Best Golf GPS

The Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch is our best golf GPS with up to 8 hours of battery life. Giving you precise yardages, it allows you to measure shot distances and you get 3 weeks of sturdy and superb battery life for watch mode. And with over 30,000 courses in general, the golf GPS provides you with free courses without additional subscriptions.

Our step-up pick is the Garmin Approach G6 Handheld Golf GPS and it has over 25,000 worldwide courses and is equipped with a waterproof design. With the screen quite ample for viewing, it is very dependable and is totally rugged and highly durable. Overall, the GPS device is easy to handle.

The budget pick is the Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch and with its sleek and comfortable design, you also get a free distance calculator and access to 35,000+ courses worldwide. You can easily measure layup distances and depend upon its reliable long battery life.

A Little Background

GPS or global positioning system is a very commonly used technology nowadays. Whether it is geo-tagging your photos with your current location for posting on social media or discovering nearby places of interest as you travel, GPS is no doubt very applicable in today’s technology. GPS keeps track of locations all over the world. Google Maps is the world’s leading GPS database that most apps, gadgets and technologies connect to and make use of so far. It is by far the most extensive when it comes down to information that it can give you and that you can use.
GPS can also be used in some sports such as golf. Due to the very fact that golf balls can get lost forever, golf balls needed to be found in a better and more practical way. It is indeed very hard to search the whole golf course just to find the ball or item that you have lost. Big golf courses can also be a hassle to drive through if you are looking for the entrance, exit, or where you parked your golf cart.
You should also take your GPS with you on every course. You must depend upon full graphical course maps that show every detail and you should use your shots wisely. If you encountered a strange course for the first time, it is useful for maintaining a smooth swing.

How We Picked

When it comes down to picking out the best golf GPS out there, you have to make the following considerations in your buying spree:
The golf GPS should be very accurate and reliable in a general sense so that the golf GPS will definitely point out the correct location as much as possible. You must easily find it convenient to chart your progress.
The golf GPS should have a lot of customizing options in terms of its features in general. You should easily track how far you’ve gone when you depend upon a high quality golf GPS device.
The golf GPS should also be very reliable in terms of battery life so that you will not feel awkward with the particular golf GPS when it runs out of battery after a long and hard tournament or casual game.

Our Pick

Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch

As for our best golf GPS, we definitely chose the Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch which has over 30,000 courses in general. The Garmin Approach S2 GPS is definitely a high-sensitivity GPS receiver in general with over 3 weeks battery life for watch mode for your added convenience in the long run. With the use of the Garmin GPS Golf Watch, you get a whopping lifetime course update with every single course round for free. In addition to that, you can get up to 8 hours when it comes down to the GPS mode of the Approach S2 Golf Watch.
Having been preloaded worldwide courses, the Garmin Approach S2 is very useful in general. Moreover, it is great for the overall layup and dogleg distances so you can get the most precise information overall. You can definitely use the Garmin S2 GPS Watch to track your precise yardages in the long run.
You can also use the S2 GPS Garmin Approach Watch for greatly tracking under trees so it is a very useful golf GPS in the long run. In addition to that, the Garmin Approach Watch is also equipped with a handy dandy course odometer for your added convenience. Being totally awesome, stylish and comfortable, the Garmin S2 is one heck of a golf GPS device to have for your needs in terms of golf in general. As a very stylish golf GPS to have for your needs, the S2 is also a very colorful watch and you can choose from a ton of band options. You can also measure shot distances and you can choose between four styles and colors. Moreover, with the Garmin Watch Approach, you can easily use the digital scorecard and it is readily printed as well as stored to your preferred device such as the computer in general. It has a stronger signal strength in comparison to other golf GPS devices out there so it is a very helpful golf GPS to have.
With the Garmin Approach, you can enjoy free courses without additional subscriptions. In fact, with the use of the golf GPS, it is very reliable such as the very fact that it can potentially improve usability. In addition to its great features, the golf GPS is also equipped with a course view updater for your full and added convenience.
You can also easily customize the look of the golf GPS device due to its easy to use features that will never ever fail you at all times. The golf GPS is also equipped with high quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will definitely not distract you during game play at all so it is a very reliable golf GPS to have in the long run. An automatic time and date option is very much what makes this highly reliable golf GPS the talk of the town. As for the other convenient features of this particular golf GPS from Garmin, you can depend upon the golf GPS for its USB cable for downloading scorecards and printing scorecards.
Moreover, with the use of this particular awesome and reliable golf GPS, you can enjoy a flexible, lightweight and straightforward golf GPS device that you can use from time to time without hassle at all. You can also enjoy the unique feature of this golf GPS as it is truly water resistant up to 10 meters below so it is a highly convenient golf GPS to enjoy using.
Being totally rugged, durable and dependable, the golf GPS is very good in all of its aspects so that the golf GPS is very good in terms of its usability in general. With its batteries contained in equipment, you do not have to have the hassle of having to replace batteries in general so it is a very useable golf GPS without a lot of fuss to use at all times. In addition to the golf GPS having a very sleek design, you can easily lock in yardage with the use of this powerful golf GPS in general. In addition to its other features, you also get a highly reliable data and charging clips with the golf GPS so it is very easy to charge. There is also a user’s manual for instructions with regards to the features of this golf GPS on the whole.
As the golf GPS is also a watch that functions well and is highly reliable, the golf GPS is a very good golf GPS to consider and it is overall a very well made product. Moreover, with the golf GPS, you can definitely get basic yardage info and with the golf GPS it is very easy to see how far you have to hit to layup. Overall, the construction of the golf GPS makes it highly convenient and very light and comfortable. In the long run, when you depend upon the S2 GPS device from Garmin, you will definitely get a ton of confidence in longevity.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch may have some small flaws such as the following but they are not threatening. For instance, there is the fact that it can be a bit hard to charge but it depends on how often you use it.

Step-up Pick

Garmin Approach G6 Handheld Golf GPS

When you choose our step-up pick as the best golf GPS, the Garmin Approach G6 Handheld Golf GPS, you can gain and access up to 25,000 worldwide courses which in the sense have been preloaded for your added convenience. You can also feel at ease with the handheld touch screen that is being used by the Garmin Approach Golf GPS device. Moreover, the golf GPS is slim, rugged and highly durable in its entire design so it is very dependable in the long run as a golf GPS device system.
Among the many features that you should look forward to with the Garmin Approach G6 GPS is the adjustable backlight. In addition to that, the Garmin Approach Handheld GPS is definitely powered for play and it is also well praised and well put for the golf GPS having a totally waterproof design to prevent hassle when it comes down to rainy days. Since the golf GPS is for golf games, you can feel confident as the golf GPS is definitely glove-friendly so you can use it even when you are wearing gloves.
The Garmin G6 Golf GPS is also best praised for the display due to the very fact that display is touch screen and it is very easy to handle. As for the size of the screen of the golf GPS, you will feel confident as the screen measures 2.6 inches so it is a very large and ample for viewing and controlling overall. Unlike other golf GPS devices, the maps on the G6 Handheld Golf GPS have no subscriptions required. In addition to its great features, with the Approach G6 Golf GPS, batteries are definitely packed with equipment so you get no worries in the long run. You can also easily check your stats during the round and you can even check your greens in regulation so you feel at ease with the use of the Garmin Golf GPS as you can easily see your target and set goals for the game.
You can depend upon the Garmin G6 Approach for getting the most precise distance to that exact spot. In addition to its great features, the G6 is also great as it is equipped with more scorecard options. Being highly readable due to its unbelievable sunlight-readable display, the golf GPS is definitely great for touch targeting. A friendly to read user’s manual is also included in case you have many questions about the particular golf GPS by Garmin. With a belt clip, the golf GPS is easy to clip onto your favorite items. For easy charging, the golf GPS comes with an AC adapter as well as a USB cable. You can get lifetime updates with this awesome golf GPS as it is able to boot up quickly for readiness in every game.
Being quite simple, the golf GPS boasts in simplicity in terms of usability and you can definitely measure your front, middle and back yardages with this responsive and high quality golf GPS in general. Battery is not a worry due to the very fact that the internal rechargeable battery is very convenient. For weather problems, you get a highly reliable golf GPS that is waterproof and tough enough for the worst kinds of weather possible. As a totally detailed golf GPS, it is so reliable that it easily displays putts per round.
As for the battery charge of the golf GPS, the fact that he battery lasts up to 15 hours means that the golf GPS is very solid in its performance. Eliminate the fuss of having to carry paper and pencils or a notebook as the golf GPS can also act as a digital scorecard for your needs. In addition to that, it adjustable handicaps and you can also have options such as match play and stroke play as well as stable ford along the golf GPS’s long lists of options. You can also download courses from around the globe as you wish without problems and without payments with this golf GPS.
You can easily use the 2 buttons for instant access on the golf GPS and the option that is included with the golf GPS keeps track of fairways hit.

Budget Pick

Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch

With our budget pick, the Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch, you can easily measure layup distances and you can get a distance calculator. It has been preloaded with 35,000+ courses and you can get up to 4 hazard distances. With over 3 designs to choose from, the Bushnell Golf GPS Watch allows calculation of front, back and center distances. With over 30 countries of golf maps, the Bushnell GPS Watch is highly comfortable dual injected silicone sports band and it is totally legal for tournament play.
An integrated step counter is included with the Bushnell Watch and it is very easy to read as it also includes standard watch function as an addition. Moreover, the Bushnell Neo Ion also has auto-hole advance and it is praised for its long battery life. The batteries are of course contained in equipment and you get a very small, sleek and comfortable design to enjoy. You get three or more rounds before charging this golf GPS and you can greatly depend upon the lithium ion battery of this golf GPS.
You can even use the golf GPS as a pedometer when not playing golf. In addition to the automatic features of the golf GPS, you can also manually advance holes due to the golf GPS having a very easy setup. You can depend upon the golf GPS as the device is very handy on the course. In addition to its accurate hazard information, it is a reliable golf GPS. With no fees ever for the preloaded courses, there are other features on the golf GPS such as a stopwatch, timer, alarm, distance measure.
The distance to the middle of the green can be easily measured and the course markings are spot on with the use of this golf GPS. The auto course recognition is also reliable on this golf GPS. With a one year limited warranty, the golf GPS is highly reliable overall.

Convenient Golf GPS Equipped with Shot Detection

TomTom Golfer 2 Golf GPS Watch

For shot detection properties, we called upon the TomTom Golfer 2 Golf GPS Watch for such as feature due to the very fact that ultimate rounds can be easily achieved with the TomTom GPS Watch. In addition to its great features, the TomTom Golfer 2 automatically detects and records your shots and it is also totally lightweight and comfortable. In fact, where you missed the fairways, you can easily and accurately evaluate your game using the data with this golf GPS.
With an ultra-slim profile and sleek design, the golf GPS allows you to easily target your weaknesses and you can also get no problem reading and discerning in very dim light due to the great features of the golf GPS. Having totally well presented information, the golf GPS is also equipped with great features and with excellent battery life in comparison to other golf GPS devices out there.
Your number of greens can be measured with this golf GPS and you can freely focus on your game with this golf GPS. You get up to 40,000 international golf courses with this golf GPS and you can easily lower your handicap with the help of this golf GPS. It also allows you to easily see precise distances and you also get firmware updates with this golf GPS. In addition to the very fact that the watch fits well, the golf GPS is also very easy to read on course and you can also achieve your best combination of holes with this high quality golf GPS.
Achieve your best holes on a course in this golf GPS on the data it captures and you can highlight important areas of the game. All of the yardages are clearly visible in the golf GPS. The ease of use and accuracy give you insights about your game and it also uses smart shot detection as well as distance potentials for your game.
With the post-game analysis, you can easily track your score without worrying about pencils at all. With hazard graphics, you can also view the front and back of individual hazards as the golf GPS has been pre-loaded with full course data. You can hit the perfect approach shot and you also get daily course updates. There are no mid-game surprises and the graphical visualization of the approach. You can stay out of the water and the bunkers and the GPS is equipped with a tri-fold closure system.
A totally snug and water-resistant design makes it highly renowned. With 40,000 preloaded courses around the world, the GPS also allows easy manual tagging and you also get a distance counter on your watch. The subtle vibration is good and it displays how many fairways you hit. The data is easy to read and you can also know how far your last shot traveled. The auto score card and the round tracking are helpful. The distances to the front, center and back of the green are discerned and shots are recorded and categorized.

Effective Golf GPS that also works as a Rangefinder

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS Rangefinder

If you want a talking GPS, the GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS Rangefinder is good with three designs and a rangefinder design. With green view Technology, it has a totally dynamic design and measurement of the green distances. With increased battery life, the distance readings are good and the water resistant capacities are great.
It makes a game a lot easier to track and it is easy to set up. The GPS fits very comfortably on your belt and a charging cord included USB. It is equipped with a clip for your hat or belt and you can know the distance of your last shot while you’re on the course. From golfer’s perspective, it is totally a high tech gadget that gives the distance to the center of the green and it is a great a game changer.

Ideal Golf GPS with Preloaded Golf Courses on the go

IZZO Swami 4000+ Preloaded Golf GPS

Preloaded with 30,000+ global courses, the IZZO Swami 4000+ Preloaded Golf GPS has an easy to read display equipped with course map edit function. With up to 10-12 hours on a full charge, you get no subscription or download fees and you can know the layup/carry distances. Being durable and waterproof, the IZZO Golf GPS has auto-course recognition and it is easy start up.
The large design, vibrant colors and the 1.8 inch color display add to its features. With auto-hole advance, it has shot distance measurement and work perfectly with no signal loss. It appears to be spot on with great speed. It comes with a micro USB cord and you can search a full course library. It gives distances to hazards and doglegs, shot distance and reads well even in bright sunlight. It has a limited warranty of one year.

Ideal Golf GPS for Measuring Ball Distance

POSMA GT2 Golf Trainer GPS Watch

With global courses, the POSMA GT2 Golf Trainer GPS Watch tells you the distance of the ball as well as hazards within the course. With a pedometer and an IPX6 waterproof rating, it stays in 8 days in watch mode and distances will be given to golfers using the shot-distance measurement. Accurate distance from your current position can be achieved and you can track the amount of your activity and your score
A great reference for your next strike, you can use it for knowing the situation in golf courses. At 8 to 10 hours in play mode, you can play in any weather in any time of the day and it also has left/right green changing option. Being preloaded with over 31,900 global golf courses, you can play golf anywhere any time with this golf GPS.

Unique Golf GPS with an Easy Clip-On Design

Voice Caddie Golf VC300 Golf GPS

The Voice Caddie Golf VC300 Golf GPS is easy to clip-on and has 8 hours of continuous use. It has a unique swing tempo function and has a rechargeable battery. More than 30,000 courses preloaded come in handy along with the shot-distance measurement with no annual fees at all. Bearing an ultra small design, you get a better swing rhythm and you also get convenient audio distance information.
An automatic recognition system and a one touch operation as well as voice information help you out with this device. Weather doesn’t affect this sleek and ultra-light GPS with over 8 different spoken languages to choose from. A volume control as well as a golf metronome system is included along with the USB cable. Easily measure your ball distance with the hands free operation. It is backed by an authorized dealer-warranty.

Convenient Golf GPS that is Equipped with Bluetooth Technology

SkyGolf SW2 Bluetooth Preloaded GPS Watch

With the SkyGolf SW2 Bluetooth Preloaded GPS Watch, you can easily receive smartphone notifications along with Bluetooth features. You can measure yardage and enjoy an extended battery life. It uses smart technology and has been preloaded with 35,000 maps with no annual fees at all.
Distances to the front center and back of each green help you become ready to play with this golf GPS. With 14 hours in play mode, easily measure shot distances with the simplest golf GPS that can provide superior performance on the golf course. Easily learn how far you hit each club and gain accurate distances to front, center and back with a multi-sport odometer. It is water resistant up to 30 meters.

Reliable Golf GPS with Smartphone Pairing Technology

Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking GPS System

Having zero interruptions to your game, the Arccos On-Course Stats Tracking GPS System is great for putting statistics and discovering in-game opportunities. Easily map your shots and improve your game as data becomes available on your smartphone. Know the greens in regulation and you can also share stats, rounds and much more.
You can easily know the club distances as well as the averages and discern the sand saves. You also get customized club recommendations. It supports Apple watch, iOs and Android devices ensuring every stat captured. There is no charging or additional equipment needed and it uses real time tracking. It greatly automatically tracks every shot and has a pre-swing routine.
With GPS and bluetooth technology, the golf GPS records every aspect of your game and it also greatly captures and compiles the information you need. It also has lightweight sensors.

The Competition

Other golf GPS devices out there were too flimsy and not durable and they were also inaccurate and take a long time to load, which is quite inconvenient for golf players. A golf GPS device must be easy to use and not frustrating at all.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of using a golf GPS?
A: According to eBay , it gives you stuff like the overall length of the hole and also eliminates guessing of distances. You can enjoy your game more and you can feel positive as you confidently play your shot.

Q: What are some great tips for using golf GPS?
A: According to Golf Today , the center of the green should be the target and keep this in mind. You can just forget the front and back distances for better clarity. Choosing the correct club is also crucial and you know your distances as you go along and play the game.

Wrapping It Up

In the long run, the Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch is our best golf GPS for its great features without compromising your game at all.