Best Robot Dog

The Harry Electronic Pet Dog Touch Response is our pick for the best robot dog. It runs on batteries and is one of the cutest we have come across.

Our step-up pick is the Hi-Tech Wireless Remote Control Interactive Robot, which is wireless and remote control.

The budget pick is the Zoomer Zupps Retriever Posy Interactive Puppy, which is a fun puppy to have.

A Little Background

Robot pets have been around since the age of the robots, especially in technologically advanced countries like Japan. Robotics has been a great innovation of mankind, mostly for companionship, stress relief and even for keeping up with your tasks and reminders of the day.
Robot dogs are great companions not just for kids but also for adults. They can be robot helpers or just to have a sense of companionship or to not feel alone. Those who can’t afford the expenses of a real dog may want to get a robot dog instead, which is kind of sufficient for coping with a loss or heartbreak. Having someone like a robot dog to talk to and play with means a lot of psychological relief from stress and anxiety for most people because they feel that they are not alone.
While most of us might have Siri in our phone or Alexa at home, robot pets take the level of AI or artificial intelligence to a next level. Robot pets aren’t just toys for kids – they can also be comforting and stress relieving items for the elderly and those who don’t have a lot to do at home, but don’t want the expense of a real pet.
Those who have been living alone, suffering from isolation or simply needing a friend or someone to talk to without being labeled crazy might want a robot dog or pet for their home. A robot dog cuts the expenses of having a real pet and can be realistic if you go for the expensive ones. Today’s AI technology lets you take robotics to the next level so that your robot dog might really act like one! It is a great therapy for the elderly and those with anxiety, stress, depression or traumatic experiences – without the stress of having to buy dog food or dog shampoos.
Robot pets are not just simple children’s toys – they almost act like the real thing! Whether you’re a kid or an adult or even a senior citizen, robot pets can provide you with lasting hours of entertainment all the time due to its smart technology that learns from its surroundings. Today’s AI advancements and learning machines help robots become smarter so you can feel the realism within them, as if you’re talking to a real dog or cat at home.
The elderly can have a robot pet as a companion. While they are not really pets, they can be great buddies that your grandma or grandpa can enjoy to help them not get bored at home without the additional expenses of keeping them well-fed or getting them to the vet. If you want a great gift for your grandparents on grandparent’s day, you can give them a nice little robot companion to keep them happy even in solitude.
Robot pets are more than just your average pets. They can be programmed to sing and dance or read things for you. Robot pets can also be daily helpers and not just toys for kids due to its wide AI range and learning modules. Robot pets can do just about anything depending on how the makers or manufacturers made them to be. Some are made to sing and dance and others are made for even more complicated stunts and feats.
While it is true that real pets are still more realistic and better than robot pets, there are still many people who believe that robot pets still have therapeutic benefits, especially for the elderly. If you remember the movie “Castaway” and the protagonist’s imaginary football friend “Wilson”, you might realize that a companion doesn’t necessarily have to be human or organic to give you comfort through tough times of depression, being alone or in extreme sadness.
The future of robotics is pretty near when it comes down to today’s AI technology, and this is why it will be more common today to see a robot pet nearly anywhere. Some homes may have a robot pet while others can be seen on hospitals and senior homes. Whether you have kids or aging grandparents, robot pets are going to be pretty common nowadays due to the ease of technology and advancements when it comes to AI learning modules.
Robot pets aren’t just for the elderly and for the kids – they can also be for people with serious pet dander allergy problems. If you really want to own a dog or cat so badly but don’t want to keep sneezing when cleaning your dog or cat, you might want to try owning a robot pet instead. It’s hassle-free and it almost feels like the real thing, but without the fur that makes you sneeze.
While many elderly people still want the real dog or cat, some also argue that they do provide some sense of companionship even if they are just robots. A robot pet is more of a companion for loneliness, especially for the elderly spending their days in nursing homes. What’s more, you don’t have to feed or bathe them, so it is great for a busy environment and for the elderly who can’t move as much as they want due to age.
One of the pluses of having a robot pet, either in a dog or cat form, is that you can avoid the chance of rabies or ripped furniture, since robot pets don’t necessarily bite or scratch your home furnishings. Robot pets don’t pass away either (they only need batteries to live) so if you’re prone to heartbreaks when a pet dies, this is a great alternative for emotional attachment.
Robot pets are not just stress relievers but also comforting companions for patients with dementia. Most robotic pets can be taken anywhere because they are kind of like toys after all. In shopping malls where pets might otherwise not be allowed, you can take your robotic pet with you. The robot dog is a low maintenance companion to have and you don’t have to feed them or bathe them.

How We Picked

For the best robot dog for your needs, here are some criteria that you don’t want to miss out on:
Character design: the character design of the robot dog should be just right for the person you will give it to. For instance, it can be a certain cartoon character, a character from a video game or maybe a product mascot. In any way possible, the robot dog must have a close resemblance to the character you desire. If you are not aiming for a specific character, however, the robot dog should still be attractive and colorful in terms of design and structure.
Recommended age: while most robot dogs are generally for people of all ages, even for seniors, if you are buying one for kids then make sure that it is the appropriate toy for them. Small parts and choking hazards are not advisable for smaller kids. Those robot dogs that have fragile parts may also not be advisable for smaller kids as well. You should pick the appropriate robot dog depending on the person whom you will give it to (or for yourself). Some robot dogs also have specific functions that are more suited for specific age brackets, such as toddlers who need hands-on interactive games.
Interactive features: a robot dog won’t really be a robot dog if it is not interactive. The key to being realistic and interactive lies on the sensors of the robot dog and how sensitive they are to a person’s touch or actions. Some specific robot dogs can sing and dance so they are great for kids, and perhaps some adults and seniors as well. Most robot dogs that are made for adults and seniors can also perform wider varieties of tasks, much like your smartphone’s daily reminders and voice commands.
Bright colors: having a robot dog that has vibrant colors and an attractive design can be great for visual appeal, especially for kids and for the elderly who have difficulty in trying to distinguish colors at their age. The bright colors and attractive design of the robot dog should not easily fade anytime soon. Do consider a fade free yet safe material used for coloring and designing the robot dog.
Realism: some robot dogs are very realistic that they have fur, so it can be great for seniors who may be too meticulous or skeptical with a robot companion’s realism. Some of these robot pets can roll over and even sleep or take a nap if it is not being played with. Realism is usually provided not just by the looks of the robot dog but also for its features and capabilities.
Kid-safe materials: if you want to give the robot dog to a kid then make sure that the parts are made with kid-safe materials so they won’t have any adverse effect on your child’s health. Children are usually curious with toys so make sure that the robot dog is made with safe materials that won’t compromise on your family’s overall health.
Allergy-friendly: if you intend to have the robot dog for someone who has allergies to real dogs then make sure it is a fur-less version of the robot dog.
Required batteries: do know what kind of batteries are required with the robot dog. Some will require only common batteries such as AA or AAAs but some will require special batteries so make sure you read the user’s manual or ask the manufacturer of the robot dog. Do know that some robot dogs can also have built-in rechargeable batteries so you will find it easier to recharge your pet.
Lights and sounds: the robot dog should have interesting lights and sounds for interactivity and attention span, especially for kids. These features make the robot dog not only interesting but also realistic and interactive.

Our Pick

The Harry Electronic Pet Dog Touch Response is our best robot dog and it can be your pet toy dog or one for your kids because he is adorable. It is a touch sensitive pet dog that is also an educational toy for the children. It stands 7 inches long and also sings songs for your children.
The robot dog features fun puppy activities for your child to enjoy and it will feel like a real dog due to its design. It stands6 inches tall and is a cute robot dog. It also keeps walking whenever you let it walk around and it is made for girls and boys. It easily walks and is an ASTM F963 certified product.
Your robot dog can also sing when you touch the head, making it a fully interactive dog that barks. It also has the capability of chasing and the robot dog can be used on smooth surfaces as well. It produces dog sounds like a real dog and is great for kids ages 2 and up.
With a bump and go feature, this smart robot dog is complete and ready to use as 3 AA batteries are included. It also lets you play interactive games and even with the adults, the robot dog can give hours of entertainment as it will be dancing when you touch the head.
The design of this cute Dalmatian toy dog is great even for autistic children due to its looks. There is also an auto off (napping time) after 30 seconds for this robot dog to make it a realistic dog for family fun needs. It is also accompanied with music for the kids to enjoy.
The robot dog also has a backside touch for a surprise and entertainment. The robot dog’s sensors responds to your touch easily and there are no small parts or accessories so it is okay and safe for toddlers and young kids. Producing authentic dog sounds, the robot dog has a play and chase mode.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not a deal breaker, the Harry Electronic Pet Dog Touch Response can be over-sensitive with touch on some parts, so it may not be that suitable for 1-year-olds or 2-year-olds who like to pull the tail. Then again, because pulling the tail gives you a warning from the robot dog, it actually teaches kids a moral lesson – don’t pull a dog’s tail in real life!

Step-up Pick

The Hi-Tech Wireless Remote Control Interactive Robot is our step-up pick. Dada is an intelligent robot dog and it can show different emotions as much as you need it. the robot dog produces lovely actions of singing so it is a realistic robot dog that can be your good friend along the way.
As an educational robot dog, alphabets appear on its eyes for kids learning. The robot dog also comes with four cheerful songs for your kids to enjoy. The robot dog is totally safe and it won’t bite at all. The robot dog can produce sound and pictures for the kids to enjoy and learn.
Equipped with super fun modes, the robot dog is very safe and won’t attack you unlike a real dog. The robot dog has a unique study mode for the children to learn and even sing and dance with the included tunes. The robot dog is a great alternative to a real dog and is a cute and interactive puppy.
You can experience its actions as a remote controllable robot dog that is also rechargeable. As a robot dog, it even farts so it’s fun for kids. The robot dog can help you to learn and help kids cope with boredom as well. There is a long range controller of up to 50 feet for this robot dog.
It requires only two 1.5V AA batteries to run and is aimed at kids with ages 2 to 7 years old. Its eyes light up so it is unique. The robot dog can even crawl and it has a standby mode. The robot dog’s eyes change to multiple shapes so it is a creative pet.
The robot dog is also rechargeable via USB port and it can produce different sounds for your interactive needs. It has a sleep mode to save energy as well. Perfect as a birthday gift or Christmas gift, the robot dog can’t wait to see you and/or your kids to play along.

Budget Pick

The Zoomer Zupps Retriever Posy Interactive Puppy is our budget pick that can easily respond to your actions and it gives you a sweet personality overall. This robot dog will love to play with your children and it can be useful when you need some entertainment at home or anywhere.
With this robot dog, the more you play, the happier the robot dog will be. If you have allergies with pet dander then this is a cute puppy to be an alternative to a real dog. Kids who love to play with pets can find this robot dog amusing. You can even pet it enough to get really cool results.
The robot dog is smart that it can blow you a kiss when you pet it like a little puppy. The robot dog can even bark “I love you!” for certain actions. This puppy is so cute and you will also enjoy the noise it makes. The robot dog also has a unique secret trick that you need to discover yourself.
If you are a person who doesn’t do real pets due to the additional expenses or allergies then this is an interactive pup for you to have. The robot dog is aimed at little kids and it has wheeled paws as well. The robot dog is ready to be used with three LR44 batteries are included.
Its eyes that light up give it a nice and interactive feeling for your kids. If you like cute robot puppies then this is a cute robot dog that can maybe even sneeze due to its design. Aimed for ages 4+, the robot dog can respond when you pet its head and it gives enough interactivity that it can whistle as well.
Kids can take the pet everywhere with them and you can press its nose for other actions. Great for a birthday present, the robot dog makes adorable puppy sounds and can be a great granddaughter gift. It has an instruction booklet and you can buy two of them and see them interact with each other.

Best Robot Dog that has a Firefighter Design

The GAMZOO Electronic Pet Dog Firehouse Puppy is an electronic spotty dog that has enough actions and sounds for you to interact with. It is quite an energetic and interactive pup that allows you to touch different body parts and find interactivity in a package that is so cute.
It is an intelligent toy that also walks forward and backward with the use of its infrared remote control so it is a great kid’s toy as well. It has adorable eyes and it can also shake his head and legs so it is an advanced toy with a knowledge of a firehouse as well.
It has an automatic power-off mode for you to save more energy. It has a handsome fireman outfit so it will appeal to kids with the striking red design. It is also made out of ABS food grade plastic so it will not be a bad thing for younger kids. It also produces realistic fire alarm sounds to simulate a brave puppy.
You can find this robot dog as a growing partner for your child for entertainment and education al purposes, teaching kids on about putting out fires. You can let your child learn on how to put out the fire with this dog as kids can play with it for hours, learning the importance of saving lives.
It has a total of 5 key buttons for interactivity and the pup can also reenact fire rescue operations. There is a red button on the back for your other needs that can develop your child’s imaginative ability. You can also play a chasing game with this robot dog.
Great for simple language development for the kids, it also walks and is great for studying as well. It has a non-angular appearance that is okay for the kids and it even barks realistically. You can even hear farting sounds with this fun toy which is also a good partner.
As an electronic pet, it can have situational dialogues for learning. It can be a great birthday or Christmas present for your child.

Best Robot Dog that Walks

The Peppy Pups Mutt gives you real dog action and can be your child’s best friend and companion in the house. It easily interacts with you while having no commitment or responsibility unlike a real dog. It can be just like a real dog due to its design yet it is silly looking and fun for the kids.
It walks and runs like a real dog and is aimed for boys and girls alike. It is also easy to love due to the design and can be taken at the park with children. It can be a great thing to give to your child due to its snuggly coat and it will feel like a real dog if you use the leash as well.
As your child’s new best friend, it can be taken on the sidewalk and can be a loyal companion for your child. It is an enthusiastic companion and is also a nice cuddly companion for your child. It also gives cheerful facial expressions even as a stuffed puppy that is quite comfortable and soft to hug. It is a great gift for your little one.

Best Robot Dog for Adults

The Sony Aibo ERS-110 Entertainment Robot is totally great for adults and people of all ages. It is an advanced kind of robot and it comes with high-tech motorized joints and it also learns as time passes. Like a real dog, it functions well with an infrared distance sensor and is autonomous or independent.
Being the highest end robot dog possible today, providing it with daily communication enhances its emotions as he senses his surroundings. Aibo has the ability to learn and it can mature and learn as it is quite sensitive to his environment. If you can praise him, he will express his mood as well.
As a loving companion that is also able to learn, the robot dog uses voice-recognition technology and it is very realistic and energetic with its movements. The dog will develop over time and it can mature like real dogs. It has a greater emotional range than other virtual pets and can be a fun and loving dog.
With an acceleration sensor, all Aibo dogs are different – he develops his own unique personality depending on the attention you give to the dog without the inconvenience of keeping a real dog. It can be a true companion for your needs and it also barks, whines and growls realistically.
The robot dog goes through the developmental stages of any human and it poses real emotions and instincts. The robot dog can coexist with people and it also has a temperature sensor that is quite accurate. It can receive pats on the head and can be a friend for life. This robot dog will react to your loving attention.

Best Robot Dog for Seniors

Great for seniors, the Joy for All Companion Pet Pup is an interactive pup that reacts to your touch and can be great for all stages of life. This robot dog can respond to sound and is generally helpful as a companion dog due to its realistic puppy movements.
Ideal for use in a care facility for the elderly, it brings you interactive companionship all the time with its fun sounds. It can turn its head as a very cute robot dog for families and the like. It has a realistic coat to look like having a real dog and it can also be responsive to any person.
As a ready to use robot dog, the batteries are included. It also has a simulated heartbeat to feel like a real dog. It isn’t very loud at all and can be great for a patient who has been very lonely lately. It produces authentic sounds like owning a dog that is real with its nice sounds.
Aiming to inspire and motivate those with depression or anxiety, the robot dog is great for your grandparents with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It easily responds to sounds and can be great for children as well due to its smooth movements. It uses bark back technology to give engagement for its surroundings. Ideal for those who feel sad due to the loss of a pet or loved one, it uses 4 C alkaline batteries.

Best Robot Dog for Kids

The SainSmart Jr. Robot Dog Electronic Pet brings you 60 minutes of remote control power and it can give you smart actions as a family pet and an interactive smart dog. You will love this toy as it is powered by a 2.4 GHz wireless system. It is a versatile robot dog with a rechargeable battery .
Great for curing anxiety, the dog can sing and has realistically flexible joints that can dance all the time as an intelligent mechanical dog. It can walk and also show different emotions as a cute and interactive pup. It can also lie down with a control range of 50 feet or 15 meters.
You can enjoy the dog’s actions on a carpet or a carpeted floor and it will also shake its head. There is a USB cable for charging included and it can be charged for up to 30 minutes of charging time. The dog will also wag its tail so your kids will enjoy it, as well as the different sounds. It has an 18-month warranty.

Best Robot Dog with a Leash

The Secret Life of Pets Bestfriend Max feels like a real dog and straight from the movie. There are 2 ways to play, where you can use the leash or not use it at all. It is a soft and cuddly robot dog that is a loveable pet and can be a good alternative to an actual puppy due to its unique personality.
Perfect for snuggling, you can expect Max to walk and wiggle his tail and it also really walks on a leash. You can take him for a walk and you can give him to your toddlers playing as they will love playing with it. If you pet his back then he will give you lots of love.
This robot dog can also walk around the house and your kids can also sleep with it. His tail can wag and he is a cute robot dog to spend some quality time together with your kids. He also says phrases and sounds straight from the movie as an adorable pet. Great for ages 4+, it is a walking and talking robot dog that comes with an instruction guide and also only requires 3 AA batteries.

Best Robot Dog with Fur

The FurReal Friends JJ Jumpin’ Pug Pet is a cute pug pet robot dog that has super soft fur that makes owning a pet pretty realistic without maintenance. With a beige and dark-brown coat, this robot dog looks like a real pug and will return love when you pay attention to him.
It is a cute and cuddly robot dog that you can play all day with. You can pat the dog on the head and get rewards as he acts like a real dog. It can guarantee you hours of fun as a bouncy dog that can give you unconditional love. It easily jumps and barks and produces happy barking sounds as well.
This robot dog is so versatile with its design and features. Making a new best friend is so easy with this robot dog that is more than just a toy and will love you back. You can also pet his back and the dog sits. The robot dog comes with included instructions.

The Competition

Other robot dogs were not sufficient for our list because they had reports of easily broken parts and faulty sensors. A robot dog should have fully working parts and durability beyond compare to be a worthy competitor in our list.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a robot pet?
A: A robot pet is a companion for most people. It is simply an artificially intelligent (AI) machine that acts like a pet, such as a dog, cat or some other pet you may need. Instead of getting a real dog, most people get robot pets because they are less of a maintenance and are stress relievers.
Q: What is a robot pet or robot dog used for?
A: One of the main purposes of a robot dog or robot pet is to cheer up someone who is lonely, anxious or stressed. Robot pets can be mostly seen in elderly homes and those homes without kids or real pets. The robot pet works to help relieve people of stress or boredom, especially those who are in their retirement years. Robot dogs also make great companions for kids.
Q: Are robot pets only for kids or also for adults?
A: Robot pets are for all ages! Robot pets are not specifically toys, actually. They are mostly smart companions that you can interact with, much like in your favorite futuristic cartoons or TV shows that show a robotic pet or helper around the house.
Robot pets today are more realistic than they were during the budding age of robotics, so it’s a great thing to have a robotic pet around the house.
Q: How does a robot pet benefit the elderly?
A: The elderly can get stressed, anxious or bored when they go into their retirement. This is where a buddy comes in handy. The robotic dog or cat can help them go through tough times, especially if they live alone, and they don’t have to go off to the grocery store to buy dog or cat supplies or feed them. Elderly people with memory problems can use these companion animals without the worry of maintenance.
Q: What can robot pets do?
A: Robot pets can do a lot of things, depending on how they are programmed. The secret to robot pets lies in their sensors, much like how our smartphones react to our touch, taps and swipes. Robot pets have been a great thing not just for kids, but also for adults, the young at heart and the elderly. They can mostly sing and dance, tell you a bedtime story or entertain you in many ways possible.
Q: Can a robot pet replace a real pet?
A: That depends on your point of view but robot pets do give some certain therapeutic effect on humans. While they may not be able to replace a real pet for now due to our limited technology, robot pet companions still offer the sense of companionship that humans have always been looking for whenever they are alone, troubled or out of place.
Q: Where can robot pets be found or used?
A: A robot pet can be situated at home or even in senior homes or hospitals. Anywhere that a robot companion is needed, it is mostly for therapeutic purposes. For example, robot pets can be used by parents to comfort a child or even their grandparents when they live alone. Some robot pets can be used by adults for keeping up their daily schedules and reminders.
Q: Can people with pet allergies own a robot pet?
A: Yes, robot pets are great alternatives to owning a real pet minus the fur. If you have owned cats or dogs or went near them and realized that you have really bad allergy to pet dander then you can opt for a robot pet, either in a cat or dog form. While there are robot pets that look realistic with fur, you can just go for one that doesn’t have fur.
Q: Is a robot pet really effective for nursing homes?
A: It depends on the elderly and your point of view. However, generally, nursing homes can benefit from robot pets because of the advancements in AI technology plus the maintenance-free design of these robot pets make them less of a hassle to maintain in a busy environment. Whether you’re living with your grandparents or whether they’re in a nursing home, robot pets are great companions that almost act like the real thing.
Q: Aside from being maintenance-free, what other benefits can I get from a robot pet?
A: A robot pet can live for as long as you want it to be, unlike a real pet that may die and leave you a shattered heart. Robot pets also don’t need vet visits and they don’t bite or scratch the furniture. The main purpose of a robot pet is to be a completely maintenance-free and harmless pet or companion for all ages and all cultures.
Q: Can you save more money with a robotic pet?
A: A robot pet actually saves you money because real pets have a lot of upkeep – from shampoos to vet visits to pet food. Batteries are all you need for a robotic pet. While they may cost more at first, you can find that you can save more money in the long run because they don’t have a lot of expenses unlike a real dog or cat.
Q: Can robot pets help those with dementia?
A: Yes, people with dementia or some other mental problems or memory problems can greatly benefit from the companionship of a robot pet. This is because they keep their memory sharp and their emotions controlled by reducing the stress levels in their environment.
Q: Are robotic pets only dogs or cats?
A: Robotic pets can take any form, whether it’s Furby or some other kind of pet. While the most common robotic pets come in dogs or cats, there are also other various kinds of pets that you can own in robotic form.
Q: Can robot pets help enhance communication skills?
A: Yes, most robot pets today can speak and allow you to talk to them and then respond, much like Cleverbot or Siri. Most robot pets that can talk can be great companions and also language teachers. You can get these pets to help your child develop communication skills as well.
Q: What are the general benefits of having a pet companion, whether a robot pet or a real pet?
A: Having a pet has its own benefits for human beings. First, you get companionship and second, you also learn responsibility. While responsibility is not much of a thing with robot pets, it is generally accepted that regardless of what pet or companion you have, the important thing is that they can respond to your needs of attention.
Although you still need to replace the battery for the robot dog anyway, simply being there is enough for a companion – much like why kids have stuffed toys.
Q: Can robot pets be useful for people with Alzheimer’s?
A: Yes,
people with Alzheimer’s can actually benefit from a robot pet or robot dog. This is because they are mostly forgetful and have a lot of anxiety, which can reflect on the real dog.
Q: Can robot pets help with depression?
A: Yes, depression and anxiety are two major things that a person can go through, and a companion like a robot pet can actually help them out. Just having a pet companion, whether it is artificial or real, is a big thing for someone who is going through tough times because of the availability of someone to talk to.
Q: Can robot pets be great for kids?
A: Yes, a robot pet can be beneficial for kids because not only could they act like toys, but they can also act as companions even without the expense of maintenance. These smart toys are quite intelligent and resemble the real dog because of its AI or artificial intelligence and its sensors that react intelligently to your kid’s actions. Robot pets teach kids basic communication skills, responsibility and companionship.
Q: Where did the idea of robotic pets originated?
A: Perhaps the idea of robotic pets stemmed from the Tamagochi hype during the 90s. The Tamagochi is a virtual pet that you can keep in your pocket in the form of a small egg-shaped device.
You basically feed them, bathe them and take care of them like you would on a real pet. It teaches kids and adults alike on how to be a responsible pet keeper. However, the idea of robotic pets today is more because of the hassle-free and fur-free benefits of a robot dog.
Q: Can robot pets be used for kids with autism?
A: Yes, autistic children can greatly benefit from companions because of their social interaction and colorful features. Kids with autism can help develop their social skills, communication skills and many more with the help of an interactive companion, such as a robot pet or robot dog.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Harry Electronic Pet Dog Touch Response is our best robot dog with touch sensitivity, walking mechanism, interactivity and ease of operation. We think your kids will love it – even your grandparents might enjoy it as well!