Best Solar Pool Heater 2020

Fall is here but that does not mean the pool has to be closed. With a great solar pool heater such as our top pick GAME 4512 SolarPro XD1 you can enjoy your pool from the early spring to the late fall season. Check out our list of the 10 Best solar pool heaters 2020.

Save Money with Solar Pool Heaters

According to the U.S. department of energy, solar powered pool heaters are cost-effective because of their low operating costs. Many solar powered pool heaters come with a solar collector, filter, pump, and flow control valve. As long as the pool heater has the correct orientation and tilt to maximize solar power energy, the solar pool heater can significantly decrease pool-operating costs. Learn more about Solar Pool Heaters

How A Solar Pool Heater Works

The University of Central Florida answers all of our FAQs in their article. A solar pool heater works by running water through tubes that are heated by solar energy. These tubes act like solar collectors, heating the water inside. Once the water is heated, it is then transferred back in to the pool via the pool’s filtration pump.

Top Pick: GAME 4512 SolarPRO XD1

The GAME 4512 SolarPRO XD1 is a solar pool heater that can heat pools up to 8000 gallons, snatching our spot for the top pick. For larger pools, two heaters can be connected together for better efficiency. Our top pick comes with Intex adapters for a variety of pool sizes. Unlike many solar-powered pool heaters, this pool heater is dome shaped, giving it a sleek and efficient design.

The key pros of our top pick include: easy installation and compatibility with a variety of pools. This solar powered pool heater does not require gas or electricity, so assembly is super easy. The efficient design of this pool heater allows it to be used for many pool sizes. For an 8000-gallon pool, the water temperature will increase approximately 5 degrees Fahrenheit in one week.

Step-up Pick: Eco Saver Solar Dome

The ECO Saver Solar Dome is our step-up pick for the 10 best solar pool heaters. The solar dome is an above ground solar pool heater. This pool heater can heat pools up to 18 feet round. The 20-foot coil system uses solar power to heat the water going in to the pool. This step-up pick comes with a solar dome, Intex adapters, a two-leg stand, a diverter valve kit, and twist connectors. For larger sized pools, multiple Eco Saver units can be connected together to heat a larger volume of water.

The key pros of the Eco Saver Solar Dome are: easy assembly and versatile design. This pool heater does not require gas or electric lines to function, so the assembly is super easy. The heater connected to the pool’s water system and heats the water as it runs through the 20-foot coil system. Once the water enters the pool, its already heated by solar power. The design of this step-up pick is also super versatile because up to three solar domes can be connected to heat pools with circumferences over 24-feet.

Budget Pick: Kokido Solar Swimming Pool Water Heater

The Kokido Solar Swimming Pool Water Heater, our budget pick, comes with a heating coil panel and Intex connectors (1.25 inches to 1.5 inches).
The key pros of the Kokido Solar Swimming Pool Water Heater include: easy installation, efficient design, and solar-powered technology. This budget pick water heater comes with multiple adapters to fit a variety of pools and easily plugs into your pool’s water pump. The Kokido water heater is designed to efficiently heat pools of many sizes because multiple heaters can be joined together. Plus, the Kokido water heater does not need gas or electricity to work.

The Contenders: Intex Solar Heater Mat

The Intex Solar Heater Mat is 47 inches by 47 inches and comes with: 32mm hose attachment points, 2 adaptors with 38mm hose connection, 0.5m connecting hose, and a bypass valve. This mat can heat above ground pools with 8000 gallons of water. The Intex Solar Heater Mat absorbs the sun’s rays with a 1 square meter surface. The mat can increase a pool’s temperature by 5-9 degrees Fahrenheit.

The key pros of the Intex Solar Heater Mat include: easy assembly, compatibility with a variety of pumps, and solar-powered technology. The Intex Solar Heater mat is easy to assemble with attachment points and hose connections that go together like ABC. Plus, the solar heater is compatible with filters up to ½ hp or a pump flow rate of less than 2500 gallons/hour. Rather than using electricity or gas to heat the pool, the Intext Solar Heater Mat uses the sun’s rays, which makes this pool heater one of the most environmentally friendly pool heaters on the market.

GAME 4527 SolarPRO XB2

The GAME 4527 SolarPRO XB2 has a surface area of 10 square feet and includes adapters for Intex pools. This pool heater can be used with in ground and above ground pools. The SolarPRO is compatible with ½ horsepower filters.

The key pros of the GAME 4527 SolarPro are compact size and solar-powered technology. The GAME 4527 folds in to a portable compact size for easy storage. Plus, the SolarPro heats pools without the use of gas or electricity. The solar-powered technology in the SolarPro is enhanced by its efficient design, allowing customers to easily assemble and even connect multiple heaters together.

Blue Wave NS6022 SolarPRO XD3

The Blue Wave NS6022 SolarPRO XD3 comes with a 60-foot hose, 2 flexible hoses, 2 clamps, a free bypass kit, and a 22-inch diameter dome cover. This pool heater is compatible with above ground pools.

The key pros of the Blue Wave NS6022 SolarPRO XD3 are its efficient and compatible dome design and easy installation. The dome creates a greenhouse effect, which heats up the water passing through the 60-foot hose. For easy installation, the solar pool heater comes with multiple Intex adaptors and a bypass kit.

GAME 4721 SolarPRO

The GAME 4721 SolarPRO is a curved solar pool heater. It comes with Intex adapters and is made from commercial grade plastic with threaded ports for increased durability. The GAME 4721 SolarPRO comes with 2 hoses and stainless steel hose clamps.
The key pros of the GAME 4721 SolarPRO include: compatibility with above ground and in ground pools and its efficient design. The heater comes with adaptors that allow the heater to be connected with both in-ground and aboveground pools. The curved design increases the amount of solar energy absorbed. The GAME 4721 SolarPRO can increase a pool’s temperature by 5 degrees Fahrenheit in 5 days! For more heat, the SolarPro can easily be connected to other units.

Eco Saver Solar Panel

The Eco Saver Solar Panel is a solar powered pool heater. The unit is a 20-foot panel that can heat an in-ground pool up to 15’ by 30’ and an aboveground pool with a circumference up to 24 feet. The mat is made with a flexible design that easily folds up for storage. This 20-foot panel maximizes the amount of solar energy absorbed. Within the mat there are multiple tubes through which solar energy heats the water and transfers it to the pool.
The key pro of the Eco Saver Solar Panel is its efficient and compatible design. The 20-foot mat is much wider than most solar pool heaters on the market, so this mat can absorb more solar power and heat pools more efficiently. The Eco Saver Solar Panel’s easy-to-install design makes this solar pool heater compatible with any pool.

Smartpool S204

The Smartpool S204 is included in our 10 best solar pool heaters because of its efficient arc-shape. Rather than using bypass kits, the Smartpool S204 is designed to connect directly to the pool’s natural plumbing system. The system is made in the USA and comes with a variety of hose fittings from 1 ¼ inch to 1 ½ inch sizes and Intex adaptors, so the Smartpool S204 is compatible with a variety of pools.
The key pros of the Smartpool S204 include: efficient design and simple assembly. The unique arc shape and built-in stand helps the Smartpool S204 maximize the amount of solar power absorbed by the unit. Without the use of bypass kits, the installation is easy and only takes a few minutes.

In this list of the 10 Best solar pool heaters, we found the best pool heaters to extend the swimming season in your home. So rather than put those pools away in early September leave them out and enjoy another great swimming weekend with your family!