Best Home Spa

Almost everyone would agree that the easiest way to melt away the stress that accompanies a hectic day is to come back home and spend some time under the hot shower. Now imagine if a hot shower has the ability to melt away your stress, what would time spent in a spa do for your body? One would argue that who has the time and the means to go and visit a parlor every day in order to get a refreshing spa treatment for your mind as well as your body. Why go and visit a parlor if you can have a spa inside your house, and can relax easily in the comfort of your house. There are a variety of things that can be used to enhance the experience of a home spa, but in this writing we will focus on the most basic equipment of a home spa, the hot tub that you will take a bath in. The top pick for the best home spa was chosen to be Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa with Plug & Play Operation after an extensive search was conducted. The Lifesmart Luna Spa has all the features that can be expected from a hot tub that has been manufactured by a brand name company, with the addition of the highly indestructible Rock Solid shell. The hot tub is a highly convenient 110 volt Plug & Play spa, which means you can avoid the high cost of installing a hot tub.

All you need to do with Lifesmart Luna Spa is to do the initial set up, fill up the tub with water, plug it into a 110 volt electrical outlet and enjoy. If you have some more money to spare for the hot tub and you are looking to buy a tub which would not only accommodate you but your whole family and/or friends, then you can buy Lifesmart 400DX 5-Person Rock Solid Plug and Play Spa with 19 Jets Plus Bonus Waterfall Jet. The spa meets the strict requirements of the California Energy Mandate for spas and hot tubs thanks to the Eco Smart technology that is built into this tub. The 400 DX can accommodate 5 people with rotating back jets and a waterfall. The comfort valves present on the top side of the tub would allow you to find that perfect mix of water and air for a perfect massage experience. The 400 DX features the ozone system which would reduce the need for harsh chemicals and water changes and the 6 color changing LED lights would make sure that you have the perfect light setting to complement your mood.

If you do not want to spend that much money on installing a spa tub in your house but still want a good quality product that you can relax in, then you can buy the Comfort Line Products Spa-N-a-Box Portable Spa. The Comfort Line Spa-N-a-Box is very easy to assemble, with a time of less than 20 minutes required for the process according to the manufacturer. No special wiring or plumbing is needed as the spa tub comes with its own thermostatically controlled 1000W heater which uses solid state technology and is energy efficient. There is a digital temperature readout on the top side which would allow you to easily adjust the temperature of the water to your liking. The tub features a very relaxing Turbo Wave Massage System. The Comfort Line Spa-N-a-Box comes with an inflatable cover that is insulated to make sure that the water inside the spa tub, or the tub itself, does not get too cold when not in use.

Benefits of a home spa

The pressure that is associated with a hectic work life can have very detrimental effects on both the body and the mind, and as people age. Installing a home spa will soothe the pain that can come with aging and stress. A tired and aching body is a major impediment to getting even mundane household tasks done correctly. The hot waves of water that is present in the home spa help treat the sore muscles, and the buoyancy of the body in the water will take away the stress that gravity and your own body weight puts on your joints. According to an article on the health benefits of a hot tub spa bath, it is for this very reason that physiotherapists recommend that their patients soak in warm tub water. A water temperature of 104°F is usually considered to be an ideal temperature for relaxation. Taking a dip of 15 to 20 minutes in this water will soothe the sore muscles. Another benefit of spending time in a spa is that it has regenerative effects on the immune system of an individual.

According to U.S. National Library of Medicine, the immune system of an individual helps protect the body from foreign or harmful substances such as baceria, viruses, toxins, cancer cells and blood or tissues from another person by producing cells and antibodies that destroy these substances. With age, however, the ability of the immune system to carry out its functions properly decrease. Soaking in hot water is known to trigger the release of endorphins which in turn strengthens the immune system of the body. Hot water has the ability to increase the blood circulation inside the body owing to the way the human body reacts to heat. You can easily jump start the blood circulation in your body by initiating a home spa session in a hot bath. The hot water will cause the blood to leave the organs and find its way to the skin. When cold water is put in the tub, the opposite effect happens and blood moves from the skin and the head back to the organs. Repeating this process a few times will help clean your circulatory system and get the blood circulation going. Spending time in a home spa will also lower blood pressure because of the increase in the blood circulation of the body. In the hot water, the blood vessels will dilate, thus letting in more blood and reducing the pressure. If you do not have much time, even a 10-minute session in a hot spa tub is enough to reduce the blood pressure according to research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. A hot spa bath will help to open the pores of the body, which can only be opened when it is treated with warm water of the right temperature. The opening of the pores will help release dirt, dead cells and unwanted oil from the body, thus making your skin look healthy. Taking a dip in the comfortable warm water for 15 to 20 minutes will help get rid of the toxins present in the body, thus resulting in a healthy body.

Different types of home spas

You would need to do some planning before you go out to the market and get a hot tub or a spa tub. Regardless of where you would want your spa tub to be placed, inside your house or outside in the backyard, installation of a hot tub or a spa tub is quite a time consuming and a labor intensive process. According to an article on planning for a spa there are some questions that need to be answered before one can go out into the market and spend money.
• Should I get a spa or a hot tub?
• Do I want a portable or in-ground unit?
• Will it be indoors or outside?
• What level of disruptions will be associated with the installation process?
• Is there any zoning restrictions that I need to be aware of?
• Are there any restrictions from my insurance that I should be aware of?
• How can I keep my family and guests safe?
There is not much difference between a hot tub and a spa, with both terms being used interchangeably. Hot tubs and portable spas are units that are installed above the ground or inground but they do not necessarily have to stay in the same location. On the other hand, permanent spas are built inground and are often connected to a swimming pool. There are advantages and disadvantages of a portable unit and a unit that needs to be placed in the ground.
Advantages of a portable spa
• These units are all-in-one and come equipped with the spa, the equipment necessary to utilize the spa in a correct manner and skirting that will hide all the equipment.
• A portable spa is very easy to install and can start relaxing you in a few hours.
• It is suitable for a house with a small yard.
• As the spa is portable, you can take the unit while you are changing houses, unless the spa is built into the deck or the patio.
• Generally portable spas are very energy efficient.
• Portable spas have more jets compared to the in-ground units.
• Since the portable units follow a standard size, it is very easy and economical to purchase accessories like covers for them.
Disadvantages of a portable spa
• Portable spas are difficult to disguise as they stick out from the ground and they become an unwanted focal point of attention.
• One is only limited to the shapes and sizes that the spas are manufactured.
Advantages of an in-ground spa
• The shape and size of an in-ground spa is customizable which means that you can probably get the shape and size that you are envisioning.
• They will easily enhance the beauty of a deck or patio.
• An in-ground spa can enhance the beauty of your yard if it is coupled with a pool or other features.
Disadvantages of an in-ground spa
• Since an in-ground spa is essentially a miniature pool with water jets, they tend to be more expensive.
• Professional help is required when installing the spa.
• The more features you want in your spa, the more money you would have to shell out because of the cost of construction involved and the additional fittings that need to be put in.
When it comes to the materials that the spas are made out of, indoor spas are typically constructed out of acrylic. Outdoor spas are made out of a variety of materials. Acrylic spas come in preformed shapes although the manufacturers offer a large variety of shapes and sizes. Outdoor spas made out of concrete are quite easy to customize for the site that you are planning to put the spa down on. Spas that are constructed out of tiles add a nice decorative touch to your spa, but these kinds of spas are labor intensive to install and generally are more expensive. To install a gunite spa a site needs to be excavated much like building a pool, forms are put in place and the gunite product is applied.
Advantages of an indoor spa
• One does not have to worry about the climate when the spa is situated inside the house.
• Since the spa is situated inside your house, one does not have to worry about other people looking and invading the privacy.
• A spa inside your house would mean that you can use the spa every day if you so desire without leaving the comfort of your house.
Disadvantages of an indoor spa
• The weight of the spa may require you to add more support to your house.
• The spa will use a lot of water, so you need to make sure that your house has proper ventilation to avoid having a humid environment in the house.
• The dehumidifying equipment that will be used to remove excess moisture can make a lot of noise.
• Ideally the spa needs to be situated in a place so that the users do not need to go through your living room to reach the changing room and wetting your room in the process.
• The spa room needs to be waterproof.
• A permanent indoor spa would most probably require you make some modifications to your house.
Advantages of an outdoor spa
• Outdoor spas can become an integral part of the landscape of a house, much like a pool, and one can enjoy the outdoor scene while taking a dip in the spa.
Disadvantages of an outdoor spa
• Weather conditions will dictate when you can use the spa.
• Outdoor spas must be covered to keep debris from falling into them.

The top pick

Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa with Plug & Play Operation

The Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa has the capability to sit four people at once and has eight Euro jets along with four 7-port jets to give you the maximum relaxation while you are using the spa. The spa has deluxe Balboa digital controls which will allow you to easily control the temperature and lighting present in the spa. The comfort dials allow you to achieve the perfect mix of air and water. Once you have set the temperature of the spa and the water in the spa has reached the desired temperature, the pump will shut itself off so you do not have to worry about the water overheating. The hot water will not easily cool down thanks to the efficient heat recovery system. The lighting present in the spa uses 12 volts and has red and blue lens caps to provide light of the correct color to suit your mood. Included with the spa is a hard locking cover, full foam insulation, stainless steel jets and the LED color lighting system. The cover that comes with the spa has locks so that you can make sure that children do not have access to the spa tub easily.

The runner up


Lifesmart 400DX 5-Person Rock Solid Plug and Play Spa

The Lifesmart 400DX can comfortably accommodate 5 people. The spa has a total of 20 jets of which 19 are therapy jets and one is a waterfall jet. The jets can be covered with jet covers which are manufactured from stainless steel. The DX value package that is offered by Lifesmart includes a factory-installed ozone system and a 6 color LED digital light system. When you install the spa in your house, you do not need any special wiring as the spa has the Plug and Play feature. All you need is a 110 volt 15 amp dedicated circuit in which you can safely plug in the spa and use without any worries. Both the shell and the siding is of the same espresso color. A spa cover is included with the spa to make sure that when the spa is not in use, no debris falls into the tub. Covering the spa will also ensure that the hot water does not get cold too fast thanks to the efficient heat recovery system. The comfort dials present in the spa will allow you to have the perfect mix of air and water. The spa can hold a total of 260 gallons of water.

The other picks

The spa that is easy to set up: Comfort Line Products Spa-N-a-Box Portable Spa


Comfort Line Products Spa-N-a-Box Portable Spa

The Comfort Lines Spa-N-a-Box can be assembled without the use of any tools, anyone can do it in less than 20 minutes as the spa does not need any special wiring or plumbing. The spa can accommodate 4 to 5 people. The heater that is used in the spa has a power of 1000W and is thermostatically controlled. The spa has freeze protection which will make sure that you can use the spa even when it is cold winter outside. The heater is also energy efficient and has solid state controls. The home spa has a 1 hp Turbo Wave Massage System which will give you the perfect massage that you wish. The Spa-N-a-Box comes with a water filtration system which will make sure that the water in which you are taking a bath in does not contain any impurities. The spa comes with an insulated inflatable cover which will keep the water warm when it is not in use. The spa has a 110V ground fault circuit protector built into it to protect the other household appliances in case the spa malfunctions. The spa comes with a manufacturer’s limited 1 year warranty.

Spa manufactured in the US: LifeCast Rocksport Hot Tub Portable Spa 28 Jets and Lounge Seat

LifeCast Rocksport Hot Tub Portable Spa 28 Jets and Lounge Seat

The LifeCast Rocksport Hot Tub Portable Spa has been manufactured in the US so you can be rest assured about the quality of the product. The spa is manufactured in a way which gives it amazing strength. The outside shell of the spa is so strong that it can even withstand blows from a baseball bat. Since the spa is built in the USA, your spa is built-to-order so there is no retail middleman and then shipped direct to your house straight from the factory. The LifeCast Portable Spa can be used indoors and outdoors and in any climate, even in the coldest of climates. The Plug & Play capability of the spa means that you do not have to spend a lot of time and money on installing the spa, you can simply fill the tub with water and plug the spa into a 120V 15A household circuit. The spa can even be hardwired so that it can be used for 240V operation to provide quicker heating in colder climates. The shell walls of the spa are filled with polyurethane insulation which provides superior heat retention capabilities as well as strength. The LifeCast Portable Spa has stainless steel heaters which is very robust and efficient. The LifeCast Portable Spa comes with a limited 1-year factory warranty.

The wood-burning tub: ALFI brand FireHotTub-YE Round Fire Burning Portable Outdoor Fiberglass Soaking Hot Tub

ALFI brand FireHotTub-YE Round Fire Burning Portable Outdoor Fiberglass Soaking Hot Tub

The ALFI brand FireHotTub uses the age-old technique of using fire to heat up the water. Since the tub uses wood to heat up water, you do not need to plug in anything or connect the tub to any drainage system. The tub is lightweight and portable, which means that when you are out camping in the wilderness, you can carry the tub along with you and enjoy a relaxing spa treatment right outside your camp. The tub needs to be filled with cold water and a fire lighted in the pit. Depending on the outside temperature and the initial temperature of the water in the tub, the water can be heated to over 100 degrees in about 2 hours. Metal coils surrounding the basket which houses the firewood carries the water around which can be raised or lowered to adjust the temperature of the water. A stainless steel windscreen attaches to the chrome pipes to keep you safe from the flames. You can even grill your favorite food on the open flame while you can keep your drink on the ledge of the tub. Make sure that you do not leave the tub unattended with the fire lit as the surface can get very hot. The tub needs at least 130 gallons of water to start circulation and can hold a maximum of 220 gallons when nobody is inside.

For upper and lower body massage: American Spas AM-630LS

American Spas AM-630LS

With American Spas AM-630LS you can enjoy a full-body massage thanks to the contoured seating in the tub and thirty Massage Therapy Red Star Fire Jets that were strategically placed along the lines of the body to target specific stress points. Not only you but five people can enjoy the relaxing hydrotherapy experience. The jets have individual on/off switches to control the flow so that the individual can have the precise pressure that he/she is seeking for a stimulating massage experience. The spa even has a waterfall feature along with multi-colored LED lights which will enhance the ambiance of your surroundings and can be programmed for various settings to provide a fun atmosphere in a gathering of your family and friends. The 240V 5.0BHP jet pump performs as if there are two pumps while using the energy of a single pump. The 5.5kW Heavy Duty Titanium motor runs whisper-quiet and can heat the water quickly with the push of a button and the HydroClear Ozonator along with 50 feet of reusable filters provides with clean water using active ozone bubbles from a Corona Discharge Cell every time you use the spa.

The spa made from real wood: Spa-N-A-Box Real Wood Portable Spa

Spa-N-A-Box Real Wood Portable Spa

The Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa contains Florida Cypress real wood panels which will withstand any type of weather extremely well. An additional redwood waterproofing stain is applied on top of the wood panels to help the panels repel water and resist degradation that can be caused from exposure to UV radiation. The water inside the tub heats up to a comfortable temperature of 104 degrees, which is adjustable, and has over 100 micro-air jets. This means that you can enjoy the hot water soaking along with a vigorous full-body massage which will soothe your aching and tired muscles. The Spa-N-A-Box is truly portable and can be set up under 30 minutes. The spa can be set up anywhere there is a 110V power outlet. The 1000W thermostatically controlled heater will always maintain a comfortable temperature and the 24 hour efficient filtration will make sure that you are always bathing in sparkling clean water. The spa is ideal for aerobics exercises as you can move freely within the tub and sit wherever you desire. The spa can hold up to 280 gallons of water. The manufacturer provides a 1 year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty for the spa.

Relax in the spa with music: Home and Garden Spas Hot Tub

Home and Garden Spas Hot Tub

The Home and Garden Spas Hot Tub has cozy contoured seating for six people and gives you the ability to plug in your MP3 player in the hot tub’s auxiliary output jack, which lets you relax to your favorite music. The forty perfectly positioned jets will ease your neck, shoulder, calf and foot stress and the cushioned headrests will provide you with extra comfort while you are taking a dip in the spa. The interchangeable therapeutic jets, ozonator and the 6HP pump will provide extra versatility. The hot tub is constructed out of multilayered fiberglass and the jets are made out of stainless steel which provide them with longevity. The interior surface is made out of acrylic, which makes it slip-resistant, durable and safe for the user. The high-density foam insulation with sub-zero thermal wrap and high-quality synthetic cabinetry helps the tub to retain heat. The Home and Garden Spas Hot Tub comes with a two-year parts warranty, five-year surface/shell warranty and ten-year structural warranty.

The spa with quick heating: Home and Garden 4 Person 14 Jet Plug-and Play Spa

Home and Garden 4 Person 14 Jet Plug-and Play Spa

When the Home and Garden Plug-and Play Spa is filled up for the first time, the water inside the tub gets heated at a rate of up to 4 degrees in an hour. The spa has 14 therapeutic jets made out of stainless steel which are also interchangeable, the shell is constructed out of white acrylic which makes it slip-resistant and the cabinetry is constructed out of synthetic mahogany along with high density foam insulation with sub-zero thermal wrap which provide quality heat-retaining properties. The spa has user-friendly controls on the topside and colorful LED lights underwater. The spa will need a 110V 20amp circuit to function properly.

The inflatable spa: Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub


Coleman Lay-Z Inflatable Hot Tub

The Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub can accommodate 4-6 people and quick and easy setup, it will let you enjoy water temperatures of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit without having to break your back trying to install the hot tub. The tub comes with the Lay-Z Massage system for added control on top of the digital control panel which makes it very easy to set up the spa. A rapid-heating system ensures that you will get your desired temperature in no time while not spending too much power. A cushioned floor provides a quick-draining system and a ground mat helps keep the water warm. The leatheroid cover with lock-clips and a built-in air chamber provides additional insulation. Included with the spa is a chemical floater, setup and maintenance DVD, a heavy-duty repair patch, a repair PVC sheet, glue and a wrench.


A hot tub or a spa will allow you to relax after a hard day’s work, and a spa at home will allow you to do so without leaving the comforts of your own home. Most spas that are available today have the plug and play capability which means that you can simply plug the spa into an outlet and the spa is ready to go, significantly reducing the installation time. Inflatable spas will allow you to easily carry your spa around to wherever you go.