Best Vacuum for Stairs

The Dirt Devil M0100 Hand Vacuum Cleaner is our best vacuum for stairs, which feels balanced as a handheld vacuum and it can get into most nooks and crannies to clean up dirt and debris such as the stairs. It keeps your home away from the dirt with its 7 amp motor and it is also great for pet owners to remove pet hair around the house or in the stairs.

Our step-up pick is the Dirt Devil SD12000 Hand Vac 2.0 and being ergonomically designed, this vacuum for stairs is made for tight spots and you can use it when you want to clean the stairs. It is also motor driven and it is easily used on the stairs even with plug-in power due to the long power cord. With a high speed brush roll, it effectively cleans carpets.

The budget pick is the Shark Rocket DeluxePro Lightweight Handheld Hand Vacuum and the vacuum for stairs is easy to carry from room to room and works on carpet just fine for pet hair and dirt. You can also go up and down the stairs with less worry with the weight of this unit and you can also clean up the dining room with it on almost any surface possible.

A Little Background

The stairs is one of the hardest areas of the house, office or business establishment to clean up in general due to the number of steps. Most stairs can be swept with a broom or cleaned by a mop but vacuuming is another story. Vacuuming is a hefty and bulky task, especially if you have a heavy vacuum cleaner at home. This is why for cleaning the stairs, you need a different kind of vacuum cleaner or attachment to do it.
Vacuum cleaners fall into different categories, as some will be ideal for carpets but some are the best for hardwood. Some have attachments but some are just one vacuum unit for light tasks. If your vacuum cleaner has an upholstery attachment then that is a great advantage to maintaining your furniture and keeping it free of pet hair and you can use it for the stairs as well.
When it comes to cleaning the stairs, bagged vacuum cleaners are ideal for those with allergies because they won’t even handle dust particles at all, especially pet hair and dander. However, bag-less solutions are great for those who just want a big dust bin and don’t want the trouble of having to buy another bag anymore. Either way, both bagged and bag-less vacuum cleaners need to have an ample dust capacity so that you will have less trips to the trash can. The capacity, however, should not be too large so that you can be able to carry the vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs with ease.
Instead of carpets, most homeowners prefer stairs to be made of solid and flat material, such as wood or even cement (polished concrete) or tiles (with foot stoppers), so that it can be super easy to maintain and clean up when the time comes. Imagine having to clean up the carpeted stairs of up to 50 steps in a large mansion!
Remember to clean the stairs from the bottom first, because it will give you more room to stay safe while you are on the stairs. When you start at the top, you may have the tendency to fall down because of the typical direction you are facing with the vacuum cleaner.

How We Picked

For the best vacuum for stairs, you should look for the following factors:
Portability and size: a vacuum for stairs should be super easy to lift from upstairs downwards and vice versa. Considering a unit for vacuuming that is easy to carry around with its overall size so it will be more convenient for you to clean up the stairs. This makes it easier for you to erase dirt around the house if you have stairs.
Attachment for stairs: make sure that the vacuum for stairs will be okay to clean with stairs either with the main attachment or with an additional attachment included. The attachment should be easy to store and to use not just for the stairs but also for other parts of the house that are difficult to clean.
Ease of maneuvering: having a vacuum for stairs that is easy to maneuver means that it will be less of a hassle to climb up and down the stairs to clean up each step. Wheels also add mobility to the vacuum cleaner. It depends upon the controls and the design of the vacuum to be effectively easy to control.
Electrical consumption: the electrical consumption of a vacuum for stairs should not be too wasteful and should not be too much. Having a balance of power consumption and power of suction is important so that you won’t feel stressed when the electric bill comes, especially if you use the vacuum cleaner for longer periods of time.
Electrical safety: consider a vacuum for stairs that is approved by CE, ASTM or UL standards in terms of electrical safety. This endures that you will have a vacuum cleaner that will less likely overheat from prolonged usage.
Type of vacuum: you should choose a vacuum for stairs according to your preferred type of vacuum cleaner, which can be upright, canister, stick, handheld, robotic or backpack. Canister is ideal for stairs as well as handheld vacuums, whereas upright vacuums can be a bit bulky for that purpose, so you may opt for a stick vacuum instead. Robot vacuums are also great for the stairs, but they need to be equipped with smart infrared sensors to detect edges and turn away for safety. Backpack vacuums are good as well, but you need to be strong to lift it between the stairs.
Bagged or bag-less: a vacuum for stairs can either be bagged or bag-less. Most newer vacuums are bag-less and make use of a dust bin, which can be a hassle to clean afterwards but can allow you to directly throw dirt into the trash can. Bagged systems are less of a maintenance to clean but can have an impact to the environment, unless your vacuum uses paper material bags.
Dust compartment capacity: do consider a vacuum for stairs that has a sufficient capacity for dust, regardless if it uses a bagged system or a bag-less system. This saves you more trips to throwing dust away into the garbage can or bin and will allow you to clean up more areas without having to empty the bin first.
Corded or cordless: do consider if the vacuum for stairs you will buy is cordless or corded. This ensures that you will have a set time to clean the house. A cordless vacuum will give you a limited time but you will be able to clean anywhere even without an outlet connection or wiring. A corded vacuum for stairs, on the other hand, will need to be plugged into an outlet before it works, limiting your scope of operation, but you can clean the stairs and other parts of the house in an unlimited time.
Type of stairs: consider a vacuum for stairs that is okay for the type of stairs you have. If you have plain stairs then you should consider an attachment that is applicable for hardwood or any solid wood. However, if you have carpeted stairs then do consider a vacuum for stairs that will have a couple of brush attachments for thorough and deep cleaning in just one pass or two. Most of the vacuums nowadays also have a switch for the beater bar to move between hardwood and carpet flooring with great ease.
Filter system: HEPA filters are the usual filters to have for your vacuum for stairs. The HEPA filter can trap dust and debris for up to 99 percent so your indoor air quality will stay allergy-free. A HEPA filter is a good filter to have because it is fully washable when needed to be cleaned instead of having to replace the filter itself.
Suction power: the suction power of a vacuum for stairs should be efficient so that it will be able to suck up dust, dirt and debris faster with a fewer passes required. This allows you to save more time and effort in cleaning and get from one area to another easily. This is so you can work all kinds of surfaces and areas and even curtains, bed sheets, linen and so much more with its versatility.
Price and warranty: the warranty policy of the vacuum for stairs should be clear and concise so that it will not be frustrating should any problems arise. The price of the vacuum for stairs is usually less expensive because of its size. Most vacuums for stairs are portable, such as handheld ones.

Our Pick

Dirt Devil M0100 Hand Vacuum Cleaner

The Dirt Devil M0100 Hand Vacuum Cleaner is our best vacuum for stairs. With a powerful suction that can improve your cleaning performance, it is great at giving you fade free power. This vacuum is made for thorough cleaning and it is also great for both big and small messes.
Ideal for vacuuming curtains, the vacuum for stairs is also capable of furniture cleanup with its comfort handle. It also has a neat motorized brush for scrubbing the stairs. It also has some option for sensitive applications and attachments to help you clean narrow areas in a breeze.
If you want mobility while cleaning the stairs then this is a powerful vacuum to consider. It has a crevice tool included for getting into crevices and corners and it has an ample dirt cup for storing the dirt you sucked. The vacuum for stairs also comes with a motorized brush for other uses.
The rotating brush does its job well on this handheld vacuum cleaner so you can also clean other places such as cars and take away embedded dirt. At only 6.5 pounds of weight, the vacuum is easy to carry and is easy to empty to throw the sucked dirt into the trash can.
Great for stubborn pet hair around the house, the vacuum for stairs can also be used for cleaning drapes when hair is everywhere and anywhere. The vacuum also comes with a 20 foot power cord for longer usage and farther reach. The hose and wand lets you clean the stairs along with the 5-piece tool set.
You can clean your couch easily with this handy device and it is also bag-less for less cleaning and maintenance of bags. The HEPA filter eliminates dust and dander in your stairs and it also has a dusting brush for your needs to clean up the railing as well. The convenient system means no bags to mess with. As a great little sweeper, the vacuum can work for upholstery without unplugging and has a 3-year limited warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

A few known flaws but not deal breakers to say about the Dirt Devil M0100 Hand Vacuum Cleaner include the fact that it might not be good for longer periods of cleaning because it gets slightly hot easily, so make sure you clean up the debris from the compartment and brushes regularly.

Step-up Pick

Dirt Devil SD12000 Hand Vac 2.0

Our step-up pick is the Dirt Devil SD12000 Hand Vac 2.0 and this vacuum can take out dust and debris in no time and can also reach some window sills or under the sofa. If you need to take out small things from your stairs and save more energy then this is a good vacuum to consider.
It is good for furniture as well and it has an integrated storage on board for tools. Moreover, the vacuum for stairs can work well on corners and can clean up any mess. Also, the quick-rinse filter is reusable for less maintenance on the filters. You can pick up pet hair and dust on carpet with this unit.
Whether you have a big or small mess in the stairs, you can use this vacuum for stairs as it is bearing a similar power of an upright vacuum. With a 20 foot power cord for a longer reach, you can also use it in couches. In fact, you can just empty the dirt cup with the one-touch bottom system for convenience.
As a very powerful vacuum for stairs with a lightweight design, it is easy to dump the dirt into the trash can. The motor is at 2 amps so it is just economical. In fact, the cord is long enough so you can work on the stairs without unplugging to remove dirt and dust with a touch of a button.
You can vacuum the stairs easily with this vacuum for stairs. It is rated for use at 120V and it is portable so you can pick up and go cleaning. The rotating brushes help speed up cleaning your stairs and may also work in your sofa.
With enough power in the palm of your hand, you can clean your couch and everything else at only 2.8 pounds. The unit is friendly even for those with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. If there is pet hair on your furniture or on your cars, this vacuum for stairs is a good buy. It has a 1-year limited warranty.

Budget Pick

Shark Rocket DeluxePro Lightweight Handheld Hand Vacuum

Our budget pick is the Shark Rocket DeluxePro Lightweight Handheld Hand Vacuum and it has a high-performance motor that works hard. It is also relatively easy to empty for the dust compartment and has a strong suction, giving you a satisfying cleaning experience.
it is also convenient to carry and it is also good for crevices with a powerful suction. It can pick up loose human hair with good suction power and it can also work on delicate surfaces like curtains. The unit never loses suction and is sufficient for your quick cleaning needs.
For your upholstery, the vacuum for stairs is also great as it prevents dirt from clogging, especially for pet hair. It can also clean around and under chairs with its ergonomic design that makes it both light and powerful. With easy to clean filters, you can also vacuum your car with a deep clean action.
To take out dust and allergens, this vacuum for stairs has strong suction power for your stairs with its duster crevice tool. You can have less work in no time or in one pass because of the power from this lightweight device. It can take out dust in your home and any loose debris.
There is also a brush roll for upholstery and a motorized brush for other purpose. If your cats and dogs like to sleep on the stairs then this is a good vacuum for stairs to clean up every nook and cranny as it eagerly picks up pet hair.

Best Vacuum for Stairs that is a Stick Vacuum

Bissell Multi-Reach Cordless Stick Vacuum 2151A

The Bissell Multi-Reach Cordless Stick Vacuum 2151A is a great and versatile vacuum for stairs which has LED lights so you can see where you are vacuuming and see the pet hair or dust under the bed. It also has a long reach extension wand for those needs of higher stairs and steps.
Because the vacuum for stairs is lightweight at only 5 lbs, it is not a bad vacuum to carry to and from the stairs. Made for those with a busy lifestyle, the vacuum for stairs can work on hard-to-reach spots in your house and it can also clean any countertop with the attachments included.
Bearing a cordless design, the vacuum for stairs has a stair tool attachment as well as a motorized brush roll for thoroughly cleaning carpeted stairs. The flat handle makes it easy to carry and the floor nozzle takes out any pet hair, dust and dander from your stairs or flooring.
The vacuum for stairs easily maneuvers over your carpet or floor and can also work well on different floor types and stairs. The vacuum for stairs is powered by a 22v lithium-ion battery and it has a soft dusting brush included for dusting everywhere and anywhere around the house.
You can also use the vacuum for stairs for area rugs while swivel steering from room to room. In fact, the vacuum for stairs converts to a hand vacuum when you need it. The unit also has a removable dirt tank and has a run time of up to 20 minutes.
You can also clean up cars and car seats with it. Having cordless power, the vacuum for stairs can work under furniture and it can also clean up upholstery with the crevice tool, which gets in between the sofa edges and gaps. It has a 2-year limited warranty.

Best Vacuum for Stairs with a Bagged System

Ultra Bagged Handheld Vacuum for Stairs

With a stretch hose, the Ultra Bagged Handheld Vacuum for Stairs is a great vacuum for stairs if you need a bagged one. It can do upholstery and give you flexibility in the long run due to the attachments such as the crevice tool for removing pet hair on sofas and stairs, which can help speed up cleaning time.
Using a micro fresh filtration system for taking out dirt, the vacuum for stairs has a hose that can stretch up to 2 feet for a better way of removing dirt and yet give you plenty of reach in the long run. What’s more, the revolving brush is motorized so you can deep clean any stairs with carpeted floors.
You can run the vacuum for stairs on your stairs to give it a thorough clean-up, especially when it gets dirty and old. You can pick up dirt from floors without much effort with this handheld vacuum for stairs. The width of the nozzle is at 6 inches so it has a pretty wide reach and scope as a vacuum cleaner.
The vacuum for stairs is also versatile that you can use it for auto detailing and cleaning car seats. In fact, the power cord measures 16 feet for longer reach upstairs and downstairs and for better mobility. The unit also comes with a handy crevice tool so you can pick up dust and dirt in between gaps and corners.
The cord storage strap of this vacuum for stairs makes it super convenient to clean up later when you are not using it anymore. In addition to that, the vacuum for stairs can clean up hard-to-reach areas such as other areas of the stairs because of its attachments, so it is definitely good for stair cleaning.

Best Vacuum for Stairs with a HEPA Filter

BESTEK 2-in-1 Red Upright Stick Vacuum

The BESTEK 2-in-1 Red Upright Stick Vacuum uses HEPA filtration so it is a great vacuum for stairs or from room to room whilst filtering out the germs and the dust and pollen around your house. The vacuum for stairs works great if you have carpets over your stairs for easy cleaning.
The unit can be easily disassembled for maintenance so it is less of a hassle to have. You can also use the sponge filtration of the vacuum for stairs for hardwood floors other than for carpeted areas. As a 2-in-1 vacuum (full length or handheld), it is great at trapping small particles away from your home.
You can also depend on the swivel head of this vacuum for stairs for better mobility and flexibility while cleaning the stairs. The unit holds up to 0.8 liters on its dust holder so you can go to the trash can less often. The vacuum for stairs also glides over different floors and surfaces very well.
Great at taking out allergies and bacteria, the vacuum for stairs is also applicable for furniture cleaning. At only 3.7 pounds, the lightweight design of this unit makes it easy for the stairs. The extension tube also allows better reach and even into tight spaces other than your stairs.
For cleaning around the house, the vacuum for stairs is helped by its 16.5 feet of cord for longer reach not just on stair but also on rugs. If you want to go up the stairs then downwards then this is a good handheld cleaning solution to have. It also has an onboard crevice tool for your other needs such as for cleaning furniture.

Best Vacuum for Stairs that is an Upright but Detachable

Bissell Aeroswift Compact Bagless Upright Vacuum

The Bissell Aeroswift Compact Bagless Upright Vacuum is a detachable upright vacuum so it is still fitting for stair cleaning. It has a quick release handle that makes it applicable as a vacuum for stairs or for room to room cleaning with longer reach so you can clean more places.
The twist and snap hose mechanism is easy to setup for simple cleaning of floors and stairs. The vacuum for stairs has 12 inches for its foot width or cleaning path width so you can take out more dirt. In fact, the bin emptying system of this unit or its dirt throwing is convenient without touching dirt for safety.
With up to 5 height settings depending on the user’s preferences, the vacuum for stairs can sweep up hard to reach areas and can have a better reach with its 8-foot stretch hose. Whether you clean up carpets and stairs, this vacuum for stairs is a great companion which offers a total of 10-foot reach.
You can put it together with no tools required so you can get started on cleaning right away out of the box. There is also a rotating turbo brush tool included which is adjustable. You can also clean better with the cyclonic technology of this vacuum for stairs and have mobility through the 30-foot power cord.
The dirt bin is easy to empty for less hassle and the filters are easy to clean. With an extension wand for better reach, the crevice tool also helps for different carpet lengths and stair types. The vacuum for stairs is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Best Vacuum for Stairs with a Lithium Ion Battery

Dirt Devil Quick Flip Plus Vacuum

The Dirt Devil Quick Flip Plus Vacuum is a lithium ion powered vacuum for stairs in which it has an easy to empty dirt cup. It can clean stairs in no time and has an upholstery tool for other purposes. It also has rotating bristles so it is great for carpeted stairs.
Running on a 16 volt lithium battery for a longer run time and no memory effect, the vacuum for stairs can work on your kitchen floors and you can also use the included accessories for thorough cleaning. With a good charging time, the vacuum for stairs can also work on car floor mats for cleaning.
If you have upholstery to clean up afterwards then this 2.2 pounds machine can do the job as well. It has a crevice tool within the unit to clean up sofas. The vacuum for stairs is not too loud while it has a long lasting battery. You can reach dust and pet hair anywhere with this vacuum.
There is also a power indicator to alert you of charging with this unit. You can clean up furniture and use the vacuum in tight corners. It also uses a corded plug but with great power and portability. For those hard to reach spots on the stairs, the vacuum for stairs can be assisted by the included powered turbo tool for better cleaning.

Best Vacuum for Stairs with a Bag-less System

Hoover BH52160PC Air Cordless 20V Vacuum

The Hoover BH52160PC Air Cordless 20V Vacuum is our ideal bet if you want a vacuum for stairs that is bag-less in its system. It runs on a lithium ion battery at 20 volts so you get more runtime and less time charging. In fact, the unit can go up to 50 minutes of runtime with one single charge.
The included filter can be cleaned under running water so it is super convenient. You can use it on carpets and attain a no cord hassle cleaning experience. The tools of this vacuum for stairs can also allow you to clean up cracks and crevices from dirt and dust.
The easy rinse filter makes this vacuum for stairs a super convenient turbo tool for your everyday messes and the like. In fact, the lightweight design makes it easy to get into tight spots and to clean up the stairs without an aching back.
If you also want to do furniture and stairs in just one day of cleaning, the vacuum for stairs is a simple way to do it. The unit charges in about 3 hours and less than 4 lbs so it is easy to carry around. There is also a battery fuel gauge so you know when to plug it in.
Also working for hard floors and surfaces, the vacuum for stairs allows you to go and clean from room to room due to including 2 batteries to recharge for a long lasting use. It also easily picks up hair with less hassle and has a 2 year product warranty to back it up.

Best Vacuum for Stairs that is a Cordless Vacuum

Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless Vacuum

The Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless Vacuum is our ideal pick if you want a cordless vacuum for stairs. In fact, this unit also has a removable hand vacuum so you can have 2 vacuums in one. It is surprisingly lightweight and can be maneuvered around furniture easily.
In fact, the included lithium battery is at 24 volts so you can toughest cleaning spots without the power cord worry due to being cordless. It also has a brush roll for carpeted areas and has a faster charging battery for longer cleaning times. It has a carpet nozzle as well for carpets.
You can also clean hard floors and wood stairs with the upholstery and stair tool included with this unit. All set to clean the stairs, this vacuum cleaner is easy to steer in general so you can just move from one place to another to clean anything and everything you need to dust up.
The vacuum for stairs is so lightweight that you can move around obstacles without much effort due to its portability. A crevice tool is also included for cars and sofas and a cleaning wand for high areas. The vacuum for stairs allows you to hard to reach places.

The Competition

Other vacuums for stairs did not make it to our list because they were not very lightweight to take to the stairs for cleaning. They also didn’t have much attachments for stairs. It is important for any vacuum for stairs to be capable of cleaning stair steps without hassle.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are bagged or bag-less vacuum cleaners better for stairs?
A: A bagged vacuum cleaner is quite the traditional one because it is great for keeping a hygienic feeling when you throw away the trash from your vacuum’s dust compartment. On the other hand, bag-less vacuum cleaners are more convenient when you want an easy way to tell if the bag is full, because they are usually made with translucent or they have a peeking window for the dust.
Q: Why do people have wood stairs instead of carpet?
A: A set of carpeted stairs can be a nightmare to clean if you are vacuuming, or worse, if you only have a traditional broom and dust pan. Even vacuums can find it hard to clean up a carpet due to its stubborn fibers that trap dirt in its way.
Q: Why should I clean the stairs from the bottom first?
A: Cleaning the stairs from the bottom first instead of the top puts you to an advantage – a safety advantage. You will less likely to fall down and trip if you start at the bottom than if you start at the top.
Q: Which vacuums are the best for cleaning stairs?
A: There is no single vacuum to do the stairs altogether. It should be an effort of a 3-in-1 vacuum or two vacuums, at least: one for vacuuming the step and one for the corners and crevices.
Having stairs that need to be vacuumed can be a nightmare, and this is why you need the proper tools. You can have an attachment for easier cleanup or you can have a handheld and a full sized vacuum together for thorough cleaning, especially for large or detailed stairs.
Q: What are robotic and backpack vacuums and do they work well for stairs?
A: A robotic vacuum is a self-navigating smart robot that vacuums your house using its sensors and its suction power. On the other hand, the backpack vacuum is well, a backpack that lets you suck dust with both hands free. Both of them are proven technologies and they are an interesting investment to try.
If you are tired of any conventional means of cleaning the stairs with a vacuum cleaner then you can try a robotic vacuum cleaner, which can have edge detection sensors to know if it is going to fall off a cliff, so you can try to guide it without falling down, but it is not ideal for stairs so far. You can also try a backpack vacuum to avoid having to drag a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs.
Q: Why should I clean my stairs regularly?
A: The stairs of any home, office or business establishment is an important safety point or area, which needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Safety is the number one concern in which you should clean your stairs regularly. Wood may start to rot and can cause terrible injuries if it breaks. Carpets can get mold if you don’t wash them regularly. This is why you need to consider cleaning them every now and then.
Q: Which is cheaper for stair cleaning: bagged vacuums or bag-less vacuums?
A: A bagged vacuum may tend to be more expensive than a bag-less vacuum in the long run, because you need to constantly buy bags for the vacuum cleaner, which is troublesome. Bag-less vacuums, in the long run, are a lot cheaper because they have just one dust bin to clean up. However, if you do have a bagged vacuum that has a reusable bag then that is just as economical as a bag-less system anyway.
Q: Can a robot vacuum clean up the stairs?
A: So far, not yet , as current technology only allows the robot vacuums to sense the edges of the house, so that they don’t cross over your stairs, fall down and injure themselves. Robot vacuums are only best for small humps or changes in elevation, but sadly, not yet for stairs.
Q: Are robot vacuums just as powerful as traditional vacuums?
A: That depends on the cleaning schedule that you give it and the battery life of the vacuum cleaner. Most robot vacuums actually have less suction power because of their portable size, making them much like handheld vacuums. However, the plus side is that you can schedule them to go clean more often than your big old vacuum can.
Q: If I have stairs but want to clean with a robot vacuum, how does it avoid the stairs?
A: The robot vacuum usually have some sensors that detects edges so that it will not fall off any “cliff” that is present in your home, including the stairs. You can lift the robot upstairs and leave it there. When it goes to your stairs, it will turn back because it knows that it will fall down.
Q: Why is a cordless or handheld vacuum better for cleaning stairs?
A: The stairs can be a very tiring place to clean up, and wiring can cause accidents along the way. This is why you need a cordless vacuum cleaner, or better yet, a handheld vacuum cleaner that is not too heavy to lift to clean up the stairs manually but safely.
Q: Why should I blot stains on my stair carpet instead of rubbing them?
A: As with any stain on any carpet or cloth , you should damp or blot onto the stain instead of rubbing it like with regular cloth. Carpets can be delicate and so you must take good care of it by blotting instead of rubbing. It will also keep the stain from spreading in general so that the spot stays in place.
Q: Should I vacuum first before cleaning the carpeted stairs?
A: Yes, vacuuming first is important on any carpeted surface like the stairs because it gets out all of the dry dirt and debris as much as possible so that you can easily scrub the carpet with your favorite homemade or commercial solution, or as instructed by your carpet manufacturer.
Q: After vacuuming, what simple cleaning solution can I use on carpeted stairs to clean up stains?
A: You can use mix of vinegar and dishwashing liquid coupled with water, with varying parts depending on how grave the stain is on the carpeted stairs. There are also many other home remedies out there, but this is the most basic one that will clean stains from your stairs.
Q: Is it still possible for a large vacuum cleaner to clean the stairs?
A: It depends on the attachments included , as some vacuum cleaners of such full size do have attachments or hoses that can help you clean the stairs even from a far off distance. This is very true for most canister type vacuum cleaners, which is why most people who have stairs use a canister vacuum instead of an upright vacuum for their homes.
Q: Should the railings of the stairs be cleaned as well?
A: Yes, the stair railings are just as important as the steps themselves, because they provide safety and support to whoever will climb the stairs, especially seniors. In fact, cleaning your railings more often reduces the risk of viruses and bacteria at home due to the different hands that hold on to the stairs, much like in a public escalator.
Q: Can steam cleaning cause stairs to get stained underneath?
A: That depends on the drying time of your carpets or stair runners, so you need to consider a solution that dries up quickly so you can prevent it from leaking and ruining your wood stairs.
Q: What attachment for my vacuum cleaner is best to use for cleaning the stairs?
A: If you have carpeted stairs then your best chance is to use the brush attachment or roller brush for the best results in deep cleaning your carpeted stairs. Just use any included accessory or attachment included in your vacuum so you can easily reach out and clean your stair steps. If you have a large and bulky vacuum and only have a few steps to clean then you can also try using a longer hose.
Q: Before I varnish my wood stairs, what do I need to do?
A: You should sand away all the rough edges and dirt before you fully varnish your wooden stairs.
Q: What do I need when I want to clean the banister or railings of the stairs?
A: You can use a simple feather duster or if you have a vacuum attachment that is made for crevices or small areas, that works, too. Some vacuums can also be used for dusting smaller areas and sucking up dirt along the way.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Dirt Devil M0100 Hand Vacuum Cleaner is our best vacuum for stairs at only 6.5 lbs, with a 20-foot power cord and has a HEPA filter for 99.97% of dust and particles.