Best Metal Shear

Working with metal demands a resourceful and smooth metal shear just like the Malco TSCM Corrugated Metal Turbo Shear which offers powerful performance and flexible adjustment capabilities that can potentially prolong the life of its blades. With its application for corrugated roofing, this best metal shear offers one-handed operations, long lasting blades, replacement blade flexibility, and a polymer drill clamp that permits high-reaching portability. What makes this product stand at second position is that it can be used to work any metal roofing or other metal work and it makes the entire metal shearing process go much faster and efficiently unlike other standard metal shears on the market. It guarantees clean cuts and precise finishes at faster speeds and it also makes easy cross cuts, lengthwise cuts, circles and squares outlet cuts in both large and small patterned metals including other metal building panels.

With this Malco TSCM Corrugated Metal Turbo Shear you can cut curves and straight lines to perfection with the added feature of a drill or impact driver attachment that you already own; which means that you can attach this metal shear to a drill or impact driver that you wish to use it with. This best metal shear is our best pick as it offers a 360 degree rotating head that puts on the market a feature that’s unique to a standard metal shear. It extends the expectations of an approved metal shear a bit further with its hardened carbon steel blades that offer endurance and in 30 to 24 gauge roofing panel metal. If you’re searching for the best metal shear that offers you matchless results and longevity, the Malco TSCM Corrugated Metal Turbo Shear is the ideal one for you.

As with our expertise on the best metal shear, we present another choice, but an extravagant one packed with powerful features and remarkable construction. The DEWALT DW891 14 Gauge Swivel Head Shear features a headstrong 5.0 AMP motor which is all ball-bearing to prolong effectiveness in performance. This metal shear’s expensive price quality doesn’t stand a chance against its impact-compatible shear attachment feature which offers a perfect cutting capacity. It can knuckle down sheet metal, corrugated metal, asphalt shingles, steel mesh, wire, plastic materials, rubber, and much more. You can also rotate the cutter to a full 360 degrees for flexible portability. With its variable speed controls from 100 SPM to 300 SPM, you can use the DEWALT DW891 14 Gauge Swivel Head Shear on various big or small materials and for versatile applications that require sturdy speed controls. It is a multi-purpose metal shear that’s not just a standard metal shear in terms of speed drive, performance and construction. The characteristics that most proficient craftspeople demand of the best metal shear, this product delivers exactly that with appealing highlights such as its components are easy to use, user friendly and well-construed to fit the needs of both beginners and professionals.

A heavy-duty metal shear is one that’s considered to be expensive, but with powerful features that are compelling enough for one to purchase. How about one that’s budget-friendly, but with powerful features all the same? The TruePower 01-0101 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Electric Sheet Metal Shear is a heavy-duty metal shear with a 3.5 AMP motor and 1800 SPM speed purchasable at an economical price! It’s the best metal shear on the market that’s budget-friendly and that offers quality performance and compatibility. It has solid construction that’s fit to muscle auto body work and/or versatile metal cutting projects as well in aluminum, plastic or sheet metal. It also features a sliding on and off switch functionality that makes it convenient for users to swiftly make clean cuts without the risk of injuries or unwanted damages. You’ll witness great success at the hands of the TruePower 01-0101 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Electric Sheet Metal Shear as you can cut in any direction without it underperforming at intervals or lagging at some, like most other within-budget metal shears. Many users of this best metal shear have sworn that it cuts metal like a hot knife through warm butter which makes this the most loved product on the market by artisans.

What is a metal shear?

If you understand what a metal shear is you automatically understand its key features, which include construction, mechanism and drive systems. Metal shears are sheet metal and plate shearing machines used in many metal factories as well as at home for occasional metal roofing and other applications. You’ll find almost all metal shears catering to all different kinds of purposes, but with variable speed controls and versatile functionality. One key factor to understand metal shears and their functionality is its capacity required for specific jobs. Almost all metal shears list capacities that cater to all kinds of shearing applications with additional enhancements that are unique to each metal shear. An important standard that differentiates one metal shear from another is its additional features for improved functionality, safety and endurance. Some of those features include different types of blades, blade gap adjustments, ball transfers, automatic lube system, vibration isolation pads, and support arms. Apart from the powerful metal shear characteristics, one can even benefit most from the best metal shear in terms of safety as metal fabricating requires proper training that avoids any unnecessary injuries and/or damages. All these constitutes to a metal shear. And to better understand one let’s talk about the ideal features that the best metal shear should possess on the market.

What to look for in a metal shear?

The best metal shear is determined by many significant components that can drastically alter the performance from average to eminent. Look for these in the best metal shear when you’re out to buy one that fits your specific needs.

You would expect a smooth and clean finish to your material once it’s complete and such can be accomplished with a metal shear that keeps the blades in a proper position as they pass each other. You can opt for a metal shear that offers either one of these two design types: the slider unit or the swing beam design. The slider unit uses a drive system that moves the blade down and in a position that is parallel to the fixed blade. It remains parallel throughout the entire stroke. On the other hand, the swing beam design uses a drive system that pivots the moving blade down on the roller bearings. Both of these designs keep the blade beams in the optimal position as they pass each other.

High-speed shears allows the user to prevent unwanted slowdowns during shearing, increases the number of strokes per minute and it better enhances cutting and finishing of metal faster than low-speed metal shears.

Blade Material
The goal is to compare certain blade materials to determine which one lasts longer than the other. The blade material of a metal shear depends on the material that is being cut, which ensures a smoother and more efficient shearing experience. You should look out for one that has the most long-term blade life for the money you’re paying.

The best metal shear should ensure a safe and proper operation with safety enhancements such as warning labels, point-of-operation guards, etc. It should be manufactured and later used in accordance to all federal, state, and local standards and even according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Proper construction features that ensure a reliable method of movement of a metal shear can help make the product safer and sturdy to use.

Our No.1 Best Pick: Malco TSCM Corrugated Metal Turbo Shear

Malco TSCM Corrugated Metal Turbo Shear

The Malco TSCM Corrugated Metal Turbo Shear features a compact drill clamp that can be fitted into many drill and impact drivers both small and large for operating. This compact drill clamp can also be rotated 360 degrees with a secure lock into position cue that allows users to cut with absolute flexibility and precision. The construction is a sleek, lightweight aluminum-cast with compact molded polymer drill clamp and hardened carbon steel blades to allow intense portability and endurance to its users. You can operate this beast at any high or low speeds depending upon your cutting preferences smoothly and persistently. It isn’t everyday that you will find the best metal shear with so many powerful features and at a binge-worthy price. The blades are easily replaceable with a TSCMRB label, but with their lateral blade adjustment capability, it seems highly unlikely that they would run out of cutting performance and longevity. It also works great with 24 to 26 gauge tin and can be used even by a roof plumber on a daily basis to make valley and hip cuts on a panel.

This product is considered a must-have pick as it makes the drive faster, rhythmic and finally, time-saving. With this, you can do away with those severe snips and bites that are commonly seen with the standard metal shear which falls under the similar price range.

No. 2 Best Pick: Kawasaki 840358 Black 4 AMP Metal Shear

Kawasaki 840358 Black 4 AMP Metal Shear

Officially designed and licensed by Kawasaki, this metal shear is the product of an extremely powerful brand name. It is constructed with quality materials and upholds impressive performance standards, all at a low-priced label. The Kawasaki 840358 Black 4 AMP Metal Shear features a powerful all ball-bearing motor with no load speed controls from 0-2, 500 RPM. It also consists of a swivel head, it has a corded-electric power source and it’s officially tested and proven for its durability. It’s a heavy, but serious metal shear meant to deliver precise cuts and finishes in a way that saves time and abundant effort. The specificity of this best metal shear is that it is designed to cut straight sheet metal as well as cut out thin ones without any defects and complaints. With its ole conventional shunt-wound motor, you can initiate a better engaging placement of the jaw to run a smooth operation overall. The The Kawasaki 840358 Black 4 AMP Metal Shear stands second to our best pick because it’s a good value for the money with advanced features that would generally be expected of a Kawasaki product.

No. 3 Best Pick: Grizzly H5503 Electric Sheet Metal Shear

Grizzly H5503 Electric Sheet Metal Shear

The Grizzly H5503 Electric Sheet Metal Shear features a powerful 1/2 horsepower and 3.8 AMP motor with 2500 RPM at variable speed controls from 0 RPM to 2500 RPM. With no batteries required, it runs perfectly well even under high speed conditions with no vibration defects or instability. It is specifically designed for sheet metal that cuts in defined circles of radius 12 inches or larger. It’s the most generous price you could bear the cost of a metal shear that works for cutting, trimming, and slicing easily. It runs up to 150 inches per minute, a speed that’s unmatchable among many other metal shears and it cuts up to 14 gauge in mild steel and 18 gauge in stainless, proving that it’s the best deal to steal on the market. The Grizzly H5503 Electric Sheet Metal Shear can be used by novice users as well as proficient craftspeople familiar with all the tools and features that make the best metal shear working flawlessly. This one delivers powerful performance with a motor that can be used on a daily basis that’s matchless. It can also be used on corrugated sheet metal; in fact some dedicated users also swore that nothing cuts a corrugated sheet metal better than this metal shear.

No. 4 Best Pick: Malco TSHD Turbo Shear Heavy Duty

Malco TSHD Turbo Shear Heavy Duty

This one is a turbo metal shear made with easily replaceable blades and a capacity so powerful that it can navigate through tight patterns and square cuts effortlessly. This Malco model is capable of cutting through the material thickness of up to 18-gauge including applications of ferrous as well as non-ferrous sheet metals, metal roofing, thick metal of furnace jackets, equipment enclosures and/or automotive body parts. What makes the Malco TSHD Turbo Shear Heavy Duty our 4th pick is its amazing characteristic of suiting even a professional roofer’s needs in terms of construction, performance and durability. It’s the best powered metal cutting tool used by professional roofers that is available on the market at a low-cost alternative to other metal shears. It has received over 200 positives reviews by both apprentices and proficient users. It is specifically designed to cut sheet metal of versatile applications with long lasting blades and one-handed operations. It easily attaches itself to a common 1200 RPM cordless drill of your choice to get the work done and over with quickly. This product has got what you demand: to turn your power drill into a heavy duty power shear with a lifetime warranty.

No. 5 Best Pick: Tool Shop 18 Gauge Metal Shear

Tool Shop 18 Gauge Metal Shear

This amazing metal shear manufactured by Tool Shop features a 3.5 AMP motor with a variable speed of 0-2, 500 min and 1800 SPM. The Tool Shop 18 Gauge Metal Shear is capable of running with a support power cord length of 6 feet. It also features a 5/8 inches throat depth that cuts up to 18 to 22 Gauge with the promise of precision curves, straight angles and perfect finish. It’s durable, easy to use and it is designed keeping in mind the flexible standards of a metal shear. It provides its users with the leverage of cutting stainless steel and mild steel to achieve straight, curved irregular cuts on your final work piece. If you’re looking out for a standard but impressive metal shear that works at a speeding motion and is economical, this one is the ideal metal shear for you.

No. 6 Best Pick: Bosch 1500C 16 Gauge Shear

Bosch 1500C 16 Gauge Shear

One of the best investments you can make to cut sheet metal faster and at it is worth the cost you pay. The Bosch 1500C 16 Gauge Shear features a powerful 4.2 AMP motor that can knuckle down heavy cutting jobs from novice cutting projects to industrial structural fabrication projects. They cut metal with ease and spotlessly without any forced physical exertion. According to our researchers, this metal shear is relatively more expensive than the standard metal shear with similar characteristics, but the only aspect that sets this metal shear apart is its powerful performance in the already demanding characteristics on the market. It offers a compact construction slim tool housing that fits comfortably in the user’s hands along with a low vibration option for a user-friendly clutch. If you’re looking out for an expensive but valuable metal shear that’s dominating the market in terms of comfort and balance, this one is the ideal metal shear for you.

No. 7 Best Pick: Campbell Hausfeld PL 154300AV Pnuematic Metal Shear

Campbell Hausfeld PL 154300AV Pnuematic Metal Shear

The Campbell Hausfeld PL 154300AV Pnuematic Metal Shear is another great alternative to purchase that’s designed to cut metal smoothly and professionally, even though you’re using it for basic applications. It’s a powerful whopper runs at 2500 strokes per minute, proving that its low-cost and high-performing power shears can take on any trimming and/or cutting projects big or small like a sport! It’s a nice tool to have to cut straight lines fast and without further physical effort or hassle. This Pneumatic metal shear makes clean cuts into 18 Gauge cold rolled steel for duct work and auto body repair. It can be used by artisans of any skill level who require an air-powered metal shear to get their cutting tasks finished easily. The Campbell Hausfeld PL 154300AV Pnuematic Metal Shear also features a head swivel that is proven great to keep the air chuck from trotting across the panels while cutting. It also offers great flexibility as you can cut at any angle such as perpendicularly, at a shallow angle, etc. It’s a robust tool that’s undervalued on the market due to its affordable price and upscale construction and features. Compared to other standard metal shears on the market today, this one you should consider for when you want to slow down the procedure of cutting as a hobby garage user.

No. 8 Best Pick: Heavy Duty Electric Metal Shear With Swivel Head

Heavy Duty Electric Metal Shear With Swivel Head

This one exceeds expectations as a heavy duty metal shear that is available at an extremely economical rate. It’s an electric metal shear that is specifically designed to undertake small but complex cutting projects. It works great at cutting neat straight lines on metal sheets at versatile angles without the risks of any faulty defects. It also cuts corrugated steel without any hassle at all. With 3-4 variable speed controls, the Heavy Duty Electric Metal Shear With Swivel Head offers a fair chance at being a powerful tool on the market that’s packed with super amazing features to accommodate small projects easily, all this at an economical rate. Even the slowest speed is more than enough for precision finishes. If you’re looking out for a low-budget and unique metal shear on the market that stands out as a heavy duty electric metal shear, you’ll be more than pleased with this tool. It’s a sturdy tool with brush replacement that would otherwise be an extremely complicated task to undertake. Since the head is angled properly, it offers just the perfect amount of durability and comfort one requires to knuckle down small projects quicker.

No. 9 Best Pick: XtremepowerUS Electric Head Metal Cutting Shear

XtremepowerUS Electric Head Metal Cutting Shear

The XtremepowerUS Electric Head Metal Cutting Shear is popular for its powerful motor and variable speed switch of 0 to 2500 RPM. It’s a robust 4.0 AMP beast that has the ability to perform under challenging conditions. Nevertheless, it produces a clean cut effortlessly with a sturdy construction model that stands true to its name as being an extremely powerful electric metal shear on the market. It also features a 360 degrees swivel head tool that promises operator comfort and adjustability to perform cutting at any required angles as they wish. It drives robustly weighing 4 pounds. With its cutter snip power tool, the XtremepowerUS Electric Head Metal Cutting Shear is capable of turning around the predefined standards of a head metal cutting shear into a powerful one that’s user-friendly and marked down. It’s a precision master’s best pick who pays extreme attention to detail and products sharp cuts and trims following a neat finish. For new-comers, this tool can come in handy to get accustomed to a particular metal shear that accelerates in terms of precision and has a sturdy and user-friendly construction in terms of regular performance.

No. 10 Best Pick: Kett KD-440 Double-Cut Metal Shear

Kett KD-440 Double-Cut Metal Shear

Our last best pick is the Kett KD-440 Double-Cut Metal Shear which is a lightweight metal shear with solid construction, exactly like a pistol-grip clutch. It is a double-cut metal shear which means it’s double-insulated that cuts at over 150 inches per minute without the risk of any common burns, chips, and burrs of the metal sheet. Its cutting-blades are designed with the highest quality steels that aren’t only dominating in performance, but they’re also convincing in endurance. Despite of the convincing persistence and supersonic speed, the Kett KD-440 Double-Cut Metal Shear offers replaceable cutting-blades that can be removed individually or in a complete blade kit. Metal can be fabricated with easy and comfort with the help of this powerful double-cut metal shear that’s unmatchable on the market today. It also can cut mild steel of up to 14 Gauge in either straight or contour lines and other grades of stainless steel of up to 16 Gauge without any hassle or effort. The Kett KD-440 Double-Cut Metal Shear offers variable speed controls that are designed to withstand straight cutting as well as rounded cuts for versatile applications. It makes a great additional to your tool box for when you’re embarking on a metal shearing project with the requirement of a sturdy and reliable double-cut featuring metal shear.

An extravagant but valuable pick: DEWALT DW891 14 Gauge Swivel Head Shear

DEWALT DW891 14 Gauge Swivel Head Shear

It’s imperative that as researchers we present the best metal shear in terms of functionality, but at an extravagant price tag. As dedicated buyers, we’re always looking for more and more options on the market to avoid making a wrong buying decision that will cost us both money and effort. Which is why presenting an extravagant but valuable metal shear will broaden your horizons when it comes to buying for money and not for quality. The DEWALT DW891 14 Gauge Swivel Head Shear is one that cannot be overlooked because of its overpriced characteristic. It features an all ball-bearing 5.0 AMP motor that is designed for a long life. With its ergonomic construction, it promises user-friendly dials even though it has some professionally charged features such as a head swivel that rotates 360 degrees and a variable speed control from 100 SPM to 350 SPM. The former feature is meant to increase comfort and adaptability for the operator while the latter feature is suitable to work on many materials and versatile applications. You can use this for daily constructions at home or at your work place and you can use it in commercial industries to fabricate extensive products, etc. With the correct angle and some knowledge of how the DEWALT DW891 14 Gauge Swivel Head Shear works, you can ace the cutting and finishing tactic easily. This is the best metal shear that simplifies certain specifications during operating that otherwise would have been difficult to comprehend, as for beginners. On the other hand, it can be genuinely used to the fullest by professionals who are skilled in metal shearing. This product is capable of cutting 5 and a half or larger radiuses and 7/32 inch strip for a clean line and perfect continuous curl finish.

A budget-friendly pick: TruePower 01-0101 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Electric Sheet Metal Shear

TruePower 01-0101 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Electric Sheet Metal Shear

For those hunting down the most cheapest in price and powerful in performance, the TruePower 01-0101 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Electric Sheet Metal Shear is your perfect last stop. With a no load 1800 SPM and a 3.5 AMP that runs 50 inches per minute in 24 Gauge mild steel, this is the best metal shear to buy that’s also low-priced. It cuts metal sheet smoothly and being a heavy duty electric one at that, it’s capable of performing exceedingly well unlike most of those that fall under the same category. This metal shears takes other commonly demanding metal shears’ characteristics in redefines its effectiveness in a way that will blow your mind! It drives comfortably with a sliding on/off switch with additional spare carbon brushes in place. You can cut up to 18 Gauge of mild steel as well as 22 Gauge stainless steel: a feature so unique and exclusive on the market today. A true budget-friendly pick, the TruePower 01-0101 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Electric Sheet Metal Shear is the ideal packaged deal for you that grants quality performance and flexibility unlike most other low-priced metal shears on the market.

Wrapping it up

There you have the best metal shear which is convincingly an innovative tool that provides the ultimate material flow, especially on corrugated patterns. The Malco TSCM Corrugated Metal Turbo Shear stands as the best pick on our best metal shear list because of its optimum mechanics and popularity amongst beginner and proficient operators worldwide. Following the best metal shear pick is our expensive choice, the DEWALT DW891 14 Gauge Swivel Head Shear and the best budget-friendly metal shear pick, the TruePower 01-0101 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Electric Sheet Metal Shear. To help you narrow down your metal shear search online, we’ve compiled an extensive list of our following 9 metal shears that include compelling selling-points for both beginners and professionals to look up to that might help them make the correct buying decision. We know how confusing online shopping can get, especially for power tools such as metal shears, which is why our extensive research and recommendations will lead you down the correct path and you’ll emerge as being a competent metal shear worker to satisfy your power tool needs. Keeping in mind the key factors that make the best metal shear such as design, speed, endurance, blade material, and finally safety, our recommendations reflect just what’s demanded by you.