15 Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt, According to Science (+7 Delicious Recipes)

The Himalayas will always astonish the world with their endless generosity. They provides us with scarce minerals and rocks that can only be traced back to the heart of these mountains.

Pink Himalayan salt stands as a precious rock provided by the terrain. It is packed with beneficial minerals that can be used to boost one’s health drastically. As the peaks of the Himalayas breach altitudes, pink Himalayan salt is formed. It is considered to be a highly pure salt, a much healthier substitute for the normal processed sea salt.

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Pink Himalayan salt has huge amounts of magnesium, sodium, potassium and other electrolytes essential for the body’s basic activities. It is also rich in iron, an important mineral for blood circulation and general vascular health integrity. Even calcium, which is a vital mineral for bones strength and well-built structure, is present in abundance.

So let’s see how these salt crystals have turned out to be more precious and valuable than diamond crystals. Here are 15 mesmerizing health benefits of pink Himalayan salt that you probably don’t know.

1. Pink Himalayan Salt Promotes Proper Body Water Regulation

We can find that pink Himalayan salt contains almost 84 minerals and elements needed by our body. A brine solution of pure pink Himalayan salt can be an amazing source of the much-needed electrolytes and minerals.

People who regularly work out, gym enthusiasts or even normal people with an active lifestyle face the risks of dehydration. Our busy schedules often come in the way and we forget to take care of our health. Even drinking appropriate amounts of water to fulfill the body’s needs seems like a distant goal.

At such times, many people resort to consuming electrolytes-rich sports water. This goes a long way in making up for long hours of hydration.

Sports water has an optimal level of calcium, sodium, potassium, chloride, and magnesium. All are essential electrolytes for cellular balance. They are absorbed faster than water. And when dissolved in water, it provides the body with even better cellular nourishment and hydration.

So keeping this in mind, pink Himalayan salt brine is a great alternative to sports water. It does an excellent job at keeping the body properly hydrated. All thanks to the wide mixture of minerals and electrolytes present in it.

You should also know that this benefit of having the minerals in their incredibly pure form holds more value. And that’s only because pink Himalayan salt are pure salt crystals. (1)

Key Takeaway: Pink Himalayan salt solution balances body hydration. It provides the body with the required amount of water essential for vital activities. Plus, the electrolytes present in pink Himalayan salt ensure cellular nourishment as well.

2. Pink Himalayan Salt Maintains Healthy pH Balance

We tend to take our body’s pH value for granted, thinking that it’s just a number on the scale fluctuating between acidity and alkalinity. Our pH balance tends to change quite frequently to both a small and large extent.

What we probably don’t know is that normal body activities can only be carried out under an optimal pH level. And the required pH demand for a healthy condition is slightly alkaline. Minor changes in this range are acceptable, but huge differences might adversely impact body functions. (2)

This is where pink Himalayan salt works its magic. The beautiful crystals contain sodium along with other valuable electrolytes. And these components are responsible for keeping the body’s pH level in check. Especially the blood’s pH value. (3)

Such an activity provides the body with an excellent environment to perform all kinds of basic activities. It also promotes good digestion.

Urine pH should be almost 6.5 and it can vary throughout the day. Any complications or changes tend to cause the pH level of urine to lean towards acidity. This is an indication to internal pH imbalance. And it is a problem that you can easily fix by drinking a dissolved solution of pink Himalayan salt.

Key Takeaway: Pink Himalayan salt is very effective in maintaining the desired PH values. So a glass of pink Himalayan salt with water goes a long way in maintaining proper body functioning by regulating the pH levels that foster healthy activities.

3. The Nutrients Present In Pink Himalayan Salt Improve Respiratory Functions

During the Greek times, salt filled air was believed to have a special sacred healthy vibe to it. Pink Himalayan salt is something that you can infuse with inhalers to promote healthy respiratory functions.

It has excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. This goes a long way in decreasing mucus thickness from air passages and enhancing the clearance of bronchi.

Pink Himalayan salt removes dust, pathogens, and contaminants from airways. It also decreases immunoglobulin-E, which is associated with excessive immunological sensitivity.

This kind of therapy was first adopted by the Greeks long time ago under the name Halotherapy, where “halos” means salt.

Inhaled micro particles of pink Himalayan salt in inhalers act like salt caves and have shown remarkable effects in treating bronchitis. Pink Himalayan salt can miraculously change respiration quality with only a few inhalations. (4)

Key Takeaway: Pink Himalayan salt infused inhalers cleanse air passages as it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, mucus loosening and pathogen hunting effects. It also showed significant results in treating bronchitis.

4. Pink Himalayan Salt Has Powerful Air Purification Benefits

Now you are reading a sentence stating that a lamp made of pink Himalayan salt can purify air. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

You might have come across a room with a large pink crystal block placed inside a lamp. It looks great as an aesthetic. But what you probably don’t know is that this crystal block of pink Himalayan salt has powerful air purifying benefits.

When it comes to purifying air, pink Himalayan salt produces magical effects. Simply the best air purifier that is natural. It has an excellent ability to absorb water vapour along with the contaminants filling the air. And that’s mainly because of the salty nature, which tends to draw moisture towards it.

But why the lamp? It’s because the heat from the lamp evaporates the moisture back in the atmosphere leaving behind the pollutants on the crystal’s surface. (5)

Key Takeaway: Pink Himalayan salt acts as an air purifier due to its ability to absorb moisture from air. This causes the contaminants to stay back on the surface of the crystal’s block. So it seems like a great idea to place a Himalayan salt lamp in your office or room.

5. The Chemical Elements Of Pink Himalayan Salt Stimulate Better Sex

In modern times, couples suffer from cold sexual lives or less sexual drive. This is the result of several factors such as stress, terrible food habits, and mental exhaustion.

With all these distractions in our daily life, we tend to forget to provide the body with essential nutrients required for enhancing libido.

Pink Himalayan salt comes with a huge content of selenium, zinc, and magnesium. And these three elements play a significant role when it comes to increasing libido. They go a long way in enhancing the quality of your sex life. (6,7)

Pink Himalayan salt in hot steam solutions has the ability to boost that aspect of your body more than you can imagine. (8,9)

Key Takeaway: Increasing the amount of the much-needed libido minerals like magnesium, zinc, and selenium is essential for a healthy and active sex life. And pink Himalayan salt provides the body with these kinds of nutrients.

6. Pink Himalayan Salt Contains Sodium That Helps Induce Sleep

The majority of people suffer from sleep disturbances or patchy episodes of sleep. It is almost inevitable that each person has to pass through this phase or condition a couple of times during his or her lifetime.

Irregular eating with fluctuating sodium levels is considered to be one of the main causes behind sleep disturbance and difficulty. Sleep deprivation and sudden waking up episodes are directly linked to lower levels of sodium in our bodies. (10)

Diets that have a low sodium content (less than 500 mg daily) tend to cause patchy sleeping episodes. So you need something to compensate for this sodium deprivation. Because sudden waking up during the night on a daily basis can make going back to sleep even more difficult in some people.

So you will be glad to know that pink Himalayan salt acts as an incredibly rich source of pure sodium. Such a characteristic does an excellent job at reversing cases of sleeping disturbances. With a moderate daily intake of sodium, sleeping habits and sleeping induction become much easier to improve or achieve.

Also, pink Himalayan salt’s rich content of magnesium benefits the mental health as well. It offers a calm feeling that facilitates sleeping induction. (11)

Key Takeaway: Pink Himalayan salt works great when it comes to sleep induction. Thanks to the rich sodium and magnesium content of the crystal. These elements also help in balancing the body’s electrolytes, thus calming your nervous system for a good night’s sleep.

7. Pink Himalayan Salt Minerals Lower High Blood Pressure

As insane as this sounds, we have always been directed to believe that salt tends to elevate blood pressure levels. But that’s not the case with pink Himalayan salt. This particular crystal salt has the ability to reverse the effect and lower blood pressure.

With moderate intake of pink Himalayan salt, you can increase the amount of minerals processing in the body. These minerals flush out from the system quite easily, which makes your body work with more integrity and in a smoother rhythm. And such an activity leads to an improvement in blood pressure. (12)

Also, we are living in a world that constantly bombards us with foods packed with fats and wrapped in fats. What this does is increase the chances of fats accumulation in blood vessels. We also have the tendency to develop atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia.

So in this context, the minerals present in Himalayan pink salt benefit the body in various ways. The optimal level of magnesium and calcium found in a slab of translucent pink crystal salt prevents high blood pressure. With such a benefit, you can enhance vascular health in general and promote better blood flow. (13)

Key Takeaway: Moderate intake of pink Himalayan salt can adjust your blood pressure. And this it does due to the presence of calcium and magnesium. The effects of these minerals lead to better vascular tissue health as well.

8. Pink Himalayan Salt Helps Heal Digestion Problems

Pink Himalayan salt in a saturated solution can benefit the body more than you can imagine. One of the primary functions of pink Himalayan salt is its ability to improve digestion. It can stimulate peristaltic digestive movement and promote the growth of amylase enzyme. This particular enzyme is found in our saliva and is used to digest starch.

Pink Himalayan salt also has the capacity to enhance hydrochloric acid. Such an activity is useful for digesting protein in the stomach along with pancreatic enzymes promotion.

Even when it comes to increasing liver digestive fluids, pink Himalayan salt doesn’t hold back. In fact, it helps in maintaining a healthy acidic balance in the stomach flora.

In simple words, all this amounts to regulating the metabolic rates and improving digestion habits. (14)

We have all suffered, at one point, from the torturing hell of heartburn or acid reflux, haven’t we? Such a condition causes inflammation in the chest that doesn’t subside for a few hours.

In such a case, we look for instant relief. And that comes in the form of pink Himalayan salt solution. Daily intake can offer immediate relief. Thanks to the rich mineral content of the crystal. It acts as an alkalizing agent that normalizes elevated levels of stomach acids.

Salt is known to increase kidney load. But this is something that pink Himalayan salt has a reverse effect on. It does an excellent job at cleansing the kidneys, thus leading to better water consumption habits and an improved acidic environment in the stomach. (15)

Key takeaway: The solution form of pink Himalayan salt aids in digestion by stimulating digestive juices and enzymes. It is also very potent in acid reflux cases or heartburn. And that’s because the mineral content normalizes extra acids present in the stomach.

9. The Minerals Of Pink Himalayan Salt Maintain Normal Blood Sugar

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most epidemic phenomena around the world. And that’s mainly because every beverage or meal tends to increase our blood sugar levels.

So in this context, pink Himalayan salt offers a simple solution to avoid the complication of type 2 diabetes. All you need is a moderate intake on a daily basis, and that’s all.

As you already know by now that pink Himalayan salt contains several beneficial minerals, 84 to be specific. And most of these go a long way in improving the regulation of blood sugar.

The most important mineral present in pink Himalayan salt is magnesium. This particular component is necessary for the breakdown of starch. It also consists of manganese, which acts as a radar for keeping the level of blood sugar in check. (16)

Vanadium, another important mineral given to diabetic patients on insulin, is also found in abundance in pink Himalayan salt. The rock salt also contains chromium that does an excellent job at regulating normal insulin secretion.

All these minerals are found in optimal amounts in pink Himalayan salt. And can be used in decreasing the chances of developing type 2 diabetes while also eliminating its severe symptoms.

Key Takeaway: Pink Himalayan salt has a wide range of minerals. These are all necessary for fighting diabetes and normalizing blood sugar levels. Among them, the most important ones are magnesium, manganese, vanadium, and chromium.

10. Pink Himalayan Salt Offers Immediate Muscle Cramp Relief

We all struggle with muscle cramps after a run or while carrying out day to day activities. Muscle cramps are characterized by an imbalance in the electrolytes content in the body. These electrolytes include potassium, magnesium, and sodium.

In this case, pink Himalayan salt tends to provide the muscles with an optimal level of electrolytes to prevent painful muscle cramps. Magnesium and other trace minerals are utilized by muscular tissues to reverse such damages. (17)

Along with these minerals, even calcium helps to fortify the bone structure and strength. And you should know that skeletal system fortification is necessary to support and improve muscular orientation. (18)

Key Takeaway: Pink Himalayan salt is considered to be a rich source of potassium, magnesium, and other minerals. These tend to provide muscle cramp relief. Plus, the rock salt’s high calcium content aids in strengthening bones.

11. The Ionic Structures Of Pink Himalayan Salt Help In Getting Rid Of Toxins

Our bodies are slowly becoming permanent stores for toxins available around us. This means we need a permanent solution to fight them back. On a daily basis, we are in contact with almost 2 million toxins, from arsenic to dioxin to everything else.

This makes pink Himalayan salt solution a hit as a detoxifier. The solution contains ionic structures that have the ability to draw and absorb toxins from tissues and flush them away from the body.

Even a bath with pink Himalayan salt infused water will help you get rid of these toxins. This is when skin reverse osmosis takes place. It is a process where, due to different concentrations of salt and toxins, the harmful chemicals are drawn out of your skin pores to settle in the bath water. Such an activity leaves the tissues clean, fresh, and ready to face the world. (19)

Key Takeaway: Pink Himalayan salt can be used to detoxify the entire system. This means that you can utilize it in the form of an ionic solution for digestive detoxification or a salt bath for skin detoxification.

12. Lodine Present In Pink Himalayan Salt Helps Prevent Goiter

Goiter is a thyroid gland malfunction that occurs due to iodine deficiency. This is a common disease that affects lots of people and is mainly a result of a careless attitude towards iodine content in the body. (20)

Pink Himalayan salt has an incredibly rich level of iodine. You can replace it with normal table salt when you want to eliminate goiter or prevent its occurrence. (21)

With the help of pink Himalayan salt, you can also promote the health of the thyroid gland. In fact, the effects are not only positive but also show drastic changes in a short span of time.

Key Takeaway: Goiter and thyroid malfunctions due to iodine deficiency can be reversed by pink Himalayan salt. The daily intake acts as a rich source for iodine.

13. Pink Himalayan Salt Contains Good Amounts Of Iron That Prevent Anemia

Recent findings point out to the fact that a large sector of the world’s population is suffering from anemia and low red blood cells count. And this is due to their bad dietary habits and malnourishment.

The regular intake of iron should be kept in check. And our healthy food consumption is responsible for that. Red blood cells require an optimal level of minerals in our system. This is essential for cell renewal.

Keeping this in mind, we all know how pink Himalayan salt contains tons of minerals. These components provide the body with iron and all such compounds that increase the count of red blood cells. And this goes a long way in preventing anemia. (22)

Key Takeaway: Pink Himalayan salt has a rich content of iron. So the next time you want to eliminate the chances of developing anemia or improving your red blood cells count, think pink Himalayan salt.

14. Pink Himalayan Salt Inhalers Treat Mucus Accumulation

Respiratory tract diseases cause congestion in the nose or sinus due to mucus accumulation. And this makes the simple process of breathing very challenging.

This brings pink Himalayan salt inhalers into the picture. These little things have the ability to cleanse air passages. And they also go a long way in getting rid of mucus accumulation in cases of asthma or cystic fibrosis.

Pink Himalayan salt can also moisturize dry mucus membranes better than the best humidifier. The electrolytes content present in pink Himalayan salt forces water to travel to the membranes and promote normal mucous formation of healthy thickness. Because anything less tends to cause irritation and blocks the airways.

Such a benefit can be observed in inhalation of micronized salt inhalers that show instant relief. (23)

Key Takeaway: Inhalers of pink Himalayan salt are used to prevent mucus buildup and keep air passages moisturized with optimum mucus thickness. So you don’t need to worry about your airway passage getting blocked and causing irritation as long as you have enough rock salt.

15. Increased Intake Of Pink Himalayan Salt Can Prevent Seasonal Depression

During seasonal changes, especially in winter, people are more inclined towards suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The gloomy weather and dark atmosphere induce negative energy in many people.

In such cases, pink Himalayan salt lamps are highly beneficial. They go a long way in relieving these types of mental conditions. The lamps make up for the lack of sunlight in the room along with absorbing contaminants from the air. This encourages a better environment that adds a positive vibe to the gloomy surroundings.

Studies have shown that air containing ions like salt water help in improving the psychological state and boosting positivity. (24)

Key Takeaway: Pink Himalayan salt lamps do an excellent job when it comes to treating Seasonal Affective Disorder. They imitate sunlight and cleanse the air to improve your psychological health in general.

7 Delicious Recipes To Try!

Now that you know the impressive health benefits of pink Himalayan salt, how can you incorporate it in your diet? You need more than just ideas to benefit from such a nutritious rock.

You must have seen pink Himalayan salt used in various methods from air purifying to bathing. But it’s time you introduce it to different recipes to completely transform your diet. You can simply use pink Himalayan salt as a table salt substitute, or incorporate it in drink, chicken recipes, or even desserts! That way, you can maximize its health benefits while staying fit and active.

Pink Himalayan salt can be sold in the form of plates or bricks, which you can use as a grilling surface to infuse its flavor into different recipes. So without further ado, let’s look at 7 interesting recipes with pink Himalayan salt.

1. Watermelon Skewers on Himalayan Salt Brick

From all the different ways you can cook pink Himalayan salt, this recipe showcases its refreshing and mouth-watering flavor!


1 watermelon

4 cherry tomatoes

12 tsp of olive oil

organic rosemary

organic pepper

4 organic chives

1 lemon juice

Himalayan salt brick (chilled for one hour)

pinch of Himalayan salt

bamboo skewers


  1. In a bowl cut watermelon, cherry tomatoes. In another bowl, add lime juice and oil whisk till until completely blended.

  2. Chop chives and rosemary and set aside. Take the watermelon cubes and arrange them on skewers with pepper and tomatoes. Sprinkle chives and rosemary with oil and lime mixture.

  3. Place the skewers in the center of the pink Himalayan salt brick. Leave for 15 minutes and then enjoy the skewers.

2. Grilled Himalayan Salt Chicken

Now here we have a more serious recipe with pink Himalayan salt. Just the aroma of this plate cleanses the air and creates a more appealing ambiance while cooking.


4 organic chicken breasts, cut into cubes.

1 pineapple cut into cubes

2 organic zucchinis cut to cubes

1 onion cut to cubes

Himalayan salt grill (plate)



  1. Heat the Himalayan salt plate on the grill till 450 degrees, arrange chicken, zucchini, pineapple and onions cubes on skewers.

  2. Add pepper for seasoning and grill on the Himalayan salt plate. Keep turning chicken on different sides every couple of minutes for a juicy well-cooked result. Succulent chicken tender breasts full of flavours are guaranteed to make your day.

3. Himalayan Salt Gomasio Dip

The following recipe is an amazing crowd-pleaser. It saves the day!


1 tsp of Himalayan salt

5 tbsp of sesame seeds


  1. Heat a pan over medium heat, add the salt and stir till dry. Then, grind the salt in a mortar and grind well.

  2. Add sesame seeds to pan and heat over medium heat till they crack, take the toasted sesame and grind them till half of the amount is crushed. Combine with crushed sesame with salt and stir well. Serve immediately.

4. Crunch Caramel Salty Pink Apples

Ever thought that salt and dessert are impossible to co-exist? Well, this just means you haven’t been introduced to our following recipe yet.


12 apples

2 packs of caramels

0.5 cup pink Himalayan salt

0.25 cup half cream

You need a saucepan, cookie sheet and 12 popsicles, one for each apple


  1. Wash your apples and insert popsicles from the top.

  2. Put the caramels in a saucepan over medium heat and add half cream mix. Bring to heat and stir until melted to form a thick consistency.

  3. Cover the apples with caramel coat and make sure to coat apples while caramel is in liquid form before it solidifies.

  4. Let your apples sit and chill. Halfway through process, sprinkle pink Himalayan salt. Serve immediately.

5. Sweet and Sour Pink Himalayan Mojito

Finally, can you imagine a summer refreshing drink with salt? This sweet and sour pink mojito will blow your expectations away with its fresh and chill flavor.


6 mint leaves

1/2 lemon

3 tsp of sugar syrup (or maple)

1 ounce white rum

4 fresh raspberries

3 tsp of cherry brandy

tonic water

6 tsp of fine pink Himalayan salt


  1. Put mint leaves, lime, raspberries and sugar syrup in a glass.

  2. Rim another glass with Himalayan salt all over the edges.

  3. Carefully place the mint, raspberries, lime and sugar mixture on in rimmed glass.

  4. Add some crushed ice to the above, then pour rum and brandy over ice and mix well.

  5. Finally add a splash of tonic water for a final magical touch. You can now sit back during a sunny summer day and wave goodbye to the heat one sip after another.

6. Salmon on Himalayan Salt

This quick salmon recipe will never get old!


2 cups of Himalayan pink salt

1.25 pound of salmon, center cut


  1. Spread your Himalayan salt in a heavy skillet to form a 10 inch thick layer of salt

  2. Season the salmon with portions of pepper and salt

  3. Place your salmon on the salt skillet and cook covered for 8 to 12 minutes or until tender and juicy.

  4. Remove fish with a spatula and serve hot.

7. Salty Coconut Rum Mahi Mahi

This mouthwatering drink infuses fresh coconut with pink Himalayan salt to bring you the perfect summer recipe!


8 Mahi Mahi fish

0.25 cup of coconut rum

canola oil to serve

Pink Himalayan salt block grill


  1. Soak your Mahi Mahi fish in coconut rum and leave it for an hour, then drizzle canola oil on each side.

  2. Bring your Himalayan block to medium heat, put your fish to cook for 6-8 minutes. Serve immediately.

Wrapping It Up

Being 99% pure in its creation, it gives the body all it needs from preventing dehydration to relaxing muscles, and finally to preventing high blood pressure problems.

Forget insomnia, muscles pain, and menstrual cramps. Pink Himalayan salt might just be what you need for its mega positive effects and therapeutic health benefits. It is home to many powerful electrolytes such as magnesium, sodium, and potassium that replenish your body away from life-threatening diseases.

That said, pink Himalayan salt also works as a nutritious table salt substitute so you can enjoy all your meals with a drizzle of health and immunity. Pink Himalayan salt is a more superior and healthier alternative to table salt because it contains over 84 powerful minerals that do more than just detoxifying your body. It helps in rejuvenating nutrient absorption while aiding the excretion process of toxic and other waste products.

To sum it up, you can always use pink Himalayan bath salts after a long tiring day at work to restore your energy. Or you can incorporate this rock salt as a part of your daily diet to make the most of its surprising, but scientifically-backed health benefits.