Best Spot Treatment

The Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment is our best spot treatment, which is a great acne treatment to consider because it deeply penetrate pores to get rid of the problems in your face. Moreover, it won’t over-dry your skin unlike other spot treatments out there. It can also help exfoliate the skin to get rid of dead skin cells.

Our step-up pick is the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion 1 fl.oz. and it can also prevent future pimples and generally reduce the risks of acne scarring, resulting in clearer skin. As an effective spot treatment, it can minimize swelling and redness and you can also put it on whiteheads. It really heals your skin and can also act as a nice acne spot treatment that really works.

The budget pick is the Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment Benzoyl Peroxide and this spot treatment effectively fights acne and it also absorbs quickly into your skin for a fast acting formula that can give you clearer skin on the go. If you have face spots then this is a nice spot treatment to have at a small expense. You don’t have to worry about break outs with the use of this treatment.

A Little Background

Spot treatments are great and instant ways to help keep a radiant face. Most skin spots and age spots are caused by many factors, such as aging, sun damage and also hereditary factors. These spots can be treated with the use of a cream or some kind of treatment.
It is important for any spot treatment to be clearly just fine for your face as some people have sensitive skin. Spot treatments should be tried and tested whenever possible before you can use it on a regular basis. Like most skin products, a spot treatment should be working well without the side effects. So many cheaper skin products come out in the market today but it is so hard to choose which one really works and which ones are shams and fakes that might potentially damage your skin.
Dark spots are basically spots that can appear on your face due to aging and other factors. Some people also get dark spots due to repeated exposure to the sun, which can put you at risk for UV rays that are harmful to your skin. Contrary to what people believe, dark spots can also appear on other areas of the body other than your face.
Acne scars are not really dark spots, as they are something more permanent. Dark spots or acne marks are not permanent and can easily fade within months, but you can also make them go away faster with certain skin products. Acne scars, on the other hand, may require you to visit a dermatologist to get rid of.
While dark spots may seem like something that you can only get from aging, sun exposure and the like, dark spots can also be caused by hormonal changes, not just for teens, but also for mothers and those who have just given birth, expecting a birth or trying some birth control methods.
People make it an effort to speed up the disappearance and fading of dark spots or acne marks in their face and other areas of their body. Acne marks can disappear eventually so there is no need to worry about them. However, if you really want them gone because you feel that they are getting in the way of your beauty regimen, there are some skin care products that can help you out with the task. Since dark spots can be caused by a number of factors, it can also appear on certain areas of your skin or body, such as the back, your shoulders, arms and hands other than your face.
Acne treatments can vary depending on a person’s skin, but most people who have acne problems are most likely those with oily or combination skin. Acne problems can be frustrating to treat because it can make you lose self-confidence if you do not have enough time. Supposed acne and breakouts happen just a few days before the prom: what should you do to completely cover it up without causing damage to your skin and face in general.
If you are desperate to minimize or fade away your dark spots in a breeze, there are available spot treatments in the market today, mostly formulated to make your skin like it was before, diminishing and eventually erasing dark spots that are mostly caused by acne problems or maybe even sun damage. However different creams or treatments may be used or formulated for age spots, because they may require different active ingredients.

How We Picked

When you want the best spot treatment for your skin or face, here are a couple of guidelines and criteria to follow:
Organic ingredients: do consider a spot treatment that is made from all natural and organic ingredients so that it will have little to no adverse effects to your skin or face. While treating skin spots, you should find an organic treatment so that it will be gentle on your skin. Having an organic skin product is much more beneficial than generic ones out there that do not contain organic ingredients at all.
Hypoallergenic: do consider a spot treatment that is okay to use even on sensitive skin. It is important that you pick a product that is just right for your skin and will not make breakouts or acne even worse or will not make dark spots even worse. Do consider that a spot treatment should be hypoallergenic to be a great spot treatment to use for any kind of skin concern.
Type of dark spots: do consider which dark spots should be treated by the spot treatment in general. This is because dark spots can be caused by acne but can also be caused by the sun and also sometimes by aging. You should identify the cause of your dark spots first before you go on ahead and try to look for a spot treatment that is made for your needs.
Other skin problems: most spot treatments can also clear other skin problems such as uneven skin tone as well as aging problems like fine lines and wrinkles. You can also find a spot treatment that can also cure redness and alleviate sensitivity. In other spot treatments, you can also find a formulation that works well for oiliness as well as the appearance of visible pores. Other spot treatments may also be used for blackheads and blemishes.
Men or women: do consider the formulation if the spot treatment is ideal for women or also for men, as even men can have acne problems so it is important that you choose the formulation that is just right for you.
Alcohol-free: we all know that any spot treatment or facial treatment that contains alcohol can dry your skin. Even if it can target pimple causing bacteria, it can leave your skin dry and not moisturized, so it is a good idea to have a spot treatment that does not contain alcohol at all.
Unscented: do consider a spot treatment that is unscented so that it will not irritate those with fragrance allergies. People can find it frustrating if they have a skin treatment product that has a lot of strong smells that are not really needed in making your skin feel better from dark spots.
Cruelty-free: having a cruelty-free spot treatment is also a good thing because it helps you feel assured that no animals were used in testing the product. Most skin care products like spot treatments today should be cruelty-free so that they can be more environmentally responsible.
Ease of use and application: do consider a spot treatment that is easy to use and to apply to your skin or part of your face. Most spot treatments can come in drops, some can come in creams while some can come in gels. Make sure that these particular spot treatments are very easy to use.

Our Pick

Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment

Our best spot treatment is the Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment which contains a total of 0.75 ounce in its container tube. It is a nice mild acid spot treatment that is also a powerful gel to treat your acne problems and can become an easy skincare routine for you to do every single day.
As a cleansing spot treatment, it also deep cleans pores and can significantly reduce acne and visible signs of it. the treatment can work as fast as in 1 day and it can also get rid of most acne blemishes. This salicylic acid spot treatment can really target the worst visible signs of acne that you have.
Any blemishes or pimples will be cleared with the use of this spot treatment due to its natural ingredients like cedar and witch hazel extract. Moreover, the spot treatment also contains cinnamon bark extract so it is great at treating those harsh acne marks and it can also clear pimples quickly.
If you have adult acne problems then this spot treatment can be a great treatment for your needs as well. It dissolves oil quickly and can get into your t-zone to take out acne marks. What’s more, the spot treatment will not build up and clog pores and it can result into a clearer skin.
This particular spot treatment eliminates the cause of breakouts and it can also work well on the areas of your cheeks and chin for a more radiant and clearer skin. The spot treatment can work well on most skin types, such as normal, oily, and combination skin.
It also evens out your complexion so it is a great and smoothing spot treatment to consider. It is also an oil-free formulation that can target your most painful spots in your face. The 2% salicylic acid works well to effectively fight pimples and acne.
Most people who have whiteheads and blackheads can depend on this spot treatment because it deeply treats your face with no residue at all so it does not make your skin problems worse as an acne medicine.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment may have some flaws but not really deal breakers, such as the fact that since it contains salicylic acids, it can possibly irritate some people with very sensitive skin, so you should test it first if you are allergic to salicylic acid and opt for a different kind of spot treatment for acne.

Step-up Pick

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion 1 fl.oz.

The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion 1 fl.oz. is our step-up pick for the best spot treatment due to being a fast acting spot treatment that can help hide and finally fade away all the imperfections on your face. Moreover, it can also diminish redness and it is absolutely okay to use for delicate or sensitive skin.
Made for every type of pimple, the spot treatment is gentle to use yet works well on the blemish in your face. It is greatly formulated and it also easily dries up blemishes. A little goes a long way with this spot treatment so you can use it for longer months.
Even acne scarring can be targeted by this spot treatment due to the inclusion of salicylic acid in the formulation. Moreover, it also prevents spreading of acne. The spot treatment can also work well for cystic acne and adult acne. Likewise, the spot treatment can also make redness go down.
It is also formulated with calamine lotion so the spot treatment can greatly alleviate inflammations as well. Your pimples become much easier to cover with the use of this on-the-spot treatment that works well for all skin types. It also has quick-drying ingredients for your acne problems and oily skin.
As an easy and effective spot treatment, your pimples and acne can get noticeably smaller and your acne marks can also disappear in no time. The spot treatment can effectively shrink whiteheads without much effort and can also reduce the size of blemishes.
If you want to get rid of pimples then this is a great formulation to consider due to being a safe and effective spot treatment to use for fast relief. Moreover, the spot treatment can work well overnight so you can use it right away. It also works well on sensitive skin and can work wonders while you sleep.

Budget Pick

Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment Benzoyl Peroxide

For our budget pick, we chose the Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment Benzoyl Peroxide which works invisibly to have a gentle and effective effect for your skin. The spot treatment can work well on your skin with less irritation and can work even if you have very fair skin.
As a vanishing formula, the spot treatment can provide you with a healthier looking skin and can also take care of the causes of pimples. The spot treatment can also help you alleviate breakouts in the long run as a clinically proven formula that gives you immediate relief right away.
It is a nice blend of ingredients when you apply it to your skin. As a miracle acne cream that does the job very well, the spot treatment can give you effectiveness on the go for any kind of spots or acne ruining your day. Moreover, it can work well even for those with whiteheads and blackheads.
The spot treatment kills acne bacteria so it not just drives away spots but also takes care of acne and prevents it from coming back. It works in 1 hour so it is a fast acting formula. Moreover, it does not bleach towels or clothes after use and it also ideally helps stop new pimples from forming.
For those occasional outbreaks, this spot treatment is a decent long lasting acne treatment and it can also be used daily as a cream. It can simply fade a dark spot without much effort due to its decent content such as 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, which is really made for acne anyway.
Not to worry because the spot treatment is totally okay to use for both adults and teenagers. Just make sure to moisturize your skin. What’s more, the spot treatment has been clinically proven to be safe and effective for your acne problems.

Best Spot Treatment that Also Works for Blemishes

Proactiv+ Emergency Blemish Relief 2 Tubes

The Proactiv+ Emergency Blemish Relief 2 Tubes is a great acne fighting treatment that can be great at targeting bad pimples. What’s more, you can get a glowing complexion with the use of this spot treatment on a regular basis. You will look very youthful with the use of this treatment as well.
As a prescription-grade spot treatment, it can also prevent new blemishes when you use it on your skin. Moreover, it can also work even small skin issues and also for those unexpected blemishes. It contains benzoyl peroxide at 5% in micro crystal form so it is refreshing and doesn’t dry your face.
For those with adult breakouts, this spot treatment is a great dermatologist tested formula that can cause blemish relief. Moreover, it can work effectively and safely on all skin types so you don’t have to worry about it. The spot treatment can be used on the go due to its lightweight and compact size.
Your inside pores in your skin can be treated with this spot treatment, which can cause acne spots to be gone by morning. It is a nice spot treatment to consider that gets into the pores deeply for treating your acne problems, even for menopausal women.
It is a non comedogenic spot treatment that works well to not cause breakouts at all and won’t clog pores. It also doesn’t matter how old you are when you use this spot treatment as it is for all ages. It easily unclogs pores to avoid spots and breakouts and also works great on blemishes.
Great for target acne-causing bacteria, the spot treatment can help you get healthy skin in no time with its specially formulated contents. Made without negative effects, the spot treatment is absolutely okay all ethnicities, genders and ages and it can also absorb excess oil for those with oily skin.
You can make your spots totally invisible with this spot treatment when you apply it at bed time. It can also clear blemishes fast and you also get a bonus green tea moisturizer to keep your skin from drying. The formula of the spot treatment penetrates deep into your skin for effectiveness.

Best Spot Treatment with Benzoyl Peroxide

Oxy Maximum Action Spot Treatment 1-Ounce

The Oxy Maximum Action Spot Treatment 1-Ounce greatly helps prevent acne as a benzoyl peroxide included spot treatment for those who have very oily skin. It makes your skin less inflamed in general and it also does not dry your skin at all so it is absolutely safe for your skin.
Overall, your skin can look great with the regular use of this spot treatment. You can use it when dealing with acne that is pretty bad due to the benzoyl peroxide content. It can be used every day before bed and can keep your skin clear of imperfections.
The spot treatment treats acne problems as a nice vanishing cream that can also get rid of surface pimples. It does its job very well due to the natural portulaca oleracea extract for treating those fungal infections. As a decent spot treatment that works really well, it can help you have visibly clearer skin.
You can apply on the acne spot and it is safe for everyday use. If you are tired of having breakouts then you can get rid of pimples with this spot treatment. It can also treat biotic infections and works wonders on your skin. It effectively kills acne bacteria and it keeps your problem areas clear of acne.
Applying this spot treatment before bed makes your skin cleared when you wake up in the morning the next day. It can also significantly speed up the process of taking out acne marks, making it easier for you to deal with acne. The spot treatment is also a great remedy for deep pimples as you can easily apply it into your face skin with almost no side effects.

Best Spot Treatment that Contains Jojoba Oil

Leven Rose Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

For those who want jojoba oil to use for spot treatment then they can depend on the Leven Rose Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil with enough nutrients to nourish your skin and help treat acne. It has many moisturizing benefits and it also has a couple of antioxidants to make your skin healthier.
If you want to have little to no breakouts, the spot treatment can give you the best of healing benefits even for super sensitive skin. It comes in an unrefined and organic jojoba oil bottle that can be easily applied externally and can also be applied for those with chapped skin.
The spot treatment works effectively without being greasy and it also prevents oxidation due to the dark amber bottles. The spot treatment contains no parabens so it is organic and pure and can be used to alleviate dry skin. It works well for your face and neck and contains no additives at all.
It also works well for rashes and can also function well for skin exposed in winter weather. Great for your hair and skin health, the spot treatment can also help keep beards in tip top shape. As a non-GMO product that is natural, it easily absorbs into the skin and can also work well for stretch marks.
Even those with rosacea and eczema can benefit from this spot treatment if they want to heal blemishes in their skin. It can also heal those dark spots that were the result of sun spot damage. Moreover, you can also help heal sunburn and rashes with this spot treatment.
As a fragrance free and natural product, the spot treatment leaves no grease feeling so it is okay to use even as a makeup remover. It also instantly works as a moisturizer for your face and has many anti-inflammatory benefits. The spot treatment can be a great acne infection treatment for you to consider and it also works for your nails and cuticles.

Best Spot Treatment that Contains Probiotics

MyChelle Clear Skin Targeted Spot Treatment

As a blemish fighting spot treatment that contains probiotics, the MyChelle Clear Skin Targeted Spot Treatment is great for achieving a smoother skin. It uses nature clear complex (combination of herbs) to treat your skin problems with its anti-inflammatory factors.
With your favorite moisturizer, this spot treatment can be a great part of your skin care regimen with its effective formula to clear pores. If you have an outbreak then this is a great spot treatment to use to help fade breakouts. What’s more, it can also diminish discoloration and treat most blemish prone areas.
The spot treatment also comes with totarol in its formulation to make it more effective for your skin and acne problems. If yo put this on before bed, it can work well as an acne blemish treatment due to its natural ingredients like willow bark extract. It contains no phthalates, parabens or anything artificial.
The amount of hydration coming from this spot treatment is just fine and it also contains 10% sulfur which naturally heals your face but does not irritate your skin. It also has unique probiotics (yogurtene) to help soothe your skin and have a more refined skin appearance.
It also contains dermasyr lilac stem cells to keep your skin healthy and smooth with its detoxifying properties. As a fast acting spot treatment, it contains no GMOs as well so you can get dry pimples without the worries of side effects.
Containing Aloe Vera, it also comes with pink grapefruit oil to make a powerful blend for your stubborn blemishes and it also contains grape stem cells to help your skin heal properly.

Best Spot Treatment that Works Also for Adults

TreeActiv Adults/Teen Cystic Acne Spot Treatment

The TreeActiv Adults/Teen Cystic Acne Spot Treatment is made with bentonite clay that is okay for adult acne and can be used for various complexions. It is coupled with peppermint and spearmint water which can work well for your excess sebum in your hair and skin. It gets rid toxins and impurities generally.
Moreover, it keeps your skin properly moisturized and fights acne with its powerful astringents, preventing future breakouts. It can also be great at calming irritated skin with all-natural ingredients that do not sting but has enough antibacterial properties to get you looking beautiful.
It deliberately eliminates acne with its included essential vitamins and keep your sebaceous glands as balanced as much as possible. With its witch hazel, this treatment also gives oxygen to the cells and keeps your skin refreshed and its antibacterial properties keeps acne at bay.
The treatment can keep pores clear and its pink grapefruit essential oil can help refresh your skin while also balancing your skin oil. It is a nice moisturizing spot treatment that greatly reduces inflammation and can promote healthy skin growth.
It also includes an antiseptic so you can prevent acne swelling and the like. It easily eliminates acne and contains Aloe Vera to calm your skin while fighting infection. It also has many antifungal properties and generally helps clear acne with its high levels of Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
There is also lemon essential oil in this spot treatment that is great at reducing scarring and for severe acne as well. It also helps build your collagen production while maintaining a smoothing finish for your skin. It is great for the exfoliation of dead skin cells and is also a nice toning treatment that is good at killing bacteria within pores.

Best Spot Treatment that Also Works for Redness

Murad Acne Spot Treatment 0.5 oz.

The Murad Acne Spot Treatment 0.5 oz. is great for redness as it contains allantoin and it can also help minimize acne breakouts. If you apply it 1 to 3 times daily, it can also help treat other signs of acne and imperfections on sensitive skin.
The treatment can help accelerate healing and can also alleviate bouts of dryness and flaking. It can perform repair for your skin and also deliberately counter redness as fast as possible. It is coupled with salicylic acid as well as helpful vitamins C and E for your skin to clear up blemishes in a safe way.
It also contains oxysomes that helps treat acne and soothes your skin to keep your skin protected. It also has many benefits for those who need to reduce redness in their skin. It also won’t create peeling skin and contains hydrolized oat flour other than zinc oxide that combine into a fast acting remedy.
Containing orange oil for a refreshing feeling, it can help you feel more comfortable after it exfoliates and helps you banish the blemishes and spots. It is also not overly drying due to the included licorice extract. It can also help reduce the redness of a spot and also takes out inflammation.
As a powerful formula, it can be used both morning and night and can work well on mature women as well. With its anti-inflammatory ingredients, it contains sulfur as well as grape seed extract for the best results.

Best Spot Treatment with Salicylic Acid

Citrus Clear Spot Treatment Salicylic Acid

The Citrus Clear Spot Treatment Salicylic Acid is a nice antimicrobial formula that works as an acne spot treatment that is great at controlling oil production. It is also sufficient at correcting pimples and can eliminate acne causing bacteria.
Combining lemon balm and mandarin essential oil, it can minimize the appearance of discoloration and bring you rejuvenation and a clearer skin while reducing the visible signs of acne. It has a pH level of 5.5 (balanced) and it works within 24 hours so it is a speedy treatment.
It has many ingredients that are natural, such as witch hazel, clove essential oil, salicylic acid and vitamin C and grapefruit seed as well as Aloe Vera and green tea extract, vitamin E and even orange peel extract and lemon essential oil, with no harsh chemicals at all. It also doesn’t over-dry your face and can easily penetrate into your pores.

The Competition

The other spot treatments did not get included in our list because they are not that effective. They also did not have enough formulation and also had some side effects. It is important for any spot treatment to have no side effects because spot treatment is a very complicated thing to use for your skin and it should not cause breakouts or any kind of adverse effects.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are dark spots?
A: Dark spots on your face can appear due to age or UV light. Age spots are also one of the most common terms for these dark spots, which appear mostly because of excessive exposure to the sun, due to hormonal changes and other factors.
Q: How are dark spots different from acne scars?
A: A dark spot or acne mark can easily fade within 3 to 6 months of time, but you can speed up the process with the use of skin friendly products. However, if you do have acne scars, they can only be removed through medical and dermatological means.
Q: Can hormonal changes cause dark spots?
A: Yes, dark spots can be caused by hormonal changes. Women who may be pregnant or just gave birth can cause these dark spots as well as those who are in their teens. People who are also taking pills can possibly get dark spots.
Q: When do dark spots or acne marks usually disappear naturally?
A: The dark spots in your face , on a regular skin routine, may usually disappear within 2 to 3 months, or even longer if your face or skin is not that healthy.
Q: Can dark spots appear on other parts of the body?
A: Yes, most dark spots may also appear on your arms, shoulders, back and the like because they are still part of your skin. Any part of your skin can be at risk for dark spots due to the pigmentation problems.
Most people think that dark spots only appear in your face, but dark spots do appear in other areas that you also often expose to the sun.
Q: Can certain facial scrubs cause dark spots?
A: Yes, the excessive use of facial scrubs can actually create dark spots and ruin your skin. This is because melanin is increased whenever you use your facial scrub and using it in excess can cause your dark spots to become worse than before.
Some people think that using facial scrubs a lot more often can reduce dark spots, when in truth, it can actually worsen them. Using facial scrubs that are harsh to your skin or using them too much can be bad for your skin and face in general, so you should take it easy with the facial scrub when you want to preserve your skin and your health.
Q: How are age spots different from acne marks?
A: Age spots and acne marks are two different things, as age spots may actually not fade away but acne marks can easily fade away within months, which make them easier to treat in general. For age spots, dark spot treatments should be on a different level.
Acne marks and age spots are both considered dark spots, but they are completely different, as age spots can stay permanent whereas acne marks can go away even if you don’t apply anything to them. This is why it is trickier to remedy age spots compared to acne marks as dark spots on your face or skin area.
Q: Can hair removal also produce dark spots?
A: Yes, frequent hair removal methods can sometimes cause dark spots and discoloration on your skin so it is advised that you should try to avoid creams that can remove facial hair and be sure to look for good quality wax if you tend to wax.
Dark spots can also be caused by hair removal creams, surprisingly, so you should consider your choice of skin removal method and products before you go on ahead and use them on a regular basis. Dark spots can form if you do not take good care of your skin properly, so be sure to get a hair removal or wax that is safe for your skin and won’t cause dark spots.
Q: What kind of sunscreen should I use to prevent or keep away dark spots?
A: Your skin can get exposed to the sun more frequently than you think, so you should always take into consideration any sunscreen that has a UVA or similar protection that can shield your face and skin from harsh UV rays of the sun.
The UV rays of the sun is one of the main causes of dark spots and this is why you should also pay attention to your sunscreen and its UV protection factors or SPF. Do consider a sunscreen or some skin cream that can protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun so you can avoid dark spots as much as possible.
Q: What is melasma and how does it occur?
A: Melasma is a kind of dark spot that appears when you have hormonal changes, especially for women. Birth control pills can possibly cause melasma, as well as various medicines so be sure to check with your specialist to see which ones cause melasma.
One of the more common known kinds of dark spots include melasma, which can occur due to changes in hormonal levels. Melasma usually occurs in women, especially those who just gave birth or are using birth control methods. Sometimes, sun exposure can also contribute to melasma.
Q: Which natural and organic ingredient can be used to treat dark spots?
A: If you want an organic and healthy way of treating dark spots then you should consider mixes or products that include oatmeal, honey, cinnamon, egg whites, mint, turmeric, yoghurt and the like. These natural and organic ingredients can be easily found at home or at the grocery store to treat acne marks and the like.
Q: What happens if I can’t fade away my acne marks?
A: Your acne marks may need the expertise of a dermatologist so you should consult your specialist first if you need to treat your acne marks in a different way.
Q: Which skin care routines can I do to help minimize dark spots caused by acne?
A: If you suffer from acne a lot then you may need to cut down on cosmetics, don’t wash your face often, don’t squeeze or pop pimples and blackheads (or even whiteheads) and use a mild cleanser to clean your face that is not too harsh.
Q: Why shouldn’t you try on too much acne removal products at once?
A: You should not be impatient and wait for the results to kick in first before you go on ahead and try another one. Trying too many products in one go is a bad thing for your skin because it can cause irritation and potentially more breakouts in the long run. This is why you need to make sure trying out acne products won’t be too harsh for your skin and should be done one at a time.
Q: Other than treating dark spots, what else do acne treatments treat on your skin?
A: If you have mild, moderate or severe acne then you can also reduce other horrible effects of acne other than the dark spots, such as the breakouts, the redness and the oiliness of your skin. These factors, when lessened significantly, can help alleviate the symptoms of acne in general, and can also reduce dark spots that appear in your face.
Q: Do oily foods cause acne?
A: Contrary to popular belief , acne is not really caused by oily or greasy food, although it is not really advisable to eat junk food anyway. Acne is caused by hereditary and other problems, but greasy foods do not really contribute to the severity of acne in general.
Q: Can apple cider vinegar also help prevent acne?
A: Yes, toning the skin is a great way to help you alleviate pimple problems and acne marks in the future due to its toning abilities. As a natural toner, apple cider vinegar can be applied with a cotton ball to help replenish your skin and keep it properly cleansed.
Q: Can menstrual periods make acne worse?
A: Yes, as with hormonal changes , menstrual periods of women can actually impact how worse your acne can occur. This is why you need to properly care for your face if you are on your period, or even before it begins.
Q: Can adults also have acne?
A: Yes, teenagers are not the only ones who can have acne, as even adults aged 30 and above can still be open to acne problems. This is why there are many acne treatments that are available not just for teens but also for adults in their later years.
Q: When does your skin renew itself?
A: The skin goes in a cycle of about 4 weeks before it sheds off its old layer into a new one. This makes it hard to wait for the results of your spot treatment, in case you are trying to fade dark spots from your face or other areas of your skin.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment is our best spot treatment that can work within 1 day, does not over-dry your skin and contains salicylic acid that greatly treats spots.