Best Putting Aids

The T MAX Three Golf Putting Cups is our best set of putting aids as they make shots more accurate and they have a realistic slope height. The holes are great and the putting aid is okay for avid golfers. Practice on your carpet and practice golf targets with this putting aid which is great for improving accuracy and it adds to the challenge.

Our step-up pick is the RUGD Sports GENIUNE Putting Alignment Mirror and this golf training aid can help you learn what you are doing wrong and gauge your tempo. It is a great improvement tool with a clear directional alignment to improve distance and your putting backstroke. Easily practice putting for better alignment as you can slide it in a golf bag’s pocket.

The budget pick is the Runytek All-Direction Golf Practice Hole Cup and it is a golf practice cup in which the ball can be removed by hand and is also lightweight and portable. This is a nice hole for indoor practice and is also an indoor training tool with a simple design that goes anywhere. You can even use it for middle school golf practice as you work on your putting.

A Little Background

A putting aid is a tool that is specifically made for putting so that the person who is having trouble with putting can significantly improve their skills in putting or to just help them out in general in various putting situations at all times. It is a good way to help you achieve your best round with great accuracy if you have a reliable putting aid in your hands and in your golf bag.

How We Picked

To choose the best putting aid out there, consider these various important factors first:
Consider a putting aid that is very reliable in terms of durability. The sturdiness of a putting aid will ensure that your putting will be fruitful and that you can keep using the putting aid for a long time without hassle and without problems at all so you can have more value for your money in general.
You should have a putting aid that is very easy to use. The putting aid should be at least user friendly so that you can focus more on the actual putting rather than on how to use and operate the putting aid. It should be a totally convenient putting aid to use in general.
Make sure the putting aid that you will buy is only made from high quality materials. The putting aid may be just an aid but it should be reliable when it comes down to its overall quality as a putting aid so that you will not have a lot of trouble while you are using the putting aid in general.

Our Pick

T MAX Three Golf Putting Cups

The T MAX Three Golf Putting Cups are our best putting aids and they come in small, medium and standard sizes for your convenience. The T MAX Putting Cups are terrific golf putting cups and they are indoor and outdoor products to consider for your golf practice. These putting aids are of varying sizes so they are easy and convenient for the perfect practice of your accuracy. The putting aid comes in different sizes and it is definitely perfect for putting practice. As a matter of fact, kids can also use them and you can use them in a putting contest.
With a realistic ring height, the putting aid can fine tune your putting and it will not break. It has the proper weight of putt and can be used around the office. They do not require set up and you can putt like the pros with them. The putting aid has great realism when you hit it too hard in the form of smaller cups. Each slope is different on each side and the putting aid is made with durable plastic material set to improve your accuracy.
The putting aid can stimulate different types of putts and has a varying slope for practice from any distance. The putting aid can teach additional skills and ensure accuracy. Easily toss it on the putting green for practice. It is also easy to clean and unbeatable price. You can use it in your backyard and it is one of the best golf accessories out there as a great practice aid that can give you hours of fun. You can practice whatever putt you want with this putting aid.
Made of silicone material, easily upgrade your accuracy with it. With nice colors, simply lay them on the grass and on the green to practice. Coming in at three sizes, it is bendable and flexible and can be used on the greens with confidence. Easily throw them anywhere for practice. The sizes come in 4 1/4 inches or the size of a standard golf hole as well as 3 1/2 inches and 2 3/4 inches for realism. It is one of the training aids in golf that can really help you out.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

There are some small disadvantages of the T MAX Three Golf Putting Cups but they are not deal breakers such as the fact that it can be a bit large so you may need a lot of space to use it if you want to use it indoors, but if you use it outdoors then there is no problem at all.

Step-up Pick

RUGD Sports GENIUNE Putting Alignment Mirror

Our step-up pick is the RUGD Sports GENIUNE Putting Alignment Mirror and it can shave strokes off your game. Anyone who loves golf can have this awesome putting aid. As a crystal clear mirror putting aid, it instantly guides you with its tempo drawback marker and it can cut strokes off any round with training on aim and tempo. It can be used at home for attaining better tempo and to improve your putting stroke. With a 6-inch drawback, use it at the office as a putting alignment mirror with a follow through line.
Easily follow the lines with follow-through shots due to the unique shape of the mirror to line up your holes. Great for follow through alignments, the ball can sit within mirror and simulate proper positioning overall with great accuracy and consistency. The alignment and aim is great with this simple tool that is okay especially for beginners.
Durability is great such that you will not get any scratches at all. It can improve old or poor stances and it aims to assist with its mirror protective film peel. Used by professionals, it will last a long time and you can be aware of what you’re doing wrong. It is used by PGA professionals in improve putting accuracy to feel more comfortable.
It can view head and shoulder alignment and gives a true view. If you have skills and postures that are missing beforehand, you can see them in this alignment mirror putting aid. It helps to reshape your putting and the printed lines for direction are for perfecting your putting. You can focus on parts of your posture. Made for left or right handed golfers, it’s a great gift for someone who is an avid golfer to gauge power and putt correctly and consistently.
Extremely portable, people will be getting a great feel with its custom lines. Measuring 12 inches x 6 inches, most golfers can use it and you can take it with you anytime. As a flexible mirror and a golf coach, it is a great putting practice tool that can help on the eye sight alignment. It easily fits into any golf bag and can simulate different putting distances. Easily take it to the course as it is a good solid product for putting green practice. It is backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Budget Pick

Runytek All-Direction Golf Practice Hole Cup

Our budget pick is the Runytek All-Direction Golf Practice Hole Cup which helps you to practice from all directions and is also great for rainy days with its flocked metal as a putting cup with a training plate. It is a good way to practice using a nice putting cup to allow you to practice your putting even for both indoor and outdoor use. Made with durable metal, it measures 7.1 inches in approximate diameter as a putting cup with a green color. It catches ball easily and conveniently and keeps the ball in place.
For general golf practice, it has metal with flocking material so you can conveniently use it anywhere. It serves its purpose as a putting aid and you can use them outside too for convenience. Learn to put from any direction with this golf cup which is a great practice tool overall. Overall, it is ideal to get them in pairs to save on time for putting rather than on walking.

Recommended Putting Aid for Outdoor Turf Use

5 Footer Adjustable Golf Training Aid

The 5 Footer Adjustable Golf Training Aid is very light weight and can improve your putting stroke. It is also very easy to reposition and it rolls easily and is very suitable for any weather condition. You can easily see the lines better with this putting aid as it fits into bag. In fact, you can practice anywhere as it is made of vinyl that fits into any suitcase.
You can get immediate feedback and you will be on your way to astonishing your friends. The durable vinyl material ensures that it can stand for a long time and it will give you confidence in putting. Made with weatherproof vinyl, your alignment can improve with this putting aid as you can aim better in hitting the sweet spot. The grooves your stroke can be improved significantly so you might want to change your setup a little by using this putting aid.
With a realistic practice experience, it is great for when you hit the center with a great putting practice area in a very uniform manner. A player’s face alignment will improve with this putting aid which is okay for all ages. You can also practice on a rug at home and it can be used by men and women. Moreover, it is great to improve their putting and to improve every aspect of your stroke. It is great for beginners and you will be given more confidence.
The putting aid is very simple to use and is also ideal for experienced golfers. It can help you groove your swing and get really good at putting. Children golfers can benefit from it. Helping to visualize your line better, you can use it for practice drills on putting as it is easily adjustable. You can use it before you play a round as it is easy to use for all putting lies.
For every golfer out there, you can even practice on the office with both short and long putts. You can simulate uphill putting from this quality product as your short putting will improve. You can also practice downhill putting with this extremely useful putting aid. It tells you how well you have hit the ball and can also simulate right to left putting. The golfer’s path will improve within a good round and it can also simulate left to right putting.
It helps improve your putting so that you can putt with authority as it makes shorter putts easier. It is compact and rolls up and packs up and you can shave strokes off your game as long as you take the time to use it. You can make much more square shots with it. Pack it up as it goes in a tube. Moreover, your lag putting will improve and you can use it while warming up.
In the long run, it is an amazing putting aid all the way as you can practice on the real green with this very sturdy putting aid. It is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Effective Putting Aid that Uses an Alignment Stick

PuttAlign World Class Golf Putting Aid

The PuttAlign World Class Golf Putting Aid easily fits in a velour pouch and helps you to become a better putter. It is a golf putting aid where you leave the rings on and enjoy your putting motion and improve it. The putting aid transforms your alignment stick so you can gauge backswings better and improve your short putts in a more significant way.
As a great putting aid, the foot placement of the putting aid is okay and it is a great practice kit. It has a 4″ follow through and it helps to straighten out your putt. It is really useable on practice greens and helps your follow through shots. It accepts PGA tour style alignment sticks measuring 5/16 inch of a standard size so you can make short putts like a pro.
It comes with 3 sliders and offers a consistent ball position. You can go for a forward swing on putts close to the ground and easily align your putter stroke. The wooden triangles are all well made and you can become a consistent putter with a better visual memory of hitting the ball. The putting aid allows the golf ball to pass through and easily rock your shoulders. You can hit balls on the range better with the 4″ backswing. You can use it on the real course and notice a difference in scoring.

Ideal Putting Aid Alignment Training Mirror for Posture Correction

SKLZ Putting Golf Alignment Training Mirror

The SKLZ Putting Golf Alignment Training Mirror brings putting accuracy with its backstroke control. It is professional and amateur athletes and it improves your overall consistency. With better putter head alignment, it is for left or right-handed players with its putting arc lines down the shaft. You can learn several things from it.
Available in 12 inches and 24 inches lengths and sizes, you can beat your personal best as it is for serious athletes and golfers as an effective training aid for golf. You will be guided on the proper club path. It has 8 putting pegs on the small version and it has a small nylon carrying case for portability. For those seeking to improve on golf skills, it is a great mirror for adjusting your posture. The large version measures 21 inches x 8 inches. Overall, this is a great tool to maintain a consistent putting stroke.
It is great for elevating every athlete and it comes with a protective carry bag. It is great for fine tuning putter alignment and it helps on your shoulder alignment and your path guide. It is for all ages as well as skill levels of golf and it can align your putter face. It can help you keep your eyes over the ball. You can also adjust length of the back swing on this alignment training mirror for a full view.
As a training aid, it is a a very useful device with moveable pegs. It also fits perfectly in a stand bag and can improve your swing path. It has a carry bag for storage and can be used at the start of the season. It adds variety to your golf practice time and it really keeps the putter on path with great agility and balance from this surprisingly useful tool.
Great for portability and high performance training, it teaches you how you swing the putter and give tips on head and shoulder alignment. It can offer a large surface and help with the position of your hands. Your overall putt will improve after a few days of practicing. The exit gates and the putting gates are all good. It also teaches you how to refine the use of your putter.
Delivering durability, the large version comes with 10 putting pegs. Also, the putter head will be square at impact. The item is very lightweight and can help you practice putting.

Compact Putting Aid that can be used for Travel Purposes

Putting Arc T3 Pros Training Aid

Meant for travel, the Putting Arc T3 Pros Training Aid has a tour design and easily fits in the side of any golf bag. It can improve your short game and this turf model is a very sturdy product. It is great alongside a professional golf lesson and its travel weight is so useful.
Improving your arm position and posture, this is a great training aid that easily fit in your bag to help to shorten your strokes. It weighs only 7 ounces and putting swing path can be improved with it. Moreover, it improves your grip and it is for outdoor use. It is a huge help and it can be easily fastened to any turf as a training aid around the green. It uses standard wood tees and gives you a less loopy backswing and be more consistent.
Practice with it as an effective putting training aid so you can attain a better approach to putting. It is great tool for putting that gives you a totally consistent putting stroke. It really assists you to attain a more consistent backswing. It has the ability to teach you a clean and consistent putting stroke and is great at developing confidence in you.
You can feel more confident standing over your putter and you can improve your putting swing with this putting aid. It helps the hands and wrists and it also improves the position of your elbows and shoulders. With mathematical formulas, it helps you out throughout the putting stroke. The putting aid is backed by a warranty with full refund within 30 days.

Unique Putting Aid with a Ball Ramp Mechanism

TPK Golf Training Aid Putting Stick

As a great practice and training aid, the TPK Golf Training Aid Putting Stick is totally great aid for basic putting techniques as it can help golfers to attain precise visual feedback. It is for all levels of golfers so you can easily know what is wrong with your stroke. It is a simple putting aid to improve their putting stroke with immediate feedback.
Any yard stick can work with this putting aid and it is made with the finest quality materials. Putting never looked easier with this putting aid as it can monitor your eye alignment. Built with great standards, it is great for grooving your putting stroke in an efficient manner. This ingenious tool can help you get on the course and transform your game and attitude. You can use it for practice with its adjustable backswing stop.
It is great for striking the ball squarely and for fault correction. There is also a ball ramp so you can align everything else. It enhances your techniques and strategies and provides easy loading of balls overall. It is an excellent putting training aid that can work on your stroke accuracy and it also generally shows stroke accuracy that you make.
With a good backswing length, you can attain better than 1 degree of square with this putting aid as a visual training aid. The ball roll on the rail is okay and it is also used by PGA tour players out there. Your puts are going straight with this putting aid as it also comes with an instructional DVD that runs 20 minutes that also contains information on assembly for ease of use overall.

Convenient Putting Aid that Comes in Various Colors

TIBA Putt Putting Aid for Golf

The TIBA Putt Putting Aid for Golf is also used by PGA and LPGA tour pros and can improve your short game and is great for maintaining your swing. Also used by Lydia Ko, compared to many training aids out there, this one really does the trick. It can improve your path and great for aim practices as it improves impact to correct stroke flaws on zone impacts. It keeps the face square and is very helpful in comparison to many training aids out there.
It really trains you and your entire putting stroke and it help your golf game so you can hit the sweet spot with your own putting swing style. It can deliver consistent results as a putting aid for golf to give you an improved distance control. Your golf putting alignment will be improved. It has great ease of setting up and it greatly keeps the putter head square as much as possible.
The putting aid lets you know if you made the wrong swing of the club and it supports all putter types. It focuses on the impact zone and is a great practice training tool that will never break. It is okay for all swing styles and is easy to set up. It is lot more accurate than others and will get your ball rolling true. It comes easily secured at setup and you just secure the rails down to set it up. Though the impact zone it is great for all standard sized tees.
This putting aid is awesome with its instant feedback and it also comes with free eco golf tees. Fitting in the pocket of a golf bag, you can go forward in winning tournaments with this highly portable putting aid and you can putt at your best as it is for use on a green as a reliable putting training aid.
Easily improve your putting fast with this exceptional putting trainer as it can conveniently stow away in a golf bag. As a great training tool for putting, it really works with regular tees so you can get an on demand putting practice.

Reliable Putting Aid that is a Practice Hole

LEORX Indoor Golf Practice Putting Cup

Available in green and beige colors, the LEORX Indoor Golf Practice Putting Cup has a reliable design with a rubber base and is a really awesome putting aid. This golf practice putting cup has a plastic flag and even kids can use this putting aid. With an awesome design, the diameter of the hole is at 4 1/4 inches and it is a great golf tool for the avid golfer.
The overall dimensions are at 7 inches x 6 7/8 inches and the putting aid stands out in any room or office. It is very easy to use even for the garage and can be set up anywhere. Use it at your yard and virtually use it any place you like. It works even for a staircase and builds self-confidence. As a personal putting green, easily practice your putting anytime and practice your putting with this very handy putting aid for golf virtually anywhere.
With a very sturdy design, it is very easy to set up and comes with a hard rubber base that is super convenient. It is a highly recommended putting aid with a flag included. It is an awesome putting tool for golf to improve your putting accuracy. Great for home use, it can be used anywhere and even on the road and also on the golf course or driving range.

The Competition

Other putting aids may not work as effectively as the ones we have picked here. It is important for any putting aid to be truly remarkable and can really significantly improve your posture and anything that is wrong with your putting in general.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the most common putting training aids?
A: According to Street Directory , aside from virtual golf programs, alignment sticks can also work as significant putting aids all in all. Swing aids can also be great to improve your putting and your swinging action to achieve a correct swinging path.

Q: Any tips on better putting?
A: According to Rickie Fowler at Golf Digest , make sure you think about using your time wisely and it is not a good idea for second-guessing as it may affect the speed of the ball. Learn to trust the ball at all times.

Wrapping It Up

To wrap things up, the T MAX Three Golf Putting Cups is our best putting aid due to its really helpful features that can turn beginners into pros if they practice enough in putting.