Best Small Air Conditioner

The Frigidaire FFRE0533Q1 Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner is our best small air conditioner, which is an Energy Star certified unit that is also a compact air conditioner for small rooms. It has a 4-way air direction set of louvers to help you circulate the air better in your bedroom or some other small area. With a low power start-up, this is easy to put together for any window-mounted installation in any room.

Our step-up pick is the Frigidaire FRA054XT7 Mini Room Air Conditioner and at 5,000 BTUs of cooling power, the small air conditioner has an easy to clean, slide-out access mesh filter for your better protection against airborne particles. What’s more, you can control the temperature in the best way possible due to its remote control.

The budget pick is the Haier ESA405P Window Air Conditioner and it has a total of 3 fan speeds depending on your temperature needs. It has a washable filter for easy upkeep. If you have allergies then the filter of this small air conditioner is sufficient to keep the indoor air quality good in any home while you stay cool all the time.

A Little Background

A small air conditioner is usually either a portable or a window type or even a through the wall type. Most small air conditioners have very low BTU ratings and thus, they are mostly meant for smaller areas such as bedrooms, apartments, condo units and dorm rooms. A small air conditioner will usually be capable of filling a room with cool air up to 400 square feet or less.
While a central AC and a ductless AC is something that is more meant for large scale use, a small air conditioner can just be a simple window type unit, wall unit or even a portable unit with wheels. There are, however, some specifically designed ductless ACs that are small enough to fit into small rooms. A good example of this small air conditioner would be an RV air conditioner.
Using an air conditioner, even just a small air conditioner, can be beneficial in the summer. Heatstroke is one of the major cause of deaths around the world. However, heatstroke can be prevented with proper ventilation and cooling such as with the use of an air conditioner.
If you are used to cold climates such as in Europe and North America, you may feel really weak in the summer, especially for old folks who are susceptible to heatstroke and illnesses caused by sudden temperature change.
Calculating the right BTU rating for your air conditioner is important so that it does not become an overkill for your room or area. You can measure the area first and then multiply that number by 25. For example, a 20 x 20 room will equate to 400 square feet in size, which, when multiplied by 25, will result to 10,000 BTUs, which is a pretty powerful air conditioner BTU rating to consider for mediums sized rooms.
Cleaning the air filter is one of the things that most households tend to forget. You should clean the air filter regularly on your AC unit or else it can lead to operational failure for your AC unit at home or in the office. There can be a check filter light or you clean it as scheduled depending on what your user’s manual says.
Traditional fans are good at cooling but air conditioner units are better if you have really hot summers. This is because traditional fans only blow air but do not take away the humidity in the air, thus not very good at cooling overall. Air conditioner units are the best to have if you live near the beach or have highly humid weather or climate.
One of the common AC units in most households is the split AC. The split type air conditioner is usually made for medium to large homes so small spaces may not be that ideal for a split type AC. However, there are newer ductless air conditioners today with inverter technology that may fit into smaller spaces such as apartments. This lets you cool down a room and then keep one room in constant temperature to save up on energy costs.
The lifespan of your air conditioner can be prolonged if you subject it to regular checkups from your HVAC personnel who is licensed. They can point out which parts of your air conditioner unit need to be given protection. Having a checkup is better than repairing because repairs can cost more than a regular maintenance checkup. This is why you should consider getting an HVAC professional to check your AC unit regularly.
Whichever type of AC unit you install in your home, you should make sure that it is just the right thing for your budget and for your home space. Room air conditioners are applicable for small homes and small rooms, which can be either portable or window mounted. On the other hand, central and ductless AC units are the best for whole house cooling as well as medium to large areas.
When shopping for an air conditioner for a single room, you may chance upon either a window type air conditioner or a portable one. Portable AC units are more expensive because they have the convenience of mobility, which allows you to move the AC unit from room to room versus a single window type air conditioner unit that is only stationary in your room and can be rather hard to install and lift.
The R410A refrigerant replaces CFC and HCFC based refrigerants to make the air conditioner more eco-friendly in general. Being environmentally responsible for any appliance can help you save the environment and also be more considerate towards your economical awareness. R-22 and many other older refrigerants can get in the way of the environment so you should look for modern ACs that use eco-friendly products and components to cool down the air.
The fact that portable ACs have a set of wheels or casters make them very mobile and convenient to use from room to room. In fact, they are the best for homes with very limited space versus a window type air conditioner, which will require you to sacrifice part of your window for the AC unit. This can be troublesome for those in apartments or small homes, as well as condo units and dorms.
Having a programmable air conditioner with a thermostat means that you can save more on your electric bill because you can automatically control the cooling (and even heating for some models) scheme of your house, whether it’s a bedroom, your apartment, condo unit, dorm or some other small to medium sized space. It can save you money in the long run so having a thermostat is a good investment.
Having a thermostat is good, but if you do not know how to operate it properly, you can be in for some serious trouble, such as the AC unit not working properly. You should not set it too low so that the AC unit will not overwork itself or run too fast that it won’t cool your room or area down sufficiently.

How We Picked

If you want the best small air conditioner, you should look for the following:
SEER: the SEER refers to how efficient in terms of energy savings a small air conditioner can be. This will be beneficial to your needs because it will reduce the cost of operation for your AC unit so that you will be less shocked on your monthly electric bill.
BTU rating: mostly below 9,000 BTUs, a small air conditioner will usually not expend too much power compared to medium to large scale AC units out there. This is because lower BTUs are all you need when you are just trying to cool down a small room with a small unit.
Coverage area: mostly below 400 square feet, a small air conditioner will usually be made for small rooms such as small bedrooms and the like. Most of these models have lower BTUs and lower prices than standard models. Most of these can be found on and used for apartments, dorms, condo units and the like.
Energy Star certified: an Energy Star certified small air conditioner means that it is economical in terms of energy savings. This is a good thing for those who want an air conditioner but are afraid of a large electric bill.
Quiet operation: having a quiet operation for a small air conditioner means that it can help you sleep better and more soundly through the night. It will also be less annoying within the home or room space when you turn it on due to less noise pollution around.
Speed levels: a good small air conditioner is one that is energy saving because of its adjustable speed levels, which can reduce the impact of your AC unit to your monthly electric bill. Usually, the fan speed will be 3 or more depending on the model or brand.
Inverter technology: the inverter technology can be a plus point for any small air conditioner because it can help you save more due to its switchable speed, which can potentially reduce on operation costs every single month.
Voltage rating: a small air conditioner can either be 115 volt or 203 volt system capable unit. You should consider a small air conditioner that adheres to your voltage system or else it will not work at all.

Our Pick

Our best small air conditioner is the Frigidaire FFRE0533Q1 Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner, which runs at 5,000 BTUs of power. It gives you a comfortable environment but without keeping you awake at night due to the low noise level.
Rated at 4 amps, the small air conditioner can be easily tweaked on its settings to your preference and can be a great apartment cooling appliance. Rated at 115V, it has a washable mesh filter that is easy to maintain. The remote control is simple to operate and its eco-friendly features save you money.
Perfect for areas up to 150 sq. ft., your room doesn’t get overly cold with this just-right small air conditioner. At 12 inches high, the air filter of this small air conditioner can remove all of the bacteria and room odors in your home air.
With a process of dehumidification of up to 1.1 pints per hour, it can be a great solution on hot days and is quite a compact small air conditioner to have. It also conserves energy due to its energy efficiency and is easy to operate with its electronic controls.
Fitting well up to 36-inch wide windows, this small air conditioner offers a quiet operation due to its modern design and efficient motor. It is a decent conventional AC unit at a good price and a small scale and you can definitely select options for its cooling capability to save up on energy costs.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not a deal breaker, the Frigidaire FFRE0533Q1 Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner may tend to be slightly noisier than expensive models. However, that may depend on the placement of your AC unit and you can just put it to a lower setting to avoid overworking the AC unit anyway.

Step-up Pick

Our step-up pick is the Frigidaire FRA054XT7 Mini Room Air Conditioner, which can cover up to 165 square feet of area. This small air conditioner has a remote control to easily control it. moreover, you can use it for small sized rooms and you can easily select options for your cooling needs.
Being an Energy Star rated small air conditioner, it is rated at 10.7 EER so it is sufficiently eco-friendly and energy efficient. It has a good temperature control that is simple to use for effortlessly controlling your air conditioner. It also automatically restarts after a blackout to avoid hassle.
As a window-mounted small air conditioner, it has a 24-hour timer for when you want to leave the house. It has up to 1.1 pints per hour of dehumidification process and it has an energy saver function to help conserve on your energy bill.
Providing you with a comfortable environment, the small air conditioner has a 2-speed fan for different cooling needs. It is easily installed with a window mounting kit and its included mesh filter has anti-bacterial properties for the safety of the family – effective against bacteria and room odors.
With a 2-way direction control for better air circulation, the small air conditioner is easy to plug due to its 6.5 ft. power cord. It works on any 115-volt system and has convenient electronic controls. Its included air vents have a full width design. The small air conditioner is backed by a 1-year full warranty and 5-year sealed system warranty.

Budget Pick

The Haier ESA405P Window Air Conditioner is our budget pick, which can cool up to 150 sq ft of area or room. It has an intuitive temperature control system and has a 2-way air direction for better circulation of the indoor air. It is great for cooling smaller spaces and has an easy to install window kit as well.
With an auto cool function, the small air conditioner can be great for summer nights before you go to sleep to help cool down the temperature. It has an intuitive time and temperature display for you to easily see and control.
This small air conditioner is easy to routine maintenance because of its simple design. It has a sleep mode for those summer nights without much noise. It efficiently cools a bedroom with a power of up to 5,100 BTUs. Ideal for lazy days when you want to cool the house, it has a dehumidifying function too.
You can now sleep comfortably with this small air conditioner due to its cooling power and the easy to access remote has Braille for accessibility needs. With a total of 3 cool settings, the small air conditioner has a energy saver mode as well.
Great for any apartment room, the small air conditioner is also AHAM verified and Energy Star certified for your safety. It has a 24-hour on/off timer for when you sleep or go outside to schedule your cooling. With a streamlined design, the small air conditioner is backed by a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Best Small Air Conditioner that is a Window Type

The Perfect Aire 2PAC8000 Window Air Conditioner is our ideal window type small air conditioner, with a powerful 8,000 BTU rating. It is also Energy Star rated so it is safe and energy efficient. Rated at 115 volts, the small air conditioner is easy to install with the included window mounting kit.
Its anti-microbial filter is washable and has a tilt-out design. This small air conditioner consumes 740 watts at 7 amps and its air filter greatly reduces bacteria to improve your indoor air. Ideal for rooms from 300 to 350 sq. ft, the small air conditioner also uses the eco-friendly R410A refrigerant.
Providing you with a quiet operation, the small air conditioner works quite well as an AC unit that is simple to use with its remote control. You can also schedule your cooling with its 24-hr. on/off timer. With all the support hardware needed for putting it together, the small air conditioner is quite easy to install. In fact, al the direction controls of this small air conditioner can be understood even by DIY installers of an AC at home.

Best Small Air Conditioner that has Mechanical Controls

The Impecca IWA05-KM15 5,000 BTU/h Air Conditioner is a good choice for a mechanically controlled small air conditioner. With a fair 11.1 EER rating for energy efficiency, this unit can cover up to 150 square feet of area. It has an auto restart function to help recover from blackouts.
At 5,000 BTUs of power, the 2-way air direction makes it easy to circulate cold air indoors. The versatile window air conditioner can allow you to stay comfortable during the summer, and especially at night due to its whisper quiet operation when you go to bed.
With a height of 12 inches like most AC units, it has 2 cooling speeds to choose from so you can save up on energy costs. It has comfortable noise levels so you won’t feel annoyed with the motor noise at all when you sleep at night.
The small air conditioner can be a great source of coolness in any living room or similar room in the house. If the humidity is bad in your area or house, you can use this small air conditioner to help dehumidify the air.
It uses an eco-friendly refrigerant so the small air conditioner is very environmentally friendly without compromising on your home cooling. The 2 fan speeds helps to reduce on electrical costs if you don’t need a lot of cooling and just need a fan mode. The small air conditioner is also cUL US certified so it is guaranteed safe for your family.

Best Small Air Conditioner that is a Portable Type

The LG Electronics LP0814WNR Portable Air Conditioner is our ideal portable small air conditioner which has an easy to read LED screen display panel. It also has a 24-hour on/off timer that can help you schedule your cooling indoors.
The small air conditioner comes with the needed window kit for venting needs so it is easy to setup for most people. It is designed for 115-volt systems and can have cool air blowing around the house in a matter of minutes.
The auto-restart feature of this small air conditioner is great for blackouts or power failures. It has a sleek and contemporary design that will most likely match your interior house décor. In addition to that, the remote control gives you a lot of accessibility in adjusting the cooling and fan options.
You get a total of 2 cooling speeds with this small air conditioner, which is sufficient for a small unit to help save up on energy costs. It can also be a great small air conditioner for cooling your computer equipment or gaming room.
With highly programmable controls to help save up on energy costs, this is a well-vented small air conditioner when it is installed properly. In addition to that, the caster wheels add to the mobility of this small air conditioner. In terms of noise levels, the small air conditioner is bearable such that it barely makes noise when you sleep at night.
Great and complementary with any room décor at home, the small air conditioner is a nice portable air conditioner to have if you prefer mobility and on-the-go cooling from room to room. The small air conditioner has 2 fan speeds as well for your customized climate control.
With a durable rotary compressor that is powerful enough for small rooms, it also has an auto evaporation system to help keep it mess-free. A 5-6 feet long hose (single hose system) is included with this unit. All in all, this small air conditioner can cool up to 200 sq. ft. of area.
Working well on most floor surfaces without staining them, it is also great in sealing out the outside air due to its construction. The small air conditioner has a dehumidification up to 2 pints per hour as a freestanding unit.

Best Small Air Conditioner that has Digital or Electronic Controls

The Arctic Wind 6,000 BTU Air Conditioner has up to 260 sq. ft. of area coverage and a total of 3 fan speeds for you to choose from. It has a scheduler or a 24-hour timer for your cooling needs. Being an Energy Star small air conditioner, it has a dehumidifier function for the sticky summer heat.
This small air conditioner has a reusable and washable filter that is easy to clean. It has some good noise levels to help you sleep better and has a high 12.1 EER along with its energy saver function. You can be watching TV just fine with the quiet motor of this small air conditioner.
At 6,000 BTUs of cooling power, the small air conditioner also comes with a window mounting kit to install it. There is an adjustable temperature control for you to save on energy when sleeping. As a window-mounted installation small air conditioner, you can also use this in an RV or mobile home.
It comes with window insulation and has an auto-restart feature. The small air conditioner comes with a clear LED screen display digital control panel.

Best Small Air Conditioner with a Bucket-less Design

The Honeywell MP Series Portable Air Conditioner features soft-touch controls and has an energy efficient front grille design. It is a good AC unit for a small room and it has dehumidification up to 51 pints per 24 hours. With up to 8,000 BTUs of power, this AC unit doesn’t take up a lot of space at all.
It includes a window venting kit for easy ventilation as a portable air conditioner that has absolutely no permanent installation needed at all. It runs pretty quiet as an AC unit to run across the room with up to 250 sq. ft. of coverage area – perfect for a bedroom.
With 4 caster wheels to help it move around, the no bucket design gives you no drip to clean up after and the neat exhaust hose that allows easy venting. The unit consumes 725 watts of power and draws 6.3 amps. It uses an auto evaporation system so it is less messy as a totally compact unit.
It has a total of 3 panels for the vent hose and it gives you a powerful air flow overall. It is a combination of a fan and dehumidifier as well so it is great for highly humid summers. It has an easy to read LCD screen display as well.

Best Small Air Conditioner that has a Single Hose Design

Featuring an LCD screen display that is easy to read, the TCL TAC-08CPA/HA 8000BTU Portable Air Conditioner has 3 speeds to choose from with a decent dehumidification up to 3.7 pints per hour. It can help you maintain your schedule of cooling and keep a room cool up to 170 sq. ft of area.
You can stay away from the heat with the easy to use AC and remote control along with its 24-hour timer for outdoor use. Great for its portable convenience, it packs 8,000 BTUs of power and has a flexible exhaust hose for easy installation. It also has a couple of side handles, making it easy to move.

Best Small Air Conditioner for the Living Room

Cooling up to 350 square feet, the Perfect Aire PATC8000 Tango Portable Air-Conditioner gives you a quiet operation and is eco-friendly with its R410A refrigerant. With easy installation, this AC us packed with 8,000 BTUs and comes with easy to maintain washable filters.
With a 3 speed fan, it also offers auto-protection against voltage problems. You can be cooling rooms easily with its auto-swing feature. It has a self-diagnosis feature as well as a sleek design that is absolutely non-obstructive at all. Its sleep mode can be useful at night as this unit consumes 900 watts of power and 7.9 amps of current.

The Competition

Other small air conditioner were not qualified for our list because they were not small enough and were also insufficient in cooling power. They were also not energy efficiency enough for smaller homes and some tend to cool too much, which can be unsafe for your health.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can air conditioners provide better health for your home or office?
A: Yes, air conditioners can have health benefits for people. An air conditioner can purify the air of dust, dirt, pet dander, allergens and bacteria, which can potentially keep colds and other viruses at bay. The air quality will improve at home if you have an air conditioner as well.
If you have allergies or hay fever, you can benefit from an air conditioner. This is because an AC unit has an air filter to keep the dust, pollen and allergens away. In addition to that, workforce can be improved if you keep an air conditioner in your office or home work area. This is because the cold air is better than hot, warm air that employees feel sticky and irritated in.
Moreover, having an air conditioner at home or in the office improves your mood because you can make decisions better with a cool temperature, whereas you will feel irritated and stressful if you often reside in a very hot and humid climate area. Overall, air conditioners are great for your health, whether physical or psychological.
Q: How do I know which BTU of air conditioner fits my area?
A: You should measure your area first before you go on and buy an air conditioner that fits your needs. For example, a room that measures 12 x 16 inches will have an area of 192 square feet. To get the optimum BTU rating for an air conditioner, you can multiply that number by 25 to get 4,800 BTUs, which is the ideal BTU rating for your AC.
Q: What is the importance of cleaning your air filter in your air conditioner?
A: The air filter is the most important thing to maintain for your air conditioner because the air filter can get dirty when it is not cleaned properly. You should know when to clean your air filter based on its schedule and the recommendation of the manufacturer or user’s manual.
Not cleaning your air filter can have bad effects to your health and indoor air quality because not only can it form ice crystals but it can also re-circulate the dust and allergens into your air. You should clean the air filter as instructed or when the check filter light (if any) goes on. A clean air filter ensures a healthier environment at home that helps you stay cool.
Q: Can air conditioner units perform better than traditional fans?
A: Yes, on highly humid weather , fans may not be as effective when it comes down to cooling your air in the summer. Because the summer weather can tend to be highly humid, it will leave a sticky feeling even if you turn the fan on to cool down. This is why an air conditioner is specifically devised to help remove humidity in the air to keep things less stickier.
Q: What are split air conditioners? Are they expensive?
A: Split air conditioners are air conditioners that can be selective in terms of cooling rooms in the house. They can be either ducted or ductless but most of them can be much more expensive than your regular window type air conditioner due to the upfront cost and the setup needed by an HVAC personnel.
Q: Can preventive maintenance for your AC unit help its lifespan?
A: Yes, preventive maintenance or a regular checkup for your air conditioner unit can really help to improve the lifespan of your AC unit. This is because the HVAC personnel will be able to pinpoint which parts of your AC unit are not working well and will give you pointers on how to fix it.
Moreover, AC units may look like they are okay but there can be potentially underlying causes of failure that you may fail to look at. This is why you need an AC specialist such as a licensed HVAC personnel to help you determine which parts may need to be fixed or serviced before you run into a bigger problem and spend more money on repairs.
Q: What types of AC units are available in the market?
A: There are many air conditioner types in the market for you to choose from.
Most medium to large homes can have a central AC unit or ductless AC unit with a heat pump to get them ready for the winter. These may require some setup and an HVAC professional but the result is good benefits for you during all seasons of the year without the worry of getting another heating unit.
Room air conditioners, which fall into either window types or portable types, are much more economic and are good for a starter AC unit. If you just want to have an AC unit but don’t want to spend a lot of money in buying one then you can start off with a room air conditioner. It is also by far the most common type of air conditioner in the market.
Q: In terms of cost, which is better: a portable AC unit or a window type AC unit?
A: The portable air conditioner is usually much more expensive than a window type air conditioner simply because it is a lot more convenient and portable. It is equipped with specialized parts that are not in the window type unit.
When buying an AC unit, you should look for the cost per BTU first. Most often, window type air conditioners are much cheaper than a portable air conditioner of the same BTU rating. The reason for that is simple: portable air conditioners are cheaper and much more accessible than that of a window type, and you can move it around the house.
Here is a BTU rating chart:

BTUs Area Best For Ideal AC
5,000 to 9,000 100 to 400 square feet Small homes, room air conditioning, apartments Portable and window types
9,000 and above 450 square feet Medium to large homes, business establishments Central and ductless ACs

Q: Which is more comfortable to use: the portable AC or the window type AC?
A: Most people find that the portable AC is a lot easier to use and more suited for most homes, because they can be moved around to any room without having to install it permanently onto a window. Portable ACs may be pricey but they are super convenient.
Q: Why do modern air conditioner units use R410A refrigerants?
A: The R410A refrigerant is the new standard for refrigerants on newer air conditioners. With the pull out of harmful refrigerants like CFC and HCFCs, air conditioners and fridges today use a more eco-friendly solution in terms of keeping your indoor air cool and comfortable.
Q: How can a thermostat help you save energy?
A: By programming a thermostat for your air conditioner unit, you are saving a lot of cents or even dollars because you can program the air conditioner to go on low power when it’s night time when you are asleep. You can also program the AC unit to go on low or off when you are outside the house or somewhere else.
Q: Why should not go too low on your AC unit’s thermostat setting?
A: Having a thermostat setting that is too low can be not effective for cooling down your home. This is because the unit will operate faster than ever and thus, not really remove the humidity at hand.
Q: Can natural ventilation at night help reduce on air conditioning operation costs?
A: Yes, natural ventilation such as opening the windows at night during the summer can be helpful if you want to save up on energy costs when you have an AC at home or wherever you stay in. Air conditioning is only best during warm times in the daytime but can be turned lower or off during the night when the air can be cold outside. This helps your unit to get breaks from your everyday use.
Q: To reduce my AC unit’s operation costs, what simple lifestyle changes can I do to help?
A: If you want to save up on energy costs then you may want to use your AC unit sparingly during peak times. You can do this by bathing more often in the summer and eating ice cream.
If your bed sheets and pillow cases can fit in the freezer, you can also freeze them before you go to bed to help you sleep better at night. Cooler clothing can also benefit you during the summer so you don’t have to turn the AC on all the time.
Q: Can a house fan be a supplement cooling appliance to my air conditioner?
A: Yes, house fans can be used alongside air conditioners or after they have been used, so as not to overwork your air conditioner at all. Most ACs do have fan modes but it is better that you use a different fan for the job so you don’t expend too much power with the AC unit at all.
House fans can help save up on the operational costs of your air conditioners because they consume far less energy compared to that of an AC unit. This is why you may still need to prepare some house fans when you need to get ready for a really hot and humid summer season, especially if you live in a tropical area or live near the beach.
Q: Which is better for an AC unit: mechanical controls or electronic controls?
A: Choosing between mechanical and electronic controls is like choosing between a mechanical dial for your microwave or a digital keypad for its operation. Mechanical controls are great for ease of use while electronic controls are great for precise temperatures. Most people with accessibility problems can benefit more on mechanical controls while electronic controls work best for specific temperature needs.
Q: What is a good EER rating of any air conditioner to be energy efficient?
A: The EER or energy efficiency ratio is what measures the energy efficiency of an air conditioner. At least an EER of 12 should be sufficient for an air conditioner. When it comes to the SEER or seasonal energy efficiency ratio (which is mostly for year-round ACs), it should be at least 18 or greater. Higher EERs mean that they are more energy efficient for your home.
Q: How is a through the wall air conditioner different from a window type?
A: A through the wall AC unit works much like a window type, except that it only goes through the hole in the wall of your house. The downside, of course, is that you have to find some guy to make a hole in the wall, which can be frustrating if your house isn’t designed for an air conditioner like that. Its permanent installation also means that you can’t move it from place to place.
Q: Is air conditioning considered a luxury?
A: It depends on your needs but if you live in a poor country, air conditioning is considered a luxury. However, if you live in a slightly more modern country, air conditioning is not a big deal. Moreover, certain businesses require AC units for their business nature (e.g. groceries) and some people with respiratory problems also need an AC unit to help them alleviate the symptoms.
Q: What makes air conditioning so expensive?
A: Aside from the unit, if you don’t know how to install an AC unit then hiring an HVAC professional can be pricey because they are licensed and passed certain training. DIY installation can also lead to problems so it’s best to leave it to a professional. AC units have specialized parts and a motor that make them far more expensive than house fans.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Frigidaire FFRE0533Q1 Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner is our best small air conditioner up to 150 square feet of area, with 5,000 BTUs and a quiet operation that will really help you stay cool even on a budget and on a small room.