Best Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask1
The ALASKA BEAR Natural is our pick for the best sleep mask due to its luxurious silk item and feel that will comfort your eyes all the time. It is made with breathable material and uses Velcro on both sides for the ease of fastening.

Our step-up pick is the Bedtime Bliss Contoured and it also comes with a set of ear plugs. It is ideal for traveling as well as for other purposes and it comes with an easy to pack pouch. It has a molded design and does not smudge makeup.

The budget pick is the Jersey Slumber Silk and it is made with quality silk material and comes with a strap that is highly adjustable. It works on nearly all kinds of sleeping positions and can easily block light sources from interfering with your sleep.

A Little Background

A sleeping mask is a kind of bedding and sleeping item that you can use not just in your bed but also in your travels or anywhere you fall asleep on. The goal of this item is that it will help you to sleep better without blinding lights so that you can focus more on sleeping soundly with less distractions.

Many people cannot sleep with lights on, no matter how tired they are, and so they use this kind of product. Getting the right amount of sleep each day is vital to keep yourself healthy, strong and refreshed throughout the day. It also energizes you, so it pays to have a good night's sleep whenever and wherever possible. A good length of sleep should be somewhere between 8 and 10 hours.

Different stages of life have different needs for sleep. For instance, children and babies need a lot more sleep because they want to recover from excessive energy spent during their waking hours. Teens and adults need moderate sleep, while seniors tend to get less sleep, because they have already slept a lot in their early lifetime. Pets may have different sleeping schedules as well, most notably cats that sleep two thirds of their entire day.

This kind of item is hung from your ears like every mask for children’s parties. The big difference is that it is made of comfortable material that allows you to sleep and breathe without restrictions and without temporary wrinkles when you doze off. These special masks are indeed built much differently than cheap and flimsy masks that are used for other things, although they can be bought anywhere.

One good use of this item is for airplane travel. They can be worn while you are sleeping on an airplane so that you will not be distracted by the other passengers. Similarly, if you are on a very long and far commute or road trip, you can also use it to prevent distractions from interfering with your sleep, especially if you have been tired and needed some shut eye.

Usually, the design and the alternate word or term for a sleep mask is a blindfold. It is not just used for sleeping, as it can be a multipurpose item, such as for birthday parties, for magic tricks and the like. The reason for this kind of item to be used is that REM or rapid eye movement sleep stages can be improved if you shut out the light that comes into your eyes to help you sleep better.  

How we Picked

If you want the best sleeping mask, here are some things you need to know about first:

Size: do consider the size because it might not fit you well if you pick one that is not fitting for your face. Different people have different shapes of faces so you need to consider which one fits your face best.

Materials used: consider materials that are durable and does not sacrifice the breathability, quality and skin friendliness when you wear them. They should offer you comfort on the inside and durability on the outside so that there will be a balance between its sturdy design and its comforting factor. Silk is the most common type of material that is used for this kind of item because of its smooth feel that is good for your skin.

Ease of putting: remember that for a sleep mask to be effective, it should be simple enough to put on and straightforward with its design so that anyone will not have trouble using it right away. Putting it should be a breeze for people so that it will not be kind of a hassle overall.

Adjustability: there are some of these masks that have adjustability so they can be used by anyone, especially children who are growing. Adjustability is important so that you can have more room for adjustments when you think that it will not fit snugly over your face. Some of these models have this kind of feature, which is important for most people.

Who will use it: men and women may also have different face shapes and sizes, and this is why it is important to know who will use it. On the other hand, most of them tend to be for unisex or for both men and women, so you will have less trouble with it.

Skin-friendly: it should be hypoallergenic so that it will not compromise the quality of your skin. A skin friendly item should be made of materials that have little or no harsh chemicals and are made with mostly organic materials as well.

Breathability: it should be breathable as an item, since you will be using it for a long period of time while sleeping to avoid unnecessary sweating.

Our Pick

As our top pick, the ALASKA BEAR Natural is made with quality mulberry silk and is made to be breathable for your best comfortable sleeping experience. It does not interfere with your sleep and it does not snag your pillow or your hair at all.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only non-deal breaking con with the ALASKA BEAR Natural is that it can fall off when it is not properly fastened, and it is not ideal for super heavy duty use, unless you go for a step-up pick.

Step-up Pick

The Bedtime Bliss Contoured is our step-up pick, which is specifically molded to contour to your face. It does not smudge makeup and can be used by any gender. It also comes with a set of ear plugs to complete the non-disruptive sleeping experience.

Budget Pick

The Jersey Slumber Silk is our budget pick, which will assure you of a deep and peaceful sleep. It can help you feel refreshed as it is made of silk, which is known to be a quality material that is organic, soft and cuddling for your eyes to feel relaxed.

Best Sleep Mask made of Silk

The kimkoo Silk Sleep is a great choice if you want soothing material for your sleeping experience. It is made out of silk material and will not harm or damage your skin because of its organic material. It will make you feel relaxed on your daily bus or airplane trip.

Best Sleep Mask that is Adjustable

The PrettyFirst Silk is known to have an adjustable set of straps and is made of mulberry silk, so it is not only organic but also very comfortable and breathable at the same time to help you feel relaxed when you sleep anywhere.

Best Sleep Mask that is Contoured

If you want something that is contoured to help your eyeballs feel relaxed and less stressed, we recommend the  UNIMI Contoured Canthus which has that kind of property. This unique eye cover can help you feel relaxed due to the less pressure on your nose due to its 3D effect.

Best Sleep Mask with a Back Velcro Strap

The Sleep Master Mask has a special back Velcro strap, which can be helpful if you don’t like ear straps and Velcro fasteners on your ears. It has a comfortable shade of blue and materials that are breathable and comfortable for your eyes and your face.

Best Sleep Mask with Eyelashes Design

The Fitglam Natural Silk is not just made of silk but also made with a cute design of eyelashes, which is especially for girls who want to get their beauty sleep without being compromised by outside light. It also comes with a set of earplugs for you to block out noise when you sleep.

Best Sleep Mask with Various Designs and Colors

Having a myriad of colors and designs to choose from, the Bucky 40 Blinks is a great choice for a packable and ultra lightweight eye cover for helping you feel relaxed.

Best Sleep Mask made of Cotton

The Proteove Cotton is a good choice for those who want cotton instead of silk for the price value and for the breathability. Its cotton material helps your skin breathe better so you can sleep deeper in any time of the day.

The Competition

Others were not in this list because they lacked in quality and breathability, which are both highly important when it comes down to comfort when you are sleeping. They should be not too stiff and just right with their comfort levels to be easy and breathable to use for people who want to relax either on their bed or while on the go.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an eye mask and what is it used for?

A: Eye masks are unique kinds of bedding items that can also be taken with you on the go. Also called sleeping masks, they are used for adding relaxation to your sleep while you are lying down or when you are sitting on a bus or plane.

The goal of this kind of item is that it will help block the light from your eyes, making it feel like you are in a dark room, which can help you to relax better. Usually, turning off the light can help you feel better and can simulate bedtime or nighttime hours. If you find it hard to sleep with the lights on, or have no option when it comes down to the room controls, this is a good option.

Q: What are the benefits of this item?

A: This item can be used for both sleeping and traveling. It has the following benefits:

1. It helps your skin calm and relax. One of the best benefits of this kind of sleeping item is that it does wonders for your skin. It is a relaxing and calming item that can be good for your skin. It helps your skin to breathe better because it is usually made of silk material, unlike those that aren’t really meant for sleeping. They also tend to be filled with gel so they can feel cool for your skin.

2. Those with sinus pain or allergies can also feel relief. If you have allergies then you can definitely benefit from this kind of item because of its unique abilities to press against your sinuses to alleviate your allergy symptoms or even your sinus problems. The contouring abilities of this kind of item can help your nose and sinus achieve some form of relief, which can also help you to sleep better.

3. It helps simulate a dark room at night. Because light can make you feel uncomfortable when you sleep at night, it really helps to have something to cover your eyes. Because our eyelids are not fully opaque and could still catch some light from a room, it is important to have something that will totally block all light coming from the outside world so that we can achieve peace without disturbing others who may be afraid of the dark.

4. It can help reduce puffy eyes. Today, we often see gel eye masks available at beauty shops. This is because gel eye masks can help reduce the instances of puffy eyes, dark under eye circles or eye bags as we used to call them. This is important so that you can have healthy eyes and a better sleep, which can also affect your appearance as well as your overall health in terms of attentiveness and energy.

Q: What are the kinds of materials used for this kind of item?

A: Sleep mask materials can vary depending on your choice or preferences, but can also vary depending on what is available for each item. Here are the most common types of materials that are used for this kind of product:

Type of Material

Description and Uses

Typical Pricing


Silk is known to be a very luxurious item and is mostly found in beddings that are made for 5 star hotels and the like. You will find this kind of item material very smooth and a metaphor for something luxurious (e.g. silky soft).

The usual pricing for this kind of item is expensive, since it is a hard to find item because of its production and sourcing.


Cotton is known to be a lesser luxurious item and more of a commoner’s material due to its wide availability. The texture of cotton is very soft and comfortable and hence, it is used mostly for the summer season where other insulating products don’t work well or effectively.

Cotton is cheap at the very most, unless you go for a higher quality of cotton known as Egyptian cotton. That one is pricier, but regular cotton is usually cheap.


Polyester is a great product for those who want an easily available material. It is commonly found anywhere in almost any kind of bedding or clothing material and is known for its durability. It might not be that breathable but it is good enough for some people.

Polyester can be very cheap, even compared to cotton, due to its ease of manufacturing and availability. It is also available nearly anywhere.


Satin is known to have a sheen and luxurious finish much like silk. Hence, it is only mostly used for luxurious items such as beddings and night gowns.

Satin is also pretty expensive, much like silk. This is why it can only be afforded by those who have some extra cash.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of cotton fabric?

A: Cotton is known to be a very soft and moisture wicking fabric. It does have its share of pros and cons for your specific item, whether it is for clothing or bedding. Here are some of them:


a. It is highly breathable to wear and to wrap around with. One of the reasons to wear this kind of product is that it is super breathable, which is important if you tend to sweat a lot when you sleep or when you rest. If it is very hot in your climate or area, we suggest you go for a cotton type material because it allows for a lot of breathability.

b. It is usually very soft to touch and adds comfort around you. The softness makes it suitable to wear for children and babies, since they tend to have more sensitive skin compared to that of adults. Therefore, if you do have sensitive skin or if you just prefer something soft and cuddly, this is a good material to count on, as it will also take good care of your skin unlike other man-made products out there that are rough.

c. The insulating properties of this kind of fabric makes it good for year round weather. When it comes down to insulation or for shielding yourself from really cold weather, cotton can do something like that because it does not mix with your current temperature. Therefore, it does not make you hot in the summer and cold in the winter – it stays just right, with a nice level of comfort throughout the rest of the entire year.

d. Being organic puts it at a good position compared to polyester or nylon. Most people prefer something that is organic so that they can be at less risk for harsh chemicals that might lurk into man-made products. In addition to that, having an organic item is also good for the environment, making it eco-friendly and producing less waste that is non-biodegradable, since organic items can be biodegradable when no longer used, and will not block waterways.

e. It can be blended with any kind of material to get more out of its benefits. You can see many kinds of materials today that have been blended alongside cotton, such as polyester and nylon, because both of these man-made products are not very good with breathability so they need to be backed up with something that is much more breathable, even when not very good in durability for having the best of both world in the long run.

f. It has a good amount of durability, especially when wet. Most people consider wash and wear items to be made of cotton because of their resilience in fabric when they get wet or laundered. This is why if you have a favorite shirt that is made of cotton, you can wash and wear it again and again and there is less chance of the cotton fibers getting loose or tangled because of it good construction.

g. Since it is organic, it is also hypoallergenic. One of the very good things to consider with organic wear such as cotton is that it is good for your skin.


a. It can be prone to wrinkling, whichever cotton variation you have. The fact that it can be prone to wrinkles and getting creases means that you have to iron it once in awhile and much more often than you would have to with polyester or nylon clothing. Cotton is known to be very soft but the problem with it is that it can wrinkle easily due to this kind of softness. A cotton polyester blend can solve this.

b. Shrinkage can be an issue that is tough to deal with. Shrinkage happens when you wash the clothing or item and then later on, its fabric shrinks or gets smaller. This is a common problem with most items that are made of cotton or similar organic material, but this can be resolved by looking at the tag to see if it will shrink when washed or not. Better yet, choose a blend instead of pure cotton.

c. Discoloration can happen if you wash it too often. Discoloration happens if you put too much bleach or detergent, which can make the colors seep through the other whites and other items of clothing in your laundry. To prevent this, make sure you read the care instructions of the product, especially if it is 100% cotton made material to ensure that the colors do not fade with washing or direct heat/sunlight.

d. The durability might not be that good compared to other man-made materials. Because it is a soft and organic material, there is a tendency for it not to be as good as other items, such as those made of polyester or nylon fabrics. Durability is good overall but it is not really that ideal if you want something that is meant for heavy duty use. If durability is your problem, consider a blend of cotton and polyester or nylon.

e. It can be prone to lint. This is a common problem with clothes, especially those who have to wear them to the office or to any party or occasion that is public. Lint happens a lot with clothes that are made of cotton or similar materials that can easily catch lint. To solve this problem, look for a lint roller or better yet, stick to something that mixes polyester or other lint resistant material.

f. Drying cotton fabrics can take a long time. This is a common problem to know about with cotton materials. Since it can soak up things really good, it can also keep them for a long time, which is bad and can make your item be more prone to mold and mildew.

To prevent this, make sure you use cotton for really hot climates and weather only, such as in the summer, so that you will be able to dry it up quickly without the threat of mold in your house.

Q: What are the pros and cons of silk fabric?

A: Silk fabric is known to be a very luxurious item, and is only commonly found on bed pillows as well as some PJ’s out there. To know whether you need or don’t need silk, here are its pros and cons:

Advantages of Silk

A touch of luxury

We all know that silk is synonymous to luxury and hotels and all that dollar stuff. If you want to add some luxury to your home or bedding items, you can definitely go for a touch of silk. Regardless of the kind of silk you have, no one can judge you because it is very smooth and classy in its looks.

It’s natural fabric

Because it is an organic material, it is friendly towards Mother Earth and also to your skin. Having something that is organic helps your skin to breathe better and to alleviate rashes and irritations. It also lessens the chances of allergies to your skin.

Soft for your skin

Other than being a hypoallergenic product in a natural way, it is also very soft for your skin, which can help you sleep better in the long run.

Most bedding items and pajamas are made of silk and this is why it is in demand when it comes down to beddings, sleeping and the like, due to its soft and silky feel.

Adds reflection

Because it is really reflective and shiny, it is like that glossy lipstick that you will wear to the prom or to a ball – but in cloth form. Aside from being a touch of luxury to your personal collections, it also attracts people compared to matte finish clothing items. It makes you feel like Rihanna – shining bright like a diamond in the sky.

Disadvantages of Silk

May drain your wallet

Because of its luxurious nature and hard to find and produce aspect, silk is definitely not cheap. Silk can be at a higher price tag compared to cotton and other bedding items or items of clothing. It is regarded by most as one of the most expensive fabrics in the world due to how it is produced.

Not all silk is ethically obtained

While there are companies who harvest their silk without killing the worms, some actually do, and this can be unethical, especially for the vegans and animal rights people. Therefore, you should check first if your silk has been sustainably harvested with ethical methods and not by harming the worms.

Washing it is a really big chore

Because it is expensive, its upkeep is also pretty hard. With that said, silk is only meant for a room that will not catch a lot of dust (e.g. the master’s bedroom) and will not be around kids, because repairs and cleaning is something of a nightmare with it.

It is not that widely available

Compared to cotton and polyester, silk is not that widely available. While there are alternatives made of synthetic material, they may not be genuine silk at all, as they can be hard to find and pricey at the same time, so make sure you look at your options first before you consider silk in your wish list.

Q: What are the pros and cons of polyester material?

A: Polyester has been known to be a very cheap, widely available and durable material that can be used for a variety of clothing and everyday items. Here are its pros and cons:

Let’s look at the advantages first:

a. Good durability – one of the key benefits of polyester as a material not just for bedding but also for clothing and other everyday items is that it is super resilient against wear and tear. Polyester is also known to be a camping item and can be used for camping supplies such as tents, sleeping bags, pillows and many more. If you are on a road trip and need something durable, polyester is the way to go (or even nylon).

b. Versatility – because it can be used anywhere, polyester tends to be more versatile than other fabrics out there. You can use it for sporting goods, for camping supplies, for bedding supplies, for everyday clothes, for bags, for traveling items and so much more.

c. Cheap price – the fact that you can buy polyester fabric at a very low price means that it is great for mass production and for starting your own business for something. It is also a great means to start off a career as a dressmaker or tailor if you are not that budgeted with other fabrics like silk. The cheap price of this kind of material makes it more affordable for the common person to buy.

d. Wide availability – because it is cheap, it also tends to be more in demand in the world today and also very much available anywhere in the world. It is often seen not just in malls but also in some thrift shops or bazaars that often appear on the sidewalk and sell stuff at a cheap price. The wide availability of this material makes it appeal to the masses because you have many options to choose from.

And here are the disadvantages:

a. Not entirely eco-friendly –because of the fact that it is only made of manmade materials, it is not suitable for those who do not like products that are not organic. Because it is still a synthetic material, it is not really that much of a benefit to the earth, as it is usually not biodegradable and can also harm the planet if it is not recycled.

b. May not be hypoallergenic – if you have sensitive skin then surely, anything that is made from synthetic materials might be a problem for you. Because they tend to leak out some harsh chemicals for your skin, they might not be a good choice if you use them.

c. Not as soft as organic materials – the softness is okay for most people but it is not really as good as other organic materials when it comes down to its total softness value. It is important for most people who prefer the natural softness of cotton, silk and the like.

d. Feels “cheap” and not luxurious – if you intend to decorate a home full of inorganic materials like polyester or nylon, other people may feel like it’s been cheaply made, and it might not increase your home’s resale value.

Q: What are the common uses of satin?

A: Satin is commonly used for the following purposes:


a. jerseys

b. shorts

c. other team uniforms


a. certain maternity gowns

b. certain patient gowns in hospitals

Industrial and Home

a. upholstery making

b. other home supplies


a. casual clothing

b. formal and semi-formal attires

c. some shoes and bags

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of satin?

A: Satin, as a luxury product like silk, has its share of pros and cons, since it is also a fabric that is meant for various purposes. Here are its benefits and drawbacks:

Benefits of Satin

Affordable option compared to silk

Silk is known to be a pricier product but if you want a replacement, or as they say a “dupe”, you can go for satin, which achieves a similar shiny finish. Most people cannot tell the difference between satin and silk, so it’s best for you to go with satin in this case.

Nice shimmer

The shimmer of satin is something unique and very nice to look at. This shimmer retains in your fabric so long as you take good care of it.

Various weight choices

The weight choices can be a good thing for dressmakers so that they can pick one according to their needs for durability and heaviness of their intended item of clothing.

Really attractive and luxurious

There’s nothing that beats the luxury of satin, much like silk, so it’s worth an investment if you want something that’s not just smooth and attractive but also presents a touch of luxury.

Drawbacks of Satin

Sewing can be tough for beginners

Because it tends to be slippery when you work on it, satin is not recommended for beginners in dressmaking simply because it is a tough material to work with in general.

Still pretty expensive

You still need to prepare some manner of budget for satin, even with the slight price drop compared to silk fabrics.

Q: How does darkness influence your sleeping experience?

A: Darkness can make you feel sleepy in general. Most people agree that when the lights are turned on, or when there is too much light surrounding them, it can be hard for them to fall asleep, even when they are really tired. This is why most people go for sleep masks to alleviate them from seeing too much light.

If you are afraid of the dark, especially for children, you can go for a night light instead of being in total darkness. A lower light condition is essential for people so that they will not feel irritated when they try to sleep. For those who cannot sleep even with a little bit of light, sleep masks are a good choice. But for those who cannot sleep in total darkness, go for a night light.

Q: What are the stages of sleep?

A: When we sleep, we actually enter 4 stages depending on how deep our sleep is. Here are the different stages of sleep and their characteristics:

Category of sleep

Stage of sleep

Length of time or

the time it occurs


Light sleep

NREM stage 1

From 1 to 10 minutes

a. The “falling” feeling when you start to sleep happens in this stage.

b. You’re easier to wake up with this stage, and it’s mostly like a nap.

c. You may still have movement in this stage of sleeping.

NREM stage 2

About 20 minutes

a. Most naps usually end up in this light sleep stage.

b. Your body prepares for sleeping with slower heart rate, brain waves and blood pressure.

c. Most people won’t easily wake up in this stage of sleep.

Deep sleep

NREM stage 3

35 to 45 minutes

a. You might feel dizzy if you wake up in this stage of sleep.

b. It becomes harder for you to wake up in this stage.

c. It is also called Delta sleep or slow wave sleep in some cases, due to the larger and slower waves emitted by your brain.

REM sleep

REM stage 4

10 minutes duration (first stage)

1 hour duration

(last stage)

Happens after 90 minutes of sleep

a. Your heart rate can increase and so could your breathing.

b. Dreaming and rapid eye movement happens in this stage, as well as sleepwalking and other episodes of active sleeping.

c. Your brain activity becomes active as if you were awake while you are in REM sleep, mainly because this is where you tend to have dreams.

Q: How do you survive sleeping in an airplane?

A: For most first time travelers, sleeping on an airplane can be a problem within flights. Here are some ways for you to feel much more comfortable while in it:

1. It helps if you sit next to a window, especially if you’re not used to sleeping upright.

2. Freely calming your legs instead of crossing them helps your blood vessels breathe.

3. Add some comfortable items of clothing, such as sweaters.

4. Listen to good music with your phone or player while you sleep, so that you can feel comfortable.

5. Leaning back can help you feel much more relieved from pressure.

6. Don’t depend too much on sleep medicine because they can be bad when taken a lot.

7. Cut down on gadget activity, except for music, to help you fall asleep better.

8. Alcohol can only give you hangovers so they’re not a good idea.

9. Eating too much can be a problem and can lead to heartburn or nightmares when you sleep.

10. Make sure you sleep properly before your trip.

Q: How do I sleep better on a bus or public transport?

A: To avoid discomfort with a bus, here’s what you can do to sleep properly:

1. Consider adding more layers for protection against the cold.

2. Go for a window seat, or practice upright sleeping.

3. Time your bus trip, so that you can choose your seating.

Q: What are the pros and cons of sleeping upright?

A: Sleeping upright could be great for alleviating allergies as well as symptoms of common colds, because you turn your head to a breathable position. However, neck pain is the worst enemy of sleeping in this kind of position.

Q: What happens if I get lack of sleep?

A: If you get lack of sleep, the following could occur:

1. Less focus on work or school activities

2. Unable to make sound decisions

3. Can be a risk for heart problems

4. Make you look haggard

5. Increase stress levels

6. May make you feel more depressed

Q: What are the different positions for sleeping?

A: Different people have various positions for sleeping, such as the following:

Sleeping Position




Better posture

Snoring and reflux


Avoids reflux and heartburn

Pressure on shoulders


No snoring

Lower back pain

Q: What is the importance of sleep?

A: Sleep is highly important for every human being because:

a. It helps recover your cardiovascular system and heart

b. Sort out your daily experiences into memories

c. Improve your immune system

d. Make repairs onto damage cells in your body

e. Make you feel refreshed

Q: What’s the ideal range of sleep depending on how old you are?

A: The most common range of sleep for people should be the following:

a. 0 to 5 years old: 10 to 17 hours

b. 6 to 17 years old: 8 to 11 hours

c. 18 to 64 years old: 7 to 9 hours

d. 65 and above: 7 to 8 hours

Q: Are there differences between naps and sleeping?

A: A nap is something that takes places only on the first 2 stages of sleep, whereas sleeping can reach up to the fourth stage, making it much longer, hence “deep sleep”. Power naps can happen in any time of the day, whereas sleeping is an activity that is mostly done at night.

Q: What are the possible causes of insomnia?

A: Insomnia could be caused by the following:

a. those with asthma

b. acid reflux or heartburn

c. chronic pain

d. allergies and sinus problems

e. arthritis

f. depression and anxiety

Q: Can insomnia or lack of sleep be caused by depression?

A: Yes, insomnia and depression, as well as anxiety, are closely linked together. If you have been through many stages of depression or anxiety then you are more likely to stay awake at 3 AM and may tend to have sleepless nights.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your mental health rather than just concentrating on your physical health. If you take some time to alleviate your depression through stress debriefing, you might return to your healthy sleeping habits later on.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the ALASKA BEAR Natural is our pick for the best sleep mask because of its silk material, ease of fastening and breathability.