Best Triturating Juicer

The Tribest Greenstar Elite GSE-5010 Twin-Gear Extractor is our best triturating juicer which is of heavy duty use and it only has 7 parts to assemble so it is very simple and allows continuous juicing as much as possible. With unsurpassed quality, the triturating juicer can be used for processing wheatgrass. It is great and of heavy duty as it pulverizes everything.

Our step-up pick is the Tribest GPE1503 Green Star Twin-Gear Extractor and this twin gear juicer runs at a speed of 110 RPM and it is able to process whole foods. It is relatively easy to clean and assemble as a triturating juicer and is a great juice extractor to consider for its cord storage. Moreover, it can make baby foods easily as it makes juices.

The budget pick is the Tribest Greenstar GS-1000-B Twin Gear Juicer and it also preserves nutrients so it is very healthy to have for your regular diet meals and juicing routine. It also comes with a glass pitcher and it is also capable of preserving as much as vitamins and minerals as possible with its fine engineering.

A Little Background

The triturating juicer is a kind of juicer that is equipped with two augers or gears in order to make juice of your It has the best kind of juice extracting mechanism possible because of its slow and steady form of juicing. Moreover, it is very ideal for those who want to process wheatgrass and vegetables.
You can put in a wide variety of ingredients with this kind of juicer, making it an all-in-one kitchen solution. Most triturating juicers also have very low speed which makes them expensive due to the very fact that their motor is huge and heavy duty.
The motor of the triturating juicer is much like the masticating juicer in which it is of heavy duty and requires a lot of motor force. This is why a triturating juicer is more expensive and it is the most expensive of all the types of juicers out there. Today, we look at some of the best twin gear or triturating juicers in the market and what makes them special.

How We Picked

On the best triturating juicer or twin gear juicer, we picked using the following criteria:
Speed of the juicer: the triturating juicer usually has the same speed of the masticating juicer or the cold press, sometimes higher and sometimes lower. This is also associated with the size of the gears or augers of the triturating juicer so be considerate with the speed to size ratio as well.

Material and durability: consider a triturating juicer that is very durable in terms of its material buildup and resistance to corrosion, especially if you live near the beach or in any humid area where rusting is a major concern. Stainless steel parts are a great consideration for that kind of situation. Most triturating juicers don’t really have a lot of dishwasher safe parts but it will be great if you can find one.

Dimensions and size for your countertop: consider a triturating juicer that is just the right size for your countertop. You need to measure your kitchen space in order to know whether the triturating juicer will be just right based on the dimensions of the product, which is why it is so important to know.

Assembly and instructions: you should pick a triturating juicer that is easy to assemble, even given the fact that a triturating juicer is naturally not very simple to put together because it contains two augers in one system. Nonetheless, the user instructions and manual for the triturating juicer that you would pick and buy should be easy to understand and comprehensible for the ordinary person or in layman’s terms.

Ease of cleanup: a triturating juicer that is very simple to clean up is a great way to enjoy juicing all the way. While it is very true that a triturating juicer can be tedious to clean up much like a cold press, it will be all worth if it start producing delicious and very nutritious juice.

Included accessories: Most triturating juicers come with a delicate and dedicated cleaning brush for cleaning up those areas that cannot be tossed into the dishwasher for easy maintenance. Cleaning a triturating juicer is important to not retain those funky smells from different fruits. Some triturating juicers also have attachments such as pasta makers, dessert makers and the like, for you to enjoy. You can use this to make veggie noodles and veggie juice for the kids in one go.

Recommended produce or food item to process: consider a triturating juicer that can tackle a whole lot of produce for both fruits and vegetables and more. Some of these kinds of juicers can also grind coffee, process flour into pasta and so much more. You can make a lot of foods with a triturating juicer other than for its juicing benefits, if you have the right attachment (as said in the previous paragraph). Some triturating juicers also let you add more herbs and spices as well.

Commercial or home use: you should also know whether your triturating juicer will be sufficient for home use or can withstand commercial use. You should consider a heavy duty one if you plan to have a juicing business with the triturating juicer. Most triturating juicers are big investments by people who are totally serious about juicing, either as a personal interest or goal or as a business opportunity.

Pulp ejection feature: the pulp ejection feature of a triturating juicer is what makes it different from a blender, because it totally extracts the juice and removes the pulp from the juice, which makes your juice totally smooth to drink. The pulp ejection feature should leave the pulp as dry as possible so you can be assured that the triturating juicer has extracted nearly a hundred percent of the juice from a fruit or vegetable.

Stability: consider a triturating juicer that has a stable base and a heavy weight so that it will not go sideways or cause spilling when you operate it. Part of what makes a great triturating juicer is its stability, as with all kitchenware, so always consider if the triturating juicer is quite stable in operation and if it does not wobble that much to cause spilling and accidents.
Electrical safety: make sure that the triturating juicer has sufficient protection against overloading and other mishaps that can happen with your juicer in a blackout or power surge. This ensures that your triturating juicer will not cause house fires in the process.

Exterior design: the triturating juicer should have a sleek finish if you value a beautiful home and kitchen countertop and compact in its design if you don’t have a lot of space in your countertop or kitchen space. The design and the finish of the triturating juicer should be food grade and should not fade anytime soon even with excessive washing and usage.
Motor power: consider a triturating juicer that is very powerful in its motor at about 150 to 200 watts of power at the very most, with a certain horsepower as well. Most triturating juicers have a big motor like that of a cold press.

Level of noise: the triturating juicer will be the quietest of them all because of its super slow spinning rate and its good motor design, which makes it the best kind of juicer albeit on a higher price than the rest of the juicers out there.

Warranty period: since most triturating juicers are very expensive, they have a very long warranty period, such as 10 years or more.

Our Pick

Tribest Greenstar Elite GSE-5010 Twin-Gear Extractor Lock

Our best triturating juicer would be the Tribest Greenstar Elite GSE-5010 Twin-Gear Extractor Lock which is extremely portable and is a must-have for any kitchen who wants to have the best juice possible. It is designed to juice anything and it is balanced in terms of weight. It has a speed of 110 RPM.
It is great for almost any kitchen countertop due to its portability and sleek design. Moreover, it is a 110-volt model and it will guarantee the best amount of nutrition for your juice. With an automatic pulp ejection feature, the triturating juicer can handle most fruits out there.
It is easy to assemble and also work on kale and celery for juicing. With an easier clean-up than the rest, most apples, carrots and oranges can be processed by this triturating juicer. Its dimensions are at 18 x 6 inches so it is pretty compact for small to medium kitchens.
With the highest yield possible, the triturating juicer can process most herbs and it is available in black, chrome and white finishes. The juicer can work on most fruits and veggies and you can even make sorbets with this awesome and reliable triturating juicer.
You can use ginger shots for this triturating juicer and it also easily grinds nuts. It has super durable metal gears so it will last for a very long time. Moreover, you can be including the skins of most fruits such as apples just fine with this powerful triturating juicer.
Extracting grains will be super easy with this reliable triturating juicer. Moreover, it is very easy to take apart for cleaning. With a lot of contemporary elegance in terms of design, it can work on most vegetables as a great juice extractor.
Also, you will save money with this triturating juicer in the long run due to its great durability and its sleek and classy finish that will last for a long time. It is very functional but you must clean with mild soap to make it last longer. It is backed by a 12 year warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Tribest Greenstar Elite GSE-5010 Twin-Gear Extractor may be our top pick but it does have some small cons but are not breaking the deal, such as the fact that like all triturating juicers, it is kind of a hassle to clean up and is quite expensive for the average homeowner.

Step-up Pick

Tribest GPE1503 Green Star Twin-Gear Extractor

Our step-up pick would be the Tribest GPE1503 Green Star Twin-Gear Extractor. The triturating juicer is a very good juicer to consider if you want to get more out of your juice and will be willing to pay the price. It gives you an easy carrying method because of the handle and it is also relatively easy to clean.
You can process vegetables easily with this triturating juicer and it has a coarse screen for processing. In addition to triturating juicer, you can also make pates from nuts with this juicer as it can process almost all fruits. It measures 10 x 15 inches so it is for medium sized kitchens.
Moreover, the triturating juicer has a plastic plunger along with its other components. In addition to that, it is also easy to juice carrots with this triturating juicer. It includes a strainer and it packs 190 watts on its motor power.
Any apple juice can be delicious when made with this triturating juicer. It is great for making combinations for any fruit or vegetable and has a wood plunger included as well. It makes celery extract juice great and smooth and it comes with a glass pitcher as well.
You can also make sauces with this triturating juicer and process wheat into pasta for spaghetti. It has a drip tray and it has a total of 3 settings for the pasta maker. With a carrying handle, it gives you minimal noise and it produces low speed as well.
With minimal noise, the triturating juicer has a fine screen and it is able to make pie crusts. It has a breadstick maker set along with it and it operates quietly. Moreover, you can process almonds with this heavy duty triturating juicer.
Including a pasta maker set, you get less friction and heat with this triturating juicer which has a twin gear processing mechanism. With a homogenizing blank included as well as a built-in cord storage, it has a cleaning brush for ease of maintenance. The triturating juicer uses an impeller press system.

Budget Pick

Tribest Greenstar GS-1000-B Twin Gear Juicer

Our budget pick would be the Tribest Greenstar GS-1000-B Twin Gear Juicer. You can also assure that your produce will be made into fresh juice with this triturating juicer. It easily juices just about anything and is a great investment to have for any juice lover out there.
It has a sure-grip handle which makes it easy to transfer to any place at any time. This triturating juicer also includes a fine screen that is very easy to use. Operating at a low speed so it does not leave out nutrients, the triturating juicer produces a minimal noise so it is very quiet to operate.
It is quite sturdy and it also includes a plastic plunger among its list of components included. The triturating juicer is great for food processing and it gives you no heat build up at all. With twin gears in its system, the triturating juicer is simple yet straightforward.
With a cleaning brush, the triturating juicer can be perfect for your home kitchen and it is also quite portable with dimensions of 6 x 13 inches so it is compact. Most fruits and vegetables can be processed with this triturating juicer which is a practical solution.
Using its bio-ceramic technology, this horizontal twin gear juicer has a classic design and it has the automatic pulp ejection that all juicers have. It is easy to assemble and it spins at 110 rpm. The triturating juicer is made with 24 stainless steel masticators as well.
The motor power is at 190 watts and it is quite durable. It can also make frozen fruit desserts. Its weight is at 27 lbs or 12 kg so it is hard to move about to reduce spilling and it is stable. Moreover, the triturating juicer can delay oxidation and it has a pressure adjusting knob.
You can get the best from your produce with this reliable and totally working triturating juicer. It can also process baby food and has a carrying handle for portability. The triturating juicer is backed by a warranty of 5 years.

Best Triturating Juicer with a Self-Feeding Mechanism

Omega TWN30S UL-Listed Twin Gear Juicer

The Omega TWN30S UL-Listed Twin Gear Juicer is our ideal triturating juicer that has a self-feeding mechanism. Providing you with an easy clean up routine, the triturating juicer also comes with a homogenizing blank.
You will definitely waste nothing with this triturating juicer and it can give you a higher yield of juice overall. It comes with a wooden plunger and it uses the best kind of magnetic technology possible. It also measures 17 x 12 inches so it is relatively ideal for small to medium sized kitchens.
Bringing you a pulp-free juice, the triturating juicer can also produce nutrient-rich juice in the process with the proper adjustment of pulp levels. It is quite the powerful triturating juicer to consider and it is applicable for 110 to 120V systems.
The juice from the pulp can be easily extracted with the use of this triturating juicer, which can also be used to process wheatgrass. Spinning at 160 RPM, the triturating juicer can process veggies in a breeze and it has an easy assembly overall.
As a twin gear juicer, the triturating juicer also has a pulp container and it has a 2 HP motor that is very powerful. With a wooden plunger being included, one of the accessories also include the sieve strainer for ease of filtering out the juice.
It has also passed UL household approval ratings so it is very much okay to use at home and even in small commercial stands. It is packed with a lot of accessories such as the fact that 2 juice screens are included so you can truly purify the juice to your needs with this triturating juicer.
The twin gear or triturating juicer also has a lock latch so it is very much a spill free experience. What’s more, it weighs 13 lbs so it is stable. The unique thing about this triturating juicer is that it self-feeds for easy use. It can really extract juice from your produce.
The triturating juicer crushes produce easily and it will push your juicing to the best kind of achievement possible for your healthy lifestyle. It has a good triturating action as it mixes thoroughly. The triturating juicer is backed by a 15 year warranty.

Best Triturating Juicer with Bio Ceramic Plate Technology

GREEN POWER KEMPO KP-E1304 Twin-Gear Juicer

The GREEN POWER KEMPO KP-E1304 Twin-Gear Juicer is a great bio ceramic triturating juicer. Being a great part of your healthy diet, the triturating juicer efficiently squeezes fruits with its triturating design and it also comes with a juice container so it is very easy to cleanup and to transfer the liquids.
With a good structure, the triturating juicer has a good nozzle for noodles for making pasta and the like. What’s more, you will be able to store juice for a long time with the help from this triturating juicer. It has a total gear length of 4.5 inches and is a simple and compact unit that is easier to clean.
Using a bio ceramic plate, the triturating juicer is great at extracting foods and it measures 2.7 inches on its cutting gear length. The juicer can work well for most beets and root crops. It has a nozzle for wheat sprout included as well. You can process various foods with this triturating juicer.
It is great at juicing greens and it has a twin gear clearance which is at 4/1000 inch. The triturating juicer also features a neodymium magnet which is a safe way to juice up your fruit or vegetable. The 1/3 HP motor runs at 150 watts of power.
Leaving the fiber in the juice, the triturating juicer is quite a healthy solution for juicing. Also, it weighs 13.6 lbs so it does not wobble about. Moreover, this is a nice slow compressing clean gear triturating juicer that is great for kale. It includes a strainer for noodles such as pasta for a healthy food experience.
It has been rated for use at 110 volts at 50 to 60 Hz of power and it is able to extract root crops so easily. As a matter of fact, disassembling and assembling happens in one touch only. Moreover, it has a good effect on your health. The triturating juicer also includes a strainer for wheat sprout.

Best Triturating Juicer made from Stainless Steel Material

ANGEL JUICER ANG-12000 Premium Angelia Extractor

The ANGEL JUICER ANG-12000 Premium Angelia Extractor is our ideal stainless steel made triturating juicer. In fact, anyone can use it due to the simplicity of the assembly. Most of all, extracting raw ingredients with this triturating juicer is quite easy such that you can do it with carrots or apples.
The motor runs at 230 watts of power and the triturating juicer is proven to have 17 times more calcium in the produced juice. With no friction at all, a fruit strainer is included with the packaging of this triturating juicer. Being made of SUS-316 stainless steel in some of its parts, it stands durable.
With silicon rings included, the triturating juicer measures 220 mm on its gear length. Measuring 7 x 10 inches so it is made for medium sized kitchens, the triturating juicer also includes a unique tofu maker set for the vegetarians or the vegetable dieters out there.
Surgical grade stainless steel that has been used for making medical tools is used for this triturating juicer. Moreover, the maximum operating time is up to 30 min before it heats up too much. The 3-step extraction process is a multi-stage pressurized preparation system for this triturating juicer.
As a twin gear juicer system, it is one of the food appliances out there. The triturating juicer has been rated for use at 110V, 60Hz and it is proven to have 5 times more magnesium in its juice than other juices processed by other triturating juicers out there.
With a premium brush included for ease of cleaning, the triturating juicer also comes with a seasoning strainer for its accessories. Its 82 RPM is at a low speed and it is also free from agricultural chemicals. With a low turning speed, the triturating juicer also has a convenient electronic one touch switch.
The triturating juicer produces very little oxidation and has a good extractor housing for durability. Running at 3 HP on its motor, the triturating juicer gives you the highest nutrient content possible for juices made from fruits and vegetables.
Its main body housing is made of 100% 304 grade stainless steel, which is a food grade material. Measuring 34 mm on its gear diameter, the triturating juicer can keep more enzymes intact and it will set you free from toxic substances.

Best Triturating Juicer with many Accessories Included

Tribest Green Star GSE-5000 Accessory Package

The Tribest Green Star GSE-5000 Accessory Package is our ideal accessory filled triturating juicer package. It can take care of both sweet and bitter juices and process leafy greens. This juicer includes a cleaning brush and it has a low rotation speed.
Moreover, you can save more time and it has a fine screen and coarse screen included. This triturating juicer runs at 220 volt power so it is great for international use or for Asian countries in traveling. The triturating juicer spins at 110 RPM and is able to process lemon so easily.
The triturating juicer also includes a total of 4 drinking straws made of stainless steel which are reusable. You can use the triturating juicer as a food mill and it can peel and extract oranges which is great for juice fasting and juicing vegetables as well.
With a recipe eBook included, the triturating juicer is quite easy to assemble and has a balanced weight and design. It also comes with a citrus peeler and can adhere to specific recipes. It juices most fruits and it can also make sorbets.
With the coco drill coconut tool included for coconut extraction, the triturating juicer also has an automatic pulp ejection system for a simple clean up and for ease of collection. With a sure-grip handle, the triturating juicer can handle nut butters as well. As a portable and reliable triturating juicer, it comes with a straining bag for nut milk pulp.
It can also process some herbs and it is dishwasher safe. Moreover, as an easy to clean triturating juicer, you get a total of over 100+ recipes. It is great for straining pulp and it has the capability to process grains so easily as an efficient food processor.
You can get the best from your fresh juices with his triturating juicer as it removes the peel from the fruit and transforms it into a healthy drink. You can also make homemade nut milks with this triturating juicer. It is backed by an industry standard 12 year warranty.

Best Triturating Juicer with a Recipe Book Included

Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Model HH-SBB11

The Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Model HH-SBB11is our ideal triturating juicer that has a recipe book included. The triturating juicer is also quite eco-friendly in its stainless steel components and it still easy to carry due to the handle. It can process baby food in a simple way.
As an advanced juicer for your needs, the triturating juicer bears a powerful motor which is very much needed to obtain high quality juice. With a safety lock system, the triturating juicer can work on vegetables and it has a twin-winged auger system.
Being BPA-free, it can retain Vitamins A and C on your food or produce. Using slow squeezing technology, the triturating juicer includes 2 cleaning brushes and can work well on both hard and soft fruits. With a hopper lid to get rid of dust, it yields 35% more juice than the competition.
It also keeps the enzymes and allows you to make sauces. You can attain a drier pulp with this triturating juicer. You can also process soy and nuts as well to make fresh soy milk. It is able to handle leafy greens and it gently squeezes ingredients without ruining anything.
With 150 watts of energy, the triturating juicer is easier to clean and it is great at preserving the natural taste of the fruit or veggie. With silicone and plastic internal components that are food grade, the triturating juicer can handle wheatgrass.
It keeps the nutrients intact and is also great for baby food other than the variety of juices. You can also make marinades with this triturating juicer. It keeps and retains those heat-sensitive nutrients such as vitamins. It has a warranty of 2 years on the parts and 10 years on the motor.

Best Triturating Juicer rated for 220V Systems

Hurom ALPHA Premium Slow Juicer H-AA-BBF17

The Hurom ALPHA Premium Slow Juicer H-AA-BBF17 is a great 220-volt triturating juicer. With a strainer cover included, the triturating juicer also includes the strainer housing. It produces almost no heat at all and it comes with a stainless juice cup.
This triturating juicer is also uniquely antibacterial which makes it a cut above the rest. With a glass measuring cup, the triturating juicer works well than other juicers and its twin gears are made of solid stainless steel material so it is very durable.
It has a capacity of 500 ml and it has a speed of only 43 RPM for the best juicing possible. The triturating juicer also includes a hardwood silicon pusher among its accessories. All of the pieces are locked into place for stability.
You can also use the triturating juicer to make tofu. With its silent operation and its self-cleaning system, it is easy to extract juice from your food with this triturating juicer. You can make nut milks from it with its simplified parts that give less pulp.

Best Triturating Juicer that has Low Noise Levels

GSE 5300
Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5300 Deluxe

The Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5300 Deluxe is our ideal low noise triturating juicer. For continuous juicing, the triturating juicer is super efficient and it grinds nuts so easily. Moreover, juicing with the triturating juicer can really help common ailments be alleviated.
In fact, you can even add herbs to the juice that has been made by this triturating juicer. It has an open system when it comes to its construction and it has a great capability of handling wheat extract I the process to make pasta. It also has all of the additional components that you need.
It gives you an easier clean-up operation and is great with lime juice as well. It has a total of 2 pasta settings and can handle various veggies and fruits. It is UL, CE, and TUV certified and uses an impeller press system. It is backed by a 5 year warranty.

The Competition

Other triturating juicers did not meet our expectations because they are too expensive, lacking user documentation and also lacked in features and stability. It is fairly important for any triturating juicer to be made of super durable parts that will cover up its high price.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the three types of juicers out there?
A: The three types of juicers or juice processing kitchen equipment are the centrifugal juicer, the masticating juicer (cold press or single auger juicer) and the triturating juicer (twin gear juicer). All three of them have differences when it comes to speed and convenience, but all of them will produce fresh juice if you pick organic food for them. Centrifugal juicers are the fastest, cold press juicers have a slow speed while twin gear juicers have the slowest speed of all, so no foam is formed at all.

Q: What is a twin gear juicer or triturating juicer?
A: The triturating juicer or twin gear juicer uses two augers instead of one. It is much like the masticating juicer or the cold press juicer except that it has two gears and works slower than a regular juicer.

Q: What else can you make from a triturating juicer other than juice?
A: The fact that a triturating juicer exists is a great benefit for most homeowners and in kitchen preparation. A triturating juicer is capable of various attachments such that you can convert it to a pasta maker, butter maker, baby food maker, dessert maker and so much more.

Q: What is the common speed of a triturating juicer?
A: The typical speed of a triturating juicer is about 80 to 160 RPM, which can seem faster than masticating juicers but it is very small compared to single auger types so it will still feel like operating on 40 to 80 RPM by comparison.

Q: Is it easy to clean up a twin gear juicer?
A: Not exactly , which makes them not really the ideal thing for those who want something that can be easily tossed into the dishwasher or don’t have a lot of food prep time in the kitchen due to a busy lifestyle. Twin gear juicers can have delicate parts and the two augers can mean that you have to clean it up more meticulously, even compared to the cleaning process of a masticating or cold press juicer.

Q: Are triturating juicers expensive?
A: They are generally expensive and they can be even pricier than the cold press or masticating juicer. This is because the triturating juicer will have a lot of components that are not in regular fast juicers such as the centrifugal juicer. It is more expensive than the cold press because it has two augers instead of one.

Q: What kinds of vegetables can I process with a twin gear juicer?
A: The twin gear juicer will be able to process a lot of leafy green vegetables, such as spinach, wheatgrass, herbs and so much more. It is also effective for pine needles and various fruits and vegetables.

Q: What is a blank screen on a juicer?
A: The blank screen can be seen on most high-end and expensive juicers out there. Most unique juicers such as the twin gear juicer will have a blank screen. This is used to add attachments in order to make sorbets, desserts, nut butters (peanut butter), pasta and the like.

Juicing screens are great and have varying thickness for you to adjust for your chosen food. This is just one of the cool features you can get from an expensive juicer.

Q: What are some of the best fruits to use for a triturating juicer?
A: The triturating juicer is best to use for most apples and pineapples and can also be used for various veggies such as beetroot and kale. You can also most definitely use it for lemons and citrus fruits and the like. Anything that is organic produce is a great addition to your triturating juicer.

Q: Why is fiber important in juicing?
A: Most people leave the fiber on the juice in the form of slight pulp, which is formed with a masticating or even a triturating juicer. These types of juicers give you the best kind of nutrition because juicing can be made into the purest kind of juice without losing the ingredients, vitamins and nutrients.

Q: When is it best to drink homemade juicer?
A: Juicing should be before meals when you are on an empty stomach. This ensures that you will eat less in your meal. Drinking homemade juice is a great way to slim down and it is also a great way to detoxify your system. The homemade juice is also beneficial for your digestive and immune system.

Q: Can juicing be beneficial for kids?
A: Yes, most homemade juicers can be used to get kids to eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Children who are not very good at eating their greens can be more interested with juicing because of its great mixing capabilities. For instance, you can slowly introduce carrots to your kids by adding lemon or orange extract to your juice for your children. This will help them to slowly accept the taste of carrots and many other leafy greens.

Q: Can juicing be an effective weight loss solution?
A: Only if you use it with discipline and balance because juicing alone will not guarantee that you will slim down all the way in your life. While slimming down is a great advantage of juicing, it is not really for the long term unless you make sure that your diet program is for long term and not just for the here and now.

Q: Why should I avoid sugary fruits in juicing?
A: This is because too much sugar in your system can cause diabetes. Sugary fruits such as apples, mangoes, melons and the like should only be juiced in minimal amounts, just for you to get used to the flavor. You may start with more apple juice than kale extract and then go slowly towards the leafy green. Don’t start off with the greens too much since your body and your taste buds will not like being startled.

Q: How is juicing different from blending?
A: The juicing process is entirely different from the blending process. Blending is more of making a puree into the form of a shake while juicing is extracting the fiber from the juice extract of the fruit of vegetable. In consistency, they are entirely different. Mango juice and mango shake will be different from each other because mango shake will have a puree style texture, often combined with crushed ice, while mango juice will be easier to drink.

Q: Why should I pick organic fruits and vegetable for juicing?
A: Organic produce is very beneficial to our health because it contains less to no chemicals that can harm our system. Organic produce are better to make juice from because they are fresh, they last longer and they are better for your health routine. Furthermore, they are also rich in vitamins and minerals that have been ruined in commercial and supermarket variants. You can pick up any organic produce at a local market, farm or better yet, in your own yard if you grow trees or veggies in your garden.

Q: Why should make a list of your juicing plans beforehand?
A: In case the juice ingredient is not currently available, you can easily plan ahead which is an alternative ingredient for your fruit or vegetable juice. A grocery list will ensure you that everything you need in the supermarket can be obtained with a time saving pace. You should also make sure that you plan ahead so that your juice fruit or vegetable won’t go overripe or get ruined in terms of quality.

Q: Is it okay to add seasonings and the like for your homemade juice?
A: Yes, you can add seasonings for your homemade juice if you want to add an extra flavor. For instance, you can add cinnamon, salt, turmeric, ginger powder and the like. These seasonings are great flavor-boosters, especially for kids who still won’t drink your juice.

Q: Why should I avoid making bulk batches of juices at home?
A: This is because juices can get spoiled or lose their freshness. It is important to measure just the right amount of juice or fruit and vegetable mix that you actually need. If you live alone or only two in the house, you shouldn’t make big batches because it will be easily wasted, unless you will want to share it with your neighbor or guest.

Q: Which fruits and vegetable should be peeled and which shouldn’t?
A: The fruits you should peel include pineapples and oranges while vegetables that shouldn’t be peeled include the squash and pumpkin. Apples and lemons are okay to leave their skin on, as well as grapes and the like.

Wrapping It Up

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