Best Organic Protein Powder

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If you want our best choice, consider the formula of the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Vanilla. These are simple vanilla-flavored, plant-based powders. The powders contain good amount of omegas, vitamin Cs, and 24 grams of protein per serving. This pick derives its nutrient from peas, brown rice, and Sacha Inchi. That said, the harvesting and processing of this ingredients is done without using fertilizers, pesticides, and other GMO compounds. And even though it’s vanilla flavoured, it contains no artificial sweeteners or additives that do nothing but boost flavour. If you want to tone and strengthen your muscles, this is the most reliable choice on the market.

Our expensive pick, the Vega One Coconut Almond Protein is a Gluten-free and vegan choice. It contains proteins that are plant-based and non-GMO verified. Each serving contains 20 grams of proteins from peas, flaxseed, hemp, and Sacha Inchi. Plus, it even contains natural broccoli, fiber, probiotics, and omega-3 for boosting immune and overall health. These proteins do not just increase stamina, but they also help maintain weight, so you look healthier and younger. It’s the perfect fitness enthusiast drink for people who exercise daily. On top of that, it has the essence of both coconuts and almond for a healthier and delicious taste.

Our budget pick, the Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Protein is a pure hemp-derived choice for picky buyers. This is a good morning proteins drink for fitness enthusiasts. It’s also a good source of greens and fiber for those who do not exercise daily. Containing all the essential amino acids, the plant-based proteins are derived from natural hemp. With no chemicals, additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors, the Nutiva is a good choice at a reasonable price. Hemp is a good companion for digestive problems, muscle stiffness, and for reducing lethargy. It gives your body a boost of energy to exercise, get walking, and be active.

A Little Background

Difference Between Organic and Non-Organic Protein Powder

It’s widely-accepted and proven that proteins are the best for building muscles, digestion, weight loss, and the heart. Most importantly, physical trainers and athletes often emphasize on the importance of proteins for muscle strength. But are organic powders more adept at stimulating better physical resistance than conventional products? This is a serious question most of you want answered. And why not?

Apart from the fact that conventional products, that are non-organic, come in a variety of blends containing additives and other substances. It’s not hard to find vanilla, peanut butter, and even coffee-inspired flavors with your protein powder. But are they safe? Such products contain carbohydrate concentrates along with other nutrients. Which means they are difficult to metabolize and may cause weight gain. With the awareness of such additions to proteins powders, recent companies have shed light on the health benefits of organic living. This means consuming plant-based foods that help with digestion, weight loss, and overall immune health. Those of you who wish to sublimate conventional methods of eating can rely on organic powders for their daily intake. And it’s a good way to switching to an environmentally-conscious lifestyle too, don’t you think?

Organic supplements must have a USDA certification which means they’re labor- and eco-conscious. This means for the production of such diets, no chemicals, fertilizers, or antibiotics, or hormones are used. The final result is a sugar-free, toxin-free, and carb-free organic proteins powder.

Organic protein powders can also be under the category of grass-fed cow protein. Which means whatever the cow eats, you consume as its protein powder. Some people say that such kind of supplement tastes much better than conventional products, but is that safe for animals? When considering organic foods, the best way to understand its key concepts is to look at each production method separately. So, if you’re feeding a cow organic food without hormones or other antibiotics, is it sufficient for the overall health of the cow? If not, then would deriving a protein-based supplement for humans be healthy and “organic”? These questions are better answered when you study the labels of such products closely. They must be certain requirements such as USDA certifications and other industry standards to promise health and satisfaction for the animals, environment, and you.

How We Picked

To be the best at what you buy, you need to know how to buy organic.

The first thing you need to know about it is the definition of organic in comparison to other conventional methods of growing plants and breeding animals for produce.



For plant-based powders:

Manure and compost are used.

Synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and other chemicals are used.

With the help of consistent weeding, mulching, crop rotation, and tilling the weeds/plants are grown.

With the help of chemicals herbicides the weeds/plants are grown.

Pests are kept away from the weeds/plants with the help of natural methods such as insects, birds, and traps. These are also known as naturally-driven pesticides.

The use of synthetic pesticides is very popular for keeping pests away.

For animal-based powders:

Animals are fed organic, GMO-free and hormone-free produce

Animals are fed genetically altered hormones, antibiotics, GMO-derived, and non-organic food.

To keep the animals healthy, methods such as rotational grazing, healthy eating, and hygienic housing are adopted.

To keep the animals healthy, antibiotics and other western medication is fed.

There is plenty of outdoor space for animals to rest and walk around.

There is a highly possibility that the animals aren’t taken outdoors, at all.

So, the best way to choose such supplements is to make sure they’re certified by either USDA or Fair Trade for their authenticity. Such powders are fresher, contain more antioxidants, are best for the environment, and are GMO-free.

Who Is This For?

If you have a specific health condition, such as an immune condition, digestive disease, etc. then switching to organic might help. The health benefits of drinking organic supplements are plenty because they are not processed with sugar, salt, or added fats. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, feeding your body unprocessed supplements containing protein as its primary nutrient can help increase muscle mass and decrease fat in the body. This is right way to lose weight loss.

Choosing foods and supplements with fewer chemicals and bacteria is a good way to ensure proper health and happiness. This is important for anyone struggling with certain health conditions.

Meal planning, for example, is crucial when consuming such supplements. Compared with animal-based nutrients, you must consume only small quantities of such supplements. This is because plant-based and organic protein is slower to digest than its non-organic counterpart. Once you start your diet, pay attention to the way your body, especially your digestive system, responds to the new lifestyle. Such changes do not come easy to a few. So, individual biofeedback is necessary.

On the other hand, people switching to a pescatarian diet, which includes consumption of fish and seafood products, but no meat can also find the best organic protein powder helpful. The same benefits apply to people who do not consume meat but eat eggs and other animal derivatives.

The main purpose of going “organic” can also be for bodybuilding or increasing muscle mass, organic proteins are high in amino acids and other nutrients. Building muscle with such a diet may be a bit slower than other methods, but it’s highly effective.

In one study, plant-based proteins, which are often organic, can help increase skeletal muscle mass more effectively than animal-based. The former influences the body’s proteins synthesis, which is necessary for building muscle and mass. (1)

Diabetics often go through fatigue, increased urination, tiredness, mood swings, elevated thirst, and other symptoms on a day-to-day basis. And extreme diabetics are at a higher risk of suffering from liver, kidney, and nerves damage. So, is organic powder essential for lowering these effects?

Proteins are responsible for the better secretion of hormones, antibodies, enzymes, and other neurotransmitters in the body. These have a direct impact on the metabolic, digestive, and the nervous system. Once the nutrient is digested in the body, it doesn’t interfere with the blood sugar and blood pressure rates. Plus, it has been proven to lower cholesterol in many diabetic and unhealthy patients.

So, for fighting diabetes, you can look up to organic protein powders to drink regularly. Make sure the powder doesn’t contain extra additives, fats, or sweeteners.

Arthritis is a serious bone disease which affects more than 50 million Americans. Studies suggest that one in 5 people over the age of 18 struggle with some form of arthritis. The main symptoms of this condition are joint stiffness, pain, and immobility. Organic powders when consumed in smaller amounts based on your nutritional diet is much needed. Proteins are a good source of amino acids which help fight inflammation and reduce bone stiffness and pain associated with arthritis. It also helps with cartilage production, since cartilage contains plenty of proteins for proper functioning. (2)

Our Best Pick

The Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Vanilla has a special taste containing ingredients that are USDA and Non-GMO certified. It’s our top best pick because it has a good taste and texture. It’s not too sweet or too bland. Plus, it contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. The texture of the powders after blending is smooth and has no smell. And with each serving you get 24 grams of proteins with organic pomegranate, rice, sachi inchi, and other all-nutrient ingredients.

We liked the Optimum Nutrition Gold for its honest, reliable, and efficient results. Since it contains almost 25 grams of proteins, it’s a definite tummy-filler for boosting healthy weight loss.

Our Best Step-Up Pick

The Vega One Organic Plant Powder is a sophisticated choice for most people. With coconut almond as its natural sweetener, it contains ingredients both appealing and organic to the senses. Each serving contains 20 grams of proteins from peas, flaxseed, hemp, and Sacha Inchi. For a nutrient boost, it also contains traces of kale, broccoli, and vitamins and minerals. So, it’s a complete nutrient-dense supplement for all the necessary fiber, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs.

We think this pick is more on the heavier side because it contains superfoods and probiotics. So, it makes a good companion for weight lifters, athletes, and for those who prefer going on a cleanse fast for weight loss and detox. The ingredients inside this give you all the essential nutrients you need to feel healthy and active.

Our Best Budget Pick

The Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp is best for budget-minded buyers. If you prefer earth-conscious and vegan products, that doesn’t mean you have to splurge for it. This product gives you all the essential proteins you need at a reasonable price. For starters, it’s organic hemp protein which is a good and nutritious meal to start your day with. It gives you 15 grams of proteins along with 8 grams of fiber to keep your tummy full. If you’re the get-up-and-go kind of people, then this is the perfect choice for you.

The powder is easy to blend and the texture isn’t lumpy or gooey. This is because it’s free of preservatives, chemicals, and other non-organic ingredients. And it’s cold-pressed which means it will last much longer than conventional methods of packaging. On an ending note, this powder is as delicious and nutritious as our top pick, and so it works best with smoothies.

Our Best Soy-Free Protein

Each serving of the Garden of Life Vegan Protein Powder contains 20 grams of proteins and 100 calories with no sugar. It is the best organic protein powder for a dairy-free, kosher, gluten-free, and soy-free diet. One of the top features of this pick is that it contains probiotics at 3 billion CFU and 13 enzymes. It’s USDA certified and Non-GMO certified with proteins derived from plant-based sprouts. On the plus side, it contains a host of healthy proteins from sprouted grains, peas, seeds, and legumes. With non-artificial vanilla flavour, it contains just the right amount of taste and nutrients to keep you company.

As a protein lover, the Garden of Life is one of the best investments you can make. It contains non-GMO and organically harvested nutrients that help you build muscles and feel strong. You do not have to rely on artificial chemicals, as steroids, for increasing stamina for fitness or health purposes. Now, with these proteins you can enjoy a healthy flavour that’ll keep you full every morning.

Our Best Chocolate-Flavored Protein

The Purely Inspired Organic Protein Powder offers a better, healthier, and tastier after-effect. It contains brown rice and pea proteins with 7 grams of fiber, 100-120 calories, and 20 grams of proteins in each serving. This meets your day’s nutrient requirements based on your age and weight. This ideal shake is best for anyone looking to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. This means you can drink up to 2 whole glasses everyday and feel energized and healthy. The product is non-GMO and USDA certified for long-lasting use.

It’s also vegan, gluten-free, and naturally sweetened. The natural sweetener is decadent chocolate which goes well with plain milk, coconut milk, or your daily smoothies. These proteins are not like other shakes you’ve had. It does not taste extra sweet and has no pleasant, yet artificial smell to begin with. You know it’s organic when it has a bland flavour. And this makes the product more appealing and interesting to use. The proteins are best for reducing cravings, so the fiber keeps your tummy full for long.

Our Best Whey Protein

The Less Naked Whey Chocolate Protein is best for fitness enthusiasts. It’s also good if you want to gain weight without increasing fat content in the body. With over 25 grams of proteins and nothing else, this is a pure organically-processed protein powder for you. For flavour, it hosts organic chocolate and coconut sugar ingredients. And although it’s whey proteins, it’s grass-fed with no traces of hormone or GMO supplementation. We think you will like this since it’s so much different than other brands out there. For starters, it has the kind of nutrition that has nothing to hide. With non-GMO, soy-free, and gluten-free ingredients, the ingredients are cold-pressed.

We found no traces of chemicals, additives, or bleach in its ingredients. And based on customer feedback, it has no potential side-effects. If you want to add a whey-specific diet, you do not need to compromise on flavour or quality anymore. The ingredients do not get more refined and organically purer than this. It has no sugar, excessive calories, or unhealthy proteins.

Our Best Nutritious Protein

The Vega Protein And Greens Shake is one of the best protein powders that doesn’t take like dirt. It’s best for a plant-based diet. It’s vanilla-flavored with exact 20 grams of proteins in every serving. This best powder also contains a combination of spinach powder, organic kale, and broccoli. Which means it isn’t one of those protein punching powders. If you prefer something versatile and nutrient-based, try the Vega Protein and Greens Shake. It’s available in many flavors, besides vanilla, and has good enough calories of protein in each pack.

The nutrient profile and value of this pick is incredible. It offers 120 calories, 1g of fat, 1g of fat, 6g of carbohydrates, and 20g of proteins. So, it is definitely a healthy option for those who need an all-round nutrient boost on a daily basis. To add to it, there are 15 essential amino acids present in this pick, which is plenty to start with. Amino acids are essential in most protein powders since they help in protein synthesis and normal cellular function.

Our Best Meal-Based Protein

The Garden of Life Raw Plant-Based is a sophisticated meal-replacement package for most people. If you prefer something that keeps you full for longer, as other meals do, try this one. Rich in proteins, fiber, and other essential minerals and vitamins, it is the combination of over 44 superfoods. This includes probiotics too with less than 1g of sugar. The product is soy free, gluten free, and vegan. These evaluations are all backed by USDA and Non-GMO Project certification.

This pick is also best for weight loss or if you wish to go on a cleansing diet for a few days. The taste is strong, yet naturally flavoured with this one. You can combine with lots of fresh fruits such as berries or mangoes or bananas and enjoy the after-taste of it. If you have a strict breakfast or dinner diet at home, the Garden of Life is a good batch to make. You’d be paying a lot more for the same value if you do not buy this pick.

Our Best Paleo Protein

The Natural Force Organic Whey Powder is our second grass-fed whey powder. This one is paleo, gluten-free, and vegan. It contains no artificial ingredients since it’s grass-fed and cold-pressed. Unlike other conventional brands that incorporate inhumane ways of processing whey in chemical-driven factory farms, this brand is earth-conscious. It doesn’t use any unnecessary additives or highly-processed preservatives to give you complete nutritional care. The whey itself is flavoured with only natural and organic ingredients which a stevia leaf.

If you want a clean choice for whey, try this one. The high-quality ingredients and chemical-free packaging are all up to the task. It’s not too expensive for its serving size and much more valuable than most “organic” companies for standard proteins powders. The powder’s consistency is not gooey or clumpy. It feels smooth and has no regulated chemicals to give it a pungent smell. Also, all the ingredients are USDA and Non-GMO certified.

Our Best Superfood Protein

The last pick on the list is the Amazing Grass Organic Plant-Based. It’s the best choice if you want to experiment with something new and effective. It contains organic acai, pineapple, sweet potato, and 7 other alkalizing vegetables. Hemp, Quinoa, chia, and pea contribute to the plant-based proteins. Each of the ingredients are USDA organic, gluten free, grain free, and GMO free. This makes it one of the best proteins powders for most people.

You can shake it with water or milk, blend in with a few fresh veggies or fruits, or add it in your pancakes or other baking dishes. All you need is one scoop and you’re through! The powder has no traces of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or chemicals. And its nutritional profile is as follows: 20 grams of proteins, 4 carb-based fruits and veggies, 3 grams of fiber, and less than 1 gram of sugar. One of its best ingredients are spirulina which acts as an immune booster for overall health.

The Competition

With the best protein powder, it’s always trial and error because there’s no standard best choice for everyone. Based on your diet and the amount of physical training you do can you determine the best choice for you. That said, as researchers we are not fit to decide the best product for you. But what we can do is research a thorough and complete guide to buying the best powders online without falling for false claims. If you’re thinking about going vegan, there are many health benefits to reap from it. But at the same time, you need to make some smart choices when buying organic foods and supplements.

We understand that withdrawing from meat for your daily protein intake isn’t easy. How else can you get sufficient amounts of protein for weight loss and management? And you need protein in your daily diet to increase stamina and build muscle mass. By choosing any one of our best picks, you can power through your day and every workout session. You can blend in the powders with your daily smoothies rich in antioxidants, fruits, and milk, or bake it in your favorite diet-friendly treats. And you’ll forget why you ever looked up to chicken or turkey for your protein intake. This is definitely a healthier, smarter, and more environmentally-friendly choice for most people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the health benefits of organic protein powder?

A. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or a passionate exerciser. Even if you’re not currently physically active, there is a wide range of benefits that you can still reap from organic powder. Especially because it is available in such many varied forms, all of which are eco-friendly, vegan, and 100% digestion-friendly. So, let’s look at why you need to buy the best powder right away.

Boosts protein consumption: If you start consuming more of the organic powder consistently, as a part of your daily nutritional intake, you increase your intake of protein. Protein is much needed to replenish various organs, tissues, and muscles in the body. Without protein, you lose muscle mass; which weakens the immune system. Similarly, protein also has an effect on the body’s hormonal function. You need protein as a digestive aid for boosting metabolism for weight loss.

Studies suggest that if suffering from fatigue, muscle stiffness, mood swings, and other similar health problems, it may be because of nutrient deficiency or lack of protein intake in the body. With organic powder, you can increase your plant-based intake without the presence of extra additives, chemicals, or substances. The nutrient that enters your body is directly absorbed and digested by the stomach.

Reduces heart disease risk: Plant-based nutrients contain plenty of omega-3 fatty acids which promotes cardiovascular health. It also helps lower blood pressure and artery damage.

In observational studies and clinical trials, an elevated protein intake can reduce blood pressure and reduce risk of atherosclerosis. Getting plant-based protein rather than animal-based can have positive effects on the heart. It reduces ischemic heart disease and the risk of haemorrhage, which is a common and deadly heart condition. (3)

Traditionally, our bodies need 46 grams of protein (for adult women) and 56 grams of protein (for adult men). That said, the right portion of plant-based protein reduce LDL cholesterol and elevate HDL cholesterol, which improves overall heart health. (4)

Contains nutritious amino acids: Plant-based proteins contain amino acids as their key nutrient. The composition consists of amino acids that are cross-linked through a series of chains. Hence, the nutritional benefits of amino acids, which is best for metabolism, muscle development, and other water processes is essential when taking plant-based nutrient powders into consideration. (5)

Amino acids are needed in the body for secreting peptide hormones, creatine, and other significant neurotransmitters. This means it regulates a better hormonal, metabolic, and nervous response. Signs of amino acid deficiency in the body can alter biochemical processes in the body; causing low hormonal levels. This is the leading cause of mood swings, depression, and extreme weight gain or weight loss in unhealthy individuals. (6)

It promotes healthy hair: This is quite unheard of among health enthusiasts and athletes. Hair loss, known as alopecia, is a serious condition which can get permanent unless taken care of. Several observational and clinical studies have concluded that lack of plant-based protein consumption can promote hair loss in healthy and unhealthy individuals.

This kind of hair loss, caused by malnutrition, can be reversed. That is, if you maintain a healthy dietary intake of 2 to 3 servings of plant-based nutrients, per day. American Academy of Dermatology suggests that loss of hair occurs 2 to 3 months after insufficient protein intake. So, boosting essential nutrients in your diet can prevent this from happening. (7)

Helps in the prevention of and recovery from cancer: Many nutritional researchers across the globe have development a series of studies that prove why plant-based proteins are necessary for treating cancer. Plant-based nutrients are directly associated as cancer-fighting compounds. They promote hormones in the body which are responsible for influencing neurotransmitters to reduce the growth of cancer cells. Similarly, the amino acids present in this plant-based nutrient also helps boost neurotransmitters in the fight against cancer. (8)

In one comprehensive study, eating increasing the intake of this plant-based nutrient rather than animal-based is best for human health. (9)

It assists with proper immune function: By consuming plant-based proteins regularly, you can boost your immune system effectively. The fact that this nutrient contains amino acids among other essential compounds such as albumin, is responsible for regulating better blood flow to the brain and all other organs and muscles of the body. Additionally, it also makes up the anti-body function which is responsible for fighting infections.

In one study, protein malnutrition is a significant immunosuppressive agent. It depletes the production and secretion of immune cells necessary for overall health. This decreases a patient’s chance of resisting various kind of diseases and infections. (10)

It helps with weight loss and management: Increasing your plant-based protein intake as opposed to increasing your carbohydrate or fat intake, can result in healthy weight loss. Healthy weight loss means no loss of muscle mass. So, you tone and lose weight which doesn’t have an effect on your energy levels. Such meals also curb unhealthy cravings and boosts metabolism. Which are two key elements in losing weight.

So, next time you feel a craving coming of fat or sugar-dense foods, try organic protein powder. It curbs appetite and makes you full faster so you do not indulge in unhealthy meals throughout the day. (11,12)

That’s all you need to know about increasing your intake of the best organic protein powder. Finding nutrient-based powders in a certified form is easier than you think. Look for products that are comparatively safer than other sources of protein in general. And you can finally reap the benefits of plant-based protein effortlessly.

Q. How many kinds of organic powder are there?

A. There are 3 main types of nutrient-based powders which are both vegan and 100% certified.

Whey protein

Whey protein contains 80% casein, which is best for digestion. It helps you meet your nutritional goals for boosting metabolism, promoting weight loss, and fighting indigestion easily. As a plant-based nutrient supplement, whey contains large amounts of amino acids. It does not harm the digestive organs such as the liver or the kidney, unlike animal-based nutrients.

Whey is best for:

  • Muscle development
  • Weight loss and management
  • Boosting immune system
  • Lactose-intolerance

Soy protein

Soy is derived from soya beans, which is best for food-conscious people. If you’re looking to live a dedicated, plant-based lifestyle, opting for soy-based foods is one way to go. It is low in cholesterol and low in saturated fats. Plus, it contains all essential nutrients needed for overall health: amino acids, fiber, calcium, and B vitamins.

Soy-based organic powders are both vegan and a vegetarian option. The latter is missing in whey protein powders. However, we do not recommend soy-based protein powders since they are full of phytoestrogens which are also genetically modified for consumption.

Phytoestrogens can affect fertility in women and men as it influences normal levels of hormones in the body. It can also alter hormonal levels causing mood swings, endocrine dysfunction, and other health problems. However, if you choose to consume soya-based protein powders in the lowest amounts, it is best for menopause and increasing libido. (13)

Hemp protein

Hemp-based protein powders is the best vegan choice for most people. It contains proteins, omega fatty acids, and fiber in huge amounts. If you want a good immune-booster, go for hemp organic powders. Hemp comes from the variety of Cannabis sativa plant. This, which is common to most, has excellent psychoactive compounds, essentially THC. This makes hemp one of the best protein powders on the market. It’s best for the body as much as the mind. (14)

Hemp is best for:

  • Blood pressure
  • ADHD
  • Obesity
  • Weight loss and management
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Digestion
  • Depression and mood swings

Q. What are the side-effects of going “organic”?

A. Everything good takes time. The same applies to when you’re switching from conventional to non-toxic foods and supplements. Even though such nutrient powders are safe for human intake, they do have certain negative effects that last for a few weeks after the implementation of such a lifestyle.

You may experience some digestive problems: Some powders contain casein, such as in whey, which might cause a slight discomfort in people who are intolerant to lactose. And if you take such powders in large amounts, it may cause stomach cramps, irregular bowel movements, and other digestive problems.

Increased toxicity: This is rarely a problem for going organic, but certain protein powders contain heavy metal compounds. These are potentially toxic metals that can cause headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, and fatigue.

Cancer risk: Soy-based protein powders are accountable for such a risk. This is because of the high amounts of phytoestrogens present in this plant-based food. Large amounts of consumption can increase risk of breast cancer in women. And it also affects men due to the high phytoestrogen intake.  

As alarming as this may seem, consuming lower doses of organic powders is in fact healthy for most people. But if you have a prevailing health condition, such as a digestive, metabolic, or hormonal disease, consulting with your nutritional specialist is important. A specialist will be able to determine the right amount of protein concentrate you need from a supplement and how often. This is important when you need the right dose and instructions for increasing muscle strength and boosting immune health.

Wrapping it Up

The Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Vanilla is our best pick because it has a good flavour and non-GMO and USDA-certified ingredients. It tastes and lasts the best out of the 9 picks we took into consideration. It comes at a good price, is best for sensitive stomachs, and aids weight loss. So, you get something that is nutritious, vegan, and gluten or soy-free without it tasting sour or bland.