Best Female Urinal

Female Urinal1

 The Gloveleya Female Plastic is our pick for the best female urinal, which can be easily used in the hospital and has a capacity of 800 ml. It can also be used for camping and is great for those with incontinence, such as the elderly.

Our step-up pick is the Venus To Mars and it is also well-suited for camping and traveling. It can help women pee without having to undress so you don’t have to go to public portalets. It is very portable in its design and comes with a carrying case.

The budget pick is the Medical Action Industries and it is easy to clean up due to the ergonomic design. It is also designed for long car trips and has a capacity of 1 quart. It is leak free due to the design while maintaining a lightweight feel for travelling.

A Little Background

Urinals are usually meant for men, but the fact that emergencies can call for something to urinate on without having to go anywhere else, portable urinals are made for women. Because women lack the capability to pee while standing, unlike men, they require a special tool in order to catch the urine and not make a mess out of their surroundings.

It is also common knowledge that women are more likely to urinate often than men during long trips, and the task of peeing alone is a chore compared to how men do it. Imagine being on a bus trip in the wilderness for too long, and the bus does not have a comfort room, and you just had a bottle of juice. It would be embarrassing to just stop the bus in the middle of nowhere if it is a public bus.

Holding back urine can pose problems for your overall health. First of all, it can give you problems for urinating later on. You should consult a doctor if you feel discomfort. Peeing is a natural relieving process that humans and animals do, and they should do it because they are releasing harmful bacteria that has been a waste product of the digestion and the processing in your stomach and body.

Some menstrual cups can also act as urinals for women on their period. These cups can be easily inserted into the woman’s vagina to eliminate the need to use a menstrual pad for their period or to eliminate the use of tampons. Because peeing in a tampon seems very unsanitary, most women are turning into menstrual cups as well for that very reason.

These portable urinals can be used by women on a very long trip. If you ever have to go on a long car trip across a country or state and don’t have a nearby gas station for peeing, or if the gas station comfort room just makes you feel sick, then it might be the right time to go for a female urinal.

How we Picked

When we chose the best female urinal, here were our criteria for judging:

Size: the size should be just right and should be comfortable for most women to wear.

Ease of use: it has to be almost a no-brainer when it comes down to inserting it or putting it on so that you don’t have to fuss with it in public.

Ease of cleaning: some of these urinals are also very easy to clean because they are hydrophobic or do not catch water or urine at all. Therefore, it can be a breeze to clean them up while you are still in public and out of water source to wash it away.

Portability: you have to consider one that is portable, easy to pack onto the bag and even foldable at that point. It may also come with a traveling case or bag so that you can easily put it into your belongings without easily getting lost.

Reusable or disposable: if it will be reusable then it should be durable with its plastic component. If it is disposable then the material should also be safe for your skin.

Odorless: the bad odor of urine is what most people are turned off. To avoid this problem, you should consider one that has odor killing technology by blocking off bacteria when you seal the urine and throw it away, especially on disposable ones.

Hypoallergenic: consider one that is made of hypoallergenic materials on the whole body of the urine to make sure that you get no allergies for your skin when you use it.

Our Pick

The Gloveleya Female Plastic is our top pick, which is a urinal for women that can contain up to 800 ml of urine (or whatever fluid), and can be used for emergency purposes. It can also be useful if your grandma or elderly relative needs to pee in the middle of the night but can’t get up easily, acting as a great tool for incontinence.

The plastic material is safe and durable for people to use and it also has units on the sides to mark the amount of liquid that is currently contained on it. You can also use it while getting out of bed and it can also be used with toddlers while on a camping trip or on the road. If you fear all those public restrooms then this is a great choice for you.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only small con but not a deal breaker with the Gloveleya Female Plastic is that it might be a little tricky to hang on the bed rail for patients, but you can just add hardware to it.

Step-up Pick

With an interesting name, the Venus To Mars is our step-up pick, which allows you to pee while standing up, as a woman, which is akin to the experience of men urinating upright. It is ideal for traveling, festivals, camping and other outdoor activities in which you don’t want the hassle of going to a dirty portalet or portable restroom used by the public.

The unique design requires no undressing of clothes so it is super convenient. It is also easy to clean and discreet in design. It can also be used by pregnant women and those doing water sports like boating and those with injuries. It comes with a traveling case so you can carry it with you anywhere you like. If you do not like the idea of crouching or squatting then this is a good product to try.

Budget Pick

The Medical Action Industries is our budget pick, which can be easily cleaned due to the design that is smooth and ergonomic. You can use it in your camping trip or road trail when you don’t have a nice place to urinate. It has a total capacity of 1 quart or roughly 900 ml. It has a total size of 4 x 11 inches so it is not too big to carry with you on a trip.

The molded plastic is shatterproof so you can take with you while camping and on a car trip without having to worry about durability. It is also designed well so that no leakage will occur when you use it properly. The contoured handle also makes it easy for you to use the urinal without a lot of knowledge. For those who don’t have a nearby bathroom at hand, this device can help them go through.

Best Female Urinal that is Disposable

The TravelJohn Disposable is a great choice for those who just want something that is disposable. It measures 2 x 4 inches and it can also work well for potty training for little kids. It is also ideal for camping and traveling and has a pink color. It is leak proof in its design and can be used in an emergency situation if you need to pee right away.

It has a hygienic design that can be used by both women and children. It contains 3 in each pack and all of them are odorless so they won’t leave a bad smell when you have used them. They are also eco-friendly due to the non-woven fabric that is biodegradable in its polymers, making it safe to throw around without blocking sewers.

Best Female Urinal that is Shrinkable

The Out Topper Emergency is a kind of urinal that can be shrunk whenever you need to pack it up. It can be used both by women and children as well. It has a capacity of up to 750 ml and has a size of 6 x 2 inches when unpacked. It can also be an effective tool to have for children who are still in potty training at home or in an outdoor activity.

You can also use it while on a car trip, on camping, on hiking and the like. It has a unique accordion design that makes it easily packable. It is reusable so you can just clean it up over and over again. It is made with high quality polypropylene that won’t easily degrade over time and won’t cause unnecessary odors when you use it over and over again.

Best Female Urinal for Traveling

The Freshette is a great traveling companion for women who just have to pee while on the go. It comes with a director and a tubing that measures 6 inches that can be retracted. A carrying bag is also included in the package so you can use it anytime and anywhere. You can also use it while traveling and camping in the great outdoors.

You can easily urinate while standing and you can even use it as an alternative should other restrooms are occupied or are gross with their sanitation. The contoured design is specifically made for women and the packable design means you can take it with you anywhere. It is also very easy to clean due to the intuitive design.

Best Female Urinal for Camping

The UNKE Portable can be used well for camping and other outdoor activities such as events, festivals, mountain climbing, running, walking and other forms of vacation sprees. It can be reused and can be packed easily due to the design. It can help women pee without squatting so they can just comfortably use it while standing up.

It is a nice urinating device that can work on any body type and can eliminate the chances of making a mess. It can be used in the summer season during your vacation trips and it can be very easy to pack without the need to go to a portalet or public restroom.

Best Female Urinal with No Need to Undress

Without the need to undress or take of your underwear in order to pee, the pStyle Blue is a great product for that. It is also very easy to carry and lightweight and also doesn’t require you to waste toilet paper. It is easy to clean up and also simple to use. You can use it in public events, festivals and while camping or backpacking.

The back edge is specifically designed so that you can easily wipe with it to create a mess-free experience of peeing while clothed. The rigid plastic also makes sure that it won’t easily shatter through handling it while traveling.

Best Female Urinal for Backpacking

The Meeeno Urination Device comes in a pack of 4 so you can use it with your friends and family. With a hygienic design, it can be used for outdoor activities like camping, backpacking, canoeing, mountain climbing, festivals, diving, hiking, walking and many more. It doesn’t require you to clean it up on the fly because it dries quickly without leaving odor.

It is hydrophobic and this is why you won’t have a problem with having to clean it up all the time. If you don’t want to deal with peeing on the bush or on a dirty public toilet, you can consider this product. It is portable and can be used anywhere due to the folding ability.

Best Female Urinal with a Funnel Style

Bearing a funnel design, the Thee-home is also a portable one that can be used for outdoor activities such as camping and the like. It is durable and of high quality material so it can be used while traveling without easily breaking. Contrary to popular belief, a urinal like this can also be used by men and even children due to its design.

The hydrophobic quality makes it easy to shake off dry without having to rinse it all the time for each use (but you do need to clean it up later for sanitary purposes). It gives you a lot more privacy even in a public area.

The Competition

Other urinals were not in our list because they lacked in stability and handling, which is important when you want to consider something that can be easy to hold and to store your urine, which can definitely be a tedious task for the ladies.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of having a feminine urinal?

A: A urinal for women can definitely have the following benefits:

1. It can help you pee even when standing up.

2. It can help you pee during public events or in public places.

3. You don’t have to deal with gross public restrooms or portalets (porta potties).

4. It can be portable because some of them can be easily carried in your bag.

5. They can help you keep privacy over having to squat in the bushes.

Q: What is urinary incontinence?

A: Urinary incontinence is also known as poor bladder control, and it is the condition where a person, usually a woman, get uncontrollable with peeing or urinating. It happens mostly to seniors and can get worse during their older years. There are many reasons for incontinence, such as diet and medical history. Feminine urinals are most likely the solutions with incontinence, as well as some medicine.

Q: What are the symptoms of incontinence?

A: There are actually many types of urinary incontinence: stress incontinence, urge incontinence and others. Here are their symptoms:

Type of incontinence


Stress incontinence

Small leaks of urine

Involuntary urination when sneezing, coughing or laughing

Urge incontinence

Uncontrollable need to pee

Moderate to large leaks of urine

Overflow incontinence

Urine keeps dribbling without stopping

Functional incontinence

Usually, people with arthritis make them unable to reach the toilet in time for them to pee properly

There is also mixed incontinence, in which both of the types of incontinence are put together due to the similar symptoms.

Q: What are the different causes of incontinence?

A: The causes of incontinence can vary per person, but it is generally any of the following:

1. Alcoholic drinks

2. Chocolate

3. Chili peppers

4. Artificial sweeteners

5. Carbonated drinks, including sparkling water

6. Coffee and caffeinated products

7. Spicy foods

8. Sugary foods

9. Citrus fruits

10. Vitamin C foods

11. Muscle relaxants

12. Blood pressure and heart medicine

13. Sedative medicine

Q: What are the possible treatments for urinary incontinence?

A: The treatment can vary per person, but generally, urinary incontinence can be treated with the following possibilities:

Change in lifestyle

If you change your lifestyle and consume drinks and foods that cause less frequent urination, and if you also balance your water intake, you will be less likely suffering from urinary incontinence. It also pays to not hold your pee when you actually feel like peeing so you won’t suffer from incontinence later on in your life.

Pelvic exercises

Exercises can help make your bladder more relaxed in its state, so that it can urinate less often. It helps a lot if you are really bad at holding it in.


In some extreme conditions, surgery may be necessary if there are no other ways for you to get healed from urinary incontinence.

Timed urination

Timed urination can be done by scheduling your peeing so that you can train your bladder to go on this or that time, usually right before you go to bed or before riding a bus.

Medical devices

A certain type of medical instrument can be used for helping your incontinence be minimized or healed.


Some medicines or prescriptions can be used so you will not feel like urinating all the time.

Q: Who is at risk for urinary incontinence?

A: The risk of urinary incontinence depends on many factors, not just your age, but according to many researches:

- 20 to 30 percent of young women are at risk (18 to 35)

- 30 to 40 percent of middle aged women are also at risk (36 to 45)

- 50 percent of older women are at the biggest risk (46 and above)

- most women who have just given birth or in their menopause period are also at risk

Q: Why are public toilets usually unsanitary?

A: The fact that most people hate going to the restroom of a public place is usually because of the unsanitary place that they will go into. Here are the possible reasons why the comfort room of your local fast food chain or airport might not be that clean:

Culture and discipline of the country or region

Because some countries and regions of the world don’t have a very strict culture when it comes down to public restrooms and cleanliness, they tend to overlook this important detail.

Local and national laws regarding cleanliness

Some countries also do not have strict laws when it comes down to cleaning up restrooms, especially public restrooms, hence establishments are free to do what they want.

It’s a dirty job that almost nobody wants to do

Let’s face it: nobody wants to clean up that vomit on the third cubicle. Nobody wants to pick up those gross diapers that were left near the trash can. Nobody wants to scrub the fecal matter off the floor and off the walls. It’s a gross thing to do, even if you do get paid, hence not all countries will have clean restrooms.

Economy class of the country or region

It is important that you know what country you are in and the status of most people. It is inevitable that money and economic status can have an effect on cleanliness. Hence, you will mostly see poor folks having little to no sanitation for their restrooms, especially in very unfortunate countries of the world.

Amount of people who come and go into the area

High traffic areas, like terminals and the like, will definitely need much more maintenance and upkeep before it actually becomes a cleaner place to bear with.

Lack of staff

There are just some places and establishments that do not have a lot of staff that work there to clean up the mess every now and then (let’s thank that most McDonalds branches do have clean restrooms, in general).

Q: If I have an overactive bladder (a.k.a. I pee a lot more frequently than others), how can I survive traveling elsewhere?

A: Traveling and frequently peeing don’t always go together for most people, and this makes them scared of public transportation, especially with buses that do not have restrooms in less fortunate countries. Here are ways you can survive the nightmare without the pain of having to hold it in:

1. Don’t drink too much, especially before a trip, or be considerate with what you drink. Consider holding back on the last sip of vodka or orange juice before you go on a flight or enter a bus. This is especially the case if it is the rainy days or it is snowy or windy outside. Cold weather can also make you pee much more than summer days. Unless you know there will be a nearby restroom, lessen your drinks.

2. Bring extra underwear and the like. This can be the case if you are really prone to incontinence. In case you wet yourself by accident on the bus or in the airplane, consider getting a change of clothing, especially underwear, or even when you are in the middle of the night sleeping at a hotel. Make sure that you are fully prepared and fully packed no matter the occasion.

3. Consider an airplane seat that is nearer to the restroom. This makes it easier for you to go to the restroom whenever you need without the inconvenience and without the delay that might usually come if you are a person with incontinence. Make sure that you value your time and effort into planning your seat position so that you will feel the most comfortable for the rest of the flight.

4. If you’re prone to bed accidents, consider a hotel with extra bed sheets or a laundry machine. Most hotels don’t offer a laundry machine, but some do, at an added price, so you should consider looking into these options first if you are prone to bed accidents. In this way, you won’t feel inconvenient while you are staying at a hotel or inn. It will also save you from shame and humiliation later on, especially for the hotel staff.

5. Bring medicine, if any, to keep your overactive bladder at bay. It doesn’t hurt to take medication when you are traveling, or even more so before you travel, so that you don’t end up having to feel like peeing every now and then, even if your means of transportation has a restroom. Medicines can help calm down your bladder, especially if you have no choice but to drink some more while on flight.

6. Use the squeeze technique to hold it back until you find a restroom. This is a technique that lets you hold back a little so that you can wait for the time you can actually be at peace. It is done by crossing your legs in order to squeeze it in so that eventually, you may forget about it (seen later below).

7. If it’s going to take a longer time to reach the restroom, distract yourself with music or chatting with someone onboard, or playing word games with kids. In addition to the squeeze technique, singing your favorite song on iTunes or Spotify or even watching a movie while on board can help you distract yourself if you ever feel like peeing while on the bus or airplane. In this way, you can definitely save up on humiliation.

8. Bring incontinence pads or portable urinals to avoid leakage. This is especially if your fellow passengers aren’t so very welcome with incontinent people. Consider something portable that you can carry along with you so you can pee while standing up. Most women have portable urinal pads or even menstrual cups, if they are on their period, so they can feel at ease even while on public transport.

9. Plan your flights and train schedules accordingly depending on when you likely pee a lot. If you often feel like peeing during the night then don’t travel by that time and instead, plan your trip in the day or in the afternoon. Consider every single part of your schedule properly so that it does not get in the way of your urinating problems.

10. Always pee as much as you can before riding any vehicle that might not have a restroom. This is a no-brainer for most people, but some also tend to forget about it. Even if you don’t have incontinence or an overactive bladder, it pays to pee before riding any vehicle, especially for girls, if you know your bus won’t have a restroom for you to go into (or if the restroom generally sucks in sanitation).

11. Bring a public toilet kit with essentials like tissues, sanitizer, wipes, soap and the like. At the very least, bring tissues or wipes, because germs always lurk in public restrooms and you never know where they could come from. People’s stuff can spread all over the place, and for sanitation purposes, always stay armed with your public toilet kit to avoid getting sick later on.

12. Get a travel partner, if possible, to watch over you. It pays to travel in twos or threes so that you can have someone to watch over your airplane/bus seat in case you need to go pee at the next gas station or so. It also helps if you travel and you need to stop by the woods to do your business and nobody’s going to cover your car or vehicle, and worse, nobody will cover you from bears.

Q: How does your period get in the way of your trips to the restroom?

A: Having a period is usually very stressful for women, because not only does it require utmost attention in changing pads, tampons or menstrual cups, it also requires women to deal with the following restroom inconveniences and other things:

Frequent urination

Frequent urination happens because your fluid retention becomes worse due to the release of progesterone, which is also why you feel the cramps.

Fluid retention

This is the main cause of frequently having to pee, usually before your period starts.

Food cravings

Food cravings can definitely double when it comes down to before periods due to your hormonal and mood changes. During your period, you may also become more prone to bloating and the like.


Constipation is also the effect of the release of progesterone.

Anxiety and stress

Emotional problems can also be a problem because you’ll most likely spend more time in the restroom over-thinking again and again about your BFF or special someone not replying the past few days, or if your boss will be okay with your report or not. This is also another reason why women tend to spend more time peeing than men, because they can be more prone to anxious thoughts in their period.

Q: Why do girls, in general, need to pee more often than guys do?

A: Girls has always been associated with frequent urination mainly because of the following:

1. The size of the bladder of a woman is smaller than a man’s bladder, because of the uterus.

2. Peeing also takes longer for women because of how a woman’s body works, compared to guys.

3. Urinary tract infection is more common on women than men, hence they pee more often.

4. Women get periods and need to deal with changing pads, tampons or menstrual cups.

5. Women also mostly spend more time chatting with one another, hence most groups of girls go to the restroom together.

6. Makeup and looks are usually fixed while women are on a restroom, especially if there’s a large mirror.

7. Women who are pregnant will also have to pee more frequently, just like in their period.

Q: What are the misconceptions about incontinence?

A: Urinary incontinence usually get misconceptions from people, such as the following:



Incontinence is something only your grandma will experience.

Any woman of age 18 or older will have some manner of incontinence, depending on their lifestyle.

Incontinence is a rare disease.

Actually, more than 25 million Americans who are of adult age do experience this kind of disease.

Leaking a little urine is okay.

It’s not, because that can still be a sign of incontinence, even in little amounts.

Older women and those who gave birth are more likely to have them.

While this is true, it doesn’t mean that they are clearly linked together, as all women above 18 years of age can still have incontinence in some way.

Incontinence is psychological.

No it’s not, it is actually a triggering effect to the brain, that is usually triggered by sounds or actions of stress that may cause it.

Drinking less can lessen incontinence.

It depends on what you are drinking. Sure, drinking water before bed can cause frequent urination, but caffeine, citrus and carbon drinks can cause more leakage to happen.

Only women can get incontinence.

Not true – men who are diagnosed with prostate problems will most likely have incontinence as well.

Incontinence is not that serious.

It is serious and no laughing matter. Don’t laugh when your parents or elderly suddenly wets the bed involuntarily – it can lead to inferiority complex later on.

Kegel exercises are only for women.

Men who also have incontinence can also potentially do Kegel exercises to eliminate or reduce bladder incontinence.

Only surgery and medication can work for incontinence.

Not true, since there are still natural therapies and sources like magnesium and vitamin D that can help with incontinence.

Q: What important things should women know about peeing outside?

A: Peeing outside may not always be the best and smartest choice, but there are times that you absolutely gotta do it, because you don’t want to soil the bus or car seat. Here are things you should know about peeing outside:

1. It’s absolutely okay if you have no other choice, as long as you are prepared.

2. Go for a shrub that can help you feel more private when urinating.

3. Get someone to watch over you as you do your business.

4. If you find no bush around, settle for an umbrella or some other cloth cover.

5. Bring alcohol, tissues or wipes around, in case you get pee all over your feet.

6. Or, practice aiming your urethra away from your feet to avoid this unpleasant experience.

7. Know any laws about peeing outside, or pick a better location that’s a little more remote.

Q: What are the things you need to bring with you when peeing outside?

A: When you pee outside, here are the things that you need to bring along with you:

Tissues or wipes

Tissues and wipes are important because they can help you wipe off anything that sprays onto your feet. Let’s face it – squatting is always very hard. It’s taxing on your knees and it has the ability to potentially cover your freshly painted toenails with gross and salty urine.


Alcohol can help disinfect your feet from possible sprays of your salty urine, so keep it handy in your bag.

An umbrella, blanket or large clothing

This can help you get covered, in case there aren’t a lot of bushes around to help you stay private. Most people will use their travel blanket if they don’t have an umbrella, or they can use their own jacket as well.

A companion

You will definitely need a companion if you need to do your business alone in the wilderness. What makes this more threatening is that if wild animals like bears would be around, you would be in big trouble. There can also be other evil people lurking around, so make sure you have a trusted partner with you.

Prescription or reading glasses, if you want better aim for your pee

For people who are already wearing prescription glasses, now may be the time to actually put them because aiming your pee is crucial so that you won’t get your feet wet, and you’ll know whether you stepped on an imbalanced rock or not.

Q: What is OAB and how can you prevent or lessen it?

A: OAB is an overly active bladder, a.k.a. the urge to pee more often. Here are the possible ways you can control your pee better or lessen the amount of peeing:

1. Reduce on caffeine content to at least 100 mg a day.

2. Cut down on fruit juices, spicy foods, sweetened drinks and carbon drinks.

3. Do some pelvic exercises.

4. Do some manner of meditation or breathing technique.

5. Go for some Kegel exercises or pelvic floor muscle exercises.

Q: What is nocturia and what causes it to happen?

A: Nocturia is having the urge, or the problem, of peeing too much at night, which disrupts your sleep cycle. It can be caused by the following:

1. Old age

2. Prostate problems (men)

3. Drinking too much fluids

4. Heart problems

5. Liver problems

6. Overactive bladder syndrome

7. Alzheimer’s

8. Diabetes

9. Interstitial cystitis

10. Pregnancy and post-pregnancy

11. Parkinson’s disease

12. Obesity or diet problems

Q: On the other hand, what causes frequent urination?

A: Frequent urination is different from incontinence. Frequent urination refers to always having to pee more often, but you can control it. Here are some causes:

Urinary Tract Infection

UTI is a common cause of frequent urination, which women and men of all ages can definitely get depending on their lifestyle as well as other factors of health.

High blood sugar levels

Blood sugar levels that are pretty high can also make a person frequently urinate much more. This is why you may need to cut down on the sugar first before you actually feel the effects of having less frequent peeing.

Drinking too much fluids

This is a no-brainer – if you drink a lot of anything liquid, including soups, then you should cut down on drinking fluids for a while.

Caffeine or alcohol

Caffeine is a diuretic, and so is alcohol, and can make you pee more often. This is why you need to consider not drinking alcohol or caffeine too often to avoid these problems.

Prostate problems (men)

Men with prostate cancer are definitely bound for many peeing sprees due to their problems with their prostate gland.

Medicine for blood pressure

If you have maintenance medicine for blood pressure then that can also play some role in regulating your bladder activity for releasing fluids.

Cold weather

This is a bonus, but not everyone knows about it. Whether it’s freezing or raining outside, cold weather can make our blood pressure go up, thus making us feel like urinating much more often than usual.

Q: Why does alcohol make you pee more often?

A: As a diuretic, alcohol is scientifically proven to make you pee much more due to its trigger of vasopressin, a hormone that can make your kidneys function differently than what it would normally do. So, to cut down on the trips to the restroom, you may also want to cut down on the alcohol.

Q: Which foods can help with OAB?

A: OAB or overactive bladder syndrome can be remedied with the following foods:

1. Nuts, legumes and seeds

2. Veggies

3. Fruits

4. Rice and pasta

5. Bread and cereals

6. Water

7. Fish and meat

8. Flaxseed

9. Olive oil

Q: Why do you tend to pee more during the cold days?

A: Cold weather has an effect on urination for any age. This is because your blood pressure can potentially rise, which is due to the coldness of the surroundings. Blood flowing through your system is a trigger that can make you pee because your body has the need to throw out excess fluid from the body, hence the feeling of peeing more often.

Q: Why is coffee making me pee a lot more often?

A:  Coffee, like alcohol, is also a diuretic, which means that it can also mess up with your blood flow and your kidney, and will also have something to do with sodium reabsorption. This is why you should cut down on coffee late at night if you don’t want to pee more often – unless you have the need to stay awake for a job!

Wrapping It Up

In the long run, we think that the Gloveleya Female Plastic is our pick for the best female urinal due to the nice capacity of 800 ml, the ability to be used for women of all ages (and even kids), and the versatility to be kept with you even while camping.