Best Red Dot Sight

The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight is our best red dot sight. Great to withstand the recoil of your gun, the red dot sight has superb lens coating and is thick in construction. Great for sports optic needs, it is sturdy and has a tinted amber front lens. The red dot sight also doesn’t lose zero at all and is a high-performance red dot sight from a reputable brand.

Our step-up pick is the Primary Arms Micro Red Dot Sight and this 2 MOA red dot is worth every penny and it is also easy to zero. It has unlimited eye relief and it is also waterproof. Ideal for good use, the red dot sight works very well and it is a red dot for the price. It should hold up for a long time and it has 12 brightness settings that help keep the target very visible.

The budget pick is the Rhino Tactical Rifles Red Dot Sight and for easy targeting, the red dot sight is sturdy and will be holding up well for a long time securely. With no adjustment needed, it performs flawlessly and the cantilever mount is included for your intended use. You get what you pay for with this red dot sight for quick targeting.

A Little Background

A red dot sight is one of the types of optic sights that you can attach to a gun or firearm, specifically most pistols and rifles. These red dot sights offer accuracy for your target and is regarded as one of the most common gun sights that people use.
Gun sights like this can be installed on certain and most gun types and calibers depending on the rail type that will hold the gun sight in place. It is important to have a truly working gun sight, especially if you use your guns for tactical purposes and getting the proper sight for targeting becomes crucial to the operation.

How We Picked

In choosing the best red dot sight for your gun, consider the following factors in making your decision:
Type of gun: consider the type or caliber of gun that you want to mount the red dot sight on. Some caliber of guns can have a different requirement or sizing needed for the red dot sight that you should only install there.
Rail attachment type: the rail style or type should match the red dot sight to your gun or firearm.
Easy sighting: the red dot sight should be easy to sight in for your gun, regardless of caliber or size. This ensures that your red dot sight works just fine.
Durable: the red dot sight should be durable and sturdy and also quite stable even after many shots or rounds of your gun and in any weather situation.

Our Pick

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight

Our best red dot sight is the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight. You will be very satisfied with this red dot sight as it can easily sight in and it has a sturdy design for many guns. Ideal for a lot of gun types, the red dot sight can be mounted to your gun and it has a great sighting capability.

Made with the best materials possible, the red dot sight offers accuracy for pistols and rifles and it has many other features as well. The knobs for zeroing are easy to use and will satisfy your needs in all weather conditions. The 3 MOA red dot sight is great for non-competition needs and is a great red dot sight that you will ever need.

With tilted front lens, the red dot sight is very durable and is great for a patrol rifle and for ammos of different kinds. It reflects LED light easily and can fit on an ar15. Ideal for fast-moving sports, the battery life of about 3,000 hours makes it a solid red dot sight. It works for an ak47 and the colors may vary on the red dot sight.

It has high contrast lens coating while the construction is solid to reduce glare. The red dot sight is also waterproof and can survive few thousand rounds. With an LED light source, looking at the sight gives you ease of use. With the low power consumption as a plus, the red dot sight can be mounted securely.

Inside the scope, there’s a lot of great mechanisms. You can mount it to a flat top rail and assure a shockproof construction that will never lose your zero at all. The red dot sight is a sharp red dot reticle with a trophy red dot in which the click value is at .5 in / 14 m and the adjustable range is at 70 in / 1.9 m. The objective lens of this red dot sight can be depended upon in the woods.

Measuring 1 x 25 mm, the red dot sight has great peak accuracy and a control knob for ease of use. With reduced size to not block your view, the red dot sight is powered up by a cr2032 battery. It is a great value red dot with a tilted front lens that can be installed easily. You can adjust the red dot setting in a breeze so hunters will have no problem.
With multicoated optics, the amount of resistance from this red dot sight enhances the shooter’s awareness in a simple and sturdy mechanism. For fast target acquisition, the red dot sight can help you shoot like a pro. You can also attach it to a picatinny rail.

You can be more aware of the surrounding environment with this red dot sight that is easily visible. With rubber lens covers for protection, mounting the sight is easy for faster target acquisition. It can quickly distinguish targets even in ambient light conditions. The red dot sight has a long battery life and is ideal for most environments with no need for centering.
It is easy to secure the sight and it has a ton of accuracy as a red dot sight. With the best and highest settings, the red dot sight has a parallax free design.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some things to note about the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight that are not deal breakers include the fact that it does not come with a mount riser, but you can easily buy that off somewhere else if you need co-witnessing with a red dot sight.

Step-up Pick

Primary Arms Micro Red Dot Sight

The Primary Arms Micro Red Dot Sight is our step-up pick for the best red dot sight. Where you’re shooting with any gun, it is a great investment to have this red dot sight so you can be better in shooting when put in darkness situations. As an outstanding product, it is a good choice and gives you a nice and red sight during the day or at night.
Great for pistols, the red dot sight is easy to install and is also applicable for a handgun. It is simple and well built as a red dot sight that is smart and simple in terms of design in an affordable way. It is very easy to install and it comes with 1,000 hours of battery life approximately.
Holding zero at its best, the setup is perfect with this 2 moa dot red dot sight for its value and performance. Great for even 100 rounds, target acquisition is easy with this red dot sight. The removable base puts you at ease with minimal adjustments.
With no issues at all due to the tough optics, the dot looks fine with this red dot sight and it is equipped with a longer battery life. Giving you a steady zero all the time, it is one of the best in the optics market and is also night vision compatible. It also fits a midwest rail.
The mounting configuration of this red dot sight is great and the optic is easy to use. With this micro red dot, the ease of zeroing can be achieved even in daylight brightness. As a well made optic, you get well-defined clicks as a great red dot that works in low light conditions.
One couldn’t be happier with this red dot sight due to the included cr2032 battery that works to last for a long time. One of the best red dots for the money, the red dot sight fits a 1913 picatinny base and it is also very bright.
In actual usage, the red dot sight is dependable even in the military as it seems well made. The brightness knob is simple to use and the rubber bikini lens cover protects it well. Great for use in the field, the red dot sight is quite sturdy and is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Budget Pick

Rhino Tactical Rifles Red Dot Sight

Our budget pick is the Rhino Tactical Rifles Red Dot Sight and if you are looking for a cheap sight then this is a red dot sight to power up hunting equipment. It is easily mounted and the red dot sight has a lot of features. Made out of high quality material, if you are looking for a great sight then this is a great way for those who wish to enhance the accuracy of their guns.
This red dot sight is really cool and it looks beautiful for its very clever design. Moreover, it is of great quality and the sight gives you ease of use in an affordable way. Great for your guns and ammo, it is strong enough for heavy duty usage and it works great as a red dot sight.
With a total of 5 brightness levels, the red dot sight is quite perfect in the daylight and it has great optics overall. Great for light hunting, the red and green illumination makes it a great red dot sight that sits perfectly for your rifle or gun.
As an accurate sight, it has 1/4 inch adjustment increments and the sight re-acquisition is perfect. Even the co-witness of this red dot sight works well. Great on a Remington 870, the red dot sight is ideal for short to midrange shooting – even with both eyes open. With a standard height, the red dot sight has the convenience and features to match most requirements on the police range or for a battle rifle.
It is a great AR pattern sight to consider which does not compromise your line of sight and it also has some pop up lens caps. The scope remains on target and it is easy trying to sight in with this red dot sight. You can mount it quickly as a neat and reliable red dot sight and the dot is bright as well.
It does not feel cheaply made and is perfect for a day at the range. Moreover, it’s not tinted and is great for tactical usage. As a 4 moa dot red dot sight that can survive 100 rounds or through rigorous testing, the red dot sight is very easy to adjust and is a red dot sight for the money.
With flip-up lens caps, the red dot sight works well on an S&W AR-15 for target acquisition and for rifles of other calibers. Great for use on a very sunny day, the optics look clear and the large 35 mm objective makes it great for shotguns. The glass is pretty good and it also fits for an AR pistol.
The included cr2032 battery lasts long and it can also be mounted on picatinny rails as an inexpensive red dot that can withstand the harshest conditions. With this red dot and the included cantilever mount, it’s really sturdy and is an excellent quality scope in which the optic is crystal clear.
You can co-witness with ease with this red dot sight as the target can be easily seen. It could stand up to abuse and to use at night. Perfect with your iron sight, it is great for the build quality with no frills on installation. Awesome for the price due to its coated optic that is bright and clear, it comes with included instructions and is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Best Red Dot Sight with an Auto Brightness Feature

Vortex Venom Red Dot Top Load

The Vortex Venom Red Dot Top Load mounts with a picatinny mount and can make a difference for accurate shooting. You can also use it for range time and it only weighs 1.6 ounces. It fits well on an m1 and it includes a cr1632 battery. Easy to pick up a target, the adjustments on the red dot sight are easy.
With 10 levels of brightness, the red dot sight can be easily mounted to the slide and fits an AR 15. It is very easy to use with its manual mode or auto mode. Filled with great features, it is spot on accurate with its dot intensity and its top-load system makes it holds zero on a pistol easily.
Working for an AR rifle, the red dot sight gives you steady shooting and it also comes with a rail mount. With top notch quality, it fits a pistol just fine with its adaptive brightness as well as wide field of view. Moreover, the glass is very clear in this red dot sight.
Perfect for a shotgun, this is a great sight with a good point of impact. You will love the auto brightness feature as the sight’s brightness is fully adjustable as well. This red dot sight has a sturdy sight and base. Switching the power source is easy with this red dot sight and it will hold zero just fine.
As a 3 moa dot red dot sight with adjustments, the fully multi-coated lens work well and you can install it on the slide in a super easy way. The power given by this red dot sight gives you rapid target acquisition on the go while it has great battery life.
For its fast installation, it looks nice and is also precise with its adjustments when targeting. It is a very nice red dot sight for shooting outdoors and the point of aim is superb. This sight can take the harshest recoil and it is an affordable unit to consider with just the right wind-age and elevation adjustments.
It can endure a lot of abuse and you will be getting shots precisely with this very durable red dot sight. Great for most FN FNX 45 owners, it stays on target with a crisp dot that is of high-quality and is very sharp. The durable red dot sight will keep shooters very happy if you have it on a shotgun.
The red dot sight works perfect and it is made with a machined aluminum housing for durability when being thrown around. Giving you nice clarity, it will fit well on most mounts, make sighting in a breeze. It produces a perfectly round dot and it will stand up to abuse.
The battery is easy to change on this red dot sight and it has an auto brightness mode for ease of use. The super sleek red dot sight can fit a glock 17 and it is equipped with awesome features. The red dot sight is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Best Red Dot Sight with an Aluminum Body

HOLOSUN HS403A Micro Red Dot Sight

With a battery life of 50,000 hours, the HOLOSUN HS403A Micro Red Dot Sight is a great low cost alternative that works perfectly and it also comes with a riser. Perfect for an ak47, it can endure 5 years of continuous use with the battery, making it a high-value red dot sight to consider.
Fitting in nice and secure on most weapons, it comes with a low mount option. It also has a motion awake system to save battery. With just the right size for an AR rifle, it is super rugged and has a low light setting. With an 8 hour auto shutoff for the battery life, this is a red dot for the money.
Great with its wind age and elevation adjustments, it is one of the best optics for the money and it is also affordable. The red dot sight holds zero and is an awesome optic that is parallax-free for extremely reduced glare.
You can use the red dot sight for a full co witness setting as the red dot is precise and is less expensive with the best accuracy possible. With unlimited eye relief, the red dot sight keeps you on the target easily as the accuracy is great. With the auto awake system, it is a battery saver.
The angled front lens is superb and the red dot sight will activate automatically due to the auto awake feature. With a high quality lens, the red dot sight uses .5 moa per click and it will be going strong through tough use. Given a quality finish, the red dot sight is parallax-free with a clear lens.
Fitting an ar15, it is a super visible red dot sight for target acquisition with its crisp dot and LED power. For home protection or for target shooting, the red dot sight works well for night vision devices with its bright red dot. You will like the auto on feature for battery saving and the tint is awesome on this red dot sight.
Working well for an m4 shotgun, the battery life is superb and the high strength aluminum makes it durable. It is powered up by a cr2032 battery and the rubber lens caps keeps it protected. It holds zero pretty well and is given an MAO finish so it is of higher quality than others.
Great for hunting and shooting purposes, the red dot sight gives you quality optics fraction of the cost. It is perfect for night time use and the glass is of great quality. Ideal for target practice, the technology of this red dot sight keeps it accurate and the glass at an angle is designed well.
With the lowest profile possible, the red dot sight is absolutely flawless to keep you engaged on the target all the time. It looks good and is also fully waterproof. One of the best on the market, the red dot sight features tons of settings for ease of use as a high quality sight that is crystal clear. It is also submersible to 100 feet.

Best Red Dot Sight with a Riser Mount

Ledsniper Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight

Coming in with a riser mount, the Ledsniper Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight also comes with an interchangeable mount and a rubber lens cover for easy protection. This red dot scope is superb on its power as the battery life is about 15,000 hours more or less.
With a shockproof construction, the red dot sight can fit standard 20 mm picatinny rails and is bright enough to shoot on the dimmest environments. Measuring 2.55 x 1.57 inches, the red dot sight is a holographic sight with lens covers for protection. The eye relief is unlimited and it will also take .30 caliber shots.
As a dual illuminated red dot sight, it comes with a high profile mount and it can be used towards the sun with no problems at all due to being equipped with brightness control. The dot reticles of this red dot sight are of high quality. It can stand about 1 to 2 months of battery life and can be attached to picatinny or weaver rails.
There is a storage box included with this red dot sight for ease of storage and protection. The brightness control of this red dot sight can adjust whatever sight picture you point it to. The lightweight feel of this red dot sight makes it ideal for a couple of other rifles as well.
With 2 cr2032 batteries, the red dot sight is also dust-poof and has a quick release mount for ease f use. It is a reticle type 5 moa red dot sight that has a quick disconnect lever and has 1x magnification. With a cleaning cloth for maintenance use, the low profile rail mount also works well.
Tested well on actual firearms, the red dot sight comes with a rail mount such as a low profile mount. It is durable and it seems very sturdy as a micro red dot sight that comes in either red or green. It is a nice sight to consider with its storage box as an excellent addition to your gun accessories.
The objective aperture is at 22 mm and the red dot sight also has a QD (Quick Disconnect) quick riser mount for you to meet the grand outdoors’ specifications. With wind-age and elevation adjustments, the red dot sight is weatherproof as long as you dial it in properly.
With a nice quality, this reflex dot sight gives you precision wind-age and can also be used for back up reasons. Given a black matte power finish, you will be very happy with this sight with its mini but all metal construction. With a quick release rail mount, the field of view is at 50 degrees.
This micro red dot sight is superb with its features. With a free hex wrench for maintenance, it is a reflex sight to consider.

Best Red Dot Sight for AR Rifles

Vortex SPARC AR Red Dot Scope

The Vortex SPARC AR Red Dot Scope is quite durable and is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum. It withstands recoil very well and is lightweight and it will work on an AR pistol. It has a single-piece chassis and you can remove the whole cover just fine. With a compact design and the rugged construction, it is a great patrol optic to consider.
The battery life is superb and the rugged construction is great. You can customize your view and it has a protective rubber sleeve. With daylight-bright dot clarity, this optic is a 2 moa red dot that is superb with no signs of loosening. You can be shooting with both eyes open with its built in mount and fog proof construction.
Highly visible in daylight, it is great for speed point aiming. You can customize the brightness with the large front aperture. It is hard-anodized in construction for the AR platform and is parallax-free. The dust covers are removable and this AR red dot sight is also o-ring sealed.
It holds a zero well and has 10 illumination settings. This is a great red dot optic that is snag-resistant for your AR or shotgun and your night-vision equipment. With unlimited eye relief, it is waterproof as a digital sight with air-to-glass surfaces. With great rear controls, it is a compact sight for the absolute co-witness with its multi-height mount system.
It includes a spacer as well as dot brightness adjustments. With a lower 1/3 co witness sight, it is effective for use in the heat of the moment. Giving you quick access, it has anti-reflective coatings and it the target is easily viewable for quick target acquisition.
It can take up to 12 gauge recoil and is rubber armored with or without shim. The brightness and dot intensity memory automatically returns and after 12 hours, the sight automatically shuts off. The nitrogen gas-purged sight has increased light transmission, powered by 3 AAA batteries. With an extended battery life, it can be mounted at two heights as a neat AR red dot rifle scope.

Best Red Dot Sight for Weaver Rails

Sightmark SM26008 Ultra-Shot Red Dot Sight

The Sightmark SM26008 Ultra-Shot Red Dot Sight gives red and green dots and is great for a reflex sight with a crisp picture and reticle illumination. For a a pretty good price, it has a wide field of view and is bright enough with its digital switch controls for a really clean targeting.
Working on all of your rifles for the perfect shot, it is an awesome optic and it co-witnesses very well with the viewing glass. With plus factors such that it can take .50 caliber rounds, it is powered by a cr123 battery. One of the best red dot sights for a plinker, it is shockproof for precision shots.
The multiple reticles give you no ejection problems and is ideal for shotguns with its adjustment tools. With a 1 hour shut off, it is weatherproof and it holds zero very well. With a maximized battery life, it is great for the ak47 and is a good value sight for the reticle of your choice.
The quick detach weaver mount is adjustable on this budget reticle and the neoprene cover keeps it wlel-maintained. It is IPX4 water resistant rated and has several enhancements. As a well built sight for the beginner, it works well for shotguns as a neat device with unlimited eye relief.
Using the interlok internal locking system, you can combat groups easily with this red dot sight. It uses the common camera battery and it is easy to dial in some settings. With up to 2,000 hours of battery life, it is a very accurate sight that is equipped with the qd feature.
With neat switch controls, it has a quick detach weaver mount and changing reticles is a breeze for this sight. Ideal for close-range, it has a low power consumption and has an aluminum shield hood for protection. With a scratch-resistant lens, you can go for fast-moving targets with this nice and bright sight that is one of the best sights for the money.
It disconnects easily and is a rock-solid sight with a protective shield. It is parallax corrected and you can easily see the target through the objective lens. This is a great little sight where you can adjust variable brightness easily. The cast aluminum alloy housing speaks of durability on this decent little sight.
It holds zero well and the brightness settings are easy to use. You can change the color of the reticle with ease and match with your iron sights. One of the best choices of optics in any lighting condition, it handles super tight groups and aluminum cans.
The sight mounts easily and has easy removal as well. As a very accurate sight with the brightness settings, you can handle paper targets very well with it. A manual is includes as well as a quick-detach mount. It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Red Dot Sight with a Cantilever Mount

Vortex Optics StrikeFire Red Dot Sight

The Vortex Optics StrikeFire Red Dot Sight is a cantilever mount red dot sight with an auto-shutdown after 12 hours. The visibility of the reticle is superb so you can take it off to the range. As an optic for the money with a maximized battery life, the brighter settings are great with this quality red dot sight.
At maximum brightness, the average battery life is at 300 hours so it is a great optic that comes with a cr2 battery. Moreover, at minimum brightness setting, you get up to 6,000 hours of battery life. It is easy to adjust and the o-ring seals keep it fog-free.
Great for short range users, it is also waterproof with a solid mount to prevent moisture. Moreover, will fit your top rail easily so you can shoot yards away. It is reliable with a long eye relief and a high recoil rating for stability. It keeps dust and debris away and has a great elevation adjustment feature.
Working well on the Ruger mini-14, it offers great visibility with great red dot optics and the included cantilever mount makes installation a breeze. With more field of view, the chassis is made out of 30 mm aluminum alloy. It is pretty easy to install and is very compatible on most rails.
With great eye relief, it holds zero well and is easy to adjust as a feature-rich sight. You will like the optics of this sight due to the rapid target acquisition. The clarity of the optics is superb but will not break the bank at all.
Shoot with both eyes open as it fit on an AK. You can vary the intensity of this awesome sight that is easy to sight in. it is fog proof to leave you satisfied with the optic with up t 10 dot intensity levels. As a 4 moa dot sight that withstands recoil, it gives a perfect co-witness so you can have it on an AR.
Bracing for impact, it fits a S&W M&P 15 just fine with easy adjustment. As a compact and lightweight sight for its brightness and color, it holds zero well and gives the perfect co-witness with its optic bore center. It has a cantilever mount and some rear-facing controls.
Working great with iron sights due to the lower 1/3 co-witness, it is outstanding with the good eye relief and it holds zero very well. For your iron sights, the mount design is superb with the flat top due to the lower 1/3 co witness. Holding zero perfectly, it is well engineered and comes with an instruction book. Fitting most ar-15 rifles, it has a lifetime warranty.

Best Red Dot Sight for Picatinny Rails

Field Sport Red Micro Dot Sight

The Field Sport Red Micro Dot Sight is a great little sight that is fog proof so you will love this dot sight. It works well with OEM iron sights and it also works with most risers. Moreover, you can possibly use it with a shotgun as it is shock proof or for air soft guns as well.
Strong in bright sunlight, it will fit a picatinny rail and it is made out of aircraft grade aluminum. You can shoot with two eyes open as it is able to co-witness. With a great sighting design that survives a hundred rounds, it has small moa adjustments and is of high quality for target acquisition.
A great sight for the price, this amazing red dot has 5 brightness settings with great speed that is easy to use. It sights in easy for your situational awareness as a great little red dot that holds zero well. Ideal for close quarter combat, it fits on a Ruger 10/22 and is also parallax designed and is water resistant.
The optics are dead on in this sight as the 1913 picatinny base is of mil-spec. the red dot can be connected directly to a rail and is pretty consistent and it eliminates centering needs. The field of view is superb on a mini 30 so you will be quite impressed.
The wind-age and elevation adjustments use an Allen head screw system. It holds zero as the red dot is clear so it is worth a shot. It looks good with the objective reflex sight and this 4 moa sight has a locking screw. The micro dot sight can take a beating with its picatinny mount base. It will co witness just fine on a 9 mm carbine with easy sight remounting.

The Competition

Other red dot sights are not really durable and can be difficult to sight in, adjust and use. It is important that you have a red dot sight that is easily usable and can be mounted onto your desired firearm.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a gun sight?
A: A gun sight is an optical device that can be mounted onto a firearm or gun for helping the shooter aim with his or her eyes better.
Q: What is parallax in gun sights?
A: The parallax of a sight refers to the reticle that suddenly moves depending on the target and there is a shift with the point of impact that can happen. Red dot sights usually do not have parallax views at all.
Q: Which guns do the red dot sight work best on?
A: Red dot sights work best on handguns rather than bigger guns because of their critical hit percentage which is higher than with large guns.
Q: Does a red dot sight have a magnification?
A: Red dot sights do not have magnification , which makes them a great beginner sight for the budget.
Q: What does reflex mean in red dot sights?
A: It refers to a forward projection of the reticle that is being aimed from the lens forward to the back.
Q: Why are dot adjustment controls necessary to practice?
A: Because they can save you time when adjusting on the go so that you can focus more on the shot rather than on the red dot’s position.
Q: Why should not you not zero too near when using a red dot?
A: Because the maximum error can decrease when you go for a longer range of shooting.
Q: Why do some people cover their other eye with a cardboard instead of closing them?
A: This can help the open eye relax and to also focus more on the shot rather than the muscles of keeping the other eye closed.
Q: Why should you manage neutral grip with a red dot sight?
A: This is to the gun will not do some recoil tracking and you will keep your focus on the red dot or target.
Q: Is the eye relief of a red dot sight better than most?
A: Yes, because they usually have unlimited eye relief which puts them to an advantage over others.
Q: Why should beginners use red dot sights?
A: Because they are easy to use , very simple and help basic shooters practice their skills in the long run.
Q: What is the eye relief?
A: The eye relief is the fixed distance in which originates from your eyes towards the lenses of the eyepiece of an object, such as a red dot sight.
Q: What is a duplex reticle?
A: A duplex reticle is a rifle reticle that is ideal for low light conditions and great for range extension.
Q: What does “zero in” mean in shooting?
A: It means to aim onto a target such as cans, paper targets or game in hunting.
Q: What’s the difference between a Picatinny rail and a Weaver style rail for guns?
A: They differ in recoil groove measurements such that Weaver style rails have a width of .180 inch while Picatinny rails have .206 inch width of recoil grooves.
Q: Can moving your eye away from a red dot help you acquire targets faster?
A: Yes, it can. Moving away from the red dot using your eyes can help you acquire the target in the quickest way possible/
Q: Is a red dot sight better than a green laser sight?
A: It usually depends on your preference and usage , because red dot sights are great when it comes to low light situations. However, green sights are okay with low light too iron sights with red dots are easier to set up and are easier to see generally.
Q: What are the 3 common types of rifle sights?
A: The common 3 types of rifle sights are the aperture sights, open sights and the telescopic sights, all of which can work on firearms such as handguns and rifles.
Q: What is a reflector sight?
A: It is a type of gun sight that does not magnify but has great aiming power and capability, which makes it a great military-grade gun sight.
Q: What does MOA mean in shooting?
A: MOA means minute of angle and refers to the accuracy of the gun in terms of measuring with angles.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight is our best red dot sight due to its great features and superb optics for your preferred gun or firearm.