Best Push Up Bra

Push Up Bra1

The Elements Of Bliss is our pick for the best push up bra, which is made with spandex, nylon and a hook and eye closure. It has a soft lining that is wire free so you can feel more at ease.

Our step-up pick is the Eomenie Adhesive and it is also backless bra that can be worn in sultry dresses. It has a nude color option and is made with nylon and spandex.

The budget pick is the Smart+Sexy Women's Maximum and it gives you a lot of cleavage overall due to its 2-size addition. It is made with spandex, polyester, lace and nylon.

A Little Background

A push-up bra is a kind of lingerie that is meant for pushing the two of your boobs together to form a cleavage. The push-up bra is meant for parties, social gatherings and the like, where you need to put up some revealing outfits for you to stand out to the crowd and show off your style. Push-up types are often associated with regular straps. If you do not want to embarrass yourself, you should pick any durable lingerie material.

In most cultures, padding is generally acceptable to boost the confidence of the wearer. Padding can be a nuisance, however, some girls do want them, in which the hard padding may also help girls who do not have fully developed boobs to have a little more confidence in themselves.

Most people may not like one that has a underwire, since it could be suffocating at most. There are many wire-free or wireless types out there that you can choose from, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they lack support just because they do not have underwire at all. Make sure that they do not constrict you too much in any way.

How we Picked

For the best push up bra, here are some criteria you may need to know about:

Cup size: The cup size can be relative to your band size so it is important that both of them should complement each other so that it will not be a bad size for you at all.

Band size: The band size should go along well with this kind of cup size that you have, so that there will be no discomfort for when you try to wear your intended size.

Color choices: For instance, white lingerie are considered not very good for those who have thinner shirts and the like, and black cannot go well with white and light colored ones. It may be best to go with nude colors, just to be safe.

Ease of wearing: For a push up type, it should be simple enough to put your boobs into the cups and push them further to create the cleavage that you are asking for.

Ease of laundering: The sensitivity of the item should not be comprised of easy to deteriorate materials so that the ease of laundering can be achieved altogether. It should be easy to clean and should be easily hand washed as well.

Strap type: The strap type can vary from crisscross (racerback) to regular ones, to clear straps, to halter type or to strapless types, for any look that you might want to have for your party.

Adjustability: It should also have a back strap that is easy to adjust on at least 3 levels. If you want something that is more adjustable on the back, you should go for a back closure than a front closure.

Closure type: there can be two closure types: front closure and back closure. The front closure is useful for when you want to go for something that is easy to take off and put on but it does not offer a lot of adjustability in the long run. On the other hand, the closure type at the back can be more adjustable but it can be hard to use for some women who have arthritis.

Comfort level of pads: it should have a comfortable set of pads so that it will not push them too hard. It should be very accommodating so that your boobs won’t be feeling very sore at the end of the day.  

Durability: It should be made of the finest materials but for a lower price that is okay for most budget savers. It should stand for a long period of time and can be used for more occasions to go.

Hypoallergenic: It should be made with materials that are easy on your skin and do not form potential rashes or irritation.

Our Pick

As our top pick, the Elements Of Bliss can be easily machine washed without much problems. The natural lift design of this lingerie is soft and comfortable and it is also wire-free for comfort for whole day events.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Elements Of Bliss has not underwire, which is either a pro or a con for people – an advantage for those who like wire-free but a disadvantage for those who need underwire.

Step-up Pick

As our step-up pick, the Eomenie Adhesive is made with spandex and nylon and has an adhesive design that is specifically meant for backless dresses while maintain a nice cleavage.

Budget Pick

The Smart+Sexy Women's Maximum is our budget pick, which is made with nylon, spandex, lace and polyester, and can add up to 2 sizes instantly with its cleavage creating cups.

Best Push Up Bra with Underwire

The Maidenform Comfort Devotion has a sturdy hook and eye closure, is made with elastane and polyamide, and has a sewn in elastic part on the bottom and top sides. It has underwire for contouring.

Best Push Up Bra with Split Straps

The Vassarette 75349 has split straps and is made with spandex and nylon. It can add one size to your boobs and it is made with 2-way stretch fabric. It can be easily hand washed and has a sturdy hook and eye closure.

Best Push Up Bra with Front Closure

The Aivtalk Women Seamless has a front closure and has many colors to choose from. It is made with chinlon and spandex materials and has a soft padding cup to keep you comfortable.

Best Push Up Bra that is Strapless

The MEINAIER Self Adhesive is strapless and self sticking so it is great for dresses with low back cuts. It has a front closure as well and is available in both black and nude colors.

Best Push Up Bra with Lace

The ETOSELL Deep V has lace over it so it looks stylish. It has a deep v-shaped cut and low design for your plunging necklines, and it is available in many colors as well.

Best Push Up Bra with a Soft Cup

The DOOSINKI Women Underwire has a soft cup and is made with nylon and chinlon. It has lace and a coverage of about 3/4 and it has light padding for comfort as well.

Best Push Up Bra with an Underwear Set

The Ruzishun Underwear Set is a combination of a push up type of lingerie as well as underwear, so it makes a great pair and gift for someone. It is a bit transparent for added comfort.

The Competition

While others nearly made it to our list, they were not very good because they lacked in color choices and in size choices. They were also not very easy to fasten and this can make it difficult for most women who want to wear them in a hurry.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the pros and cons of the push up type?

A: The push up type of lingerie is one of the most sought after lingerie around the world, mainly due to the fact that it can help add confidence to women who have small to medium sized boobs and may want to make them look bigger. Here are the pros and cons:



The push up type is usually meant for not just support but also the fact that you can display your boobs anywhere without easily falling apart.

Youthful appearance

The fact that most people wear lingerie with push up capabilities is similar to those anti aging creams. They want to look more youthful and fulfilling even if they are nearly out of age or their boob sizes are not very good (see below).


The enhancement that the push up type can be able to give you is one of the best things possible, since it is able to push your two boobs together in order to create cleavage, which creates the unique impression that you now have large boobs, even without the need for any surgery of sorts.

Sultry dresses

You now have the power to wear all of those really revealing outfits without compromising on your appearance. It is one of the best ways to enjoy a party and display a nice set of cleavage for the peeps to wow you on. If you think only women with big boobs have the right to display their sultry dresses – think again! You can do it as well with the right lingerie at hand.

No need for surgery

If you want a way make your boobs grow instantly but without spending too much risks for surgery and for your budget, the push up type of lingerie can make the illusion that your boobs are bigger, which is temporary but very good in most cases.


Deflated boobs

It may not be a good option for deflated boobs. This is because the drooping or the pendulous quality of your breasts may not be enough to make the lingerie be able to push them together, which is kind of bad.

Uneven boobs

If your boobs are uneven, you may want to have one that has adjustable padding so that you can get its benefits. Otherwise, if it is a normal push up type, you may have trouble wearing it properly due to the asymmetrical nature of your breasts overall.

Super wide boobs

If your boobs are super wide and there is almost no way to create the perfect cleavage then you may have problems. Instead, you may try to do something like a balconette style instead so that you may experience a similar sultry design for your boobs in any party or occasion.

Strap slipping

The straps may also start to slip in one go, so it is important that you pick the right strap for it so that you do not have to go through really tough things in order to keep your straps in place.

Very small boobs

If your boobs are just very small to create a cleavage then it will not work. Your boobs may be sized A or AA cup and they may not work well because there is not enough boob material for your lingerie to push through to create a sultry cleavage overall.

Q: What are the different things that can affect the fit of a lingerie?

A: Aside from your age, height and weight, there are many unknown factors or less known factors that could play into action when you are considering the best and most fitting lingerie for your needs, such as the following ones:

Hormonal changes

We are all probably aware of this, but the most common way that your boob size may be different from your friends or other people, is the fact that you may tend to have more active hormones than ever before, or compared to other people around you.


Most women who put on too much weight also tend to have larger boobs, and when they lose that weight, they also tend to lose boobs, because boobs are made from fatty tissues.


While it will not greatly affect your boob size, it can also affect your strength on your chest and on your back, so that you can be able to lift larger boobs at once with great ease.

Pregnancy and nursing

One of the things that can make your boobs change a little is when you get pregnant and when you nurse your baby. When you get pregnant, your boobs tend to fluctuate in size because of the milk production. When you give milk to your child during nursing, it should be a comfortable lingerie that is not too stressful.

Breast augmentation

Most people who get a boob job may also require the same support as when you do your stuff more naturally. Both boobs that are fake and that are real require the same kind of lingerie depending on the style and type of their boobs. In most cases, those who get a boob job can fit onto any kind of lingerie possible due to the perfect shape of their boobs.

The age of your current lingerie

If you have lingerie that is very old then chances are, it can get loose over time with its lingerie components such as the straps and the band. If you feel like your lingerie is already ages old, then it might be the time to shop for a new one.


In some cases, having large boobs can be hereditary, just as weight is hereditary. Consider knowing if any of your mom or dad’s side had big boobs or small boobs predominantly, so that you will know why you are different (or the same).

Periods or menstruation

Just like with getting pregnant and nursing babies, your menstruation or periods can also cause some breast discomfort during premenstrual periods, as a part of the PMS or premenstrual syndrome.

Q: What are the most common types of mistakes that you can experience with a push up type of lingerie and how do you prevent them?

A: There can be many faux pas that are associated with the push up type. Often times, these are very embarrassing but that does not meant that they cannot be prevented. Here are some of the most common boob faux pas when it comes down to push up lingerie types:


The bulging problem happens when your band is too small. This is because the bulging happens when the underarm part of your lingerie becomes rolled in a most likely uncomfortable way. To get rid of this problem, you can try a different band size that is a little bigger than your old one.


The lumping problem happens if your boobs are too big for your cup. They could dig into your boobs and it can make your boobs tend to overflow, which may look attractive for some guys but generally not for you and everyone else due to the discomfort. Remedy this with a bigger cup size.


Gaping happens when your push up type tends to be too big on its cups and the result is that your boobs won’t get cleavage results at all due to the very fact that it will sink deeper down onto your lingerie. To remedy this, you can try a smaller cup size.


Sagging means that your boobs are drooping too hard and the push up type of lingerie is not doing its job properly. To fix this kind of faux pas, you can try to adjust the straps if possible, or get yourself a different kind or size of lingerie at most.

Back riding

Back riding means that your lingerie has a band size that is too loose, or has gotten loose over the long period of time. To remedy this kind of problem, you should go for a more fitting band size for your lingerie.

Q: What are the different sub styles of push up lingerie?

A: This kind of lingerie may be just one of the different types out there, but there are also very wide ranges of usage for them and sub types or styles of this push up lingerie, such as the following:


The u-shaped type is the one that is meant for the really deep and long v-neck style plunge dresses. This is meant for when you want to have a more sultry design for your party dress and for when you want more exposure for your boob cleavage.


The underwire is excellent for those with naturally bigger boobs but still need to create a nice cleavage in the middle. Underwire is great for adding support and depth to your boobs when you don’t need to have a lot of exposure unlike the u-shaped and plunge types.


The sporting type is for when you want to create cleavage to your sporting and gym adventures. While it may sound distracting for other gym goers, if you want to add a little oomph for your boobs, the sporting type is the one to go with.


The wire free type is for when you want to go completely braless but don’t want to compromise the safety of your nipples, and you want to create cleavage, at least.


The lace types are perhaps best for the bedroom, and are usually associated with sultry subtypes of this kind of lingerie, such as the shelf type or anything that has very revealing designs for you to choose from. Nonetheless, lace types are also good for formal wear at some point in your life.


The plunge type has a plunge in the middle of the lingerie, much like the u-shaped one, but the different catch is that it is not as deep and as defined as the u-shaped one.

Maximizer or contouring

The contouring type is the one that is meant for contouring your boobs so that they are shaped much more beautifully than when they previously are. It is meant for not just pushing your boobs to the middle to create a nice cleavage, but also for shaping them much like a bunch of braces for teeth.


The bridal type is a sub type for this kind of push up lingerie in which you want to add some edge to your bridal dress, especially when wearing a corset or anything else that would make you especially exceptional during your big day.

Q: What are the different kinds of lingerie and their specific sizes, materials and intended use?

A: There are many different kinds of lingerie for every breast shape, size and preference for material and intended use, such as the following:

Type of lingerie


Breast type

When to wear

Cup sizes

Materials used


The adhesive type is also known as a silicone type, which sticks to your boobs without a back strap or shoulder straps.

Self-supported boobs

Strapless dresses and backless gowns

Free size

Elastane and silicone


The bandeau type is much like a simple cloth worn over your boobs to protect them.

Small boobs, pre-teen and teen boobs

Casual, tube tops, strapless, sleeping

32 to 36 inches

Lace, cotton, satin


The balconette type is ideal for those who want a nice set of boobs flowing out of your chest, much like a balcony, but with a classic 1950’s fashion style.

Women of all boob sizes and shapes

Low cut top or wide top

32 to 38 inches

Polyester, cotton, satin, lace


The demi style is ideal for those who want a regular lingerie but want side cups to compensate for some nice boob action.

Women of all boob sizes and shapes

Low cut dress or wide top

32 to 38 inches

Satin, cotton, polyester, sometimes lace


Also known as the multi-way type, this one is a versatile type of lingerie that can fit well on any occasion.

All breast shapes and sizes

Basically anything!

All sizes

Polyester, satin and cotton

Front closure

The front closure type is meant for those who want an easy reach to their hook and eye closure. They provide the closure at the front instead of being at the back of your lingerie.

Heavy boobs with the shapes of tear drop, round and side set

Any dress that is tight and needs to have a smooth back

All sizes

Satin, cotton and polyester

Full cup

The full cup or the full sport is basically what it is – it covers the entire areas of your boobs for the best kind of coverage and support overall.

Large boobs and the shapes of east west and bell shape

Casual, work and formal wear

All sizes

Satin, polyester, cotton sometimes lace


It is what it is – to give those women who have gone through breast cancer some confidence in themselves by adding breast prosthesis.

Women who have gone through mastectomy

Any outfit

All sizes

Polyester, cotton, satin, lace


Maternity lingerie are meant for giving your boobs the freedom to stretch with ease so that they will not feel strangled with a regular lingerie.

Pregnant women

Any outfit possible

All sizes

Polyester, cotton or satin


Nursing lingerie are meant for those who breastfeed their child and want an easy access to their boobs for nipple sucking for their babies.

Nursing women

Any outfit possible

All sizes

Polyester, cotton, satin, georgette


For women with super large boobs that feel awkward with them, you can use this kind of cup or lingerie to minimize them.

Women with large boobs that stand out too much

Most and all outfits possible

Sizes above 34C

Polyester, cotton, satin, some lace


The padded type is ideal for those who want to a some more depth and volume to their small or medium sized boobs. They may not be like a push up type,  but they are good with adding an extra cup to your size.

Small to medium sized boobs

Shirts, dresses, anything with thin fabrics

All sizes

Polyester, lace, georgette, satin and cotton


Similar to the shelf lingerie, this one is made for sensual wear, because it exposes your nipples but covers the rest of the boobs.

Most boob shapes and sizes

Night gowns and bedroom lovemaking

All sizes

Polyester, georgette, satin, cotton, lace


Much like with the demi type and the push up, it is meant for sultry wear. It has a variant known as the u-plunge, which is meant for much deeper neckline dresses and outfits.

Well toned boob shapes

Anything with a deep or low neckline

All sizes

Silk, cotton, polyester, georgette, satin

Push up

The push up type is the lingerie that is meant also for people with smaller boobs or want to enhance their boobs due to the wide spacing in between.

Subtle boob sizes and shapes, including bell, related, athletic, asymmetric, east west, teardrop, slender, round and side set

Very deep necklines or anywhere you want to show your cleavage on

All sizes

Polyester, cotton, satin, some lace


It is not just for sports, but also for exercise, workout and any other physical activity all throughout the day.

Most boob sizes

Working out and sporting, regular shirts

All sizes

Polyester, satin, cotton, anything comfortable


This one is what it says – no straps on the shoulders and only one hook and eye closure at the back.

Small to medium sized boobs

Low neck, halter dresses

All sizes

Polyester, cotton, satin


The trainer type is meant for mostly pre-teens and teens. It is meant for those who don’t have boobs yet and are still in development.

Teens and pre-teens with developing boobs

Most dresses and casual wear

32 inches and below

Polyester, cotton, satin


For those who like some more support, the underwire type is for them. The underwire goes underneath the boob cups for added support.

Large boobs

Most outfits

All sizes

Polyester, cotton, satin, some lace


Ever seen those pointy looking lingerie that your mom or grandma used to wear? That’s called a vintage bra, and it’s pointed like a parabolic shaped thing.

Large boobs

Any outfit

All size



The wire-free type lingerie is best for when you do not want an underwire to support you all the time. It is great for sleeping or for relaxation at home.

Small to medium boobs with either pendulous or wide set shapes

Casual wear

Most sizes

Cotton, cotton elastane, jacquard, polyester


The t-shirt type is meant for covering those perky nipples outdoors or even at home. If you want something seamless and comfortable, this is the one to pick.

Small to medium boobs with shallow, uneven, thin or conical shapes

Form fitting shirts and dresses

Most sizes

Cotton and spandex variants (polyamide, cotton and nylon)


The bralette is known for its super minimal coverage and its great support even when you are at home.

Supports all boob sizes and shapes

Sleeping and chilling at home

Most sizes

Linen, cotton, lace


The racerback has an x-shaped back in which is used for added support so your straps do not fall apart too often.

Small to large boobs

Sheer dresses and tank tops, strap hiding

Most sizes

Nylon spandex, cotton, cotton spandex


The bustier is a variation of the corset that is meant for large boobs. It can create a lot of good cleavage.

Medium to large boobs

Most outfits that require a corset

Most sizes

Polyester, nylon spandex, satin elastane, neoprene


The u-plunge is variant of the plunge that focuses more on a deeper plunge.

Small to medium boobs

Deep plunge dresses

Most sizes

Elastane, polyester, nylon, spandex

Q: What are the scientific reasons why lingerie aren’t good for your health?

A: There are specific scientific reasons, such as the following:

1. They don’t really make your boobs perkier because breast tissues fail to work properly when your boobs depend on your lingerie. Therefore, it may be best for you not to depend upon the lingerie at all times anyway.

2. Sagging is an event that happens naturally and although it can be slowed down by lingerie, it cannot ultimately stop it from happening.

Q: What are the pros and cons of underwire lingerie?

A: If you are a fan of underwire or would like to try it, here are the different advantages and disadvantages for you to weigh in first:

First, let’s look at the pros:


Underwire is probably the best for when you want a properly fitting lingerie because of its design.


The support that is offered by underwire versus those that do not have underwire would be greater.

Then, we should look at the cons:


The comfort levels of the regular underwire type is not that good compared to the regular unlined and wire-free types out there.

Special needs

For special purposes such as for maternity, nursing and sleeping, underwire types are not good for use.

Q: What are the band and cup measurements that I should consider when choosing the right lingerie?

A: If you don’t know what band size or cup size you fall into, here is a helpful set of charts:

Here’s the chart for the band size:

Band Size Standard





38 to 40

Inches to be added






Actual measurement






And here’s the chart for the cup size:

Cup Size








Band measurement


Bust measurement









1 inch

2 inches

3 inches

4 inches

5 inches

6 inches

7 inches

Q: Which countries in the world have the largest cup sizes?

A: Average cup sizes can vary between cultures and countries, and here’s an approximation chart of different average cup sizes per country and region of the world today:





E and above

1. Some parts of Africa

2. South America

3. Most of Asia

4. Some parts of Central America

1. Some parts of Africa

2.India and Middle East

3. Alaska

4. South part of North America

1. Canada

2. South America

3. Some parts of Europe

4. Australia

1. Some parts of Europe

2. North America and other parts

3. Some parts of Central America

1. Northern Europe


3. North Asia

Q: What are the 4 stages of breast development?

A: Breast development, usually starting from 8 to 13 years old, goes through 4 stages:




First stage

8 to 12 years old

Your nipples will rise up for a bit and that’s basically it, but this depends on your age.

Second stage

13 years old

Some budding will occur and your boobs will start to take form. Your areola gets larger and darker in this stage.

Third stage

14 years old

Elevation will take place in your boobs, as well as on your areola.

Fourth stage

15 to 16 years old

Either your boobs will grow or stay the same but your nipples will grow much bigger and stick out.

Fifth stage

15 to 16 years old

Either your boobs will grow or stay the same but more development on your nipples and areola will take place.

Q: What causes boobs to grow increasingly a lot during the past few decades?

A: One report says that obesity is one of the leading reasons why the average boob size among women has always been growing and growing, up to 34D on the average for Americans, and about 36C to the rest of the world.

Q: What happens to my boobs as I get older depending on my age?

A: Throughout all your stages in life, your boobs can have different changes, such as the following:

1. During your 20s, you can expect some gain and loss on your boob mass, which depends mostly on your diet and your metabolism as well. You can also gain and lose boobs depending on whether you get pregnant or not. Menstrual cycles can also affect how your boobs behave, so it is important to get a properly fitting bra that is comfortable to wear. The right exercise, diet and proper fit of lingerie should be considered in this time.

2. During your 30s, you might have already given birth and your boobs start to droop. This is when you may really need to have some more support such as an underwire lingerie. You should also watch for stretch marks if you have given birth before.

3. During your 40s, this is where the menopause period starts. The boobs become less firmer at this stage and no lingerie can correct that fact. You can do some exercise and breast exams since you might be more prone to breast cancer during this period of time.

Q: What is the biggest cup size available in the market?

A: Most people believe that the highest and biggest commercially available cup size would be a KK, which can be found only on specialty stores and can have a size of up to 20 inches. The standards may also vary depending on what’s available in your area. If you cannot find a size that fits your figure, you may opt for a custom made one.

Q: What are the things you can do to keep your boobs healthy?

A: To keep a healthy set of breasts, here’s what you can do:

1. Maintain a good weight to avoid breast cancer risks altogether.

2. Learn to exercise at least 45 minutes a day or any equivalent workout.

3. Cutting down on the alcohol intake can also lessen breast cancer risks.

4. Vegetables and healthy foods can promote better breast health.

5. Know if your family has a history of breast cancer and get screened.

Q: What fun things can you do with lingerie?

A: To make your wearing experience less boring, here are fun things you can do with them:

1. Go for a nice lingerie that best matches them.

2. Consider washing, lathering and moisturizing them.

3. Let them air dry so they won’t get irritated.

4. Use pasties for nipple coverage when going braless outside.

5. “Love yourself” with them (you know what I mean).

6. Do a self-breast exam for health purposes.

7. Play with them during lovemaking.

8. You can use contouring to make your boobs look bigger.

Q: Why are men attracted to boobs, anyway?

A: Boobies are something that men absolutely love (and so do some girls), because:

1. It’s what makes a girl, well, woman-y.

2. Boobs also signify a sign of fertility in most cultures.

3. It is important during lovemaking.

4. They’re squishy!

Q: Are there perks to having small boobs?

A: Yes, there are actual benefits to small boobs:

1. They have more sensation in bed than with bigger boobs.

2. They actually make you more youthful.

3. They are less likely to sag and make you look old.

4. Button down shirts are a breeze for you.

5. Not to generalize, but most poor men go for large boobs whereas rich men do the opposite.

6. You’re less likely to get a sexist or abusive guy.

7. Breast cancer is less likely to be on your side.

8. Summer wear is super duper easy for you to choose from.

9. Wardrobe malfunctions? What’s that?

10. Your posture also tends to be much better (no back pain!).

Q: What should I consider when doing breast play?

A: If you want to pleasure a girl’s breasts, here are some pointers:

1. Ask permission first – not every girl (or genderqueer person) likes boob play.

2. Remember that periods can make boobs much more sensitive (and in pain, at times).

3. Honking, squeezing kneading can be painful for some women, so ask first.

4. Some girls prefer breast play with clothes or lingerie – don’t be in a hurry to undress her.

5. Don’t hurry yourself to the nipple – these things take time!

6. Go gently for the sides and under boobs where sensitivity is pretty darn good.

7. Consider her type of nipple and work gently.

8. Some women prefer you use your mouth for stimulation.

9. Add some toys and experiment, depending on the situation.

10. If you’re not sure, ask your partner to touch them so you’ll know where to do it.

Q: What are the most common wardrobe malfunctions?

A: The following are wardrobe malfunctions that you can encounter and avoid:

Nip slip

Happens mostly with plunging necklines

Consider using tape for your lingerie and dress


Happens when you’re eating food or going outside

Use a stain remover pen

Visible panty lines

When your lower lingerie awkwardly makes you look double butted

Consider stretch thongs

Camel toe

When some parts of your butt become oddly pronounced

Consider a lace thong

Nipple sticking

When your nips start to stick out of your sexy dress

Consider pasties or skin covers

Deodorant and makeup marks

Happens when you’re in a hurry to get dressed

Use special eraser sponges

Sweat marks

When it gets hot and your dress gets sweat marks

Consider garment shields (sort of like an underarm pantyliner)

Q: Do different countries have different size standards for lingerie?

A: Yes, if your country follows the U.S. or UK standard, you’re most likely get those 34B’s and 36C’s but on other countries, it’s a different story, such as:

United States

United Kingdom

Europe and Japan

Australia and NZ

France, Belgium, Spain

Czech Republic, Italy

























Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Elements Of Bliss is our pick for the best push up bra due to the durable material and wire-free design to make your boobs feel refreshed.