Best Vaporizer

The Levoit 4L Vaporizer is our pick for the best vaporizer, which can give off either cool or warm mist air and is also a great bedroom humidifier. It has a capacity of 4 liters and has an auto shut off feature. It is great for kids rooms due to the night light.

Our step-up pick is the Levoit 6L Vaporizer and it has a capacity of 6 liters, with an auto shut off feature and it has a low noise level. It is great for large rooms and boosts humidity up to 25 percent better than other humidifiers out there.

The budget pick is the Esdabem Vaporizer and it has 7 night light colors to choose from. With a sleek design and finish, it can be situated in any room and can be great for humidifying and for essential oil diffusing as well.

A Little Background

Most people find it ambiguous when they search for the term “vaporizer” or "vape", however, the most common application for this kind of technology is for inhaling steam or medical vapor, such as Vicks vapor. In other terms, vaporizers may refer to vapes or e-cigarettes, or their use for medical marijuana. However, they are generally referred to the steam humidifiers or those releasing steam. They can be said as an alternative or different way of humidifying the air.

The purpose of a steam humidifier or warm mist humidifier is to help a person breathe better by eliminating viruses and bad bacteria in the air, causing the patient to breathe some form of medicinal vapor to help relieve sickness such as cough, colds, flu, allergies and the like. This kind of humidifier is known to produce heat, and is substituting the traditional towel method, in which a person needs to inhale the vapor with a towel on.

The steam humidifier can come in various brands and may also be part of a regular humidifier or oil diffuser’s features. The big difference between a steam humidifier and a regular humidifier is that the steam one uses hot vapor instead of cool one, so it is mostly meant for therapeutic purposes rather than just to clean the air. It is mostly intended to help cure someone who is suffering from some respiratory disease such as cough and cold.

One of the things that you need to watch out for when you operate a steam humidifier is that like all appliances that heat up, they can be prone to fire hazards so they should have a good heat source that has an auto shut off feature. This prevents the machine from producing heat when it is no longer in use or based on a timer. They need to be constructed well so that they won’t compromise safety.

In addition to the auto shut off feature, the steam humidifier should also be less consuming in wattage, as much as possible. Since it works like an electric kettle, it might consume some higher energy ratings so you need to consider a brand that consumes less energy or works in the quickest amount of time possible and those with eco-friendly and environmentally saving features like an eco-mode.

When someone in your family is sick, it is not just enough that they take medicines – a vaporizer can be a great addition because it can help them clear their nose and throat. The steam from the steam humidifier is great for clogged noses and other instances when the patient cannot breathe properly.

How We Picked

When you want to choose the best vaporizer, you might want to consider these factors first:

Capacity of vapor steam: the vapor or steam of this machine should be enough for your needs. If you have a large family or need a lot of steam to help many sick people, you need a high capacity one, especially for hospitals and emergency situations where a lot of people might need one. The capacity is usually depending on the model and whether it’s watered or waterless.

Ease of operation: consider one that is very easy to operate. Some and most might even have a remote control for you to set the time that the vapor machine will be able to disperse the vapor. There should also be an automatic shut off feature to make it safe to operate when it runs out of water, if it is a watered design model.

Noise level: consider one that has the least amount of noise. This can make the patient or person feel more relaxed when they use the vapor machine. This is important for hospitals as well, as a quiet and serene atmosphere will help the patients recover faster and easier. Having a low noise machine for vapor inhaling can increase the chances of recovery for the patients for their sickness.

Water or waterless model: while most of these vapor machines depend on water, some can also be made waterless in their design and may need a different refill compared to others. It depends upon your preferences, but waterless is a lot safer albeit pricier than the watered model for the vapor machine. It can also be hard to find the vapor source for the waterless model.

Night light: there are also certain vapor machines that look like and do resemble regular humidifiers and oil diffusers, so they tend to look like night lights and have the same function as well. Children will need a light at night so they can definitely count on a vapor machine that also has a night light function.

Design: aside from acting as a night light for the kids, adding these to your home will also enhance the décor and add accents to your home design and interior looks.

Our Pick

As our top pick, the Levoit 4L has a fair enough capacity of 4 liters and can operate up to 30 hours continuously. It has an auto shut off feature when low on water and it has a very low noise level. It can be situated in your bedroom/living room and it has a night light. Covering up to 20 square meters or 200 square feet, it is ETL/CE certified for safety and is has a 2-year warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only minor concern with the Levoit 4L that isn't alarming is the fact that it's only ideal for small rooms.

Step-up Pick

If you want a larger vaporizer, the Levoit 6L Vaporizer is our step-up pick, which can humidify and vaporize large rooms with its 6 liter capacity. It has a low noise level and you can switch between warm and cool mist as well. It also measures the room humidity and has easy to use controls. It has an auto shut off feature and it can cover up to 280 square feet for up to 36 hours of operation.

Budget Pick

The Esdabem Vaporizer is our budget pick, which has a very quiet operation and can be used for essential oils as well. It cycles through 7 colors for the night light and it has a decorative design for any part of the house. It has a total of 4 timer modes and you can put up to 300 ml of water onto the device. It has up to 10 hours of regular operation.

Best Vaporizer with a Night Light

The Vicks Warm Steam is a great choice for those who want a night light as well for their vapor machine. It comes with an easy to twist cap and can take up to 1.5 gallons of vapor for steam. The carbon electrodes of this vapor machine makes it less likely to corrode. It is great for relieving congestion and cough symptoms and has an auto shut off feature.

Best Vaporizer that is Portable

The Hotnew 400ml is great for both home and travel use due to its portability. It has a pumpkin shape which makes it unique. It has a 7-color night light as well that adds décor to your home or spa space. It operates quietly and has four settings for the timer. It can be used with most essential oils and can also be used for aromatherapy other than for vapor inhaling.

Best Vaporizer with Touch Controls

With a unique touch control system, the Elechomes Vaporizer looks sleek in design and has a capacity of 6 liters. It has an auto shut off feature and produces low noise levels for easy sleeping. It can be switched between cool and warm mist and uses a filter that is easy to clean. Its dual layer nozzle ensures an even coverage in the room.

Best Vaporizer for Children

For the kids, the Pediacare Gentle Vapors is a good choice for alleviating children’s cough and cold symptoms. It comes with 5 refill pads and is easy to use. It includes a night light so children can sleep peacefully at night while relieving their stuffed nose. The menthol vapors are soothing for kids.

Best Vaporizer for Asthma

For those with asthma, the Asthma Treats is a good choice for an aerosol kit. It has been approved by the FDA for medical use and comes with a 7-foot tubing. This kit is great for those suffering with asthma or similar respiratory conditions.

Best Vaporizer for Home Use

For warm steam inhalation at home, the Jarden Home Vaporizer gives off a clean output and the durability of this unit is good due to the electrodes being made out of stainless steel. You can operate it up to 14 hours continuously and it has a tank capacity of 1.2 gallons.

Best Vaporizer that is Waterless

For a waterless vapor machine, you can consider the Vicks Waterless Vaporizer, which comes with 5 scent pads and less likely to cause injuries due to being a waterless system. It has a compact design and can work up to 8 hours for each pad. It also works silently and has a nightlight as well.

The Competition

While the others were okay, they were not safe enough as they lacked the auto shut off feature and had reports of broken or missing parts, which can be a threat to your safety. It should be made of quality materials and should be safe to use, especially since it heats up.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is a vaporizer different from a regular humidifier?

A: A vaporizer and a regular humidifier may be different due to the following:





These are used for de-clogging cold stuffy noses.

These are mainly for humidifying the air around the room or house.

Ease of buying

These are not always available, but they can be part of a humidifier system.

Humidifiers can be easily bought anywhere due to their popularity.

Typical oils or content

Mostly medication oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint.

Can be used with nearly any essential oils or carrier oils.


This machine creates steam with the use of a special heating element.

This machine uses a turning disk that spins rapidly to create water vapor.


This machine uses heat so it can be a little dangerous to leave alone.

Humidifiers do not use heat at all.

Requirement of cleaning

They need to be cleaned on a daily basis.

They also need to be cleaned on a daily basis.

Bad bacteria and molds

This machine will less likely get bad bacteria and molds because it’s heated.

Because it doesn’t boil water, it might catch molds or bad bacteria along the way.

Vapor temperature

This machine gives off hot temperatures.

This machine gives off cold temperatures.

Type of water

You can use tap water just fine.

It is recommended to use distilled water for this machine.

Noise levels

They tend to be less noisier than the humidifier.

The humidifier may be noisier than the other machine.


This kind of machine tends to be cheaper even if it’s not always bought by people.

This tends to be more expensive due to the technology used.

Q: What are the benefits of inhaling vapor?

A: There are many benefits to inhaling vapor, such as the following:

It helps de-clog your clogged nose. This is highly important if you have a cold or stuffy nose. Breathing properly can be hard if you have a stuffy nose and this is what the vapor machine is used for. It is for making you feel better when you have a cold.

It alleviates your allergies. Those with nasal allergies or allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, can be relieved of the symptoms when they use a vapor machine. Because of the fact that the nose can be irritated, the vapor can make it less irritated and more likely to breathe properly.

It can help purify the air. This is important for those homes that have been exposed to pollutants. It is ideal to keep all the mold, mildew, dirt, debris and dust.

It can help relieve headaches. This is ideal for those who often get frequent headaches with their work or school activities. Headaches can actually be relieved with the use of a vapor machine or a steam humidifier.

It also helps out in your blood circulation. You can also have better blood circulation with the use of a steam vapor machine so that you can have a healthier blood stream to reduce the risks of heart diseases and the like.

It makes your skin healthier. The pores on your skin become softer to reduce the chances of acne and breakouts. This is why most beauty salons and spas offer vapor inhaling treatments for their facial therapies for their customers.

It can also add humidity to dry air. The lack of humidity is a problem in certain areas of the world that are too dry. Humidity is important for life to flourish and for humans not to get sick. Too much and too little humidity are both not good for our health, which is why a vapor machine can also add humidity to the air in its own way.

It is great for relaxation and alleviating stress. If you have been really stressed lately due to work deadlines or school projects, you can alleviate your worries by inhaling the right vapor oils such as eucalyptus or even lemongrass to help relax yourself.

You can use it for aromatherapy purposes. Because most of what you will be using in vaporizing machines will be essential oils, you can also use them for aromatherapy, such as for mixing your own set of oils to create fragrances in the air to employ a certain mood in the air.

Q: What sickness is a vapor machine used for?

A: Various sicknesses and illnesses can be treated or at least alleviated by the vapor machine, such as the following:

Colds, especially those with stuffed nose. Vapor machines are best used for when you cannot breathe properly through your nose due to being stuffed with cold virus. You need something that is easier to breathe to de-clog your nose from such cold, such as eucalyptus and other store bought vapors you can put in your vapor machine and inhale.

Cough and similar respiratory issues. Coughs and colds are both illnesses and problems that have something to do with the immune system. When you inhale vapor, your throat will be cleared easily as well because it will soothe your throat with the strength of the vapor ingredient, such as eucalyptus, peppermint and other oils.

Allergies such as allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and hay fever. If you sneeze often then that is a sign of a nasal allergy that needs to be relieved properly or else you cannot work properly in the day. Aside from medications, sometimes, vapor machines can help you get relief from the irritation of your nose allergy.

Sore throat and any kind of throat problems, such as having a dry throat and the like, can be treated with a vapor machine. Because this machine can also humidify the air, it can help treat these throat problems and keep you relieved.

Q: How is a steam humidifier different from conventional steam inhaling?

A: There are greater benefits of using a vapor machine or steam humidifier compared to the towel method, such as the following:

It helps protect your eyes from getting irritation.

It ensures the right amount of vapor that is not too strong.

It is safer because you’re less likely to spill hot water on yourself (especially for kids).

If you are using a blend of oils, it will ensure the right ratio for a well balanced inhalation.

Q: What makes up the steam humidifier vapor contents?

Common steam humidifier vapor ingredients can be made with any of the following:

Eucalyptus – this can come in herbal form from the eucalyptus tree from your backyard, or from essential oils you can buy at the store instead of making one yourself. Eucalyptus is commonly found on most Vick’s vapor products because of its great benefits for colds and cough.

Camphor – this can usually come in essential oil form. Vick’s products will most likely have camphor as well, so you might want to try those.

Peppermint – you might find this in the garden or in essential oils, for your vapor machine. Peppermint is a good natural and organic ingredient to help alleviate stuffy noses.

Menthol – this is a common ingredient you can find in camphor and similar ingredients. Menthol is also the stuff that is found in candies and breath fresheners.

Q: How much drops of oils or vapor should I add for the vapor machine?

A: Depending on the sickness you are trying to cure, here’s a list of recommended drops of oils for the vapor machine:

Sickness or problem



Colds, cough, sinus and other respiratory problems


3 to 5




3 to 5

Headaches due to stress

Chamomile and Lavender

5 each

Headaches due to shoulder and neck tension (e.g. throbbing pain)

Myrrh, cinnamon and frankincense

5 (cinnamon), 3 each (myrrh and frankincense)

For relaxation and anti-stress

Lavender and chamomile

5 each

Lemongrass and chamomile

5 each

Q: How do asthma patients benefit from vapor machines?

A: Inhaling steam can also be a great benefit for those with asthma conditions. Asthma is a condition that can make breathing very difficult and is a hereditary illness that can be trouble if you work or go to school. Here are the biggest benefits of asthma patients from steam inhaling machines:

Your blood circulation is improved. This reduces the likelihood of headache when you get an attack and controls your mood a swell.

It has anti-inflammatory properties. This is good for keeping your airway less dry during an asthma attack.

Natural expectorants help patients. This helps people breathe better due to unclogging the nose and giving the airway some moistness.

You can feel stress-free with it. Vapor machines are great for relieving stress from patients suffering any disease or illness whatsoever, or just feeling down.

There are also skin benefits from the vapor machine. As mentioned above, it helps your skin pores to relax, which is important if your sickness or illnesses has been making your skin weaker lately.

Q: What are the different kinds of humidifiers and their pros and cons?

A: Various kinds of humidifiers exist for different purposes, and each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages:

The evaporative humidifier, also called a fan humidifier, uses wind that is blown by a motor and a filter or rotating disc, depending on the model that you buy. Most people buy the rotating disc because it is less likely to get dirty quickly and is good for your skin. They produce less noise so it’s great for the kids and for those not sleeping well at night. Here are their pros and cons:



·         Great for bedrooms

·         Low noise level

·         Hygienic due to less dust

·         Those with porous filters are hard to clean

·         It’s not as quiet as ultrasonic humidifiers

The ultrasonic humidifier is the quietest of all humidifiers, and also the cheapest. It also consumes the least amount of energy and is also the most popular of all. There are good and bad sides to this product, but generally, most people point to an ultrasonic humidifier when they think of a humidifier. Here are its pros and cons:



·         They don’t cost a lot of money

·         They are very quiet

·         Energy consumption is not that high

·         They are very easy to find

·         They might spread dust in dust-prone areas, which is not good for those with respiratory issues

The steam humidifier is the kind of humidifier that is mostly used for therapeutic or medical purposes. They are mostly known for inhaling vapor or steam for unclogging stuff nose and relieving symptoms of asthma, hay fever, irritation, dry cough, sore throat and many more. Here are its pros and cons:



·         It is the best in killing bad bacteria and germs so it’s very hygienic to use

·         It helps alleviate respiratory problems without dust

·         They also don’t cost much

·         The heat can potentially cause house fires or other hazards

·         They may consume more electricity, since they use heat

Q: Which is better: hot steam or cool mist when it comes to vapor machines?

A: Both hot steam and cool mist have their own pros and cons when you want to use them for a vapor machine or humidifier:


Hot Steam

Cool Mist


Hot steam is ideal for therapeutic and medical respiratory illnesses.

Cool mist is ideal for humidifying the room when it’s dry.


Hot steam should be used with caution with kids.

Cool mist is fine for any age bracket.


Hot steam usually comes from a steam humidifier or vapor machine.

Cool mist usually comes from other types of humidifiers.


Hot steam is considered more hygienic because it helps kill bad bacteria and viruses in the air.

Cool mist may not be effective at sanitizing your air compared to what hot steam does.


Hot steam machines can be slightly cheaper than cool mist ones.

Cool mist machines can be slight more expensive.

Q: What home remedies can I do to help cure cold?

A: If you have a cold and want to cure it with a simple home remedy, here are some recommendations for you to get started:

Consider getting a lot of liquids, in the form of juice, sports drinks, herbal drinks or even warm soup.

Get steam treatment with a vapor machine, or you can use the bowl technique if you don’t have one.

Blowing your nose is better than sniffing it back, but don’t overdo it.

Saline sprays that are homemade are miracle workers. They are made of 3 tsp salt and 1 tsp baking soda, mixed with distilled water.

Make sure you get a lot of rest, especially if you have flu or fever as well.

Warm salt water gargles can also help alleviate scratchy throats.

Hot liquids are the best for relieving a stuffy nose.

Grab a pack of menthol rub, such as Vick’s vapor rub. Anything with eucalyptus, menthol and camphor are good for your nose.

Hot packs can also help relieve colds and stuffy noses.

Adding another pillow when you sleep at night can help clear out the nasal passages in your nose.

Q: What causes the common cold?

A:  Generally, the common cold is due to rhinoviruses, which can get transmitted in the air and in contact. The common cold is caused by any of the following:

Hand to hand contact with someone else who has a cold.

Use of objects that have been contaminated by the cold virus.

Somebody sneezes or coughs and you catch the virus.

Additionally, there are also risk factors that can help contribute to catching a cold:

·         If there are many people in the place you’re in, there’s a chance you’ll get cold from someone.

·         People who smoke often tend to have colds and respiratory illnesses more.

·         Fall and winter (or rainy days for tropical countries) are the best seasons to catch cold from.

·         Anyone with a weak immune system can catch colds easier.

·         Children are actually at a greater risk for colds, hence they need a lot of care and attention.

Alternatively, there are also other things that a common cold might develop into, such as the following:

·         Acute sinusitis can happen if the cold gets your sinuses irritated.

·         Acute ear infection can happen alongside common cold if it involves earaches.

·         People with asthma can get triggered if they catch a cold.

·         Respiratory complications such as bronchitis, pneumonia and strep throat can also occur, especially in kids (and even the elderly).

Q: How do people get allergic rhinitis?

A: Allergic rhinitis is commonly mistaken for the common cold. If it is repeating and with constant sneezing then it’s rhinitis, otherwise known as hay fever. While this kind of allergy is mostly due to allergens in the air, it is commonly known as a life-sentence illness like asthma, that only gets triggered when it does, and can be hereditary. Nonetheless, you can prevent it by keeping the allergens away.

Here are the common triggers for getting allergic rhinitis:

·         Pollen from grass and flowers

·         Mold and mildew

·         Pet dander and shed skin

·         Cat saliva

·         Dust and dust mites

Q: What are the two types of coughs?

A: Specifically, there are two types of cough, characterized by the following:

Dry cough: dry cough does not have mucus or phlegm, and is characterized by simply coughing but without the sticky feeling in their throat. This dry cough is most likely due to dry weather, a dry throat or any other kind of irritant that may cause such a cough. There are specific cough medicines that are intended for dry cough.

Chesty cough (with phlegm or mucus): coughs with phlegm or mucus can be bad, but can be treated as well. The mucus needs to get out of the body for the cough to be resolved, which can be done with the help of cough medicine or natural remedies such as oregano.

Q: What are the symptoms of sore throat?

A: A sore throat is always a bad thing, especially if you need to present a report to your boss or in front of the class, or your voice is an important asset in your work or school needs. Here are the signs and symptoms to know if you already have sore throat:

·         Scratchy throat sensation

·         Muffled voice that’s unlike your usual voice

·         Patches on your tonsils (when inspected)

·         Swollen tonsils, usually reddish

·         Glands in your jaw become sore

·         When you talk, it becomes painful

·         Swallowing anything also become painful

Additionally, sore throat can also coexist with different health problems, such as:

·         Runny nose or colds

·         Headaches

·         Body pains

·         Fever or flu

·         Cough or asthma

·         Vomiting or nausea

·         Allergies or frequent sneezing

Q: What possible home remedies can I give to someone with cough?

A: A home remedy can be a great way to resolve someone with cough or other common illnesses during the rainy days or in the winter and autumn. Here are some ways you can help alleviate or cure cough at home:

Peppermint: this one contains menthol, which is great for helping to relieve cough.

Camphor: this also contains menthol, which can help soothe your throat.

Eucalyptus: this is mostly available as a topical medicine, such as vapor rubs.

Oregano: this is a good herbal home remedy, which you can use as a syrup to relieve cough.

OTC medicines: if you are near a pharmacy or have some stock at home, you can use OTC medicines in case you don’t have these herbal remedies.

Q: How do I prevent the common cold from happening?

A: Like with most illnesses, you can actually prevent the common cold from interrupting your daily lifestyle with the following tips:

Always wash your hands when you contact with someone, especially in public.

Use handkerchiefs and tissues when sneezing or coughing.

It pays to get hydrated a lot.

If you need to touch your face, make sure your hands are sanitized.

Bring alcohol or hand sanitizer if you’re on the go.

Get enough exercise or physical activity.

Go into the sunshine of the early morning and breathe some fresh air.

Vitamin C foods can help fend off cold viruses, such as fruits and vegetables.

If you currently smoke, you should stop or minimize it.

Using a gargle such as Listerine or a homemade gargle can be great to kill mouth viruses.

Hot baths can be great germ killers.

Drinking alcohol should be kept to a minimum so you don’t dry your throat and nose.

Q: How do I prepare essential oils for colds?

A: To prepare your essential oils to treat or alleviate colds, you need to do the following:

1. Add drops of your preferred essential oil on a pot of boiling water or a vapor machine.

2. if you use the regular boiling water method, use a towel to cover your face with the bowl to inhale the steam, but keep your face 10 inches away to avoid burning. Breathe for at least 2 minutes then rest, then go back.

3. If you use the vapor machine method, use it in a properly sealed room so that the vapor won’t escape. Breathe normally and inhale the steam with the essential oils.

4. You can also use essential oils on your bath by adding 2 to 12 drops in 1 tbsp of any carrier oil (e.g. jojoba oil) when you take a bath.

5. You can also use a cotton ball or handkerchief and drop the oils there to inhale directly.

6. If your colds come with headaches, drop some oil onto your temples, especially peppermint oil or anything that’s soothing.

Q: What are the benefits of camphor?

A: Camphor is a natural decongestant for colds and is regarded as a good medicinal oil for most respiratory problems. Coming from the camphor tree, it has the following benefits:

Camphor is great for proper blood circulation. This helps your immune system work better to avoid illnesses and sickness.

It may also help you digest food properly. This is important so that you can get all of the nutrients of your food.

Camphor is great for insect bites as well. If you have stings or bites then you can relieve the inflammation with camphor.

You can use it for certain skin problems and inflammations. People who have a lot of itch can be relieved using camphor.

People with gas problems can also use it. If you have problems in your tummy then camphor is also a good home remedy to consider.

Those with cramps or spasms can use camphor. Cramps can happen mostly to women so it’s great to have camphor at home.

Anyone with anxiety or stress can feel relieved with the soothing quality of camphor. People who have been thinking a lot due to work or other problems can feel relaxed with it.

It can be a natural libido for couples. Those who want to enhance their sexual life can make use of camphor as well.

People with neuralgia can also relax better with camphor. This condition can be alleviated with the use of camphor products.

If you have arthritis then camphor can help soothe the pain. People who are in their 60s and are prone to arthritis can use camphor oils.

Nasal congestion and other respiratory problems can be alleviated with camphor. Like we said above, camphor is the best for colds, cough, flu, fever, sore throat and the like.

For headaches, your brain can relax better with camphor. You can also relieve head tensions and the like because of the soothing capabilities of camphor.

People who may be having a cardiac failure or even epileptic attack can be calmed down with camphor.

Q: How do I minimize allergic rhinitis?

A: While there’s no direct treatment for allergic rhinitis, there are ways to control and prevent it from ruining your day, such as the following:

If you have pets, keep them cleaned as much as possible or keep them restricted to certain areas. If your hay fever is severe, it may be best to stay away from pets.

Keep your home items dust-free by washing them regularly. If your children has stuffed toys, make sure they get cleaned regularly.

Clean up your bathroom at least once a month to avoid mold formation. Consider products that don’t smell really chemical-like but leave a lasting cleaning formulation.

If it’s pollen season, it’s best to stay indoors so you can avoid attacks. Pollen season can vary from region to region so it’s best to know when’s the time to avoid outdoor trips if you have hay fever.

Q: How do I keep my stuffy nose from ruining my day (and productivity)?

A: There are many ways to help relieve a stuffy nose, such as the following:

Get yourself a humidifier at home or in the office. Humidifiers are great for keeping the air moist and less dry, so that you can breathe properly. Some humidifiers also have a hot vapor option, which is good for relieving and alleviating cold symptoms.

Drink plenty of liquids. It pays to drink juices, hot teas, herbal remedies and the like. You can also go for soups so you can feel hydrated. The catch is to unclog your stuffed nose with a lot of liquids so that it doesn’t get too sticky underneath your nasal line.

Taking a hot shower can also help. Hot water already contains steam, which is great at killing bacteria and helping your nose get unclogged. The hot sensation also helps reduce inflammation. If you don’t have a hot and cold shower system, boil hot water for bath instead.

Saline sprays are also great for decongesting. These sprays are available in most pharmacies and drug stores and can help your nose to stay hydrated. If you haven’t used these kinds of sprays yet, you should ask your doctor first if they are okay to use.

Try some nasal sprays. There are nasal sprays that work well for irritation. Some of them are over the counter but some require prescription. The catch is that they can be sprayed to help reduce inflammation of your nose and relieve the congestion.

Use topical rubs. Vapor rubs such as Vick’s can be great for both kids and adults because they contain menthol, camphor, eucalyptus and other soothing ingredients to help alleviate a stuffy nose. If you don’t have a topical rub or want a mess-free application, there are OTC inhaler sticks available as well.

Consider using a warm compress, especially if you also have flu and fever. A warm compress is not just for flu and fever – you can also use it to unclog a stuffy nose, since the heat can potentially make the mucus easier to get out of your system.

You can also use a neti pot. These kinds of pots are specially designed so that you can unblock the stuffed airways of your nose. Neti pots use distilled water and can be a bit complicated to use at first, but they can provide some relief for your clogged nose.

Allergy medicine such as antihistamines work for those with nasal allergies. If your stuffed nose is due to hay fever, it may be best to take any kind of antihistamine to help soothe and relax your inflamed nose or airways. It may make you feel drowsy, but that’s the sign that it’s working.

Find the right sleeping position that works for you. Sleeping on your side can actually help relieve nasal congestions. If one side of your nose is clogged, lean to one side and then the other if the other gets clogged. It’s a matter of finding the ideal sleeping position to help relieve and alleviate a stuffy nose.

Wrapping It Up

The Levoit 4L Vaporizer is our pick for the best vaporizer due to the night light, humidifying capabilities, auto shut off feature and enough capacity of 4 liters.