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The American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 29 is our best luggage which can be expanded so you get more packing capacity on the go. It has been made from full polyester material that is highly durable. The packing area is quite large to fit in a lot of necessities while the vibrant colors also make it ideally fashion-friendly.

Our step-up pick is the Samsonite Winfield Luggage Fashion HS Spinner and this luggage does not cause dents and abrasions even when it hits hard on anything. In fact, the overall material build of the luggage suitcase is also impact resistant so it is very handy for harsh travel situations. This luggage measures 13 by 19 inches so it fits a lot of items and has been made from high quality polycarbonate material.

The budget pick is the Skyway Mirage Superlight 28-Inch Upright Luggage and it has four highly flexible and steerable spinner wheels. It also has a convenient zipper mechanism for easily locking and packing your stuff and has been made from sturdy polyester material. It you can easily lift your luggage to an overhead compartment or carousel using the integrated side carry handle.

A Little Background

Whether it is a weekend getaway or just a trip to the beach, a carry-on bag may not be enough to pack up all the necessary stuff, and this is where a luggage comes in handy. Of course, for your valuables, you would definitely need a carry-on bag for your money and phone and other important things to have. But what about where to put your important clothes and other necessities that you may have for your travel, how about them? This is where a luggage enters the scene – to store all of your needs for traveling or moving from one place to another. Luggage is important for any traveler because it stores everything they need. A luggage is usually in the form of a sturdy suitcase which depends on how long you will stay on the road or on another place and what you need.
Travelling with a luggage at the airport is always a nightmare for most people. You have to deal with airport security measures, problems with over baggage situations, security threats to your luggage, and many other problems while on the way. You could even get your luggage lost, stolen or worse, be implanted with illegal firearms or bullets when you are not careful, which is definitely a horrifying experience in any travel situation. No traveler is safe from these threats and this is why you always have to stay alert and keep your luggage safe at all times with all of the necessary and applicable safety measures to ensure a safe flight.
Security is the number one issue when it comes to luggage and traveling. Have you heard of the news where some airports allegedly implant bullets and bullet shells on random travelers just to incriminate them? This is why most people who travel to that country are super extra careful because they might get scammed like the others. To do this, they even shield their luggage with masking tape or plastic cover so that they are assured that their luggage is safe from these scams. They won’t even depend on the TSA approved lock, as some of these luggages can be easily entered, especially if they are not hard suitcases.
A luggage can either come in a hard case or a soft fabric case, which can be converted to a duffel bag or some carry-on bag. For light travel, most people just use a soft fabric case when going to the beach and flying locally. However, for international travel, a hard case is definitely a must, since it will protect your luggage well and will prevent intruders from getting inside your luggage and steal your stuff or implant something in it. A TSA approved locked also keeps your luggage safe and sound – it is like a money safe that you only know the combination to.
Any luggage can be of any design and for any purpose. Some luggage can be used for local traveling while some can be used for international travel. Some can even be used for intense road trips or medical missions all over their country or region or state.
Luggage can be lost if you do not have a luggage tag for it. You need to put in some warning or tag so that you can ward off evildoers that might cause harm to your bag and a hassle to your trip. A luggage tag also helps your luggage to be easily found among the rest. You can even put up funny signs like “no touch” or “hands off” and stuff.
Luggage can make you experience hassle at the airport if you overload it and exceeded the weight limit, in which you have to pay certain fees. To get over this, you should weigh your luggage at home and always make sure you only have what you really need for the journey and not just some things you like to carry around. Make sure what you will carry is what you will really need and you need to maximize everything so that it will fit. Of course, you can hand-carry some other items, if you wish.
Of course, as with most standard airlines, a lot of things cannot be packed on your luggage, depending on which airline and which country you fly to and from. Usually, these are things and items which are forbidden or have a bad smell that can linger upon airline compartments so make sure you read the rules and regulations in your country or airline when it comes to luggage restrictions.
There is nothing more frustrating than packing the right things on your luggage without going over-baggage. This is why you may need to ask a friend who often travels to get your luggage arranged properly. The key to avoiding over baggage is to maximize your space a lot without going over the weight limit. This can be done with a few tips and tricks of space management.
In a general sense, you should definitely prepare yourself and your luggage well before going out on any trip to avoid getting a lot of hassle in the long run.

How We Picked

Before you spend your money on what you may seem the best luggage in your opinion, you should take a look at the following. We based our judgment on:
Durability – you should get the best luggage based from durability so that it won’t be knocked over easily and form a dent or scratch on it. You also reduce your chances of getting planted with illegal stuff within your luggage if you have a super durable and secure luggage.
Weight – always consider the weight of a luggage before buying. Make sure it is super lightweight so that you won’t have problem with over baggage situations.
Style – most people who buy a luggage often conform to fashion trends and style, especially celebrities who travel to and from countries and vacation spots often, so they have to look stylish even on their travel luggage. Style also adds comfort to the user with its design and usefulness and the colors add a sense of personalization to whoever uses it.
Mobility and maneuverability – make sure the wheels of the luggage are very movable and easy to turn. You wouldn’t want to have too much hassle carrying all of that weight all the way to the airport using unstable and unreliable wheels.
Handle design and comfort – the luggage should have a comfortable handle with an ergonomic grip and the body should be easy to handle with a curved and stylish design.
Pockets and compartments – for easier packing, the luggage should have a ton of easy to access pockets for on-the-go and instant packing ease.
Size and capacity – this is highly important for any luggage – it should be able to pack in all of your necessities and save a lot of space.
Added features – what makes a luggage unique? Think about features that you want, such as additional pockets, straps and other things. Is it convertible to a carry-on duffel bag? It depends on what you want to have.

Our Pick

American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 29

Our best luggage is the American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 29 which has a zipper closure with unprecedented durability. When it comes to its quality and material, it has been made from full polyester material that is highly durable. Moreover, adding to its design, the nylon lining makes it very versatile and stylish in its design. You can enjoy personalizing this luggage because it has over 8 colors to choose from. What’s more, the packing area is quite large to fit in a lot of necessities.
When it comes to the design, the interior is also fully lined for style. As for the mobility of the wheels, it also has a smooth rolling mechanism. On the design and the visual appeal, both the outside and inside of the luggage have matching colors so it is indeed very stylish. As a matter of fact, this luggage can be expanded so you get more packing capacity on the go.
The American Xtreme Spinner stands 11 inches by 20 inches overall. When it comes to durability in concern with the style, the long sleeve material adds depth, comfort and style on the go. Moreover, to finish it off, the vibrant colors also make it ideally fashion-friendly. The maneuverable wheels measure 2 inches each. All in all, this is an ideal luggage for any travel purpose whatsoever.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

When it comes to flaws, the American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 29 may have a few, as not all products in the world are perfect. For instance, around the corners, the zipper can be a bit hard to pull through. Otherwise, it is a great luggage to consider.

Step-up Pick

Samsonite Winfield Luggage Fashion HS Spinner

We picked the Samsonite Winfield Luggage Fashion HS Spinner as our best step-up pick luggage. As for the size, it measures 13 by 19 inches so it fits a lot of items. As for the functionality, it has a zipper closure that is extra reliable. It is also made from high quality polycarbonate material so you won’t have to worry about durability and resilience.
Customizing your luggage is alright because it is available in five different colors. Moreover, it has a fabric lining as well to add depth and style to your luggage. On the visual appeal and looks, the design is very functional and full on its capacity. For safety purposes, the luggage by Samsonite also has a TSA lock that has been mounted on the side for extra security on the go.
When it comes to keeping your stuff well-lined up, the organizer pockets are also included within the luggage interior along with the full-zip divider. The overall material build of the luggage suitcase is also impact resistant so it is very handy for harsh travel situations. This luggage does not cause dents and abrasions even when it hits hard on anything so it is super sturdy in the long run. In addition to its style, the brushed pattern also keeps it in style and scratch-free in the long run. As a matter of fact, each zipper is also oversized for convenience. On mobility, the spinner wheels are very versatile and maneuverable. Overall, this luggage is a very ideal step-up pick for any traveler.

Budget Pick

Skyway Mirage Superlight 28-Inch Upright Luggage

Our budget pick is the Skyway Mirage Superlight 28-Inch Upright Luggage and it has a convenient zipper mechanism for easily locking and packing your stuff. As for the size, this luggage measures 30 by 20 inches and has a thickness of 11 inches so it can fit a lot of things in it. For mobility, this luggage by Skyway has four highly flexible and steerable spinner wheels. Highly stylish, it is also available in black and blue colors so you can choose your own flavor of style.
As for durability, it has been made from sturdy polyester material. Comfort and organization are not a problem because it has a mesh pocket that is of full length so you can keep ties, belts, and other smaller items within the luggage. As a matter of fact, it is so lightweight that you can easily lift your luggage to an overhead compartment or carousel using the integrated side carry handle. Moreover, its handle system is also retractable so you can focus more on the trip rather than the luggage itself. The Skyway Mirage Upright Luggage also comes with shoe pockets that are elastic. Generally, this is our best and most ideal budget pick for a traveling luggage.

Best Impact Resistant Luggage

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds

Our most stylish and impact resistant luggage is the Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds which has been made from ABS material and slight hardware material. It measures 28 inches on its width and it has a total of 4 upright wheels with high mobility. It is indeed a super stylish Kenneth Cole suitcase luggage for all of your fancy and hard bound traveling needs.
When it comes down to looks and functionally, the design keeps it lightweight and safe. In fact, the luggage is also highly impact resistant to withstand all of the inconveniences of travel. Moreover, a zipper pocket is included and has a U-shape with a fairly large size for easy access on its lid. The corners have been molded for extra style and comfort. The luggage can be hand washed easily so it is friendly on the maintenance part.
The Kenneth Cole Out of Bounds luggage stands at a height of 17 inches. Personalize your luggage as you can choose from 7 various colors. In addition to that, the spinner system is very superb and reliable so you can move it without much hassle. You can depend on this luggage as it easily be taken onto any cruise because of its waterproof capabilities.

Best Expandable Luggage

Travelpro Crew 10 Expandable Spinner Suiter

Our best expandable luggage is the Travelpro Crew 10 Expandable Spinner Suiter in which the nylon lining makes this luggage extra stylish and comfortable. It stands at a height of 25 inches and the included tie down straps surround the interior of the luggage bag and can be adjusted as you please. Moreover, the contoured grip design makes it ergonomic and easy to handle while the extension handle also has a power scope for easier reliability on the go.
Made from 100% nylon so it is extra sturdy, the spinners of the suitcase luggage make use of magnetron wheels which are very easy to maneuver. The luggage is also expandable for your big needs and is available in two colors. As for the weight, the whole luggage weighs only 10 pounds. it is indeed very lightweight yet surprisingly durable.
The zipper heads also have a shear-resistant property so it stays safe on every trip while the buckles are also highly durable for any journey ahead. All in all, the amazing durability of this suitcase luggage makes it a favorite among those who travel in style. It is great for use on casual or business trips.

Best Duffel Bag Luggage

Olympia Luggage 8-Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag

An easily convertible duffel bag luggage you can depend on is the Olympia Luggage 8-Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag. Its carry-on size allows you to travel further without worrying about baggage. It has a total of eight pockets to keep all of your necessities and is available in a multitude of designs and colors. It can be used for traveling or for students and is ideal for packing a lot of stuff.
The luggage bag measures 22 inches in which you can fill it up 90% and you won’t have any problem because it is the maximum size for a carry-on bag. It is also very lightweight at only 5 to 10 pounds. In fact, the many pockets make this luggage duffel bag a super versatile travel companion to consider.
And what’s more, you can fit in chargers, headphones, mobile phones and other smaller accessories with its small pockets. This luggage easily converts from a duffel bag to a rolling luggage bag using the double handles so you can avoid hassle on the stairs. Moreover, the wheels make this duffel bag a double-purpose luggage bag.

Best Lightweight Luggage

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner

An ideal lightweight luggage you can depend on is the Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner in which the zipper closure keeps your things safe and is very reliable. Made from polycarbonate material so it stands durable along the way, it stands at a height of 25 inches. On durability, its impact-resistant shell makes it an ideal travel buddy. It has been given a deep metallic finish for added style on the go wherein you can choose from 4 different colors for a personal touch.
Super lightweight because of the materials used, the luggage has a TSA accepted lock so you can protect your luggage during trips. The main compartment is also expandable for your needs. In fact, there are double spinner wheels on this luggage and there are 2 full packing compartments for keeping your important stuff. When it comes down to reliability, the side handles are very comfortable and the soft-touch top is very easy to handle. The Delsey Luggage Spinner can fit most 15-inch laptops on its integrated padded sleeve. It includes 2 accessory mesh pockets which are zippered and is a great choice for traveling internationally.

Expandable Set of Luggage

US Traveler New-Yorker 4-Piece Luggage Set

The US Traveler New-Yorker 4-Piece Luggage Set comes in four pieces of luggage in various sizes and is our ideal set of expandable luggage. It contains 3 upright luggages and one tote bag: one upright can expand from 10 to 12 inches while the second upright can expand from 9 to 11 inches. The third upright can expand from 8 to 10 inches while the tote bag weighs 2 pounds and has a 7-inch depth. In fact, it also comes in 4 different available colors and all of them have been constructed with tear-resistant fabric so you can enjoy traveling in style without worrying about durability.
Durability-wise, the material used for these luggages is EVA foam. It also comes with a strap that is adjustable and can let you add any bag while the interior lining adds style and depth to each bag. Furthermore, there are many front zippered pockets so you can put in a lot of stuff in there.
Mobility-wise, it uses inline skate wheels so your luggage can glide smoothly without much noise. What’s more, the handle system is retractable with a push of a button. The included tie down straps help you secure anything within your luggage. Likewise, this is also a nesting set so you can fit the smaller ones on each of them for convenient storage purposes.

Luggage with Hard Side

Nautica Ahoy 28″ Hardside Spinner

Durability is never a problem for the Nautica Ahoy 28″ Hardside Spinner when it comes to traveling abroad. In fact, this is what you should purchase if you want durability and style and simplicity on the go. On design, the textile lining is very stylish and sleek. On size, the suitcase luggage measures 28 by 11 inches. It can be spot cleaned for maintenance.
When it comes to durability, it has been strongly made from 100% ABS material. For convenience, the zipper closure is very reliable. The luggage comes in five different colors and it makes for a great spinner luggage for any travel purpose whatsoever. Like most luggage out there, it has a TSA approved lock to keep your stuff safe.

Ideal Carry-On Luggage

Eagle Creek Tarmac 22-Inch Carry-On Luggage

If you want a carry-on luggage, you can buy the Eagle Creek Tarmac 22-Inch Carry-On Luggage. This one stands at a height of 22 inches and with a width of 14 inches and comes with a convenient key bottle opener for multipurpose usage. It also has a coat keeper so you can store rain coats and the like which makes it unique among the other luggage we have reviewed here so far.
In addition to that, the key fob adds more convenient space for any small items you may have. The luggage is made from helix ballistic 1260D material and it also makes the use of Bi-Tech armor technology for the highest durability possible for a suitcase luggage bag.
On security, it can be conveniently locked using the 3-1-1 quick stash. The luggage by Eagle Creek comes in three different designs. It is a carry-on luggage for light traveling in which the multiple pockets are very useful for all of your necessities. It also includes a cargo net for convenience and it is also weather-resistant so you can take it out with you on any weather condition.
The compression straps also add convenience to your luggage. Also, you get side pockets for your refreshments. It has great resistance to abrasion and tearing while its wheels have a rugged design. Moreover, the handle system is very ergonomic and convenient for any traveler. The luggage weighs only 7 pounds and it can be expanded from 2 to 3 inches. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Competition

On the other luggage that we didn’t mention, they were a bit too flimsy and of low quality compared to the ones we included here. A reliable and worth-it product should have all the necessary features other than the extra freebies.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the benefit of using a luggage tag for your luggage?
A: According to Street Directory , it helps you locate your luggage when it is stolen and it is also an anti-theft warning since thieves will not go for something that has obvious names on it. Moreover, you can easily identify your luggage among the rest in busy situations and you also reduce the instance of getting your luggage to another flight instead of yours.

Q: Any tips for luggages and traveling in general?
A: According to Telegraph UK , make sure you know the restrictions and limits to baggage weights depending on where you travel or want to travel. In fact, you should always have a digital scale handy whenever you travel or before you travel so you don’t run into extra fees for over-baggage situations. Generally, luggage suitcases should be lightweight so you can avoid these situations.
Even if your luggage is lightweight, it should be sturdy enough to withstand about ten years of use. Make sure it will fit on most standard compartments, whether you travel on air or by land. You can also buy expandable luggage suitcases if you plan to stay for a week or two. Maneuverability is the key to finding the right luggage for you so make sure you have luggage with great wheels.
Packing the essentials can be a hassle, but there are many tips on the internet on how to properly pack what’s important in your journey. Always pack what is needed and not just what you want, since you don’t want to cause over-baggage problems and make sure your checked luggage does not contain anything that you are scared to lose.
Moreover, the suitcase luggage should be shut and locked properly. In fact, if you have heard on the news, some airports may have scams that could result in your luggage getting implanted with illegal things and frame you up, and this is why most travelers even seal and plastic their luggage for further protection. In addition to that, you can even put up bag tags of your name, or something with a sarcastic theme to ward off thieves.

Wrapping It Up

To summarize, the American Tourister Ilite Xtreme Spinner 29 is our best luggage fit for any travel purpose, whether you hit the road or fly up in the air to another country or far-away state or region or province.

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