Best Messenger Bag

The Berchirly Vintage Military Men Messenger Bag is our best messenger bag and it is totally perfect for those who need a vintage style messenger bag. As for personalization, it is available in five different designs. As for the material, it has been made from 10 percent leather and 90 percent canvas. The messenger bag is ideal for school or light traveling and what’s more, it is an eco-friendly messenger bag.

Our step-up pick is the Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Messenger Bag and it has been made from genuine cowhide leather which has been minimally treated for that authentic look. As for the looks, it has a flap over design. Moreover, you can organize all of your important items. This messenger bag has a total of 3 pockets other than the laptop compartment.

The budget pick is the ibagbar Canvas Men Women Messenger Bag and this one comes with 2 open inner pockets for smaller important items. It has been made from cotton canvas that is of high density. Moreover, the front button pocket also adds storage ability to the messenger bag. Adding to that, the buckle is made from sturdy metal. It is super ideal for school or work use. However, it is only washable with regular temperature and should be washed separately.

A Little Background

For starters, here are a few facts that you should know about messenger bags before you go ahead and purchase one.
Messengers have the job of sending important items and packages from one source to another destination. Like an air mail or post man carrier, a messenger is also sometimes called a courier and is on the job like pizza delivery men or women. They are tasked and enlisted to do the most rigorous courier tasks – they may have to cross rivers, lakes and oceans just to get their items and parcel across from the source to the destination. Messengers work hard to achieve their quota and to make sure that there is customer satisfaction in the long run. They work on a very professional level.
Messengers are highly trusted when it comes down to responsibility. A messenger should have the highest amount of trust because they will deliver something that cannot be delivered or entrusted to the normal or regular post office or post service. The reason why some companies hire messengers is the fact that they are assured of the fact that their parcel is left unchecked and unseen by public eyes. Messengers are often hired to deliver top secret goods or items that cannot be otherwise used in post offices and the like. This is why messengers have a really tough job and a sense of responsibility.
A messenger should not peek or open the package entrusted to them, especially if it is a top secret package or mail. A messenger is more than your average pizza guy – he or she delivers items on the double and is usually paid a higher fare than most delivery charges. Depending on the source and the destination and how prestige any of the parties are, a messenger may change his or her rate to adapt to the expenses while commuting or while facing danger, especially if the package or item is highly confidential. A messenger should respect other people’s privacy so that they will be able to do their job properly as a messenger or courier.
A messenger should always uphold their job and deliver the item at all costs with little to no fail. The messenger’s task is to deliver the item or parcel without screwing it up. The messenger should prioritize the package, mail or parcel above all so that they will able to give it to the destination without compromising security and quality. The reason why messengers are hired because they are reliable and trustworthy – never break the trust of a person if you intend to become a reliable messenger. Never attempt to become corrupted or get tempted of opening or ruining the package, especially if it involves a lot of dollars on the way.
Communication skills as well as social skills are a must for any messenger. Talking to clients is a very important part of the job as a messenger. You should be able to effectively listen and speak out for any specifics that will arise and be needed for delivering goods or parcel to and from your destination. Always be attentive and make sure you jot down each and every detail as much as possible. Some of the information that you will need as a messenger include the destination address, the sender’s info, the receiver’s info and everything else in between that you might need.
You will also need to have a keen eye for landmarks and street names. You can ask directions if you are in an unfamiliar town or city but be extremely careful and watch for people who might just be fooling you. It may be handy to get the full address or ask for a nearby landmark if the town is quite remote when it comes to street names. Also, some places do not have a numbering system for their street houses and this is where you might need to ask around for certain residents. Remember to always be polite and courteous no matter what because you will want the clients to respect and trust you.
A messenger should be fit to walk for kilometers or miles or commute on daily heavy traffic just to deliver the package or mail. Messengers are like delivery crew of your favorite pizza chain – they have to walk or ride a motorbike for miles or kilometers just to reach their destination – and they have to do it with care! Chances are, most messengers may need to charge extra fees due to the travel expenses such as public transport fares, airplane tickets and the like. This is why messengers are highly respected people when it comes to their service.
The messenger should, at all costs, protect their item until it reaches the destination. Just like your local postman, they should be super trustworthy and value the privacy of every person. They can know the basic details such as the sender and receiver information but the content of the package should always remain hidden for the convenience of the client or customer to ensure that their privacy will be kept and upheld at all times. You must treat yourself like a mailman and give due respect to the clients.
Messengers should be smart and adaptive to various situations. In the event that their parcel is at peril, they should act quickly at all costs to make sure that it is safe. However, if other emergency conditions have happened, they should be able to document it thoroughly as a proof that something went unfavorable so that you will still gain the trust of the clients. To avoid this, you should steer clear ahead and always prioritize the package or parcel while traveling, especially when you deal with a lot of people in a crowded place that has all sorts of dangers lurking ahead.
Messengers are ideal for getting goods delivered without compromising security, such as important company secrets and data. Messengers are meant to keep private company secrets as it is and untouched. This is why messengers are highly rated and should be well-versed with privacy terms. Most often, messengers are employed by a certain company so that they will deliver goods to a sister company or related company. There can be many messengers at a given time in any company to lessen time constraints and get the message across better and faster and without fail and also without compromising privacy.
Messengers are like pizza delivery crew – being late is never an option. Prompt action is required for messengers to deliver their goods. You know the tag line “if it’s late, it’s free”? That’s kind of like how messengers work – they need to deliver the parcel or items as quickly as possible but not to the point where they might potentially damage the parcel or item.
And with that, let us now move on to what messengers use for traveling and accomplishing their goals – a messenger bag. Simply put, a messenger bag is not just for messengers – it is also for school and general travel purposes. Messenger bags are literally everywhere due to their portability and great design. Hence, many teenagers, adults and even kids alike have their own messenger bag for a variety of purposes and intentions.
Messenger bags are preferred over backpacks because of the very fact that messenger bags are lightweight and are easy to manage and carry around. Messenger bags are like the laptop counterpart to desktops – they are super portable and easy to carry and adjust. Simply put, messenger bags provide convenience to any wearer because you can easily access the items on your front and not have to worry about security measures. When you go to the mall, messenger bags are easy to open up for inspection.
Messenger bags are also convenient when it comes to safety because backpacks are more prone to theft, since you carry them at the back. In this case, most backpacks now effectively become front packs, which are less stylish and kind of bulky when you take them to the mall or to some public place. However, you have no choice because it is most likely that your items get stolen when you leave them unattended at your back. This is why messenger bags have become more popular nowadays.
Messenger bags are okay for both men and women due to their size and portability. Messenger bags vary in style – some are coated in pink accents and tote bag style leather while some are rugged and vintage which make them feel ideal for men. Ideally, all types of messenger bags have their own style and uniqueness which make them the selling point and also give you the personalization and the functionality that you need as a messenger, a student or whichever profession you are taking.
Messenger bags are also easily adjustable and convenient for daily city travel and going outdoors. Because they are designed to be super casual, messenger bags have been the most ideal fashion sense and trend nowadays because of their design and portability. Another thing that makes them a fashion icon is that they can be conveniently used as a body bag or as a carry-on shoulder bag or tote bag depending on their design.
Messenger bags are also not very spacious and are not very suspicious looking when it comes to going to the airport. It will definitely be an experience for some people to have big backpacks that are bulky when traveling to and from the city, as your bag will be a very big suspicion of terrorist attacks, and this can be very frustrating because you are only carrying a laptop and some digital gear and it takes forever to open up and close your bag and unload or lift it up again. Conveniently, the messenger bag seems to be a solution to a variety of third-world problems when it comes to security checking. All you need to do is to open up the bag and that’s it – no more unloading needed.

How We Picked

Messenger bags are very meticulous when it comes to quality and strength as well as the capability to be comfortable for the wearer. Nonetheless, here are some of the pointers on choosing the best messenger bag:
Style – the messenger bag should be stylish and just right for what you need. For instance, girl bags and guy’s bags are different in design and some are also unisex bags.
Durability and reliability – the messenger bag should stand for many years to come without much tearing and wearing. The messenger bag is usually made of leather, faux leather or similar nylon material. Some messenger bags are also partly or fully canvas to be eco-friendly bags. In addition to that, some messenger bags can be painted over due to being fully canvas and this makes them a great messenger bag to consider if you are an artist.
Adjustability – a messenger bag should have all of the necessary adjustable parts such as the ability to adjust the straps. If you have an expandable messenger bag then that is a great buy as well.
Weight – consider a messenger bag that is very easy to carry for everyday use or for whatever intended use there is. From small to large, the messenger bag should be highly reliable.
Space and pockets – consider a messenger bag that has a lot of space to fit in items without overstuffing and also has organizational pockets to keep you well-organized.

Our Pick


Berchirly Vintage Military Men Messenger Bag

Available in five different designs, our best messenger bag is the Berchirly Vintage Military Men Messenger Bag which has been made from 10 percent leather and 90 percent canvas when it comes to durability. As for the looks of it, the messenger bag has a very rugged design that is very durable. It is greatly perfect for those who need a vintage style messenger bag.
As for the components, it has one main bag and four pockets outside and one big compartment inside. What’s more since it is vintage material, it is an eco-friendly messenger bag which is also ideal for school or light traveling. All in all, the Berchirly Men Messenger Bag is very lightweight and versatile. When it comes to the ample space, it fits a lot of items inside.
Moreover, the features of this messenger bag also help you to keep your items organized well. The Berchirly Messenger Bag is available in 3 sizes and it can fit laptops from 13 to 17 inches.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

All items in the world today have cons, and the Berchirly Vintage Military Men Messenger Bag is not an exception to that. These flaws are not serious, however. For example, it lacks padding but this can be worked around manually.

Step-up Pick

Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Messenger Bag

If you want a nice-looking step-up pick messenger bag then we would gladly recommend the Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Messenger Bag which has a flap over design and unique among competitor. It is currently available in 3 different colors and it stands 12 by 16 inches, giving a lot of space to consider. Moreover, it is also made from genuine cowhide leather which has been minimally treated for that authentic look.
As for the adjustability and flexibility of the messenger bag, the shoulder strap can be removed and adjusted as needed. Likewise, the Samsonite Flap-Over Messenger Bag, like any messenger bag, can organize all of your important items. This awesome deal from Samsonite has a total of 3 pockets other than the laptop compartment so you get a lot of control over your items.

Budget Pick


ibagbar Canvas Men Women Messenger Bag

For our budget pick, we decided to stick on the ibagbar Canvas Men Women Messenger Bag which has been made from cotton canvas that is of high density so it is a great option for those who want to go eco-friendly when it comes to messenger bags. Moreover, the leather is genuine so it stands sturdy through the test of time so it is highly reliable. With this awesome messenger bag, you can personalize and choose from a wide variety of styles.
As for the space inside, the ibagbar Canvas Messenger Bag comes with 2 open inner pockets for smaller important items. As for the functionality, one zipper pocket is located at the front. In addition to that, the front button pocket also adds storage ability to the messenger bag. How much can this messenger bag fit? Well, it has been said that it can hold up to 14-inch laptops (notebooks, probably) and it also has a total of 9 pockets all in all so you get a ton of space in the long run.
When it comes to durability and added style and accents, the buckle is made from sturdy metal. What’s more, the messenger bag comes with two side pockets as well. Do know that the ibagbar Bag is only washable with regular temperature and should be washed separately. Nonetheless, it is greatly ideal for school or work use and you are worry-free because it is backed by a warranty of 1 year.

Best Military Style Messenger Bag

HDE Vintage Canvas Military Messenger Bag

Do you want a messenger bag that is very tactical and rugged style? You should definitely get the HDE Vintage Canvas Military Messenger Bag. As for the size and capacity, this messenger bag is a great deal to consider because it can fit up to 13-inch laptops (notebooks). It is also great messenger bag for all purpose traveling and school use.
As for the functionality, the side pockets are very ample in storage and are very useful. Moreover, the accents are neat because of the fact that the brass metal buckles are given an antique finish to add to style and durability as well as fashion statement. In addition to the fashion aesthetic value, the vintage look is very ideal for those who want to maintain a rugged fashion style.
What’s more, the HDE Vintage Messenger Bag also has two smaller pockets on the sides. The included straps are made from reinforced synthetic leather and will stand to the harshest of trips. This messenger bag can be personalized as it is widely available in three colors. If you want to go for the classic style for the old school fashion enthusiasts then you are looking for the right bag to consider.
Generally speaking, the HDE Messenger Bag keeps everything organized. Moreover, it is a great bag for school use, for college students and the like. As for the size, it measures 15 by 11 inches. Conveniently, it also has a 26-inch shoulder strap drop. Last but not the least it is also an ideal messenger bag for keeping photography items.

Best Canvas Messenger Bag

Dachee Blue Bohemian Canvas Messenger Bag

If you are shooting for a messenger bag made from full canvas material then you might be interested with the Dachee Blue Bohemian Canvas Messenger Bag which is available in a wide variety of pattern designs. As a matter of fact, each pattern is unique and colorful and will definitely make a great canvas messenger bag.
This messenger bag can fit small to medium sized laptops and notebooks up to 13 inches such as Macbook Pros. Moreover, it also has a big handle for carrying with ease. And what’s more, the metal buckle adds style and durability. The high quality canvas material is a guaranteed protective material for your laptop or personal belongings. Additionally, the patterns add personality and style to your bag. The Dachee Bohemian Messenger Bag can also hold wallets, pens and other items due to the zipper pocket for easy organizational purposes.

Ideal Messenger Bag for Business Use

Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Show Business

Available in five different designs, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Show Business is for those whose needs are in the strict business ordeals. This messenger bag stands 12 by 15 inches and it also has a shoulder drop of 20 inches. As for the material, it has been made from genuine leather.
If you are a lover of Kenneth Cole items then this is a must-have for daily office or work use. What’s more, the stylish design will definitely be the awe of you co-workers. This messenger bag by Kenneth Cole fits most 15-inch laptops. In addition to that, shoulder strap is highly adjustable and also removable.
The Kenneth Cole Reaction bag comes with a padded laptop pocket as well. The interior is fully lined for protection and comfort and the exterior is made from cowhide that is full grain and of high quality. The flap over mechanism makes it easy to access. It has a rear compartment for documents. The bronze materials for the locks, hooks, zippers and rings add style to the bag. The exterior pocket is Velcro powered so it is easy to access.

Best Compact Messenger Bag


Timbuk2 Stork Messenger Dynamo

The Timbuk2 Stork Messenger Dynamo is perfect for smaller travelers, kids or teenagers and is available in six various designs. The boot part is weather proof so your items stay safe and the changing pad is removable. You can also use it as a baby bag. In addition, it can be secured with clips or Velcro. Moreover, the extra pockets make it an ideal messenger bag for women or for mommies who want a hassle-free diaper bag.

Best Lightweight Messenger Bag

eBags Piazza Day Bag

The eBags Piazza Day Bag comes in five various colors and can extend up to 48 inches long due to its extendable strap. It is meant to be worn as a body bag. The design and usability of the bag is superb. It is very lightweight and ideal for small items and on the go work and it also has a water bottle pocket to keep you hydrated while on the way.
The many pockets and pouches keep your items organized and easy to access. Great for delivering items, it has a lot of space in it without the risk of overstuffing. It also fits most tablets and iPads.

Ideal Messenger Bag for Women

Vera Bradley Mailbag Cross Body Bag

The Vera Bradley Mailbag Cross Body Bag comes in a multitude of colorful designs. Its adjustable strap measures 53 inches. It is definitely a great cross body messenger bag for women. It includes a zippered top closure to keep your items safe. It comes with zip pockets at the back for keys, phones and valuables and it also has room for a tablet or notebook computer. You also get two slip pockets inside for other items.

Ideal Messenger Bag for Men


Kattee Men’s Canvas Leather Messenger Bag

With the Kattee Men’s Canvas Leather Messenger Bag, the canvas material makes this messenger bag very rugged, rustic, stylish and sturdy. It makes a great camera bag for DSLRs and other gadgets and it is made from genuine cow leather on its trim. The cotton liner keeps it in style and in comfort for the wearer. The dividers are padded and are self adhering for easier organization.
It protects your electronics and other gadgets from further damage and scratches. It measures 13 by 12 inches and weighs 3 pounds. Also, the inner liner is made from microfiber cloth so it is definitely built for cameras and other sensitive items. It also has an inner tank bag.

The Competition

We only chose the messenger bags that are very comfortable for the wearer and left out those with not so good ratings and seemingly flimsy material.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

You should get to know these frequently asked questions first before buying a messenger bag.
Q: What is a messenger and what are some of their responsibilities?
A: According to Cover Letters and Resume , messengers or couriers are tasked to deliver items, packages and other valuables from one place to another. They help to deliver confidential packages that should not be entrusted to public couriers such as post offices. Messengers know the limits and privacy rules of their job.
Messengers should also be on time and should always put their job first. They will make sure not to violate the privacy of their delivered items and the sender and recipients. They should also be physically fit for walking distances or commuting through heavy traffic just to get items delivered and they should also possess good communication and social skills.

Q: What makes messenger bags advantageous over other bags?
A: According to Quora , messenger bags are very lightweight because of their size. Messenger bags are excellent for light travel. If you don’t need to carry a lot of things then you should get a messenger bag instead. Messenger bags are easily accessed on the go and are generally safer to use in public whereas backpacks are a lot harder to keep safe unless you wear them on your front. While backpacks can be inspected often by security, messenger bags aren’t very bulky to be suspicious.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Berchirly Vintage Military Men Messenger Bag is our best messenger bag whether you are a student, a worker on the go or just any average person who needs convenience in packing items.