Best Hoverboard

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter is our best hoverboard, which is powered with a 36v lithium ion battery pack that is easy to manage and safe to use around your neighborhood. It is a powerful self balancing scooter that packs a lot of the highest electrical safety standards to make your ride as safe as possible.

Our step-up pick is the Halo Rover Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers and the hoverboard passed UL certifications so it is very safe and it can climb hills up to 20 degrees as well. You can control yourself easier with the hoverboard and its 8.5 inch tires are all terrain capable as well. It also includes a hologram certificate to prove that it is safe with a lot of improved visibility.

The budget pick is the Skque X1/I Series Self Balancing Scooter and this hoverboard can fit well on the streets and all terrains as well. Being a UL 2272 certified hoverboard, it has enough rotation and acceleration to keep you in place without easily falling over. It can be used in a very narrow space due to its compact design as a self balancing scooter.

A Little Background

A hoverboard, contrary to popular belief, does not really float like they do in Back to the Future (we have yet to get there with a real hoverboard). It is simply a self-balancing scooter but generically labeled as a “hoverboard” by popular culture today. Hoverboards are composed of a gyroscope, a battery, a motor and some small processors. Hoverboards balance by themselves and allow you to control them easily.
Hoverboards have been popular since 2015 due to their price range that is not too high when it comes to comparing with Segways. Most of these hoverboards are pretty fast, which makes them better than bicycles and kick scooters. They are also easier to learn than skateboards for people who don’t have a lot of balance. While hoverboards tend to be on the expensive side of things, they are still notably less pricier than Segways.
Contrary to what you might think, hoverboards do need you to balance on it, even if the motor has a gyroscope to help you balance. It is much like an easier version of a skateboard so you should be extra careful when using it. You should also make sure that it is UL tested to avoid causing fires by exploding the batteries. You should also charge it according to the manufacturer’s standards to avoid overcharging and overheating.
If you want to get a hoverboard for Christmas (either for yourself or for your nephews or kids), you should prepare at least $300 to $500 budget. You don’t really have to spend a lot but you can go for a brand that is reputable and more people tend to buy and have no reports of exploding due to battery or charging problems.
Like mobile phones, hoverboards can explode too because of their battery (which is usually lithium ion). The big battery can overheat and cause major fires if you don’t get a hoverboard that has been safely tested. The problem with most cheaper hoverboards is that they have not been tested or UL listed so it is pretty dangerous to go out and buy them or invest in them. Instead, you should invest in pricier and higher end brands that are more popular.
Hoverboards are defined by the kind of lithium ion battery they have. Lithium ion is the kind of battery that has been used in smartphones and laptops due to their extensive battery power and ease of charging. The only problem arises with hoverboards if they have sub-standard battery (most likely from Chinese and Taiwanese brands) so you have to be careful and make sure that if you’re getting a Chinese or Taiwanese hoverboard brand, it should be high priced, filled with good reviews, UL listed and fully tested to avoid the likelihood of accidents and household fires.
A hoverboard can have a lot of benefits for your health. The self balancing scooter is a great way to help you get from point A to point B and is also pretty cheaper than a Segway. The hoverboard can be enjoyed by kids, teens and adults alike due to its universal design. Moreover, it is also easy to balance on it due to its motorized gyroscope that keeps you balanced as much as possible.
The hoverboard can actually move fast, from 10 to 15 miles per hour. This means that it can also be a substitute to your old kick scooter you had in your high school days. The only downside is that it is just about as safe as a regular skateboard, so you should definitely watch over the little ones for accidents. Like you would on a skateboard, a hoverboard also allows an array of tricks: the Figure 8 for the beginner and the 180 and 360 for the advanced riders.

How We Picked

The best hoverboard for your needs should have the following factors:
Safety standards (UL listed): do consider a hoverboard that is safe to use. Always look for the UL sticker to indicate that its battery and other components have been UL listed and tested not to overheat and explode, compared to low end brands out there. Having a UL listed hoverboard puts you at an advantage because it ensures you that you are riding on a safe, secure and stable self balancing scooter that will get you away from the dangers of accidents, especially house fires.
Lights: a hoverboard usually has flashing lights that may cycle through the entire spectrum of colors for added attraction and also for riding in low light conditions. These lights are usually made out of LED technology to make them easy on the battery and clearly bright in any time of the day. Do consider a hoverboard in which the lights can be easily controlled by any means possible. Some can have programmable lights through the use of an app through its Bluetooth technology. Lights are important for a self-balancing scooter to know if it is working and to see better in darker areas.
Tire or wheel size: from 6 to 10 inches, you can have a hoverboard that suits your size best. Even some kids can ride on hoverboards so they are best with wheels that are easy to balance with. The tire or wheel size may also depend on the user’s height and weight. Make sure that the wheel size of the hoverboard is comfortable so that it will not cause you to lose your balance overall.
Bluetooth speaker: most models of hoverboards nowadays do include a Bluetooth speaker. This feature lets you play music as you roll down the streets or pavement. This is a useful feature for those who want to ride their hoverboard to either show off to their friends or to get some fresh air while listening to their favorite tunes. It gives off the feeling of blasting music through your motorcycle’s sound system.
All-terrain: having an all-terrain hoverboard is actually a good thing because it will help you to go to places that have uneven ground, such as parks and gardens or pebbled surfaces. All-terrain tires are mostly those with specially designed treads to make them adapt to uneven ground.
Motor: the motor of the hoverboard should be powerful enough to support your weight and its gyroscope should be functioning well to help you balance better, especially for beginners at using self balancing scooters or hoverboards. Most powerful ones are at least 400 watts of power and some are even dual motor in terms of their construction and technology. This ensures the stability and power of your hoverboard carrying you around without much balancing needed.

Our Pick

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter is our best hoverboard or self-balancing electric scooter. This hoverboard is quite durable due to the shatter-resistant polymer frame and is meant for ages 8 and older. You can enjoy the journey without worry as it is UL 2272 certified.
With a cruising speed of 8 mph or more, the hoverboard gives you smooth riding and a decent amount of speed to get from point A to point B. With an LED battery power indicator to tell you about the charge, it is meant for both kids and adults alike and its included silent motors at 350 watts are powerful.
You can learn how to ride this hoverboard easily due to its simple controls. There is also a cool blue LED light so you can ride it at night with a lot of performance and maneuverability. What’s more, you get a run time of up to 60 minutes with this hoverboard and 2 riding modes (training and normal use).
This hoverboard can be used around your house without a lot of problems due to its anti-slip rubber foot platforms. It can accept riders up to 220 lbs due to its durability and it is great for beginners. It is like learning how to ride a bike and there are blue, black and white colors to choose from.
The unit takes 2 or 3 hours to fully charge so it is very easy to power up. With no assembly required, the hoverboard has a bar display for the battery and has safety fender bumpers for the kids and beginners. With a long ramp capability, the hoverboard features authentic LG battery cells to be totally safe.
Whether you are indoors or out, this hoverboard can bring you to a friend’s place in no time and its ever balance technology that automatically levels you makes it sufficient for the many rides to come. The hoverboard is very reliable and it is also easier to mount on. Bringing you no charging issues at all, it is very durable and it will provide you with an extremely smooth ride overall.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not a major con, the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter does lack power when it comes down to ramps, but that is more of a thing for the higher priced self balancing scooter anyway, as this is mostly for beginners.

Step-up Pick

The Halo Rover Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers is our step-up pick which is also UL 2272 safety certified. If you are looking for a better hoverboard with a bigger price then this is our pick. It has LED headlights for night riding and has mobile app tracking for a fully customized experience.
Whether you are in the rain or splashes of water, this hoverboard won’t faze your riding experience and can give you the smoothest ride possible. It has protective guards to keep you safe and sound as well. It is backed by a IPX4 certification for water resistance.
You can also play Bluetooth music from your phone to your hoverboard. With this hoverboard, you can reach speeds up to 10 miles per hour so it is convenient no matter the terrain. You can also customize the board with the halo rover app and you will find the hoverboard very enjoyable overall.
The steering sensitivity of this hoverboard can also fit your style as it is customizable. As an all terrain hoverboard, there are UL certified fire safe LG batteries included so you can ride anywhere without the worry of explosions. It can be used on common pavement and sidewalks.
The hoverboard also displays the battery life and distance with the smartphone app. You can go on streets with great ease and safely ride hover boards with this unit. You can conquer any terrain with this hoverboard such as through mud, snow and sand as the battery is safety certified.
With learning, normal and advanced modes, you can choose a style that best fits your riding needs. The hoverboard includes a carry case and is built with high grade aluminum guards and frame. The unit also gives you the option to change the riding modes.

Budget Pick

The Skque X1/I Series Self Balancing Scooter is our budget pick, which is also a UL certified hoverboard that is easier to control for the kids and for beginners in general. It packs a lot of battery safety to avoid fires while it also allows you to turn 360 degrees in a spot.
The unit can get you up to 12 kilometers per hour or about 7 miles per hour due to its capabilities. You can also ride at night with the use of this self balancing scooter. What’s more, the hover board is 100% safe with a total of two driver motors to keep you well balanced as much as possible.
A great hoverboard for you and your family, it also features bright LED lights to keep you visible in low light conditions. It charges for 1 to 2 hours so it is very quick with its 42000 mAh battery. It has an improved motherboard as well that ensures safer rides at night.
With professionally tuned gyro sensors to make you feel at ease when you are just riding around, this hoverboard can support up to 264 lbs of supported weight. It allows the smoothest ride possible depending on your skill and the turning radius can be zero for ease of control.
The rated voltage is at 110-220V AC 50-60 Hz for this hoverboard. You can also be listening to your favorite music due to the Bluetooth speaker. It has a stronger shell material to avoid accidents. You can simply link up your board with your cell phone due to its Bluetooth technology.
The hoverboard can go for up to 20 km of travel distance on a flat surface and you can also travel in style with it. This hoverboard gives you an enhanced chassis that can provide the best acceleration possible. If you want recreation in style while maintaining smooth breaking then this is a hoverboard to pick and use wherever you go. With a wireless Bluetooth speaker to spice things up, the hoverboard is backed bya 1 year limited warranty for parts and labor.

Best Hoverboard that has a Learning Mode

The SWAGTRON T1 UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard is a great electric self-balancing scooter for many learning modes. It has a powerful 250 watt motor and it also comes with protectors (rubber side protectors) to keep you in place. It has many balance adjustments as a decent personal transporter.
You can feel confident with your balancing skills as this hoverboard is super safe. It also protects against overcharging, overheating, short circuit and over current for avoiding fires. It has 5 light indicators for your charge level so you know when to charge after you cruise through the streets.
With gear stabilization, the hoverboard is also safe but can reach to an 8 mph top speed. It is a great board for beginners in general and has a good battery that won’t explode at all. It has an 11 mile range and it also comprises of a multi layered board protection to keep it safe and sound.
The battery is UL certified so it is not likely to explode. The hoverboard has learning and standard modes and it can support weight up to 220 lbs for a very sturdy unit to have. It has an incombustible frame as a self balancing scooter. It also provides a tighter control for making turns and the like.
Being a UL 2272 certified hoverboard, you can find that it will exceed expectations as you use it for your uphill or downhill traction as well. It can be a great gift for the Holiday season for your kids and it has passed in all electrical safety tests.
You will also find the Bluetooth speakers very useful and the battery management system can guide you with charging the unit. The LED headlights give you visibility at night and there is also the stop safe technology for the kids.
With informative battery indicators, it can be a great birthday present for your children or someone you care about. Its weight limit is 220 lbs and it also has a bunch of rubber bumpers for safe riding. It has a carry strap to carry it wherever you go and has 2 riding modes. It has a 1 year limited warranty.

Best Hoverboard that has a Bluetooth Speaker

The TOMOLOO Self-Balancing UL2272 8” Wheel Hoverboard is a Bluetooth speaker enabled hoverboard that passed UL 2272 safety certifications and you can also customize the colors to make it look cool. It operates quietly. It has an easy power on/off switch and can reach up to 10.6 mph of maximum speed.
With a fire-retardant shell to keep it safe from flames, the hoverboard is also quite easy to connect hoverboard with your smartphone. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 stereo speakers to pump up the sound system while you ride in style. Its max weight is 265 lbs and the battery won’t overheat due to being UL listed.
The hoverboard is quite powerful in its build while it maintains a stereo surround sound for its music. It also features protection against electrical short-circuit and you can also set the brightness of the lights depending on your needs. Its board has a lot of humidity resistance to give you a safe riding experience.
Having been tested comprehensively for its fire retardant shell, the hoverboard packs durability and heat resistance to avoid fire hazards. With 8 inches big wheels to help you balance, you can also set the sensitivity of the hoverboard for your needs of riding smoothly.
Its strong tires are road holding for almost any terrain so you can control the hoverboard with great ease and reach up to 9.3 miles of maximum travel distance. It has IPX4 water resistance for riding even in slight rain. The hoverboard is made with a tough fiberglass board that is durable and intelligent.
The hoverboard rides on all terrains due to its water rating and its charging port has a waterproof cap to protect you from short circuit. It has a 5 watt speaker and it is absolutely safe to use unlike others out there. With RGB lights for night riding, the hoverboard can be used for climbing at inclines of up to 20°.
This unit comes with a case bag and it also has a safe auto shut down feature. As a self-balancing hoverboard, the maximum speed limit for safety for the kids can be used for a steady ride for your young ones. Featuring app control, the hoverboard also has great climbing ability.

Best Hoverboard that has a Dual Motor System

The EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter UL2272 Certified is a safer dual motor hoverboard that can also travel over puddles and can run over anything such as grass, mud and sand. It is a UL 2272 certified hoverboard that is easily maneuvered by almost anyone on road and sidewalks.
It has good durability as a balance board that can give you a more stable ride in the long run. It also has off road capabilities with a lot of speed and acceleration while maintaining a fireproof smart battery. The hoverboard has a aluminum alloy body frame for durability and more control.
It passed 159 tests as a hoverboard that has enough water resistance and supports up to 250 lbs of weight. It also passed many safety regulations so you can safely take a ride with enough power and speed and no potential fire hazards at all.
Great for all- terrain purposes, the hoverboard holds a charge for a long time and has been rated IP56 so you can take it out in the rain. Its powerful 400w dual motors are great for drifting as well with no risks of overheating at all.
You can also climb slopes up to 18 degrees with this hoverboard and charge it with its 2 hour fast charging technology. With big 8 1/2 inch tires for easy balancing, the hoverboard can last over 1 hour for your riding needs. It is also so smooth that it rides through the grass.
The hoverboard has enough solidness as a self balancing scooter that has a 10 mile range. It has many features that prevent short circuiting altogether. You can have this hoverboard as a Christmas present for your kids so they can go anywhere without a lot of problem.
It is a nice hoverboard for kids and it is safe with more foot space and protective features. With super solid rubber tires that are safe and durable, this self balancing scooter hoverboard is backed by a 1 year limited warranty covers parts and labor.

Best Hoverboard that is for All Terrain Riding

The GT Hover GT8 Hoverboard 8.5″ All-Terrain is a UL 2272 certified (ID #E491129) hoverboard that works as designed when it comes down to its speed and steering sensitivity. Using its no fall technology to keep the rider safe, the hoverboard is also made for an athletic adult as well.
It balances itself for you without a lot of effort and its weight limit is 265 lbs. Built with aluminum protective guards to ensure visibility and safety, the hoverboard is powered with an 800 watts motor with enough electric power.
The hoverboard uses an LG lithium ion battery that is UL 2271 certified. It can reach a speed of up to 12 mph and it is so sturdy in general. The hoverboard also plays music using Bluetooth technology for its speakers and you also get a distance range of up to 10 miles with this IPX4 water resistant unit.
You can also use the GT hover app to control this hoverboard for its sensitivity and settings. Featuring aluminum wheels, the hoverboard is sturdy and controllable and it includes a UL certified charger. You can choose from the beginner, normal and advanced training modes and ride with good balance.
This hoverboard can be a gift to someone you love and you will like the Bluetooth speakers as well for music lovers. It is great for both on road and off road use and its all terrain tires measure 8.5 inches and never run flat. You can control the power of this hoverboard and keep it in the carrying bag included.
There are rear brake lights as well to make it safe to ride. The hoverboard has a hill grade of up to 20 degrees so it is easy for steep places. You can just use the charger for 1 hour and it is ready to go for day or night streets. There are also safety front and rear LED headlights and a one year manufacturer’s warranty for this unit.

Best Hoverboard for Kids

If you have kids, the Coocheer 6.5 inch Self Balancing Scooter is a great hoverboard with safety guaranteed even for light rainy days. It measures 6.5 inches on its alloy wheels and has a bunch of durable 300w dual motors. It is a UL 2272 certified hoverboard or self balancing scooter.
With a 2-hour fast charging technology, the hoverboard is also safe with its non-slip footpad and its certified LG smart battery that won’t burn at all. It gives you the smoothest ride possible with an approximate cruising speed of 6.5 mph. You can also go though ceramic tiles easily with it.
Using its intelligent power-off protection to make it safe from fires, the hoverboard has an improved motherboard design and 15 degrees of slope capability. It has quality performance tires and it has a temperature control system with an IP54 waterproof rating to back it up.
Giving you a solid grip to the board, the hoverboard passed a 159-point safety test and can help you get through corners with a stable ride and control that can reach up to a top speed of about 10 mph. it can enhance safety when you ride and it can also effortlessly glide through the streets.
It has a runtime of up to 120 minutes in one charge and has a ergonomic design and it has an LED light system with a bunch of gyroscopic sensors to keep you balanced on pavement as well. It offers you a safe night ride and it gives you a full and precise control.
It can work well on gravel and it can accommodate riders up to 220 lbs. As a high speed hoverboard that has a rechargeable battery, it works on wet land as well while providing you with more foot space. It has a 12-month warranty.

Best Hoverboard that is Water Resistant

The Kiwano KO-X Electric Smart Scooter Bluetooth ensures safety with its IP56 water rating for slight rain and LED head lights for night riding. As a UL 2271 certified unit that supports up to 260 lbs, it has a fire-proof LG lithium ion battery and a UL 2272 hologram certificate to back it up.
Reaching up to 10 mph of speed, you can get safety with this hoverboard with up to 20 degrees for a slope and a travel distance of up to 10 miles. It has a powerful 800 watt motor and a durable aluminum frame material for the hoverboard.
The never flat tires measure 8.5 inches and it has 2 independent gyroscopes. It has a charge time of up to 2.5 hours. With Bluetooth speakers to help you play music, it has IPX4 water resistance and is backed by a UL certified charger.

Best Hoverboard that is made with Rubber Tires

The HIGH ROLLER 6.5″ Waterproof Hoverboard UL2272is a UL 2272 certified hoverboard made with quality rubber tires for all terrain needs. It has a battery and charger included with the 500W motor that is powerful. It has blue LED headlights to keep it safe at night and it has battery protection.
Bringing you 2-3 hours of charging time, it offers a quick and cooler battery charge and with distances of up to 12 miles. It also supports up to 220 lbs of weight and has a sturdy construction so you can enjoy your ride safely with a waterproof unit.
With 6.5 inch tires as well as a safe non-skid foot pad, it has battery indicators and it gives you a solid grip to the board. With speeds of up to 6.2 mph, it also easily climbs up to 15-degree slopes and has sturdy aluminum rims. With an IP34 rating, it has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Competition

Other hoverboards out there were left out because they did not have a lot of safety features and their batteries are also not UL listed so they can be quite dangerous. It is important for any hoverboard to be very safe so it should be verified and should pass strict global checking standards.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a hoverboard?
A: A hoverboard, more specifically a self-balancing scooter, is a trending mobile board that works like a skateboard but more like a Segway without a handle.
It is one of the most popular forms of simple transportation for kids, teens and adults alike due to its uniqueness and ease of control. While hoverboards aren’t like those in Back to the Future movies, they are pretty close.
Q: Why are hoverboards so popular?
A: The hoverboard has been a craze since around 2015 due to its popularity among the youngsters. It looks like a kick scooter or a skateboard, which is all too familiar not just to the kids and teens but also to the 90s kids back then. Hoverboards are great for transportation as well and are cheaper than Segways.
Q: Is it safe to use a hoverboard?
A: A hoverboard’s safety is defined by many factors and figures. For example, the battery and charger of the hoverboard should be UL tested so that it will not cause fires.
You should also be a responsible rider and learn the basics first before you step in. In a general sense, hoverboards are like skateboards – only with motors, so you should be careful and get your kids some safety lessons as well.
Q: Are hoverboards expensive? How much do they cost in general?
A: A hoverboard is generally expensive, but not as much as a Segway. A hoverboard that is at least $300 could be safe, decent, easy to use and also reliable (and probably won’t explode). Typically, the higher the price, the more durable and high-end your hoverboard will be.
Q: What most likely causes a hoverboard to explode (if it is sub-standard)?
A: Sub-standard hoverboards out there are most likely to explode due to the battery and the charger. While there are many hoverboards out there, you should make sure it is UL listed so that its battery has been tested for resistance to heat, otherwise it will have the tendency to explode and cause household fires – whether it is charging or being used.
Q: What kind of battery is being used in a hoverboard?
A: The hoverboard is made with lithium ion battery, which is also used on most smartphones and laptops. Unfortunately, sub-standard batteries from China have been made for hoverboards and the like, causing the likelihood of overheating and explosion. While this is true, there are still some Class A China brands that are higher priced and have a more branded and professional manufacturing process.
Q: What are the pros of using a hoverboard?
A: A hoverboard actually has many benefits. For instance, since it is a balancing tool (not totally automatic of course), you can practice your balancing skills well as if you’d ride on a hoverboard. This is great for kids and teens who want to get a lot of exercise and not just balancing skills. Some adults can benefit from its health and exercise advantages as well.
Q: What is the usual speed of a hoverboard?
A: A hoverboard can go for up to 10 miles per hour or even up to 15 mph on some models. This is why you shouldn’t let little kids play with it without adult supervision. Hoverboards shouldn’t be meant for smaller kids, unless they absolutely know what they are doing and you know where they are going (and they have limited space to roam around).
Q: Can you learn tricks on the hoverboard?
A: Yes, like a skateboard, a hoverboard can also help you do some tricks. The most common tricks are the following: figure 8, 180 and 360. If you are a beginner then you can try the figure 8 whereas if you’re a pro, you can try the 180 and 360.
Tricks are for when you think you have gotten the balance of the hoverboard or the self balancing scooter. You can do them to either impress your friends or just to do a little challenge for yourself.
Q: Are there places in the world where hoverboards are not allowed on the streets?
A: The United Kingdom does have some governing laws that prohibit the use of a hoverboard in the streets. The good news is that in the rest of Europe, you can still ride them on the streets anyway.
While the hoverboard is a powerful trend, it is not always allowed on all of the streets in the world. For instance, the UK has some legal grounds when it comes down to prohibiting the use of hoverboards on streets and sideways, unless you are at a personal lawn or space area. As an alternative, you can, however, ride your hoverboard in neighboring European countries if you really want to use the hoverboard.
Q: Why should you put your feet closer to the wheels?
A: Putting your feet near the wheels when you ride a hoverboard is important because it will help you balance and activate the gyroscope sensors to make you balance as much as possible. If your feet are a lot more closer to the wheels, you typically get more control out of your hoverboard or self balancing scooter in the process.
Q: What is calibration and how do I calibrate my hoverboard?
A: To calibrate a hoverboard means to test if it is running smoothly. The hoverboard can be easily calibrated if you see the wheel spinning if you press on the footpad with your hand. You should do this on both sides and make sure it is not shaking when you put your hands and feet down.
Q: Do I need light shoes when I’m using a hoverboard?
A: Light shoes are a great way to use a hoverboard at night, especially if your hoverboard doesn’t have LED lights on it. This is to make sure that you warn the other people, especially vehicles, that you are riding on a hoverboard and they also need to take caution when going near you.
Q: Why do I need to wear safety gear when riding a hoverboard?
A: A hoverboard or self balancing scooter usually works like a skateboard so you should be prepared and make sure you wear a helmet when you wear one, especially while out in the streets, to avoid the instances of horrible injuries, especially to the head. Elbow pads and wrist guards as well as knee pads are also important, much like how you would protect yourself when skateboarding (or rollerblading if you’re a 90’s kid).
Q: How long will it take to learn the hoverboard?
A: It depends on your flexibility and your sense of balance but most kids can learn it easier than adults due to their better flexibility. Teens can learn them easily as well but may also take a while for them to master. Hoverboards are nearly for all ages but it may take some learning curve for the older folks.
Q: If I tend to crash a lot in a hoverboard, where is the best place to train?
A: You can train in a decent room or area that is spacious and has no obstacles that might somewhat injure you. Make sure the training ground is out of obstacles so that you won’t get injured when you fall down.
Q: What is a gyroscope and how does it work in the hoverboard?
A: The gyroscope is the part of the hoverboard that works to help you keep balanced while you are stepping onto the hoverboard. Without the hoverboard’s gyroscope, it will not balance you at all. You may need to learn how to balance still, but the gyroscope does most of the work for you. When the hoverboard is turned on, the gyroscope also activates.
Q: How do I prevent hoverboards from catching fire?
A: To avoid catching fire with your hoverboard, you must make sure that the battery is UL listed and that you follow the charging procedures. Leaving your hoverboard to charge overnight is a risk for explosion and fire, so make sure you supervise it when it charges.
Q: How do you make turns with a hoverboard?
A: The hoverboard is controlled by the pressure of your feet so you don’t really have to lean on one side to make a turn. Your feet will just dictate how forward or sideward the hoverboard will go to as you ride.
Q: What is the difference between a hoverboard and a Segway?
A: The Segway refers to the old electronic scooter that was used back in the early decades as a way to get around traffic and in parks. Meanwhile, the hoverboard is simply something similar to a Segway but without the handle.

Wrapping It Up

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter is our best hoverboard that can run up to 60 minutes, has 2 riding modes and a 2-3 hour charge time.