Best Scented Candle

The Wax and Oils Scented Candle Lavender is our best scented candle, which gives you a classic fragrance that fills a whole room easily. It is also great at keeping away your cleaning and cooking odors in the kitchen and at home. It is also meant for all seasons due to its diverse scent. Moreover, the packaging is pretty cute and aesthetic looking for home décor needs.

Our step-up pick is the Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Lilac and made with natural white lilacs, the scented candle can be situated in your master bedroom to keep things fresh and fragrant. It offers you a delightful scent that can also lift your mood. It is also a good scented candle to place in the bathroom for eliminating bad odors.

The budget pick is the Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Geranium Candle and the scented candle burns beautifully and has a clean and smooth scent overall. It is a 5 ounce candle that is made with a vegetable wax base so it is environmentally friendly yet smells like a meadow. It also does not get too strong like commercial perfume so it is a good scented candle in a small package.

A Little Background

A scented candle is simply a candle that not only has different colors, but also has different scents. Scented candles can be more expensive than your regular candles, as some of them can be organically made due to the aromatic oils present. Most scented candles come in popular scents like lavender and lemon to refresh your home and improve your well-being.
Scented candles are a cheaper alternative if you don’t have enough money to buy an aromatherapy diffuser. Scented candles with this scent are great for bedrooms as well as for your office cubicle or work space if you feel incredibly stressed all the time.
Scented candles come in a wide range of scents, each of them having their own effect. For instance, lemon and orange scents are great for keeping you fresh in the morning, much like other citrus scents. Various other scents from flowers, fruits and vegetables can really help you in various aspects of life, such as your physical health or even your mental focus.
Scented candles can either be made with fragrance oils or essential oils. Fragrance oils and essential oils are two different things. Fragrance oils are usually not organic while essential oils are pretty much organic. This is the very reason why fragrance oils are only mostly on perfumes while essential oils are much more expensive to have them instead of regular perfumes. It is better to invest in a scented candle that is only made with organic essential oils.
Burning scented candles should be done strategically so that it will not smell really weird. Scented candles can be placed one at a time in different areas of the house or areas of the room. Too much cluttering in one place makes it very odd smelling in general so you should put the candles in a scattered formation. You should also consider adding less candles if you live in a small area or house so as not to suffocate yourself or someone else with strong smells.
A scented candle is usually made out of soy wax instead of regular petroleum based wax. This is because soy is very organic and even more if it is a non-GMO product. Scented candles that are made of soy are usually combined with pure essential oils that are also very organic and fragrant.
Petroleum based waxes smell pretty bad and this is why you should consider soy candles for aromatherapy or scented candles. Most candles in the market all mostly don’t really contain harmful chemicals, but organic ones will contain little to no harsh chemicals in general because they are made with pure ingredients.
Scented candles are a cheaper alternative if you don’t have a diffuser or humidifier for aromatherapy needs. Scented candles are fragrant and can also be a better alternative to bathroom and home fresheners in the market that may contain synthetic fragrances, especially if you buy scented candles that are purely organic made of soy and pure essential oils. Giving a relaxing atmosphere in your home or office is important to make you feel refreshed and give off a positive outlook in life.

How We Picked

When you are choosing the best scented candle, you should consider the following:
Type of wax: a scented candle can come in various wax types, such as soy wax, beeswax or even palm wax. While there are also paraffin wax candles, you should avoid them because they will interfere with your chosen scent and they are also not very organic. If you want a gel based candle then it should be organic as well. Having an organic scented candle is not just important for the environment but also important for your body so as not to inhale really harmful chemicals, even in bits of pieces from synthetically made candles.
Type of scent: choose an appropriate scent or flavor for the scented candle that suits your needs. You can buy in bulk with tons of different scents all at once or go with just one scent at a time. Different scented candles can work for various physical and mental problems, such as headache, anxiety, depression, stress, lack of focus and the like. You should choose the scented candle that is more suited to what you want to achieve by researching about each scent or flavor that you want and its benefits.
Theme of scent and location: some scented candles are specifically made for a theme, such as a festive mood or where you want to place it. Some scented candles are best for romantic dates, hot massages and honeymoons while some are more suited for your patio or garden. Some scented candles can be for events such as Christmas and the holidays while some are ideal for general home decorating. Some scented candles may also be used in churches and places of worship or meditation.
Color and container design: the color and design of the scented candle dictates its aesthetics other than its smell. Most scented candles are placed in glass jars with an open top, which add to their style and design, and these containers can be used for other items when the candle runs out of life. A scented candle can also act as a great home décor addition to your house or office space so picking the right packaging is important if you are choosing the best scented candle out there.
Long lasting: consider a scented candle that is super long lasting in terms of its lifespan. Do consider this criteria because you will be able to save more money in the long run if you invest on a scented candle that takes a lot of burning to drain it out. You should buy a scented candle that is long lasting but does not sacrifice the quality of the product and its eco-friendliness in general.
Easy to light: the scented candle should have a wick that is easy to light up. The quality of the wick of the scented candle should be very good so that it will be simple to keep a light on it even when the wind tries to blow it away. Some scented candles may also have a wick that smokes a lot, which can cause allergies, so consider a high quality wick that is made of pure cotton that will last longer and also make it easier to light and conduct the flame.
Size of the candle: some scented candles can be small for tabletop use while some are pretty large and are ideal for bigger areas and rooms. You should also consider the size of your room or area or if it is going to be situated outdoors when choosing the right scented candle for its size. Bigger scented candles will last longer but can be more expensive while smaller scented candles can run out quickly but are cheaper and more economical and less space consuming.

Our Pick

Wax and Oils Scented Candle Lavender

If you want the best scented candle then you can try the Wax and Oils Scented Candle Lavender, which is a lavender candle that is quite longer lasting due to being made of soy wax (better melting point). This scented candle is made of renewable and sustainable material and it does not create smoke at all.
Made from non-GMO soybeans, the scented candle is great for meditation or to bring a sense of relaxation at home. It is also in a cute 8 ounces container that could relax your mind. It is made with natural and water-soluble material, made from soybeans.
It is fragrant without being overpowering and it is quite a soothing massage oil to have that is eco-friendly. If you are looking for a good soy candle then this is a good scented candle to use with a relaxing scent and a natural feeling. Also, the wax used is from the oil of soybeans so it is organic.
With no other waxes or carriers included, the scented candle offers you a cooler burn that is fresh, organic and biodegradable in its materials. You can also use the scented candle for a homemade bug repellant. It easily burns clean and it also produces less toxic than paraffin wax for being eco-friendly.
You can use the scented candle for your apartment and if you suffer from insomnia or anxiety. It easily calms your mind and the overall scent is great. This scented candle is a great candle to have if you want something that relieves anxiety on the go or in a small area.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not really deal breakers, the Wax and Oils Scented Candle Lavender does have a few concerns such as the fact that due to its size, it can be a bit short for its lifespan so you should consider having at least two of them in the house or living space.

Step-up Pick

Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Lilac

Our step-up pick would be the Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Lilac which is also made with a lavender mix fragrant and it is a good pick if you like lilacs. The scented candle can burn from 110 to 150 hours of approximate burn time and it is also quite fresh and fragrant when you smell it at home.
It has been made with high quality deep purple lilacs for a beautiful and fragrant smell with no headache or overpowering at all. You can use the scented candle in your living room as a 22 oz jar that can last long for that nostalgic smell that you will never forget.
The scented candle also easily fills a room due to its quick dispersing capabilities. What’s more, you can get a spring or summer feeling with the use of this natural scented candle that has really good scents in it. The jar of this scented candle is also wonderfully packaged so you can use it to complement your home décor and other items in your room or living area.
It gives you a clear breathing space and a long lasting scent that will uplift your mood and of those around you. The length of burn time is just right so it will not waste your scented candle at all. It is also not too strong or overwhelming so it is okay for your senses and will not cause headaches.
The ambience is wonderful with the use of this scented candle that gives off a consistent burn wherever you place it. You can make your whole condo unit smell better with this scented candle and it can also be used in the living room for your guests.
The smell can remind you of your childhood due to being nostalgic with flower fragrances. It disperse evenly and slowly in any room due to being made out of quality ingredients as a scented candle.

Budget Pick

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Geranium Candle

Our budget pick is the Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Geranium Candle which is a scented candle that can be placed everywhere in the house due to its versatility and small scale design. It is made with lead free cotton wick so it is not going to cause any kind of smoke whatsoever in the room or area.
You can even smell it through the packaging and it is very eco-friendly in terms of its ingredients due to being a soy candle. It is also quite useful in the kitchen for eliminating odors and the scent is refreshing overall due to being made of authentic geranium oil.
Its burn time is approximately 25 hours so it can possibly last a long time due to its natural ingredients. The scented candle has been made without any known chemicals so it is eco friendly and definitely worth the money for it not too overpowering smell and environmentally sustainable ingredients.
The scented candle smells clean overall so it is not very chemical-like or perfume like when you burn the candle. There is also no lead in the wick so the scented candle does not create any kind of funky smell or smoke at all when you try to burn it in any part of the house.
When you have totally used the scented candle, you can also reuse the glass jar so it is a very recyclable product to consider. The candle smells so fresh when you light it up due to its scent. Moreover, the scent of this scented candle helps to remove kitchen odor. In addition to the geranium scent that is present in this candle, you also get a mix of clove and rose flower oil with it.

Best Scented Candle with an Orange Scent

Pet Odor Exterminator Candle Orange Lemon

The Pet Odor Exterminator Candle Orange Lemon is a great choice if you want an orange flavored scented candle. It easily removes odors from pets and it gives you a nice citrus aroma overall. It is also made with powerful enzymes to keep away all the nasty smells that are present in your home.
You can also take out tobacco smells with the use of this scented candle. In fact, anyone with pets can definitely find this scented candle giving off such a pleasant smell that can help you with cooking odors or other kinds of unruly odors around the house or living space.
Having a pleasant and light scent that is not too harsh, it also has odor eliminating capabilities to give your home or area an appealing aroma overall. As a matter of fact, the candle burns very slowly and it also doesn’t just cover up odors. It gives you a nice scent in the air so you can keep bad odors away.
Even if you live in an apartment, you will feel the luxurious, warm and welcoming scents of this scented candle due to its 13 oz jar candle that is just right for most homes and spaces. It is also a great odor eliminator for various purposes that is not too strong to inhale by anyone.
Any household odors can be easily whipped away with this scented candle that burns about 70 hours on the average. Great for reducing odors at home or in the office, it has a blend of soy in it so it is also eco friendly. It effectively fills a living room in no time and can be recommended by veterinarians for pets.
It is also not too strong so it will not cause headaches at all. When you burn this scented candle, it is a long burning candle to consider that can be burning for hours. It can keep all the bad smells of cats, dogs and other pets away from your home.

Best Scented Candle as a Natural Bug Repellent

LA JOLIE MUSE Scented Citronella Candle

If you want a natural insect repellent then you might want to consider the LA JOLIE MUSE Scented Citronella Candle which will smell very lovely on the patio and will also look aesthetically cute and relieving in design. It is made with pure soy wax so it is an eco-friendly scented candle to consider.
It is also available in apple cinnamon and French Riviera so you get a citronella candle in various flavor choices as well. It can be used for your gardening and landscaping needs to achieve a natural scent feeling without much effort. Additionally, it is made out of natural cotton wick so it does not give off a lot of smoke when you use the scented candle.
Moreover, the scented candle can also keep mosquitoes away due to its natural bug repellent properties as a natural citronella candle that can ward of any kind of insect in its way. In addition to that, the scented candle is made out of non-GMO soy wax so it is very much an organic candle to have.
You can use the scented candle for your patio and home needs and it is also coupled with green citrus and clean camphor for its scent to add a lot of good feeling around the house. It can also be used for picnics due to its organic anti-bug properties with absolutely no harmful pesticides at all.
The scented candle can easily fill your space or home area with a lot of good fragrances. Moreover, you can expect an organic approach from this scented candle because it contains absolutely no additives at all. Each candle contains 12 oz and it has a unique design that sets it apart from other candles out there.
With its natural essential oils, the scented candle helps with getting rid of mosquitoes outside so it is a natural bug repellent that is biodegradable. It can naturally repel bugs and the packaging makes it a great gift for someone. Being an eco-friendly scented candle that would make a beautiful centerpiece, it bears no insecticides.
You can put up this scented candle on any corner of your home and it is also a chemical free candle that comes in a recyclable package. Great for outdoor and indoor décor usage, it can also be made for a rooftop dining area and burns up to 75 hours on the average.

Best Scented Candle with a Lavender Scent

SoyVa Lavender Scented Soy Aromatherapy Candle

The SoyVa Lavender Scented Soy Aromatherapy Candle is a relaxing scented candle that is made with a lavender scent for a wonderful aroma that can relax you and soothe you in any time of the year. It has a good scent throw as a candle with an lavender aroma to give you a peace of mind overall.
Great for the summer, your yard and for patio dining can benefit from the elegant smell of this scented candle. Being an eco-friendly scented candle that is fit for any room, it has many healing benefits due to its subtle aroma that can help you feel at ease.
Unique to other scented candles, it has a double wick flame for those who want to reduce anxiety and get double the effect of just one wick. It is also made with a non-metal cotton wick so it does not cause excessive smoke to make it very pure and okay for your room, even if it is a closed space room.
Made of all natural soy wax, the scented candle can be situated anywhere in the house for you to alleviate bouts of emotional stress and anxiety as well as insomnia. It even comes with a gift box for someone. Containing 9 oz of candle, it is stored in a beautiful glass jar that looks aesthetic.
Great for improving sleep, the scented candle is a clean burning candle that smells good even when not burning. The design provides elegant aesthetics in your home space and it is also good at alleviating headaches and not causing it as it is free of dyes.
The scented candle is also phthalate free so it is organic. It also gives you an even burning sensation adding to the elegant design of the candle. It is also made out of non-paraffin wax so it is very natural and organic other than being a stress relieving scented candle to have at home.

Best Scented Candle with a Lemongrass Scent

Mosquito Naturals Lemongrass Citronella Soy Candle

The Mosquito Naturals Lemongrass Citronella Soy Candle is a great scented candle with lemongrass to be used in your yard. Being made of natural soy wax, you won’t worry about mosquito bites with its natural blend of lemongrass, geranium, citronella, and lemon to repel mosquitoes.
It can be used on your patio or garden and it doesn’t overpower with its smell. The scented candle can be used at the park as well or in your home, especially for a pathway lighting. It gives about 88 hours of average burn time and it is a good blend of essential oils when it comes to fending off mosquitoes.
As a DEET free scented candle that repels mosquitoes with a natural smell, it can also keep away flies and bugs with its light fragrance that does not cause headaches. As a 12 oz. jar, it is a good candle to use all season long due to its fresh lemongrass scent that is a less toxic option for camping and picnics.
The scented candle smells really great and it is pleasant in its scent as a mosquito repellent that is natural with a beautiful centerpiece design. Moreover, it burns two times longer than most candles due to the soy wax. It is also great for both burning indoors or outdoors and it is also a chemical free candle.
You will like the smell of this candle due to being organic. What’s more, the scented candle is also a set of 3 candles so you get three for the price of one. The scented candle has been made with absolutely no harmful pesticides so it is organic to the core.

Best Scented Candle with a Eucalyptus Scent

SoyVa Eucalyptus Spearmint Scented Soy Candle

Weighing 9 ounces of scented candle, the SoyVa Eucalyptus Spearmint Scented Soy Candle is a good choice for a eucalyptus scent for your home or office. It can be used in just about any room in the house as a good smelling candle that is made with cotton wicks so it does not cause smoke and the like.
The candle also gives off a calming and soothing mood anywhere. It is also made with double wick flames so it burns more effectively in any home space or area and it is great with its aesthetics and design. The eucalyptus scent is very good and natural and is not too strong to overpower.
You can improve the smell of the house with the use of this scented candle. Its elegant design makes it a great gif and the spearmint aroma also adds to the freshness. With absolutely no chemicals or residue at all, it is made with all natural soy wax for various healing benefits and eco friendliness.
Being a phthalate free scented candle with eucalyptus extract, your house can smell good even hours later. It can be used in any time of year and gives of an elegant vine to help you remove toxins in your body. What’s more, the candle looks neat and clean and it is a great aromatherapy candle.
With an even burn, the scented candle can have a cooling effect for your skin and for your mind. A gift box is included in case you want to give it to someone. With a clean burning mechanism, your nerves and muscles will be calmed down with this scented candle that is free of dyes. Great for stress relief, it is an eco-friendly candle you can count on.

Best Scented Candle for Pet Odors

One Fur All Pet House Candle

The One Fur All Pet House Candle can easily fight odors and gives off a pure and clean scent that can be used for your family room and for cat litter boxes. It is quite a long-lasting candle for your home and can be used for dog beds as a renewable resource candle without being overwhelming in scent.
Great for pets, it does not produce black smoke at all and is a great smelling scented candle that is also allergen-free and acts as a pet odor neutralizer. Ideally used for pet owners, it has a cotton wick so it does not give off smoke at all.
There are also various scent flavors to choose from so you can mask away the smell of dogs living indoors from 60 to 70 hours of approximate scenting. It keeps off unpleasant smells and is also safe for those with allergies and asthma.
Removing doggie smells will be a breeze with this soy wax candle that gives off a fresh fragrance and a wonderful aroma from the different scents you can choose from. It is also a non-toxic essential oil candle that can easily mask an odor with a rich aroma that is natural. When you run out of candle, you can reuse the jar as well. It is never an overpowering candle to use at home for your pet.

Best Scented Candle with a 3-Wick Design

Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle

As a triple wick system, the Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle burns for 25 to 45 hours and it can be used all year round and also around the campfire. As a mix or blend of vegetable wax, this candle also features a flame-extinguishing lid for safety purposes.
Featuring a total of three wicks in one candle, it is a unique candle that smells so great and can give you enough fragrance whenever you need it. moreover, it also works with electric candle warmers and gives off a long lasting fragrance in general.
Also, it melts consistently as a candle that can power up the entire house. It is made with lead-free wicks and can remind you of childhood. It also won’t burn out easily so it is economical to fill an entire room. This particular candle also burns consistently and evenly and you will definitely love the smell of it.

The Competition

Other scented candles did not make it to our list because they were not made of high quality wax and were made from synthetic wax. They were also made with artificial fragrances which weren’t really so organic. It is important for a scented candle to be fully or at least in many parts organic so that it will not cause allergies to those with scent allergies and will also not run out of wax too easily or harm the environment due to traces of synthetic material.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a scented candle?
A: A scented candle is a type of candle that emits fragrance. Much like aromatherapy essential oils, a scented candle gives you either a natural or artificial scent, which can come in various scents, such as lavender, orange, lemon and the like. These different scented candles can make you feel good inside and out and each of them have their own special healing abilities and properties.
Q: What are some of the most popular scents of a scented candle?
A: A scented candle can come in various fragrances, most notably lemon and rosemary. Each of them can have various effects on your health. Even lavender scented candles are available as well as other fruits and spices that can have an effect on your mind and body.
Q: Why should I not place my scented candles in one place only?
A: A scented candle should be placed strategically to get a whole house or whole room effect. It should not be just cluttered in just one space because that will mess up your scents altogether, unless you are trying to get the scents mixed intentionally.
Q: What are the different kinds of candle wax ingredients in general?
A: Petroleum and soy candles are the two most popular candle ingredients to use. Most people who make scented candles use soy because it is more organic than synthetic petroleum based products.
Q: Why do people use a scented candle?
A: Most scented candles are usually situated in one’s home to add a relaxing effect as well as to put scents around your home. It can also be used to mask away foul odors such as pet odor or smoke odors and the like.
Q: Which scented candles can I use if I feel uninspired and thirst for ideas?
A: If you are tasked for a project and you need to have ideas soon, cinnamon and peppermint candles are great for adding some creativity to your life.
Various scented candles can offer different effects for your mind and body. For example, cinnamon and peppermint scented candles can help you boost your creativity, so it will be a helpful thing if you are working on an art project, writing a song or drafting a design for a house. New ideas can be easily conceived with these scents due to its positive effects on your memory and alertness.
Q: What positive effects can lavender scented candles give you?
A: If you light up a lavender scented candle then you are bound to heal yourself from headaches, depression, anxiety and the like. If you can’t fall asleep then you may want to have lavender scented candles at home.
Insomnia, anxiety and depression are very hard things to deal with. As a mood improver, lavender scented candles can help you alleviate your stress due to its calming and soothing effect. Q: Why is trimming the wick recommended for any candle?
A: The wick of the candle is the most important part, because that is where the light goes in. The wick should be trimmed with just the right length so that it will not cause smoke or fire anywhere.
Candles are lit using the wick or the small string that is in the middle of the candle. It is important that you trim off the wick if it is too long so that it will be just right to light up. Having a wick that is too long may lead to accidents and more smoke than possible. Most retail candles are hung from the store through their wick so it is important that you trim off the excess wick of the candle.
Q: Are both synthetic and natural product candles safe to use?
A: All candles that have gone through thorough testing from your health and safety government department or unit will be pretty much safe because they will verify that it does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals to breathe, if they approve of it.
Thankfully, different tests are given to candles in general, whether they are soy made or petroleum based candles, to test if they contain harsh chemicals for your skin and for the environment.
Q: Can scented candles give you allergies?
A: That depends on the scent that your candle has and if the scented candle is not very organic or may contain ingredients you may be allergic to. Always consider reading the label for the list of ingredients of the scented candle before buying it if you have allergies.
Most people use scented candles to alleviate their health problems. While it is rare for people to feel allergic or asthmatic to scented candles, some can be triggered depending on the scent you choose or the material of the candles.
Q: Can scented candles be used as home decor?
A: Yes, the aesthetic appearance of most scented candles can make them qualified for amazing home decor with a touch of the aesthetics. Most scented candles can come in fancy designs and containers, which make them really cool in general to place around your house, even without lighting them up. Scented candles also set the mood even without being lighted up.
Q: How do scented candles get scents?
A: A scented candle is usually dropped with some essential oils. If you want to go for scented candles then you should consider those with true essential oils and not perfumes or artificial smells. If you are in total doubt, you can actually just make your own candle by buying your own preferred essential oil and some soy wax or any other alternative wax that is eco-friendly.
Q: Is it possible to make your own scented candle with citrus fruits?
A: Yes, a DIY scented candle can be done by yourself at home with the proper procedure. You will just need a citrus fruit, such as an orange, lemon or similar fruits. You can just peel around the fruit and take out the inside, pour some olive oil and turn it into a DIY candle with minimal effort. You also get the benefits of a super organic candle at hand.
Q: Which scented candles are the best for sleeping problems?
A: If you have trouble sleeping then you can try ylang ylang, sandalwood, geranium, bergamot, mandarin orange, patchouli, jasmine, palmarosa and even lavender for helping you sleep like a baby or feel like in a cloud regardless of weather. People who may have insomnia may want to have these scented candles.
Q: What scented candles can I put up in the office for enhancing focus and productivity?
A: If you have a decent office space that allows you to put up scented candles then you can try lemon, lavender, jasmine, cinnamon, rosemary and peppermint. These great scents can help you focus better on your work or task and increase productivity in your work space or office. It also helps students have more mental focus when reviewing for an exam. Peppermint can also be used for driving in the car to stay alert and focused.
Q: If I’m depressed or have mood swings, what scented candles can I use?
A: If you’re going through tough times then you might try scents like vanilla for mood boosting, citrus fruits for feeling refreshed, grass or lemongrass for a happy feeling, pine tree for stressful moments, cinnamon for mental focus and memory, lavender for anxiety and insomnia, jasmine for depression, peppermint for mental alertness and pumpkin for some romantic boost.
Q: If I feel stressed at work or in school or in anything, which scented candles are the best?
A: A scented candle can also help you reduce stress, such as sandalwood for bouts of depression, lavender for mood swings, cinnamon for when you feel tired, rose if you want to feel calm and relaxed and vanilla to soothe your senses and also improve romantic relationships between couples.
Q: What should I do if I discover I have allergies to scents?
A: If you do have scented candle allergies then it may be best to just get yourself some unscented candles instead. However, you can also opt for alternatives such as DIY or homemade organic scented candles made of citrus fruits and the like, which don’t really give off harsh chemicals at all.
Q: What scented candles can help with headaches?
A: If you have a terrible headache then you can try lavender, rosemary, bergamot, sandalwood, peppermint, eucalyptus, ginger or chamomile for your scented candles or essential oils.
Q: Which scented candle can I use for a romantic dinner or couple massage?
A: To boost your romantic mood , you can spice things up with orange, ylang ylang, clove or patchouli for your candle scent. These scents can be set on your romantic dinner date or your couple massage or honeymoon to set the vibe of romance.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, we think that the Wax and Oils Scented Candle Lavender is our best scented candle due to being made of soy and natural lavender oil for a soothing effect at home or anywhere.