10 Health Benefits of Guava, According to Science (+6 Delicious Recipes)

Guava is a nutrient-rich fruit known for its many health benefits including immunity-boosting, blood pressure lowering, anti-cancerous properties. It also prevents the risk of cooper or folate deficiency which are serious markers of thyroid or gastrointestinal diseases. Guavas contain so many immune-boosting nutrients, and the majority of you don’t even know it!

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You need to know the many health benefits of guava that your body requires. You need guava for proper nerve function, glucose metabolism, blood pressure regulation, and production of antioxidants. So without further ado, ask yourself – are you eating enough guava to improve your health?

1. Guavas Curb Symptoms of Common Cold

Common cold is characterized by an infected respiratory tract which leads to constant coughing and cold. Vitamin C helps relieve mucus formation in the respiratory tract, throat, and lungs. Common cold is also a product of severe bacteria and virus buildup in the body.

Hence, studies suggest that vitamin C alleviates the severity of such infections only when given in larger doses. According to this study, a daily intake of 6 to 8 grams of vitamin C is necessary to fight common cold.

Participants were given divided into 2 groups with a dosage of 4g and 8g vitamin C per day. The group that was given 8g of vitamin C per day showed a much faster recovery than 4g. In fact, the results were twice as much as the 4g per day group. (1)

Another trial involving more than 11,000 participants concluded that vitamin C supplementation can reduce the risk of common cold as a therapeutic alternative. That’s why increasing your guava intake for its rich vitamin C content is essential. (2)

Key Takeaway: Vitamin C is important for defending the immune system against common cold. Guava contains good amounts of vitamin C and iron, which is proven to cleanse and prevent common cold and other viral infections.

2. Vitamin A Present in Guavas is Anti-Inflammatory

Guavas contain at least 15% of the daily intake value of vitamin A. It’s rich in vitamins, including A, C, and B-6 for the proper regulation and functioning of the immune system. On that note, studies prove why vitamin A is necessary for fighting inflammation in the body.

Metabolic processes in the body are greatly influenced by inflammation, especially in the gut. All factors come into play when you think about inflammation. These include immune cells, gut bacteria, and digestion.

Vitamin A boosts immune cell growth for preventing inflammation. So it’s directly linked with the prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, etc.

Inflammatory diseases also include skin disorders, cancer, and broncho-pulmonary dysplasia. Vitamin A acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to improve epithelial function. A vitamin A deficiency disrupts the proper functioning of the immune system. So a higher intake in vitamin A is associated with better gut immunity to prevent inflammatory diseases. (3,4)

Key Takeaway: A lot of foods such as sweet potatoes or carrots contain beta-carotene which convert to vitamin A in the body. This causes uncontrolled gut inflammation, which aids the growth of harmful bacteria and inflammatory disease. By increasing your intake of nutritious vitamin A you can stop this process from accelerating out of control.

3. Guava Extract Can Decrease Blood Sugar Levels

You will find many reasons to consume the nutritious guava on a daily basis. One of those reasons is that they’re good for lowering your body’s blood sugar levels. Which is a common marker for diabetes and other heart conditions.

If you’re at risk of developing diabetes, consuming guavas on a daily basis can prevent that risk. It was found that guava extracts have anti-hyperglycemic compounds which fight against symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

The good news is that, based on multiple studies, guava extract can reduce insulin resistance and control high blood sugar levels. For example, in one study, drinking guava extract tea can lower blood sugar levels in the next 2 hours. Guava extract tea is commonly made from the leaves of the guava with impressive anti-hyperlipidemic effects. (5)

A study conducted on diabetic rats showed that long-term feeding of guava extracts can have a direct effect on glucose metabolism. (6)

Key Takeaway: The macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals present in guavas all work together to lower risk of heart disease and diabetes. The dietary fiber, for example, cleans the system to lower blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels. This is just one example of how guavas are good for diabetics and for those at risk of developing this condition.

4. Guava Leaf Extract Might Alleviate Painful Menstruation

Dysmenorrhea is characterized by painful stomach cramps and other symptoms of menstruation. Vitamin C, iron, and folate present in guavas are good for normal menstruation.

A group of 197 women participated in a study involving the supplementation of 6g of guava leaf extract on a daily basis. The study proved that daily intake of this extract can result in reduced stomach cramps and pain intensity. This study concludes that drinking guava is more effective and healthier than taking powerful painkillers to reduce menstruation pain.

Women often experience uterine pain during dysmenorrhea. This might lead up to other severe gynaecological disorders in younger women. The uterine muscles contract while there is an increase in uterine tone. All these factors contribute to excessive pain during menstruation.

Gauva possesses spasmolytic effects which aid in phasic uterine contractions. It can control, treat, and prevent the development of primary dysmenorrhea in younger women. (7)

Another study showed that a significant increase in guava intake in young women struggling with painful stomach cramps during menstruation, as compared to the supplementation of painkillers, can have positive effects. (8)

Key Takeaway: Guavas are effective sources at treating primary gynaecological conditions such as dysmenorrhea. It reduces menstrual pain, uterine contraction, and stomach cramp intensity.

5. Guava Contains High Amounts of Fiber for Digestion

Guava is the best solution to treating digestive problems such as constipation or diarrhea. According to studies, guava is one of the richest sources of fiber which soothes the gastrointestinal tract. Guava offers the sufficient daily value of fiber to protect you against bacterial infections in the gut.

Fiber, based on one report, affects the gastrointestinal tract in varied ways. It has a positive impact on your bowel movements as well as colonic movements. So an increase in fiber intake can potentially improve constipation, which is a common digestive disorder. (9)

Dietary fiber also acts as the fuel to maintain healthy intestinal cells and gut. When fiber is digested, the beneficial gut bacteria breaks down fiber to promote a healthy cycle. This is not possible without a daily fiber intake. (10)

Key Takeaway: Eating more guava for its high dietary fiber content is good for maintaining a healthy digestive system. It relieves constipation, bacterial infections, and keeps the gut healthy.

6. Guava Has Powerful Anti-Cancer Properties

Recent research suggests that guava is a potential anti-cancer fruit for most people. In a research concerning more than 373 studies, it is proven that guava has antioxidant properties to reduce free radical damage. (11)

Guava also contains high amounts of vitamin C and folate to combat cancer cells in the body. For example, in a study focusing on the generation of colorectal cancer, researchers found that a high folate intake can suppress cancer cells and tumor progression in the colon. It also influences DNA synthesis and repair for older adults or younger adults with a weak immune defense. (12)

Vitamin C acts as a powerful anti-carcinogenic to impact cancer cell metabolism. According to science, vitamin C is almost 10 times as much effective as pharmaceutical drugs. It can stop cancer cells from proliferating and trigger tumor recurrence in more severe cases.

To come to this conclusion, researchers looked for all possible ways in which cancer cells thrive and multiply. A deficiency in vitamin C was one of those ways. So a high intake of vitamin C through diet can have potential anti-cancer progress in cancer patients. (13)

Key Takeaway: Results indicate that guavas can prevent and control the development of cancer cells and tumors in the body. It is a promising candidate, with plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, to reduce cancerous activity in stem cells.

7. Guava Intake is Linked with Healthier Pregnancy

Maternal nutrition during pregnancy is critical and has far-reaching health benefits. One of the things you can do to ensure your baby’s well-being is increase your guava intake. Studies prescribe that high folate intake can reduce risk of child obesity.

If you’re an obese mother, there is a higher chance of your child struggling with obesity too. So increasing your folate intake, by consuming more guavas, can prevent that from happening. According to this research, child obesity is a serious marker for other health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Women are recommended to take at least 400mg of folate to reduce the risk of such neural tube defects. Folate deficiency in mothers can also lead to metabolic disorders such as diabetes in children. (14)

Another risk factor is high blood pressure in children. During pregnancy, an increase in folate intake can decrease or eliminate risk of high blood pressure in children. High blood pressure is a serious symptom of kidney disease, metabolic disease, and heart problems. This increases from childbirth if the mother is also suffering from high blood pressure. (15)

Key Takeaway: So it is well-established that guavas aid maternal nutrition during pregnancy to reduce the chances of childhood obesity and high blood pressure. Women who increased their folate intake showed less signs of cardio-metabolic risk factors during and after pregnancy.

8. Guavas Can Aid Weight Loss

According to Nutrition Data, guavas contain fewer calories and is packed with essential nutrients such as antioxidants and fiber that aid weight loss. One guava contains not more than 40 calories with 12% of the daily value of fiber intake. (16)

The fiber is good to fill up your stomach for a long period of time. While the low-calories count makes it a weight-loss friendly snack.

Another study claims that high fiber diet can prevent obesity as it regulates better intestinal functioning. It plays in role in glucose metabolism and intestinal functioning after meals.

Copper, which guava is a rich source of, is also a fat burning nutrient. Copper is one of the compounds that your body is unable to make. So you need a high intake of copper as a dietary requirement.

A study conducted on mice proves that a healthy digestion of copper can induce lipolysis, which is the breaking down of fats. So copper plays a significant in reducing obesity risk in mice. (17)

Key Takeaway: A high guava diet can lead to weight loss. Guava is a low-calorie fruit with a higher fiber content. Fiber plays a major role in regulating better gastrointestinal responses while curbing appetite easily. This has far-reaching benefits for weight loss and management.

9. Guavas Prevent Copper Deficiency Which Causes Thyroid

Copper deficiency can cause thyroid disease along with many other health conditions. It leads to birth defects, weaker bones, and anemia. But you need a high intake of copper, from guavas, to prevent the risk of developing hypo- or hyper-thyroid disease.

Copper helps in the proper regulation of the thyroid gland. It increases estrogen and progesterone count which is essential for the thyroid gland. More importantly, it also stops excessive secretions of hormones into the bloodstream.

One study evaluated the nutrient levels in thyroid disease. The results showed that a deficiency in copper, manganese, zinc, and selenium is a common marker in thyroid diseases. (18)

In other news, guavas also contain traces of calcium which is also needed for proper thyroid function.

Key Takeaway: Adequate levels of copper and calcium are required to balance hormonal secretion in the thyroid glands. It plays a part in the development of estrogen and progesterone while it limits immoderate secretion of hormones in the bloodstream, which might cause hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

10. Eating Guavas Can Improve Skin Health

A recent study found that antioxidants such as vitamins and minerals reduce oxidative stress in the body. This has an immediate impact on how your immune system reacts to external stimulus such as pollution, stress, and UV rays.

Antioxidants play a role in reactive oxygen species for proper regeneration of skin skills against UV damage. This has a major impact on skin aging. (19)

In other news, the leaf extracts of guava have powerful antioxidant properties. This makes it one of the most effective treatments for inflammation-induced acne. Acne is caused by inflammatory and microbial factors.

A test-tube study concludes that guava leaf extracts kill acne-causing bacteria skin from the skin cells. (20)

Key Takeaway: You need to eat a variety of foods to improve skin and fight signs of acne, skin pigmentation, and wrinkles. The number of antioxidants in guavas can help protect the skin from such damage. Guavas help slow down the process of skin aging, while also protecting the skin from damage.

6 Delicious Recipes with Guava

Guava is a grown-up fruit with a flavor that works with all kinds of dishes. From BBQ chicken wings to cheese pastries, the guava nectar will spoil you for choice and taste.

Now you have one more reason to shop for fresh guavas this season. The longer a guava is cooked, the more flavorful and appetizing it becomes. So what are you waiting for?

1. Quick Guava Salad

A new way to indulge in the sweetness of a guava. Toss with some lime juice and spices and you’ve got yourself a healthy fruit snack.


4 medium-sized guavas

half tsp of cumin powder

1/4 tsp of Chaat masala powder

half tsp of red chili powder

chopped cilantro or coriander leaves

1 lemon juice

salt and pepper to taste


  1. Chop the guavas into bite-sized pieces. Toss with Chaat masala powder, cumin, red chili, and salt. Garnish with cilantro leaves and lemon juice. Finally combine with pepper, to taste. Serve chilled.

2. Coconut & Guava Baked Cookie

These cookies are made with love. The Coconut & Guava Cookie recipe is the perfect meal topper for every dinner party.


2 eggs, only whites

4 tbsp of sugar

salt to taste

1 3/4 cup of coconut flakes

6 and a half oz. of guava paste


  1. Blend egg whites with a pinch of salt. During the process, add the sugar and coconut flakes. Remove from blender and combine with guava paste.
  2. Scoop a portion of the batter on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Bake in a 350 degrees preheated oven for 15 minutes, front and back. Set aside to cool at room temperature. Serve immediately.

3. Guava-Infused Barbecue Chicken

Just when you thought your BBQ wings couldn’t get any better. It is my favorite bingeing dish for the holiday season!


For the chicken:

2 and a half pounds of chicken wings

2 tbsp of vegetable or olive oil

1 tbsp of salt

half tsp of pepper

For the guava-barbecue sauce:
8 oz. of guava paste

1/3 cup of vinegar, apple cider

1/4 cup of rum

3 tbsp of tomato paste

1 tbsp of soya sauce

3 tbsp of lemon juice

1 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce

1 minced garlic clove

salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

1/4 cup of water


  1. Toss chicken with oil, salt, and pepper in a small bowl. Place tossed chicken wings on a baking sheet and bake for 45 minutes in a 400 degrees preheated oven.
  2. Combine guava paste, rum, lemon juice, soya sauce, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, water, and garlic in a saucepan. Mix well over low heat and bring to a boil. Cook for 15 minutes while stirring continuously. Add salt and black pepper.
  3. Remove chicken wings from the oven and toss with guava-barbecue sauce. Bake for another 10 minutes and serve hot. Use the leftover barbecue sauce as a dip.

4. Banana Strawberry & Guava Smoothie

A sweet and nutritious smoothie-fix for a busy Monday morning. It’s the best way to kick-start any day!


1 cup of strawberries

half cup of guava paste or nectar

6 oz. of fat-free strawberry yogurt

1 banana, frozen and sliced

2 oz. of ice cubes (5 pieces)


  1. Blend the strawberries, guava paste, yogurt, banana slice, and ice cubes in a blender. Blend on low power setting for 2 minutes. Serve fresh.

5. Cheese Pastries

In love with tea-time bites? You’ll be thankful for these Cheese and Guava Pastries that are so easy to make!


1 pack of pastry sheets

1 pack of guava paste

1 pack of cream cheese

1 whisked egg


  1. Make sure the pastry is puffed according to the prescribed instructions.
  2. Slice the guava pieces into 6 slices each for a pastry. Fold every 6 slices halfway through. You need 18 guava slices to make this dish.
  3. Spread cream cheese over each guava slice and place a baking sheet on the guava slices. Make sure you make 9 equal squares of the guava slices.
  4. Spread the egg whites one each guava pastry and bake in a 400 degrees baking oven for 25 minutes. Serve immediately.

6. Guava Cake

Take guava to new heights with this hearty and quick Guava cake recipe.


2 cups of flour, all-purpose

1 and a half tsp of baking powder

1 and a half tsp of cinnamon

1 and a half cup of softened butter

1 cup of brown sugar

3 whole eggs

1 tsp of vanilla extract

1/4 tsp of coconut extract

1 and a half cup of guava, chopped


  1. Combine flour, baking powder, and cinnamon in a bowl.
  2. In another bowl, combine butter and sugar. Combine with eggs, a single egg at a time. Add vanilla and coconut extract.
  3. Blend all the mixtures together in a food processor. Add in the chopped guava with the seeds removed. Spread the batter on a baking pan and bake in a 350 degrees preheated oven for one hour. Set aside to cool for 15 minutes before serving.

Wrapping It Up

Guava is now well-known for its immune-boosting and constipation-relieving health benefits. You can try replacing de-bloating and artificial supplements with 2-3 cups of fresh guava on a daily basis. It has been documented to defend against all kinds of bacteria and infections.

You can’t deny the uniqueness of this sweet fruit, especially now since you know its promising health benefits. In an effort to offer you a healthier solution, try incorporating more guava into your diet with the help of this article.