Best Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer1
The Fever-Tree Premium is our pick for the best ginger beer, which is a pack of 8 and contains 16.9 ounces in each bottle. It has been made with no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners and no flavorings at all and has been made with natural gingers. It has been freshly made with spring water and botanical flavors and is being served in famous hotels and restaurants all over the world.

Our step-up pick is the Cock n Bull and is made with natural ingredients as well, with sugar and root extract. The cool thing about this spice beverage is that it can also be used as a mixer or you can use it on its own and enjoy the same benefits and great taste plus health benefits. Each can contains 8.4 ounces and you can order up to 24 in one bulk.

The budget pick is The Great Jamaican and this single box contains freshly made beverage that has been naturally flavored with root extract. You can use it for drinks like the Dark ‘N’ Stormy and the Moscow Mule, as well as the Shandy. You can definitely achieve a spicy kick to mixed drinks with this kind of malt spice beverage.

A Little Background

Ginger beer is a kind of spice beverage that is produced using the spice itself, along with sugar and yeast. This spice beverage can be used for many occasions, and has a unique kind of taste that you will not find on other beverages out there, especially on alcoholic beverages. It is a unique drink that may be found not just in shops but also in grocery stores.

It has been consumed during the times of the spice trade, which happened in the Caribbean islands and in Asia. These areas are known for some exotic food and beverages as well as for herbal food and beverages. These are also the areas where you will find more of these spices. Moreover, these spice beverages are often used in hot weather to cool down. It is also often found in parties and festivals.

There are many brands of ginger beer to choose from. These brands can all vary in taste and in appearance. The labeling may also be different but we assure you that they are all spice beverage. These products may come in bottles or in cans, just like regular malt beverage, and can also be processed differently depending on the manufacturer of the spice beverage and their standards.

The Dark 'N' Stormy mixed drink can be made out of dark rum and ginger beer in its soft drink form. Some of the best drink mixes are made with even the cheapest grocery bought spice beverage, for as long as great ingredients have been used for them.

What really matters in any spice beverage is if the ingredients are naturally extracted and are made without the use of harsh chemicals and unnatural food extenders, to make sure you only get quality beverage at hand.

Some studies show that ginger beer might help with inflammations and causes of cancer. Unlike your regular alcoholic beverages, the spice beverage has unique properties because it is made from the spice that can help with various inflammations inside and outside your body. Ginger has been known in ages to soothe sore throat, alleviate nose related and respiratory system related problems due to the mint like soothing effect.

It is never a bad thing to try a new kind of beverage once in a while. Unlike regular soft drinks, root beer and the like, the spice beverage can be a different thing because it might not only taste differently but may also give you health benefits. If you do want to try this kind of spice beverage then you can do so by checking a grocery store or shopping online to taste its contents and see for yourself.

How we Picked

When you want to choose the best ginger beer, you can do so with the following criteria:

Amount in ounces: the amount of the spice beverage varies per brand name and the manufacturer's standards. Each have their own way of measuring as well as filling up the bottles or cans. However, like soft drinks and cola, you may have a lot of choices for the sizes in ounces when it comes down to the spice beverage brand that you prefer.

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic: this pertains to the percentage of alcohol that is contained in the spice beverage. Some people just prefer this kind of beverage without or with less of the alcohol percentage just to get its health benefits. In some occasions, some people also want to get drunk with a little alcohol at hand and at the same time, taste this unique type of spice beverage and receive its health benefits.

Nutrition facts per serving: this pertains to the content of trans fat, saturated fat, sodium, cholesterol and carbohydrates, which can be a concern for most foods nowadays. Some people do not want foods with trans fat and saturated fat. Some people also prefer less sodium to cut down on salt. Of course, people are also scared of bad cholesterol. Carbs can be a concern for those with a strict diet.

Specialty food type: this refers to whether it is free from gluten or kosher. Some people have allergic reactions to kosher and most notably gluten due to celiac disease. If you have problems with gluten or kosher then you should check the label of the spice beverage first before you go on ahead and buy it. Many food items and drinks nowadays do have such labels, anyway, so you won't likely have a problem with this.

Number of calories per serving: this is usually between 40 to 150 calories. Counting calories is what people with strict diets would be concerned about, especially with malt beverages, which are commonly known to cause obesity in the elderly and this scares most of the youth and adults of today to drinking them. However, you can just drink in moderation or look at the calorie count, just to be sure.

Soft drink type: some ginger beer can also be in the form of soft drink, which can either be sugar-free or caffeine-free. These spice beverage often come in cans, much like root beer. The sugar free ones are good for those who have diabetic conditions, so that they can still enjoy the spice beverage. Caffeine free ones allow you to enjoy the spice beverage right before bedtime so that you can easily fall asleep.

Solo or pack: some beverages can be in an entire pack while some are sold separately. Packs are great for parties when you have a lot of guests and just want to buy in a bundle. It can also be useful for when sudden guests like your friends come over for visit. On the other hand, if you are just a single consumer then it may be okay to just buy one or two.

Our Pick

As our top pick, the Fever-Tree Premium is freshly made from the spice itself and absolutely artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or flavorings were added to it, so that you only get fresh and quality made spice beverage, worthy of serving in restaurants, hotels and pubs. One of the highest quality quinones have been used for making this kind of beverage to make sure it is not only fresh but also of great taste.

While ginger is the main ingredient here, it also contains quinine, elderflowers and lemon thyme, as well as rosemary. All in all, the mix of the flavors are great. The spice comes all the way from Nigeria and that is why the drink has good amounts of aromatic intensity to it that adds flavor and life to your Dark ‘N’ Stormy or whatever mixed drink you use it with. Natural sugar, spring water, sfumatrice and bitter orange were also used.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only con but not a deal breaker with the Fever-Tree Premium is that if you end up with a bad seller and order in bulk, one of the bottles could get damaged, but this is a very rare case.

Step-up Pick

The Cock n Bull is our step-up pick, which contains 8.4 fluid ounces in each bottle and contains only sugar and ginger root extract that makes it all natural and refreshing. It can be used for making the Moscow Mule drink mix, or you can just let it stand on its own as a soft drink or beverage.  For those with diet concerns, it is also not filling and non-alcoholic, caffeine-free for those who want to sleep better at night.

The natural extract is a combined feel of sweetness and tartness and the packaging in a can makes it super easy to drink anytime and anywhere. You can also make it into a nice Christmas gift in the future or something for the holiday celebrations at home with family and friends. You can also use it for stock on your home bar or business bar, should anyone need a mixed drink right away.

Budget Pick

The Great Jamaican is our budget pick, which has the capability to add a spicy kick to mixed drinks due to the spice sensation of the drink being naturally flavored with ginger root extract. You can use it for a variety of mixed drinks, including Dark ‘N’ Stormy, Moscow Mule and Shandy. The effervescence of the spice is just right and the taste is in the right amount of spiciness.

Each bottle or serving is at 250 mL or 8.45 fluid ounces and contains 140 calories, with zero fat and only a few sodium. You can enjoy it anytime and anywhere and have a taste of Jamaican flavors due to the nice and bright kick to your mix or when you simply want to enjoy it on its own. It is also non-alcoholic and each box contains 6 bottles all in all.

Best Ginger Beer in a Can

For those who want a beverage from spice and malt in a can, you should consider the Royalty Diet 330ml. It can be a substitute for regular sodas and has a taste that is smooth, syrupy and also somewhat sweet with a spicy kick that is somewhat like pepper. It also tastes like how lemonade and ginger would be fused together. Moreover, this beverage has 0 carbs so you will have nothing to worry about in terms of dieting plans.

You can also use it to make Moscow Mules while you are watching your calories. You may also find it well suited for vodka and lime juice and has a stronger taste as compared to ale. It is mostly on the sweet side of this spice drink or beverage and it is also a good starter for those who may not like the initial taste of the spice beverage at first, but want to try it anyway.

Best Ginger Beer as a Mixer

The Q Drinks Spectacular can act as a mixer, and it can also compare with other products in the market of similar ingredients. You can use it for cocktails and various drinks you can serve at a home bar or commercial bar or restaurant. It comes with carbonated water, chili pepper, coriander, citric acid, spice extract, orange, cardamom and lime. It has a less sweet taste so it has more spice. You can use it for your mixed drinks.

Great mixed drinks you can use it for include Moscow Mule or Dark and Stormy. Or, if you simply want a nice refreshing drink that does not give away the cola sensation then this is a great choice for you. Whether you use it on its own or as a mixer, it’s definitely a must-try due to the nice mix of spice added in, and you can also pair it with whiskey if you like, preferably Irish whiskey.

Best Ginger Beer with Zero Calories

If you want zero calories for your drink and have no guilt with taking malt spice beverages, you can try the Gosling's Diet Can. It contains 12 fluid ounces or 355 mL and it gives you a nice zip of spiciness with natural ingredients all in all. The ingredients include citric acid, carbonated water and natural flavors. It is also non-alcoholic as a beverage with a mix of sweetness and spiciness.

As compared to others, it is also less expensive and it can be used for making Moscow Mules and other drink mixes like the Cranberry Mule. You can definitely pack it up while on vacation and it is well packaged. It provides you with an excellent taste. You can purchase in 24, 12 and 6 count sizes, and you can also choose between normal and diet versions for those who are going on a diet.

Best Ginger Beer in a Bottle

The Fentimans 4PK is something you can try if you prefer bottled beverages. It is made out of Chinese spice root so it is authentic and of quality made. It is made all-natural ingredients and other ingredients included there is yarrow extract and choice juniper. Each bottle contains 9.3 fluid ounces, which can produce spicy tastes and is also botanically brewed. Each pack or set that you can order will contain 4 bottles.

If you would like a flavorful brand of spice beverage then this is a great choice. The flavor is not that strong and not that mild – just right for most people. It is worth drinking and has a good taste with a fantastic aroma. For those who are just starting out with these kinds of beverages then this might be a good start for you.

Best Ginger Beer in a Case

The Barritts Regular is a good choice for those who want it to be in a case of four bottles. Each of the bottles contain 12 fluid ounces and are also great for most island recipes and the like. You can definitely use it as a mixer adding spice beverage or you can use it on its own. If you have rum, vodka, or any kind of alcoholic beverages, you can pair this with them to have a drink mix.

If you are making certain cakes, jams and marmalades that require a spice beverage recipe then this can be a great choice for you. The flavors are very natural that you can also use it for sauces and festive fruit punch. If you are a huge fan of the Dark and Stormy, Moscow Mules and any other kind of drink mixes at the bar, this is a good addition to your home bar or collection.

Best Ginger Beer that is Non-Alcoholic

The Bundaberg Brew is an alcohol free or non alcoholic beverage that contains 375 ml and contains 4 bottles in one package. It is made from Australia and is an authentic and natural spice beverage that has a good taste. It can be used for most Moscow Mules and other drink mixes like Copper Mules. Since it is a family owned business, it is definitely of quality production with fine and pure ingredients.

It is a simple yet carefully crafted kind of spice beverage. The recipe formulation is set to mix and release the natural flavors that are found in the spice itself, without the use of artificial colors or flavors. It has an old fashioned flavor and is processed within 5 stages to make sure that it is of quality taste.

Best Ginger Beer for Sodas

The Pickett's 16oz 2-Pack is in the form that can be mixed with sodas. It comes in 2 flavors: medium spicy and hot and spicy. It is both in the form of concentrated syrup and is made with all natural ingredients. Each of them are at 16 ounce bottles and may also help you to add flavor to your favorite desserts, glazes, dressings, and dips. It is also a good supplementary drink to mix with non-alcoholic drinks out there.

You can also make use of any of the two flavors in your favorite cocktails and flavorful sodas, as they both contain natural ingredients. You can also make instant beverage by adding up to 5 ounces of soda water. You can use it for mixing Moscow Mules, Dark 'N Stormy and the like.

The Competition

There were others that did not make it to our list because they lacked in good taste as described by those who have tried it. Also, the packaging seems incomplete with the details about the ingredients and nutritional facts, which is vital for any kind of food item or drink.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is root spice malt beverage?

A: Root spice malt beverage is a kind of beverage that is processed from root spice. It is a spice drink that has been used in ages and can come in either alcoholic or non alcoholic versions. It may be canned or bottled, much like other malt beverage types out there. Many of the root spice malt beverage out there has less than 0.5 percent of alcohol, making them safe to drink.

Q: How is root spice malt beverage different from root spice ale?

A: Ale and malt beverage are both different things, such as with the following:

1. Root spice malt beverage is made from the fermentation of water, root spice and sugar. It usually has no alcohol content but with exceptions from certain brands. Root spice malt beverage is less carbonated and has more spice.

2. Root spice ale is less spicy as compared to root spice malt beverage. In addition to that, ale is mostly just flavored and is still alcoholic, but usually in the soft drink form. It is mostly carbonated.

Q: How is root spice malt beverage made?

A: Root spice malt beverage is made through the following steps:

1. Root spice grinding

Root spice is harvested from the roots of the plantations and then dried. Natural flavors are improved and kept because of the grounding process. Coarse flour is the result of the root spice being grounded.

2. Root spice wort making

In this stage, the wort is produced with the mixture of water, cane sugar and the ground root spice. It is heated to a certain level so that the root spice flavors will be released better. Fermentable sugars is the result of this process in making the root spice malt beverage.

3. Yeast fermentation

In order to ferment the mixture with yeast, it is mixed together with a unique kind of yeast in order to start the fermentation process. The fermentation needs to be done carefully so that it will not mess up the flavor of the root spice itself.

4. Root spice malt beverage maturation process

The maturation period means that it is stored in barrels to make sure that its maturation period gives it the right flavor . It takes a lot of time and effort for naturally crafted root spice malt beverage in order to mature with good brewing.

5. Preparing the drink

When the maturation process has been finished, it is finally ready to be served to the public for drinking after adding some dilutions such as water, citric acid and sugar so that the drinking flavor will be just right.

Q: What are the benefits of root spice malt beverage?

A: Like most products that are made from natural extracts and ingredients, root spice malt beverage does have a couple of benefits, such as the following:

Nausea relief

Root spice malt beverage is believed to be a great nausea reliever. Nausea is also known as dizziness and can affect your daily lifestyle. If you ever feel a sense of fatigue then root spice malt beverage can help fix that.

Prevention of cancer

Certain studies claim that root spice malt beverage could be a source of certain cancer fighting ingredients and components, which can put you at less risk for cancer, so that you can live a healthier lifestyle overall.

Alleviates inflammation

A good thing about root spice malt beverage is that it also alleviate inflammation. If you have a cough or sore throat then anything that is made with root spice can potentially alleviate you. It also works well for those with clogged nose.

Q: How many calories does root spice malt beverage have?

A: As for the calorie content of root spice malt beverage, here are some common brand variations depending on the brand that you choose:


Calories per ounce

Calories per 8 oz (glass)

Brand A

(non alcoholic)

16 calories

128 calories

Brand B

(non alcoholic)

14 calories

110 calories

Brand C


15 calories

120 calories

Q: Can drinking malt beverage lead to obesity?

A: Many studies have shown that:

1. Alcohol is the culprit for the calories on malt beverage, not the carbs.

2. Alcohol consumption and body weight can be dependent on various factors regarding lifestyle.

3. Higher levels of drinking alcoholic beverages have higher weight gain risks.

4. There is no absolute way to conclude the link of obesity and alcohol intake due to various factors.

5. Heavy drinkers may also be at a risk for something called metabolic syndrome.

Q: What's the difference between alcoholic and non alcoholic root spice malt beverage?

A: The main difference is in their percentage of alcohol or volume, but there can also be other differences:

Alcoholic root spice malt beverage tends to have sugar with its usual recipe, which is where the alcohol content comes from due to the fermentation process. It also takes a longer period of time to make alcoholic root spice malt beverage due to the length of the process.

Non alcoholic root spice malt beverage is roughly in the same process as with alcoholic root spice malt beverage, but without adding the sugar. Without the added sugar, there will be no alcohol fermented with the root spice content, therefore it does not add any alcohol content to your drink.

Q: How are malt beverage and wine different?

A: Malt beverage and wine can be confused by non drinkers, so we are going to break down some important differences between malt beverage and wine:


Malt beverage


Sugar used

Malt beverage worts use maltose for the brewing sugar in order to proceed with the fermentation process.

Fructose is what is used in grape juice or wine in terms of the sugar used for fermentation.

Aging process or maturation process

Malt beverage maturation is not as long as compared to wine, and can only take a few days or a week of aging or maturation.

Wines are expensive, and this is because they take years upon years of storage for maturation or aging.


Malt beverage is pretty much everywhere and affordable.

Wine is generally more expensive than malt beverage.

Typical color

Malt beverage is typically in a more translucent color that is somewhat of a light orange or yellowish color.

Wines are mostly grape juice or extract so they tend to be in a darker color with a touch of violet, red and black.


Malt beverage is mostly consumed by men, in general.

Wine is mostly consumed by both men and women, as wine can also be a ladies’ drink.


Malt beverage is known to be much more bitter than wine, hence most women don’t like the taste of it.

Wine is also a bit bitter, but can also be sweet and only has very little alcohol in general, depending on the brand you have at hand.


Malt beverage is usually bitter and not very acidic.

Wine is known to be acidic, since it comes from, well, grapes, which are fruits.

Q: How is root spice beneficial to humans?

A: As a type of root crop, root spice is known to have the following benefits for your health:

Better digestion

Consuming root spice can help alleviate  those nasty digestive upsets that can make your day turned upside down. By following a recipe that involves root spice, it helps your digestive system to soothe itself and get back on the right track.

Helps with nausea or motion sickness

Motion sickness or nausea can happen to anyone – especially for cancer patients, as well as those with deteriorating health or older age. This can be a problem with your daily activities. Nausea and motion sickness can be fought with some great root spice recipes.

Relief from common cold and flu

Because of the anti-inflammatory effects of root spice, it is also well-known to help treat cold and flu, especially if you have a stuffed or clogged nose, as it can help you to breathe properly. Because it is like chili due to the spiciness and aroma, it helps to heat up the cold.

Inflammation reduction

As we said, the anti-inflammatory effects of root spice is what makes it a great herbal medicine that you can grab anywhere for a small price. It is known to treat most inflammations and pains in your body, inside and out.

Pain reliever

It can be a great root to use for bouts of dysmenorrhea for girls. Menstrual cramps are the worst, and a good way to help reduce the symptoms is to take some recipes or drinks that involve natural root spice.

Good for the heart and blood sugar levels

It can boost your system to avoid risks of diabetes and high cholesterol that may lead to certain heart diseases. Like most root crops, this kind of root crop can definitely help boost your heart health and blood sugar levels so that you stay healthy no matter your age.

Additionally, root spice has the following nutrition facts:


79 cal


17.86 grams

Dietary fiber

3.6 grams


0 grams


1.15 grams

Vitamin C

7.7 mg


14 mg


3.57 grams

Q: What are the other uses of root spice in cuisine?

A: Using root spice is quite creative in most cuisines, such as with the following uses:

Sushi pickling

In Japanese cuisine, yow will most likely find root spice in pickled form and can go well with your favorite Japanese sushi recipe.

Gingerbread house and gingerbread man

The good old gingerbread houses, as well as the gingerbread man, are good examples of how you can turn your root spice into great baking recipes, and also Christmas traditions.

Root spice malt beverage

As we have mainly covered in this article, root spice malt beverage, being the highlight of the Caribbean islands, makes a great recipe altogether and is not just malt beverage, but is root spice malt beverage that has many benefits.

Asian and Indian spice

Most often, you will find Asian and Indian recipes and cuisines use root spice often, such as for soups, stews, meals and various other kinds of recipes.

Food recipes

If you have any kind of recipe involving meat (chicken, pork and duck), veggies (pumpkin, sweet potatoes, winter squash), and others like oranges, shellfish, ale, malt beverage, sushi and the like, you’ll most likely find root spice very good and complementary.

Mix with herbs and spices

Good examples of herbs and spices that might mix well with root spice include the following:

a. sesame seed

b. mustard seed

c. fennel seed

d. cinnamon

e. allspice

f. curry leaf

g. cumin

h. parsley

i. cardamom

j. vanilla

k. star anise

l. turmeric

m. tamarind

n. coriander

o. garlic

p. cloves

Energy drink

You can also make your own homemade energy drink with the use of root spice, lemon and green apple together. It is a sure-fire way to keep you energized throughout the day due to the boosting and healthy effects of the three aforementioned ingredients.


You can also make your own salad dressing by adding dried root spice to complete the mix. This makes the recipe much better and much spicier.

Q: What are some common malt beverage myths?

A: Some people believe certain things about malt beverage, in which we debunk them one by one with the following facts:

“The Midwest has brought American malt beverage to its position.”

Actually, American malt beverage has been around in the North and South parts of the country in so long ago – way back in the 1600s and in the 1700s. There were many barrels sold, produced and consumed throughout the history of America, and that also made them a world class and renowned brewer of malt beverage (but of course, countries like Germany can’t be matched when it comes down to malt beverage).

“Only men can drink malt beverage.”

Because of the fact that malt beverage has tons of calories and that it causes the “malt beverage belly”, and also because of the bitter taste, malt beverage isn’t exactly a ladies’ drink. However, that doesn’t mean women can’t drink malt beverage! There are many commercials out there with women drinking malt beverage, especially diet malt beverage that has lower calories, and some that have infused flavors.

Moreover, in the history of America, many women consumed malt beverage as well, much like they did in Europe (particularly in Germany).

“Craft malt beverage is only made in a small brewery.”

Not all the time – just because it is craft malt beverage doesn’t mean it’s in a low space and low budget facility. Some of them are actually big enough to mass produce craft malt beverage. Actually, nearly half of the biggest producers of craft malt beverage in America are also big time malt beverage producers.

“Craft malt beverage is a new thing.”

No it is not – it has been dated way back in the 1960s and 1970s, back when craft malt beverage was still not allowed by laws.

“Malt beverage should be served fresh all the time.”

While it is true that unlike wine, malt beverage has an expiration date, however, some malt beverage do need aging like wine.

Q: What are some side effects of root spice in general?

A: Root spice may be a beneficial herbal root, but it does have a few side effects to watch for, such as the following:

1. Diarrhea – this happens if you take a lot of root spice because it disrupts your digestion.

2. Hypertension – actually, people with hypertension should avoid it because it can raise their blood pressure.

3. Menstrual bleeding – certain studies link menstrual bleeding in women with root spice intake.

4. Heartburn – if you are prone to heartburn then you should take less than 4 grams a day of root spice.

5. Skin and eye allergies – there are some people who get irritation from root spice, since it is a spice.

Q: Are there benefits of root spice root to the skin?

A: Your skin can actually gain benefits from root spice root in some way, such as the following:

1. It helps in preventing skin tumors from forming.

2. You can help treat acne and skin inflammation.

3. Those with recent wounds can help heal them faster with root spice.

Q: Can pregnant women drink root spice malt beverage?

A: According to experts, you can drink root spice malt beverage when you’re pregnant, as long as it is not alcoholic. Alcoholic drinks can make it hard for your baby to grow normally, and it may also make physical and mental disorders likely to happen with your baby, so you should make sure to avoid root spice malt beverage if it is alcoholic, and stick to the non alcoholic ones. In fact, the non alcoholic ones can help treat nausea during the pregnancy stages.

Q: What are the differences between root spice malt beverage and root malt beverage?

A: Root spice and root malt beverage have the following differences:

Root malt beverage was originally made from sassafras roots, but is no longer the case due to the link to cancer. And thus, root malt beverage today is now made from a chemical duplicate.

Root spice malt beverage comes from root spice itself, and can either be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Root spice can be found anywhere and has more benefits than drawbacks.

Q: Have studies been conducted on the use of root spice for nausea and vomiting?

A: A certain study in 2009 by Dr. Che found out that nausea and vomiting symptoms for pregnant women can be alleviated by root spice and root spice-related recipes. Most of the results were positive and pro use of root spice, and this is why it is still commonly used worldwide for nausea problems.

Q: What are some important malt beverage etiquette that drinkers should know about?

A: Most drinkers do not know proper malt beverage etiquette, in which they should with the following:

1. Ice cold malt beverages need to be on a coaster to avoid ruining the table.

2. Let people decide which kind of malt beverage they want.

3. Ask nicely and politely for new malt beverage flavors if the bar is limited.

4. Don’t force people to finish their drink as fast as you – that’s rude.

5. You can definitely order another drink if you want, even when others aren’t finished.

6. Remember that flavor is what makes a malt beverage stand out – not alcohol content.

7. Don’t just order a “beer” – please indicate what kind of malt beverage you want.

8. Absolutely do not drink while on the influence of alcohol.

Q: Why do fewer women like malt beverage?

A: Women tend to dislike malt beverage because of the following reasons:

1. Malt beverage is generally bitter so most women don’t like the taste.

2. Malt beverage with excessive alcohol content can possibly ruin a girl’s diet plan.

3. Malt beverage is less likely marketed at women and more marketed to men.

Q: Why do people drink malt beverage even if it is bitter?

A: Much like with many alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, malt beverage isn’t something that kids will love and shouldn’t take, not just because of its effects on your brain and psyche but also on its bitter taste. You have to wonder sometimes: why do people drink malt beverage even if it is bitter? It’s the same principle as to why people drink black coffee and other bitter liquor:

1. Sweetness is overrated

2. Depression and loneliness

3. Developed sense of taste

4. Socialization purposes

Q: What gives root spice the spicy flavor?

A: Root spice plants are given the spicy flavor due to the presence of an ingredient called root gingerol. This is a kind of ingredient or component that looks similar to the molecular construction of capsaicin, which is found on peppers or chili peppers, which gives it the spicy flavor. Root gingerol is actually just stinging and not necessarily spicy, more like wasabi.

Q: Other than root spice, what other spices can be used for making malt beverage?

A: If you want to craft your own malt beverage at home, here are some other great spices you can choose from:

1. Cinnamon (cassia or true)

2. Caraway (rye bread)

3. Cloves

4. Cayenne (pepper)

5. Fennel seeds

6. Coriander (used with saisons)

7. Peppercorns

8. Turmeric

9. Mole (spice blend)

Wrapping It Up

In the long shot, we think that the Fever-Tree Premium is our pick for the best ginger beer due to having no preservatives and no flavorings at all. Its sufficient amount of 16 ounces and good taste can be used for famous restaurants and bars without question and its natural flavors and ingredients makes it stand out from the crowd, and can be a great Dark ‘N’ Stormy mixer.