Best Rabbit Hutch

The Petsfit Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage Hutch is our best rabbit hutch which is definitely just the right size for most bunnies that are regularly sized and will not escape at all. In addition to that, the Petsfit Rabbit Hutch is well made as a durable and reliable rabbit hutch that is quite easy to assemble nonetheless.

Our step-up pick is the Pawhut 40″ Wooden Small Rabbit Hutch and as an outdoor rabbit hutch, it has a good price for a cage overall and it can create 1 to 2 rooms for your pet rabbit. What’s more, your rabbit will love this new home due to its many features and the authentic real wood. Moreover, the inner area is also greatly designed.

The budget pick is the Merax Natural Wood House Rabbit Hutch and the rabbit hutch is also quite well-made for easier cleaning and being made of natural wood ensures that your bunnies are safe. It is a good house for your small pets and it is a rabbit house that is quite easy to put together and can also be used for guinea pigs.

A Little Background

A rabbit hutch is a haven or sanctuary for rabbits. It can vary from small to large but will often have a lot of space and room for your rabbits to roam around and do their business in.
Rabbit hutches may come in simple designs for apartment use or for outdoor use with large running areas for your long-eared friends. No matter which rabbit hutch you want, it is important that you match your situation, budget and pet conditions with buying one.

How We Picked

When it comes down to deciding on the best rabbit hutches, here are some of our pointers to help you pick one:
Accessibility: the rabbit hutch should provide you with an easy access to your rabbits and their food, drinks and amenities.
Durability: the rabbit hutch, especially one that is supposed to be used outdoors, should be very sturdy and should be able to withstand bad weather and the elements for a long period of time.
Enough space and dimensions: the rabbit hutch should be just the right size
Safety features: any rabbit hutch should be deemed safe for the rabbits that will use it, no matter how big or small it is.

Our Pick

Petsfit Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage Hutch

Our best rabbit hutch is the Petsfit Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage Hutch. Extremely durable for your pet, the storage compartment fits a lot for space utilization that is breathable. You can put a lot of stuff in this rabbit hutch as it looks great with your pet bunnies. With durable materials and great amenities, keeping up with your pet will be a breeze.
This rabbit hutch is of high quality due to its great durability and awesome features. Your bunnies can view all around with this rabbit hutch due to its visibility and wide space. It can give your pet the best kind of rabbit hutch ever depending on the size of your bunnies.
Being totally convenient for your pets to have a safe and secure environment in the long run, your pet can have enjoyable moments with this awesome and reliable rabbit hutch. Your pet can easily enjoy the fresh air and scenery while munching on their food in this hutch due to its ease of use and setup.
Coupled with multiple ventilation features, the rabbit hutch also ensures that your rabbit has tons of visibility and the owner can also see their rabbits well. With the good ventilation of this rabbit hutch, your rabbits will thank you all the time as they play around or sleep comfortably.
The Petsfit Bunny Cage Hutch is an owner friendly rabbit hutch that is quite easy in its design and hassle-free to set up in the first place. It is also made out of solid wood construction so you can be assured of its high quality, delivering the best results for your rabbit pets.
What’s more, it will work perfectly whether you have a few bunnies or a handful. It really looks good in terms of design and it is one of the best rabbit hutches that is very simple to assemble. It is made from a sturdy top level that can shield the rabbits from harm and also help them sleep better.
Moreover, the Petsfit Rabbit Cage also looks really clean as a rabbit hutch that is quite easy to put together. What’s more, the entire cage is very sturdy against chewing habits that your rabbits may have. With its classic design, you can be assured that it is a very well made rabbit hutch to consider.
With a nice looking build and remarkable features, it can also complement your living room furniture or outdoor setting due to its great design. With a pneumatic stay bar so you can feel at ease with handling your rabbits, the rabbit hutch is very easy to clean.
In addition to that, the rabbit hutch is also the right sized home for most regularly sized rabbits in general. Many people do say that this rabbit hutch is also very easy to assemble due to its pull out tray which also makes it easy to clean up. Any person who keeps rabbits will absolutely loved this hutch.
Giving you a beautiful piece of habitat, setting up this rabbit hutch is quite easy because all of the directions are clear. The sliding tray underneath also aid you in cleaning up the rabbit hutch itself whenever you need to.
With a red and white trim in its design, the rabbit hutch features a total of 3 points of entry and it is also super ideal for a dwarf rabbit. Made with water-based paint for its finish, the rabbit hutch is a great hutch for a rabbit – for any person who is interested in getting the best hutch for their rabbit.
Any person or pet rabbit will really love the style of this rabbit hutch due to the very fact that it has a very nice construction. With a total outer dimensions of 30 x 22 x 36 inches, the rabbit hutch is quite easy to assemble due to its extremely easy components which make it very easy to put together
Moreover, the cedar wood makes it extremely natural, smelling good and also durable as a rabbit hutch with an easy assembly. Your pet rabbits will be adjusting well too easily with the rabbit hutch. With a iron wire run, it is a great exercise area for your rabbits.
You can get compliments with this adorable little cage as a rabbit hutch for your rabbits or other pet due to its intricate design. Setup is quite easy because of the pre-drilled holes that come along with this rabbit hutch to make it sturdy when you set it up for the long run. In fact, it can be done with two people because of its ease of setup.
The tray can be pulled out in this rabbit hutch so there is no more hassle when it comes down to cleaning it up. What’s more, you can clean and maintain this rabbit hutch so easily in comparison to other rabbit hutches out there. It is a great way for your pets to exercise thoroughly every single day.
It is also not an eye sore in your garden or indoor setting as the rabbit hutch has a good design and great functions altogether. As an indoor friendly rabbit hutch with a modern styling and build, it can work well for almost all kinds of rabbit such as the lion head bunny.
Moreover, it is safer for your pet in comparison to other rabbit hutches out there that are not too secure at all. You will definitely love this house due to all of its features. Likewise, the top door can be latched for ease of use and security for your rabbits and other pets.
The rabbit hutch can fit 1 to 2 adult rabbits or similarly sized pets that you may have. It will definitely feel very durable and all bunnies and pets will love the room that is in the rabbit hutch. Moreover, with the design – it’s just adorable to consider.
It is quite easy to set up and is also an ideal rabbit hutch for pets just to socialize and mingle with other pets that you may have. Your rabbits and/or other pets will be so happy with this handy and easy to setup rabbit hutch.
What’s more, your rabbit can live in this house within a quick setup. They will be very happy with this cage as it is definitely pretty good when it comes down to the design and it is quite well when it comes to the security features as a rabbit hutch.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

A couple of flaws but not deal breakers about the Petsfit Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage Hutch may include the fact that it might not be suitable for larger bunnies but otherwise, regular sized bunnies will work fine here in this rabbit hutch.

Step-up Pick

Pawhut 40″ Wooden Small Rabbit Hutch

Our step-up pick is the Pawhut 40″ Wooden Small Rabbit Hutch which has great visibility and is a great rabbit hutch to consider for your pet rabbits to get some fresh air. Moreover, it gives your pets plenty of room to lie down as a considerable rabbit hutch to keep them as comfortable as possible.
The supporting board makes the rabbit hutch pretty sturdy against all kinds of collisions and rumblings of your pet rabbits. The rabbit hutch is quite easy to assemble so it is a great investment for your rabbit all in all or any pet.
In the same way, the materials are sturdy when building this rabbit hutch so it can withstand all kinds of weather and elements in the long run. Moreover, all the joints of this rabbit hutch are super sturdy and also flexible so you can customize them in any possible creative way you want.
The rabbit hutch is also set to keeps bugs out of your rabbit’s home so that your rabbits will have safety and will also have plenty of room to spare. Watch as your rabbit curls up in this cute and reliable rabbit hutch that is quite durable.
Most middle sized rabbits will fit perfectly in this really cute but awesome rabbit hutch. It is going to be big enough for a lot of rabbit breeds so that they can be getting the fresh air that they definitely deserve. In addition, the rabbit hutch gives your rabbit better health all in all as it also works well for small pets that are similar to the size of rabbits.
You can place this rabbit hutch in your living room just fine and it will complement your house’s décor. Moreover, you can also house small animals other than rabbits so it is a great rabbit hutch to consider with an ample amount of run area for your rabbits or pets.
Moreover, the rabbit hutch also allows the rabbit to be able to feel the grass and also eat them for easy lawn mowing that is all-natural. Your rabbits will be very pleased with its simple but unique construction. The rabbit hutch is also super convenient to clean.
With a pleasant and well-designed run area, the rabbit hutch can also handle the rain due to its great durability and design. You can use the rabbit hutch directly on the ground for letting your rabbit experience the taste of grass and for an easy setup.
With a ramp, this rabbit hutch is also quite strong enough as the perfect home for your rabbits and the like. It also allows inner box entry safely and securely so you need to look no further for the security of this rabbit hutch. With a textured roof, it can also shelter the bunnies from the rain when it is used outside of your house.
The rabbit hutch truly exceeds expectations because of its ample space that it measures 40 x 22 inches. Moreover, all the doors are all easy to access and are quite secure in this rabbit hutch for a high quality habitat for your rabbits or pets. In the same way, the rabbit hutch is quite easy to put together and it is also made out of wooden material.
The rabbit hutch has room for two bunnies more or less and can also withstand most weather conditions that you put it through. In the same way, you can provide a plastic tray on the bottom for this rabbit hutch.
What’s more, bottom level is open so it is also advisable for rabbit eating grass for your lawn. In addition to that, the rabbit hutch is high quality in all of its aspects while the ramp size is at: 27.6 inches to add to its structure.
It can withstand many years of usage and can be a small animal hutch other than a rabbit hutch such that it can also house full-size hens and other animals in your backyard. This rabbit house is truly really excellent for its features.
Nearly all necessary parts are included in this rabbit hutch which requires minimal assembly as a step-up pick for the best rabbit hutch among the rest. In addition to that, the rabbit hutch is so diverse that you can also use it indoors as a neat pet cage.
Moreover, the rabbit hutch may be a step-up pick for some but it is still a considerable rabbit hutch at an affordable price for most people. It is also quite easy to clean and it is ideal for any pet that has the size of a rabbit such as chickens and guinea pigs and the like.

Budget Pick

merax 1
Merax Natural Wood House Rabbit Hutch

With a lot of innovative features, our budget pick is the Merax Natural Wood House Rabbit Hutch as it is truly a protective house or home for your rabbit with plenty of room to spare. With a sturdy frame, this rabbit hutch can be built with no issues at all.
Moreover, it provides air circulation with just the right amount for your rabbit to live peacefully. What’s more, it is very big as a rabbit hutch where any person can easily gain access for their rabbit upkeep that is not difficult at all.
In fact all the interior space is just enough for your rabbit in this rabbit hutch so that they can comfortably fit in the space all the time. You can definitely use the rabbit hutch for a variety of reasons other than keeping rabbits as it is a no hassle hutch to consider for setting it up.
To keep your pets safely contained, the rabbit hutch has a ton of security features which still allows your pet to be comfortable as much as possible to give them the perfect amount of space as needed. The rabbit hutch also has easy to open doors for easy entry and also close well for security.
The rabbit hutch has enough for extra comfort for your bunnies to help them avoid stress in the long run. As for the design of the rabbit hutch, it is awesome thus far and it is made out of heavy duty wire so that it will be resisting your rabbit’s teeth and gnawing all the way.
Moreover, the design and the structure of the rabbit hutch is really cute and it is also just fine for a large rabbit. The rabbit hutch is coupled with very good hardware and it also has a delicate lock to ensure that your rabbits are totally safe.
The rabbit hutch is very easy to assemble but its locks and hinges ensure that you keep your pet safe inside and without fail. For the bunny that loves to jump, this is an ideal and considerable rabbit hutch for them. With an easy to slide out tray, this means that there is less time for cleanup overall.
Being light but sturdy, the Fir material wood is durable on this rabbit hutch as a great house for your bunny which can also be used for guinea pigs. Moreover, you can also use this particular rabbit hutch for baby chicks as well as for cats.
Made with a waterproof paint finish for safety, the rabbit hutch has a removable upper level for ideally more space for your pet to roam around and sleep. It can also house a mini Rex rabbit or any bunny of a similar size. With a smooth and accommodating surface, the tray of this rabbit hutch is easy to slide out and clean up.
Providing a great sleeping environment for your bunny or to climb or hop, the rabbit hutch is quite easy to assemble as a dependable rabbit hutch in which wiping and cleaning is such as breeze. With included instructions, the rabbit hutch works and fits well for a small rabbit and the like.
It offers plenty of room as a rabbit hutch and you will be surprised that there will be no sign of chewing at all with this rabbit hutch. When it comes down with all the needed hardware, all of them are very sturdy in this dependable rabbit hutch.
Your pets will love snuggling inside this rabbit hutch and you can even place the litter box inside with plenty of room to spare. The rabbit hutch measures 36 x 25 x 48 inches and is made out of kiln-dried Fir type wood in which all of the needed holes are all pre-drilled for ease of setup.
Great among the pet supplies out there come rain or shine, the rabbit hutch is finished with waterproof paint and can even house day-old chicks as well as many other small animals with a big enough activity area. Moreover, the rabbit hutch is quite durable due to having extra reinforcement as a rabbit house.
With good quality materials due to the very fact that it is made out of treated plywood, this rabbit hutch is a great rabbit hutch to consider for its well-renowned features for your bunny or pet.

Best Rabbit Hutch with a Ladder

Yaheetech 48-inch Rabbit Bunny Wood Hutch

The Yaheetech 48-inch Rabbit Bunny Wood Hutch comes with a ladder so that the rabbits can exercise all the time going up and down the ramps. It is made out of durable Fir wood so that it can withstand violent and bad weather as a 2-storey rabbit hutch to consider for your pet.
Both sides of this rabbit hutch are connected so that you can easily put your rabbits and other pets inside. The rabbit hutch is excellent for outdoor use due to its stability and it can provide exercise for your pets or rabbits. You will be amazed at how good the quality is for this rabbit hutch.
Your rabbits can go upstairs and sleep or play as the rabbit hutch will be holding up great for the many years to come due to its great durability. It is also great a housing small animals and you will be surprised at how good it looks.
As a living quarters for your rabbits, the rabbit hutch can really resist rain and it is also easily put together as a rabbit hutch with a wire front door for safety and protection. A downstairs run makes it a great rabbit hutch for your rabbit’s exercise and health needs.
With a latch to lock it up to avoid predators, the rabbit hutch can be firmly attached on the ground so that your rabbits can eat grass. With an asphalt top roof for resisting violent weather, the rabbit hutch is quite simple to put together, only taking 15 minutes of setup time on the average.
As a suitable rabbit hutch for most rabbits, it has epoxy-coated wire for anti-chewing protection from your rabbits. It has also been designed carefully and strategically so that it avoids water penetration all the time. It has been treated and coated with the best kind of coating possible to prevent it from wearing down from rain or too much sun.
This housing for rabbits can keep the predators out while the run area can help them exercise, hop and jump. For your lovely pets and other small animals, this rabbit hutch is a considerable wood house with a lot of space and amenities. Refilling water will be a breeze due to the design of the rabbit hutch.
Moreover, it has a natural color so that it can complement your garden or indoor place. It allows bunnies to sleep soundly due to its ample amount of space. With multiple doors for ease of access, the rabbit hutch will get rabbits jumping, hopping and sleeping peacefully without predators.
The rabbit hutch can also provide a spacious room for your pet at 48 x 19 x 33 inches of dimensions. It can be the house of a bunny, a couple of ducks or other animals. It comes with a tray for ease of cleanup and maintenance. The living area of this rabbit hutch is quite spacious and also protective.
The steel reinforcement construction of this rabbit hutch also enables chickens as well as rabbits and other small animals to enjoy the sleeping area. Moreover, the rabbit hutch opens up easily for easy access but not to predators. The design of the rabbit hutch helps your rabbit to stay healthy all the time.
There is also a walk-through entrance for pets to live in a healthy way. With a black powder finish for a really cool look, there is also a molar rod for your rabbits to chew on. This awesome hutch is also reinforced with a metal bolt system so that it can protect your bunnies from predators.
With assembly instructions and a removable bottom tray, the security of your pets is backed by the hinge design of this rabbit hutch.

Best Rabbit Hutch with a Run

Pawhut 46″ Wooden Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

The Pawhut 46″ Wooden Outdoor Rabbit Hutch has a marvelous design which only takes a light assembly for ease of use. The top entrance is easy to access and you can use it right out of the box as an outdoor animal habitat for your pet rabbit or so.
With front and side entrances that are simple to operate, other small animals aside from rabbits will definitely benefit from it. Measuring 45 x 43 x 19 inches, cleaning and feeding your pets will be simple with this easy access wooden outdoor hutch. You can easily tend to your rabbit’s needs with this hutch as an ideal home for your rabbits.
With enough wire spacing, you can also clean the cage in a very simple manner. The rabbit hutch is quite ready to put together and it is made for rabbits as well as other animals that are small. Its maintenance-free use makes it a great rabbit hutch to consider.
You can refill food and water easily with all instructions included. Ideal for small animals to gain easy access in a safe manner, you’ll experience the best kind of comfort for your rabbits in a quick setup. The doors are give you easy access and the durable construction ensures it will last a long time.
Made from the finest Fir wood when it comes down to the material and construction, it can save your pet from predators when outdoors and is an all-weather rabbit hutch that is of low maintenance and is weather resistant with an easy assembly.
Your pets can hop around in just fine with this unique rabbit hutch with all of the hardware included. In terms of material and construction, it is a winner and a weather-resistant hutch with a large run space for exercising your pets. With a wooden run and a tight wire spacing, this rabbit hutch can last many years to come and can ensure your pet the best in freedom and security alike.
Giving your pet protection from predators, it is made out of steel wire material and can give your pet the best of both worlds while they have plenty of space. Made of steel wire in its construction, it is an open-style area in a home for your pet as a rabbit hutch.

Best Rabbit Hutch with a Triangular Design

Pawhut Outdoor Triangular Bunny Rabbit House

With a unique triangular shape, the Pawhut Outdoor Triangular Bunny Rabbit House is relatively stable against bad weather and it can also be a chicken brooder that can provide outdoor living space for your pet. It has a sturdy roof and it is easy to open the door.
A great place to live for a small rabbit, it is a spacious habitat also for tortoises while being bird-proof. The triangle frame allows you to take it outside without fear of predators. There are 2 access doors and a great run area around the cage for your pet.
Your pet can feel safe in and out. It is lightweight and gives access to pets and it works exactly as expected. With an ample run for your pets, it is ideal for a big rabbit and is easy to assemble. The outdoor run area allows your pets to run around .
Made of non-toxic Fir wood, it is great for introducing new chickens. Measuring 20 x 24 x 45 inches, the cedar has a great smell and it is great for small chickens as an outdoor cage or for an enclosed space. With a triangular design and being lightweight, it can hold up against weather.
There are 2 doors in this wooden hutch plus tent ground stakes. Your pet will be able to sleep indoors with this bunny pet house and keep them away from bugs. As a temporary home or a rabbit hutch, your pet can eat all the grass. With easy to open doors, you can fit in a guinea pig or a baby tortoise.
It gives a nice sleeping quarters plus quick access to your pet or any type of small animal. You can let them sleep for night time in this house. It can be setup about 25 minutes only and is okay for little guinea pigs with a hutch run.
Your bunny will be very happy with the inner loft area as it screws together with tons of ventilation . you can put in your turtle or a medium to small size bunny. Ideal for 1 to 2 rabbits, it can keep your pets away from anything hurting them. Great for your animals, this cute hutch is worth it.

Best Rabbit Hutch made of Washed Wood

Pawhut 48″ Washed Wood Rabbit Hutch

As a two-storey hutch, the Pawhut 48″ Washed Wood Rabbit Hutch is made of wire mesh doors and is a stacked habitat for easy feeding of your pet. Made of gray washed wood, it is suitable for rabbits with a 1 inch of wire spacing. Also great for guinea pigs for easy feeding, it has 2 trays while the foot height at 3.5 inches.
It is connected by a ramp and is a wooden hutch with an easy to access ramp. With wire mesh doors, it stands 47 x 24 x 52 inches overall. This rabbit hutch allows a lot of airflow and ventilation and has a ramp plus 2 wooden doors. It has a solid floor and can fit other small animals but is more suitable for rabbits. With 3 ladders and enough ventilation, it also has cloth curtains and trays slide out for cleaning.
With a unique design, it has 4 raised feet and is made of polyester fabric to promote airflow as a double decker hutch for rainy and wet conditions. With 2 wire mesh doors, it has connected two stories and metal trays. Made of solid Fir wood, it is a breeze to clean up overall.

Best Rabbit Hutch with a Plant Box

Petsfit Weatherproof Turquoise Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

The Petsfit Weatherproof Turquoise Outdoor Rabbit Hutch is a weatherproof hutch that is absolutely adorable, being made of solid wood. This is a very cute hutch with a turquoise design and it has two trays for cleaning. With a white trim for design, you can easily remove the bottom tray for cleanup.
Set it up in an hour and worry less about its water-based paint. Being heavy and sturdy, you can also modify the pull out tray so that your bunny can eat grass. Moreover, it has two trays for easy cleanup. This 2-storey has a sturdy top level design and the pull out trays add up to its functionality.
Great for a full size rex rabbit, it measures 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches and the roof can be opened for the summer. The surface is not too slick to walk on and they will be very happy with this easy to clean bunny cage that has a super cute design.
As an outdoor rabbit hutch, it can also be used for a hedgehog and they will be loving all the room. Great for litter trained bunnies, it is decent rabbit hutch to consider.

Best Rabbit Hutch Made of Fir Wood

Merax 70-Inch Wooden Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

The Merax 70-Inch Wooden Outdoor Rabbit Hutch is so good that your rabbits will like living inside this very nice looking hutch. Made of solid fir wood, you can customize the bunny hutch and they will love living inside as you can also add screening.
You can even cover the screen of the hutch with hay and it also has a second floor. Finished with waterproof paint, rabbits will have their own home that is enjoyable with an enclosed courtyard. All parts fit together in this hutch which also accommodates guinea pigs.
It can be divided for two rabbits and has a green asphalt roof. Great for bunnies living together, the natural wood color allows you to put it in your backyard with very much space. Pets will be very happy with this product. The sides of the main house are sturdy which make it a great house for rabbits.
As a wooden rabbit hutch, it has a spacious running area and your pets can stay dry in the hutch. All materials and hardware are sturdy in this 70 x 24 x 28 inches hutch with a powder-coated metal finish. With has two runs for exercise, the tray is easy to cleanup.
Also great for a tortoise, it is a warm home for your bunny and a decent home for your pets. It is easy to slide out, to clean and to provide a neat environment for your rabbits.

Best Rabbit Hutch with a 2-Storey Construction

Cheeko Smart 2 Storey Rabbits/G.Pigs Hutch

The Cheeko Smart 2 Storey Rabbits/G.Pigs Hutch has a removable bottom, is easy to assemble and is a 2-storey hutch that is easy to fit it together. Made from strong material, this hutch place for your small animals with its wire frame door.
Measuring 36 inches, this hutch is perfect with its keyless locking door and with a little latch for the safety of dwarf rabbits. With weather treated wood, it also comes with a raised base and is also great for guinea pigs. Meanwhile, the floor space is very good.

The Competition

Other rabbit hutches were not really sturdy, had little space and were also lacking in a couple of features. The parts of the rabbit hutch were easily gnawed by the rabbits and were also not safe for rabbits at all with the flooring designs.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What tree is recommended when you want to keep rabbit hutches outdoors to keep them cool?
A: The empress trees are great trees to consider because they can grow really fast.
Q: What is the ideal length of a rabbit hutch?
A: A rabbit hutch should be around 6 to 7 feet or more depending on the sizes of your rabbits and how many rabbits will live there.
Q: Why is space important for keeping rabbits in a hutch?
A: Rabbit hutches should have enough space because rabbits need to exercise, jump and hop and perform daily activities as much as possible. This can prevent bad behavior such as unnecessary chewing and the like.
Q: How often should you clean the rabbit hutch from food debris?
A: You should clean it twice a day in the morning and at night whenever possible.
Q: If I have 3 to 6 rabbits, how big should be my rabbit hutch?
A: It should be around 150 centimeters or 59 inches more or less for more room for your rabbits.
Q: What rabbit-to-hutch ratio should I follow when picking a rabbit hutch?
A: Make sure you follow the 6:1 ratio in which the space of the hutch should be 6 times more than your rabbit.
Q: How do you keep rabbits from chewing or gnawing the wood parts of the hutch?
A: You can have a hutch that has wire over the wood parts for them to keep away from the wood parts.
Q: What is the ideal length of a hutch run?
A: A hutch run should be around 4 x 4 x 8 feet in length and should be in proportion to your actual hutch.
Q: What is the typical size of the wiring on the floor of your hutch?
A: A hutch should have 1 x 1 1/2 inches of wiring size so that the foot of the rabbit will not get caught or injured but will catch the droppings and urine of your rabbit under the flooring just fine.
Q: Where does the term “rabbit hutch” come from?
A: The term “rabbit hutch originated from the French word “huche” which refers to a four-legged chest, making it essentially a pantry containing rabbits.
Q: Why should a rabbit hutch shed only be wood?
A: Because metal and plastic can heat up really bad when it comes to outdoor settings.
Q: If I live in an urban community without a yard for a rabbit hutch, what hutch should I make or get?
A: You can try a cabinet hutch which can be built from a dresser or any rabbit hutch that can be small enough for indoor use.
Q: What are rabbit hutch covers usually made of?
A: They can be made of PVC or nylon so that they can be safe from the elements.
Q: What kind of feeding bowl material is recommended for rabbits?
A: A ceramic bowl is much more advisable because it will be healthier for your rabbit when it comes down to feeding.
Q: How much exercise time should rabbits get daily?
A: At least 8 hours of being active is enough to keep your pet rabbits as fit as possible.
Q: How often should you change the rabbit litter?
A: You should change the rabbit litter every 3 to 5 days depending on how much rabbits you have in your cage or hutch.
Q: Why should I use newspaper on any rabbit hutch?
A: Newspapers help absorb dampness to keep the rabbit hutch clean and smelling good.
Q: Why should I add rabbit litter on the floor during autumn?
A: This can add insulation to the rabbits, especially at night, since winter is approaching.
Q: What is the typical weight of a regular mini rex bunny?
A: Mini rex bunnies usually have a weight of 4 pounds more or less because they are a dwarf rabbit breed.
Q: What is the optimcal temperature for raising rabbits?
A: You should have at least 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature for your rabbit’s living area for them to live comfortably.

Wrapping It Up

To summarize it all, the Petsfit Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage Hutch is our best rabbit hutch which has a lot of amenities, is easy to set up and is also quite sturdy as a rabbit hutch or rabbit home.