Best Upright Vacuum

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E Vacuum is our best upright vacuum. With swivel steering so you can bring it from one room to another, the upright vacuum has a dust cup that can take up to 2.2 dry quarts. Weighing only 13.7 pounds, which is pretty lightweight for an upright vacuum, the upright vacuum features portable cleaning due to its convertible mechanism.

Our step-up pick is the Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight Vacuum and with a duster crevice tool included in the upright vacuum, it has a bristle brush as well for getting into those tight corners and the like. Great for general floor cleaning, the upright vacuum is able to take out most dirt and debris such as pet hair around the house and on the carpet or flooring or on the sofa.

The budget pick is the BISSELL 9595A CleanView OnePass Bagless Vacuum and using the OnePass Technology method to clean up your carpets or hardwood floors without sacrificing power, the vacuum cleaner can also go over furniture without much effort as it is a lightweight vacuum even for an upright model. It gets into nooks and crannies of your sofa or couch and in auto interiors.

A Little Background

Upright vacuum cleaners are great for removing pet hair and dander off your carpet or rug and can also be used outdoors at your yard, lawn, patio, garden or for similar applications. Upright vacuum cleaners may be bulky but they can clean better than the rest, such as canister vacuums and stick vacuums, hence they are much better for large houses with a lot of floor area to cover and clean with just a single pass on each spot. The one pass cleaning method is the biggest advantage of an upright vacuum cleaner, which saves you time and effort.
Whether you choose an upright vacuum cleaner that is bagged or bag-less can be The big advantage of a bag-less system is that you give less impact to the environment due to not throwing bags away anymore (this isn’t the case if your vacuum unit uses paper bags instead of plastic). Bag-less systems, on the other hand, when not designed properly, can be harder to clean than bag systems.
Having fresh air in your home other than being dust-free is important so that you and your family, as well as your guests, will feel refreshed and clean and will be kept away from allergens in the air. Having essential oils in the air around your home helps soothe your senses.
Because of the size, however, some people don’t like the bulkiness of an upright vacuum cleaner and this is why most people prefer a canister vacuum cleaner for flexibility. While they have this major con, it still has some advantage over a canister vacuum cleaner, because it is able to clean with a single pass as compared to the canister one, due to its power.
Having a vacuum cleaner is a great benefit for various purposes and not just for sucking up dirt. If you don’t have an air pump for inflating items then you can use a vacuum cleaner in reverse to blow up an item with air. It is a cool technique that not many people know about when using a vacuum cleaner to its full extent. You can even use the blower option of a vacuum cleaner to dry up your hair after washing it or dry your car up after a manual carwash.
The upright vacuum cleaner is meant for the carpet because of its high dust capacity and its brushes that are more applicable for carpets and not for hardwood or solid floors, which may damage the flooring quality due to the rotating brush. If you mainly want to clean up carpets then you should definitely get an upright vacuum cleaner, especially if you have a large home with mostly carpets around.
Compared to a stick vacuum cleaner, an upright vacuum cleaner is usually bulkier and much more powerful, with more attachments included and less passes required to clean up an area. However, storing a stick vacuum cleaner is a lot easier than storing an upright vacuum cleaner, which is bulky and heavy at the same time. Households who can’t choose between an upright and a canister vacuum cleaner may end up wanting the stick vacuum cleaner instead.

How We Picked

When you want to choose the best upright vacuum cleaner, you should consider the following facts first:
Size and weight: a good upright vacuum should be just right for its size. Most upright vacuums are bulky and heavy in general but you can still choose from different models out there that would be just right for your handling capabilities. Having a good weight in addition to maneuverability is also important for a upright vacuum so it will be less of a hassle to drag around and about.
Suction power: the suction power of a upright vacuum is usually considerably powerful compared to canister vacuums. Usually, a upright vacuum can go for just one pass instead of many passes, allowing you to relax further and sooner because of getting your job done quicker than possible, compared to most canister, stick and handheld vacuums.
Capacity or volume for dust: a upright vacuum should have sufficient dust volume or capacity, whether it is bag-less or a bagged system. Don’t worry though, as this type of upright vacuum is usually bigger so you can have more room for the dust container. Most upright vacuums are bagged systems, however, so you need to consider looking at the bag first and emptying it when possible or needed.
Bag-less or bagged: most upright vacuums are bagged but you can also opt for a bag-less system. Most people argue that a bag-less system is a lot easier to maintain because you can easily see how much dirt has been gathered so you can throw it away and empty it easier. However, be wary that some designs of a upright vacuum’s bag-less dirt cup or dust bin can be a tiresome task to clean up.
Ease of storage and cleaning: having an easy to clean upright vacuum is important so you’ll be less lazy to maintain it and to keep it running. Even if a upright vacuum is generally bulky, it should still be easy to store due to its size and shape. Having an easy to store unit for a upright vacuum is important so that you will be able to take it out of the closet or compartment whenever you need to use it again.
Electrical certifications: if you have an upright vacuum that is UL listed, CE certified, etc. then that means that the upright vacuum is a good quality product or unit that will not cause overheating or any kind of electrical faulty that may cause fires or injuries that can be hazardous to your home.
Filter type: most upright vacuums have a HEPA filter, which is great for removing allergens in the air up to 99.9%, and is an important consideration when choosing the best upright vacuums out there. Most of these kinds of filters for a upright vacuum are also fully washable, making them easy to maintain.
Maneuverability: do consider an upright vacuum that is easy to maneuver, with wheels or casters that can swivel and move as smoothly as possible. Because a upright vacuum is generally bulky, it is important that its wheels allow you to move it from side to side and from room to room or from place to place without having to lift it up, because it is generally heavy anyway.
Attachments: having a multitude of attachments for a upright vacuum is important because it dictates the versatility and the functions of the unit that you can be able to do. Your upright vacuum can have additional attachments for various floors and not just carpets, making it a great cleaning companion to have in the long run and as an investment for your home.

Our Pick

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E Vacuum

Our best upright vacuum is the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E Vacuum in which the unit can be lifted using a button for the canister. It easily picks up big crumbs and it also keeps dust inside the vacuum and away from your home air space. This upright vacuum is great on keeping the air clean.
Most carpet and bare floors can be both cleaned using the brush roll switch of this upright vacuum. It can easily clean your floor and provide an anti-allergen space in your home. You can easily dust your bare floors with the upright vacuum. It also has an 8-inch crevice tool for corners and sofa gaps.
You can clean up hard to reach areas with the use of this upright vacuum. It has a HEPA filter that thoroughly cleans up allergens in the air. It is a powerful upright vacuum for treating bare floors as well and it is also a 2-in-1 vacuum combo for it can be converted to a lift-away and an upright vacuum.
Measuring 30 feet on its cord length, the seal technology of this upright vacuum is just fine to trap dirt. It also measures 5 feet for the hose length for you to dust away without straining your arms and body. With a pod weight of 8 pounds, you can get rid of allergens in the air with this upright vacuum.
Including 4 hard floor attachments, it can work on both flat and high carpet as a versatile upright vacuum. With a total of 2 washable microfiber pads, it has a total of 9.5 inches of path width for cleaning. There is also a pet power brush included with this upright vacuum.
You can get rid of large debris with this upright vacuum as it targets up to 99.9% of dust in any place or area. What’s more, there is an accessory bag included to store all the attachments needed in this vacuum cleaner. Being a portable upright vacuum, it traps fine dust as much as possible.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some cons but not really deal breakers to say about the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E Vacuum include the fact that it’s not really good at edge cleaning, but that is a con that is shared by nearly all upright vacuums, because that is the job of a canister vacuum and a handheld vacuum instead.

Step-up Pick

Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight Vacuum

The Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight Vacuum is our step-up pick for the best upright vacuum with DuoClean technology for better cleaning on almost all surfaces possible. It has a bunch of washable foam filters so you can reuse them again and again for less maintenance.
It can easily deep clean carpets due to the attachments included in the upright vacuum. Applicable even for most non-carpeted surfaces, you can also rarely switch outlets due to the design and portability of this upright vacuum, which works well on hardwood floors. It can suck up piles of small particles.
With a storage hook included, the upright vacuum is so easy to store when not in use. The soft brush roll is also very much safe for your hardwood floor. With a brush roll garage to put it away, it’s easy to organize your attachments. Weighing only 10.1 lbs, the included dust cup capacity of 0.91 dry quarts.
You can capture even larger particles with the use of this upright vacuum and you can see what you are cleaning with the use of its LED lights, especially for cleaning under the bed. With 2 power settings for energy efficiency, the upright vacuum also includes an upholstery tool for better cleaning on sofas.
Giving you a polished look for floors, the effectiveness of the floor nozzle does the job well. The upright vacuum is also easy on stairs with its mechanism as a lightweight vacuum. Measuring 8.5 inches for its cleaning path width, it is just fine for its capability of sweeping dirt away in an ultra-lightweight style.
The upright vacuum has over 30 feet of cord length and also comes with a hair removal tool. It is also convertible into a hand vacuum weighing only 4.6 lbs. There is also a wand for going under appliances and a pet multi-tool to remove all the stubborn hair from your dog or cat. With a storage clip, this versatile upright vacuum also includes a wall mount.

Budget Pick

BISSELL 9595A CleanView OnePass Bagless Vacuum

For a fast and easy cleaning spree, the BISSELL 9595A CleanView OnePass Bagless Vacuum is our budget pick for those who want to save more money yet get an upright vacuum cleaner. It has a dusting brush included and its dirt tank is easy to empty and it also has a multi-level filtration method for cleaning.
Moreover, you can use the vacuum cleaner for vacuuming carpeted stairs. It also has an extension wand for those hard to reach areas whilst retaining the powerful suction that it promises. The weight of 15 lbs isn’t very strenuous to carry over the stairs with this vacuum cleaner.
What’s more, the brush design is just right for cleaning those hard spots such as lamp shades using the dusting brush. You can be able to clean your apartment easily with the use of this vacuum cleaner. It has a brush that gently rotates into carpet without damaging it yet cleaning away the dust.
You can use the vacuum cleaner for hard to reach areas with its Multi-Cyclonic Suction System. With a large capacity bin, it uses a cyclonic system. Moreover, cleaning ceilings become easier using the extension wand of this vacuum cleaner. As for the portability, the 25-foot power cord makes it easier to reach more places without as much moving the vacuum cleaner.
This upright vacuum has a filter which can be replaced every 3 to 6 months. What’s more, the foam tank filter is washable so you can save up on expenses with having to replace the filter every now and then. There is also a turbo brush tool for deep cleaning rugs and the upright vacuum is also backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Best Upright Vacuum for Commercial Use

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS 8 Pound Vacuum

If you want a commercial use upright vacuum cleaner then you should try the Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS 8 Pound Vacuum. It includes 4 bags with the package so you can get started with cleaning right away. The included brush roll spins at 6,500 RPM so it’s pretty good for those tough dirt. In addition, it has a cleaning path of 12 inches so it is fairly enough for those who want to get the job done faster and easier.
Great if you manage a janitorial company, the upright vacuum is also a convenient vacuum in the garage for your workshop or cleaning messes. It can also conveniently vacuum floors at only 8 pounds of weight, so it is a good upright vacuum choice for a small home apartment. It also has a floor adjustment feature to keep your mind at ease.
What’s more, the upright vacuum takes up less space when you store it anywhere. You can be able to clean up a metal fan in a breeze with the use of this upright vacuum. Likewise, it works great on plush rugs just as it does on a carpet system. Furthermore, it cleans up the mess made by dogs in the house.
Bearing a powerful engine, the upright vacuum is also good for storage due to its portable build despite being an upright one. It is also great for cleaning the sofa due to its double helix brushes that is also made for carpets.
If you are one of the people with arthritis then this upright vacuum can really benefit you, as it is super convenient to use without much effort due to the looks and mechanism. It is designed to last as a unit and it also comes with a bag dock for convenience. There is also an easy hand grip to make it convenient to operate as you clean.

Best Upright Vacuum that is Bag-less

Dirt Devil Razor Pet Upright Vacuum

The Dirt Devil Razor Pet Upright Vacuum is a great choice if you want to go bag-less on an upright vacuum that is powerful and picks up so much dirt. Having no loss of suction all the time, the upright vacuum works well to remove pet hair from your living room, such as your couch or carpet with less maintenance needed for the filter.
It has an extended reach hose which can go up to 10 feet for cleaning up more space in your home. The upright vacuum is also fit for a basement that needs some tidying. If you need to clean up hard to reach places then the upright vacuum also has an upholstery tool and some extra hose tools as well.
You can also depend upon the removable cleaning wand of this upright vacuum so it will definitely get rid of dust and cobwebs from your shelves and upper home areas. The upright vacuum also grabs pet hair in a breeze as it cleans deep into the carpet with minimal effort.
The upright vacuum is also a great tool to use up and down the stairs without much hassle. It also uses a three stage filtration system to thoroughly clean your carpet and the air around you using the brush roll mechanism. It can also go under furniture with no loss of suction at all.
Working well for carpets, the upright vacuum will not throw anything around when you use it so it is allergen-free. It also picks up dog hair easily so it’s great for pet keepers. You can use it on stairs just fine as it has a 25 feet long cord.
Also dependable on hard floor cleaning and even on matted carpets, the upright vacuum can work in a versatile way for both carpet and hard floors. With its low profile design for the ease of storage, the unit also has a 2-in-1 crevice and dusting tool for your other cleaning needs. Even if you have hardwood floor runners, the upright vacuum can clean it up well. It also works for ceilings and stairs due to its low profile design.

Best Upright Vacuum that is Corded

PanasonicMC UG471
Panasonic MC-UG471 Bag Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Running on a 12-amp motor, the Panasonic MC-UG471 Bag Upright Vacuum Cleaner is our ideal upright vacuum cleaner that is corded in its operation. Despite that, you can still work on stairs without as much having to move from one outlet to another due to the cord length. It also has a protection system.
As a strong upright vacuum with a flat stretch belt style, the unit includes a dusting brush for your lampshades and the like. It also gives you a superior cleaning performance and it also includes an attachment which can reach up to 10 feet of distance or area for covering more areas of the house.
You can get rid of pet hair easily with the tufted agitator style of this upright vacuum. For a healthier indoor environment, this is a considerable upright vacuum due to its air turbine brush which eliminates the dust and debris from the air. It also has a convenient auto cord rewind for your ease.
The upright vacuum easily takes out dust and allergens so it is great for people with pets. You can also du some above-floor cleaning using the quick draw method.
With over 14 inches of cleaning path, the upright vacuum also includes a crevice tool for sucking out those lost pennies between sofas and couches. The switch is conveniently placed for those who want an ergonomic vacuum as well. It is capable of sucking out dust and dirt with a no mess bag operation.
You can clean all around with this vacuum and use its side caddy for its attachment storage. Moreover, you can also make use of the 2 standard wands for getting dirt out of certain high areas and use the quick draw tools for other off-ground purposes. It measures a total of 24 feet of cord length.
Cleaning up upholstery will be a breeze with the use of this upright vacuum. It also has a molded handle for comfort and it is also equipped with a foot-step handle release for convenience. There is also an automatic carpet height adjustment to make it easy for you to handle various carpet types.
Using its HEPA vacuum filter, the upright vacuum can get rid of irritants and pollutants in the air. You can use the dusting brush for your off-ground cleaning needs. Being a corded upright vacuum, it is backed by a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Best Upright Vacuum for Pet Hair

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet NV752

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet NV752is a great pet hair vacuum in which the canister detaches for your portability needs. It has a HEPA filter while the fan and motor of this upright vacuum runs just fine as its headlight turns on automatically for a super convenient vacuum cleaning experience.
You can keep the dust and allergens away with this vacuum to provide a deep clean for your carpet and upholstery. If you keep pets around then this is a good unit to have. It is also easy to use when maneuvering around furniture. You can also capture fine dust with the use of the powered brush head.
Having 30 feet of cord length, it is sufficient for hard to reach areas and it also has a couple of LED lights. With a total of 10.5 inches of cleaning width, it has a washable microfiber pad that is anti-allergen. Moreover, it has an upholstery tool for your sofa needs.
There is also a hard floor attachment for dusting. Weighing only 15.4 lbs so it is very maneuverable along with its steering technology, the unit has a total of 1.4 dry quarts for its dust cup capacity. It also gives you convenient fingertip controls while the unit keeps the brush roll spinning.
With this vacuum, there is also a choice between upright mode and lift away mode. You can use the unit under furniture and it easily traps 99.9% of foreign objects and allergens due to the filter rand the motorized brush.
Also equipped with a canister caddy, you can use the vacuum on bare floors without damaging it. Moreover, it is also light weight so you can have a portable cleaning experience even with an upright vacuum cleaner.

Best Upright Vacuum with a HEPA Filter

Dyson206900 01
Dyson 206900-01 Ball Multi-floor Upright Vacuum

The Dyson 206900-01 Ball Multi-floor Upright Vacuum is a great consideration for a HEPA filter vacuum as the cleaner head is self-adjusting and it also has thorough nylon bristles. As a bag-less system, you can find that this vacuum seals in suction to keep asthma and allergy at bay.
Using its Ball technology, the unit has great HEPA filtration capabilities along with its wand and hose system. It gives off a smooth action and has a water washable filter for treating bacteria very well. In fact, bin emptying is also very easy and the attachments can get you up high onto bookshelves.
The unit uses cyclone technology and it also steers easily across every room in your home and under furniture. If you have lots of throw rugs at home then this is a considerable upright vacuum for you. It is easy to release the dirt with this unit as it conveniently traps allergens with a 5-year warranty.

Best Upright Vacuum also for Hard Floors

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged Upright

The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged Upright is great for had floors and can wipe away dirt. The unit also requires minimal maintenance and it also has an air-powered hand tool to make jobs easier. It minimizes blow back so you can clean without allergies.
There are also rubber wipers for the pet upholstery tool so you can easily clean off pet dander and hair. The on/off brush roll also allows you to clean both carpets and hard floors. It will also bring you less scatter on the carpet due to the design of the vacuum.
It can get the floors cleaned in no time and the height adjustment knob has 5 positions for your comfort. The vacuum can clean any type of floor and it uses an activated carbon HEPA filter for purifying your air. It has a headlight for going under the bed and it can also remove dog hair and lint in a breeze.
The vacuum traps 99.9 percent of dust for your health and safety and it also has a crevice tool as well as a clean-drop bag system. Eliminating pollens in the air, the unit also has a clear bumper. Great for almost any carpet type, the unit can suck dust up to 0.3 microns of size.
It can also work as a pet vacuum and it also has great fingertip controls. What’s more, the carbon absorbs household odors. It can easily remove pet hair on your rugs and its 30 foot power cord gives it portability. With a one touch bag door release, it also has a 12 foot hose.
The unit has a belt change system for ease of use. There will be no marking or scratching on floors due to the wheel design. Giving you an easy access to the bag, it is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Best Upright Vacuum that is Convertible to a Hand Vacuum

BESTEK Corded 2-in-1 Upright/Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The BESTEK Corded 2-in-1 Upright/Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a convertible upright vacuum that uses HEPA filtration and can be transferred from room to room with less hassle. It works well on tight spaces and on the kitchen for eliminating small particles around furniture or even up the stairs.
It is great for pet hair and to improve the quality of air in your home. Giving you sufficient storage space, the unit also comes with a crevice tool which removes allergies and bacteria from common items like lamps. It can also be easily disassembled for maintenance purposes.
The vacuum’s swivel head is maneuverable and it also has a unique extension tube for getting into tough paces. The dust holder also makes it easier to keep dust sucked from carpets. With a 16.5 feet cord and a washable filter, you get an easy maintenance method for this vacuum. Working well on hardwood floors, it has an 18-month warranty.

The Competition

Other upright vacuums that did not make it to our list were substandard in terms of its motor power, its suction power and were just too heavy to move around. It is important that even if a upright vacuum is very powerful, it should be movable and easy to control just like a canister vacuum to effectively clean around the house, office, workplace or on your patio.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are upright vacuum cleaners stronger than the rest?
A: Most upright vacuum cleaners really are stronger because of their bulky design that only require you to do one pass in an area, making it easier to clean any place you want.
Q: Can an upright vacuum cleaner be bagged or bag-less?
A: The upright vacuum cleaner can be either bagged or bag-less. Older models will usually be bagged but there are also bag-less versions available today in the market.
Q: Can vacuums be used to freshen the air of your home?
A: Yes, a cool technique you can do with a vacuum cleaner is that you can use your essential oils and put it into your vacuum bag or vacuum dust bin, so that the next time you use your vacuum cleaner, it will help keep the air fresh.
Q: What are some of the downsides to owning an upright vacuum cleaner?
A: The fact that it can be kind of bulky means business for some people who have smaller homes. Most upright vacuum cleaners are more recommended for people with bigger homes because of their size. Going up and down the stairs can be hard if you have an upright vacuum cleaner.
Q: Can you blow up anything that is inflatable using a vacuum cleaner?
A: Yes, a vacuum cleaner with its suction power can be reversed into a blower. This makes it appropriate for blowing up or inflating things such as your mattress or some inflatable toys for the pool.
Q: Which is better for an upright vacuum cleaner: carpeted floors or hardwood floors?
A: If you have an upright vacuum cleaner then chances are, you’re using it for your carpet, as most of the upright vacuum cleaners today are designed for large carpeted floors and not really for hardwood or solid flooring.
Q: How is an upright vacuum cleaner different from a stick vacuum cleaner?
A: A stick vacuum cleaner is a smaller version of the upright vacuum and is also a lot lighter in terms of weight and size. In terms of power, the stick vacuum is also inferior to an upright, but is a lot more portable.
Q: How can vacuum cleaners reduce allergens in the air?
A: A vacuum cleaner usually has a job of taking out the dust and debris that lurk not just in the air, but in the carpet. Vacuum cleaners are great for reducing allergens in the air, making your home a safe place to breathe in for kids and adults alike who suffer from hay fever, and if you have pets.
Allergens can get trapped in carpets, rugs and furniture and this is where a vacuum cleaner comes in handy. One of the best things to gain from a vacuum cleaner is the reduction of the allergens in the air. This makes it easier for people with allergies to breathe properly indoors. It also makes your home a safer place to breathe in even if you have pets around, such as dogs or cats, that often shed pet hair.
Q: Should I go bagged or bag-less with my vacuum cleaner?
A: That depends on your preferences , because whether you go bagged or bag-less is not much of a difference because you still need to take them out and empty them when the time comes. However, bag-less ones can be eco-friendly while bagged ones are more convenient to dispose of.
Upright vacuums, like canister vacuums, can also be either bagged or bag-less. Usually, bagged vacuum cleaners will come in either plastic or paper bags that you can easily throw away, as compared to the dust bins of a bag-less system. The advantage of bagged ones is that you can easily get rid of the dust versus having to clean up your dust bin in a bag-less system. However, you can be doing harm to the environment if you’re using a bagged system that still uses plastic.
Q: Are cordless vacuums really better than corded ones?
A: The main premise of cordless vacuums is that they are tangle-free and will not get you tripping over the cord of the vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, going cordless means that it will not be as powerful as the corded one, so it is not a good thing if you value machine power over handiness.
While the majority of upright vacuum cleaners (and canister vacuum cleaners) are corded, there exists some that are cordless, but they are very few. It is usually the handheld vacuum cleaner that is cordless because of its size and portability options.
Q: How is a vacuum cleaner different from a carpet steamer?
A: A vacuum cleaner is basically for taking out dirt, dust and debris in a dry way but carpet steamers are carpet cleaners that make use of water to steam up the carpet from dirt. The hot water that comes out from the carpet steamer uses a liquid cleaning solution. Carpet steamers are considered a level-up option if you can’t clean a stain with a vacuum cleaner, such as with grime and coffee spills.
Q: Which parts of the world use upright vacuums and which use canister vacuums more often?
A: Upright and canister vacuums have their differences and their market is also different. Most upright vacuum cleaners are owned by homeowners in North America as well as in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, canister type vacuums are much preferred in Asia, especially in countries that don’t have winter season, hence there is no need to have carpeted floors, which is much more suitable for a canister vacuum cleaner anyway.
Q: What extra accessories can you purchase separately with a vacuum cleaner?
A: You can purchase additional bags if you use a bagged version of a vacuum cleaner and you can also purchase new filters if your old filter needs to be replaced. Some companies also sell additional attachments to improve the performance and versatility of your vacuum cleaner.
Q: Are vacuum cleaners only for dry applications?
A: A vacuum cleaner is usually made for dry operation but there exist some that can be used for wet operations as well, such as for window washing, car washing and the like. This is helpful if you want to clean your car or clean up a coffee spill on hardwood floor or on the tiles.
Q: How are upright vacuum cleaners different from robot vacuums?
A: Modern technology has led to the upgrade of the vacuum cleaner, its purpose and capability. The upright vacuum cleaner is said to be the old fashion and manual way of vacuuming your house whereas a robot vacuum cleaner uses a lot of other bells and whistles such as UV light to kill bacteria, other than its microfiber pad for polishing purposes. Robot vacuums are said to be “smarter” and are ideal for homes that don’t have enough time to clean the house.
Q: Are upright vacuum cleaners cheaper to run when it comes to energy consumption?
A: Yes, most upright vacuum cleaners actually cost less in terms of its annual energy cost due to the fact that its consumption is only from 500 to 1,500 watts, compared to canister or barrel vacuums, which can reach up to 2,400 watts of power.
Q: How exactly does a vacuum cleaner suck up dirt?
A: A fan inside the vacuum cleaner uses low pressure air so that it can suck up tiny objects. A vacuum cleaner works in reverse to that of a blower, so most vacuum cleaners can also work as blowers in the same way.
Q: Why do some vacuum cleaners have a second filter?
A: It makes dust suction much more effective and it’s a great way to further separate the finer particles, which makes the air cleaner as well in the long run. Most vacuums do have two or three stage filtering capabilities.
Q: Can you look for lost items with a vacuum cleaner?
A: Yes, a vacuum cleaner is said to be a miraculous saver if you’re looking for your lost earrings, some loose change or coins or some other small objects then having a vacuum cleaner can be a big advantage. You can use an old stocking to wrap around your vacuum’s suction hose so that it will filter out any lost item like coins or jewelry.
Q: What can I do with my vacuum cleaner if it’s broken?
A: You can do many things with it other than to just throw it away, if you’re unable to fix it. Stick vacuums can become lampshades and the white noise of the motor (if your motor is still running), can be great for insomniacs to help them sleep better.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E Vacuum is our best upright vacuum which has a HEPA filter, only 13.7 pounds and has 4 floor attachments.