Best Lip Plumper

The Jouer Pearl Lip Enhancer Rose Pearl is our best lip plumper, which has great conditioning properties, making it a nice lip plumper to have at home or wherever you go. It adds volume to your lips and it is also moisturizing due to the inclusion of shea butter to the lip plumper.

Our step-up pick is the Juvalips Soft Contoured Compact Lip Plumper and the lip plumper can be used to create pouty lips whenever and wherever you want to and you can add some plumpness to it as well. As a totally safe to use lip plumper to consider, it is also quite a long lasting lip plumper to have for your makeup kit or arsenal and can last for hours after using it.

The budget pick is the Ochine Lip Plumping Enhancer Lip Enlarger and as a neat lip enhancer, you can simply avoiding the expense of lip injections due to its simple usage and can be used on special occasions as well to make your lips appear fuller. Having a very easy to use lip plumper is important because not everyone in the world knows how to really use lip plumpers anyway.

A Little Background

A lip plumper is not just something that Kylie Jenner started out as an internet meme – it’s a beauty product that actually makes your lips more kissable and fuller. Many people who want to be like Angelina Jolie but don’t have naturally fuller lips tend to use a lip plumper that makes their lips much fuller than they originally are, which also adds an impact to your overall face appearance and possible makeup.
Usually in the form of a suction tube, a lip plumper has two sections: the top and the bottom, with one of the sections divided to specifically fit your lips to make them fuller. The size is mostly standard for all lip plumper products and most women will find it easy to use it for their lip plumping needs.
Lip plumpers work by irritating your lips which cause them to grow or become plumper in the use of the lip plumper. The irritation is caused by some ingredient like cinnamon, menthol, peppermint, ginger, cayenne pepper, wintergreen, camphor and others.
Lip plumpers do work, but you need to use them less often if you do not want to dry your skin, or always use hydrating formulas for your lips afterwards like lip balms or gloss. There are also some unique lip plumpers that already come with treatment alongside the lip plumper itself, so your lips won’t feel dehydrated and dry at all when you are lip plumping.
Lip plumpers can be enhanced if you also add lip liners with a nice lipstick and/or lip gloss finish. Lip plumpers can be painful if you repeatedly use them, so it may be best to stick with adding shine and shimmer to your lips to give you a kissable look that looks plumper anyway.
Lip augmentation is a different procedure for those who want to make it much more longer lasting in general, since lip plumpers only last for a few hours, whereas lip augmentation, much like breast augmentation, can stay for as long as you like. It’s like getting a breast lift for your lips, in a sense, using hyaluronic acid fillers.
Whether lip augmentation or lip plumper is the best is up to you. Both of them can give you a make or break deal: a fuller set of lips or possible allergic side effects that can ruin the appearance and health of your lips. While lip plumpers are great for being cheap, they can only last for a few hours unlike a much more longer lasting lip augmentation.

How We Picked

For the best lip plumper, here are some choices for you to consider:
Type of lip plumper: most lip plumpers can come in either application (gloss, cream or lipstick) or using a suction type device. Those with application style can be a lip plumper that is easy to apply but can possibly sting for some people because of its possible irritants that work to plump your lips. Moreover, there are also lip plumpers that are much like the Kylie Jenner ones that work using suction to make your lips pouty and fuller, which is available in kits.
Hypoallergenic: do consider a lip plumper that is hypoallergenic or that is safe for sensitive skin. Having a lip plumper that is generally skin friendly and allergy tested by dermatologists is important because it will let the lip plumper be useful for almost all skin types. This means that almost all women can have fuller and plumper lips with the use of the lip plumper.
Special properties of the lip plumper: many lip plumpers can have various purposes, such as age defying, hydrating or treatment. An age defying lip plumper is ideal for matured women because they can be great at reducing sagging and other signs of aging on your lips. If you have a hydrating lip plumper then it is an ideal thing to use for those with dry skin. People with sensitive skin or damaged lips can use the lip plumper that has a treatment, which is also okay for those who often use a lip plumper that uses an irritant for you to get fuller lips.
Ease of use: do consider a lip plumper that is an easy to use one. Most lip plumpers that come in suction form can be a bit of a challenge to use, but they should come in decent instructions that are relatively easy to follow. Moreover, if you do have a lip plumper that is easily applied like a lipstick or lip gloss then it should come at no problem to you, just make sure there are also instructions in the packaging should anything go wrong with it.
Packaging: the packaging of the lip plumper should be pretty decent looking. It should be nice and attractive and can also make a great gift for others. A lip plumper that is much like a lip gloss or lip stick should have a smooth and stable packaging while those that work like suction cups should be easy to hold and should have a sturdy and reliable packaging as a lip plumper.
Cruelty-free: a cruelty-free lip plumper is a good buy because you know that your product has not been tested on animals at all. Having a cruelty free cosmetic product such as a lip plumper means that you are not risking the friendliness towards animals and nature in the expense of making a lip plumper. You are guaranteed of a totally humane lip plumper to use.

Our Pick

Jouer Pearl Lip Enhancer Rose Pearl

Our best lip plumper would be the Jouer Pearl Lip Enhancer Rose Pearl, which is great at totally nourishing your lips and skin and it can give you pretty lips as a result. The lip plumper is quite easy to apply to your lips even without a mirror to use at hand.
It is best applied 3 times a day for the best results out of this lip treatment that is very easy to use. What’s more, the lip plumper is quite hydrating when it comes to applying it to your lips. Most people will find that the color is beautiful for this lip plumper due to its attractive pigmentation and shade.
Being clinically proven, you can be assured that it is a totally safe and reliable lip plumper to have because it is coupled by natural ingredients such as jojoba oil. What’s more, the lip treatment complements well with all shades of makeup so it is quite a versatile lip plumper to consider.
Great at keeping your lips moisturized, the lip plumper naturally increase the fullness or volume of your lips and it also greatly protects lips whenever you go out in the sun or keep using the lip plumper for a lot of times. It also keeps your lips freshened up whenever you go outside or in bad weather.
The lip plumper is gentle enough for everyday use to attain the fullness of your lips and you can achieve lasting results with it as well. As a small and compact enough lip plumper, you can be able to keep in your purse with less worries.
Giving you a totally nice pearly look, the lip plumper is great at decreasing fine lines for a youthful appearance. It can also work well as a night treatment and it can protect your lips from the damaging elements. What’s more, it is made with high quality botanical ingredients.
Providing you with optimum results, the lip plumper is also a very good moisturizer coupled with high quality Vitamin E. This makes it a very great, natural and authentic lip plumper that is pretty good at most skin types.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Jouer Pearl Lip Enhancer Rose Pearl may have some cons but they are minimal, such as the fact that it may tend to be too light for some people, but that may also depend on your preferences.

Step-up Pick

Juvalips Soft Contoured Compact Lip Plumper

Our step-up pick is the Juvalips Soft Contoured Compact Lip Plumper which can help you look completely natural with the single use of this lip plumper. What’s more, it is highly customizable so you can use it to the level you want so you do not get over plump lips that look weird.
You will most likely get the look of lip injections with the use of this lip plumper. It can be easily applied within 1 to 2 minutes and you can get instant results within that time. The lip plumper only requires 2 AAA batteries so it is easier to use than manual lip plumpers out there.
Most people will find their lips noticeably bigger when they use the lip plumper on a regular basis. What’s more, one use of this lip plumper can possibly last from 4 to 6 hours, making it quite a longer lasting lip plumper to have. It will also allow you to get the best suction possible from a lip plumper.
With its compact size, the lip plumper is also a lot easier to take with you anywhere and anytime. What’s more, there is a removable mouthpiece for easy cleaning for the lip plumper. With repeated use, you can definitely achieve fuller lips with this lip plumper.
You can also easily keep it in a purse with this lip plumper due to its small size. You can also notice much more improvement of vertical lines with the use of this plumper. Moreover, it is great at increasing the blood flow for a natural look for your fuller lips.
It also looks completely natural when you use it on your lips to attain fuller and plumper lips. What’s more, the lip plumper is great at creating fuller and healthier looking lips in an easy to use way. Bringing you dramatic results, the lip plumper can help you attain plumper and fuller lips in tong run. Using its soft contoured mouthpiece is super easy with this lip plumper.

Budget Pick

Ochine Lip Plumping Enhancer Lip Enlarger

The Ochine Lip Plumping Enhancer Lip Enlarger is our budget pick for a good lip plumper that is quite simple yet helps you to attain quick results. What’s more, It is also a very simple mechanism that helps you to attain more voluptuous lips.
Giving you sexy and charming lips, the lip plumper can be used without the pain of pulling or injections much like in other lip plumpers out there. Having a lip plumper that can be painless or less painful means that it is much more likely to be used in the long run without much effort or nuisance.
It is also quite small enough for a makeup bag so it is very compact to use in the long run. In addition to that, the lip plumper can be great for everyday use. Having a super portable and compact lip plumper is like a very handy makeup item that can be used anywhere and anytime, so you will have go-to and ready lips for any kind of occasion whatsoever.
The lip plumper is also non-invasive and quite natural with its approach for plumping your lips. This means that the lip plumper is hypoallergenic and will not cause sensitivity or some irritation to your lips that will be bad. While most lip plumpers cause irritation, this does not.
The lip plumper is easy to apply within 15 to 20 second increments to give you naturally fuller lips without much effort. What’s more, the lip plumper can be easily used before lipstick or gloss and safely used as a temporary option for getting fuller and plump lips.
Moreover, it is easy to figure out on how to use it as a beginner level lip plumper that requires no medical procedures needed for it to work for your lips. In the same way, you can achieving fuller lips after 20 to 40 seconds when you use it for your lips. Overall, it is a super easy method to use for a lip plumper of its kind.

Best Lip Plumper for Reducing Wrinkles

Pure Body Organic Lip Plump Formula

The Pure Body Organic Lip Plump Formula is our best pick if you want a lip plumper that is ideal for reducing wrinkles. It has a tremendous amount of formulation to enhance your overall lip volume with the method of increasing circulation for your lips to appear fuller, plumper and healthier.
This lip plumper is a great pick if you want to go for long-term plumping solutions even if you are on a mediocre budget. This means that you can use it whenever and wherever you go without having to waste a lot of money. The lip plumper also uses essential oils so it is pretty much natural in its formula.
Having a luxurious feel for a lip plumper like this is nothing like those cheap lip plumpers out there that barely work. This is quite a good product to have as a lip plumper due to the very fact that it is also coupled with collagen peptides, which work naturally to enhance your lips and make them appear fuller.
Your lips become plumper when you use this lip plumper on a regular basis. What’s more, the lip plumper can also diminish or erase wrinkles that are found on your lips for a more youthful appearance plus dramatic plumping effects that will make you feel more radiant and glowing with a nice pout.
The fact that the lip plumper is very portable means you can keep it and carry it to your vacation spot easily. The lip plumper gives you a natural color and it also prevents lines and wrinkles when you apply it to your lips. What’s more, the lip plumper finishes off with a nice glossy shine that retains moisture overall to your lips.
Great at improving volume as well as the shape of the lips, the lip plumper is a great choice if you want to improve the overall density of your lips as well, making them appear fuller. What’s more, the lip plumper is a great sexy enhancing makeup item that will work well on your lips.
Bearing a softer and flushed look when you use this lip plumper, it works very well while it is stimulating new collagen for your lips to bring the best out of its volume. It also enhances the lip outline very well so it is also a nice powerful lip gloss that keeps your lips beautiful at all times.

Best Lip Plumper with a Hydrating Effect

Simon & Tom Hydrating Lips Booster

The Simon & Tom Hydrating Lips Booster greatly enhances as a lip plumper that has a hydrating effect. It provides just the right and deep nourishment. What’s more, you will definitely find that the lip plumper can get you looking full and hydrated.
It completely smoothes lines so you can also use it as an anti aging formula that is more than just a lip plumper. You can feel at ease at plumping your lips without injections at all so it is very painless to use. You can also help your lips to boost blood circulation naturally so you get fuller lips.
It also boosts your lip health with the use of it is included vitamin E for a naturally healthier skin and lips. Moreover, you will expect the lip plumper to deliver hydration to all of your lips so you can feel them getting more hydrated, fuller, soft and smooth in the long run when you use the lip plumper a lot.
Additionally, it plumps your lips very well so that you can feel enhanced with the use of this lip plumper. Moreover, it also has chili powder or capsaicin which makes it a natural lip plumper to use for your needs that will naturally enhance your lips when you use it.
Moreover, it is made with fruit extracts so it is a natural lip plumper due to being made out of botanical ingredients that are freshly made. You can also get rid of vertical lines and diminish signs of aging with the use of this lip plumper. It gives you a full definition pair of lips with its formulation.
You can attain enhanced lips with the argan oil that is included with this lip plumper. What’s more, it also has capsicum annum to help you contour and plump your lips. It also contains enough anti-oxidants to keep your lips plump and fresh. It has great moisturizing capabilities.
Due to its fresh menthol scent, it will be a long lasting and a refreshing lip plumper to use in the long run. It is a nice lip booster that has a long lasting effect and it is also coupled with collagen and elastin. It has enough anti-aging benefits to diminish most wrinkles and to attain a set of kissable lips. It has not tested on animals and it also contains no GMOs, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates and the like.

Best Lip Plumper with Cinnamon Extract

Urban ReLeaf Anti Aging Lip Plumper

The Urban ReLeaf Anti Aging Lip Plumper is a great lip plumper to consider if you want a cinnamon extract lip plumper. It also bears a lot of anti aging benefits and it presents a yummy flavor to your taste that smells good and is safe to use on your lips.
What’s more, it regenerates skin cells so you can get fuller and naturally looking plump lips without much effort. This nice lip plumper is also made with very good cinnamon extract that can help you feel at ease when you want to use a lip plumper to make it easy for you to plump your lips.
Bringing you enough plumping benefits, the lip plumper is great for your lip contour needs. Moreover, you can keep your lips hydrated with the special formula used in this lip plumper. It can be a great lip plumper without irritation at all.
With this lip plumper, you can notice an increased hydration with it and you can also get a nice lip shine. You will be able to feel it working as it will function well much like a serum. It also has a couple of nourishing vitamins to help your skin and lips feel fuller, hydrated and much healthier.
The lip plumper is made with carrot seed oils so it is healthy and organic to attain kissable lips in the long run. You also get a dose beeswax in this lip plumper that makes it very moisturizing in the long run. It is also coupled with real cinnamon so it is a great lip plumper to use that is natural.
It gives off a plumping hydration effect and it works very much like a chap stick so it is simple, effective and easy to use. As a handy lip plumper, you will feel a tingling sensation when you use it but it is a safe and sound lip plumper to use anyway.
As a lip plumper, it has a clear formulation so it can be worn even when you have makeup underneath, making it quite a versatile lip plumper to use. Moreover, it is natural product with all of the herbs and the organic materials which means that the lip plumper is very safe and gentle on your skin. Among the list of lip friendly ingredients that are natural and organic included in this lip plumper is rosehip.

Best Lip Plumper with Collagen

LipToxyl Rouge Age Defying Plumping Lipstick

With over 15 shades to choose from, the LipToxyl Rouge Age Defying Plumping Lipstick is a great lip plumper to consider if you want something with collagen for a nourishing and plumping feeling all day with your lips. It has a long-lasting wear unlike other lip plumpers out there and it has anti-aging benefits as well that make it also an age defying lip plumper to consider for your needs.
The lip plumper uses Color Wear Complex to make your lips achieve a fuller appearance when you use it. what’s more, the lip plumper has a moisturizing effect that will naturally nourish your lip skin to make it shine and be hydrated. In addition to that, the lip plumper can minimize most visible signs of aging.
As a smoother formula for your lips, the lip plumper has its many benefits to make it a great lip plumper to consider such as the fact that it can suspend pigments. This kind of feature gives your lips a fuller color and contrast so you can just apply lipstick less.
The quality is very nice with this lip plumper because it is quite skin friendly and lip friendly with a rich formulation that is not too heavy anyway. It is a nice plumper that easily rehydrates your lips when you feel like your lips are very flat and dehydrated and lacking in moisture.
Bringing a lush color to your lips in the long run, the lip plumper is great for your skin as well as it also stimulates collagen production for a plumper and healthier set of lips. You will love the texture of your lips when used with a single sweep of this lip plumper.
The natural moisture of your lips can be retained with this lip plumper due to the Collagen Tripeptide Complex, which works effectively with each application of the lip treatment. Having a lip plumper that is packed with a lot of nutrients to nourish your lips means that it is healthy for your lips and the lip plumper can possibly last longer.

Best Lip Plumper with Glitter

Patricia Wexler No Injection Lip Plumper

The Patricia Wexler No Injection Lip Plumper is a great lip plumper to consider if you want one with glitter to look glamorous and cute on your everyday use or event. The lip plumper is so effective that you can find it working right away.
Moreover, you get a pretty and sparkly effect with the use of this lip plumper, which makes it the perfect arsenal for prom night, for parties at the club and so much more that require a super shiny or glossy set of kissable lips.
With no injection pains at all, this safe and reliable lip plumper can make your lips appear fuller with a pretty lip gloss format that makes it super easy to apply to your lips. You will get decent results in no time with the use of this quality lip plumper.
You can even use the lip plumper at bedtime so you can get a nice shine in the morning. You will also feel the tingle from this lip treatment but it is not too painful at all and just subtle for your lips. It has a nude color so its shade is just right for your makeup needs.
As a decent lip treatment, the lip plumper will plump your lips easily as it also lasts quite a while. Moreover, you can even wear it over lipstick as a supplementary lip plumper to make you look more glamorous. It has a nice consistency when you apply it and it gives more fullness in the long run. Your lips will generally just look plump with the use of this lip plumper and you can also safely use it with a lip liner to add more depth.

Best Lip Plumper in Lip Gloss Form

New York Color Plumping Lip Gloss

The New York Color Plumping Lip Gloss is a considerable lip plumper gloss that can make you look more beautiful. It is also a nicer lightweight formula than others and is also a lip plumper that is absolutely not sticky in its formulation so it does not feel weird or awkward with your lips.
You can add a lot of volume to your lips with the use of this lip plumper. It is a nice pack of 2 lip plumpers that are both completely paraben free so they are safe to use for your lips. They can help you get noticed and can be a great emphasis for the party.
Using this lip plumper can give you up to 4 hours of shine and plump lips. You will also find more curves on your lips with the use of this lip plumper due to its capabilities of shaping. It can give you awesome and voluminous lips in no time.
Providing an ample amount of coverage, the lip plumper can grant you with plumped lips for extended periods of time. The Vitamin E in the lip plumper makes it very friendly towards your lips and skin and it is also apply using the included mega applicator.

Best Lip Plumper with Treatment

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Plumping Treatment

The Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Plumping Treatment provides a nice blend for a lip plumper and it also has a great texture. As for the application, it has a sheer application as a plumping treatment and you can be having color for your lips with this lip plumper.
In addition to that, the lip plumper can be used alone and it can be easily applied using the brush tipped applicator. It has a sonic plum flavor and shade and it instantly applies on your lips consistently. The lip plumper is a nice full size plumper that can work well with a lipstick. It is a nice pack of 2 that can also be worn over your favorite lip liner.

The Competition

Other lip plumpers did not make it to our list because they were not very effective and were also claimed to have side effects or adverse effects for women’s lips. It is important for any lip plumper to be effective and at the same time safe to use for almost all skin types.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly is a lip plumper?
A: Many women love getting plumper or fuller lips because it makes them more kissable. That is mostly and mainly the reason why people use a lip plumper, which is a kind of beauty product that makes your lips a lot more kissable and, well, plumper.
Q: How does a lip plumper look like?
A: A lip plumper is a circular device that has some insertions for you to place your lips. The lip plumper basically sucks your lips so that they become fuller and plumper for about 2 minutes.
Q: How does a lip plumper work?
A: A lip plumper usually works by irritating (yes, you read that right) your lips, much like getting a bee sting, so that you will get fuller and plumper lips that look kissable. Most lip plumpers have some ingredients like cinnamon and ginger for your lips.
Q: What happens if I apply too much lip plumper on my lips?
A: If you use the lip plumper too much, it can possibly lead to some very severe irritation or dryness which is pretty bad. Like with most beauty products, lip plumpers should be used sparingly and you should have breaks so that your lips won’t get easily dried.
Q: How can I enhance the results of my lip plumper with other cosmetic products?
A: If you feel like the lip plumper doesn’t do you much of the results you want, you can also make the illusion of bigger lips with lip liners, followed by lipstick with gloss for the best results.
Q: How about lip augmentation?
A: The more painful way of getting fuller lips is through the procedure of lip augmentation. It is simply a way of injecting fillers into your lips, mostly hyaluronic acid fillers, to attain fuller and kissable lips without any kind of makeup whatsoever, for most women with really flat lips.
Q: Which is better: a lip plumper or lip augmentation?
A: That depends on your view of things , as both lip plumpers and lip augmentation have their own pros and cons. For instance, lip plumpers do not last very long compared to lip augmentation. However, lip augmentation can be more expensive. Both of them can give you risks for allergic infections due to possible chemicals that can cause damage to your lips, so they should be done at your own risk.
Q: What are the potential dangers of using a lip plumper that you should be wary about?
A: If you are not careful , lip plumpers do have adverse effects, as with all beauty products. Lip plumpers may be too harsh for some people with super sensitive skin and lips, so make sure you try to test the lip plumper first before you go on ahead and use it on a regular basis.
Most people may have allergic reactions to some beauty products and some ingredients so you should be considerate if you have these allergies, when using a lip plumper. Too much of the lip plumper can lead to dry or ruined lips in the long run, so make sure you consult a specialist if you are unsure with the lip plumper.
Q: Are there lip plumpers that do not sting?
A: Fortunately, there are lip plumpers that do not sting at all. These are unique vasodilation lip plumpers that work to increase the blood vessel circulation in your lips that make the appearance of fuller and plumper lips overall.
You don’t actually have to get a sting to use a lip plumper. For instance, there are specific vasodilation lip plumpers that do not employ the stinging effect. Instead, it works on your blood vessels to increase the blood flow for a more noticeable set of lips.
Q: Can cinnamon essential oils also give you fuller lips?
A: Yes, like most lip plumpers today that are mostly cinnamon infused, you can also get fuller lips if you add cinnamon essential oil to your lips to attain a kissable and fuller effect.
Most aromatherapy essential oils can also work wonders for your lips to make them fuller and plumper, even if you don’t have a proper lip plumper for the job. It greatly pays to use essential oils like cinnamon and peppermint for attaining fuller and kissable lips. This is why most lip plumpers contain either of the ingredients or essential oils.
Q: What are the different kinds or types of lip plumpers out there?
A: There are many kinds of lip plumpers, such as the moisturizing or emollient lip plumpers, which are great for immediate plumping without side effects. Light reflecting plumpers just add gloss to your lips but doesn’t actually plump it up. Irritants are the most effective but can cause stinging or some bad irritation.
Nourishing plumpers are ideal for those with aged skin problems while hydrophilic ones are best for adding collagen to your lips, and can be expensive. Plumping kits, a.k.a. those used in the Kylie Jenner challenge, can easily increase your lip size with less irritation and side effect, but can be more expensive than some.
Q: Can spicy food also make lips fuller?
A: Yes,
eating spicy food or having a lip plumper that contains capsaicin, which is found in chili peppers, is a great thing to consider if you want to naturally make your lips fuller and plumper. Capsaicin is a great ingredient for increasing and swelling your lips, making them fuller.
Q: How much can a regular lip plumper last in general?
A: A single application of your lip plumper, depending on what type it is and your skin type, will last about 6 hours or so. The lip plumper is mostly just to enhance your lips and keep the blood vessels fuller and increased, but this is only a temporary thing.
Q: Do lip plumpers also contain SPF?
A: Yes, most lip plumpers nowadays may also contain some form of SPF to protect your lips from getting dried by the sun and its harmful UV rays. SPF is found in sunscreen to help protect your skin from the sun’s rays.
Q: What unnecessary irritants should I avoid when choosing the best lip plumper?
A: If you want the best lip plumper then you should go for one that does not have parabens or anything that will be too harsh and chemical for you to ingest, since your lips are part of your eating routine. While some lip plumpers may have collagen boosting abilities, you should watch for parabens that may come from the lip plumper.
Q: Can vitamin A or retinol also make lips plumper?
A: Vitamin A is good for your under eye circles but they also work for the lips. Yes, there are some lip plumpers that make the use of vitamin A or retinol to achieve a healthier skin and can also naturally boost collagen within your lips to make it appear fuller and livelier.
Q: If you decided on lip augmentation, are lip fillers permanent or not?
A: Most people think that lip augmentation is permanent, but unlike breast augmentation, it is not, because lip fillers can easily break down after a few months. The good news is that, unlike the stuff women put in their boobs, the filler used in lip augmentation is much more natural and can be safely absorbed by your body with little to no side effects as much as possible.
On the flip side, you can also get an injection to dissolve the filler right away if you instantly decide against lip augmentation anyway, or want to decrease the amount of filler used.
Q: If I do want to get a lip injection instead of a lip plumper, how do I avoid the risks?
A: Avoid the risks of getting a faulty lip injection or lip augmentation by getting a licensed and certified doctor or plastic surgeon, and thoroughly check the background, the licenses, the past clients, and your local organization in your country that checks on the credibility and licensing of plastic surgeons or cosmetic surgeons.
Q: If I want to use the suction type lip plumper, why should I go for a gentle pulling?
A: Gently pulling your lips away from the lip plumper (if it is a suction type) after you have use it is important. This is because the gentle sensation will make your lips less stressful and can lead to less irritations, especially if you are not very used to lip plumpers yet.
Q: How long should I suction my lips in a lip plumper?
A: The suction time for your lips in a lip plumper should be somewhere between 15 minutes to 30 minutes, gradually increasing the amount if necessary, and stopping if you have seen a noticeable difference in your lips in terms of volume and plumpness.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Jouer Pearl Lip Enhancer Rose Pearl is our best lip plumper that has shea butter moisturizer, made with safe ingredients and natural organic ones like jojoba oil.