Best Freezer

There are many contributing factors, such as energy efficiency, warranty, and durability that make the best freezer and one such freezer on our list is the Midea WHS-109F Stainless Steel Upright Freezer. According to our extensive research, this is the best freezer on the market. Being the exclusive merchandise of Midea, the manufacturer of the highest quality refrigerators and freezers, this best freezer comes with domineering frameworks of being environment friendly, user-friendly as well as long-lasting. It has adjustable leg control, separate wire drawers, reversible door and an installation type that’s free standing. This 120 Volts stand-alone freezer is the best deal to steal out there at a pretty reasonable price. You won’t find anything remotely close to the Midea WHS-109F Stainless Steel Upright Freezer as far as eco-friendly features as well as endurance capability are concerned.

It’s a great bargain for someone who requires a small freezer with the perfect size and cooling temperatures. You’ll find that this best freezer has shelves that are extremely convenient to reach and use while the seals on the door are highly contributive to the entire construction and mechanical control of the unit. It’s small and compact with ample of space to store goodies inside; a feature that might surprise many of you due to the comparatively smaller size. Producing no disturbing noises, the Midea WHS-109F Stainless Steel Upright Freezer has reversible door hinges that swing right and left with mechanical temperature settings to best suit your cooling needs. It is a highly reliable freezer on the market with features that are beyond compare with other similarly priced models. When it comes to best freezers like this one here, they need to, by design, fulfill all your freezer demands and requirements quite efficiently. This best freezer can be placed anywhere you want and it doesn’t require too much effort on the assembly as well, something that most customers dread doing as soon as their freezer arrives. It’s an excellent freezer, specifically because it comes with a full 1-year warranty as well as a 2-year compressor warranty. According to our factual research, it has served for even longer years.

Our step-up pick is yet another best freezer on the market, the SPT UF-304SS Energy Star Upright Freezer, but with a comparatively higher market price. This best freezer is superior to the others in terms of price and performance, which makes it the extravagant but valuable pick on our list of the best freezer. The SPT UF-304SS Energy Star Upright Freezer is specifically designed to be useful in compact spaces and also to eliminate the added burden of digging through drawers to get to the stuff you actually want from your freezer. The overall appearance of this best freezer is extremely adaptable as it is popularly known to match with the rest of the home appliances. It makes packaging and storing seem undemanding under any circumstances as much as it keeps the fabrication free from dents, scratches, or damages of any kind. This best freezer comes with front leveling legs and a recessed handle for added comfort and ease. It’s also featured with a flush back design for space saving and 3 pull out baskets for better storage. The SPT UF-304SS Energy Star Upright Freezer has an Energy Star certification which guarantees maximum energy-saving mechanics controlled with its mechanical adjustable thermostat and manual defrost. Featuring minimal noise, direct cooling, and optimal energy consumption, this best freezer is an expensive yet impressive product that will last for a pretty long time.

The Danby DCF038A1WDB1 Chest Freezer is our budget-friendly suggestion. It is also an eco-friendly machine with an energy-efficient foam insulated cabinet and lid as well as R600a refrigerant. This best freezer has front mount mechanical thermostat that’s easily accessible for temperature control and a front mount drain for effortless defrost maintenance. The Danby DCF038A1WDB1 Chest Freezer is surprisingly marked down considering its competent features and sustenance. It comes with a rust-resistant, aluminum interior liner that’s easy to clean, plus it also features a single wire storage basket to keep items that are most frequently used on a daily basis. Upon thoroughly researching about this best freezer, we found that the unit has a reputation of keeping the energy cost minimum. The construction of this best freezer is 4 cubic feet, which means that it can practically fit anywhere without any hassle and effort. The interior construction, especially the baskets are all vinyl-coated featuring a manual defrost system and drain for simple preservation and care. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all this, given that this best freezer is as reasonably priced as it is perfect for those with versatile desires.

Why you should trust us

It is important to be ready before buying a freezer as much as it would be outright irresponsible of us to not recommend the best freezer out on the market for you. The world of reliable freezers reviews may not be as huge as the freezer market itself, but we can assure you that our recommendations are well-pronounced and greatly received with positive feedback by almost all customers we’ve researched online. Instead of you probing over multiple review websites and other sources for hours, we’ve carefully compiled a lineup of the best freezers on the market to-day. Our researchers are skilled in the topic of freezers and we are familiar with the contributive factors that make a freezer unique and domineering amongst the rest. In addition to the research mentioned above, our researchers have also set certain standards of testing and approving products to ensure that they fit our readers’ demands and style. Conducting several in-depth reviews about products can be a taxing job for buyers, which is why our researchers have dedicated all their time and effort into compiling an exclusive list of products that we know you’ll find useful.

How do we pick and test our freezers?

You’ve now decided to purchase a separate freezer this time?
In truth, the best freezer is one that has all-encompassing features because a freezer has to be the same in terms of performance, but slightly unique to each customer in terms of storage, construction and/or style. But if you want to at least make an effort to get to know how the best freezer works and what features does on embody, keep reading on. Below are the following features we look for in a freezer to make it our go-to pick on the best freezer list. Also, it’s important to know that freezers are standard appliances with almost universal features, so if you find one that fulfills your demands, so be it.
Compartment Dividers
This feature ensures better freezer storage capabilities and provides more control to its user. Some freezers have more compartment dividers while some don’t have any at all. It all depends on what you wish to store in a particular freezer.
This is an unique kind of feature that not many freezers posses. It notifies a user when the freezer temperature is set to warm that may damage the food stored inside. Basically, it sets off an alarm if the freezer gets either too warm or too cold.
Interior Light
This helps the user to find food quickly without making a mess insider the freezer. Generally, an interior light is a must-have in all freezers, but there are a few models that don’t possess this exclusiveness, which is why you should keep this feature in check before purchasing a new freezer.
Door Lock
Some freezers come with an additional door lock feature to avoid unwanted spillage or when you have a baby or pet around. This feature can be extremely helpful for the long run.
Power-on Light
We think all freezers should have this all-purpose feature as it allows users to know if the freezer is on or off with just a blinking light; something you’d have to check otherwise by opening and freezer and letting out cold air from time to time.
Quick Freeze
Most of the upright freezers comprise of this feature which once turned on can cool versatile food more quickly.

Our best pick: Midea WHS-109F Stainless Steel Upright Freezer

Midea WHS-109F Stainless Steel Upright Freezer

Upon reviewing this best freezer, we instantly drew up our conclusion to make this the best pick on our list of the best freezer. The Midea WHS-109F Stainless Steel Upright Freezer has a solid construction that can surprisingly hold a lot of food, despite its small size. We plugged this best freezer in with a fresh ice cube tray that formed a skim of ice in just an hour’s time only, which turned rock solid by the following morning. The Midea model is perfect for someone who already has a double door fridge with a bottom freezer but would also appreciate some additional storage without giving up too much space in the kitchen. This best freezer has a pretty smooth-running mechanical control with adjustable thermostat and a reversible door that is well-built to stand the test of time. We also examined the adjustable legs and separate wire drawers to find any possible errors in their construction and efficiency but, fortunately, everything in this best freezer is built to last and performs flawlessly. We also compared this best freezer with other models to check the noise level and are pretty pleased to tell you that it operates silently, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about once you’ve decided to purchase this best freezer for your beautiful home. There’s also a remarkable 2-year compressor warranty along with a full 1-year warranty for the whole appliance.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

The thing with electronic products is that while they may be the most efficient and convenient appliances to make life comfortable at home, office or elsewhere, they also come packed with certain defects or flaws as well. So that’s pretty normal. Now the extent to which these weaknesses impact the strengths of the device is the only thing that matters and with the Midea WHS-109F Stainless Steel Upright Freezer, you can be rest assured that there is no such flaw that can ruin your experience and make your investment seem like a total waste. Since this best freezer has a free-standing installation only, you won’t able to fit it under a counter. But you already knew that when you purchased the unit so that’s a negligible concern. We had a bit of a difficulty in accessing the temperature control since it’s located in the back, close to the floor. Also, the shelves are not at all adjustable so there’s no room for repositioning at all. But you must know that these components do not in any way affect the high performance and flawless efficiency of the unit so we let them slide quite conveniently. Our last concern, which may be the most important one, is that this best freezer is not equipped with frost-free technology, as every best freezer should be, which means that you will have to defrost the thing manually every single time. But when was the last time that you actually came across a freezer with the perfect size and price combination such as this one here? Never, right? So with an excellent deal like this, these small inconveniences can be totally worth it and effortlessly neglected.

Our step up pick: SPT UF-304SS Energy Star Upright Freezer

SPT UF-304SS Energy Star Upright Freezer

For an enhanced freezer experience, the SPT UF-304SS Energy Star Upright Freezer is just about the perfect kind of a thing you would want in your kitchen. This best freezer has a compact design that can accommodate all the delightful food items that you like to store in your freezer, so you won’t have to go through the trouble of constantly digging through to find what you need. With 3 strong and smooth-sliding pull out baskets and a stainless steel door that is well-equipped with a back cabinet, this best freezer has a competitive quality that you might not be able to find in other freezers on the market. Even our highly experienced research team couldn’t, which is why we selected this brilliant energy efficient SPT model as our step-up pick. We were also quite impressed with the storage capacity of this unit, which pretty much exceeded our expectations. One important point to keep in mind with this upgraded best freezer is that it essentially requires some backroom for proper air circulation, so avoid using this unit for a bar area. Additionally, if you wish to make the most out of your investment, then you will be happy to know that this best freezer has an extremely lightweight design so you can easily carry or move it around.

Our budget pick: Danby DCF038A1WDB1 Chest Freezer

Danby DCF038A1WDB1 Chest Freezer

We came across many exceptional features in this affordably-priced Danby DCF038A1WDB1 Chest Freezer. Upon reviewing it thoroughly so as to not leave any stone unturned, we realized that this energy efficient unit not only lowers the cost of your utility bill, but it also provides a generous amount of storage capacity that is enhanced with a storage basket to keep everything organized inside. This best freezer has removable shelves, like no other freezer that we’ve listed so far, so you can easily fit in large food products. We closely studied this best freezer to figure out how such an amazing unit can be sold at such an affordable price, and upon doing so we came across a pretty efficient feature. While closing the door of this best freezer, you will hear a hissing sound, as if the door is being sealed shut. That particular sound is the result of the door shutting off and locking itself completely so as to maintain a total deep-freeze condition inside the unit. If this doesn’t keep the food fresh and ‘freezing cold’ inside, then we don’t know what else will! So if you want to buy something functional and light, then we would highly recommend this best freezer. With an efficient front mount mechanical thermostat and silent motor, along with energy efficient foam insulated cabinet and lid, you will be very pleased with the performance of this unit.

The Runner-Up


The GE FCM5SUWW Freezer is our runner-up pick because it offers solid construction in terms of storage and cost. It is a compact chest freezer with a 5 cubic foot capacity that can easily be hoarded in tight spaces. It features a top lifting lid and a strong seal to keep the cooling jam-packed inside the freezer. It even has solid storage shelves that keeps the freezer organized no matter how many things you store in it. Another great feature of the GE FCM5SUWW Freezer
is that it has an adjustable temperature dial on the lower front panel to add temperature control and it also has a power indicator light that blinks consistently when the freezer is functioning properly, so you don’t have to rely on the traditional method of opening and closing the freezer from time to time to check if the freezer is on. The thing to look out for with this excellent freezer is its unique features such as the freezer’s ice cream shelf, opening design, etc. that makes is slightly different than GE’s similar freezer models. If you’re looking for a freezer that’s compact, easily accessible and can store prepared foods in an energy efficient manner, this freezer is the ideal one for you. With consistent defrosting and care, you can derive much satisfaction from the GE FCM5SUWW Freezer for guarding your food items in a healthy manner.

Best Convertible Freezer

Avanti VFR14PS-IS Dual Function Freezer

Innovative technology is at the cusp of its progression; apart from the typical freezer models on the market, there are new, convertible models that can function as both a refrigerator and a freezer. All you have to do is convert it into a freezer whenever you like or even for always. The Avanti VFR14PS-IS Dual Function Freezer is good-looking platinum finished freezer that readily converts from refrigerator to a freezer. It has a reversible and rounded door with a recessed handle and it also features a full-range temperature control setting, making it the most sophisticated addition to have in any home or office for versatile uses. This convertible freezer is constructed with quality materials and is scaled respectable mechanisms that ensure the least possible disturbance and greater preserving. This product can exclusively be used as a freezer and it’s a real work-horse that can be taken to the most compact spaces. Its versatility is matchless on the market to-day. You can expect this freezer to work for several years because of its promising parent brand that’s Avanti; Avanti’s reputation has been built by serving top-quality appliances for home, office, and outdoor uses. They’ve had a promising background in providing unique upright and chest freezers as well as full-sized refrigerators to becoming the go-to choice for dual function ones. The Avanti VFR14PS-IS Dual Function Freezer can be used for camping purposes as well as it is energy efficient and fairly quiet with quick refrigerator to freezer transitions.

The Competition

Best Chest Freezer

Igloo FRF434 Chest Freezer

The Igloo FRF434 Chest Freezer is widely considered to be one of the best freezers ever manufactured. And our team of testers totally agrees. This best freezer performs exceptionally well and doesn’t make a single sound except when the compressor is turned on. Specially created for tiny kitchens, the Igloo FRF434 Chest Freezer has smooth and efficient standard features like an adjustable thermostat and shelf for easy organization. You should know that this best freezer is not frost-free but you should also know that the frost never gets past the point of a thin layer that can be scraped off quite easily. And you will also be very pleased to know that this best freezer has a defrost drain for easy cleaning as well. One would think that such freezers don’t usually last long but you can be rest assured that this best freezer has the ability to last longer than expected.

Best Upright Freezer

Whynter CUF-210SS Upright Freezer

Another solid and reliable model is the Whynter CUF-210SS Upright Freezer, which can also be converted to a fridge with the help of a digital TSAT plug-in convertor. As far as the performance and efficiency of this best freezer are concerned, they are very similar to any top-rated freezer on the market, our various tests stand as proof of that. This best freezer has a very large capacity that can accommodate a rack of lamb and some turkeys as well. We were also quite impressed with the ‘upright’ quality of this best freezer, as opposed to ‘chest’ freezers since they are comparatively more difficult to use and access. With a useful door lock, removable shelves and super cold and quiet working mechanism, the Whynter CUF-210SS Upright Freezer will not cost much in electricity.

Sunpentown UF-150W Freezer

Since we initially began testing, the Sunpentown UF-150W Freezer was always on our mind while comparing all the different kinds of freezers on the market. The reason being that this yet another best freezer has so many positives reviews that we had to use its high performance, space-saving design, and best cooling efficiency as the benchmark in order to feature the best of best freezers on our list. The Sunpentown UF-150W Freezer works silently and has an exceptional flush back design with front leveling legs and recessed handle for added stability, convenience, and space-saving. It is a freestanding unit with a true zero degree Fahrenheit capability. Upon thoroughly reviewing this best freezer, we found 3 most striking features; the pull-out baskets on every shelf added more comfort and convenience, the smooth-rolling wheels resulted in better cleaning efforts, and the quiet operation meant that we could place it in the bedroom as well without having to worry about disturbance while sleeping. This best freezer does cost a little more than the other models but, so far, we can tell you that it will definitely be worth it.

Best Tall Freezer

Frigidaire FFFH17F2QW Freezer

It’s amazing what modern technology can do. The brand new model, Frigidaire FFFH17F2QW Freezer, is built in such a way that it has the capacity to lock in cold for up to two whole days without electricity. This best freezer is considered The Hulk of all freezers in terms of capacity, organization, and overall efficiency. It is an eco-friendly and frost-free unit which is the only freezer that we tested that has an automatic defrost functionality. Although this best freezer is not equipped with a fast-freeze option and reversible door and this can prove to be quite a nuisance in certain situations. But the overall design, especially the flexible shelving, did not fail to impress us at all. The thing you should know about this best freezer is that it has the tendency to make up for one flaw by providing an additional benefit. For example, it makes up for its shallow capacity with its considerably taller height.

Best Fridge Freezer


Our team of testers was inclined towards rating this best freezer as our best pick. But due to some minor drawbacks, we chose to instead list it as another best option. The GE FCM7SUWW Freezer is a compact design with an optimal capacity level. The storage is accentuated by smooth-gliding and removable bulky storage baskets in order to best suit your requirements. The troublesome condition of manual defrost exists with this best freezer but it is important to know that manual defrosting has proved to be a highly energy-efficient feature. After testing the best freezers with a lock, we were a tad disappointed that this GE model didn’t have one, but you might think otherwise. All in all, our team concludes that this best freezer is a pretty reasonable product that can save you quite a lot of money. It is light enough so you can move it from one place to another if need be.

Wrapping it up

Even though the space you’re using the freezer in will inevitably determine the type that’s suitable for you, choosing the best freezer can provide the perfect display of food for easy organization and accessibility. It’s a nice way to add more thoughts and research behind your freezer without making a mistake to opt for the first one you see online. There are many freezers out on the market to-day that have the most basic features, but it’s advised that you know which one suits you the best. While selecting the right freezer can seem like a challenging task, having the correct knowledge for each can make the process much easier. The top pick on our best freezer list is the Midea WHS-109F Stainless Steel Upright Freezer which is the ultimate freezer to choose if you’re searching for one that’s all-encompassing and popular. Following this, we list the two most obvious categories one should look out for while making a solid purchasing decision: the expensive but valuable pick and the budget-friendly pick. These specialized lists among others will help you unravel the best suitable freezer for you as much as it narrows down your search a bit more and saves you ample of time along the way!