Best Wakeboard

The Hydroslide Black Widow 56-Inch Wakeboard Black is our best wakeboard which is an adult sized wakeboard that has chaser lace up bindings. Its design is a twin tip that has been modified. It measures 56 inches in length and it weighs 15 lbs.

Our step-up pick is the Hyperlite Wakeboard Agent with Destroyer Wakeboard and it can fit shoe sizes from 7 to 14. Being a complete set with two wakeboards, the Agent and Destroyer wakeboards, with bindings, boost is given as well as enhanced catch free riding due to the 3-stage rocker. In fact, landing is a breeze and comfortable due to the max EVA padding on the binding of the Destroyer wakeboard.

The budget pick is the Rave Jr. Impact Wakeboard w/Charger Bindings and it has a max weight capacity of 125 lbs. It measures 122 cm or 48 inches and it has an oval design which makes it ideal for beginners. What’s more, the charger boot has a 2-point adjustable feature and it comes with a continuous rocker for better mobility. It also includes charger bindings.

A Little Background

Contrary to conventional surfing, wakeboarding is a new type of sport on the water which combines the expertise and concepts of skiing, surfing and snowboarding. Just like skiing, you jump on the water and glide with a board while getting harnessed and towed by a boat that runs on motor at a relatively high speed so you need to hold on tight while doing so. Just like snowboarding, you can perform jumps and tricks that will wow the crowd with your skills and exhibition techniques. And just like surfing, you need to balance on the water whilst being pulled by a motorboat and doing techniques that are rather complicated. In the long run, wakeboarding is a very powerful sport that requires flexibility, balance, coordination, stamina, a sharp mind and body and extreme confidence and focus.

Wakeboarders are towed behind a boat so that they can perform various tricks much like water skiing and snowboarding. This makes them feel like riding a towed inflatable tube behind a boat but the big difference is that you are surfing the waves with a slim board as compared to an inflatable. For teens and adults who want extreme sports, wakeboarding is something that literally wakes up the brain cells and gives you tremendous amounts of physical and mental activity all in one go. You have to hang on to your life while surfing, steering and performing tricks while not losing balance at all, which is very hard to do and is much like figure skating on thin ice, where you risk falling down and tipping over.

Wakeboards are usually made of material that is a mix of fiberglass and foam or wood. The durability and flexibility of the wakeboard you will choose not only defines your safety but also your performance. Beginners are more suitable for lighter wakeboards while the intermediate and expert levels of wakeboarding can go for the heavier wakeboards which are very durable and takes a lot of practice to properly maneuver without much errors and falls. Wakeboarding is a tough sport and it needs a very reliable wakeboard material to step on to, just like a surfboard, but more designed for hanging on while being towed by a motorboat.

Motorboats that carry them usually run at a speed of 18 to 25 miles per hour. Speed is a factor when it comes to wakeboarding. The higher the speed of the boat, the harder it is to control and hang on but it also makes it easier for you to balance due to the speed. The momentum is kept just like a regular bicycle when you ride on it – the two wheels drive momentum into balancing you even if it’s just two narrow wheels whereas if you slow down, it will wobble, flop and make you fall. So the speed should be kept constant but not too fast that you might run into trouble. It has a similar concept to a bicycle, you see, except it is situated on water, making it a very tough water sport to consider but is highly recommended for those who want to be on the edge.

Wakeboarding is more than just a sport – it is also a form of leisure among people. Many celebrities, especially models and supermodels, often try wakeboarding as a form of leisure activity or as part of their workout routine. Wakeboarding is a big contributor to stronger muscles and better reflexes and this is why those who want to get buff with sports may want to try wakeboarding as a water sport. Aside from muscle building, water sports like wakeboarding also help you slim down faster. This is because of the fact that staying on the water and riding on the waves requires you to go through the forces of water, which is tougher than skateboarding on land. This is a similar concept to swimming, in which you get tired on swimming faster than you get tired on jogging or brisk walking, because the water forces you a lot and this means it is a more effective workout routine.

There are many types of wakeboard fins, which impact the difficulty of the wakeboard. Some users also don’t use fins at all, especially expert level wakeboarders. Fins are a decisive factor for most wakeboarders but not all of them wear fins on their wakeboards. Boots or bindings often come with the wakeboard package alongside the fin attachments but some wakeboarders of higher skill level sometimes prefer a finless routine so as to test their balancing skills and make their wakeboards lighter. The purpose of fins is similar to that of a regular fish fin – it is designed to help you steer on the water better. However, some wakeboarders do not depend on fins and try out their own body on full force and flexibility when it comes to turning the wakeboard precisely to do tricks.

There are many maneuver types in wakeboarding such as 911, Air Raley, Tantrum, Moby Dick, Fashion Air, KGB, and Scarecrow among others. Maneuvering is a highly important skill not just in wakeboarding but also in similar sports such as surfing, skiing and snowboarding. You must know at least some of these tricks but not all at once. Learning is a slow but sure process. Practice is the key to learning a maneuver type not just in wakeboarding but in any similar sport. In wakeboarding, you should always consult a licensed or expert wakeboarder so that you will not run into injuries head on, especially if you know you are not confident about your balancing skills, especially on the water. All tricks can be learned in due time. Of course, however, not all wakeboards are designed for advanced tricks. Some boards are designed for easier beginner airs but some wakeboards are so flexible that they are built for professional level maneuvering.

Despite being a relatively new sport, wakeboarding is becoming immensely popular. Back then, we only used to have surfing and water ski as forms of water sports. We also have the regular skateboarding and back in the 90s, we had inline skating as well. We also had snowboarding for years now, but not on water – but on frozen snow. We also had figure skating other than that. But these sports are facing a new contender, which is wakeboarding.

It is not just a highly challenging sport or form of leisure. Because it is a water gliding sport, wakeboarding should be done responsibly, just like skiing, snowboarding, and surfing or skateboarding. Many people can have injuries when doing wakeboarding, especially those who are not so experienced yet when it comes to the hobby or sport. You have to be trained by a professional so you do not easily fall and lose balance. Make sure the spot where you train your balance is not a place where you might hit potential threats like rocks and other obstacles. You should always wear safety and protective gear when it comes to wakeboarding. Beginners should learn their place and learn the proper stance first. Just like a surfing board, a wakeboard takes time on learning how to balance on it, especially when you are on the surface of the water. Because wakeboards are motor driven due to being towed, it can be especially hard for the rider if the motor boat runs too fast, so boat drivers should take it easy for beginners.

How We Picked

The following were our guidelines in choosing our top picks for the best wakeboard:
The length of the wakeboard should be considered. A wakeboard is typically 40 to 55 inches in length if you look at most wakeboards. Longer wakeboards are safer than shorter ones, obviously, so they are more accustomed and ideal for beginners who have trouble with balancing for the first time. Nonetheless, a super long wakeboard can be bulky for intermediate and expert wakeboarders, so sometimes, they consider a shorter one. However, length may be decisive, but the shape of the wakeboard matters too, since it is what makes a wakeboard easy to maneuver in the first place. Slimmer designs of wakeboards make them more water dynamic and easy to steer in general. This is similar to how birds create the law of aerodynamics by forming a V-formation in the air to propel more lift and fly at higher speeds, but in the wakeboard’s case, it will be in water.

A wakeboard that is easy to maneuver is a great wakeboard. Like what we said, the best wakeboard to consider is the one that has been expertly shaped to give you more power on cutting through the water. A wakeboard design that is able to be maneuvered by almost all levels of skill when it comes to wakeboarding is a great buy. Maneuverability is highly essential and important, especially for beginners who still cannot get the hang of their wakeboard. Intermediate and advanced wakeboarders, too, would want a super flexible and maneuverable wakeboard that can adhere to their standards of tricks, as some wakeboards are not meant for advanced tricks due to its limited design.

The wakeboard should be light and easy to carry but the material should not compromise its durability. Because a wakeboard should be made of very light materials, it should not be too flimsy that might potentially cause the rider to fall off or slip. At the same time, you would not want a wakeboard that will be torn apart easily by the riding speed of the motor boat that is dragging you and the wakeboard at the same time. This is because of the fact that the waves of the ocean can crash against the wakeboard material and can potentially rip it apart if the material is not too durable. It is important to get a wakeboard that is both sturdy and lightweight overall.

A cool and aggressive design that does not fade overtime on the water is a great wakeboard. While graphics on a wakeboard is not really that necessary, it can be a form of fashion statement or expression of yourself as to who you are and why you want to do wakeboarding. In any case, wakeboard designs also help you to quickly identify which wakeboard is yours due to the color and text and images on it. Some people who are passionate with wakeboarding even go to the trouble of making their own wakeboards or wakeboard designs if they have materials and such. It is highly important for any wakeboard design to not fade on the water or too much exposure to the sun so that it can last for the many years to come.

Do know which sizes of feet the bindings can fit best on. Bindings or boots often come with the wakeboard and they keep the wearer of the wakeboard well secured on the surface while holding on to the harness of the boat and the rope while probably performing tricks. Bindings come in a variety of sizes. Do remember that wakeboard bindings can come in men’s sizes, women’s sizes or child’s sizes so pick one that is best suited for whoever will use the wakeboard in general so that you don’t run short or large for the wakeboard boots / bindings. The quality of the bindings should also be just as great as its comfort factor.

Do know if there are fin attachments and if they are removable. Some riders prefer a finless wakeboarding experience whereas most beginners always prefer attaching fins. In most cases, you can attach a wakeboard fin at the back and at the front, depending on the type of wakeboard you have. It really helps when it comes to stability and maneuverability on the water.

Know what skill level the wakeboard should be best used with. If you are a beginner or just about to start wakeboarding, do know that a wakeboard should be beginner friendly. Some experts and intermediate wakeboarders may find a beginner board too small for them so they can go for bigger options that allow them to do more tricks with their wakeboard. Beginner wakeboards focus more on safety, stability, mobility, maneuverability and precision as well as safety whilst wakeboards for advanced users allow them to perform more complicated tricks.

Our Pick

Hydroslide Black Widow 56-Inch Wakeboard Black

The Hydroslide Black Widow 56-Inch Wakeboard Black is our best wakeboard in which the design is a twin tip that has been modified. It is an adult sized wakeboard that has chaser lace up bindings and it weighs 15 lbs and measures 56 inches in length. It is deemed fitting for any skill level.

It is a combination of black and red design makes it stand out. In fact, it is relatively easy to ride even for beginners. Moreover, you can perform jumps and tricks safely using the securely fit chaser bindings and the wakeboard also has fins that only require you to attach them by yourself.
Moreover, the Hydroslide 56-Inch Wakeboard bindings can fit sizes 5 to 12 and it also comes in a vinyl clear zipped packaging.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While the Hydroslide Black Widow 56-Inch Wakeboard Black is great overall, the bindings need a little bit of redesigning but you can always purchase a separate set of bindings anyway.

Step-up Pick


Hyperlite Wakeboard Agent with Destroyer Wakeboard

A complete set with two wakeboards, the Agent and Destroyer wakeboards, with bindings, the Hyperlite Wakeboard Agent with Destroyer Wakeboard is our step-up pick which can fit shoe sizes from 7 to 14. With this wakeboard, landing is a breeze and comfortable due to the max EVA padding on the binding of the Destroyer wakeboard. In addition to that, extreme boost is given as well as enhanced catch free riding due to the 3-stage rocker.

This is a new 2016 model in which the low pro plate system measures 6 inches. Moreover, the Hyperlite Agent with Destroyer comes with 4 removable fins so you are in control. It has a very thin but strong rear flex zone.

What’s more, the heel and toe cushioning is guaranteed due to the molded EVA and the back leg abrasions are avoided with its design. The wakeboard also comes with 2 bindings / boots and the removable fins are ideal for obstacles. Overall, it is packed in a premium wakeboard bag when you order.

Budget Pick


Rave Jr. Impact Wakeboard w/Charger Bindings

For beginners and kids, you can bet on our budget pick, the Rave Jr. Impact Wakeboard w/Charger Bindings. It comes with a continuous rocker for better mobility and it measures 122 cm or 48 inches. Additionally, it includes charger bindings while the charger boot has a 2-point adjustable feature.

The wakeboard mentioned has a max weight capacity of 125 lbs and it also has an oval design which makes it ideal for beginners. The Rave Jr. Impact Bindings is made in the USA and the charger bindings fit a lot of common child shoe sizes. This junior-sized wakeboard weighs only 13 lbs.

Ideal Wakeboard for Women

OBrien Siren 135 Wakeboard Package Womens

Perfect for women, the OBrien Siren 135 Wakeboard Package Womens has device boots which can fit from 7 to 12 sizes for women. It can take riders with weights from 100 to 180 lbs.
Being very easy to control, the OBrien Siren 135 also comes with flank fins that are center mounted. What’s more, it has a rocker with a profile that is continuous. In addition to that, the wakeboard spans at a length of 53 inches and a width of 16 inches and also comes with dual base channels that enable stability and better tracking. Adding to that, the max float is improved due to the feather core design to make it more lightweight to control and it also has an open toe design so many different levels of riders can use it freely and with ease.

Ideal Wakeboard for Men

CWB Men’s DB9 Wakeboard 138cm

The CWB Men’s DB9 Wakeboard 138cm is an extremely durable wakeboard with a PVC foam core that has been precisely cut by CNC. The rail is a variable edge design with bevel.

Moreover, in the build, the aluminum fins have 4 bolts while the center spine is huge and runs from the tip to the tail. The CWB Men’s DB9 weighs less than 10 lbs and it also has a flat bottom design. Overall strength is added with the beveled edge rail and it comes with a continuous rocker for a better grip.

The wakeboard also has a clean shape and design and the poplar wood stringer measures 3.5 inches from the tip to the tail. The material PVC foam has a density of 5 lb/ft3 while the center spine design makes it easier to land.

Best Anodized Wakeboard

Ronix One ATR Carbon Wakeboard Anodized

Covered and anodized in red frosting, the Ronix One ATR Carbon Wakeboard Anodized is an ideal men’s wakeboard which measures 146 cm in length or 57 inches. Do know that this is a 2015 model wakeboard made of carbon material that is sturdy.

Best Classic Wakeboard

Liquid Force Classic Wakeboard 2014

This classic designed wakeboard, the Liquid Force Classic Wakeboard 2014, looks striking in its design. This is a 2014 model wakeboard. It is great for all levels of riders and it also gives you a smooth feel and landing without compromising performance. The Liquid Force Classic weighs only 15 lbs so it is easy to maneuver.

Wakesurfer Designed Wakeboard

Byerly 2016 Buzz Wakesurfer

The Byerly 2016 Buzz Wakesurfer comes with a future fin system and the base contour has a single concave design. In fact, it is interesting to know that this unique wakeboard has been designed by Scott “Butch” Bouchard, a well-known person in the industry of wakeboarding.
Moreover, the Byerly Wakesurfer also has an EPS score. In addition to that, durability is unquestionable due to its dura-shell construction. Do know that this is a new 2016 model wakeboard in which the fins measure 3.5 inches on the flux one and 1.5 inches on the fish one.
What’s more, the traction pad is made from machined EVA and the overall construction is made from layered glass and monocoque. The Byerly 2016 also has mellow tail channels. Being a very maneuverable wakesurfing board, it combines skim boarding and surfing mechanisms and principles.

Best Flexible Wakeboard

Jobe Revolt Flex Wakeboard Series

With the Jobe Revolt Flex Wakeboard Series, this wakeboard is made from full wood construction on its nature core. It is also highly ideal for use on intermediate to advance level of riding. The Jobe Revolt is a great wakeboard to consider for flexibility. Super easy to carry and maneuver, it weighs only 11 lbs and it also spans at a length of 132 cm or 51 inches.

Wakeskate Designed Wakeboard

Ronix 2016 Boomstick Bi Level Wakeskate

A unique wakeboard with a wakeskate design, the Ronix 2016 Boomstick Bi Level Wakeskate has a hybrid rocker and it also comes with 2 wakeskate fins at 0.8 inch. Moreover, the sidewall is made from ABS material while the wakeboard has a sinistered base design.
Its molding was done using compression method and it is also bi-level in its design. The Boomstick Bi Level Wakeskate is a 2016 model wakeboard that you will surely love. It is indeed very solid in its construction and it also makes it easier for you to land in general. What’s more, the 2 decks function independently and the wakeboard is great for single level skate.

The Competition

It was not easy picking from the competition but as far as we can tell, these wakeboards on our list are exceptional in terms of durability and ease of use. However, there aren’t many wakeboards out there yet on Amazon and most of them do not have enough reviews yet because not everyone is into wakeboarding as compared to surfing yet, since wakeboarding is a relatively new sport on water.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of wakeboarding?
A: According to Health Fitness Revolution , wakeboarding is a great form of exercise so it helps you to stay very fit in the long run. As a matter of fact, many people and experts say that it is good for your muscles on the legs and arms. So if you want to work out and tone your legs and arms for endurance and whatnot, wakeboarding seems to be the perfect exercise for you to add to your routine.
In addition to that, your overall flexibility is improved with wakeboarding. Because you have to maintain balance and exert effort on your bones, joints and muscles, you are practicing a high amount of flexibility in the long run while wakeboarding due to being like a surfboard.
In fact, your reaction time is improved as well so you can respond better to untimely obstacles and quick decision-making moments. What’s more, your overall balance and coordination is targeted and you become more versatile with similar sports.
Generally wakeboarding also develops your social skills because you mingle with many people out in the sun and communicate with your boat rider. Most people know that it is a fun activity for the summer and it is an ideal water sport workout at the same time in which your mental alertness is improved and it also helps to refresh and relax your mind.

Q: What should you consider when wakeboarding?
A: According to WikiHow , make sure you wear a life jacket and a spotter and make sure you know which foot to face forward. Do know that shorter ropes are ideal for wakeboarding, about 30 to 50 feet in length. For beginners, always stick to the easiest stance first and make sure you hold on tightly to the rope and don’t forget to /use your body weight to make turns.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Hydroslide Black Widow 56-Inch Wakeboard Black is our best wakeboard when it comes to riding the waves unconventionally while dragged by a speedboat out in the water.