Best Pontoon Grill

The Magma Marine Kettle Stainless Gas Grill is our best pontoon grill. Powered up by either natural gas or propane, the control valve is windproof. The stainless steel lid handle can assure you that it is wind-proof. The grill will bring about even temperatures and can even be used as a backyard grill.

Our step-up pick is the Cuisinart Grill Modified for Pontoon Boat and with air cooled support, the igniter is easy to replace on this pontoon grill. You can easily connect the pontoon grill to any 20# propane tank. Great for searing steaks, there is a swiveling valve on this grill. Ideally used for 4 to 6 people, the pontoon grill quickly disassembles for your portability needs.

The budget pick is the Coleman Camp 11,000 BTUs Propane Grill and this awesome grill is so simple that there are no tools needed for easily hooking up any propane tank or canister. With its compact size, the pontoon grill easily attaches onto pontoon boat rails with a secure installation. You can use any 16 oz canister of propane for this pontoon grill.

A Little Background

Grilling outdoors can be a hassle for some people and may seem impossible. But with the right equipment, you can definitely grill outdoors. Grilling on a boat poses more of a challenge because your boat will be moving a lot. Most grills that are meant for boats are portable and are small but can be easily setup and used.
The pontoon grill is a solution to a fun summer outing because you can easily cook your fish right off the bat after fishing from a pontoon or inflatable boat. Fishing becomes more productive when you use a pontoon grill because you can easily make meals out of your caught fish.
It is a great add-on to any boat, especially pontoon boats or other larger boats in which you can grill some fish or other food on. However, if you double your pontoon as a fishing vessel then make sure that the pontoon grill is not overpowering the pontoon’s space for anglers to cast properly or to stack caught fish. You should also be mindful of the location of a propane tank, if you intend to use propane instead of good-old coal.

How We Picked

On the best pontoon grill, any person should consider the following factors:
Dimensions and size: the pontoon grill should be just the right size for your pontoon and should not get in the way of your fishing, paddling or motor if it is motorized. Choosing a pontoon grill is quite hard if your pontoon is small so make sure you know and measure the size of your pontoon’s area.
Stability of the mounting bracket: the pontoon grill should have a mounting bracket that is very easy to setup for your pontoon or boat. Amidst the tides, the pontoon grill should have a stable foundation so that it will not get in the way of your fishing or simple paddling or kayaking.
Setup time: the setup time of the pontoon grill should be easy so that you will spend more time cooking rather than putting it together. Time is very valuable when it comes to off-shore cooking so you need a pontoon grill that is very convenient to setup. This is also more important if you have a pontoon grill that is portable (i.e. not fixed onto the pontoon boat).
Fuel type: the pontoon grill is usually associated with gas or propane tanks. Charcoal may be okay but it can be a bit dangerous to use it on a pontoon grill that is out in the sea. However, it can still be used by the shore or the dock. A pontoon grill may also be electric powered.

Our Pick

Magma Marine Kettle Stainless Gas Grill

Our best pontoon grill is the Magma Marine Kettle Stainless Gas Grill which is made from 18-9 stainless steel which has been mirror polished. It can be taken to your road trips as a portable pontoon grill with over 144 square inches of cooking space.
With an easy to clean grease catch pan, the pontoon grill can be able to cook some steaks and fish and it has been time-tested for durability. The grill is great for big fish and it has a wind baffle system so the grill will not blow off easily. You can cook hamburgers and the like in this pontoon grill.
With the turbo venturi system, the pontoon grill cools off very quickly and is also ideal for 1-lb propane canisters. The design of this grill can eliminate blowouts and it gives you no corrosion at all. It is absolutely amazing with the construction and it includes the mount holder.
Being safe and convenient for your burgers and hotdogs, the pontoon grill is made out of cast stainless steel for durability. It can also be used on a picnic due to the stainless steel frame. It has smoke vents for easily bring out the smoke and the drips go in the water and does not corrode your boat.
The control valve is adjustable in this pontoon grill and the flame never blows out regardless of the wind situation. Giving you an easy clean-up and setup, the pontoon grill can be installed on any boat with the right adaptor and not just on a pontoon.
The outer appearance of the grill is outstanding and compact. The pontoon grill is currently available in 2 models: 15-inch diameter and 17-inch diameter, so you can choose for your pontoon size or area specifications.
The heat distribution using the radiant plate so you can enjoy a good barbecue party with this pontoon grill. What’s more, the pontoon grill is easy to take apart and has a quick temperature rising feature for quicker cooking at the boat or pontoon.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Magma Marine Kettle Stainless Gas Grill may have a few flaws but they are very minor, such as the fact that the mounting hardware has to be bought separately, but this is true for most pontoon grills out there.

Step-up Pick

Cuisinart Grill Modified for Pontoon Boat

Our step-up pick for the best pontoon grill is the Cuisinart Grill Modified for Pontoon Boat. It is a great multipurpose travel grill in which the control valve can be adjusted to go inboard or outboard and also for left or right.
Many boaters will definitely love this pontoon grill as the bowl and lid may be rotated. What’s more, it comes with a grill brush and the fuel canister changes are quick and safe. Also, it is a great quality grill that can be resilient through gusty and wind conditions.
What’s more, the pontoon grill also works with a coffee pot and griddle system. Acting as a superb marine grill, it has a hinged lid and it can be protective for your cooking food on a windy day. Coming in with a low output regulator, the pontoon grill does not slam shut for ventilation and for safety.
The pontoon grill mounts to any square pontoon boat railing that measures 1.25 inches and it has a push button ignite feature for a cookout of your life. The back part has a propane tank solid mount and it is very easy to put together and mounts securely.
Cooking from 6 to 8 steaks at a given time, the pontoon grill measures 19 x 12 x 18 inches and the included brackets come pre-installed. It is possible to connect a full size propane tank with this pontoon grill and it has no lighter needed for firing it up.
What’s more, it has support arms and it has 13 x 16 x 16.5 inches on its grill dimensions. Moreover, the grill weighs 18 pounds but weighs 30 pounds with the brackets included. It is a petit grill to be used onto the lake or over the sea and will not scratch the railing of your pontoon.
Great for grilling hamburgers and steaks, the grilling surface measures a total of 145 square inches. Featuring a sturdy bracket set, the pontoon grill comes with pre-installed brackets so it is easy to put together. It is backed by a limited 3-year warranty.

Budget Pick

Coleman Camp 11,000 BTUs Propane Grill

Our budget pick is the Coleman Camp 11,000 BTUs Propane Grill and you can easily attach the pontoon grill to a square boat rail and it is also easy to remove from the railings when not needed. Including a burner, this grill for boating comes to the temperature so easily so you can cook out on the boat conveniently.
It is easy to clean and great for many boating seasons. It is a great addition to any boat as a pontoon grill that offers both radiant and convection cooking. It is ideal for summer cookouts and is great on hot days.
It has a stable base and it does not mark your railing at all. The tank attaches horizontally in this pontoon grill in which the zinc electro-plated steel brackets are quite solid. Great for any pontoon boat, the pontoon grill’s propane tank connects in the back and it beats the competition.
With a click style starter, the pontoon grill features customized to grill brackets for you to grill chicken breasts and fish with great ease. There are 4 large knobs for bracket placement and the unit also comes in plain steel or red coated for your choice of looks.
The fold down mechanism of this pontoon grill is good at maintaining portability. You can use it for your pontoon or for your backyard party or anywhere you want to grill. The cooking power amounts to 11,000 total BTUs so it is also applicable for a sailboat.
Made of a porcelain-coated grate, the pontoon grill is ideally used for camping and hiking as a great camp grill with a compact design. However, since it is portable, you need a lighter to ignite. The pontoon grill has been CSA certified for safety and is easy to clean.
You can simply pack and carry this pontoon grill to your destination. What’s more, the grill grate is removable and is made of stamped steel and its 180 sq. in. cooking area is quite spacious. You can also use the lid as a side table.

Best Pontoon Grill with a Mounting Pole

Springfield Marine 1940052 Deluxe Propane Grill

Easily mounted on a pole, the Springfield Marine 1940052 Deluxe Propane Grill is a great mini-grill. Granted with easy cleaning, the pontoon grill can be used even at high altitudes using its perfect flow technology with less spillage of grease. Any propane cylinder at 16.4 ounces will work on this pontoon grill for a consistent performance.
Measuring 13 x 9 x 21 inches, grilling on the boat is so simple with this pontoon grill. It is easily placed on a table to cook and it is a great small portable grill that is a grand addition to any boat or pontoon, whether it is a new or used pontoon boat.
The pedestal stands up to 3 feet tall and there is plenty of room for you to cook and grill. It can be installed on one of the railings of your pontoon and the pontoon grill is easy to set up and easy to disassemble. What’s more, a solid griddle can be made out of the top of the BBQ lid.
Being propane powered, the pontoon grill can cook up to 20 hotdogs and it weighs only 12 pounds so it is portable. With over 130 square inches of cook surface on the top lid, the boating enthusiast can have fun on this pontoon grill which is very easy to install and use.
The pontoon grill has a 12,000 BTU rating and it easily collapses down for storage. The small cup-like drip tray makes it easier for you to get rid of the excess grease from this pontoon grill. It can be used in your boat conveniently or be given as a Father’s day present to your dad or grandfather.
Any angler or boating person will love this grill with the included mounting post. You will surely get the fire going with this pontoon grill. The hole on the right side for the propane attachment is easy to access. For those who want to cook barbecue, burgers and dogs, this is a considerable choice.
The pedestal is removable in this pontoon grill and the grill cooking surface measures 189 square inches. You can also remove the grill from the post for other purposes. A single cook out will yield many as the pontoon grill mounts directly on the post. Consuming a 20-pound tank or any 1-lb tank of propane, it is also a great portable table top grill.

Best Pontoon Grill for Propane Fuel

Camco KUM58121 Profile Grill 150 Propane

Our ideal propane powered pontoon grill is the Camco KUM58121 Profile Grill 150 Propane. The pontoon grill features wind block panels and can be taken onto any campsite with up to two hours on high setting. It is quite durable and is totally efficient in cooking anything. The pontoon grill keeps up the power even when fuel is low and it has a pressure-control system for your convenience.
With a stainless steel construction, the pontoon grill is a good-looking unit and it is one of the best marine grills out there. What’s more, the = grill also features a stainless steel handle and it also mounts to an RV for added convenience.
Having a stay cool handle for your comfort, the pontoon grill is truly well-constructed so it is durable for outdoor cooking. The pontoon grill has a 150 sq. in. cooking area and it is a great grill overall. Being wind-resistant, it is compact as a pontoon grill that easily mounts to your boat.
There are also some integral fold away legs for easy storage for this pontoon grill. The grill works hot enough to easily cook your food and it has a strong housing as a pontoon grill that is a propane model for propane gas with an option for a connection for a 20lb tank.
Made of a stainless gas grill, the pontoon grill can also take some disposable 1 lb. bottles and it is also okay for both vertical or horizontal mounting. The pontoon grill can be mounted onto the back deck of your pontoon and you can easily replace the heat plates.
The grease management tray is removable so you can clean up the pontoon grill in a breeze. The pontoon grill can also used for car camping and the mechanism shields burners from wind. It uses perfect heat technology to maintain its fire and the sleek design will not wear off even in cold weather.
The pontoon grill is also ideal for tailgating and it also consumes less fuel. Surviving well under extreme conditions, the pontoon grill has an aluminized steel cook top which helps bring out maximum heat for easily cooking your food or fish.
The pontoon grill is also okay for any sheltered environment other than an open boat. It is also capable of most larger propane tanks and it works great as a grill for pontoons and boats.

Best Pontoon Grill with a Regulator

Kuuma 58140 Stow-N-Go 125 Gas Grill

The Kuuma 58140 Stow-N-Go 125 Gas Grill is a great pontoon grill that includes a regulator. A great camping companion, there is no need for tools when setting up this pontoon grill. Using minimum fuel at a given time, the pontoon grill is also easy to use due to the stay cool handle so it is comfortable.
It is also applicable with a pedestal mount and it comes with regulator to attach any gas bottle. With over 125 square inches of cooking surface, the pontoon grill works with a quick release rail mount with its quality construction. There is also a pilot light between the grill and the canister and an option for rail or rod mounting with this pontoon grill.
With a heat output of 9000 BTUs per hour, it is a great pontoon grill to consider when space is very limited due to its convenient portability. It is also compatible for any indoor or outdoor rail mount and it is well constructed, capable of handling larger refillable tanks.
It has a pedestal mount option and is a compact grill to consider. The grill cooks quickly and it measures 19 x 11 inches. Making use of high pressure propane, the pontoon grill is compatible on a 60-degree rod holder mount and it will pork roasts just fine.
Made of stainless steel is of marine grade and is part of the 300 series, the pontoon grill also works on a direct above rail grill mount and uses disposable propane for the fuel. In addition to that, pontoon grill can be able to handle a tri-tip for your convenience.
The pontoon grill also comes fully assembled so you will have hassle with it. What’s more, the pontoon grill can be easily mounted to make it easier for you. The pontoon grill also works on a single axis rail grill mount and it is readily compatible with a 20lb propane tank conversion kit.
The included regulator has throwaway cylinder threads which measure 1 inch to 20 inch and the pontoon grill also works on a long pontoon seat. The pontoon grill is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Best Pontoon Grill that is Portable

KOOL GRILL Take Anywhere Portable BBQ

If you want the best portable pontoon grill then you should for the KOOL GRILL Take Anywhere Portable BBQ which uses no flammable gas at all in its design. Being super portable, the pontoon grill can be easily taken to and installed onto the boat.
Giving your meal an even heat distribution, you can easily control your airflow with this intuitive pontoon grill. Available in black, green and yellow models, the pontoon grill has an alternative from bulky grills and the cooking temperature is maintained throughout the cooking activity.
You can cook various food in this pontoon grill such as chicken and sausages as well as fish. With the lightweight feeling, you will find that the pontoon grill is cool to the touch so it is very safe to bring to the boat or to the beach for cooking.
With an ample cooking surface that is cool to the touch, the pontoon grill can make you healthy and delicious meals or up to 16 sausages in its surface for cooking. With inner and outer bowls that are exquisitely designed for the portable pontoon grill.
Equipped with non-slip rubber feet, the pontoon grill is perfect for boats due to its stability. As a great charcoal BBQ, you can also use it to cook some steak and burgers with precise control over the temperature for the best cooking possible.
You can even take the pontoon grill to the park due to its portability and its only requirement of 4 AA batteries makes it a really easy to use grill. You can either sizzle or cook on this pontoon grill and it is made of a sturdy grill and inner bowl in its design.
Setting it up in just 6 minutes, the pontoon grill is appropriate for outdoor use and can be used with a lighter gel to ensure that the food is cooked perfectly and the heat stays light. Being a dishwasher safe pontoon grill in its components, it also has a fat draining bowl.
You can grill fish on your boat anywhere and anytime with this pontoon grill. What’s more, the cold air is circulated between the components so the pontoon grill will not overheat at all and will be totally safe for boating. It is also easily movable while cooking and is backed by a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Best Pontoon Grill that is Foldable

Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel Grill

Our best foldable pontoon grill is the Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel Grill. Occupying up to 8 burger patties, the pontoon grill is truly portable but spacious in its cooking area. The pontoon grill can be taken anywhere to cook and it is able to cook up to 6 steaks in one go with enhanced flavor.
With over 305 square inches of cooking surface, the pontoon grill is large enough for delicious trout fillets after a day’s angling and fishing. It has a temperature gauge for those who want to cook at a precise temperature as much as possible.
Being propane powered, the pontoon grill gives you no flare-ups at all and you can cook red meat with this pontoon grill as well. Made of stainless steel grating, the pontoon grill is powered by up to 10,000 BTUs of heating power.
You can also connect a 20 pound propane tank in this pontoon grill. What’s more, any barbecue cooks hot with this stainless steel made pontoon grill that has a heat control setting for your needs. You will be able to cook 8 burgers at a given time and the front carry handle is large for portability.
You will love this grill and its sheet metal shell. It accepts disposable 1-pound propane cylinders and it is easy for transport and storage. With low, medium and high settings, the pontoon grill is quite convenient for various food items. The grill area measures 18 x 11 inches and it also has a push button ignition for your convenience.
What’s more, the non-magnetic grate and burner tube so it is safe for fishing. You can also cook veggies to a crisp other than fish and meat. You can definitely depend upon this pontoon grill for boating and cooking. It is also compatible with any hose adapter you put to it.
With total dimensions of 24 x 16 x 14 inches, the pontoon grill is portable when camping as a great outdoor accessory that gives you an authentic charred flavor on meats anywhere and anytime. You can use a friddle on this grill and it has a heat shield for your travels and boating.
It has a secondary warming rack that can be used well. The pontoon grill is also suitable on jobsites for a BBQ grill on the go. With a decent heat distribution, it is very portable to take over a weekend vacation or activity that will cater to many different dishes.

Best Pontoon Grill with Instant Start

Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill

Our best instant start pontoon grill is the Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill. Great for tailgating, one can also cook with the lid open with this pontoon grill. Giving you ease of transport or store, the pontoon grill is great for camping and you can even keep it in a truck tool box.
With a u-burner design, the pontoon grill is a great boat grill to consider. However, to ensure hot grills, you can keep the grill closed as it cooks. There is also an option to use a manual grill lighter for this pontoon grill. Most small gas bottles can be used on this pontoon grill.
Using the perfect flow system, the pontoon grill has a small push button for ignition. Measuring 15 x 13 inches in its dimensions or size, you can cook with the lid down. It is safe for stainless and silicone cooking tools and regulates fuel flow easily.
As a nice little grill with no loss of propane at all, you can take it to road trips with its folding metal feet. It can be washed in the dishwasher and is easy to clean. Producing constant and even heat, you can get an adapter for RV use for this pontoon grill.
There is a flame bar for easy heating with this horseshoe shaped pontoon grill. On a single burner, it has 6,000 BTUs of cooking power which is fully adjustable. It folds to a compact size and it uses perfect heat technology for camping. With a removable grease tray, there is also a secure lid latch.
Safe for laminate, glass and aluminum tables and will also work for super durable wood tables, the pontoon grill gives optimal cooking performance and eliminates cleanup. Ideal for any 16.4-ounce propane bottle, it gives good distribution of heat and the stamped steel grate is porcelain coated.
As a portable tabletop grill for travel, tailgating or boating, it uses a match-less instastart lighting system. It also keeps the grease away from your food. You can take the pontoon grill to the beach as it sets up in seconds with a compact design.
As a long-lasting and durable pontoon grill that is bigger than most portables in terms of grilling area, it has a warming rack that is removable and it has a full-length grease trap for catching grease. You can enjoy outdoor cooking so much with this pontoon grill.

Best Pontoon Grill for Charcoal Fuel

Seasky Original Folding Charcoal BBQ Grill

The Seasky Original Folding Charcoal BBQ Grill is a great charcoal powered pontoon grill. You can place a handful of charcoal for the pontoon grill to work. The compact design makes it a suitable grill for any picnic. The pressure control system is easy to use on this pontoon grill. With a convenient carry handle, it has a large cooking surface of 105 square inches and it is also easy to transport.
It is easy to pick up and move wherever you want and that is why it is perfect for a boat setting. The pontoon grill is also ready to sear your food items and has enough air flow control to keep the accidents away. The pontoon grill is also sufficient for cooking some vegetables and fish.
As a portable pontoon grill, it is great for RVs, tailgating, camping, backpacking and so much more. It has a modern design, a durable build and is made from stainless steel material. It can be folded into a very compact way to store in your vehicle or garage. Food grade stainless steel has been used with this pontoon grill. A carry bag is also included for easy transport.
It has legs fold for portability and the pontoon grill is so portable that you can use it for any week camping trip. With a heat diffuser, it will work well on an RV. With a height of approximately 12 inches when the legs are folded, there is also a locking hood on the pontoon grill.

It is easy to regulate the cooking temperature with this pontoon grill. What’s more, nothing sticks so it is easy to clean up. Truly excellent for camping, the pontoon grill is also ideal for tailgating and cooking and grilling in your own backyard.

The Competition

Other pontoon grills did not match our criteria because they were not totally safe to operate and had a lot of flaws in terms of their design. The pontoon grill that anyone should have is one that is totally safe, free from hassle and also convenient in every single way.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a pontoon grill?
A: A pontoon grill is a grilling station that can be easily mounted onto your pontoon boat so that you can cook fish or other meals right off the bat from your boat. This is especially useful if you want to have a party in your pontoon boat right after fishing.
Q: What food can I grill on a pontoon grill?
A: There are many kinds of foods that you can be able to grill on a pontoon grill. For instance, you can prepare chicken, fish, pork, beef or steak. Anglers who also fish on their pontoon will most likely cook the fish that they have just caught. You can prepare the grilled food in any recipe or way that you want to but make sure that you cook it thoroughly and in a good way. Cooking with a grill is trickier than conventional kitchen gas cooking.
Q: Where is it ideal to place a pontoon grill?
A: There are many options to mount a pontoon grill onto your boat. Most people will put it behind the driver’s seat but you can choose any location in your pontoon that does not get in the way of anyone.
Q: Is a pontoon grill legal?
A: Yes, pontoon grills will not get you in jail, provided that you keep it safe from fire hazards and place it strategically. Like any barbecue grill on your lawn or yard, make sure that the pontoon grill stays secured to your pontoon boat. Whether you use propane or any other fuel for grilling, the pontoon grill should stay away from potential fire hazards so that the pontoon boat will stay a safe place and you won’t get caught by the authorities.
Q: Can I throw a party if I install a grill on my pontoon?
A: Yes, but there are specific reminders that you need to know. For instance, the maximum capacity of the boat should be considered so only invite a select number of people who can fit into the boat or pontoon. Make sure there are lifejackets, fire extinguishers and various safety items in case the pontoon grill causes a fire hazard to ensure that every party is safe in your pontoon boat. Also, you should make sure that the boat is anchored, docked or in full stop when using the pontoon grill.
Q: Why is it beneficial to take a grill with your pontoon boat?
A: A pontoon boat can be a great way to go fishing with so it is also a great way to go grilling with the fish you just caught. Whether you are an angler or a simple party person, a pontoon grill is a great way to spice up the summer season in your boat. Anglers will use it to grill their prize and most people will use it for BBQ parties.
Q: What fish can I grill using the pontoon grill?
A: Whether you are an angler or just a regular guy (or gal), a pontoon grill can cook a variety of fish such as bass, salmon and the like. It depends on the species that are caught in your lake, rivers or sea and can also be grilled to perfection in any way that you like. Cooking fish in a boat while on a lake, ocean or river makes it more exciting rather than just packing lunch with the boat. It adds a lot of excitement to any person’s vacation season.
Q: What are the different types of pontoon grills in terms of design? Which one should I choose?
A: There are various types of pontoon grills such as the clamp-on setup and the pedestal or drilled type. If you will often use the pontoon grill in your boat then you can just drill it onto your pontoon so it will be ready to use when the need calls for it. Otherwise, if you feel like you will not use it all the time, you can just buy a clamp-on design which is easier to store and portable as well.
Q: How can a pontoon grill be mounted onto the pontoon boat?
A: A lot of pontoon grills out there will have mounts that you can easily install on a side of your boat or in any location that is deemed safe for a grill. If you have a place where you usually setup a table through clamping or drilling then that is the place where you might ideally put a pontoon grill.
Q: What should I bring with me when grilling in a pontoon?
A: Bring extra water because the water supply for your pontoon boat is quite limited. However, do not bring fragile kitchen items such as glass bowls, cups, and the like, because they might break when the pontoon sways by the ocean or lake. All of your grilling items should be planned carefully, including the consumables.
Q: Should I use gas/propane or charcoal in a pontoon grill?
A: You can use charcoal provided that you are in the shore or have a rather large pontoon. However, it is best to use propane because it is safer than charcoal. While the taste of charcoal-grilled food is significantly better for most people, it is still the safety to use propane for a pontoon grill in general.
Q: Why should my pontoon grill have a storage bag if it is meant to be portable?
A: If you have a portable pontoon grill then a storage bag will help keep the grease contained inside the grill and will not spill onto your boat. The grease may have some bad impact onto your pontoon so it is best to have a pontoon grill that has a storage bag, in case you want a portable one.
Q: Why is it not advisable to use charcoal on a pontoon grill?
A: A pontoon or a boat can catch the fumes of carbon monoxide and may not only poison people or suffocate them if the pontoon is covered but it may also become a fire hazard in the long run. If you ever really need to use charcoal on a pontoon grill then make sure you have a fire extinguisher and a lot of water to cool it down.
Q: What kind of material should the pontoon grill be made of?
A: High quality stainless steel that is rust-proof and salt-proof is very much advisable for any boat grill or pontoon grill. Whether you will be taking the pontoon out to the sea, the river or the lake, it is the best to have a high grade stainless steel grill for your pontoon for it to last years of use. There’s no fun in eating food covered in rust.
Q: Can you convert a regular grill into a pontoon grill?
A: Yes, but it depends on your pontoon’s size and dimensions as well as the size and dimensions of the grill that you have. As much as possible, the grill should be portable for it to become a pontoon grill that will match the size of your boat. Bracket sets can be bought and installed manually to create your very own DIY boat grill.
Q: Where should I first store the fish I’m going to cook later in the pontoon grill?
A: Before you use the pontoon grill , make sure your fish are fresh and kept in saltwater ice bins to ensure that they are fresh when cooked.
Q: What is the safest, most humane way of killing fish for cooking?
A: Spraying with vodka onto the gills of the fish will result in a less dramatic and bloodless way of killing a fish for dinner, especially for those who just can’t stand animal cruelty.
Q: Is it advisable to keep veggies and similar perishables in a pontoon boat for grilling?
A: Only include veggies if you don’t plan to stay for too long in your pontoon boat or else it might lose its freshness. Also, you need to provide safety containers to lock in freshness before grilling with your meat or fish.
Q: Is it hard to cook or grill on a boat?
A: Yes, it can be hard at first because of the waves. However, by and by, you will get used to it and achieve a sense of balance when you often cook or grill on a pontoon boat or similar boats.
Q: Should I always carry an ice box with a pontoon boat if I will grill fish?
A: You only need an ice box if you plan to eat the fish later. Otherwise, you can just cook the fish right away. However, you may still need an ice box to keep beverages such as beer.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Magma Marine Kettle Stainless Gas Grill is our best pontoon grill due to its turbo venturi system, 144 square inches of cooking space and the ability to easily adapt to various propane tank sizes.