Best Fishing Gloves

The Berkley Coated Blue Grey Fishing Gloves are our best fishing gloves which can survive well and keep the person or angler dry in cold weather fishing. The gloves also protect the user from fish scales and various factors that make fish quite a hassle to handle. Being made only from heavy duty materials, the fishing gloves have great wind protection so they can be used for ice fishing and in the winter.

Our step-up pick is the Glacier Glove Islamorada 50+UPF Gray Sungloves and acting great as summer gloves, the fishing gloves are equipped with 50+ UPF protection to keep your hands cool and comfortable in the summer. Made with a synthetic leather palm, the fishing gloves can hold a fishing rod easily, providing a secure grip.

The budget pick is the Rapala Marine Large X-Large Fisherman Glove and perfect for your kayaking trip, especially for fishing, you can also be holding trekking poles just fine with these fishing gloves. Made with a synthetic leather palm for added protection yet with enough tackiness, you can even use the fishing gloves on low elevation places and various jobs.

A Little Background

Gloves are worn by various professionals and hobbyists for their job. Most gloves can vary per track or activity and can be used on the following: gardening, manufacturing, home repairs, auto mechanics, sports such as golf and many others.
In the same way, fishing gloves can be worn for handling fish that might bite your hand. If a fishing glove is made of thick material then it will less likely get you injured and it will keep your hands warm during cold weather fishing as well.
Fishing gloves are not always restrictive and they can be customized depending on your weather. Most people use fishing gloves instead of sunscreen because they are tougher and stay together whereas sunscreen can leave a sticky feeling for the angler.

How We Picked

In choosing the best fishing gloves, you should consider the following:
Sizing: the fishing gloves should be just the right size and not too big or small. You should choose a pair of fishing gloves that are a snug fit yet have room to expand and still fit well even when it is wet. There should be a sizing chart that is present when choosing your fishing gloves.
Thickness: the thickness of the fishing gloves should be considered. Most fishing gloves should be around 2 to 5 mm in thickness but it depends on what kind of fishing environment you intend to use it on. For instance, handling big fish or going through tough and cold weather may require thicker gloves for added protection and insulation from the cold.
Style: the style of the fishing gloves can either be fingered or fingerless. Some people who prefer fingerless fishing gloves may easily cut the fingered gloves, nonetheless. Fingered fishing gloves are for added protection and fishing gloves are for dexterity and breathability.
Material and durability: the fishing gloves should be made of good materials. While some fishing gloves are cotton made, they react poorly to water due to lack of insulation. Neoprene is great but it is not ideal for those who want a lot of breathability. Wool material is getting the best of both worlds but may leave a peculiar smell.
Dexterity: the dexterity of any fishing gloves pair should be just fine for you to fish properly or cast right. The dexterity is the feel of a pair of gloves so you do not feel like you are wearing gloves at all. The dexterity of the fishing gloves that you should choose should be enough and non restrictive.
Insulation / sun protection: the fishing gloves should provide enough insulation or sun protection, depending on where and when you intend to fish on. Insulation materials include neoprene and wool and fishing gloves that are great for sun protection will usually be slightly thick but breathable nonetheless.
Breathability: if you intend to fish on hot climates then it is important to have fishing gloves that are truly breathable. Gloves that are too restrictive cannot be great for fishing in the summer so consider materials that are lightweight and not too bulky to wear for your fishing gloves.

Our Pick

Berkley Coated Blue Grey Fishing Gloves

Our best fishing gloves are the Berkley Coated Blue Grey Fishing Gloves due to their design and durability. As superb coated gloves, these fishing gloves do the job well and they also have a textured grip that makes it easier to catch and handle fish at hand.
Handling fish and bait has never been easier with the fishing gloves as they can handle up to 20 pounds of fish. They are a tad better than classic work gloves and can really handle your slippery catch with great ease. What’s more, the palms are rubber coated for added protection without the risk of getting finned.
Being made for any serious angler, the fishing gloves are worth it to combat some of the worst fish handling hazards you can ever imagine. The fishing gloves pair keeps your hands warm and they can be a great companion through the fish slime.
In addition to that, the fishing gloves can also be great to handle pumpkin seed fish and similar species. What’s more, these gloves are superb in quality and handling when it comes to most fish with very hard spines.
Bringing you no slippage at all, the fishing gloves are very weather resistant and the grip is amazing. What’s more, you can even use them for gardening as the weeds do not stick your hands when you wear the fishing gloves. In captivating blue and grey colors, you can even use them for lawn mowing.
These fishing gloves work great for taking fish out of the line and also have inner palm tackiness for added grip for you to catch a lot of fish in the long run. As a general size pair of fishing gloves, it fits from medium to xl hand sizes.
When handling small to medium fish, these are the coated fishing gloves to consider and are also ideal for handling a bass. With amazing durability, the textured grip is what makes these fishing gloves amazing for the deal.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

Some cons but not deal breakers to say about the Berkley Coated Blue Grey Fishing Gloves include the fact that there are reports of missing gloves in the pair. However, it depends on where you buy it from so make sure you buy the gloves directly or from a reputable source or seller.

Step-up Pick

Glacier Glove Islamorada 50+UPF Gray Sungloves

Our step-up pick for the best fishing gloves are the Glacier Glove Islamorada 50+UPF Gray Sungloves. The pair of fishing gloves grips greatly on slippery fish and can even be used on small hands due to the one size fits all sizing.
Spiky fish finned species will not be a threat to you because the fishing gloves are great for the protection factor. In addition to that, the fishing gloves are great for handling fish organs as this pair protects from fish guts and the like.
Currently available in small to x-large sizes, the fishing gloves protect against harmful sun rays and are superb fingerless gloves to count on for breathability. Moreover, they dry fast so you can use them right away after washing.
Great for a canoe trip, the fishing gloves are totally breathable and can help you handle 50 to 65 lb braid with great ease. Being lightweight, the fishing gloves are made from quick drying materials so they are excellent when it comes to maintenance.
Using the Dr. Shade polyelastane technology for the material, the fishing gloves are super ideal for fishing and boating as well as casting. Made of spandex partial material, these are fishing gloves to count on with no burning sensations at all when handling braid.
Great for paddling a canoe, a kayak or any boat, the long cuffs of the fishing gloves add to the protection and comfort so that you will be able to hold a paddle securely and safely. Providing a great fit to your hands, the fishing gloves give enough grip for driving as well, whether it is your car or vehicle or a boat.
You can be working in the garden just fine with these fishing gloves as the pair gives extra stability and sensitivity when managing fishing equipment or garden tools. With a soft feel, the fishing gloves give you improved gripping while keeping the sun away.
With a great fit, the fishing gloves are a must-have for road trips and for bay fishing. With soft leather like pads, the fishing gloves offer just the right amount of sun protection for fishing in general.

Budget Pick

Rapala Marine Large X-Large Fisherman Glove

Our budget pick is the Rapala Marine Large X-Large Fisherman Glove. If you do odd jobs or go fishing then the fishing gloves are dependable gloves to go on a vacation with. You can also use them for other purposes as they can also be automotive gloves. They have a bit of soft abrasive on the construction so they are rugged fishing gloves to consider while removing hooks on the fish.
Moreover, they stretch a bit so they are great for those who maybe too big for their size. The fishing gloves also work well for field work and other activities. In addition to that, the fishing gloves are also ideal for water sports and similar water activities.
The inside part of the gloves have been built strongly for durability. Great for the kayak fisher, the fishing gloves can be used for spring, summer and fall fishing and various activities that require extra protection.
These fishing gloves are super easy to wear on and off so you can get to fishing right away. They are, in fact, more comfortable than golf gloves and don’t degrade your grip at all. The sizing for these fishing gloves are more suitable for women but there are also versions for men. What’s more, you can choose different sizes for them.
The fingerless sun gloves can be used when working on a fishing rod and they can keep hands from freezing in cold weather. They breathe well and the back of the glove is well constructed to keep hands comfortable when kayaking.
Made of rugged materials, the fishing gloves can be great for sailing as well. Moreover, they are true to regular glove size and are made with durable construction. Ideal for driving the boat, the fishing gloves are made of thin but durable non-slip materials.
These fishing gloves are available in large and x-large sizes and have an inside rubber grip for added tackiness and grip. You get a ton of protection from scales and spines for a budget with these fishing gloves as they will help you hold live fish easily.

Best Fishing Gloves for Short Fingers

Gill Gray/Black Short Finger Championship Gloves

If you have short fingers then the Gill Gray/Black Short Finger Championship Gloves are considerable choices for fishing gloves. Made with thick rubber coating, you can be fishing in Alaska and colder places with great ease with these fishing gloves.
Also applicable an perfect for wade fishing, these fishing gloves can protect against the bards and your hands will never smell like fish at all. They clean up well and are also rubberized on the palm side for extra grip to keep control of the fish.
Great for fillet handling, the fishing gloves can also handle lobsters and you can easily cast with these gloves on. For the avid fisherman or for the angler who is always fishing, you can use the fishing gloves for your boat in saltwater or even on freshwater.
If you are getting fish guts on your hands all the time then these gloves are a great solution to your fish handling problems.
Giving you an excellent grip, the fishing gloves are made of a light gray material type that keeps the wearer as comfortable as possible without causing lack of protection. Aside from being fishing gloves, they can also be used while sailing.
These are heavy yet flexible so they add a lot of durability for the angler. Bringing you flexibility and comfort, the fishing gloves can also be used for stand up paddle board (SUP) fishing and can still function well when wet.
Made with good lining material, these comfortable gloves will fit any angler’s natural hand shape. The fishing gloves can be applicable on a rowing machine such as boats and kayaks and they have great slip resistance.
What’s more, the back of the gloves are made from stretch fabric for comfort on the go. These fishing gloves can be a backup glove pair and they are truly lightweight gloves in gray and black. Applicable for sailboat racing, any touch screen on your fishing GPS can be used just fine.
These fishing gloves are also good for winter kayaking and range from x-small to x-large sizes. They prevent sunburn and are favored by fishing and sailing enthusiasts alike. You can also use them for work due to being made of cutting edge materials.
With leather on the palm, the fishing gloves can be great sailing gloves and work well even for a motorcyclist. Moreover, they can also be used for lifting weights.

Best Fishing Gloves with a Fingerless Design

Shelure Anti-slip Fishing Gloves for Men

The Shelure Anti-slip Fishing Gloves for Men are great for those who want fingerless gloves for breathability. Working well on wet poles and reels, the fishing gloves give you exceptional protection and you can use them to fillet fish.
Great for saltwater fishermen, the fishing gloves aim to protect from catfish stings and can allow the angler to use a bait caster. Working well in a lake or over the sea, the fishing gloves are also ideal for salmon fishing with the anti-cut feature.
You can be gripping fish safely with these fishing gloves which are also great for keeping your hands warm. These are true to size and you can be hanging onto fish easily. The grip is good and the fishing gloves are comfortable and lightweight.
What’s more, the fishing gloves can be used in spring and they can be used to handle large catfish and the like. Being truly flexible, these fishing gloves are not difficult to put on so you can get to fishing right away.
The fishing gloves protect hands and can be used on saltwater fish to protect your hands against the small teeth of fish. Bearing a unique dew 3-finger design, you can be able to tie a fishing line when using these fishing gloves. They are also applicable for your camping adventures to protect your hand.
Currently available in large and x-large sizes, the fishing gloves can be dependable on handling fillet knives and the like. Made with modern armor technology, the fishing gloves are truly breathable and have excellent gripping capabilities when handling a rod and fishing line.
You can hold on to the pole easily with this waterproof and reliable fishing gloves due to the non-slip rubber particles on the construction. For any fishing enthusiast who want a skid-proof fishing glove pair then this is the anti-slip fishing glove pair that you might need.
The fishing gloves can protect your hands from gill plates and they make it easier to hold a rod overall. As a vital fishing gear for those who are out for a fishing trip, the friction palm design gives it a great grip overall for your rods.
For those who want maximum dexterity but with breathable fabric materials, you can depend upon the fishing gloves for protection against spines, hooks and fish teeth. Truly adjustable for your wrist, the fashionable design is a good selling point for the gloves. However, make sure you order one size up.

Best Fishing Gloves with a Long Cuff Design

Buff Sport Water 2 Fishing Gloves

If you want a fishing glove pair with a longer cuff then the Buff Sport Water 2 Fishing Gloves are considerable. They have a very smooth finish and have a pre-shaped construction that make them great for paddling boats, kayaks and canoes. The fishing gloves are great for those who wanted a summer glove.
The fishing gloves are also ideal if you want to prepare your fish for filleting. Great to use while fishing in the summer, the fishing gloves give off 95% less odor so they are a comfort and joy to wear. The pair keeps a snug fit even when wet and they can also be used to open stuck jar lids and lure containers.
You can even use these fishing gloves as reliable yard work gloves or on other purposes as well. You can be fishing with these gloves on the Pacific or anywhere you like. As a stretchable knit coated glove pair that is very easy to clean, you can catch and handle sun fish with great ease.
Perfect for most outdoor activities, these fishing gloves are lightweight and breathable yet they keep your hands warm in the cold. These are friction-resistant and it makes fishing more convenient overall. The fishing gloves can be used for outdoor activities involving water.
The fingertip pull allows the fishing gloves to be taken off easily. Made with beautiful colors, the fishing gloves are true to size and to fitting with their half-finger length design. Great for a paddle, the gloves also have an easy-on design which make them very comfortable.
The pair of gloves protects against blistering or sunburns and they are designed with a longer cuff. As stretchy gloves, they are durable for fishing and provide UV protection while you catch a lot of fish. If you need to be protected against prolonged sun exposure then these fishing gloves are great.
With over 6 colors to choose from, the fishing gloves still stand up to the competition even after washing and drying for many days. The gloves are available from x-small to x-large sizes for your preferences and needs.

Best Fishing Gloves for Women

South Bend Women’s Grip Palm Gloves

Usable and tolerable outside in the rain, the fishing gloves are also applicable for metal detecting and gardening as they are durable and tough. Moreover, the gloves are washable so they are very easy to clean up whenever needed. You can catch a lot of fish species such as striped bass. The fishing gloves are perfect for big game fishes yet they offer ample amounts of sun protection.
In addition to that, fishing gloves are breathable and durable and the fabric is quite thick for added firmness. The pair keeps your hands cooler in the summer and they can also prevent heat rush overall. With the stretch fabric for added flexibility, the fishing gloves can be good for sport fishing as well.
Perfect for wet season, the fishing gloves are made of breathable fabric and has wrist pull action which makes it easy to put on. Ideal for peacock bass fishing and similar fish species, you can use the fishing gloves to work on the oars of your boat.
Our ideal fishing gloves for women would be the South Bend Women’s Grip Palm Gloves due to being comfortable and breathable. You will be able to catch and handle catfish with these fishing gloves and they are also ideal for safely getting the fish off the hook in your fishing adventures.
Handling any type of fish very well, the fishing gloves have a grip palm for you to keep a sturdy grip for your fishing rod or fish. With a nice power for gripping, the fishing gloves can also get rid of worm junk that may get stuck in your fingernails. Offering a non-slip grip, the fishing gloves are ideal for warm weather fishing in the summer season.
For those moments when you are reeling in a big catch, you can depend on the fishing gloves for summer fishing to handle slippery fish. You can also find out that it can reduce fish slime on your hands. The durability will last a very long time and the pair also helps protect your wrists.
Made with quick drying material for easy cleanup, the fishing gloves are true to size and give you easy handling whether you go for fishing or dig up in a garden. They are also good for pulling weeds so the versatility of these gloves is great for women.

Best Fishing Gloves for Moisture Wicking

Aqua Design Men’s Fingerless Fishing Gloves

If you want a pair of fishing gloves that are dependable on moisture wicking properties then the Aqua Design Men’s Fingerless Fishing Gloves are your ticket to summer fishing in a breathable manner. Also applicable for swimming and surfing, the fishing gloves are made of wet suit type material and naturally contours to your hand.
They are more breathable than other fishing gloves out there and are available in medium and large sizes. Being made of sturdy rubber, any kind of hard and dangerous fish will be safe to handle with these fishing gloves.
Made of aquapoly microtwist fabric, the fingerless design of the fishing gloves are an easy care and can be used on paddle sports as well. The fishing gloves offer great sun protection from sunburn due to the UPF 50+ which make them non-chafing overall.
With the extra long cuff design, you can use the fishing gloves for any fish or game. The clip keeper strap for storage purposes help you store it strategically. Blend in overcast skies and partly sunny skies with the camouflage design of the fishing gloves. The added sun protection makes it great for spin fishing.
As moisture wicking gloves, they are meant for fly fishing and are available in medium, large and extra large. Great for travel purposes with the multiple sizes, the fishing gloves are fast drying and great for backpacking with extra comfort to protect your wrists.
The pair of fishing gloves keeps sunburn-prone areas protected and blocks 97% to 99% of UVA / UVB rays which are harmful. You can use the fishing gloves as leisure and sporting gloves. Each pair helps keep a good grip and wearing them while casting is so convenient.
You can stay comfortable all day with the fingerless design of the fishing gloves on the reef. As a 4-way stretch fabric glove pair, these are tactical and provide easy cleaning. You can enjoy fewer spooked fish with the fishing gloves with the compression design for no more sun burnt hands.
As soft fishing gloves with great performance on the water, these are highly breathable and are also for hunting. With 4 designs to choose from, the fishing gloves are easy to clean using cold wash and hang to dry.

Best Fishing Gloves that are Puncture Resistant

Lindy SuperFabric Fish Handling Glove

The Lindy SuperFabric Fish Handling Glove is superb at keeping the punctures away. With small to xx-large sizes available, the fishing gloves stop hooks and are great for handling your catch. They are 800% more puncture resistant and can be your canoe fishing buddy.
Available in left and right hand orientations, the fishing gloves are great when cleaning fish and prevent cuts and punctures from forming. You can keep knives and teeth punctures away with these fishing gloves which are a must have for anglers.
These fishing gloves are chemical resistant and provide easy on/off. The finger length is perfect for these gloves and they work greatly on slippery fish. The pair makes handling fish easy and are great for filleting. With a sure grip on slick fish , the fishing gloves can deflect hooks.
Handling fish for live release will be easy with these fishing gloves. Being machine washable, you can easily maintain the fishing gloves to prevent other injuries while fishing. Anyone can survive through handling pike and treble hooks with the fishing gloves.
They also repel gas so they smell fine even when unhooking and releasing fish. Made of super fabric material, the fishing gloves can efficiently handle fish and repel oil as well. They dry quickly and are bite proof so the pair keeps your hands safe.
Landing on fish is easy because of the fishing gloves acting as a safety precaution for kayak fishing. Great for when filleting salmon, the Velcro wrist strap makes the fishing gloves easy to put on and off. With better dexterity, they are okay to use in both freshwater and saltwater.
You can even use the fishing gloves for other jobs such as gardening and yard work. It will allow you to hold on tightly onto any fishing rod and it makes it easy to remove the hook from the fish. For those who don’t want to handle fish with a lot of slime then these fishing gloves would be the answer.
They can be used out on the lake for great sun protection and you can also be wearing this while swimming. The fishing gloves can allow you to blend with nature and they are also made of heavy duty stripping pads to keep you safe and protected from the sun.

Best Fishing Gloves with UV Protection

Fishing Tree Sun Protection Fingerless Gloves

Our ideal UV-protected fishing gloves are the Fishing Tree Sun Protection Fingerless Gloves. Perfect for cleaning a day’s catch, the fishing gloves are easy to clean and you can rinse away fish odors and slime from it.
While keeping fingers agile, the fishing gloves act like a second skin and can be useful for fly fishing. Ideal for men and women in terms of designs, your hands are camouflaged with the fishing gloves. Also perfect for hiking, you will be more stealthy while casting and the sun shield gives added protection but with a very natural feel.
You can even use a riding mower and go gardening with the fishing gloves. Perfectly comfortable in the palm part, these are lightweight and fingerless gloves that are made for sun sensitive people due to the breathable fabric.
The fishing gloves are machine washable, great for canoes and kayaks and are made from synthetic leather. They can also be used on various water sports. With UPF of 50+, the fishing gloves can also be used on other sports such as golf and tennis.

The Competition

Other fishing gloves did not qualify in our article because they did not have a lot of breathability which is important when choosing fishing gloves. The durability of the other fishing gloves were also questionable and they did not have a lot of comfort features. It is important for any fishing gloves to keep the wearer protected as much as possible.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I wear fishing gloves?
A: A fishing glove is a great way to protect your hands from the cold weather, the hot sun and can easily grip your rod without hurting your skin for long hours of fishing. Fishing gloves also look stylish but mostly they are meant to keep your hands and fingers protected while fishing.
Q: How can fishing gloves hold fish firmly?
A: If your fishing gloves have leather parts on them then they are great for holding fish with a lot of grip. The leather must be rough and rugged because holding fish with your bare hands is a tough job and the slime might let it slip from your hands back into the water. It is important that your gloves have a lot of traction and grip to hold fish.
Q: What kind of fishing gloves should I wear in tropical fishing?
A: In tropical climates , you should look for fishing gloves that has UV ray protection or UPF and at least UPF 50 and above in its sun protection. It should be breathable but should keep your hands cool and comfortable and away from sun damage while fishing outdoors. Most people think that wearing fishing gloves in hotter areas is not needed but it is because of the harmful UV rays that can leave your hands feeling dry and exhausted.
Q: Where should I store my fishing gloves after cleaning or when not in use?
A: Fishing gloves can get moisture trapped if they are not put in a ventilated area. This is why you need to consider a place outside of your fishing gear box or tackle box to make sure that the fishing gloves do not get a lot of moisture. If they have just been cleaned, make sure they are hung up in a place with a lot of air to dry.
Q: Why should my fishing gloves be wet when handling fish?
A: A fish has a
slimy and protective coat which keeps it as fresh as possible. You must keep that coat or else the fish may lose its freshness. To do this, you must keep your fishing gloves wet when handling the fish. Do not use anything that is dry such as terry cloth. If you do not have fishing gloves then at least wet your hands before you handle a fish.
Q: When using a fishing glove, where should I handle the fish properly?
A: You can handle a fish in any place and part except for the eyes and the gills. This will ensure that the fish will be kept fresh as much as possible. In addition to that, handling a fish for a pictorial should also be done with consideration for the fish.
Q: What kind of fishing gloves should I use for ice fishing?
A: Any neoprene made fishing gloves that are very protective and insulating will be a great pair of gloves to keep you warm during winter or ice fishing. Great for steelhead, neoprene gloves are also waterproof and quite thick, usually at about 2 mm in thickness. Remember to go for neoprene gloves if you need to keep your fishing trip warm.
Q: Why is cotton not a good material for fishing gloves?
A: Fishing gloves are meant to be wet and cotton simply absorbs the water and humidity of an area which makes your hands cold, moist and sweaty, which is not good when fishing. Cotton gloves are only ideal for summer activities that are dry such as gardening and others.
Q: How should I hold a trout with fishing gloves after catching?
A: A trout is much like other fish in which they need to be held horizontally using your fishing gloves. You should avoid holding the gills and hold it gently. The internal organs of a large fish such as trout should be kept intact, especially if you want to release it to the water for later.
Q: Is it okay to use fingerless gloves in fishing?
A: Fingerless gloves are okay in fishing provided that you also wet your hands. Some fingerless gloves are great for breathability and so you can also hold the fishing rod better to cast properly. Make sure that the fingerless gloves are not too thick in material so as not to get in your way of fishing.
Q: Why are gloves important for fly fishing?
A: Most fly fishing trips occur in sub-zero weather and this is why you need a pair of insulating fishing gloves to cover up your fly fishing. This is especially the case if you want to fish for steelhead and similar species of fish. Frostbite is a formidable foe when fly fishing so you need all of the protection that you can get.
Q: What materials should a fishing glove be made of for catching big fish?
A: You need fishing gloves that are made of EVA foam that is closed cell and are also made of Kevlar coating. These two materials work together to form spectacular and rugged fishing gloves which are great for catching the big fish. You can be catching sailfish, marlin and striped bass with such heavy duty gloves. However, make sure they still offer breathability as much as possible.
Q: Can I use golf gloves for fishing?
A: It depends on the construction of the golf gloves so make sure it is breathable and waterproof or at least water resistant with an excellent feel. If you have winter golf gloves then you can definitely use them as winter fishing gloves as well. Any kind of gloves that will keep you warm during cold weather will be sufficient for fishing in the cold.
Q: Do spinning rods and casting rods need different fishing gloves?
A: In some cases, yes, the two types of rods may need a different kind or length of fishing gloves. For example, for casting rods, you may need gloves that are rubber dipped because casting will usually require handling braid lines instead of regular mono lines. Consider the material and durability of the fishing glove to match the fishing rod or fishing style you want to do.
Q: What thickness of fishing gloves should I pick when spear fishing?
A: Spear fishing also requires fishing gloves to protect your skin from getting damaged. The ideal thickness of the fishing gloves you would want to use when spear fishing is around 5 mm to keep it thick and protective. However, do not wear something with a tight fit – just something that is snug enough is alright. If you do not like fingered gloves then you can choose to cut the fingers off and customize it.
Q: Is wool an excellent fishing glove material?
A: Yes, wool is great to wear for fishing because even if it does get wet, it does not get cold, in comparison to cotton. Also, unlike neoprene, it gives you breathability while keeping you as warm as possible. The only small con when using wool is the slightly unpleasant smell, but it is a great all-purpose fishing glove material in various weather.
Q: How many pairs of fishing gloves should I take with me to a fishing trip?
A: It depends on how long you will go out in the water but around 2 to 3 pairs of fishing gloves is ideal if you live in colder areas or will fish for longer periods of time. The extra fishing gloves should be kept in watertight or warm areas of your boat or fishing vest – practically anywhere you know it will not get wet on.
Q: Why are gloves better than wearing sunscreens and lotions while fishing?
A: The greasy and sticky feeling of lotions and sunscreens is what most fishermen and anglers would want to avoid because it gets in the way of the fish. The sunscreen might also contaminate the fish when you are holding them. A pair of protective gloves will do you much better when it comes to fishing out in the sun because lotions and sunscreens may wear off easily.
Q: What is the dexterity on fishing gloves?
A: A fishing glove’s dexterity refers to how much you will be able to feel anything you touch while fishing, such as the rod or the line. The dexterity of the fishing gloves is important to keep you comfortable and at ease when casting or spinning your fishing rod.
Q: When should you not wear fishing gloves on a fishing trip?
A: Only if you are doing meticulous tasks such as baiting or setting up your fishing rod. Tasks that require more accuracy and fine detail may require you to take off your gloves or at least use fingerless gloves to get the job done better.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Berkley Coated Blue Grey Fishing Gloves are our best fishing gloves due to the ability to handle braided line, breathability, rubber coated palms and textured grip for handling fish better.