Best Rod Holder

The Scotty Powerlock Deck Mount Rod Holder is our best rod holder. When you test it on the water, it will be a superb rod holder that will take unintended abuse and stand up with durability. Being flexible, the rod holder can also rotate to different angles for your needs. It is a heavy duty and sturdy rod holder for those who want easy access to their rods.

Our step-up pick is the PLUSINNO Adjustable Fishing Boat Rods Holder and if you’re going trolling, you will find this rod holder more stable and flexible as it is adjustable to 360 degrees. This rod holder gives you plenty of adjustments so it is very dependable and can be used for sideboards. Moreover, you will find that this rod holder makes it easy to take out your rod.

The budget pick is the Berkley Corrosion-Proof Horizontal Vertical Rod Rack and any spin rod will be accommodated by the rod holder with its improved foam grip pads. Those who are willing to learn to fish and store their fishing gear in a tidy and organized way will like this rod holder. You can install the rod holder in a truck bed or in the basement.

A Little Background

Rod storage is important because most anglers do not always go for fishing. In the off-season, you must store your rods properly in a rod holder.
There are two kinds of rod holders: for storage and for boat fishing. Rod holders that are meant for storage are the ones that resemble racks, hooks or some other mechanism that will hold a fishing rod horizontally or vertically. This kind of rod holder is ideally mounted to the wall, attached to the ceiling or act as a free-standing mechanism for holding fishing rods.
The second type of a rod holder is the one that is mounted on the boat to keep your rod in place while you are waiting for the next bite or resting your rod. This is an important aspect of fishing for long hours as holding the rod will all of your strength for a long period of time can cause fatigue, even if it is a lightweight rod to consider.
A rod holder is a helpful tool for every angler because it will help preserve the quality and form of a fishing rod. However, not all rod holders are the same, and some may even damage your rod eventually due to the wrong design and material that is not rod-friendly. Therefore, it is ideal to pick the best rod holder for the price and features.

How We Picked

In choosing the best rod holder, one must consider the following factors and features:
Design of the rod holder: the rod holder should be designed carefully so that no rod will be damaged when it is placed upon that rod holder. It is also important that the design of the rod holder is space-saving so that it does not get in the way of your boat or storage room.
Orientation: the orientation of a rod holder when it is used for storage purposes is usually either horizontal or vertical. But when the rod holder is used for mounting on boats, you must pick a rod holder that can be rotated and twisted for maximum flexibility.
Materials used and durability: the durability of a rod holder rests upon the materials used on the construction of the rod holder. It should not scratch the rod at all.
Ease of setup and use: the rod holder should be easy to put together. The rod holder should be easy to mount onto your desired location so that your rods will be easily stored safely.

Our Pick

Scotty Powerlock Deck Mount Rod Holder

Our best rod holder is the Scotty Powerlock Deck Mount Rod Holder and it has a power lock feature. The rod holder is ideal to keep your gear secure whether you want to use it at home or with a boat. Moreover, you can attach the rod holder to the side of the boat.

This particular rod holder is very useful if you use huge rods and the like. Moreover, even when you are paddling in a kayak, the spline allign of this rod holder makes it super easy to use. In addition to that, there is a #241 side mount and deck mount combo for you to use and choose to your needs.

The rod holder can even be mounted on rails around the boat. The rod holder could be held vertical and it can be used over lakes and rivers and the like. Equipped with magnum dipsies, the rod holder can be easily screwed on tight to secure to your wall or boat. It is a durable rod holder that can also be mounted on a brace.

When installed on a boat, it has a positive locking mechanism to lock in your rod just fine. The rod holder can also be detached from the mount for other uses. It may also be placed below the caprail and has a fore and aft function. As an open style rod holder, it can be used for various angles.

Fishing will be easier and much more convenient as the rod holder does not interfere with a boat cover at all. It can be easily attached to a kayak as a rod holder. Moreover, it has a pull up and twist function. There is also a rod safety wheel on this rod holder for your needs.

Working well on different boats, the rod holder may also handle your ultralight gear. It keeps its locked position locked and the open position can be rotated in any direction as you wish. You have the color choices of black, grey and white for this rod holder.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not deal breakers, the Scotty Powerlock Deck Mount Rod Holder does have a few cons such as the fact that you may need a backing plate for this to be sturdy, but that can be bought separately anyway and should give you no problems at all once you have it installed.

Step-up Pick

PLUSINNO Adjustable Fishing Boat Rods Holder

Perfect for hauling, it is made out of high quality plastic so it is a durable piece of fishing equipment. It is also very large but the mount is adjustable. Made of decent grade material, the rod holder is easy to use and is very thick and sturdy overall. With some neutral indentations, the rod holder has a decent up and down mechanism and a float feature as well.

The rod holder is quite strong and the rod slides into the holder easily. Made out of stainless steel hardware, you can handle tight lines with this rod holder for fishing purposes. Most people will use it for trolling as a rod holder that can be rail mounted. It can take any type of rod and it is such as a heavy duty rod with a clamp max opening of 1.97 inches.

Being very steady at all times, the rod holder will be useful for those moments when the rod acts slow to let fish bite. It is easy to install and is one of the best casting rods which makes it very fast to retrieve your rod. Perfect for offshore use, the rod holder can be ideal for 10 km speeds of trolling. It is quite easy to attach and the heavy duty ABS material is resistant to high impact.

The rod holder can handle spin cast rod handles and has a universal fit so it is easy to fit for most rods. Giving you a great fishing trip with its overall construction, it is dependable on many different weather conditions or boating trips.

Taking spinning rods very well, you can attach the rod holder onto kayaks and anywhere you want to mount it. As a high impact rod holder, it has a large clamp on the opening which makes it easy to install. It can be used on higher speeds and it is good for inshore trolling. You can clamp the rod holder to anywhere you want and it has a 12 months international warranty.

Budget Pick

Berkley 1
Berkley Corrosion-Proof Horizontal Vertical Rod Rack

Our budget pick for the best rod holder is the Berkley Corrosion-Proof Horizontal Vertical Rod Rack. You can have the rod holder adjusted to your needs and will take any light to medium action rod. Holding the rod firmly on any surface, it can give you some good pressure for fighting fish.

The rod holder requires only basic tools to install such as a drill and a drill bit, a level, some screws and a screwdriver and it only takes about 5 minutes to install. Made with eco-friendly material, the rod holder makes it easy to remove your rod when needed. It is of high quality in materials and there is no need to drill holes for the ease of setup on the boat for this rod holder.

Currently available in horizontal and vertical mounting options, this rod holder is an excellent trod rack and the foam inside is quite protective for the fishing rods you have. It holds your set of rods just fine and mounting the rack is such as breeze for installation.

It may also be placed in a storage closet and it stores 6 rods all in all. What’s more, no bending of brackets will occur due to its durability. In fact, adding a fly rod is also easy with this rod holder that will help you organize and arrange everything in your fishing gear neatly. The reels won’t bump into each other with this rod holder.

The holder comes with mounting screws so it is quite easy to install and is quite durable. If your garage is full then this is a neat solution for a rod holder. The installation only requires 2 screws for each rack and it also works with casting combos.

With a lightweight structure, the rod holder works well in the weather with your boat as well. With easy installation, it prevents rods from being knocked over and is also corrosion-proof with no problem at all. It has a low price point and many features as a rod holder to suit your needs for fishing gear.

Best Rod Holder for the Ceiling

Rack’Em Overhead 12-Rod Fishing Rod Rack

The Rack’Em Overhead 12-Rod Fishing Rod Rack is an ideal ceiling rod holder. You can keep your expensive gear in place and put new fishing poles in this rod holder with great confidence. It can be mounted to a boat and will also take some bait casters.
You can get the rod holder off the floor so it is a practical solution for not damaging your rods and keeping them securely in place. It has anti-corrosion properties and can be installed in any canoe or boat. It is also adjustable for your rod sizes with a good construction. It also comes with mounting screws to easily install the holder.
The rod holder measures 4 x 28 inches and is also quick to install in 10 minutes. Moreover, the rod holder is okay to use with cleaning solvents due to its sturdy and reliable powder coat finish. The holder makes it easy for you to store your rods if you alternate the direction of each pole.
The rod holder can also be easily screwed into the wall to organize your rods. It also takes a bunch of bass rigs and it accommodates all rod sizes and styles. The rod holder is set to protect fishing rods with its included anchors and soft but durable construction.
Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, you can even leave the reels on the rods due to the space efficiency of this rod holder. You can even mount the rod holder under a boat for convenience. Made out of quality materials, the rod holder is also rubberized on the outside to protect your rods from damage.
Being free from damage, you can use the rod holder for basements to keep them off the ground. This fishing rod rack may also work in the boat house for your rod and reel combos with its overhead design. Accommodating up to 12 rods, you can take the rod holder to your camper with its strong metal construction.
Perfect for the cabin, the rod holder is quite easy to install and is made of polyurethane material that is friendly towards rods. Ideal for lake fishing rods, it does the job well and will also take a salt rod just fine. The rod holder keeps pristine rods in shape. The orientation of the hooks will also be friendly to your rods. The rod holder also uses gravity to hold the poles.

Best Rod Holder for the Wall

YYST 5 Sets Fishing Rod Storage

The YYST 5 Sets Fishing Rod Storage is a great wall rod holder and you can install the rod holder onto pickup trucks and it will also take good care of off-shore rods. This rod holder has a total of 5 sets of clips which can take up to 5 rods in one go.
The system of this rod holder is a rack with screws which amounts to 10 pieces in total, giving you with great ease of setup. With enough strength and durability, the rod holder is okay for use with up to 5 fishing rods.
Under the clip, the rod holder easily installs and it is operational for two pieces for each rod. The rod holder is able to take a wide range of tackles and sizes so it is very versatile as a rod holder for almost any job and any rod type.
With an easy install mechanism, you can provide a space saving storage solution for your rods with this rod holder in which the clip will hold the pole firmly. You can choose the orientation of the rod holder – either horizontally or vertically.
The setup of this rod holder also includes 2 stainless steel screws so you can put it together with great ease. Moreover, the big clip holds your pole handle while the pole tip goes onto the small clip so it is super easy to install. Moreover, the material of the rod holder will not scratch your fishing rods.
With an easy screw mount mechanism, you can attach the rod holder where you want it to be. Equipped with nylon clips, the rod holder is a great clip storage holder. With a strong steel construction, even river rods will be kept in this rod holder. Most rods and reels of various sizes can be stored onto your garage with this rod holder that should last a long time and keep your gear safe.
Keeping your fishing gear out of the way, the rod holder is also resistant to oils or greases so it keeps a pristine set of rods in the ceiling of a garage or any home. The rod holder is also resistant to sun or salt so you can also put the rod holder onto your boat. Those who have deep sea fishing rods will find this rod holder convenient if you have limited space in your home or boat.

Best Rod Holder made of ABS Plastic

ColdTuna Ultimate Rod Sitter Storage Rack

The ColdTuna Ultimate Rod Sitter Storage Rack has a total capacity of up to 10 rods so it is quite a space saver. It is a rod holder that is so convenient and versatile that you can mount it to any fishing boat. the rod holder measures 22 x 2 inches and it has a 3/16 inch shock cord closure for ease of setup.
With ease of mounting, the rod holder can be used for a cabin cruiser or even a camper. The rod holder firmly attaches to any ceiling and also stores fly-fishing rods and the like. The rod holder has a total of 5 inches difference between the reel holes and it has many mounting options.
You can take the rod holder to your next fishing destination and it has multiple mounting options for you to choose to keep the rods secure. You have a choice of overhead, horizontal and vertical mounting options for this rod holder. Most freshwater rods can be accommodated by this rod holder and it can also be attached to a tonnu cover. You can use the rod holder for rods hanging on the ceiling conveniently as a storage rack.
Quite sturdy as it is made of ABS plastic so it is still lightweight, you can put the rod holder onto a wall or a ceiling and it will not fail you while driving your RV or camper. Accommodating ten fishing rods in total, the rod holder can be installed in a truck bed and has a linear formation style of keeping rods that will work on any flat surface.
Equipped with t-shaped slots, the rod holder also has a 90 degree top bend for ease of storing your rods. Moreover, you will not trip over your rods with the design of this rod holder. Okay to use outdoors, the rod holder gives you no corrosion problems at all. The rod holder also stores small in-shore rods and the like with its 1/4 inch in thickness design.
Perfect for garage doors (above or on), the rod holder withstands most hot and cold climates as a neat rod sitter for your RV or camper. You can also remove the shock cord for your choice of a module design. The rod holder works also as an overhead storage and it is very durable in keeping multiple units of rods.

Best Rod Holder with a Double Sided Option

Wealers 16 Fishing Rod Holder Rack

The Wealers 16 Fishing Rod Holder Rack is great for its double sided feature. It is very sturdy and is okay for most moving vessels such as campers and trailers. You can keep your rods next to each other just fine with this rod holder and they will not get scratched at all. You can use the rod holder to keep rods around the garage without a mess.
With great quality when mounted onto your choice area at any angle, the rod holder is a maintenance free holder which is an injection molded unit for its construction. The rod holder can also take large off-shore rods and has a superb fishing rod storage capacity.
Using it on a dock is very much okay as it goes well for saltwater rods as well. This fishing rod rack measure total dimensions of 44 x 25 x 80 cm which makes it sufficient to store and display many rods.
It can store low profile reels and it has connection pegs in middle for easy installation. The rod holder can hold fishing rods even with the reels on due to its accommodation of up to 16 rods. You can also wash your reels directly with this rod holder due to its resistance to cleaning solvents.
Most rod and reel combinations can be handled well by this rod holder because it feels durable and accommodates rods of all sizes. Specifically, it holds any type of rod you put in side by side. The rod holder will not tip over your rods so it is great for storing fishing poles.
Being easy to use, the rod holder can cover your saltwater gear even if it does have some assembly is required. It provides easy access to any rod type and is suitable for home or garage usage. Super light and sturdy, it is a space saver to keep your rods steady.
It also makes it easy to transfer your fishing gear as it is very sturdy to securely store your items. As a garage organizer, the rod holder can be a single or double sided rack that is easy to assemble. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to assemble and will accommodate rods and sticks with instructions included.

Best Rod Holder as a Rack

Rapala Lock ‘n’ Hold Rod Rack

Our best rack rod holder is the Rapala Lock ‘n’ Hold Rod Rack and the rod holder is quite easy to assemble and can accommodate 4 bait casters or more with a lot of storage options. You can even put hiking sticks onto the rod holder. It handles rod and reel combos well on any boat or truck. It also works for saltwater rods.
This rod holder is okay to use with the reel attached for your rods and it is made out of quality materials that is suitable for freshwater rods and other ones. You can attach the rod holder to the wall or ceiling and it will work well on your garage wall.
It locks tightly and it measures 19 inches in length so it is easily mountable. With the top and the bottom parts, the rack that accommodates 6 rods in total. Moreover, the rod holder takes light rods easily with the plastic jaws to keep them safe and scratch-free.
The rod holder is an ingenious system in which the holders are about 2 inches in width. The rod holder can be installed in your boat and holds rods even with affixed reels. All mounting hardware is included with this rod holder and it works well without deforming your rod.
With 8 dry wall screws included, the rod holder is set for long term use to keep your rods organized. The plastic retainer clips are spring loaded and the rod holder can be mount horizontally or vertically. With great and durable construction, the rod holder will not be damaging the blank at all.
Taking in heavy salt water rods just fine, the rod holder only needs a power drill to install, lock and hold your items. The bottom piece has seats on this rod holder and the base grip holder works as intended to keep the rods very secure.
The rod holder can also prevent damage from hanging as a secure rack expansion with no pressure on the rod eyes at all. The rod holder will also fit a bait caster to keep it protected whilst eliminating damage all the way.
Only requiring a screw driver and a mallet to install other than the drill, the rod holder takes most ultra light rods and many rod blank sizes. With the interlocking design, the rod holder’s top has a locking mechanism and it also has foam jaws.

Best Rod Holder made of Aluminum Material

KastKing Rack ’em Up Rod Holder

If you want an aluminum rod holder then go for the KastKing Rack ’em Up Rod Holder. Any rod can be removed with one hand with this rod holder. You can even use the rod holder on the ceiling with its simple design that makes rods accessible. You can also move all rods of variety of rod sizes with great ease due to the spring loaded notch.
With its sturdy quality, the rod holder fits anywhere such as in a bedroom or garage. With an all aluminum construction, most freshwater bass rods will fit in this rod holder. You can get your fishing rod collection organized as much as possible with the light-weight aluminum form of this rod holder.
It has 1 1/8 inch diameter openings and it also has cushioned holders to protect your rods from damage. Also usable on boats, this fishing rack is a great companion for the bass fisherman with its easy assembly. The rod holder also folds flat when not in use and can take most smaller diameter rods and bass fishing rods.
Being easy to assemble, a lot of heavier saltwater fishing rod combos will be okay with this rod holder that is also rust resistant. Taking very minimal floor space, most trout fishing rods will fit into this rod holder. You can also install the rod holder onto your truck.
The flexible EVA foam is soft so it is guaranteed to keep your rods safe and sound. It also allows you to keep reels on the rods with extra space to spare. The rod holder protects your rods and it can also work as a rod holder for boats. The rods will not overlap each other with this rod holder.
There are no tools required with the installation of this super light rod holder that organizes your fishing gear well. It will hold most saltwater rods and it can lock rods firmly. Being easy to put together, the rod holder gives you adequate storage for rods onto your RV or camper.
Currently available in 12-rod or 24-rod models, the rod holder can handle fly fishing rods and take up to 24 fishing rods or 12 rods for the small model.

Best Rod Holder with a Clamp Mechanism

ROBOCUP 12 Colors Fishing Rod/Pole Holder

The ROBOCUP 12 Colors Fishing Rod/Pole Holder has a total of 13 colors to choose from and is a multipurpose fishing rod holder. It can also be used on a multitude of purposes such as a holder for drinks, drum sticks, microphones and so much more.
You can use the rod holder in your RV just fine and it is powered by its rubberized jaws that keep it clamped onto any pole. The rod holder is also quite lightweight at only less than 1 pound. The poly resin construction of this rod holder will protect your fishing rod against the worst of weather.
There are also hook and loop straps on the rod holder so that you can configure and set up your rod holder and rods in any way that you want it to. There is also an option to lock the small openings using a cable tie in this rod holder to secure it further.
With almost no tools needed to install, the rod holder is a great clamping solution to put your favorite fishing rod or gear to your desired storage area. You can also easily clean up this rod holder due to its base that can be easily unscrewed.
Overall, if you are going on a vacation and that involves fishing then this rod holder is also a great drink holder on a boat as well as for poles on a golf cart. The clamp strength of this rod holder is superb such that you can use it for a variety of rod sizes. You can even use the rod holder for a beach umbrella, making it suitable for summer vacation outings. A warranty of 3 year (limited) is guaranteed to this rod holder.

The Competition

Other rod holders were not very durable because they lacked in the material quality that is needed. Some of them also have design flaws. The rod holders that we chose are the ones that have a lot of quality, flexibility and sturdiness.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the different mounting positions of rod holders?
A: A rod holder can be wall mounted, stored into the ceiling or go for a free-standing design. Rod holders are supposed to take less space in the room that you want to keep them in. When a rod holder is wall mounted, it is usually made with a slim profile. When it is made for the ceiling, it should be sturdy and hold together without falling. When it is made for free standing, having wheels is a great way to make it portable.
Q: Why do I need a fishing rod holder?
A: A fishing rod can get damaged when they are not stored properly, despite being flexible and strong. Storage racks for fishing rods can be bought from stores or can be built at home using DIY equipment. If you are into DIY projects then you can just use hangers or boards with holes for inserting your fishing rod. It will protect your fishing rod holder from damage when not in use.
Q: Can I use PVC for a fishing rod holder?
A: Yes, PVC material is quite sturdy for holding a fishing rod, especially if you want to hang it on the ceiling or as a rack on the wall. Usually, PVC pipes are used for a fishing rod holder and can be done as a DIY project.
Q: If I don’t have PVC pipes, what else can I use for a rod holder?
A: You can try a wire shelf which can be taken from an old fridge. If you put them on either end of your ceiling then you will be able to form a nice fishing rod storage solution. This is an efficient way of storing your fishing rod without sacrificing wall space.
Q: Why should a fishing rod holder be dry?
A: This is so that the quality of the rod will not be stained. Even if you think that your fishing rod is completely waterproof, too much time in wet areas may make it less durable because of mold and other factors.
Q: Can you use a rope to store fishing rods?
A: Provided that the rope is strong enough then you can use it to loop holes to act as a fishing rod holder. You can use it to hang them up in the ceiling or on the wall of your house or room and it will give it an authentic feel.
Q: What is a rod cleat?
A: A rod cleat is a kind of a rod holder that is in the form of a foam-based hanging rack that will help you store your fishing rod without damaging its surface. It is a good option for a fishing rod storage solution and it can be used on a boat as well, so you can store your fishing rod on the go when you are not using it (or leaving your boat behind for a while).
Q: In what position should you store your fishing rod?
A: The fishing rod should not hang by the tip guide because it will make your rod tip unstable and it may break apart if you go fishing again on the next season. Make sure that the fishing rod is stored properly to take good care of your rod top so that it will not easily break.
Q: How much do most rod holders store?
A: An average rod holder may be able to store from 6 to 10 fishing rods at a time, depending on the size of the storage solution. You can order larger sizes when possible, but it is best to measure your room or space first before considering a rod holder with a set number of rod holes or insertion points.
Q: Why should you use a rod holder on a boat?
A: The vibrations on the boat may damage your fishing rod if you store it improperly. Putting your fishing rod on a proper rod holder or rod locker keeps it stable and away from getting scratched and failing when you land on or struggle with big fish.
Q: Where should you store the fishing rod with the rod holder?
A: You should store it in a cool place with room temperature because a hot place can have an impact on your fishing rod that is usually made out of fiberglass or graphite material. Even the toughest fishing rod may warp or bend and lose its quality if you do not store it in a convenient place.
Q: Why should I lubricate the reel’s moving parts when storing a fishing rod?
A: This is to help maintain the efficiency of the fishing rod when not in use during off-season. A fishing rod is powered by its reel so you must maintain the moving parts of the reel before and after you store it on a fishing rod and a fishing rod holder. There are many lubricants that can be used to oil fishing rod reels but regular oil will also do the job.
Q: Why should the fishing rod be stored only horizontally or vertically?
A: This is so that the fishing rod will not be bent or sustain damage from the wrong position of hanging or storage. Remember that storing a fishing rod should be an important process. Most people just throw their fishing rods in the garage without proper care and the result is that the fishing rod deteriorates when not properly stored either vertically or horizontally in a fishing rod holder or storage.
Q: Why should you not put your fishing rod in your truck or car?
A: Because those are very hot places , especially in the summer. Too much heat can weaken your fishing rod’s materials and will be a bad thing if you ever fight with big fish because the fishing rod’s material will become brittle and it might snap.
Q: Is it okay to go fishing on a very hot day? Will it affect my fishing rods?
A: Fishing in the summer is very okay but you should not leave your fishing rods unattended in the boat while under the sun or leave them there after you go fishing. Too much sunlight might ruin the quality of your fishing rods so consider a smarter solution when you store your fishing equipment, especially your fishing rod.
Q: Why should I release the drag when storing rods?
A: The drag should be released when you put the fishing rod on the rod holder because if the drag is accustomed to the tightness, it might not work conveniently the next time you use it for a big fish in the next season.
Q: Why should you not store your fishing rods with abrasive and metal objects?
A: They might damage your fishing rods in general. Any metal object might cut through the fishing rod, especially if your fishing rod is mostly carbon fiber or graphite. Abrasive objects might also ruin the finish and quality of your fishing rod.
Q: Should you take off the reel from the rod when storing it for off-season?
A: It depends on whether you need to clean the reels so it is mostly only for maintenance purposes. Most anglers rarely take off the fishing reel from the fishing rod, so you can just leave it there if you want to store the fishing rod for off-season on the fishing rod holder.
However, if you live in a place with a lot of humidity then it is a good idea to store reels in boxes and separate them so that they do not rust often. You can also lubricate them more often if you live in such a humid place like near the ocean. Rod socks may also help in storing your fishing rod.
Q: What power tools will I need to build or install a fishing rod holder?
A: You may just need a drill that has a screw driver bit, a band saw or jig saw and some other manual tools if needed. Some fishing rod holders have pre-drilled holes so you may not really need those power tools if you bought holders from the store. You will only need power tools if you are making a rod holder from scratch (i.e. pieces of wood).
Q: Which is a better rod storage method: vertical or horizontal?
A: Most anglers around the world often store their fishing rods in rod holders vertically. This is because resting your rod onto something may slightly cause denting or uneven surfaces in comparison to a free-standing vertical storage procedure or method. Gravity is at work for keeping your rod’s form.

Wrapping It Up

To wrap it all up, the Scotty Powerlock Deck Mount Rod Holder is our best rod holder because it really does a great job on holding your rod in place, keeping it safe and sound and away from denting and damage.