Best Military Flashlight

The ThruNite Archer 2A V3 LED Flashlight is our best military flashlight. With a 2-button interface that is easy to operate, the firefly or SOS mode ensures that this is a good emergency flashlight as well. Its candle mode allows you to stand it up from the tail, which also makes it suitable for camping.

Our step-up pick is the ThruNite TC12 Micro-USB Interface Rechargeable Flashlight and the military flashlight has an IPX-8 standard waterproof rating which can take up to 2 meters of water immersion. Moreover, it is a great flashlight for those who work on night shift. With a max output of 1100 lumens so it is extra bright, the military flashlight runs at 5 volts at 1 amp on its charging current.

The budget pick is the Vizeri LED Focusing Lens Tactical Flashlight and bringing a natural beam, the military flashlight gives you easy battery replacement as a duty light for the police or the military. With a momentary-on feature for emergency preparedness and other military exercises, it is quite economical for its power source.

A Little Background

A military flashlight is used for tactical purposes, for emergency rescue operations, for working in the dark and in woody areas, and for various military or police operations. The durability and functions make them different from regular EDC or everyday carry flashlights that most people have in their homes and pockets. Any kind of flashlight attached to a military or police weapon is important because it will serve as a guide for dangerous situations in the dark when you or your comrades’ lives are at stake.
Waterproof and shock resistance are two of the things that make a military flashlight fit for military purposes. It is much like a tactical flashlight such that it is a bit more expensive than your usual flashlight and has a lot of functions. They are usually built to last for not just outdoor adventures but also for military operations.
Most red colored flashlights can be associated with IR or infrared flashlights as well. They are also great for bringing out the details in your current work or operations, especially in the dark or at night. Having a red colored lens in your flashlight will be a great thing to have for these kind of special situations, especially for military operations.
Using a military flashlight should be done sparingly. Only turn it on when you absolutely need it so that your target won’t know that you are carrying a light and it won’t give in your position, especially if you’re hiding from them and waiting to strike.

How We Picked

When it comes to choosing the best military flashlight, you might want to consider the following factors in making your decision:
Lumens or brightness: consider a military flashlight that has just the right amount of lumens or brightness. Most flashlights that have really high brightness can have up to 1,000 lumens or more and those will be the high-end military flashlights. Moreover, having a good brightness on a flashlight is important because it will be a deciding factor when it comes down to finding out if there are intruders around an area and distinguishing things in the dark.
Color options: some military flashlights also have the option to switch to red light, green light or blue light so that you can use it for specific purposes. Most military people use red light for working on things at night because red light is good at bringing out detail in any object in the dark and also for keeping stealth in the middle of the night, as bright white light can distract others and possibly blow up your cover or hiding ground.
Portability and handiness: a good military flashlight would also be portable and small enough to fit inside most pockets so that it can be easily carried throughout any operation. In addition to that, a military flashlight that can be easily attached to carabineers would be great so that you can carry them along with your favorite tools and keys. Having a handy military flashlight is important if you want to have a good companion that is easy to access whenever you need it, especially in the dark or at night.
Functions and settings: consider a military flashlight that has more than enough settings for outdoor functions, such as strobe lights for self-defense as well as an SOS light function so that it will be usable for emergency purposes and search and rescue operations. The way that you can switch between these modes should be easy enough so that in a tough situation, you can be able to operate it with just one hand.
Waterproof rating: the waterproof rating of a military flashlight is important because you may need a flashlight that can be submerged into the water easily without breaking down. While most EDC or regular flashlights out there are only rainproof, some military flashlights can be submerged into the water, making them a great piece of military gear to consider for emergency purposes.
Shockproof and durability: a shockproof military flashlight is a great thing because it will be durable throughout the operation. Military missions are usually rough and tough so you need heavy duty gear such as a military flashlight made with sturdy and shockproof material.
Adjustability of angle: like a regular EDC flashlight, most military flashlights also have a zoom option in which the angle can be changed from narrow to wide. The narrow light of a military flashlight can reach very far so it allows you to stay safe on the road. On the other hand, if you have a wide flood light mode then it will have a wide range of lighting even at a short distance.
Power saving: a military flashlight that has some power saving features such as a low light mode will come in handy during times of emergency.
Battery type and lifespan: a military flashlight may be powered using a lithium ion battery or some AAA batteries. This is highly important because when your lithium ion battery unexpectedly fails, dies or runs out of power during an emergency situation, you still have the AAA battery compartment to depend upon for power. Having a good battery is important for your military flashlight so that it can last for longer periods of time without the need to change batteries.
Bulb quality and lifespan: the bulb is what makes the military flashlight function well. A high quality bulb set, which is usually in LED, can last for a long time and yet provide your flashlight with really bright light without sacrificing power consumption. Moreover, military flashlights aren’t always LED – some more expensive ones can be xenon or krypton powered.
Attachment options: the military flashlight with an option for a carabineer for attaching with your keys or other tools is a great thing to have. In addition, if the military flashlight can also be mounted onto certain guns then that would be a helpful thing to have.
Shatterproof and fog proof lens: having a military flashlight that has a lens that is shatterproof means that it can be ready for anything. Moreover, a fog proof lens would be not a hassle at all in cold or humid weather. Shatterproof lenses are indeed for outdoor and military purpose so they are a must-have for a military flashlight.

Our Pick

ThruNite Archer 2A V3 LED Flashlight

Our best military flashlight would be the ThruNite Archer 2A V3 LED Flashlight. As for the operation, its push button tail switch for on/off operation is easy to use. It is also o-ring sealed for the elements and for less damage to the bulb. Moreover, the lens is made with scratch resistant coating so it lasts longer.
Using a Cree XP-L V6 LED light bulb for its lighting, it is also o-ring sealed so it is great for the rainy days. With an IPX-8 standard waterproof rating or up to 1.5 meters of water immersion, , the overall visibility is good for this military flashlight with up to 118 yards or 130 meters.
It is made with military grade anti-abrasive material for the coating to protect against the elements. It is powered by 2 AA batteries so it is easy to find batteries for it. The cool white color makes it ideal for relaxing your eyes.
Reaching up to 500 lumens, the military flashlight also qualifies as a high-end EDC flashlight with five modes of lighting for versatility. It has a switch cover to protect it from the elements and it is made with a type III finish hard-anodized aluminum body for durability.
The memory function to remember your last settings is helpful in tough times. Being a versatile military flashlight which can also be used for reading books and maps, it has a lanyard included for attachment purposes.
With overheat protection to protect the internal components, the military flashlight has a peak beam intensity of up to 4232 CD. You can use it on an emergency and the reverse polarity protection for the battery ensures it won’t fail if you accidentally messed up the battery installation.
It can last up to 11 hours on its medium power mode. What’s more, it has a side button and tail switch for easy on/off. Also ideal for law enforcement, the military flashlight has a hidden strobe feature for self-defense purposes. Great for self-defense purposes, the military flashlight has a 10-year shelf life and is also backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some flaws but not really deal breakers to say about the ThruNite Archer 2A V3 LED Flashlight include the fact that its rated distance is not as good as others, but for the money, it is pretty decent for a military grade flashlight nonetheless.

Step-up Pick

ThruNite TC12 Micro-USB Interface Rechargeable Flashlight

The ThruNite TC12 Micro-USB Interface Rechargeable Flashlight is our step-up pick. With various options and settings and an easy to use mechanism, the military flashlight is a good go-to tactical flashlight, especially at night.
You can use this military flashlight for security and medical purposes. What’s more, a pocket clip is included for easy attachment and it is a good military flashlight for really tough military situations. The military flashlight can be charged using the included micro USB charging port.
It uses a lithium ion 18650 battery and it can be used for law enforcement. Using the Cree XP-L V6 lamp bulb with a lot of brightness, it is perhaps more than your average EDC flashlight. With a memory function to remember the last setting, the military flashlight also has an overcharge protection feature.
There is a side switch for changing the flashlight mode easily. With a max throwing distance is up to 240 meters, it can be a great tactical flashlight for walking at night. The military flashlight may also work with the Fenix AOF-S filter for color choices.
With 18760 CD for its Peak beam intensity, the military flashlight uses ITC Technology to prevent overheating. With 5 modes to select from, the unit has a smooth reflector to have a good quality beam. What’s more, the bulb has a lifespan of 20 years or more.
Great for military applications, the military flashlight has a strobe and firefly/SOS mode for emergency purposes. With 2.75 to 5 volts of working voltage, the military flashlight has a tail switch for easy on/off. It is made with a stainless steel side switch that can last against the elements.
The charge time is from 30 minutes to 1 hour on the average. The military flashlight is also impact resistant up to a height of 1.5 meters. With a one-key strobe operation for emergency purposes, the military flashlight can also be a great hunting flashlight. Powered by a USB charging cord, the flashlight also includes 2 spare o-rings, a pocket clip, a holster and a lanyard.

Budget Pick

Vizeri LED Focusing Lens Tactical Flashlight

The Vizeri LED Focusing Lens Tactical Flashlight is our budget pick as a military flashlight that can also act as a tactical flashlight and will illuminate objects from afar. Great for signaling tactics, you can attach the military flashlight to a rifle with weaver rings.
Compatible with most rifles and military gear, it has an adjustable beam from spot to flood light. With a reflector to make the beam ideal for long range operations, the military flashlight can be used for a surveillance at night.
With over 5 modes of lighting to choose from, it can be a great emergency light for your needs. The flashlight has up to 1000 lumens depending on the battery quality and it has a strobe and SOS function for emergency and rescue purposes. There are also gold plated springs to make it rust-free for the battery compartment.
With a memory feature so you can remember the last option you selected, the military flashlight can be immersed in water to a depth of 3 feet due to being IPX7 waterproof, making it a good combat companion for military operations. It is also compact flashlight in terms of weight and length.
The military flashlight can be powered by AAA, 18650 lithium ion or CR123 alkaline batteries so you get multiple battery options for a single unit. It is made with military grade aluminum so it is quite durable. You can also easily mount the military flashlight on weapons depending on the rail you have.
You can use the military flashlight in your tent due to the different attachment options. With a hard anodized finish to protect against the elements, the military flashlight has a d-ring for converting it to a hanging lamp.
Giving off a pure white color, the military flashlight can be mounted on one of your AR rifles for combat. The flashlight is also attachable to a bike mount and can be a great service light for your car or vehicle. With a lamp diffuser and a solid construction, the twist focus does not get easily bumped. The military flashlight comes with a carabineer and holster and can also be used at home.

Best Military Flashlight that uses AAA Batteries

EdisonBright Nitecore MT06 Tactical Pen-type Flashlight

The EdisonBright Nitecore MT06 Tactical Pen-type Flashlight is our ideal military flashlight that runs on AAA batteries, which can be found on most stores for easy battery change. At 165 lumens on its output power, the military flashlight is quite small and compact so it is great for surveillance operations.
Made with a Cree XQ-E LED bulb for its light, the military flashlight features anti-reflective coating so it can be used at night without messing up on your camouflage. In addition, the quality feel of this military flashlight makes it stand out from other pen-style flashlights.
The design of this military flashlight also makes it ideal for pilots or for those who work on the Air Force. It is a pen-shaped flashlight, which is great for spying or covert operations in the military. The clear mineral glass coating makes this military flashlight a quality flashlight that won’t easily get scratches.
With a pocket clip included for your attachment needs, the military flashlight works with 2 AAA batteries (included) and it is a lightweight flashlight to consider for those who don’t have a lot of room for their pockets or bag.
The military flashlight is also an IPX-8 waterproof rating flashlight so it can go as deep as 2 meters. Moreover, the unit can be dropped a few times and not get damaged so it is shockproof as a military flashlight. Even with 2 brightness levels, it is easy to switch between them and it is reasonable since this is a small and pen-style military flashlight.
With a good runtime of up to 5 hours and 15 minutes on its battery, the military flashlight has no orange peel effect means that it has been made smoothly in its finish. It has been made with HAIII hard-anodized aluminum that is of military grade.
With this military flashlight, you can get close to 100 yards for its light distance. This flashlight is also ideal for medical use and it comes with a stainless steel clip for easy attachment onto various gear. As a military flashlight, it is backed by a 5 year warranty.

Best Military Flashlight with an Angle Head Design

Streamlight 1
Streamlight 14032 Sidewinder Military Tactical Flashlight

The Streamlight 14032 Sidewinder Military Tactical Flashlight is our unique military flashlight that has an angled head or articulating head. With over 4 lighting sources for its LED lighting, such as blue, red, white and infrared, you can use it for various operations possible.
With a military flashlight like this, you can use it with your night vision goggles due to the presence of the infrared and red light, which can be used in covert operations. Moreover, the strobe function of this military flashlight makes it also a great tactical or self-defense flashlight for intruders who pass by.
Simply double click the switch of this military flashlight to use the strobe function. It uses only 2 AA batteries which can be easily supplied. It also has a spring steel clip for easy attachment onto anything. It is also o-ring sealed and gasket sealed for the openings so water will not get inside of the flashlight.
The military flashlight can be used for your AR-15 rifle and accessories for attaching this light to different gears are available. Being a waterproof or water resistant military flashlight, it can be used for MOLLE or ACH mounting. Its cap seals watertight so it can be protected against the weather.
Made under MIL-STD-801F Method 512.4, the military flashlight uses polycarbonate lens so it is tough and durable against scratches. What’s more, there are battery polarity indicators so you can switch batteries at night or in total darkness, which makes it ideal for important military operations.
The military flashlight can last about 5 to 6 months of daily use and it has a push-button switch for on/off operation. Great for bad weather and water instances, the military flashlight withstands -40 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures so it is great for almost any weather instance.
It can be switched from low to high light power levels and its lens is very scratch-resistant. Moreover, the military flashlight has a tethered tail cap so you can keep it with you at all times. In addition to that, the nylon case gives weather resistance and shockproof quality. This particular military flashlight is backed by a one year limited warranty.

Best Military Flashlight that uses AA Batteries

Gerber Infinity Ultra Task LED Flashlight

If you want a military flashlight that can be easily powered using AA batteries then you can try the Gerber Infinity Ultra Task LED Flashlight. It has a white LED function that is fairly bright. This particular military flashlight may also work for camping due to its decent brightness and portability.
The military flashlight will last 100 hours or more with a higher grade battery. In addition to that, the tube design is quite sleek so it will be easier to use and yet not slip from your hands at all. You can attach the military flashlight to the brim of your hat.
If you are going for long walks at night then this military flashlight is also a good EDC light or casual light or even an emergency light for power outages. Being made of military grade aluminum, this military flashlight has a solid weight so it is just durable for various outdoor purposes as well.
When it comes down to the battery, this military flashlight is easily loadable and can be powered up in emergencies because of its AA battery needs. Moreover, there is a hole for a lanyard with this military flashlight for easy accessibility.
The military flashlight can reach up to 30 feet on its light beam and the body is also made with a shockproof construction so it can take a blow against a rock. You can also stand it up so you can make a lamp for camping and other outdoor adventures with it.
Powered only with the use of 1 AA battery, the bulb of this military flashlight has over 50,000 hours of lifespan. You can definitely use the military flashlight as a day to day carry flashlight and it has power of 1.5 volts with up to 32 hours of runtime.
You will be able to see where you’re walking with this reliable military flashlight. It also has a decent clip to hold on to and the hard anodized coating makes it simple yet rugged and durable. The high-grade aluminum adds to its stability and shockproof quality.
Being waterproof up to 10 feet, the military flashlight also comes with double o-rings, in comparison to some with only one o-ring. It also has a water-sealed circuit board for the rainy days. It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Military Flashlight that is Rainproof

Goreit X800 Military Zoomable Rainproof Flashlight

The Goreit X800 Military Zoomable Rainproof Flashlight is a great military flashlight that can withstand the heavy rain and water splashes. The military flashlight can be used as a task light for work at night or for police and military operations.
This military flashlight is powered by a Cree XML-T6 LED bulb and is made with an aluminum alloy body for protection against the weather. With up to 100,000 hours for the bulb lifespan, the military flashlight features an adjustable focus so you can use it for walking on the road or lighting up a campsite.
Being made with steel parts, the military flashlight can be used to switch between a narrow to widespread beam, with 500 to 700 lumens for the flood light and 700 to 900 lumens for the spotlight. Great for camping purposes or for emergency situations, the military flashlight can also be used on some outdoor sports at night.
Also ideal for climbing, this bright flashlight ahs a total of 5 lighting modes, which can be easily switched between from. The military flashlight is powered by either a 18650 lithium ion (3.7 volts) or 3 AAA batteries. Hiking at night will be easy with this military flashlight which you can also use for work.
With strobe and SOS functions for emergency purposes, the military flashlight can also be used while cycling at night or even when you walk your dog. As a skid-proof light unit with up to 1,150 feet of distance in maximum, it has an IPX5 rainproof rating so it can survive the rain.
This is a nice flashlight with a focus change to consider and it has a water resistant design as well. You can put the military flashlight in your pocket for various applications. In addition to that, the military flashlight is pretty cheap for its price but offers just the right features.
It has a nice brightness adjustment that will save your battery life and it is a great outdoor military flashlight to consider due to its features. With user instructions, the military flashlight is backed by a 12 months product warranty.

Best Military Flashlight with a Zoom Function

Reizarf Tactical Flashlight with Zoomable Focus

If you want a zoom function capable military flashlight then the Reizarf Tactical Flashlight with Zoomable Focus might be a good choice. The flashlight is also a good EDC flashlight for walking around at night. The flashlight gives you a choice of focused beam or scattered beam due to the zoom option.
With over 5 modes to choose from, this military flashlight uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery (18650) and it also has SOS and strobe modes to choose from. You can walk your pets at night with this nice military flashlight that can also be waterproof and shockproof to survive the elements.
The bulbs are rated for up to 100,000 hours of operation and have a rated output of 10 watts. You can also put 3 AAA batteries as well on this military flashlight, which takes only about 6 hours to charge. It has a range of 200 to 500 meters for its lighting and it has a sturdy aluminum alloy body.
You can turn the unit on and off using the tail cap switch. Great for outdoor adventures the military flashlight also comes with a black box case to protect it. With a brightness of about 1,000 lumens, the military flashlight is a great tactical unit to use as well.

Best Military Flashlight with Different Colors

Smith & Wesson 110224 LED Flashlight

The Smith & Wesson 110224 LED Flashlight is our ideal military flashlight with color options, because you get a ton of LED light options, such as white (6), green (2), blue (2) and red (2) bulbs for your choice of action. It is able to shine up to 12 meters or 20 feet for the white light.
You can just power up the military flashlight with 3 AAA batteries. Being waterproof up to 1 meter of immersion, it is also shockproof and may run for up to 3 1/2 hours. It is able to switch easily because of the Multiple Switch Advanced Technology system (MSAT) for ease of operation.
The light can be used in alleys and streets and a one-handed operation is possible due to the reverse rear switch. The military flashlight can fit in a shirt pocket due to its size. The silent operation for the switch also makes it discreet. A holster is also included along with the batteries. There are a total of 12 LED lights in this unit and it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Military Flashlight that uses a Lithium Ion Battery

TotaLohan Tactical Military Grade LED Flashlight

The TotaLohan Tactical Military Grade LED Flashlight is our ideal lithium ion powered battery that has an adjustable focus for wide or narrow lighting. It also has 3 brightness levels to save up on battery power. It has an SOS and strobe function as well for emergencies and rescue operations.
Being skid proof means that this flashlight can be used in bad weather. With an IPX6 waterproof rating for rain survival, it also comes with an AAA battery slot for 3 AAAs. It has a lighting distance of 150 to 200 meters and has an aluminum alloy construction.
With power of 10 watts, this water resistant flashlight can be used on various outdoor activities other than in the military, such as in camping, hiking, cycling, trekking and others. It can also be used in search and rescue operations and can save lives.

The Competition

Other military flashlights that were not included in our list did not have a high enough waterproof rating and were not durable enough for combat and military exercises. It is important for any military flashlight to have these features to be combat-ready and outdoor-ready for any military personnel.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does red colored flashlights help the military?
A: The red colored flashlight is great for military use because it helps them in their night operations in the most covert way. Red lenses are great because in most cases, they can only be seen with night vision goggles and the like.
Q: What are angle head flashlights and why are they used by the military?
A: An angle head flashlight looks like a periscope and can be used for military and covert or surveillance operations in which you can’t use your hands all the time due to being fully loaded with other items such as guns and ammunition or other tactical gadgets.
Most of these angle head flashlights were used by the military long ago but they are not as popular as some flashlights nowadays, because of the very fact that you use C-cell or D-cell type batteries to power them up, especially if they are old models. However, there are also LED-type angle head flashlights nowadays that can be powered up by regular AA or AAA batteries.
Q: Why does light color matter in military operations?
A: The light color of any flashlight or light source is important, especially at night, when military operations are very crucial due to the dark environment. Different colors of lights are usually available on most military flashlights and the most common are red, green and blue.
Red is ideal for increasing the contrast and details of anything in the dark, making it a great alternative to IR flashlights and are also ideal for game hunting, surveillance in the dark, night photography and so much more. It is also not easy to see at night, especially for animals. Green light is also great for night vision, but not as good as the red light when hiding it from animals and targets. Blue light is ideal fo tracking down blood due to its contrasting color shade from red.
Q: What is the Bucha effect?
A: The Bucha effect or the strobe light effect is caused by getting dizzy from a strobe light exposure, especially for prolonged periods of time or a sudden impact from a strobe light caused by any light source such as a bright flashlight or lighting gear. The Bucha effect can be caused by a strobe flashlight, which in turn, can be used as a self-defense by people and the military or the authorities to immobilize any kind of target to slow down or stop their actions.
Q: Where is it best to install a military flashlight?
A: The military flashlight or your tactical flashlight can be installed on most duty weapons as well as military weapons.
Q: What are rails on guns and what are they used for?
A: The rails on a gun can either come in Picatinny or Weaver style rail, and are used to mount anything such as a scope or a light. Military and police personnel use these rails for mounting their favorite accessories to make the job easier for them. One such item is the military flashlight, which can be very useful in night situations. A lot of military style flashlights and tactical flashlights nowadays can be mounted on either Picatinny or Weaver style rails for your firearms.
Q: Can you mount a military flashlight on an AR-15?
A: Yes, most people in the military may find it a great use if their AR-15 rifle has a military flashlight on top of it for special night missions where they need a covert light to beam up their path. Before installing the military flashlight, make sure that the rail will be just the right size for your light and it will be prepared such as being polished and sanded thoroughly so it will be closer to the gun.
Q: What brands of flashlights do the military use often?
A: Most flashlight brands that are brought up to mil-spec are great for military use, such as Surefire, Fulton and much more. It doesn’t really matter nowadays for the brand, but it is more on the specifications and the quality, other than the price, for a flashlight to be considered suitable for military purposes.
Q: Why should people carry a flashlight with them at all times?
A: The flashlight is usually a very discreet tool that will not be checked by the police because it is a great self-defense tool that everyone may need, especially at night.
Q: What is blue light used for in military flashlights?
A: If you have a military flashlight that has a blue light or blue lens, it can be useful for tracking down blood in your tracks. Blood tracking is not just useful for the military but also especially useful for game hunters and the like. Some people may also use it to track dog stains on the carpet and other places for easy cleanup.
Q: How far can a military or tactical flashlight reach in terms of light?
A: The light of a military flashlight may be able to reach up to 600 feet in distance due to its immense power, depending on the brand you choose and the batteries you use for it.
Q: Who can use a military flashlight?
A: It is not just the military personnel who can use a military flashlight. In fact, anyone who needs a high quality and heavy duty flashlight can use one. Whether you work for the Armed Forces, for the police, for the government, for a security agency and other instances when you might need a really strong flashlight then a mil-spec flashlight is a good choice for you.
Q: What should you not do when using a tactical or military flashlight?
A: Using a military flashlight should be done sparingly so that you will not prompt the suspect to shoot at your military light.
Q: Why are flashlights better than candles in blackouts?
A: Sudden blackouts can happen in any home and in any establishment. However, the use of candles for blackouts is only strictly for emergency purposes, when you don’t have batteries for your flashlight or don’t have a flashlight at all. Always consider the flashlight or any other battery operated light first because leaving a candle burning can be a fire hazard, which can be potentially dangerous to you and the people around you, and the establishment or home you are in.
Q: When you should you use a flashlight when walking outside?
A: The sooner it gets dark outside, let’s say about 4:30 in the afternoon, you need to carry a flashlight with you in your bag or pocket for protection. It helps you to stay alert on your surroundings, especially if you live in a place with lack of street lights and whatnot. Having a flashlight for traveling in the night can help save lives.
Q: What is the typical lumens range of an LED flashlight?
A: The modern LED flashlight has a rather bright lumens rating of 500 to 800 lumens depending on the power or wattage of your LED flashlight and the batteries that you use. Unlike before, LEDs today emit more power and brightness without sacrificing cost and batteries.
Q: Do you really need a flashlight when walking your dog at night?
A: Yes, most flashlights are helpful when walking your dog at night. Other than your dog potentially warding off the intruder, you can also stay alert and steer clear of any person who will be a potential threat along the way.
Q: Why do you need extra batteries for a flashlight?
A: During a power outage where batteries can go out of stock on most stores, you need to consider having spare batteries in your home or flashlight bag or compartment. This ensures that there are batteries ready to be installed once they have run out of power on your flashlight. However, make sure that the spare batteries aren’t out of their packaging to avoid rusting and discharging.
Q: What are flashlight ratings and why are they important?
A: Flashlights for work places can be classified as Class I, Class II and Class III with Division 1 and 2, to ensure that they will not easily ignite a work area. A Class I area is the most dangerous area because it has highly flammable items like vapor and gas, so you need a Class I flashlight for that, or else possible explosions might occur.
Q: What international governing bodies can ensure a flashlight’s safety?
A: If you have a flashlight that has been inspected and tested by ETL, MSHA, UL, CSA, CE (ATEX Europe) and others, you will have a flashlight that is pretty much safe. These governing bodies also dictate the classification (mentioned above) of a flashlight’s safety.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the ThruNite Archer 2A V3 LED Flashlight is our best military flashlight due to its 130-meter distance, IPX8 water rating and 500 lumens brightness, which makes it sufficient for military and rescue purposes or when the going gets tough in your police operations as well.