Best Kayak Cart

The Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart is our best kayak cart which can also haul a canoe without slipping around and it disassembles conveniently so it is small and easy to use for single hull boats. Running this on asphalt is the best and it can also possible handle a paddle board.

Our step-up pick is the Suspenz Smart Airless Tires DLX Cart and it easily supports a kayak that is fully loaded and it works on stand up paddle boards. The included tires will never go flat and the kayak cart is quite easy to use. With rubber bumpers for safety and protection, the tires measure 10 inches each.

The budget pick is the TMS 2X Kayak Canoe Dolly Trailer and the spring-loaded stand measures 9 1/4 inches and the kayak cart is easy to assemble as each arm has foam bumpers. When you transport canoes or kayaks, you can even include the battery due to this kayak cart’s capacity. It securely fastens your kayak to protect your vessel and you can even load your trolling motor onto the kayak.

A Little Background

A kayak cart is a helpful device for moving your kayak from one spot to another. It gives you the convenience of not having to lift your kayak from your vehicle or garage into your destination and is also a multi-purpose cart for other things you may need to carry. You can also use it to transport your kayak to a lake or ocean if your parking area is far away.
Kayak carts are generally made to give help to those who often kayak solo for fishing or just for paddling alone, but may also be used for tandem kayaks and sit on top kayaks. Only consider going into a DIY kayak cart if you know what you are doing, you have all of the materials and tools needed, and if you have knowledge and expertise on how to make your own DIY kayak cart.
When you find a kayak cart that has the right center of gravity for your kayak then it will be less stressful and strenuous for you to carry or push / pull your kayak and kayak cart to where you need it to be. The same idea applies also to canoes and similar boats.

How We Picked

When you want to choose the best kayak cart, consider the following factors in making your decision:
Wheel material: consider the kayak cart that has a pair of wheels or tires that are either pneumatic or non-rubber. The type of wheels on the can have an impact to the kayak cart stability and/or maneuverability. Most pneumatic tires on kayak carts can also be removed for additional portability.
Size (dimensions) of your kayak: if you have a kayak cart that is too big for your kayak then your kayak might shake and get damaged on the way.
Weight capacity: the kayak cart should be able to handle your kayak’s weight just fine. Having it too little for your kayak will cause it to crash and drop. It is important that do not overload it because the kayak cart may not be able to support it.
Material of the support frame: the kayak cart should be made of durable materials and should also be rust proof so that it does not wither away when you place a kayak that just came out of the water on it.
Center of gravity: consider the kayak cart’s support for the center of gravity for your kayak. In this way, you can make sure that you are carrying less weight while handling the kayak cart due to the ample and accurate support.
Handles and tie down straps: kayak carts usually come with a handle to help you push or pull up the kayak to and from your destination or source. Most kayak carts may already come with straps so they are very simple to setup to keep your items secure for your kayak or small / narrow boat.
Maneuverability: consider a kayak cart that is easy to move, turn and navigate to get the kayak moving to your desired destination without a lot of hassle at hand. A kayak cart should be easy to turn, much like a grocery store cart.

Our Pick

Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart

Our best kayak cart would be the Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart and the kayak cart can pull up boats and kayaks with fishing gear and it can also work just fine over rough terrain. If you have children along with you who wants to go fishing or kayaking then the kayak cart is also easy for the kids to pull up.
Giving off no smell at all on the 10-inch tires, the kayak cart can also handle a two man boat or similar vessels. In fact, going to the water and back to your car or camp is so easy with the universal size of this kayak cart which can handle even larger 17 foot kayaks.
Easily fitting onto your kayak storage bin, you can walk it down the street easily and it works best on calm water. With a loading capacity of 200 pounds, there are no tools needed for assembly and loading / unloading this kayak cart.
Moreover, this will be your convenient and reliable wagon to the water which has only 9.3 pounds of weight so it is portable indeed. As a perfect ground transportation for your kayak, this trolley or cart will still fit most doorways up to 34 inches wide.
Made with foam bumpers, the kayak cart measures 29 x 14 x 7 inches and it fits easily in the canoe or kayak. What’s more, the kayak trolley has an option to pop off the frame for bigger boats and stability. The anodized aluminum frame can be folded easily.
It can take kayaks up to 30 inches at the widest point and fit 10 ft single kayak. Moreover, the weight rating is pretty good and the kayak cart resists corrosion overall. It is able to support the full weight of your kayak due to being all aluminum for durability.
The cart can fit into your kayak due to the ability to be taken apart and it can address uneven terrain accordingly. Being designed to carry one kayak, you can also pop off the frame to make it portable for storage.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart may have some cons but they are not really deal breakers at all, such as the fact that it may not appeal to those who are more suites to solid tires rather than pneumatic tires.

Step-up Pick

Suspenz Smart Airless Tires DLX Cart

Our step-up pick is the Suspenz Smart Airless Tires DLX Cart and you can achieve your land crossing in a much easier way as the cart is very sturdy with the oversized padded frame. The kayak cart is quite appropriate for sand.
With only four big screws to assemble and adjust then attach the wheels and bars, the kayak cart can work well on varied surfaces and can be stowed away for portability and later usage. It includes tie down straps for security and it can work on beach sand.
Going to the ocean is a breeze due to its simplicity, reliability and durability which protects the boat to keep your transporting faster and more secure from the car to the water and vice versa. With airless tires, the kayak cart allows you to fish in small lakes and is also made for a rowing shell.
The kayak cart is able to protect the hull from scratches and it holds from 125 to 150 lbs. The wheel locking mechanism is quite handy and well designed that it is easy to maneuver up the hills.
Made with durable rubber pads, the kayak cart can be used over the rocks and it does not have the bad odor at all on the wheels. With an arched axle, the kayak cart is portable that it folds down to 27 x 13 inches and you can even carry this on a kayak.
Also able to handle a 13 ft canoe, the axle width is at 23 inches and the plastic wheels don’t rust. A snap on kayak (a kayak in which 3 pieces snap together) can also be handled by this kayak cart. With a quick release locking pins on the tires, it has a yellow aluminum cart mechanism and can handle pretty rough terrain.
There are straps and buckles on this kayak cart that is portable and only weighs 10.0 lbs. It can be fully loaded to your needs and can carry just about any small craft. With a black mesh carry bag, the platform size is at 13 x 18 inches on this kayak cart.

Budget Pick

TMS 2X Kayak Canoe Dolly Trailer

Our budget pick is the TMS 2X Kayak Canoe Dolly Trailer and with this kayak cart, you can collapse the carrier for portability and you can find that manually moving the kayak will be easier as it also works with small fiberglass boats as well.
Any boat (with gear) with a weight of up to 150 lbs can survive in this kayak cart which has quick onshore loading features for a canoe or kayak. It can handle rough surfaces and two person kayaks as well. The pneumatic tires are 3 1/2 inches wide (small ones) and 9 1/2 inches (large ones) and the kayak cart can go through sand and gravel.
If you’re going through the neighborhood with your kayak then this is the kayak cart to get. Approximately 16 inches when stored and folded down, the kayak cart comes with a 12 ft tie-down strap so it is secure to take your kayak to the water with your items and with the motor and battery.
Getting into the water with this kayak cart is simple as each aluminum pipe measures 2 mm wide. The kayak cart fastens your vessel easily without much effort and keeps all your gear secured. It will go well through a grassy park and it has double leg kickstands for bigger kayaks.
You can even put the kayak cart away for winter due to its folding ability. Even flat bottomed kayaks can be held by this easy loading kayak cart that has quick and easy assembly. It easily folds together for storage and has a solid metal frame which can have a 12-foot kayak rest upon it.
With 2 large pneumatic tires, moving the kayak from the lake is easy with the solid rubber tires that never inflate so getting flat is less likely to happen on this kayak cart. With a v-shaped cradle, you can easily move your vessels with this kayak cart.

Best Kayak Cart with Aluminum Framing

Surf To Summit Scupper Kayak Cart

The Surf To Summit Scupper Kayak Cart is our best aluminum cart for a kayak. You can pull it easier with the kayak cart which is a hand cart that can be stored and folded on the kayak’s front bungies. The tires are removable for your portability needs.
Made of heavy duty aluminum material, the kayak cart is a great and secure cart to consider for your kayak due to the tie down straps. This kayak cart is also a great kayak wagon with a scupper hole fitting system that makes it easy to load your favorite kayak.
With a manageable size for traveling purposes, the kayak cart comes with puncture proof tires to make it easier for you to maintain them. Because the kayak cart is made of aluminum materials, it is non-corrosive for when you place your wet boat or kayak or canoe.
The max load is up to 120 pounds on this kayak cart and it is also equipped with all terrain tires for those trips to the mountains. What’s more, the aluminum framing is greatly built for it to support a reasonable amount of gear on your kayak or canoe.
Easy to transfer to and from your car with, this kayak cart is so collapsible that you can store it on deck without a lot of problems. You can plug in your kayak onto this cart with the uprights and fasteners for easy storage of your kayak.
The inflatable rubber tires ensure a smooth ride for your kayak so that it does not get scratched or damaged at all. You can also adjust for scupper holes on this kayak cart with up to 2 adjustable uprights.
Getting to the water is a breeze with this kayak cart and there is no need for dragging or carrying your kayaks at all with this trolley. The extra insurance is given by the tie down straps that will handle any large kayak. The kayak cart also has rubberized contact points to make it safe for your boat.
The kayak cart will fit any scupper holes from 2 inches up to 27 inches apart as a carrier for your boats. The tires measure 9 3/4 x 3 1/2 inches and they are so dependable and never go flat at all. You can also install or upgrade to ratchet type straps for better security on this kayak cart or trolley.

Best Kayak Cart for the Beach

Harmony Stowaway Beach Cart for Kayak

Our best beach kayak cart for inshore fishing is the Harmony Stowaway Beach Cart for Kayak. Made with a universal frame design, most kayak and canoe owners will benefit from this kayak cart as it has solid tires that rarely go flat overall. It rolls beautifully when in use and it also supports canoes.
There is also an option for a wall storage or free standing when not in the fishing grounds (e.g. in the garage) and you can collapse the body for keeping into your kayak or canoe. With 2 boating carts in one pack, the kayak cart can roll up from the house to your next fishing ground.
The kayak cart has been made with heavy duty aluminum framing that can outlast others out there and will be suitable for freshwater and saltwater use. The kayak cart has been built in a superb way in its aluminum construction to prevent scratches.
The kayak cart can be useful for single and multiple kayaks and it is ideal to have in the kayaking season. It is small enough to be stowed away and can handle a sit on top kayak. Great for all types of terrain, the kayak cart easily stows in the hatch and it also fits inside the hull of your boat due to portability.
The kayak cart will carry you fishing equipment with great ease and it can go through soft sand without a lot of troubles at all. It does not damage your boat while rolling and it can be used during a beach launch or before/after fishing.
It works well even on muddy trails and it can carry a kayak or canoe in a portable way. Working well on dry and wet sand, the kayak cart has a handy kickstand and it is a great stowaway cart for the beach and inshore fishing.
This cart includes buckled straps and it can easily stow in the boat. In fact, with this kayak cart, you can try to modify it for your specific kayak type and size/shape. The kayak cart can carry about 70 lbs of gear and kayak.
It has straps and buckles to keep items on the kayak or strapped on top while it rolls to your destination. With a lightweight aluminum frame, the kayak cart has a maximum capacity of up to 99 lbs.

Best Kayak Cart with Rubber Bumpers

Gear Up Extreme HD Silver/Black Kayak Cart

The Gear Up Extreme HD Silver/Black Kayak Cart is our ideal kayak cart that has a set of rubber bumpers for a simple and hassle-free ride. With sturdy nylon straps for stability purposes, you can take the kayak cart to the lake and it has the support stand to keep and stack 2 kayaks on top of each other.
You can use the kayak cart for a tandem kayak and it has a mesh carry bag for storage. Keep your kayak very secure off the road with this kayak cart that can also sit on the front of the cockpit when stored on your kayak or canoe. The bars that hold the kayak measure 2 feet wide.
Holding kayaks by the hull of your boat, it has a solid metal frame and bumping over the rocks is not a problem at all. Bearing 200 lbs in its capacity, the trolley is fully collapsible and loading and unloading your boat is so easy with this kayak cart that can reduce rust and corrosion.
The kayak cart can accommodate any holes of different shapes so it is quite easy to use. Measuring 28 x 18 x 16 inches in its dimensions, the kayak cart can take good care of what’s inside your boat. It is light and is one of the best center load carts in the market today.
Moreover, the wheels pop off easily for portability and the kayak cart fits into a backpack. Whether you handle a kayak, a canoe or small boat, it does not cost that much and it makes it easy to cradle the kayak to your destination.
Using the strong rubber bumpers which avoid scratches or abrasions, you can assure a safe trip for your kayak. The kayak cart can be taken down easily and it makes it simple for your boat to get down to the water. Being well worth the money, the kayak cart has strong rubber bumpers to make it move a canoe or kayak easily. With an all aluminum construction, it is surprisingly lightweight which weighs 9 lbs so you can lift your kayak without breaking a sweat.
The movement is good on this kayak cart and it won’t rust at all with the silver and black finish over the aluminum framing. The kayak cart is backed by an unlimited lifetime warranty.

Best Kayak Cart with Pneumatic Tires

House Deals Aluminum Transport Kayak Cart

The House Deals Aluminum Transport Kayak Cart is our ideal kayak cart that has pneumatic tires. Being saltwater resistant for your ocean kayak, any assembly takes about 5 minutes. The kayak cart is manageable even for an average size woman and it comes with airless tires with less maintenance.
The strap can be pulled tightly and the kayak cart is superb for transporting nearly any kayak. With a longer strap than most other kayak carts out there, the kayak cart has a powder coated aluminum frame and can house a sit on top kayak.
This kayak cart rolls effortlessly and it can tow two 10 ft. kayaks stacked at the same time. Moreover, you can attach some retractable ratchet straps for added safety and security to the kayak and kayak cart altogether.
You can strap it down easily for your kayak to stay in place all the time. The length of tie-down strap is at 11.4 feet on this kayak cart so it can accommodate even the largest kayaks possible with a lot of gear on top of them. The dimensions of the kayak cart are 28 x 16 x 15 inches so it is able to handle larger kayaks.
In fact, the kayak cart can take a 14-inch kayak so it is quite spacious and accommodating. In addition to that, the distance between the central strap is 5 1/2 inches so you get a lot more security and stability for the straps holding the kayak in the kayak cart.
The load capacity is at 220 lbs so the kayak cart is able to take larger boats, kayaks, canoes and the like even with the fishing gear on them for longer hikes and trips to the lake or beach and back to your parking spot or camp. The kayak cart is quite easy to store due to its portability.
Bringing you extra strength for extra heavy kayaks, the kayak cart measures 0.8 inch on its diameter of the aluminum pipe so it is quite thick and stable enough to hold bigger kayaks and canoes.
The kayak cart’s wheels are dependable and do not give a bumpy ride at all. The diameter of the pneumatic tires is 9 1/2 inches. Moreover, when you order the kayak cart, it comes with a unique e-book for tips on how to tie up your kayak to the cart.

Best Kayak Cart for Large Boats

Paddleboy Original Large Boat Cart

If you want a kayak cart for larger kayaks then the Paddleboy Original Large Boat Cart is an answer to your problems. The kayak cart is also foldable and can be stowed away onto your boat or kayak or even your vehicle.
With the proper setup, you can tow it behind bike. The kayak cart can keep all your gear intact inside the kayak and you can even go for about 200 lbs of weight (if you are careful enough). It comes apart for keeping into the boat compartment when not in use or while paddling away.
With this kayak cart, the pipe material is made of aluminum so it will not rust at all so your kayak will be safe. It fits most canoes and kayaks and it enables your boat launch to be done safer. Most sit on top kayaks will fit well on this kayak cart and it can be a great carrier for the road to the ocean.
The wheels stay in place and the kayak cart can be put in a compact storage area. The height is adjustable from 9.25 to 11 inches to accommodate all kinds of boats and kayaks / canoes. With snap buttons, the kayak can be taken down to the beach due to the hard legs of this kayak cart.
Keeping the kayak stable, the kayak cart gives you an easy leg extension and can go from the beach or boat ramp. The snap buttons can extend from 10 to 17 inches and through the opening in the cart, you can place the end of the kayak.
This kayak cart carries up to 200 lbs and can be used in the spring and in the summer. In fact, even those in old age can manage with this kayak trolling cart. The whole thing measures 38 x 9 inches and it is easy to slide on your kayak.
The black rubber protective sleeve is upright and the kayak cart has an inner dimension of 17 inches. Great for a double kayak, the kayak cart folds and adjusts with its upright tubes. Even when the kayak is too heavy, the kayak cart is stable as the wheels measure 8 x 2 inches.

Best Kayak Cart with Balloon Tires

Salamander Soft Balloon Tire Bruneau Cart

If you want balloon tires on the kayak cart, consider the Salamander Soft Balloon Tire Bruneau Cart. With useful design features, the kayak cart has wheel braces and the wheels don’t dig ditches for better stability. With its aluminum frame, you will find that it is quite easy to secure the boat to the cart.
It has balloon tires that are soft, wide and ideal for mud traveling and on soft sand. The whole thing weighs 11.5 pounds and has a bunch of wheels that measure 12 inches. The axle spans at 35 inches and the whole thing measures 14 x 16 inches.
The kayak cart has removable wheels for portability and the wheels come with straps. With easy mounting, the kayak cart has a securing vertical pin and the low pressure tires don’t make bumpy rides at all.
With a compact frame, the kayak cart can also be used on a stand up paddle board and it can be mounted under the center of the boat for carrying your kayak. Made with soft tires, going up and down over the sand is so easy with this kayak cart and loading a boat is easier with it.
The tie-down straps of this kayak cart hold your kayak, canoe or boat into place without a lot of hassle at all. You can take your boat from the parking lot to the lake or beach with less effort. The kayak cart is quite easy to store due to its portability and it will make it no longer a hassle to stroll your kayak to and from your fishing spot.
It is very sturdy and can be used out of the water with its included value stem that is hassle free to setup. Hauling your kayak or canoe is super simple with this easy to pull kayak cart and its removable tires are a breeze to pull as well.

Best Kayak Cart with Kickstands

HPWSports Canoe and Kayak Transport Cart

As a great boat mover with a kickstand, the HPWSports Canoe and Kayak Transport Cart can go through soft and sandy beaches. In addition to that, the tire material is very stiff so it is ideal for rough ground. Moreover, the locking kickstand is quite stabilizing and ideal for larger boats.
With less than 1 minute on its assembly, there are some nice rubber caps on top of this kayak cart to make it stable. There is a tension assisted kick bar stand that does the job very well. What’s more, the straps are real nice and tight and the kayak cart breaks down for easy storage.
Also, between the boat and the cart, there is a soft connection for less bumpy rides. Moreover, with the kayak cart, the wheels never go flat and it is also a collapsible cart to take with you on your sit on top kayak or your car or vehicle when not being used.
The kayak cart is so easy to use that it can be assembled and loaded in minutes. The kayak cart can move well enough over the sand and the wheels work even if punctured and they claim to never go flat at all. It’s weight limit is 150 lbs.
Being great and lightweight, the kayak cart will not sink in the sand at all and is made of stainless steel hardware. The wheels can be removed easily and you can carry it when you paddle due to its portability. With better ground clearance, the kayak cart can handle a fishing kayak.
The kayak cart can be easily pulled through the lanyard handle of your kayak and the cart can also be used for a canoe as well. The two pneumatic tires are assisted by a spring-loaded stand that measures 9 1/4 inches. The v-shaped cradle can help carry any kayak or canoe through its hull. The cart can go through gravel and sand and comes with nylon straps.

The Competition

The other kayak carts did not make it to our review list because they did not have enough room for the kayak to be transferrable and did not have good mobility. It is important for any kayak cart to be totally easy to steer and to carry your kayak safely to your destination.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a kayak cart and why do I need one?
A: Kayak carts or kayak trolleys are movable mechanisms that help you transport your large kayak from one place to another, specifically to transport it from the land to the sea, or from the shop where you bought it to your house.
Q: Why should I find out the center of gravity of the kayak when finding the best kayak cart?
A: The center of gravity is greatly important for choosing the kayak cart that you need. The center of gravity refers to where the boat is supported the best and sits on the kayak cart.
Q: If I were to build a DIY kayak cart, what base material would be good?
A: Consider PVC material as the best choice for a DIY kayak cart. PVC material is quite durable, cheap and also easy to put together using PVC glue, washers and the like.
Q: What are the two types of kayak carts?
A: Just as there are two types of kayaks , there are also two types of kayak carts namely the sit in cart or trolley and the sit on top cart or trolley. Basically, there are kayak carts that are made for any of the two kayak types, so you can choose the appropriate kayak trolley or cart that fits your kayak type and size.
Q: What is the ideal thickness of the frame or tubing of a kayak cart?
A: A kayak cart can be about 3/4 inch thick , especially if it will be made out of PVC material either as a DIY kayak cart or one that is brought from the store. However, this will still depend on the weight and size (dimensions) of your kayak so make sure to have adjustments on the sizing of the material when needed.
Q: Would it cost more to DIY a kayak cart or would I save more?
A: Generally, a DIY kayak cart will save you more money in the long run, but you have to connect all of the bits and pieces together firmly or else you will get a substandard finished product.
Q: What is the v-cross section of a kayak and why does it matter when picking your kayak cart and using it?
A: Kayaks are shaped like a letter v on the water and this is the v-cross section. Some types of hulls of kayaks can be more pronounced in the v-cross section and this is why they need some more strategy when it comes to being placed onto the kayak cart. Having a cart with sufficient ties and laying over your hull to one side before tying it up is a good tip for such kayak hull types.
Q: What should I store or not store in the kayak while it is on the kayak cart?
A: The kayak cart has a weight limit so it is just advisable not to go over that cart weight limit. Make sure that you only put in the stuff in the kayak that are capable of being pulled or pushed by the kayak cart. Obviously, do not let someone ride the kayak on the kayak cart (unless it’s very little lightweight children that do not exceed the weight limit).
Q: Can you convert a golf bag cart into a kayak cart?
A: Yes, because a golf bag cart also has wheels or tires much similar to a kayak cart. If you have an old golf bag cart that you do not use anymore, you can save money and convert it into a kayak cart. However it is going to require some moderate DIY skills due to the operation of power tools (e.g. electric drill) and installation of foam pipes.
Q: Where should I store the kayak cart if I cannot leave it behind for security purposes? Are there any alternatives to this?
A: Kayak carts can be left behind, especially if they are big and bulky but if you don’t have someone to leave them on then you can buy a kayak cart that can be disassembled or is portable for it to fit into your kayak’s cockpit or other storage area.
Another option is to buy a second kayak cart in case the other one gets lost or stolen when you return to the shore or land. On another solution, you can buy a cable bike lock, preferably with a digit combination lock, and secure your kayak cart to a tree or some other secure object that is hard to get the kayak cart out of.
Q: Can a kayak cart be disassembled?
A: Yes, a lot of kayak carts nowadays can be taken apart so that you can put them on your kayak’s cockpit, hatch or storage area. It is best to order a kayak cart that is quite portable yet packs a lot of power in handling your kayak.
Q: Where should I place the kayak cart under the kayak?
A: A kayak cart should go under the center of the kayak so that you will have less effort to moving your kayak from point A to point B. The fulcrum that it becomes is due to the simple machine concept or see-saw concept made by the kayak cart itself while being placed in the middle bottom of your kayak.
Q: What makes pneumatic tires on kayak carts ideal for durability?
A: Usually, pneumatic tires are better when it comes to uneven terrain and for the mountains, hills and anywhere you go fishing to, due to its rugged design and wider form. Going over the sand is a breeze because pneumatic tires can be slightly deflated for adjustments.
Q: What is the importance of having your items tied up in your kayak as you carry it with your kayak cart?
A: Kayak carts can still be prone to turning over when not careful or when not in a good terrain. This is why you need to tie up everything on your kayak before you move it along to your destination. This is also a must-have if you have cameras and other delicate items in your kayak or boat.
Q: Which kayaks are more advisable to be used a kayak cart with: polyethylene or composite kayaks?
A: Actually, both of these kayak types need a good kayak cart to take them from point A to point B. However, kayaks made of composite material are the ones that need them the most because composite kayaks are lightweight but fragile, so they should not be dragged into rocky grounds. To ensure this happens less, a good kayak cart is needed to save it from the rocks.
Q: What is the typical load limit of a kayak cart?
A: Kayak carts can have a load limit of 100 to 200 pounds so make sure you know what kayak cart is the best for you and your kayak (and your gear). Make sure all of the numbers add up just fine to avoid breaking your kayak cart or excessively shaking your kayak out of place due to the lack of size.
Q: If my kayak cart does not have tie down straps, can I use regular rope?
A: Yes, but make sure your rope is seasoned and not slippery so that your kayak comes into place without slipping off or getting out of place. A water resistant rope is also important to keep the kayak tied up nicely.
Q: Why is the kayak length important when choosing a kayak cart?
A: It will be quite strenuous if you operate a kayak cart that is too little or too big for your kayak, because the kayak might get scratched by the ground if you are not careful. Make sure the kayak length is measured before buying or choosing a kayak cart.
Q: What should I do if the kayak I will load to the cart is slightly bigger than my usual kayak?
A: You can make use of the kickstand of the kayak cart because it will help you get the kayak into place onto the kayak cart without a lot of effort. Remember that if you have a large kayak, consider getting a kayak cart with a kickstand.
Q: How should I place my gear onto the kayak in the kayak cart before I strap it all up?
A: Make sure you have equal ballasts on each side of the kayak cart to make it easier for you to carry. The weight of each of the sides of the kayak should be equal so that it will be less of a hassle for you to lift, especially if you are kayaking solo.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart is our best kayak cart due to its tires, 200-pound capacity and anti-corrosion properties.