Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier

The Eva-dry Improved E-500 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier is our best gun safe dehumidifier which keeps vapor contained and it instantly keeps your valuables in check all times. Moreover, the gun safe dehumidifier also works for chest cabinets and this dehumidifier has a total capacity of 6 to 8 ounces for its carrying capacity. It also avoids drying chemicals so it is a very natural and eco friendly model to consider.

Our step-up pick is the PEET Dryer SafeKeeping for Gun Storage and wth a silent operation, the dehumidifier can cause slight heat emitting so that your guns will stay out of corrosion all the time. It can increase the lifetime of your safe significantly as it can remove instances of rusting in humid situations. The overall quality of your guns and gun safe would not be stained with this highly reliable and quality built model.

The budget pick is the Barska 150 G Dehumidifier Blue Small and it is a must-have for any safe and the dehumidifier is super light weight at only less than a pound. Moreover, it can work well against mold and mildew and can also preserve photos. It can keep the humidity just fine with a moisture indicator. It can also save your passports in the safe as a great quality product for absorbing moisture.

A Little Background

Guns can be defective when they are exposed to moisture and humidity and this is why guns should be in a safe that is given a dehumidifier is included in the safe. The guns that you own are definitely not cheap and this is why they need to be taken care of as much as possible.

How We Picked

In choosing the best dehumidifier for your gun safe, here are the key factors to consider:
Reliability – reliable when it comes down to lowering the humidity of the safe or storage area. Able to consistently keep the moisture levels as low as possible.
Ease of maintenance – easy to maintain when it is needed.
Ease of use – easy to use and to put together to make your gun safe dehumidified
Ease of setup – easy to put together when it is needed.
Eco friendly – eco friendly product such that it will not impact the environment in a bad way so that you can continue to use it for the many years to come.

Our Pick

Eva-dry Improved E-500 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

Our best gun safe dehumidifier is the Eva-dry Improved E-500 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier and it is very environmentally safe. The model can produce impressive dehumidifying action and it can potentially improve airflow overall. Moreover, the model is great at taking in extra moisture whenever you need it for your gun safe.

It is suitable for spaces up to 500 cubic feet and the model is also totally great for safes. It can help protect clothes, is great for keeping the air moisture alright and it can keep the safe from getting too humid. You can hook slides perfectly onto this dehumidifier to retain the proper moisture as much as possible without getting too humid at all.

It is very easy to set up and to use. The model is also quite child and pet safe and the product also has no batteries required so it is a breeze to set up. As a hassle free product, this particular product does not require refills.

It is also one of those best renewable dehumidifiers ever that are very portable as much as it can. With a totally renewable and eco friendly design, it can be displayed or set p in a well-ventilated area to avoid the damaging effects of mold as much as possible. It has a total life span of 10 years overall and is a neat renewable solution for all of your gun safety needs.

With a brand new design from its old version, it doesn’t need any expensive refills. Moreover, the materials that make up the dehumidifier are totally non-toxic. You can even use this particular gun safe dehumidifier for your keg refrigerator as a reliable and portable mini dehumidifier.

It can silently absorb moisture whenever possible and whenever it is needed. It is also completely silent so it does not get in the way of your gun safe and valuables at all. The system contains crystals that suck away the humidity that cause mold.

As a passive solution, the product has an easy to view indicator window to let you know when it is time to let out the moisture that has been sucked in. It can eliminate water on the bottom on most containers, closets and safes and the like. The model is also backed by a 5 year warranty for your peace of mind.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some small hiccups about the Eva-dry Improved E-500 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier that are not threatening include the fact that it might be a little rough on the instructions but if you can get it to work, it really works when you give it some time.

Step-up Pick

PEET Dryer SafeKeeping for Gun Storage

The PEET Dryer SafeKeeping for Gun Storage is backed by a 15-watt dryer for strength and durability as well as reliability all the way. Your safe can be perfectly dry with this highly reliable gun safe dryer all the way as it is a great mechanism to cause heat naturally rising from the gun safe. The particular unit is also great as it circulates warm air which can prevent and deter the growth of mold and mildew in the process.

You can easily connect the pieces for your gun safe system. It eliminates and targets down odor-causing bacteria to keep your valuables safe and fresh as much as possible. It is great for gun storage but can also be used on other things as well for your added convenience.

It works pretty well and it is great for comfort health purposes without making a sound at all. The gun safe dehumidifier is a great dryer for safe keeping and one of the best designed out there.

It can keep rust and mildew away from your guns without excessive energy at all so it is eco friendly.

Budget Pick

barska 1
Barska 150 G Dehumidifier Blue Small

As a perfect accessory for your gun safe, our budget pick, the Barska 150 G Dehumidifier Blue Small measures 5 inches by 3 1/2 inches and its set up can be easily done. It also has a thickness of 1 1/4 inches for durability and portability and the color changing humidity indicator is so convenient.
You can put it in any storage compartment as you wish for safeguarding important items. It can house moisture-sensitive items and can save you money (literally) and keep moisture out. It can greatly protect camera gear as well.
Keeping your electronics safe from corrosion, it is a good product for a DSLR owner as well as it really helps protect valuables. Furthermore, you can even use this for ammunition keeping. You can use it at different places as long as you like to protect your items. It has a dehumidifying action from blue to pink to evaporate the moisture into a microwave. You can feel at ease in your safe without the extra moisture from the surrounding air with this. You should totally get one for your storage compartment.

For Large Safe Sizes and Areas

LockDown 222010 18″ Gun Safe Dehumidifier

The LockDown 222010 18″ Gun Safe Dehumidifier removes moisture and fixes the warm air in your gun safe. Made from a solid and quality construction, the unit can eliminate damaging humidity and it is equipped with mounting brackets included.
It can keep your guns free from rust and it has a quick plug attachment at 110 volts. The condensation on your gun safe will be just fine and it is also light weight as a unit. For your important papers, it is a quality model which increases air temperature. Likewise, it also has a small enclosure and it is well built.
To circulate air properly, the unit maintains the air temperature as much as possible and it really does as it is supposed to do. It is well worth the money in which the accuracy is great overall. Set it up with a breeze with mounting brackets included and you can feel at ease with great confidence inside your gun safe free from mildew and such.
A humid free environment throughout the safe will be presented as the unit gets the job done and dries about 200 cubic feet of area. It is a great way to keep your gun safe interior rust free with good air temperature. The unit is also easy to install and easy to maintain and use on a continual basis.
Moreover, the unit is quite easy to mount and is great gun insurance to have for eliminating humidity in the long run. This gun safe dehumidifier protects firearms and is quite easy to install as it really works as expected. For your important papers, you can put this in a quality safe.
It is also quite easy to adjust and provides unprecedented gun protection as a gun safe dehumidifier that can work for your expensive firearm collection. It easily secures investments you have and prevents condensation and easily guards against rust and corrosion.

Best Rod Form Dehumidifier

Hot Rod 12″ Gun Safe/Closet Dehumidifier

With 12 inches in its entire length, the Hot Rod 12″ Gun Safe/Closet Dehumidifier is perfect for garages and can turn air levels into positive levels and it greatly protects valuables as a safe dehumidifier as well as a closet dehumidifier. It consumes 7 watts at 120 volts and is strongly recommended for all gun owners out there as well as for campers.
You can store your ammo with this unit to protect it and it can protect your valuables that are stored inside the safe. Moreover, it can protect from dampness and it is great at dropping the humidity. It can also significantly protect electronic equipment with an easy setup.
It can shield vaults from moisture and can treat about 100 cubic feet of protection. Moreover, it also works for cameras for keeping moisture away. It works for RVs as the temperature will be regulated. It really helps lower humidity and can even work to keep solar panel systems from getting moist.
Avoiding rust and mildew is something that a gun owner should responsibly do – the product works great as a dehumidifier and it can also work for most closets. This is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Best Rechargeable Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Barska Winbest White Eco-Friendly Rechargeable Dehumidifier

This has a convenient dry and wet indicator window and it really works for most safes for guns and the like. Moreover, it really protects items from tiny spores of mold and uses specialized moisture meter beads to treat mold and mildew as it can go from orange to green when it is full.
Also working on closets, it is compact in design and the indicator beads have a color changing feature. Moreover, it can protect against moisture damage and a folding wall plug type dehumidifier. The portable size of 6 by 3 inches will fit in most safes and it protects sensitive valuables. It can also be used in drawers and it has a silent operation. With a fold-out plug and a spill free mechanism, the unit is also eco friendly as the beads will be dried out.
For any safe, it also controls odor and the amount of moisture that goes in it. The dehumidifier is a perfect accessory for gun owners. It is non-toxic for long-term moisture maintenance. It even works under sinks and it removes air moisture. With a great moisture absorption capacity for the surrounding environment, the unit is also child safe and pet safe and it really halts the growth of molds and fungus.
Likewise, it prevents rust on metals and can fit onto any standard household outlet. Its recharge time is about 12 hours on a regular usage and it also has the capability to handle undetectable moisture.

Also Removes Odor

SafeNDry Rechargeable Reusable Moisture Odor Remover

The SafeNDry Rechargeable Reusable Moisture Odor Remover is ideal for gun cases also as an odor remover which protects your investments and the like. It also work for back packs and is quite rechargeable. The unit comes with 4 disks and is also safe from fire and theft.
It can work for foot wear and as well as in a wall cabinet. The indicating silica gel helps you take out foul odor and it also works for duffel bags in a very quick and easy way, preventing rust and corrosion in the long run. Even on lockers, it can remove moisture content and it even works great for the hampers.
You can use this with guns and gun safes to prevent moisture. Even archers with bows and other accessories as well as those who own rifles can keep this and also keep their ammunition cleaner and healthier. It prevents odors from developing and is great for most household safes to keep valuables safe and sound.
Ideal for enclosed environments, it protects accessories and is able to keep your valuables fresh and safe from corrosion. It is also rechargeable and reusable and is great for storage applications as a reusable dehumidifier to free the safe from moisture.

Best Wireless Gun Safe Dehumidifier that is Wireless

SPAD-1500 Long-Gun Safe Wireless Rechargeable Dehumidifier

Perfect for safes, the SPAD-1500 Long-Gun Safe Wireless Rechargeable Dehumidifier keeps the safe well ventilated. Great for gun safes and security cabinets, it is plugged onto a standard electrical outlet and is great a sucking moisture as a ready to go product with a monitor and control panel.
It works well and it can release excess moisture when in a small confined area. Retaining a good moisture level, use it overnight with any standard 110 volts electrical outlet. It is also ideal for any utility room and it can keep your contents safe. It will show no signs of mold as a great mini dehumidifier from mold and also a cordless dehumidifier that absorbs excess moisture.
It does not require drilling holes and it is great for small space without the use of batteries. It is also ideal long gun safes and can work for 4 to 6 weeks as a rechargeable dehumidifier. Use it on basement closets as it can pull moisture away. Use it security cabinets as a wireless unit with a moisture gauge.
Treating up to 100 cubic feet of area, it is a great addition to your safe when plugged in overnight. It absorbs excess moisture and there is a thermometer that comes with humidity gauge with the unit.

Best Disposable Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Dri-It MA-1-125-A Moisture Absorber Disposable Peel

Protect your guns the better way with the Dri-It MA-1-125-A Moisture Absorber Disposable Peel as it is ideal for gun lockers with its peel and stick action to control humidity. As a great moisture absorber unlike other brands, it is ideal for non-delicate surfaces and is okay for enclosed spaces.
Keep it in your bathroom closet as pre-measured strips as they are also perfect for closets as well as for kitchens. It prevents odor and rust and is also self-contained as a product. It works well on bathrooms for relative humidity maintenance in individual pouches.
Treating approximately 50 cubic feet, it is eco-safe for landfills and is a great humidity solving system even for attics with its stick backing mechanism. It pulls all the moisture and is ideal for storage lockers with no pouring needed.
Use it on your underwear drawer as a great solution which cost less. It is a ready-to-use product even for RVs as a highly effective dehumidifier that eliminates odors. You also have the option without using the sticky backing and you can use it for your sock drawer in reducing mold.
Environmentally safe, it also works for closets to treat mold and mildew and keep out the moisture. It can prevent mildew and rust and is so discreet that it looks like paper with no spilling at all. The disposal is eco-safe so not to worry. It has a breathable membrane in which the beads turn to gel.

Best for Long Gun Safes

stackon 1
Stack-On SPAD-60 Long-Gun Safe Dry Desiccant

The Stack-On SPAD-60 Long-Gun Safe Dry Desiccant easily pulls moisture and is okay for use in safes in safely storing firearms. It removes humidity from the air and moisture will settle down. The product is wrapped in a foil pouch and is great for ammo cans as well as for boxes. It can be used anywhere and is portable with its usability and comfort.
It is ideal for long gun safes and is cheap and effective. Each pack is individually wrapped and is okay for bags. It can withstand high humidity climate and is the safest way to treat your gun safe. It does not sacrifice cost and it comes in foil pouches for use in safes and cabinets.
With a humidity sensor, it exceeds and meets standards of most gun governing bodies and it draws moisture. You can be assured that they’re working and they are used almost anywhere to pull moisture. It can operate with 5 to 7 cubic feet of capacity and it can help a bit as noted by most users. With up to 6 weeks of use, it can protect up to 60 cubic feet of area.
It can be recharged 3 to 4 times and each packet works great. Containing a 10 pack, it is great when it comes down to moisture protection and can really fit well in a really small area. It can extract moisture from the air and can be recharged. It is a great desiccant and it can remove excessive humidity. It has a good significant difference from other products and it can be recharged in a standard vented oven.

It is ideal for all gun enthusiasts and come in packets and is okay for items that are sensitive to moisture. It can be reloaded in a vented oven for three hours at 200 degrees F. To dehumidify a safe, it has a handy moisture indicator and it can go for about a month of usage continuously. Made for stainless steel guns, it work quite well and it also has a replacement indicator.

The Competition

Other gun safe dehumidifiers were not as great as these ones due to the very fact that they fail to work. They are also not that effective in pulling out moisture and are also unreliable when it comes down to extracting the moisture and draining them.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of owning a dehumidifier?
A: According to Allergy and Air , it can help reduce the odors in your home and it is also unobtrusive for your daily lifestyle. It can also help eliminate allergens in the air such as mildew, mold and dust. It can also help preserve your items of clothing, bed sheets, curtains and the like. Corrosion will also not happen on any item that can rust such as electronics, tools, equipment and of course, steel safes.
Q: What are the tips in maintaining a gun safe?
A: According to Fort Knox , make sure you use non-abrasive cloth in cleaning it up. It should also be cleaned as regularly as possible and only use mild items like soap and water and avoid irritants and the like. It should not be totally exposed to dust for better maintenance.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Eva-dry Improved E-500 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier is our best gun safe dehumidifier due to its great features and impressive capability to dehumidify your safe or closet and preserve your guns overall.