Juicing for Energy: 11 Essential Ingredients, According to Science (9 Juicing for Energy Recipes)

Do you feel tired and lethargic every afternoon? Lack of energy production in the body is a major cause of fatigue, exhaustion, and lack of concentration. It can happen due to many reasons including stress, lack of exercise, nutrient deficiency, and chronic inflammation within the body.

As an alternative to taking supplements, drinking fresh fruits and vegetables juice helps accelerate nutrient absorption in the body. It takes away tiredness and fatigue in a natural manner. Plus, drinking juices for health is an affordable way to boost energy and increase stamina. So let’s eliminate harmful toxins and feed our bodies with some nutritious juices, shall we?

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1. Avocado

When you’re feeling tired, drinking avocado juice can help. This nutritious fruit contains healthy fatty acids, vitamin E, and fiber. All of which are good for increasing stamina.

Avocado, being an exotic fruit, can be consumed in a variety of ways. But the most popular of them all is in green juices. It contributes to strengthen the immune and nervous system. If you consume more avocados, the essential fatty acids and vitamins boost energy levels.

The same is true when you want to eat something filling right before an intense workout session. Avocado doesn’t cause bloating and is also considered a superfood to fight bacteria in the body. (1)

Apart from that, avocado is a good source of healthy carbs and B vitamins considered excellent for energy production and building stamina.

When there’s very little fiber absorption in the body, it can cause water retention and presence of weak cells. This triggers a negative immune response making your body feel tired and less alert. So that would be a good time to keep your body hydrated and nourished with raw avocado juice.

Key Takeaway: Multiple studies demonstrate that a higher intake of avocado for energy production is essential. It contains good amounts of B vitamins, vitamin E, fiber, and fatty acids required for building stamina and fighting exhaustion.

2. Apples

If you want an easy way to increase energy and focus, apples might be what you’re looking for. It’s true that they keep the doctor away since they’re rich in fiber, B vitamins, iron, and potassium. All these nutrients play a hand in providing your body with energy.

From a cellular perspective, an increase in fiber absorption can stimulate the digestive system and excretion system. This affects other parts of the body including the heart and the immune system. A good amount of fiber intake can avoid lethargy and bloating which directly impacts energy production.

Another key health benefit of fiber is hydration. When you’re dehydrated you often feel more tired which exhausts more energy from the muscles and bones. (2)

On the other hand, iron and potassium play a role in create stronger muscle cells and enhancing better nerve responses. Anemia, which is iron deficiency, often leads to loss of energy. So you require at least 8 mg of both iron and potassium to prevent this condition.

Key Takeaway: Treating your body with fresh apple juice every morning can increase your fiber, B vitamins, iron, and potassium intake. This prevents cellular damage, autoimmune disease, and fatigue. Plus, it gives you energy to stay alert and active for longer hours.

3. Sweet Potatoes

If you feel wiped out after exercising, you might actually need bodybuilding nutrients in your body for stamina. Sweet potatoes benefit both energy production and digestion as they contain good amounts of fiber, carbs, and they’re low in calories.

So daily exercise won’t tire you down to feeling exhausted and weak, but it will boost your energy levels. The recommended serving of sweet potatoes contains sufficient calories, fiber, and carbs. That’s all you need to increase stamina before or after a heavy workout.

Having said that, sweet potatoes also lower blood sugar levels to digest foods more easily and derive energy from nutrients. You will notice an instant boost in energy after drinking juices rich in sweet potatoes.

Potassium, also present in sweet potatoes, are excellent sources for muscle cell growth and stimulation. It helps keep muscles strong and prevents soreness after an intense workout. (3)

It’s true that athletes who practise intense workouts like martial arts, HIIT training, and other sports require foods that help build muscles while increasing stamina. So a single serving of sweet potatoes is an easy way to achieve that level of physical ability.

Key Takeaway: Multiple studies prove why sweet potatoes are excellent for increasing energy and boosting stamina. It also avoids risk of overeating due to its high fiber content.

4. Carrots

Fresh carrot juice when consumed on a regular basis can help alleviate tiredness. It promotes your immune system to absorb all micronutrients in your bloodstream. It also helps stimulate better immune responses, muscle control, and oxygen transportation in the body.

This study showed that carrots are rich in iron, vitamins, potassium, and calcium. These nutrients mitigate malabsorption. The carotenoids present also aid anti-inflammatory conditions against free radical damage, bacteria, and other infections. The loss of such toxic compounds in the body can also help boost energy. (4)

The nutrients responsible for sustaining proper energy levels also acts as a defense system against common autoimmune diseases. It directly impacts healthy immune cells to regenerate tissues to increase stamina.

Key Takeaway: The micronutrients present in carrots work to lower abnormal muscle function. It boosts energy levels by fighting off inflammation and soreness caused due to many lifestyle factors such as smoking, unhealthy diets, and lack of exercise.

5. Pomegranate

Did you know hormones can directly impact energy levels? A recent study proved that testosterone deficiency in the body cause reduced levels of energy. Low testosterone levels in women can cause fatigue, mood swings, low energy, and weakened bones.

So with an increase in foods that boost testosterone production can also increase stamina. That’s when pomegranate comes in handy. It is essential because it helps maximize blood circulation and testosterone levels.

The study also concluded that pomegranate increases sperm count in men which providing sufficient nutrient absorption for better physical activity, including sexual intercourse. (5,6)

Eating a balanced diet also includes drinking healthy juices for boosting testosterone levels. If you focus on healthy fruits and vegetables including pomegranate, avocados, and bananas, it can up your stamina and boost energy effectively.

Key Takeaway: It’s certain that pomegranate helps boost energy by increasing testosterone levels in both men and women. A collection of studies prove that low testosterone levels, especially in women, can cause loss of concentration, tiredness, and lesser endurance.

6. Broccoli

Do you know the primary cause of low energy? One of the most common reasons why such a condition occurs is due to iron deficiency. In the United States of America, 10% of the women population suffers from this problem.

The job of iron is to provide our body with enough energy so it can perform all kinds of daily activities throughout the day. Another significant function is to carry oxygen across the bloodstream. And we all know how important that is, don’t we? (7)

So the lack of iron in our system can mess with blood oxygen as well as energy levels. Now, let’s talk about broccoli. This gorgeous little vegetable has a rich iron content. So your body receives an optimal amount if you make it a point to juice or even cook with broccoli on a daily basis.

Another thing that you should know is that broccoli also contains vitamin K. And this particular nutrient keeps your stamina intact and promotes blood health. So these are the two essential elements that make broccoli a major hit for boosting energy in the body. (8)

Key Takeaway: Iron deficiency causes anemia and makes you feel tired and exhausted quickly. So with the regular consumption of an iron-rich vegetable like broccoli, you can prevent the development of such health problems.

7. Banana

Who doesn’t know that bananas are considered to be excellent sources of energy. Even recreational and endurance athletes know this, right?

This deliciously healthy fruit is packed with potassium as well as other essential nutrients. And the best part is that you can easily carry it wherever you go.

So the next time you think of grabbing that “carb-rich” sports drink, think again. Because banana has proved to be more beneficial than these types of energy drinks.

It’s not just your stamina levels that benefit from bananas. The fruit also houses certain antioxidants, something that sports drinks don’t offer.

Other important elements that an energy beverage lacks are vitamin B6 and fiber. And this is how a banana has the ability to provide the best nutritional boost. So it’s safe to say that one banana a day keeps low energy levels far far away! (9)

Key Takeaway: When bananas can make you stronger while also adding a rich, creamy texture to smoothies, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t love it. Adding them to any kind of a fruit or vegetable smoothie offers great nutritional value along with delicious flavor.

8. Figs

The most beneficial element present in figs is copper. And this particular component activates enzymes in our system. These enzymes perform a primary function of encouraging the body to produce energy.

Enzymes also keep the tissues strong and promote healthy communication between the brain cells. No wonder so many people add figs to their salads, juices, and smoothies!

One serving contains at least 168 copper micrograms, which constitutes about 19% of daily intake. And this is the case with fresh figs. Dried figs, on the other hand, have an even larger copper content, 214 micrograms to be exact (24% of daily intake). (10)

Apart from copper, figs are also packed with carbohydrates and fiber. And we all know how important these are when it comes to providing your body with the required amount of energy.

It’s important that you consume the right kind of nutrients to keep you going all day long. Such a healthy diet prevents the body from feeling exhausted, tired, and even low on energy by the afternoon. So figs are the way to go if you want to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Key Takeaway: It’s pretty straightforward here. Figs consist of copper, which activates enzymes. And these enzymes do an excellent job at not only boosting energy but also building more energy in the body. So here’s why you should consume a single serving of figs daily.

9. Chard

The first thing that you need to know is that chard contains an optimal level of magnesium. And the second important fact is that the lack of magnesium in the body minimizes the mineral content present in our bloodstream. And this affects the brain tissue responsible for producing energy in the body. (11)

Since chard has a high magnesium content, you can consume it to correct energy levels as well as improve exercise performance. And there are plenty of chard juice recipes to add to your morning breakfast or evening snacks.

Have you ever heard of rainbow chard? It is nothing but a bunch of bright-colored chard. These include purple, orange, red, and yellow stalks. So you can mix them with your salads or prepare colorful and delicious smoothies with them. (12)

Key Takeaway: When our body doesn’t get enough magnesium, it tends to slow down. So to prevent such a tragedy from taking place, you need to provide it with a sufficient level of magnesium. And what other better way to do so than by having a glass of fresh chard juice first thing in the morning!

10. Rhodiola

This remarkable herb has the capacity to affect muscle strength, limb movement speed, reaction time, physical ability, and attention. In simple words, it can go a long way in providing energy-boosting benefits.

The regular intake of rhodiola contributes to an improvement in endurance physical training, especially in young, healthy adults. So preparing a fresh glass of rhodiola juice at any time of the day can make you feel more active and stronger. (13)

You should also know that the adaptogenic properties of rhodiola are responsible for reducing mental and physical fatigue. This way your body doesn’t feel tired very soon. But such a miracle is only possible if you consume rhodiola on a regular basis. (14)

Key Takeaway: The thing that makes rhodiola ideal for boosting stamina is its adaptogenic nature. Such kind of properties present in the herb also prevent the body from feeling both mental and physical fatigue during your workday.

11. Beetroot

Not many people know this but beetroot is one of those vegetables that help in boosting stamina. In fact, they are so effective that they help your body exercise for a longer time, 16% longer to be specific.

But do you know how this happens? Beetroot is packed with a sufficient amount of nitrates. This particular compound reduces oxygen uptake, which makes the physical activity less tiring. And such an advantage is something that you cannot achieve in any other way, not even training.

Now it makes sense to know why athletes consume an optimal level of beetroot on a daily basis. And it also stands to reason why older adults or people suffering from metabolic, respiratory, and cardiovascular diseases eat lots of beetroot. (15)

So don’t think twice to incorporate beetroot into your daily diet as well. It helps a great deal when it comes to increasing your energy level for all kinds of activities throughout the day.

Another unknown fact about beetroot is that the blood-red vegetable contributes to reducing blood pressure as well. So it’s like hitting two birds with one stone, isn’t it? (16)

Key Takeaway: Having a glass of beetroot juice in the morning improves stamina and gives your body more energy to exercise for a longer time. And that’s because of the nitrate content of the vegetable. Even training doesn’t help you achieve results like this!

Ingredients To Avoid

1. Commercial Yogurt

It’s only logical to assume that commercial yogurt brands load their fruity-flavored delights with tons of sugar. And when it’s not sugar, there’s either sucralose or aspartame. These are nothing but trashy sweeteners that your belly doesn’t need. So it’s best to stick to plain or homemade yogurt if you want to boost your energy levels. (17)

2. Coffee

Anything in moderation is good for the body, right? Likewise, anything consumed in excessive amounts has the ability to cause damage. This includes coffee. Being dependant on the caffeine present in coffee instead of a good night’s sleep utilizes all the available energy in your system. So what you’re left with is a tired body with a brain that refuses to sleep even for a short while. (18)

3. Soda

The thing about soda drinks is that they provide your body with that much-needed energy lift. But that only lasts for not more than 10-15 minutes. Following which your body craves for another one of those deliciously unhealthy drinks for an additional 15-minute boost. And this goes on and on until you develop an addiction.

This means that you’re providing your body with excessive sugar, which is never a good idea. So try having a glass of refreshing lemon juice instead, sans sugar. (19)

4. Red Wine

If what you want to do is maintain energy, then having a glass of red wine won’t do you any good. And we all know that alcohol is nothing but a depressant. So it has the ability to drain your body’s energy and strength.

On top of that, red grapes have melatonin. This particular compound induces sleep. So it’s better to open that bottle of red wine when you want to sleep and not stay awake. (20)

5. Black Tea

Let’s begin by stating that iron helps the body in converting calories into natural energy. So it’s safe to assume that the lack of iron causes the body to feel tired and drained. Another important fact to keep in mind is that black tea tends to slow down the process of iron absorption.

The presence of tannic acid affects iron content found in the foods that we consume. This is how despite eating a meal with an optimal level of iron you still don’t feel energetic. That’s because consuming black tea simultaneously isolates the iron compounds getting into your system. (21)

In fact, people with an iron deficiency are advised to keep away from black tea for at least an hour or two after eating. (22)

6. Store-Bought Orange Juice

There’s a lot of difference between commercial orange juice and freshly-squeezed orange juice. And everybody needs to know that! You might think that you’re buying a healthy, refreshing drink, but that’s not the case.

Orange juice sold at local stores and supermarkets contains risky amounts of sugar and other types of sweeteners. They also have a high content of artificial colors and flavors. And these don’t provide your body with a real, healthy boost. (23)

So the next time you want to consume this citrus fruit, eat it fresh instead.

9 Delightful Juicing Recipes For Energy

Energy drinks are not the way to go. All you need is a list of delicious, energy-boosting juice recipes. The thing about preparing fresh juices is that they not only cater to one problem. They have the ability to deal with all kinds of major and minor health conditions.

Unlike energy drinks, refreshing fruit and vegetable juices/smoothies don’t increase the level of heart rate. This means you won’t have go through the trouble of experiencing energy crashes during the afternoon.

So it doesn’t matter if you’ve not tried these juicing methods before. They are pretty easy to make and go a long way in boosting your energy levels in the most natural manner. Time to get started!

1. Banana Avocado Smoothie

A tropical-tasting breakfast smoothie with avocado and banana satisfies your energy needs as well as taste buds.


1/4 cup of pure honey

1 banana

1 avocado

1-1/2 cups of orange juice, freshly squeezed

1/2 cup of plain yogurt

3 cups of ice


  1. Combine ice, honey, orange juice, yogurt, banana, and avocado in your blender. Let the machine do its job until the mixture becomes smooth. Then serve immediately.

2. Caramel-Infused Apple Smoothie

It’s time to switch to this sugar-free version of caramel-infused apple smoothie. The best part about it is that you can have it for dessert, breakfast, or as a snack too.


1 tbsp of caramel syrup, sugar-free

1/4 cup of apple juice, unsweetened

2 cups of ice cubes

3/4 cup of milk

1 apple


  1. Add the apple juice and milk into your blender.

  2. Then take out the core of the apple and chop it into pieces. Drop them in the apple juice mixture along with ice and caramel syrup. Blend these ingredients until they turn smooth.

  3. In the end, you can choose to top it off with some extra caramel sauce if you like.

3. Sweet Potato Cinnamon Pear Juice

Sweet potato does sound like an unusual ingredient for a juice, right? But it’s not so unusual for your taste buds when you combine it with the subtle nature of pear and aromatic cinnamon.


1 tbsp of chia seeds

1 peeled pear, cored too

1/4 tsp of ground cinnamon

2 peeled sweet potatoes, medium size


  1. First, juice the two peeled sweet potatoes.

  2. Then juice the cored and peeled pear.

  3. Now you can combine the two juices in a jar before adding cinnamon to the mix. Stir it well enough.

  4. Bring in those chia seeds and let them soak for at least five minutes. The final step is to stir the refreshing beverage before serving it over ice immediately.

4. Carrot Peach Smoothie

What does the body need for energy? A dairy-free version of this delicious smoothie with carrot, peach, banana, and coconut water.


1 tbsp pure honey

2 tbsp plain yogurt (optional)

2 cups peach

1 cup carrots, small size

1 banana, frozen

1 cup fresh coconut water


  1. Combine all ingredients in your blender. Let them fuse together until the paste becomes smooth, which should not take more than 30 seconds.

  2. This step is optional. After blending, you can use a sieve to strain this healthy drink if you want a smoother texture.

5. Pomegranate Apple Juice

The ultimate summer juice that is not only healthy but quick to prepare too!


2 large pomegranates

2 large apples

Black salt

Ice cubes


  1. Divide the pomegranate into two before removing its arils.

  2. Peel, then core, and finally chop the two apples.

  3. Add these chopped pieces into the juicer to extract apple juice.

  4. Then replace them with pomegranate arils to get pomegranate juice.

  5. Then combine both the juices in serving glasses.

  6. Lastly, sprinkle some black salt on top of each glass and serve with ice cubes.

6. Green Broccoli Smoothie

What your body needs in the morning is an energy-boosting drink to get you through the day. And there’s nothing better than the green broccoli smoothie to give you that much-needed power lift.


1 apple

1 cup of spinach

1 carrot1 banana

1/2 cup of broccoli

1 lemon


  1. Peel the lemon and banana before washing and chopping the remaining ingredients.

  2. Place all of this in your blender and mix it up at high setting. Blend it well until the mixture turns smooth.

  3. Then place the refreshing smoothie in your refrigerator. But make sure that you store it in a sealed container or jar. This way your smoothie will remain fresh even if you drink parts of it throughout the entire day. This means that you can enjoy the drink at breakfast as well as in the evening as a snack.

7. Fresh Banana and Fig Smoothie

When it’s fig season, it’s time to prepare a creamy, rich fig smoothie with bananas. Plus, it’s vegan and gluten-free!


1 banana, frozen

1 tsp of vanilla extract

Some ice cubes

1 tbsp of ground flaxseeds

1-1/2 cups of almond milk, unsweetened

3 fresh figs, with stems removed (you can use frozen figs too, but fresh ones)


  1. Add all the ingredients listed above into your blender. Leave the machine on until you achieve that perfectly smooth as well as creamy texture. And that’s about it! Serve immediately.

8. Tropical Green Chard Juice

Isn’t it amazing when you can prepare a green chard smoothie with coconut water and pineapples to add a tropical twist!


1 cup of fresh pineapples

1 tbsp of chia seeds

1/2 cup of coconut water

2 cups of green chard (you can replace this with spinach as well)

1 cup of ice cubes


  1. All you need to do is blend together all the ingredients listed above. Let them churn in your blender until the mixture becomes smooth. Only then will you be able to enjoy every last bit of it. And it’s best to have this rejuvenating and energy-boosting juice while its fresh!

9. Rhodiola Blueberry Smoothie

This delicious smoothie recipe with rhodiola keeps the body and mind active for a longer time. Plus, it contains blueberries, and we all know how delightfully tasty they are!


1 tbsp of rhodiola

Some hemp nuts

1 banana

1/2 cup of apple juice

1/4 cup of frozen blueberries


  1. First, place all the ingredients except the frozen blueberries and hemp nuts in the blender. The nuts and blueberries come later, at the top, because they have a comparatively harder quality. This makes the blending process easier and keeps those blades from getting damaged.

  2. After you achieve a smooth texture, add some ice cubes to the smoothie. That helps in cooling it down. Then turn on the blender once again for at least four minutes for the ice cubes to break down into the refreshing drink. And that’s about it! Now pour the thick, creamy liquid into four serving glasses and make the most of it.

Wrapping It Up

With a clear understanding of how certain types of fruits and vegetables can boost energy levels, you can now incorporate healthy juicing on an everyday basis. The negative health effects of certain nutrient deficiency can lead to a weak immune system, muscle loss, and low energy.

The first concern is that low energy levels can have serious side effects like autoimmune diseases, heart problems, abnormal digestion, and even cancer. It also increases inflammation and oxidative stress in humans. That’s why juicing is important to manage daily activities.

Nutrients such as B vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, etc. are all important to boost energy levels and live an active life.