15 Health Benefits of Lingzhi, According to Science (+5 Delicious Recipes)

Lingzhi mushroom, also known as the “king of herb” is a 10,000-year old mushroom. It has been part of China’s top medicinal herbs. Records show that the Chinese have been using Lingzhi mushrooms to cure various diseases for thousands of years. That is why it is a primary subject of dozens of research regarding its surprising health benefits.

Lingzhi mushrooms have been said to cure tons of minor and deadly diseases, such as but not limited to, cardiovascular diseases, joint degeneration, hair loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, loss of libido, cancer and much more!

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In this article, we will be discussing each of its well-known benefits and show scientific studies that have proven that Lingzhi mushrooms truly are effective in curing these diseases. That’s not all, we also have a list of healthy Lingzhi recipes you can cook right away for your family. Sometimes knowing health benefits is not enough, easy access to recipes can help you make the right lifestyle choice.

So here are the top health benefits of Lingzhi mushrooms according to Science!

1. Eating Lingzhi Mushroom Will Boost Your Immunity

Our immune system is like the police of our body. It is in charge of battling and fighting off harmful biological and non-biological contaminants that have entered the body. Our immune system is our first defense against harmful and deadly diseases.

It is important that we keep our immune system working at its top shape. Otherwise, we could get sick or worse die. That is why we should include in our daily diet foods that help maintain our immune system and protect us from other diseases. (1)

Lingzhi strengthens and reinforces our white blood cells so that they can react faster when the body detects that bacteria and viruses have entered it. The bacteria can then be eliminated before it causes further harm to our body. Several types of research have proven the efficacy of Lingzhi in boosting our immunity. (2)

In 2009, researchers were able to confirm that consuming Lingzhi can enhance the immune response of patients against infections.

Key Takeaway: Eating or drinking Lingzhi in tea form can help our body boost our immune system by making our antibodies react faster against invading bacteria or viruses. This results in less harm being done to our body.

2. Lingzhi Can Normalize High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common disease wherein the pressure that blood flows through our arteries are higher than that of a normal person. It can be caused by genetic reasons, age, obesity, smoking, and much more.

The World Health Organization estimates that high blood pressure has caused 12.8% of recent deaths or that would be an estimated 7.5 million persons. With most coming from an upper middle-income bracket.

Lingzhi has been proven by multiple recent and past studies to have positive effects on our cardiovascular system. A lot of these researchers have shown that improvements in the person’s blood pressure can immediately occur in just 10 days of starting the Lingzhi regime. (3)

Researchers believe that the reason Lingzhi causes this is because of the presence of ganoderic acid B and C. Both these enzymes are known to inhibit the formation and synthesis of cholesterols in our blood vessels.

Key Takeaway: If you are a smoker, overweight, or have a family background of hypertension, the ganoderic acid B and C in Lingzhi can help you avoid contracting hypertension and help you avoid the dangerous effects of it.

3. Lingzhi Can Improve Libido

Testosterone is a hormone that can be found in both men and women. However, men have greater reserves of it due to the existent of their sexual organ, testes. It is the hormone primarily in charge of the development of the male reproductive system. (4)

The testosterone is more known for its function as the primary sex hormone. The abundance or lack of it can dictate the performance of a man in bed. The testosterone gives him the energy to last longer in bed and hold an erection longer.

One reason that the body’s testosterone reserves go down is due to the metabolism of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone by the enzyme 5α-reductase. Lingzhi has the ability to inhibit this enzyme which results in an increase in a man’s testosterone reserve. (5)

This higher testosterone reserve in the body results to an improved sexual function and muscle growth. Which in turn results in a better sex life and relationship with their partner.

Key Takeaway: Lingzhi has the ability to suppress the enzyme 5α-reductase or the enzyme that breaks down testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. This results in a better performance in bed and healthier sexual organs for men.

4. Consuming Lingzhi Will Keep Your Liver Healthy And Strong

The most common causes of liver disease are viral infections, alcohol intake, and chemical or toxin damages. More incidences of damaged livers are getting common due to the rapid changes in our lifestyles.

Since our liver isn't really that good in showing us problems inside it. The patient often finds out that they have a liver disease when things have gotten too worse. That is why it is best to prevent liver diseases than to cure them.

Researches on Lingzhi or Ganoderma have shown that consuming Lingzhi can decrease the toxins that are in the liver. Over 30 scientific studies since 2000 have then proven the same. The same researches also showed that Lingzhi can increase the regeneration rate of the liver. (6)

This helps the liver recover from the damages that it takes whenever it cleans our body. Without this regeneration, the liver will quickly fail and cause our body’s toxicity level to escalate. Luckily, Lingzhi can avoid this from happening. (7)

Key Takeaway: Liver diseases are one of the most causes of deaths worldwide. Consuming the Lingzhi mushroom can help make sure that you won’t be added to this mortality count. Keep your liver healthy, drink Lingzhi tea!

5. Lingzhi Helps In Cancer Management

Lingzhi mushrooms are one of the many anti-inflammatory foods, they are made of kinds of Valuable anti-cancer components, including beta-glucans, among acids and antioxidants. Polysaccharides, known to have anti-tumor properties, are believed to be one of the most important parts of Lingzhi mushrooms.

Polysaccharides, which can also be found in other nutritious foods like beets or sweet potatoes, are molecules that researches have shown to protect a cell’s DNA and prevent it from mutating into cancer cells.

Recent studies have shown that medicinal mushrooms can aid battle cancer because they polysaccharides that have important benefits such as neuroprotective, anti-diabetes, radio-protective, antioxidant, anti-fatigue abilities and anti-osteoporosis.

Also, laboratory researches have shown that triterpenes in Lingzhi mushroom also have cancer-blocking properties. Triterpene molecules seem to impede or block tumor growth and reproduction by removing attachments of cancer cells to internal cells. (8)

Additional researches are still being done by scientists to find more and more components of Lingzhi mushrooms that are believed to be anti-cancer!

Key Takeaway: Cancer can be a really scary subject to talk about. However, it is something that we better confront rather than regret it later. Lingzhi mushrooms are proven to have components that can aid the body fight back against this terrible disease!

6. Balance Your Hormones And Fight Diabetes With Lingzhi Mushrooms

Studies suggest that various anti-inflammatory and antioxidants compounds found in Lingzhi mushrooms modify the way that nerves transfer signals to the brain, boosting various functions within the central nervous systems and endocrine.

Lingzhi mushroom supplements are used to reduce symptoms of fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and diabetes while refining fertility and reproductive health. (9)

The Lingzhi mushroom is known to flush away excess toxins and heavy metals in our body. These heavy metals can cause drain away energy stored in our body, which is why Lingzhi mushrooms are believed to improve memory, concentration, energy levels, and sleep.

Lingzhi mushrooms have also been proven by various researches to inflict anti-diabetic effects and improve our lipid levels to prevent dyslipidemia. Positive effects on your glucose levels can be seen as early as 12 weeks from the time your start consuming Lingzhi. (10)

Key Takeaway: Lingzhi mushrooms show great potential in being an effective and potent herbal medicine against diabetes and other hormonal diseases. If you have diabetes or a candidate to having it, then it is worth looking into using Lingzhi mushrooms.

7. Lingzhi Mushrooms Fight Asthma

Asthma prevalence has increased at an alarming rate worldwide. According to the world Health Organization, the estimated number of persons with asthma worldwide has already reached 235 million. Sadly, most of these are among children.

Another data gathering research by the World Health Organization has found out that 80 percent of asthma-related deaths are from low to lower-middle income countries. These shows that a lot of patients are dying due to the expensiveness of asthma medicines. (11)

For example, Albuterol, one of the most common asthma medications usually cost around $50 to $100 in the United States of America. Alarmingly, it was only $15 just ten years ago. Increasing prices are forcing people to look for cheaper medicines. (12)

Thankfully, researches have been done on the possibility of Lingzhi mushrooms to become cheaper but equally effective alternative to theses expensive asthma medications. One such research was done back in the year 2006.

The said research found out that patients who drank Lingzhi tea can improve their response to cheaper medicines for asthma such as oral antihistamines, and even alone, the Lingzhi was able to improve the body’s response to allergens. (13)

Key Takeaway: Asthma is a deadly but preventable disease. It can easily be fought by drinking or inhaling medicines. However, with the fast increasing prices of these drugs, more natural and cheaper alternatives are becoming the better choice. Lingzhi is the better choice

8. Drinking Lingzhi Tea Can Help You Live Longer

The Lingzhi mushroom has been given numerous names to denote its medical and herbal wonders. Lingzhi mushrooms have been called the “king of herbs” and “10,000-year mushroom” due to its potency and effectiveness in treating the body.

Lingzhi mushrooms have been recognized and praised for thousands of years due to its effect on the aging of a person. Lingzhi mushrooms are so effective that ancient alchemists have used the Lingzhi mushroom in their search for an immortality serum.

These ancient beliefs are not just hearsays and voodoo traditions. Even modern medicine has seen and proven the effect of Lingzhi mushroom on its consumer’s aging. One such research was recently done in 2013. (14)

The laboratory research in 2013 has found out that test subjects treated with Lingzhi based medications had a longer lifespan than those in the control group. The Lingzhi group consuming Lingzhi mushroom was able to live 9% to 20% longer than those that didn’t. (15)

Key Takeaway: Antioxidants present in the molecule of Lingzhi mushrooms are believed to be responsible for this remarkable effect. Everybody wants to live forever, Lingzhi mushrooms may not give you that, but it could make you live longer!

9. Lingzhi Mushrooms Will Save You From Going Bald

Androgenetic Alopecia is natural process wherein men due to the decomposition of their testosterone go bald. It is neither harmful nor dangerous, however, it is sometimes a source of insecurity and social anxiety among men.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) result when testosterone, the male sex hormone, is converted by the enzyme 5α-reductase. Men who are genetically prone to baldness have scalps that are sensitive to DHT

Their sensitivity results to their hair follicles to grow irritated and inflamed thus preventing hair from growing. Luckily, DHT inhibition is possible if you know how to, and one way to do so is by consuming the wonder mushroom, Lingzhi.

On 2005, Japanese scientists tested 19 different mushrooms including the Lingzhi mushroom. They wanted to know which mushroom would inhibit 5α-reductase the most. They conducted the test on rat livers and prostate microsomes.

The results put Lingzhi on top of all the mushrooms tested. Lingzhi showed the highest percentage of 5α-reductase reduction, falling between 70 and 80%. For comparison, the next effective mushroom is pleurotus osteratus, which showed an inhibitory percentage of around 60%.(16)

Key Takeaway: If your family has a history of going bald or age is catching up with you resulting in hair loss, consuming Lingzhi mushrooms can help you regain your youth by helping your hair grow back.

10. Lingzhi Mushrooms Can Protect You From Cognitive Disorders

The issue of mental health is a mainstream conversation today. People are getting more and more aware of the causes, symptoms, and effects. That is why researches on cognitive disorders are gaining popularity.

However, a lot of these diseases are with no known cure yet, such diseases include Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease. That is why the, still the most common advice health professionals give regarding mental health is prevention rather than cure.

Some of these preventive measures include physical and mental exercise involving the brain, and eating foods that are filled with brain foods such as Vitamin B-12, Creatine, DHA, and Carnosine.

Research has found out that the extracts in Lingzhi mushrooms can stimulate brain activity and display certain properties of neuroprotection, specifically in stimulating nerves to grow faster, which is an important part of maintaining good mental health.

Key Takeaway: Lingzhi mushrooms are great when it comes to stimulating our brains to grow and regenerate faster. Lingzhi has components that help the brain work smoother and thus preventing temporary or permanent damages.

11. Lingzhi Mushrooms Can Help With Arthritis

Arthritis is a common but not well-understood disease. Technically, “arthritis” is a collective word group of joint diseases. It is more of a way of referring to joint pain or diseases. As of record, there are actually more than 100 different known types of arthritis and joint conditions.

Arthritis does not discriminate its victims. No matter what age, sex, or race you may come from, you have an equal chance of getting it as does everyone else. It has become the leading cause of disability in the United States. (18)

One of the most common causes types of Arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. Both of which are caused by inflammations in our joints due to autoimmune reactions by our body that result to damage and erosion.

According to research, Lingzhi mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties which can help prevent and alleviate the pain caused by rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. It does this by targeting the body’s misfired autoimmune responses that cause inflammations. (19)

Key Takeaway: If you have arthritis and want a more natural and herbal way of treating your pain, consuming Lingzhi mushrooms may just be perfect for you! With Lingzhi mushroom’s anti-inflammatory properties, you can protect and save your joints.

12. Lingzhi Mushrooms Can Help You Lose Weight

In a research done by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, Lingzhi mushrooms contain active components that can elevate your metabolic rate after eating it. Increase metabolic rates result to the body using more energy, and the food you eat gets digested more efficiently.

The fuel needed to produce this energy increase will then come from your body’s fat and calorie reserve. These reserves get broken down to produce energy for your body thus resulting to you losing weight. Lingzhi mushrooms also increase the speed at which the body gives oxygen to your blood, which requires your body to use up more energy. (20)

According to the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Lingzhi mushroom supplements also have polysaccharides that serve as a powerful detoxifier in your body. Polysaccharides also boost your natural healing processes and are also believed to assist in digestion. (21)

Key Takeaway: Lingzhi improves the digestive system which can lead to a more efficient waste removal by the body and thus faster weight loss.

13. Lingzhi Mushrooms Prevent The Proliferation Of Sarcoma In The Human Body

Lingzhi mushrooms aid in the prevention of multiple diseases caused by inflammation. They also help aid proper immune functions and the treatment of cancer. So when it comes to the treatment of sarcoma, Lingzhi is pretty powerful for that too.

Recent studies have found that the active ingredients in this mushroom plays a major role in the death of sarcoma. This trial focused on mice injected with sarcoma cells to determine the effects of Lingzhi. The results showed that a higher dose of Lingzhi reduce the chances of death to a higher degree than any other form of treatment. (22)

So the consumption of this powerful mushroom for its active compounds and nutrients can help prevent the onset of sarcoma, which is one of the major leading causes of cancer death in humans.

Key Takeaway: The presence of Lingzhi extracts in the human body can have a dramatic effect on sarcoma and other tumor cells. It prevents death by cancer by limiting the number of toxic and sarcoma-induced cancer cells in the body.

14. Lingzhi Mushroom Contains Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Properties

If you’ve read this far, you know inflammation can be the cause of so many chronic diseases including cancer. One of the major agents of inflammation in the body are cytokines. While the other is reactive oxygen species.

An increase in cytokines response in the blood can dramatically increase inflammation. Hence, a daily diet of Lingzhi mushrooms can induce anti-inflammatory properties such as cytokines in the blood.

It inhibits the secretion of cytokines and also works hard to reduce effect of reactive oxygen species in the blood. (23)

The lesser the secretion of cytokines, the better the chances of your immune system fighting chronic inflammation. Lingzhi mushrooms do this by activating NF-kappaB responses in the bloodstream, which result in reduced secretion of cytokines in the human body.

Key Takeaway: The secretion of large amounts of cytokines in the bloodstream is one of the leading causes of diseases caused by inflammation. By increasing your Lingzhi mushroom intake, you can dramatically affect the serious health effects of inflammation on the human body.

15. An Increased Intake Of Lingzhi Mushrooms Is Good For Cardiovascular Health

There are many types of research conducted on the positive health effects of Lingzhi mushrooms for high blood pressure. That said, it’s not surprising to have lots of clinical studies proving the powerful health benefits for cardiovascular health.

To evaluate the effectiveness of Lingzhi on human cardiovascular system, 5 different trials on over 398 participants was conducted. From the results, it was concluded that a sufficient intake of Lingzhi mushrooms helps lower cholesterol levels, fasting plasma glucose, and triglyceride levels in the body. It also helps reduce symptoms of diabetes, specifically type 2 diabetes in certain patients. (24)

Improvement in various factors such as cholesterol, blood pressure, plasma glucose, and low-density lipoprotein can have a direct effect on cardiovascular health.

Lingzhi also works as a powerful antioxidant to prevent chronic cardiovascular diseases caused by factors such as oxidative stress and inflammation. So it helps protect our immune system against such harmful responses.

Key Takeaway: A change in diet containing more Lingzhi mushrooms can have a direct, positive impact on cardiovascular health. The active components found in Lingzhi mushrooms have lipid-lowering, cholesterol-reducing, and antioxidant properties.

5 Delicious Recipes for Lingzhi

According to mushroom veterans Lingzhi mushrooms, on their own, taste bitter and woody. On its own, it is not something that you could swallow due to its hardness or give to children due to its unpalatable taste.

However, with all the nutrients and benefits that you could get from it, the bitter taste is a small price to pay. Nevertheless, creative minds have found ways to cook this magnificent mushroom to make it more edible and enticing.

Lingzhi mushrooms are most commonly prepared as teas, soups, or tonics. Due to the lack of an overpowering flavor, the taste of Lingzhi mushrooms is easy to modify by just adding simple ingredients such as sugar, cinnamon, and much more!

1. Lingzhi Pomegranate Iced Tea

This refreshing, delicious, and healthy drink is perfect for summer. This iced tea also gives you the energy boosts you need to get through your adventures!


2 tablespoons or about 10 pieces of dried Lingzhi mushrooms1 cup of pomegranate juice1 piece of star anise1 inch of fresh ginger, peel and slice into 6 pieces1 lemon sliced in half4 teaspoons of agave nectar10 pieces of iced cubes Mint for garnishDirections:

  1. Add the Lingzhi mushrooms, star anise, ginger, and pomegranate juice in a medium saucepan.

  2. Turn up the fire to high just until the liquid boils, after that turn the heat low and let it simmer for 20 more minutes or until the mushroom bits sink to the bottom of the pan.

  3. After that remove the saucepan from the heat and transfer the liquid into a glass. Make sure to use a strainer to filter out the solid materials.

  4. Squeeze the lemon juice into the liquid mixture and add the agave nectar.

  5. Drop two thin slices of lemon into the drink.

  6. Add the ice cubes and refrigerate the ice for five minutes.

  7. Garnish it with mint.

  8. Serve cold and enjoy!

2. Hibiscus Vanilla Lingzhi Iced Tea

Another refreshing drink for you and your family. If you’re having trouble to convince your kiddos to try out Lingzhi tea, then I bet you a million buck they’d like this!


2 cup of sliced Lingzhi mushrooms2 Tablespoons of Hibiscus flowers3 Tablespoons of Organic Sugar1 Tablespoon of HoneyLemon zest1 Tablespoon of Vanilla ExtractIce cubes


  1. Boil the Lingzhi mushrooms in 6 cups of drinking water for 20 minutes.

  2. Transfer the tea into a pitcher, make sure to use a strainer.

  3. Add the sugar, and honey to the tea and stir.

  4. Then add the lemon zest and the vanilla extract, stir, and let it sit for 3 minutes.

  5. Boil again for 5 more minutes.

  6. Finally, transfer the drink into a pitcher and throw in the ice cubes.

  7. Enjoy under the heat of the sun!

3. Lingzhi Mushroom Spareribs Soup

A soup filled with nutrients and unique flavors that you won’t get anywhere else. This variation of Lingzhi mushrooms is a new and exciting recipe to try!


15 grams of American Ginseng15 grams of Lingzhi Mushroom20 grams of Longan fruit10 pieces of red datesA pinch of salt2 teaspoons of ginger liquor2 liters of water600 grams of spare ribs2 strips of thinly sliced green onions2 slices of fresh ginger


  1. Boil the spareribs in a pot with water for 20 minutes then remove them from the pot.

  2. Throw in all other ingredients into the pot where the spareribs are.

  3. Bring the soup into boil then turn the fire to low and let it simmer for 1 more hours.

  4. Adjust the taste with salt.

  5. Serve while it is hot!

4. Lingzhi With Lean Pork Soup

Have a taste of this fragrant and savory soup as it hugs you with its warmth. With this soup you won’t just feel healthy, you’ll also feel happy!


2½ liters of 10 cups of clean drinking water20 grams of Lingzhi mushroom 19 grams of Wild Yam 5 pieces of pitted red dates 350 grams of lean pork2 tablespoons of Chinese Wolfberry 1 teaspoon of salt


  1. Rinse all ingredients with flowing clean water

  2. Scald the 350 grams of lean pork with boiling water

  3. Boil a separate water, then drop all the ingredients except the salt

  4. Cook over high flame for 10 minutes

  5. Reduce the heat to low flame and let is simmer for another 2 ½ hours

  6. Season with salt to taste

  7. Serve hot and enjoy!

5. Lingzhi Mushroom with Red Dates

This Chinese style sweet soup will give you a new and unique flavor compared to other savory soups. With the additional red dates, you are sure to grab twice the healing power!


100 grams of dried Lingzhi mushrooms280 grams of dried red dates100 grams of rock organic sugar10 cups of clean drinking water


  1. Rinse the red dates and Lingzhi mushroom with flowing clean water.

  2. Using a deep pot, pour the 10 cups of water and boil it with the red dates and Lingzhi mushroom

  3. Boil the Lingzhi mushrooms for about 10 minutes, cover the pot with a lid

  4. Add the rock organic sugar and let it boil for another 40 minutes

  5. Remove the pot for the heat, but do not remove the lid

  6. Let it cook itself further for another 30 minutes

  7. Serve warm and enjoy it with the family!

Wrapping It Up

Lingzhi mushrooms have been dubbed as a miracle mushrooms for thousands of years and by different cultures. It has been given names such as “10,000-year mushroom” and even the “king of herbs”.

It is revered worldwide due to its potential to cure dozens of diseases. Researches far and wide have proved again and again that ancient knowledge about the Lingzhi mushroom is true and valid.

Nevertheless, the benefits of Lingzhi mushrooms do not remove the fact that it has a bitter and bland taste due to Lingzhi mushroom’s woody texture. However, it is the same reason that it is easy to modify and experiment with different flavors to make it taste better.

If you want to live longer, and without sickness, Lingzhi mushrooms are for you, even science says so!