath pillow is made from high-quality vinyl that greatly resists mold and mildew and dries quicker than usual.

Bath Pillow FAQs

1. What is the best bath pillow on the market?

There is no one straight answer to know the best bath pillows in the market. One of the best ways to find out is by checking out reviews about the same. Sites like Amazon are a great place to see bath pillow reviews.

2. What can I use as a bath pillow?

If you cannot find a good bath pillow, you can use your towel as an alternative. It will not be as comfortable, but it will do the job.

3. How do you wash a bath pillow?

Generally, you need to wipe it using a clean cloth and warm water. A soft detergent may be used to clean the pillows. Take note these items are not to be washed like ordinary clothes.

Wrapping It Up

To sum it all up, the GORILLA GRIP Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow is our best bath pillow with a quick-drying capability and a very reliable resting grip to keep you relaxed, worry-free and stress-free all throughout your bathing experience.