Best T Shirt Bra

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The Le Mystere Convertible is our pick for the best t-shirt bra, which is a convertible in the sense that you can convert the straps into any kind of configuration that you want. It has a simple hook and eye closure and has plunging cups that can also lift your boobs.

Our step-up pick is the Le Mystere Tisha and it has a full figure design and is made with spandex, cotton, nylon, polyester and polyamide for durability and comfort. It is a full coverage type and has 3 hook and eye closure pairs at the back.

The budget pick is the Hanes Women's Ultimate and it is a wire-free type that is made with soft material yet is durable with its spandex, nylon and polyester materials. It is made with 4-way stretch band for easily conforming to your band size.

A Little Background

The t-shirt bra is the kind of lingerie that is meant for casual wear and for some at home and loose wear. It is meant to be seamless and will not have unsightly lines on your tight shirt. It can also be used for loose shirts but they are mostly meant for tight shirts due to their power of natural contouring. Unlike contouring lingerie, this one is more comfortable with almost no padding at all (a soft padding or none).

The main purpose of this kind of lingerie is basically to help you feel relaxed and at ease while still get the coverage that you need. This is a good choice for those with boobs that point out too much but are not that big that a minimizer lingerie won’t really be the best for them. It can also be great for those with far apart boobs or anyone who want a comfortable feel for them throughout the day.

There are different parts of this lingerie, such as its padding, which are the two pads on the front, and its gore, which lies between the pads. A bra is made with many parts. For instance, fasteners and straps go over the shoulder and the back, depending on the style or model you have, while the back wing is the connector between the cup and the band or strap, which is usually near your underarms.

One thing that you need to remember is that all women can have a different preference and / or suited lingerie for them. This is because they all have different boob sizes, boob shapes and their breast structure can also change. This is why all women should have choices when it comes down to a properly fitting lingerie to keep them happy, contented and comfortable at all times.

How we Picked

For the best t-shirt bra, here are some considerations you can try to remember:

Size of the cup: this refers to the cup size, measured in either inches or centimeters, and can be AA to A, B, C or D. AA is the smallest, while A and B are considered small to medium sizes. C is getting there and D is pretty big. Anything bigger than D can either be natural, fake or due to excessive body weight.

Size of the band: the band size can be somewhere between 28 up to 40 depending on your body composition, as it is measured on your rib cage. It is important in determining your cup size because the two are closely related to each other. Band size is crucial for a properly fitting bra because that will be the means for you to wear it around your rib cage.

Color choice: the color choice can be nude colors for maximum hiding, black for darker colors or white for a high sense of fashion. Other colors can be fun for bedroom time or for other purposes. Whatever color your pick, it should be something you love and something you will enjoy.

Padding level: the padding level is important for your t-shirt type lingerie because it can determine how thick or thin it is. It has to be thin enough for comfort and yet thick enough for support. Both of these are important in choosing the best lingerie for your needs.

Ease of laundering: one lingerie that is easy to take care of, whether it is for machine wash or hand wash, is something to look forward to. Most of these gentle types are capable of being hand washed but some tougher types can be machine washed, especially those that do not have padding.

Ease of wearing: the fact that it is easy to wear means that it will be much more comfortable when the time comes. It is important that there should be at least some cotton on the lingerie so that it will be able to hug your skin without being too uncomfortable. While cotton is not a good moisture wicking fabric, if you will not be using the lingerie for too much workout or sweat then cotton will do.

Front or back closure: the good thing about front closure is that it can be easily operated at the front, but you cannot adjust the band size for that. If you go for a back closure one, you can adjust its band size, however it is too hard to operate due to the design at the back. Whichever closure type you choose, it should be chosen carefully according to your needs and preferences.

Materials used: consider soft materials that are easy to wear and easy to launder. Cotton is a good choice for t-shirt lingerie because they are soft, comfortable and are not really a big deal even if they are not that good in moisture wicking. You can also add a bit of polyester or nylon for durability, and of course spandex for stretching ability. It needs to be as smooth as possible.

Our Pick

As our top pick, the Le Mystere Convertible is made with a smooth and comfortable set of pads, which are both uplifting and plunging in design. Made with spandex and nylon, it has a simple hook and eye closure at the back and it has a smooth feel that leaves no lines.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not a main deal breaker, the Le Mystere Convertible is quite thick on padding for the larger sizes, but this is okay since you will be needing a lot of support if you have big boobs, anyway.

Step-up Pick

The Le Mystere Tisha is our step-up pick, which has an easy to use hook and eye closure and is made with polyester, polyamide, spandex and cotton as well as rayon for durability. It has 3 hook and eye closures at the back and it is also a full coverage lingerie.

Budget Pick

The Hanes Women's Ultimate is our budget pick, which has a durable hook and eye closure as well. It has very smooth and seamless pads overall and there are no irritating tags as well. It has a 4-way stretch band for comfort.

Best T-Shirt Bra with Underwire

If you want underwire for your lingerie, the Hanes Invisible Look is a good choice for you. It does not have an itchy tag and it can be machine washed. It contains spandex, nylon and polyester for its construction.

Best T-Shirt Bra with Molded Cups

The DORINA Lianne D17163A gives a 3/4 coverage for your boobs and is made with elastane and polyamide for durability. It comes with back hook and eye closures and straps that can be easily adjusted.

Best T-Shirt Bra for Everyday Use

The Desirelove Women's Satin can be an everyday lingerie that has an easy to use hook and eye closure. It has straps that cannot easily slip away and it has a bottom cup that is embossed with designs.

Best T-Shirt Bra that is Wire-free

The Hanes T-Shirt Wirefree does not have underwire so it is very comfortable. It has a different color and size as well as construction as our budget pick. It has moisture wicking lining for sweaty boobs.

Best T-Shirt Bra with 3/4 Coverage

The DORINA Louise D17173D5-2P is good for 3/4 coverage for your boobs. It has shoulder straps that are easy to adjust and it comes in a pack of 2 colors. It is made with an easy to use hook and eye closure.

Best T-Shirt Bra with Soft Padding

The Hanes Soft Foam has a softer feel than our budget pick and is of a different color. It has adjustable straps and has no tag for a more breathable and less itchy back. It also has moisture wicking lining.

Best T-Shirt Bra with Demi Cups

The WingsLove Basic Comfort is a t-shirt style that comes with demi cups so they also form a good cleavage for your outfit. It is also contouring and has an easy to use hook and eye closure t the back.

The Competition

While others looked promising when it comes down to the features, they did not have a lot of comfort and were heavily padded and were also not very comfortable to use. They also did not have a lot of adjustments to consider.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I live in Europe or the UK, how do I know which size of bra should I get per US standards?

A: If you have only seen charts that dictate US standards and would like to know the size of your lingerie for the UK and for European countries, here is a chart that might be useful to you:

US Cup Size










Cup Size









UK Cup Size









US Cup Size










Cup Size









UK Cup Size









Q: What are the benefits of a t-shirt bra?

A: The t-shirt bra, known as the t-shirt lingerie or wireless or seamless lingerie, is known to be a very casual lingerie to wear among women. They have the following benefits:

Everyday use

They are so casual that you can use them every single day without much changing. They won’t wear out easily because of the fact that they won’t get to experience a lot of harsh environments and movements compared to a sporting lingerie. They are usually very comfortable and do not have underwire or lining so they run smoothly against your skin.

Smooth appearance

The thing about t-shirt lingerie is that they go into your t-shirt or some other kind of dress seamlessly, as if you are wearing nothing. The fact that it is not lined and it is not seamed means that it is very smooth and can enhance your curves without the unsightly lines that can come in hand, which can ruin your appearance.

Can be versatile

Because of the fact that it is very smooth in appearance, there can be an endless choice of dresses, shirts and outfits that you can wear it with, basically making your life a lot easier than when you have lined or seamed lingerie. It is important to have an easy to match lingerie for your next outfit so that you do not have to spend hours just picking the right outfit that will match your lingerie through the day.

Comfortable yet supportive

The one thing that makes the lingerie very good compared to others is the amount of support and comfort that you can get with just one item. The comfort level is very good because it is usually made out of cotton material, which is great for those summer days when you don’t want to wear something padded. It is also very supportive because it has some soft lining so you will not be left out with exposed nipples at all.

Q: What are the difference between a contour lingerie and a t-shirt lingerie?

A: Both the t-shirt lingerie and the contour lingerie look very similar in many striking ways, but here are the differences that can be able to tell them apart:


T-shirt Lingerie

Contour Lingerie


The padding of the t-shirt lingerie is usually very soft and very thin compared to the ones that are used in contour lingerie. This is because of the very fact that the padding for this kind of lingerie is supposed to keep the wearer comfortable and not restrained to movements, so it is very breathable in general.

The contour type, on the other hand, usually works like the regular ones with padding, and such that it has much more padding to support and contour your boobs. The contour type is mostly made for dresses which require a lot of support and even with not much form of comfort along the way.


There are no seams on the t-shirt lingerie, making it also called a seamless bra. This is because it is designed to be molded into place to have a smooth appearance under your shirt so that it will not make those unsightly lines that can make your outfit look bad.

The seams on the contour lingerie can be more defined and thus, they can make those unsightly lines on your shirt, which is why they may not be ideal for really tight shirts. In some cases, the lining is not very defined but that can vary between brands and models.

Ideal boob size

The best boob size for a t-shirt lingerie would be one that is from small to medium sized, since the support may not be that good for most women due to their seamless and often thin padding design.

The best boob size for the contour lingerie would be the ones that have fuller boobs because the seams would mean more durability and more support due to the padding as well for their boob size.

Q: What are the different kinds of bra, according to different categories?

A: Different lingerie fall into various categories, such as construction, style and many more. Here are the different categories of lingerie that you can choose from:

1. Style or cut – this refers to how the cups have been cut on the top and how much boobage will be shown from your breasts. This also refers to how much of the cleavage will be shown and is also known as the coverage of the lingerie. Here are some of them:


The balconette is known to be the half coverage due to the sultry design that is most likely going to make you look like a pin-up girl from the 1950s.


The demi type is more of a sideways cover for your boobs, and is mostly seen as a regular type of lingerie other than the full cup.


The plunge type is much deeper in its lower v-shaped neckline for the middle section, creating a more defined cleavage.

Full cup

The full cup is intended for large breasts because of its full support and coverage. They are mostly meant for full figured bodies as well because of that fact.

U-shaped plunge

The u-shaped plunge is a variant of the plunge, in which your boobs can be much more exposed in a sultry dress because of the fact that the lower middle sits way lower than it did with the plunge.

2. Construction – this refers to how the lingerie was formed. In addition to that, the construction can also have an impact to how it will be used properly and how the straps are formed, their style specifics and the like. There are many parts of this lingerie and they all have different variants for each part when it comes down to material, such as the following:

Comfort strap

The comfort strap type is the one that is meant for those who don’t have a lot of tolerance when it comes down to really uncomfortable lingerie straps that dig through their skin and their shoulders.


The convertible type is simply one that has a bunch of straps that can be taken out and then converted into anything, such as a racerback, a halter top, a one strap at the back type, a strapless or a clear strap type.


Cotton types are not very good for working out, however, they are good for staying at home all day because they do not have to catch your boob sweat all the time.

Front closure

This type is helpful because not all women can be able to reach down into their backs to snap their lingerie in place, in which you can just do it at the front. The downside to this kind of lingerie closing mechanism is that you cannot adjust the band because the back types do allow you to adjust up to 3 sizes whenever possible or needed.


The longline is much like a corset in the case that the bottom rib cage is much more covered than the rest of the kinds of lingerie out there.


The molded type is usually seamless but some are seamed. They are usually made by machines rather than being hand-made. They are quite different from contour and t-shirt types in terms of construction, and can therefore have a different price or value at most.


The racerback is a kind of strap that is unique to this kind of lingerie, and is mostly the kind that is used for sports and sporting activities, as well as the gym workouts that you do every single day.


Also known as the t-shirt type, it is the most comfortable type that can be used for casual shirts and the like.

Soft cup

The soft cup type is meant for those who do not wand too much padding but do want padding anyway. It is a cross between unpadded lingerie and padded ones, so that you can get the best of both worlds, in terms of comfort and in support.


The strapless type is simply a lingerie that is meant for parties in which you are going to wear an off shoulder gown or tube or even any dress or cocktail.

3. Purpose – this refers to how the lingerie is supposed to be used. There are many purposes for lingerie out there and they can vary between women and their daily activities, lifestyle and the like. Here are some of them:

Bridal or corset

This kind of lingerie is perhaps the most likely one you can see in wedding dresses. If you are about to get married then chances are, you will be wearing this kind of lingerie. It is a piece of strapless lingerie that has a bottom part in which to cover your chest area and your rib cage and your stomach, so that it will look flatter.

Cleavage or push-up

These two basically do the same thing – they create cleavage so that your boobs can become more defined. They are mostly meant to be worn at parties or you can also wear one with your favorite tank top or shirt.

Medical and surgical

These ones are the ones that are typically used by those who have gone through surgery and need some support for their chest area.


If you are a full breasted women and want to get an instant breast reduction, this is the kind of lingerie you should be asking for.


The nursing type is meant for those who are pumping milk for their babies, as you can also attach milk pumping machines for them.


To bring confidence to the breast cancer survivor, mastectomy lingerie are available so they can add breast prosthesis for their everyday look and wear.


Having big boobs can also make it hard for you to sleep at night due to back aches. This is why you should go for a sleep lingerie.


The posture type is set to correct your bad back and your posture. It is meant to keep you in shape and in place so that you do not have to strain your back all the time.


The sports type can have either encapsulation or two cups, or just one piece of lingerie that looks like a crop tank top, known as the compression type. They usually have much wider straps so that the person can feel more comfortable during exercise and some even have racerback.


The t-shirt type is among the smoothest of all. They are usually seamless in design and are very comfortable to wear for your fitted knit or shirt.

4. Body type – this refers to the classification of lingerie that is based on your body type, which can vary depending on your size, weight, age and other factors. Here are some of them:


The maternity type is meant for pregnant women. Compared to that of a nursing lingerie, the main purpose of the maternity lingerie is to keep your boobs supported as it grows through the stages of your trimesters.

Full figure

The full figure one is meant for those with absolutely full breasts and have no way of concealing them or supporting them with regular lingerie.

Plus size

The plus size one is meant for women that have bigger band sizes due to being a plus sized woman. They tend to have bigger cup sizes as well.

Petite or trainer

The trainer or the petite is a kind or type of lingerie that is intended for young girls, such as those in the ages of 14 to 16 where breast development is still starting.

Q: What are the purposes of an underwire lingerie?

A: The underwire lingerie is a kind of lingerie that is meant for supportive wearing because of its underwire. Here are the different purposes of an underwire:

1. It helps you to get the support that you need.

2. It helps to contour your boobs in their shape.

3. They can be great for workouts when you move too much.

4. They help push small boobs in most lingerie.

5. They prevent too much bouncing.

Q: What are the cons of wearing a lingerie all the time?

A: While it is true that most people will require you to wear this kind of lingerie all the time, you shouldn’t do so because of the following disadvantages:

a. Fitting is always a hard thing for most women, because we all tend to change our sizes.

b. The problem with straps is that they dig through skin – whether the shoulder or the band straps.

c. This may come as a surprise, but lingerie do not help with preventing sagging due tissue compression.

d. Your blood circulation may not be as healthy as you would when you do not wear them at all.

e. The muscles on your suspension part may not work properly and this can make them sag.

f. There are also problems such as the back riding of your strap at the back, which can be unsightly.

g. It can make your boobs become more deflated looking (unless it’s a minimizer for large boobs).

h. They can be uncomfortable when sleeping or during premenstrual periods.

i. In some cases, they can stand out from your wear, making them look awkward and see-through.

j. Some parts of your fat may stick out of some areas.

k. Some nursing lingerie are not doing their job as milk pumpers properly damage your nipples.

Q: What are the do’s and don’ts when it comes down to cleaning these sensitive lingerie?

A: In order to clean your lingerie, you have to remember these do’s and don’ts:



1. Do wash them with running water or tap water after any heavy use.

2. Do air dry them so that their padding or material will not deteriorate easily.

3. Do look at the instructions for cleaning to avoid damaging the fabrics and the like.

1. Do not use alcohol or bleach as a method for cleaning to avoid damaging the fabric.

2. As much as possible, avoid machine washing it to avoid giving it damage.

3. As much possible you shouldn’t soak it for too long to retain its elasticity and form.

Q: How often should I get fitted for a new lingerie?

A: Your lingerie is just about as good as 6 months to a year, so you should get fitted within that period so that your lingerie will not get easily uncomfortable. You can be able to tell with the signs that your lingerie is getting loose, such as running up your back or being infested in mold. This is when you may want to replace it – or consult someone you know whether your lingerie is still okay or not.

Q: What happens if you don’t change your lingerie too often?

A: There are many bad things that can happen if you don’t practice changing your lingerie once in a while, such as the following:

1. Your lingerie won’t last very long due to being overused.

2. Some nasty stuff can get into your lingerie, such as mold and dead skin cells.

3. Your lingerie can also smell really bad after usage.

4. Different occasions call for different lingerie.

5. It’s much like not changing your shirt for longer periods of time.

Q: What are lined lingerie and what are unlined lingerie?

A: These two types of lingerie exist for different purposes, such as the following, to set them apart:

1. Unlined – this one is usually found in t-shirt types and those that are seamless and do not have any kind of foam lining, seams or any kind of thing that will make you feel uncomfortable. They are usually meant for casual use and are rarely used for full support. If you are a small breasted or medium breasted woman, this is the kind of lingerie that you would be the most comfortable at.

2. Lined – these are the ones that are commonly found on those lingerie that are seamed and have much more padding for your boobs to rest on. They are mostly made for those with bigger breasts or with fuller boobs than the normal ones. They are also the best when it comes down to concealing your nipples but they can be too hot or uncomfortable for warm weather.

Q: What are the different steps in order to create this kind of lingerie?

A: To create this kind of lingerie, the following steps are usually followed by manufacturers:

1. Cutting – this refers to the step where a machine cuts the straps and the pads according to the patterns and the like. This is a process that is guided by a computer controlled laser for added precision, so that the seamstress will not have to cut the fabric anymore.

2. Sewing – this refers to the steps where the workers or seamstresses work together to join all of the parts of the lingerie. The cups can be sewn together, depending on how they are made. In some cases, there are also machines that work to sew some components to speed up the process of making each of the lingerie.

3. Closures – the closures are added, such as the hook and eye. Different lingerie have different closures, such as front or back types. The front type is sewn on the front while back closures are attached to the back, and usually come in 3 pairs.

4. Labels – the label for the size of the lingerie, in terms of band size and cup size (e.g. 36C), is attached into the lingerie as a label form or depending on the designation of the manufacturer. This is so that the wearer can know what size she is wearing.

5. Packaging – this is the final step in which the lingerie are sent to a box and packaged carefully. In smaller factories, the lingerie is just put in a clear strap instead of being in a box. After ensuring all of the lingerie parts have passed quality control, it is then shipped to your local or favorite department store.

Q: What are the common problems with lingerie fitting and how do I fix them?

A: Lingerie problems are usually with the fitting, and here’s how to solve some of them:



Straps going out of place, no matter how you adjust it

Go for a racerback or halter strap type

Straps keep digging into your skin, and is painful

Go for wider set of straps or band straps

Center gore digs into your skin

Go for a narrower center gore

Back bulge or high rider

Consider smooth and stretchy fabrics

Boob spilling

Consider getting a cup size bigger than your original, or go for a triangle shape

Long distance boobs

Get a push-up type, a demi type or a balconette type, or go for a full coverage type

Support for high intensity training

Go for a mesh back and wide straps, preferably racerback

Support for low to medium intensity training (e.g. yoga)

Go for a compression type that is smoother

Need underwire without the underwire poking

Go for a contour type

Unsightly lines under tight shirt

Consider a t-shirt lingerie type

Boobs are too small

Consider push-up types

Boobs are too large

Consider minimizers

Want to go braless but don’t want to compromise coverage

Consider a bralette

Budget problems

Go for cotton made lingerie, which are usually cheap

Uneven boobs

Consider cups that can be taken out with their padding

Q: Which lingerie would have the strongest straps?

A: If you want straps that are durable and do not easily fall off, consider the following:

a. Balconette

b. Plunge

c. Sporting types

d. Anything with racerback straps

Q: How do you deal with boob sweat?

A: Boob sweat under your boobs can be unsightly under your shirt or any tight fit outfit. Consider the following steps in keeping your boob sweat out of the equation:

1. Consider lingerie that are thinner for more breathability, but will not sacrifice support overall.

2. Try putting deodorant or antiperspirant under your boobs (make sure it’s aluminum-free).

3. If you sweat too much, consider changing your lingerie often.

4. Use rash powders if you get rash underneath your boobs.

5. Consider medical options – botox for reducing sweat, or changes in your breast size.

Q: What are the different shapes for boobs?

A: All women will have some unique shape for their boobs, which can be any of the following common breast shapes, which makes them unique:


This is characterized by uneven boobs – one is bigger than the other.


These boobs are rounded and are considered the most ideal shape of all.


These are mostly associated with those who do sporting or workouts, and tend to be wider in shape.


They tend to be in a bigger cup and are shaped like teardrops.

East west

The east west type is basically both nipples pointing to opposite directions.


Your nipples may be pointing downwards, and the shape is usually slimmer and more vertical.


Much like the relaxed type, these are also pointing downwards but the nipples stay a bit more upright.

Bell shape

The bell shaped ones are like the teardrops shaped ones, but except they are more defined to be a bell shaped pair.

Side set

The nipples point in a much centered direction than east west, but they are still far apart from each other.

Q: Which is better: big boobs or small boobs?

A: Both of them have their own pros and cons, but when it comes down to the following criteria, we could decide on which is the better winner:


Big boobs

Small boobs

Shopping for a new bra

It can be hard to find the right size for you, but they are pretty darn dominant when you wear them.

It is a lot more easier to pick a size for your needs due to the wide availability of your size.


Big breasted women tend to have more problems, and that’s why they need a more supportive lingerie.

Small breasted women have the bigger advantage when it comes down to workouts.

Going braless

It can be hard for women with big boobs due to the lack of support they can get.

Those with minimal boobage can actually survive going without these lingerie.


Both large boobs and small boobs get picked on, because society’s standards are pretty shady.


Posture is a problem with large boobs because they are seemingly dragging you down.

Smaller boobs can make it easier for you to stand up straight and not slouchy.


You can only do side sleeping!

You can sleep in any position that you want.

Flirty dresses

Big boobs are good with cleavage showing outfits.

Smaller boobs are good for slender outfits with minimal coverage.

Q: Which is better: closure on the back or on the front?

A: When it comes down to it, not everyone knows about the front closure, but here are the pros and cons about it:

Pros: the front closure is the best for when you want to speed up your dressing routine. It’s also a lot easier to reach for it at the front rather than at the back.

Cons: the front closure is not good for women with arthritis or hand issues. It can also be awkward for men to unhook the front of her boobs instead of at the back. You also get less options in the band size.

Q: What are the things that people do that can cause sagging boobs?

A: Boob sagging is normal and unpreventable, but if you do these things, they will sag much faster than they will usually do:

a. Smoking

b. Not using sunscreen

c. Crash dieting

d. Lingerie that aren’t that supportive

e. Too much high intensity workouts

Q: Why do people compare boob sizes with cups only? Why not the band size?

A: That is a most common misconception – your cup size does not define your boob size. Just because you’re an A cup doesn’t mean you don’t have large boobs – it depends on your band size, which can be 28, 30, 34 or depending on your body weight and composition. For instance, someone with 30C might have the same cup size as a 34A sized person.

Q: What are the benefits of leaving your lingerie at home?

A: If you decide to go without this kind of lingerie, here are the surprising benefits:

1. Because your breast tissues become stronger without the lingerie, your boobs get perkier.

2. Your blood circulation can increase, making you feel good inside and out.

3. It also helps you to save more money in the long run, since lingerie are expensive in general.

4. You can sleep much better with a lingerie – or chill outside without one.

5. You also prevent sweat from sticking onto your boobs all the time.

6. It helps you to know more about your natural boob shape.

7. The straps will not dig into your skin at most.

8. In some cases, not wearing lingerie often can enhance better breast growth.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Le Mystere Convertible is our pick for the best t-shirt bra due to its plunging cups, straightforward closure type and the convertible nature that is helpful for many outfit types.