Best Kayaking GPS

The Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker-4 GPS Fish Finder is our best kayaking GPS which also gives you suppressed signal noise options and it can be taken to deep and shallow waters. Moreover, it also offers smart cable management. Giving you crystal clear sonar images all the time, the kayaking GPS has a diagonal display of 3.5 inches. What’s more, the display size is at 1.9 x 2.9 inches so it is quite wide.

Our step-up pick is the Garmin GPSMAP 78sc Waterproof Marine GPS and the kayaking GPS is proven to be waterproof to ipx7 and you can easily get the area readout in its intuitive screen in which the display resolution is up to 160 x 240 pixels. It is a great miniature chart plotter that will work on shorelines and has a MOB or man over board button option.

The budget pick is the Garmin eTrex-10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator and the handheld navigator is rugged and it also features elevation profiles. With a display of 240 x 320 pixels, the kayaking GPS comes with a preloaded worldwide basemap and the ability to track and save waypoints. It is also useful for downloading geocaches and for navigating through deep canyons.

A Little Background

A kayaking GPS is a device that is used for tracking your location on the fishing area, particularly in a wide lake or out in the vast sea. GPS nowadays is very common but it is best used out there in the wilderness. Kayaking, whether you use it for simple paddling or for fishing, will be much simpler and easier if you go for a GPS device – especially if you use it often for fishing wide spaces, large bodies of water and unfamiliar places.
GPS stands for global positioning system and it is mostly a tool and technology to help you find out and establish your current location. A GPS device is very handy while you are kayaking or fishing because it determines where you currently are and where is the way back to your landing spot. It also helps you settle on and save the fishing spot that you have just ventured in. In this way, you will know the next time you go fishing where many fish tend to go to.
If your GPS device has an option to download additional apps, you can really power it up with a lot of extra apps to enhance your fishing trip in the long run. GPS devices are mostly used for that purpose while kayak fishing.

How We Picked

In choosing the best kayaking GPS, you should consider the following:
Waterproof rating: the kayaking GPS should have a good waterproof rating, such as IPX7 or IPX8 for it to be truly geared up for your kayaking adventure. Having a waterproof kayaking GPS is important because you will be rummaging through the waters and waves and the currents can tackle you down if you are not careful, so the kayaking GPS should not be affected easily by aquatic hindrances.
Transducer bundle: the kayaking GPS is usually paired with a fish finder as a combo unit. Nowadays, it is common to find these kinds of devices. However, you have to make sure that the kayaking GPS and the fish finder combo both work well together in harmony and unison to prevent overpowering the other feature. Decide whether you want the GPS option more or the fish finder option more.
Power saving: a good kayaking GPS should be able to save a lot of power in the long run because going out in the sea or lake will mean that your batteries will have to last longer than they should. A good kayaking GPS must have energy efficient features like automatically turning off the screen or the unit after a certain period of time to prevent expending and draining power in the process.
Display: the display of the kayaking GPS should be as clear as possible in any time of the day and in any visibility condition whatsoever. A kayaking GPS should have easy navigation so that it will be easy for you to plot or pinpoint your locations. A zoom able option is also important in case you want a thoroughly precise kayaking GPS in your journey through kayaking.
Smartphone options: any kayaking GPS device nowadays will usually have the option to connect to your smartphone, such as iPhones and Android phones. Depending on the kayaking GPS model or brand that you have, the device can usually sync via Bluetooth, just as how you would sync a pair of Bluetooth speakers or a fitness watch onto your phone for data gathering, analyzing and social media sharing.
Mounting options: a kayaking GPS should be easy to mount onto your kayak or similar boat and should be mounted firmly as much as possible. The kayaking GPS should be steady in the midst of a fish fight or paddling in the sun or in the current or waves.

Our Pick

Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker-4 GPS Fish Finder

Our best kayaking GPS is the Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker-4 GPS Fish Finder which is relatively easy to use and is also applicable in most wake-controlled areas. Great for finding out and logging your favorite fishing spot, this kayaking GPS can float on water so it can never be lost under the sea or the lake.
It is dual-beam sonar capable and has a high-sensitivity GPS that is very accurate beyond compare. You will be able to check your speed with the display of this kayaking GPS. It will also help you find fish along the way while you are in a kayak.

Great for finding out your docks, the rechargeable battery is sealed in this kayaking GPS for optimal performance. With only 8.1 oz so it is lightweight, you can also detect ramps on this device. It comes with a charger so you can charge during emergencies. It will also find out stumps on the map.

With the ultrascroll feature, you can easily view your fish in the water with this kayaking GPS. It can also be used as a GPS for a canoe and it has dimensions and size of 3 x 5 inches so it is portable. Moreover, you can also choose to upgrade to a gt8 or gt15 transducer with this kayaking GPS.

It has a chirp sonar transducer that is super reliable with up to 750 feet of depth in saltwater and 1,600 feet of depth in freshwater. With a 77/200 kHz signal, the kayaking GPS can give you continuous sweep of frequencies all the time.

The kayaking GPS has an a-scope which makes it unique because it makes it easier to view the fish at the bottom contours of the ocean. The kayaking GPS can transmit power which goes at 200 watts RMS and 1,600 watts on its peak power. In addition, you can also choose to upgrade to high performance chirp on this unit for additional power.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not deal breakers, the Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker-4 GPS Fish Finder has a couple of slight cons but are not very threatening, such as the fact that it might not be suitable for longer boats due to the size of its transducer that is included.

Step-up Pick

Garmin GPSMAP 78sc Waterproof Marine GPS

Our step-up pick is the Garmin GPSMAP 78sc Waterproof Marine GPS. Great for marking hot spots, the kayaking GPS works well and accurately even at higher speeds. The clarity of the color screen is somewhat enjoyable and is dependable during the glaring sun. you can easily store a waypoint in this kayaking GPS and you can easily make it back to the boat ramp using it.
It can show the marine topography easily and it will work well under heavy sunlight conditions. As a high-sensitivity GPS device, it will also work on a sailboat. It has features for recreational navigation and it is a great marine GS and chart plotter in which the color TFT display measures 2.6 inches.
What’s more, the lens window is polarized on this kayaking GPS. With over 20 hours of battery life, the device has been pre loaded with USA maps for your convenience. Totally built for marine environments, the kayaking GPS is perfect for boating and is a great handheld chart plotter that can measure the distance traveled.
There is a blue chart U.S. g2 option in this kayaking GPS which is also compatible with mapsource and is capable of waypoint sharing. Including a 12v adapter for charging, the kayaking GPS can also include the Bahamas coastal charts for your references.
The unit includes 2 AA batteries for your needs. It is able to track depth contours and there is a lanyard on this kayaking GPS as well. You can share your tracks and you can also use the navaids included.
With a 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass, the kayaking GPS has a ton of mapping options for you to discover and it also has aerial photo chip compatibility in the process. You can also measure the heading and altitude with this unit.
Loading additional maps with this kayaking GPS is easy. There is also a barometric altimeter for your needs. There is also a Spanish language option and other languages on this kayaking GPS. It is backed by a 1 year limited warranty.

Budget Pick

Garmin eTrex-10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

Our budget pick is the Garmin eTrex-10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator. With greater target separation, the kayaking GPS also features a timely interpretation feature for you to navigate easily in any fishing spot. The display of fish passing through in real time is also achieved in this kayaking GPS.
The monochrome display measures 2.2 inches and the kayaking GPS also comes with a trip-planning software that also gives you automatic routing. With great affordability, the GPS receiver is WASS-enabled and it gives you the ability to add maps.
Saving up to 10,000 points and 200 saved tracks the kayaking GPS also comes with Hotfix and GLONASS support. Moreover, it is also perfect for kids with its rugged construction and easy to use features. The kayaking GPS has the ability to read contour lines and has fast positioning features. It is also applicable with lakes and the batteries last a day so you can go for more fishing or kayaking.
Bearing a 65k color TFT display, the kayaking GPS can detect terrain even in heavy cover and has a reliable signal for your routes and tracks. It has great core functionality and handles GPX files pretty well. Being waterproof to ipx7, the kayaking GPS also comes with an electronic compass.
The unit saves up to 200 routes and it is resistant to splashes and rain. Greatly compatible with custom maps, the kayaking GPS can log in your location for hiking or fishing. With paperless geocaching, the kayaking GPS is great for tracking and elevation and it also work with Birdseye Satellite Imagery.
With a transflective display, the kayaking GPS comes with spine-mounting accessories and the click marking of waypoints is so easy. It also shows you the difficulty and hints on terrain and it can give you map data in 2d or 3d. powered by two AA batteries, it comes with a barometric altimeter, an optional mapping feature for detailed roads and up to 20 hours of battery life.

Best Kayaking GPS with a Transducer

Garmin 010-01807-00 STRIKER 5cv with Transducer

Our ideal kayaking GPS with a transducer of fish finder is the Garmin 010-01807-00 STRIKER 5cv with Transducer. This kayaking GPS is marine-friendly and it has a built-in base map included. With intuitive apps, the GPS can easily calculate land areas as a handheld device. With a continuous sweep of frequencies, the kayaking GPS is quite easy to use and it is compatible for transom mounts.
Great with satellite imagery, most harbors and marinas can be tracked by this kayaking GPS. You can use it for research or for fishing. You can use any 32 GB memory card for your data. It is also great with other compatible devices and has a reciprocal bearing feature.
Using the clearvü technology for its scanning sonar, the kayaking GPS is excellent for crappie fishing and you can easily navigate with this unit. With its keyed interface, it can be easily removed from the mount when you don’t want to use it. Anyone can view locations within this kayaking GPS and it can also be used for vertical jigging and similar fishing skills.
Great for use in the water with its waterproofing, you can easily mark your favorite fishing spot with this kayaking GPS and it will be a great tool to use around your boat. It can display speed and can also give you the classic flasher format if you need it. Great with its near-photographic images, you can mark and navigate your favorite spots.
With the built-in flasher for depth, the kayaking GPS can detect objects and helps you navigate from the marina just fine. It will save you a lot of money and time with its speed and structure. The high-frequency sonar helps in saving time to find more fish and fishing spots with better target separation.
For those who like to fish then this is the kayaking GPS to have to set to your desired depth. It is simple to use and can help you detect crisper fish arches. This unit is being used all over the world in various waters and it can give you detailed representations of what you need.
The kayaking GPS works fine for ice fishing and will also detect some stumps and docks. Being easy to install, you can set the alarm to your preferences. The display size ranges from 3.5, 5 to 7 inches and the kayaking GPS has a well-working chirp sonar.

Best Kayaking GPS with a Chartplotter

Humminbird 409160-1 959ci HD GPS/Sonar Chartplotter

If you want a GPS device for your kayak with a chartplotter feature then you should go for the Humminbird 409160-1 959ci HD GPS/Sonar Chartplotter. Giving you a wider range of information than other kayaking GPS devices out there, it has a waypoint map plus dedicated buttons for you to effortlessly use.
You also have the option of a track log in this kayaking GPS and it also floats in water so it will not get lost in the sea or lake. There is a hook up for depth option and you can also track routes in t his kayaking GPS. What’s more, the color screen is so good and you can easily mark a waypoint.
Coming in with a Color VGA Display of 480 x 800 pixels, the kayaking GPS is deemed safe for use in salt water. What’s more, the LED backlit LCD is super bright and it comes with a 20 ft cable ready for installation. This GPS sonar combo is quite a breeze to use.
It is a neat sonar, chart plotter and fish finder combo all in one with its functionality and its built-in cartography feature. Also applicable for split-screen viewing due to the aspect ratio, the kayaking GPS features an internal GPS and the wire hook up is simple to use for setup.
With plenty of functionality, you can save waypoints and the like with this kayaking GPS. It is also easy to put together using the included transom mounting bracket. With a ContourXD feature, the internal GPS has 10 Hz Precision.
With a power cable, the kayaking GPS is simple to put together. You can also save screenshots onto any SD card. It also has an easy cursor key to navigate with. Having high definition imagery on its screen, the kayaking GPS features SwitchFire in its functionality.
Producing crystal-clear images, the kayaking GPS has a total of 2 SD card slots for saving maps and various other data. Proudly presenting a 16:9 aspect ratio, the kayaking GPS comes with a cover for protection. It can be read well even in harsh sunlight and it is capable of sonar recording.
With a great and convenient keypad operation, the kayaking GPS can also find out crisper fish arches in the wild and mark fish as you like them to be. You can be assured that you are trolling at the right speed with this GPS.

Best Kayaking GPS with a Colored Screen

Humminbird 4090301 386Ci Combo Fishfinder GPS

The Humminbird 4090301 386Ci Combo Fishfinder GPS is a great device for those who want a colored screen. The kayaking GPS has advanced navigation features and can also detect temperature. The GPS Speed is superb and it can be mounted onto any kayak or bass boat just fine.
You can also detect some brush piles with this GPS and it can also be used for ice fishing. It will log in your waypoint maps just fine as a kayaking GPS. Great for weather tracking, the kayaking GPS also gives you indications of variations from the path.
With a colored interface that makes finding fish and your location easier, the dual-frequency kayaking GPS is great if you are looking for particular fish species in your lake or sea. As a fish finder combo unit as well, it comes with a transducer and has a suction cup transducer mount so it is easy to attach to your favorite kayak or boat.
This kayaking GPS features over 1,500 feet in its maximum depth capacity. It is capable of in-dash mounting and provides easy installation onto your boat dashboard or kayak place. In terms of performance, the kayaking GPS is great with its down imaging and will outlast others when put out on a boat or kayak.
Using its sonar technology, the kayaking GPS is versatile that putting it on a pontoon also works. It will defy a storm in its performance and has switchfire technology, allowing it to be usable even on the rivers and the like.
The screen is easy to work on and the transducer can be installed below your boat. With 3.5 inches in its display with up to 256 colors, the kayaking GPS can get rained on due to being waterproof. It is also compatible with lakemaster and navionics and various cartographic service.
With precision GPS to give you map detail, the kayaking GPS has a built-in unimap for your needs which is easy to read. What’s more, the screen is nice and clear for harsh sunlight. It has high resolution imagery and is portable at only 5.5 x 5 inches.
Bringing you high contrast images, the kayaking GPS comes with a transom mount transducer and some SD card slots for your maps. It has a color fest display and is a great GPS sonar combo to consider. It comes with an owner’s manual for your reference.

Best Kayaking GPS with a Transom Mount

LowranceMark 4
Lowrance Mark-4 Chirp 000-11823-001 Fishfinder Chartplotter

Our ideal transom mount kayaking GPS is the Lowrance Mark-4 Chirp 000-11823-001 Fishfinder Chartplotter. The kayaking GPS also works for rechargeable AA batteries so you can save more battery life. You can be wirelessly sharing your data with this kayaking GPS. With enhanced navigation, the kayaking GPS still works well while moving and it is also capable of quick disconnect mounting.
The audible alarms help you easily get notifications and you can return to hot spots just in time with this kayaking GPS. Also worth noticing is that at higher boat speeds, it still displays fish targets. Moreover, there is a cable storage that keeps the kayaking GPS as organized as possible.
The visibility is good in the screen of the kayaking GPS and it also has a Dual Beam PLUS functionality using its higher speed processor. You can fish in lakes and take your boating and kayaking adventures to the edge because it also comes with a trolling motor transducer.
With optional chart upgrades, ths kayaking GPS is upgradable to various cartographic services such as Navionics+, Fishing Hotspots Pro, Lake Insight, Hotmaps Premium, Nautic Insight, Jespersen C-Map Max-N and so much more. It has a good downscan feature and has advanced signal processing for better fish viewing and bottom details.
With its GPS antenna, the kayaking GPS has great overlay technology and it has a detailed U.S. map for your needs. Bearing greater sensitivity, the kayaking GPS can give you details at greater depths as well as coastal contours with its advanced signal processing feature.
You can bring in game fish targets in this 12-volt unit closer to you using its improved target resolution. The kayaking GPS also comes with a transom mount transducer at 83/200 kHz and it is a perfect fishing buddy in the summer.
Displaying the bottom structure very well, it works on Jon boats and kayaks alike with a superior noise rejection feature. Displaying up to 3,000 lakes and rivers on the U.S., the kayaking GPS is simple with its one-thumb operation.
Despite the backlit LED grayscale display (not colored), it is easier to identify fish and to manually adjust settings. The bait fish are easier to see with this kayaking GPS which is still equipped with high-definition mapping options. After all, grayscale units are more power-saving than colored ones in general.

Best Kayaking GPS with a GLONASS Receiver

Garmin GPSMAP721 GPS Chartplotter GLONASS receiver

If you want a great GLONASS and GPS kayak unit then go for the Garmin GPSMAP721 GPS Chartplotter GLONASS receiver. With technology-stacked features, the kayaking GPS is waterproof and it comes with a transducer and a power cable. With the Dual Beam Plus feature, it has an internal GPS antenna that will definitely pinpoint your location.
Being super fast at 10 Hz on its refresh rate, the kayaking GPS is also applicable for other watersports because it can give you the details on laylines. The GPS an also support Minn Kota and MotorGuide and has a user-friendly interface for your needs.
The unit is both a GPS and GLONASS device and it also has autopilot compatibility for bigger boats. The kayaking GPS can be easily flat mounted or flush mounted with great simplicity and it refreshes positions quickly for precise location finding.
Highly compatible with GCV 10 black box sonar for additional upgrades, the kayaking GPS also includes the NMEA 2000 technology which makes it really accurate as a GPS unit for detecting images on the water. The kayaking GPS also features radar support and easy visibility all throughout the kayaking or boating journey.
You can be marking waypoints easily with this kayaking GPS unit. It can also be bale-mounted as you like it and has a ton of special features. Giving you iPad or iPhone support, it has a worldwide basemap and an advanced sonar support with media integration.
You can also view the course over ground lines with this kayaking GPS and it also tracks heading. Great for day or night operations, the kayaking GPS gives support for many transducers such as DownVü and SideVü and is also compatible with 50/200 kHz and 77/200 kHz.
This kayaking GPS is able to find and track vessels and you can also review recorded sonar history using the trackback feature. You can also download free charts from NOAA and use its downscan imaging feature to mark fish clearly. With an SD card slot for additional maps, the unit is a chart plotter and fish finder all in one.

Best Kayaking GPS with Sonar Technology

LowranceHook 4GPS Mid/High/Downscan Fishfinder
Giving you true wind data fields, the kayaking GPS can also help you plan marine routes with the additional app integration. The kayaking GPS also supports scanning sonar and CHIRP and it is capable of wireless connectivity as you need it.
You can also be able to tell the tide, current and time slider with this kayaking GPS – an important set of data for wind sailors and the like. With up to 10 times per second on its refresh rate, the kayaking GPS is highly compatible with BlueChart Mobile for Apple devices.
It will also save settings so you can go fishing with great ease next time. The kayaking GPS also has a shallow water alarm and will also detect some brush piles. It works great in shallow water and can be easily mounted on a trolling motor or the like.
Bringing you high resolution images, the kayaking GPS comes with the transducer for fish finding. It also uses the downscan overlay technology and has an HD skimmer feature with track back. It also comes with a transom mount transducer and you can also change the depth unit of measurement from feet to meters for your preferences.
Written in 30 languages, the kayaking GPS is able to pinpoint locations with a 3-panel view as you like it. With many transitions, you don’t always have to manually adjust settings to see the fish. You can locate fish targets and use it for mounting into a boat hull.
Made with geo caches, the kayaking GPS is applicable also for water sports and has a micro SD card slot for storing maps as well as some nautical chart details. Its 4.3-inch monochrome display is of high-resolution and it is also highly accurate in mapping for you to see fish at faster boat speeds with its chirp sonar technology.

Best Kayaking GPS with Dual Beam System

Canoe Kayak Depth Finder Piranhamax 176i

The Canoe Kayak Depth Finder Piranhamax 176i is a great dual beam kayaking GPS. With a chirp sonar, the kayaking GPS gives you advanced signal processing. It is easy to setup using a 20 ft cable and you can also review recorded sonar history.
This kayak kit model is capable of superb GPS trackplotting even if it is only at grayscale display. The kayaking GPS runs at 200/455 kHz in its transducer. The screen is backlit and the battery is included for your ease of setup. It also includes a carry bag for transport.
With an easy to use interface, the kayaking GPS is also a kayak transducer with a tilt and swivel mount included. It has an internal GPS receiver that is backed by the dualbeam sonar system. The 4″ display screen is intuitive and easy to use.
Able to pinpoint fish targets, the kayaking GPS can be setup on a quick release mount and has a 4-inch color display. It has great transition features for observing the underwater environment, giving you the best view beneath boat. Powered by any 12v battery, the kayaking GPS has enhanced sonar sensitivity.
The max depth is at 600 feet on this kayaking GPS and it comes with a mounting template. It is also thoroughly waterproof. With a great speed over ground, it enables you to download maps for your needs to see the underwater structure.

The Competition

Other kayaking GPS devices did not meet our criteria and expectations because they lacked in the waterproofing feature. They were also a hassle to navigate and to setup. It is important for a kayaking GPS to have good features for it to be successful in guiding you in any kayaking trip.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can be saved with a kayak GPS?
A: A kayak GPS can save your location so that you will be able to use it later on when you want to go fishing onto the same spot. For instance, you chanced upon a very great fishing spot – you may want to save that location so you can use it for future fishing adventures. Depending on the unit of your kayak GPS, you can save other things aside from the location, such as waypoints, tidal information, temperature and various other factors.
Q: Where should I keep my kayak GPS?
A: The kayak GPS should be kept in a case that is waterproof and protective. Getting the GPS damaged by water is the last thing you would want in your kayak trip or fishing trio. Always get a waterproof case, especially if your kayak GPS is not waterproof or not thoroughly waterproof at all.
Q: Should I leave my compass and map behind if I have a GPS?
A: Of course not! Should your GPS fail to work due to some battery issue, inside circuitry problem or some other trouble, you should be ready to read your map and compass just fine. Remember that a GPS device is just a shortcut to getting from point A to B but you should still carry your manual navigation tools in case the worst case scenario happens and you are in the middle of the sea.
It is also a great idea to bring someone with you in case you want to go out in the sea, preferably a sea expert, angler or fisherman. Some expert fishermen can be able to tell the direction just by noticing the wind patterns.
Q: What great GPS apps can I download for kayaking?
A: You can check out various kayaking GPS apps such as The Paddler, Kayaking GPS, Magic Seaweed, UK Tides, What Fish UK, Canoe Kayak Trip Planner, Met Office, Red Cross and many more. Most of them are available for both Android and Apple devices. These apps allow you to log in data or find out important fishing details about your trip.
Q: Why do I need to download apps for my kayaking GPS?
A: The basic features of a GPS may be enough, but you can also enhance your experience when you download some apps and other exciting extras for your GPS to be used for the best. Such apps may allow you to log in fish data, plan your trips, save your locations, predict the weather, use social media sharing and so much more.
Q: Can a kayak GPS work in the dark?
A: Unfortunately, it a href=””> might not work in the dark so you should consider the time of day when fishing with your kayak. If you fish at dawn then a GPS might not be that effective. In addition, you have to make sure you get off the boat as early as possible to your destination because the GPS might not work after the sun sets.
Q: Can a kayak GPS detect your speed accurately?
A: Even if the kayak GPS says your current speed , it does not detect the other factors such as the wind factor, the tide, the currents of the water and your paddling efforts. There are many outside factors that may be able to hinder your speed alter it, which means that the kayak GPS may be detecting something different from your actual speed.
Q: Does a kayak GPS have a nautical chart?
A: Some kayak GPS devices do have nautical charts. A nautical chart is a great way to enhance your fishing trip because it can display various data such as over falls, submerged rocks, transit zones, shoals, marine aids, tides, current information and much more.
Q: Can a kayak GPS be used in trolling?
A: Trolling is a fishing technique which also requires a lot of stealth and precision. Therefore, it is indeed handy to have a GPS or sonar or even both of them. Some sonar devices or fish finders will have a GPS bundled with it so it is a great combination to use while you are trolling for tuna, mackerel, salmon and the like.
Q: What accidents can you prevent when using a kayak GPS?
A: A kayak GPS is a precautionary tool so as not to hit rocks or a sand bar. This is essential if you want your boat to be safe and sound. Aside from telling you where the fish are biting, a kayak GPS will also help you locate various hindrances to your boat.
In addition to that, you may be able to avoid specific spots or places using a GPS that might be dangerous to your boat, such as those with predators like crocodiles and the like. Getting lost in the wilderness or out in the sea or lake is also considered an accident so a GPS is necessary to get you away from those sticky situations.
Q: Can a kayak GPS show you waypoints?
A: Yes, a kayak GPS can show you the next waypoints as well as the arrival times in approximation. A kayak GPS is very helpful if you want to plan your trip ahead so you can waste less time while you are going on a kayak fishing trip. It also helps you determine your destination in case there is low visibility or there is a fog in your destination.
Q: What should I consider about the warranty policy of a kayak GPS?
A: The warranty of a kayak GPS should be clear and precise on which kind of damage is covered. If the kayak GPS claims that it is waterproof, you should also ask if there is a warranty policy in case the kayak GPS fails to be waterproof or gets broken due to the waterproof claim.
Q: How can you attach or mount a kayak GPS to your kayak?
A: Usually, a kayak GPS can be attached using a pair of Velcro pads or any kind of mount that you have. Make sure that it is firmly secured so that it will not fall off and make sure it is in an accessible spot when you do mount it onto your kayak.
Q: What is the ideal waterproof rating in a kayak GPS?
A: The kayak GPS should be at least IPX7 or IPX8 so that it will be great and dependable to use in a kayaking situation while fishing or paddling to your desired spot. Kayak GPS devices will get wet so make sure they have some good waterproofing rating.
Q: What kind of battery style should I use for a kayak GPS?
A: You should consider a battery that can be changed or replaced in the kayak GPS. Make sure that the GPS battery is reliable so you do not run into troubles in the middle of the lake or ocean.
Q: What kind of objects could be shown on a kayak GPS?
A: A kayaking GPS will help you navigate through objects. You will find most a landmark in the kayak GPS such as a lighthouse, an island or an oil rig. Some GPS devices will also detect a tower, a chimney from a factory or power plant, a fuel tank, a water tower, a cliff, the top of a hill, a headland, an aerial object or many others.
Q: If a kayak GPS can float, does that mean that it is waterproof?
A: Not necessarily. This is because some brands of kayak GPS might float well on the water but it will not be thoroughly waterproof. Make sure that the waterproof claim is real by testing it first and assuring that there is a warranty policy for the waterproof feature of the kayak GPS. A floating kayak GPS is great so that it will not submerge into the water but if it is not waterproof then it is worthless.
Q: What kind of mount should I use for a GPS on a kayak?
A: You can use a ram mount for a kayak GPS so that it will be steady on your boat or kayak. A ram mount can also be used on various kinds of boats other than kayaks such as canoes and aluminum boats.
Q: Can a fish finder have a GPS for your kayak?
A: Yes, most fish finders nowadays are in combo mode or combination units that have GPS alongside the transducer. This helps you save the fish location with the GPS or find your location for your next adventure and reference. The fish finder working well with the GPS device ensures you a happy fishing trip.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker-4 GPS Fish Finder is our best kayaking GPS due to its 8.1 oz weight, crystal clear sonar images, a display of 3.5 inches, its upgrade features and it is compatibility to both saltwater and freshwater.