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The Brilliant Beauty Prodigy is our pick for the best eyelash curler, which is made with a stainless steel frame that is very sturdy and also surgical grade so it will not damage your eyes or your lashes, intended for professional use. With a few squeezes, naturally looking but stunning lashes can be achieved and it only takes seconds to do it.

Our step-up pick is the Shu Uemura Curler and this one is a high end product from a high end fashion and cosmetics brand. It comes with one refill and it is also easy to use. Like most curling devices, it can make your eyes looking open and bright no matter how short or long your lashes are, and it only takes some effort to use.

The budget pick is the FIXBODY Professioner Lash and this one has a unique design in thumb hole that makes it ergonomic to use and can prevent fatigue for the person who is handling it. Quality stainless steel is also used for making the body while the silicone parts are also hypoallergenic so it will not damage your skin and lashes at all.

A Little Background

An eyelash curler is a kind of lash firming device that is often used by women. This kind of lash firming device is operated with the use of your dominant hand and it works like scissors with the handle but is used to make your lashes curl and feel fuller or extended, which is important most of the time when applying makeup or cosmetics.

This kind of lash firming device is usually made of surgical grade stainless steel. The stainless steel that is used in this lash firming device should be tested well so that it will not be too harsh to use on your lashes. It should be made out of quality materials to avoid allergic reactions to your eyes.

Not every person has long lashes that stand out. Some are somewhat unfortunate to lack hair on their eyelids, and this is why most of them make it an effort to apply mascara often, use false lashes often and use the lash firming device more often as well.

This is so that with every eye makeup that they do, they will be able to accomplish a quality finish and look with the result. It is important to look presentable at times and this is when a lash firming device may be needed.

Most often, those kinds of lash firming device and other lash products are used for night parties where eye makeup and general makeup needs to be very strong to be easily seen in the dark, unlike in the daytime, where light makeup is more recommended.

After curling your lashes, you can follow up with a mascara. The process can vary, but most people start with the false lashes, following with the use of the lash firming device and then ending up with the mascara.

The ideal reason for this is because you need to wait for the glue of the false lashes to dry first before you curl it, and curling or firming your lashes can also make the lashes stay on better for longer, and the mascara makes both your real and fake lashes appear longer in illusion.

Other than a lash firming device, the use of false lashes or "falsies" can also help extend your lashes, to make it fuller looking. These falsies can be bought anywhere, some are cheap and some are expensive. They are attached by a lash glue, which can also be bought in most cosmetic stores but you have to make sure that they are safe for your skin.

Attaching these can take some practice in order to fulfill, but trust us, it will be rewarding in the end. It can make a person with shorter lashes more confident about themselves.

If you have long lashes then the need for a lash firming device will be minimal, especially if your lashes are already naturally shaped upwards. The problem with the world today is that people think that they still need falsies when they already have long enough lashes. Do inspect first and know if you actually need falsies or you can just get by with using mascara and / or lash firming device alone to make your lashes stand out more.

How we Picked

If you want to choose the best eyelash curler, you should know about the following:

Stainless steel quality: the quality of the stainless steel that is used for making the lash firming device should be of medical grade or surgical grade so that it will not damage your eyes and skin. It should also be durable enough and will not easily corrode or get rough to handle.

Hypoallergenic: you also have to consider that the lash firming device is skin friendly so that it will not cause allergies to your eyes and to your lashes as well. Having a hypoallergenic lash firming device means that you are not putting your lashes in danger. It is often associated with those that are made with the best stainless steel quality as well.

Ease of curling: you have to make sure that your lash firming device is not too hard to press on. This is to ensure that you get comfort and your eyelids will not get pulled or strained. You should also be careful to have a lash firming device that will not pull or snag your lash hair so that it will not be painful. Oftentimes, low quality ones do that, so you should avoid that.

Ergonomically designed: you should also be comfortable when you are handling the lash firming device so that accidents will not happen when you use it. The handle should be ergonomically designed to make sure that it will not strain your hands in the process. This is important because hands that have fatigue can cause you to accidentally pluck your lashes in the process.

Our Pick

The Brilliant Beauty Prodigy is our top pick, which guarantees no snagging or pulling at all due to the safe operation and mechanism. Perfectly drawn and uplifted lashes for your eyes can takes seconds to achieve due to the ease of use on the handle. What’s more, your look can also potentially last all day due to the strength it can impart onto your lashes. It is made with silicone for those with natural rubber allergies.

A quality made stainless steel frame is what makes this curling device very durable while the ergonomic body also makes it easy to use to prevent user fatigue. In addition to that, the longer curl surface also makes the job easier even for those with shaky hands or first time users. Included in the package is a user’s manual, 2 silicone refill pads and a travel pouch. It can work well for those with straight lashes.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only con but not a deal breaker about the Brilliant Beauty Prodigy is that it may not work well for those with a different eye shape, but as they say, YMMV (your mileage may vary).

Step-up Pick

The Shu Uemura Curler is our step-up pick, which comes from a high-end brand. It also comes with a replacement pad so you can use it again even when the pad has been used for many years. Additionally, the whole device can give your lashes a quick and gentle touch that does not cause pain or snagging at all when you use it. If you pair it with a quality made mascara, you can have voluminous lashes in no time.

It curls your eyelashes without question and is also made of durable stainless steel that is of surgical and medical grade, to make sure that it is hypoallergenic. If you are a person who often wears mascara but also wears glasses then this is the kind of curling device that can keep your lashes upwards instead of smudging your glasses.

Budget Pick

The FIXBODY Professioner Lash is our budget pick, which can bring a well-defined shape to any person’s eyes. It can be used before putting on mascara so that you can achieve a fuller set of lashes, even if your lashes are not too long. The user-friendly design makes it ergonomic and easy to use for most who are new to curling their lashes. The grip is also non-slip so it is very easy to handle.

The package also comes with 2 silicone pads for refilling. If you also like to heat your curling device before you apply it onto your lashes, you may also do so, provided that the heat is not too much (using a hair dryer). Moreover, the design in thumb hole also makes this device very ergonomic and to provide you with less user fatigue if you tend to have shaky hands.

Best Eyelash Curler with Free Refills

The Bella and Bear is a great brand of curling device that comes with free refills. It can be used for people with almond and hooded eyes and even those with various eye shapes. The design and the ergonomics of this product can give you ease and quality in mind so that you will not feel tired when you handle this curling device. It is also made with a spring loaded mechanism so it is less painful to use overall.

The included rubber handle does not let your hands slip away to avoid the risks of injuries and snagging or pulling. What’s more, the mechanism allows you for a lot more lift with less pressure. Moreover, the stainless steel parts are very durable and friendly towards your skin and hair. It can also work well for those people who have long eyelashes, as it will not pinch your skin at the very least.

Best Eyelash Curler for Deep Set Eyes

The Shiseido Curling Device is ideal for those with deep set eyes. It can also help to curl various forms and styles of lashes from inner to outer corner. It can also catch your lash as firmly as possible and does not hurt your eyes due to the broad curve design. Pinching is prevented due to the design not including the edge on the style. It also comes with a refill.

Like most lash curling devices, you can simply heat it up a little with a blow dryer so you can make your lashes firmer as much as possible. You can make nice curls with your lashes easily and look amazing when you apply the mascara later on. It also has a unique spring action that makes it easy to move and to reduce your user fatigue. It also works for those stubborn lashes that are far on the eye sides.

Best Eyelash Curler for Sensitive Lashes

The Aickar Professional Set is great for those with sensitive lashes and it can help you to produce dense and curly eyelashes. To ensure the utmost safety, the design has a flexible central axis. It does not pinch through your skin and does not pull out your lashes. Refill pads come with this product (5) and you also get a storage bag for free. It can work well for those with short lashes to enhance them perfectly to look longer.

If you tried different kind of curling devices that may be expensive ones and they didn’t work out, you might want to give this one because it is quite gentle. Like all tools, you can heat up the curling device before curling your lashes. It is backed by a 1 year warranty

Best Eyelash Curler that is Water Resistant

The Kevyn Aucoin is an amazing and innovative design that is water resistant. It is currently being used by many supermodels and celebrities due to the manufacturer being a big name in terms of cosmetics. It is free from phthalates, sulfate and parabens so it is very safe for your skin and for your lashes overall. It can help settle in with your glamorous and natural styles.

Unlike other tools, this one can work well for any shape or set of eyes. What’s more, the pad on it is red so you can see your lashes when you curl it so that you don’t have to fiddle around with the pad too much. Additionally, for your refill needs, it comes with an extra pad as well. You won’t have to go back to the drugstore if you chose this designer brand product that is also great for those with wide eyes.

Best Eyelash Curler with a Spring Loaded Mechanism

The BEAKEY Spring Loaded has a mechanism that makes it easy for you to grip onto it without much fatigue going on. It can help you to present a gorgeous eye makeup to thicken your lashes altogether. It also comes with a set of refills should you want to have refills later on. It also has a set-wide curved angle that allows it to accommodate to a wide variety of sizes of eye types.

Because it has been made with high quality stainless steel, it will not easily deteriorate as time goes by. To prevent your hands from going anywhere to cause injury, the antiskid handle makes the job easy for you. Anyone can tell from the structure of the product that it is going to be long lasting, and thus, will make a fine investment for personal or commercial beauty purposes.

Best Eyelash Curler with a Unique Design

Bearing a unique design, the JAPONESQUE Go Curl has an easel back flip mechanism that can flip down for your convenience in trying to produce a good curl for your lashes. Because there is another pad that is tucked inside the lash curling device, it does not make it too harsh for your lashes and will also provide the sufficient durability for the beautifying tool. It won't pinch your outer lashes due to the safety design with an open cage.

As with all kinds of lash curling devices, this one requires you to use it before mascara application for the best results. Because of its unique design, it can be taken with you while on the go for travel purposes. It can also work well for those with falsies or false lashes, so that you can groom those stubborn and flat looking lashes to perfection, one eye at a time.

Best Eyelash Curler for Professional Use

The Kaasage Silicone Pressure is meant for professional use and can also fit various eye shapes so that you can use it regardless of your eye type and eye shape. It also has a durable structure so that it will last for a very long time. The design is a combination of black and pink and also comes with a nice set of silicone pads that do not snag or make your eyelids feel uncomfortable at all.

The design of this kind of curling tool is perfect for those who are on the go curlers so that your eyes appear bigger when you want to go onto any kind of party or social event whatsoever. Moreover, this kind of device curls without creasing your lashes or hurting it, so that it will look natural and will still be safe for your lashes and your eyelids as well.

The Competition

Other lash firming devices did not make it to our list because they easily get corrosion, which can be unsafe for your lashes and skin. It is important to have a safe to use cosmetic tool to make sure you curl your lashes right.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a eyelid lash hair curling device?

A: An eyelid lash hair curling device is a kind of curling device that allows you to curl your very own eyelid lash hairs so that it will stand out and not be too straight at all. This makes it more appealing to people, especially if you pair it with your favorite mascara to complete your makeup or look.

Q: What are the advantages of eyelid lash hair curling devices?

A: An eyelid lash hair curling device can have different benefits, such as the following:

Lengthens your eyelid lash hairs

The eyelid lash hair curling device can help to fix or augment the length of your eyelid lash hairs so that they will look more beautiful and attractive, especially at night, when your thin and normal looking eyelid lash hairs may look dull and lifeless.

Makes your eyes beautiful

As with the first reason, the good advantage of using the eyelid lash hair curling device is that it can make your eyes more beautiful and attractive. This is important for social gatherings where you need to be more presentable so that your eyes will pop out even more, and it will also potentially enhance or enlarge your eyes in appearance.

Great for those with short eyelid lash hairs

Not every person in the world is born with long and luscious eyelid lash hairs. This is why most people prefer the service of the eyelid lash hair curling device tool that can help them lengthen their short eyelid lash hairs even for a short period of time (potentially using extensions or falsies).

Q: Why do people have short or long eyelid lash hairs?

A: People have short or long eyelid lash hairs depending on genetics. Most people are born into a family that has mostly long hair and bodily hair, and thus they also tend to have more eye irritations than those with short eyelid lash hairs. Thus, many people who have long eyelid lash hairs actually curse about it because it will actually make them feel uncomfortable in the end.

Q: What are the benefits of false eyelid lash hairs?

A: A false lash is a kind of product that enables you to extend your lashes with the use of a tool that can make it look like you have long lashes. They can come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses and can be used depending on the occasion. They are attached using lash glue, which is safe for your skin.

They are often worn together with makeup or eye makeup in special occasions and can be worn during prom night, weddings and the like. Those falsies or false eyelid lash hairs can have the following benefits:

Enhances your eyelid lash hairs

The false eyelid lash hairs can help enhance your eyelid lash hairs by curling them in the right way, so that you can help your eyes to become more attractive whenever you dress up or go outside.

Ideal for those with short eyelid lash hairs

Those with unfortunately shorter eyelid lash hairs can help enhance them with the use of this kind of beauty tool, which is the false eyelid lash hairs.

Can be worn depending on the occasion or specific look

There are specially designed depending on the occasion. For instance, if you want a really bold look, the falsie that you should go for is the one that has a thick design. For a thinner design, this one will be best used during the daytime, where you want to go for a minimal and clean look.

Q: What are eyelid lash hair extensions and why do I need them?

A: An eyelid lash hair extension, different from a falsie, is a kind of beauty treatment in which your eyelid lash hairs are lengthened through a spa. Here are some of their benefits:

Look younger

The eyelid lash hair extensions can help you look younger because it will make your eyelid lash hairs look longer. Having a longer set of eyelid lash hairs can help you feel more youthful because it is an indication that you will feel as if you are younger.

Give the feeling of wakefulness

Adding as a complement to your eyeshadow and eyeliner, the eyelid lash hair extensions can help you to give the feeling of being awake or having big eyes. This is important if you have eyes that always feel like they are tired.

It is also a good thing that most people should also consider this kind of procedure, as the eyelid lash hair extensions can potentially help your eyes to stay awake looking.

Enlarge your eyes

To help you enlarge your eyes, the eyelid lash hair extensions can do the job well. If you are a person who cannot just simply enlarge your eyes with the use of eye shadows and eyeliners then the eyelid lash hair extensions can potentially do the trick for you.

Save time

It can help you to save time when you use the eyelid lash hair extensions because you may not need to have to use the mascara or the curling device all in all. This makes it easier for you to get ready for a day or night event because you already have the eyelid lash hair extensions at hand.

Q: What are some common mistakes in terms of using the eyelid lash hair curling device?

A: The eyelid lash hair curling device can have many problems and mistakes that most people tend to make, such as the following:

Not cleaning your eyelid lash hair curling device

This problem can occur if you often use your eyelid lash hair curling device and not pay attention to how dirty it is. It will be the breeding ground of bacteria and germs which can also harm and irritate your skin. Make sure you clean it up once in a while.

Using your curling device after mascara

Make sure you use the eyelid lash hair curling device before you use the mascara because this will prevent the mascara from sticking and smudging onto your eyelid lash hair curling device, which might potentially erase it.

Not replacing the pads

You should definitely replace the eyelid lash hair curling device pads as needed because it might wear down with excessive use and it might also be the breeding ground for germs and bacteria when not properly replaced on a regular basis.

Your curling device is cheap and not durable

The mistake that most people make when it comes down to eyelid lash hair curling devices is that they potentially buy something that is cheap and not durable. For you to have a eyelid lash hair curling device that works properly without snagging and/or rusting easily, you have to make sure that the eyelid lash hair curling device is of quality build, even if it is a little bit pricier, let’s say more than $10 or so.

You’re not doing it gently

Make sure that you when you use the eyelid lash hair curling device, you pull gently so that it does not snag or pull your eyelid lash hairs at all. This is important for those who are first time users of the eyelid lash hair curling device

Q: What are the drawbacks of a eyelid lash hair curling device?

A: There can be a few drawbacks with using a eyelid lash hair curling device, such as the following:

Accidentally ripping your eyelid lash hairs (if you are not careful)

The greatest fear and problem for most people who are new to using the eyelid lash hair curling device is that they are afraid of ripping their eyelid lash hairs apart. To solve this, you should consider pulling the eyelid lash hair curling device away in a gentle manner, or go for a eyelid lash hair curling device that is a little bit pricier so that it does not snag your eyelid lash hairs.

Can hurt some women the first time they do it

The problem with most people who are also new to the use of eyelid lash hair curling device is that it might hurt a little bit, but this is only when you are not used to doing it. Similar to shaving and / or plucking your underarm hair, the use of the eyelid lash hair curling device can take some getting used to for most people.

Cheap brands can snag

That is the problem if you buy something that is super cheap and does not have quality at all. Remember that the eyelid lash hairs you have on your eyelids are very delicate and can hurt your eyelids if you are not careful. Therefore, make sure you do invest in a eyelid lash hair curling device that is not too cheap.

Q: What are the drawbacks of false eyelid lash hairs?

A: Like most enhancing and cosmetic or beauty products, a falsie can also have drawbacks, such as the following:

Possible allergic reactions (eyelid lash hair glue)

The problem with most falsies that are cheap is that they may react violently with the eyelid lash hair glue that you have. On top of this, some eyelid lash hair glues can also have these unlikely reactions and can make your eyes itchy at all times.

Infections due to prolonged wear

Like contact lenses, falsies should be taken off when not in use. This is so that your eyes will not resort to blindness, much like with the dangers of contact lens use.

Q: What are the potential risks of eyelid lash hair perming?

A: Eyelid lash hair perming is a unique kind of cosmetic procedure that is different from extensions and falsies. Here are some of its concerns or drawbacks:

Eye irritation

If you go for eyelid lash hair perming then you might also want to watch for eye irritation, depending on how the procedure was done.

Natural eyelid lash hairs can fall out quickly

This is due to chemicals and this is something that is not avoidable if you have strong chemicals used for your eyelid lash hair perming process.

There’s a hazard for blindness (although a slim chance)

The problem with eyelid lash hair perming is that people fear that they might go blind if they go through this process. However, this kind of eyelid lash hair perming process is less likely to give you that result if it is professionally done.

Chemicals can break off eyelid lash hairs easily

Just like with hair coloring and hair treatments, overexposure to the chemicals that are used in the eyelid lash hair perming can potentially result in a brittle texture for your eyelid lash hairs, which can also help induce early breakage and falling.

Your eyelid lash hair lifespan can be reduced from 5 months to 2 months

This is because of the chemicals that are used. Think of eyelid lash hair perming as something that is similar to frequent hair coloring in this case scenario.

Q: What are the possible causes of thinning eyelid lash hairs?

A: If your eyelid lash hairs are thinning, here are possible reasons:

1. You tend to eat less healthy foods. Thinning eyelid lash hairs may be due to the lack of nutrients from your diet. Therefore, if you have thinning eyelid lash hairs, you might want to reconsider your diet plan and start sipping off juices and fruits as well as foods that are rich in keratin and those that can help with hair growth.

2. You’re in your later years. Most people who are in their menopausal years for women and near senior years for men will experience some sort of thinning eyelid lash hairs, alongside the thinning of their hair. There is no way to fight this one, but you can help to achieve a thicker set of eyelid lash hairs if you do the right things such as dieting properly and not using your makeup products often (explained below).

3. You tend to overuse the mascara often. Too much exposure towards your mascara and an over dependence to this kind of activity can potentially cause thinning eyelid lash hairs, just like how some people who often have their white or grey hair colored with black and can cause it to get damaged, it will have the same effect, since eyelid lash hairs are also bodily hair.

Q: Why do people heat eyelid lash hair curling devices?

A: Eyelid lash hair curling devices can be heated because of the following:

Lengthen the curl

Much like how you would iron your hair, curling with heat does the same thing.

Does the job easier

When you heat up your eyelid lash hair curling device, you are doing the job easier because it will only require a few presses for your curls to stay curled as much as possible.

Q: What are some great homemade remedies for making your eyelid lash hairs grow in length?

A: Most people don’t have fortune in eyelid lash hair length, so they may want to try the following homemade remedies for lengthening your eyelid lash hairs:

Petroleum jelly

Use a clean mascara wand to apply petroleum jelly to your eyelid lash hairs.

Green tea

Apply green tea that is unsweetened and cool to your eyelid lash hairs using a cotton ball.

Olive oil

Use a clean mascara brush to apply olive oil.

Eyelid lash hair brush

Get yourself a eyelid lash hair brush to brush it how you would brush your own head hair at night before bedtime.

Lemon olive oil

Soak lemon peel into olive oil, let it stay for some days and apply to your eyelid lash hairs.

Keratin and protein

Go for foods rich in keratin protein like meat, chicken, eggs, fish and fish oil. Consider vitamin C ones as well like fruits and vegetables.

Eyelid massage

You can also perform a self-massage to your eyelids that will not only possibly lengthen your eyelid lash hairs but will also relax you in some way.

Q: How long should you hold onto the eyelid lash hair curling device before you release it?

A: At the very most, you should hold onto it up to 2 seconds or as desired, and then gently release it so that you will not pull or snag at any kind of eyelid lash hair left behind. Having a snagged eyelid lash hair is the worst thing that can happen to you, so don’t let it happen by being extra careful with lots of practice when it comes down to using and applying this product to your eyelid lash hairs.

Q: Should you mascara first before curling?

A: Generally, no, because the proper step is to use your curling device first before you use the mascara. The logical explanation for this is that if you curl with your mascara on, you will most likely leave traces of your mascara ink onto your eyelid lash hair curling device, and will also most likely erase some parts of your mascara.

Therefore, most women and girls practice curling first before applying the mascara. Some also apply their false eyelid lash hairs first before these two steps.

Q: Are there other colors that eyelid lash hairs come in?

A: Despite what mass media tells you, there are actually people with lighter eyelid lash hairs, such as those with brown, blonde or any lighter color that is probably the same as their hair. Older people may also tend to have lighter colored eyelid lash hairs due to their aging process or possibly due to genetics. However, in most cases, some actually even have different colors from their head hair colors, so it can be intriguing.

Q: What are some misconceptions with eyelid lash hair extensions?

A: If you want to consider eyelid lash hair extensions, here are some misconceptions broken down:

They last more than a month.

Actually, since eyelid lash hairs can fall up to 3 weeks with 3 to 5 eyelid lash hairs a day, you may need to retouch after 3 weeks or so.

It is a painful process.

It is actually not painful at all, even if it looks complicated with the use of tweezers.

They can cause your real eyelid lash hairs to stop growing.

That depends on the procedure that was done for your eyelid lash hairs. They do not impact your eyelid lash hair growth cycle at all.

Q: Can men also groom their eyelid lash hairs?

A: Yes, many men today can also possibly groom their eyelid lash hairs by use of mascara and eyelid lash hair curling devices. This is so that they may look more presentable and that their eyes become more awake. It is just done in a style that is not too feminine for those who don’t want to look that way.

Q: How do you keep your mascara from smudging?

A: When you groom your eyelid lash hairs, the first thing that comes to mind would be the mascara. Here are some things you can do to avoid mascara from smudging:

1. Don’t use under eye creams that are oil based because it might dampen your mascara.

2. Try using paper or tissue to cover your eyelids to prevent smudges.

3. Allow sufficient time to dry your eyelid lash hairs before doing anything else.

4. Try using a clear mascara to keep it from smudging.

5. Go for a waterproof mascara, as it is less likely to smudge.

6. Use face powder around your eye area to avoid smudging from your mascara.

7. Remove lumps on your mascara wand when needed.

8. Start from the roots and not from the ends, where it might have a chance to smudge through skin.

Q: In eyelid lash hair extensions, are the eyelid lash hairs glued to your skin?

A: Actually no, because the extensions are glued to your eyelid lash hairs and not to the skin itself. This process makes the whole procedure less painful and less likely to be harmful to your eyelid lash hairs and to your skin overall because of the safety of the placement. Also, keep in mind that glue that is mostly being used is skin-friendly anyway, and is hypoallergenic, much like with falsies glues.

Q: How can you wear eyeliners with eyelid lash hair extensions?

A: Eyelid lash hair extensions are being popular nowadays due to the profound benefits. However, if you did get a eyelid lash hair extension and you now have problems with wearing a nice liner, here are some tips:

1. Don’t use or avoid using pencil liners because it can tangle your eyelid lash hairs.

2. Cream liners might smudge your extensions.

3. Liquid eyeliners are mostly oil based, which can damage the extensions.

4. Go for powder eyeliners that are oil-free.

5. Avoid getting the extensions touched all the time.

6. Consider a makeup remover that is oil-free.

7. Be very gentle with wiping away your makeup to avoid extensions falling off.

Q: How are falsies made?

A: Falsies can have different materials other than human hair, and they can all have different shades and colors, plus durability and price. Some of them are very hard to find, while others are very cheap and easy to find. A falsie can be made with any of the following materials:

1. Human hair (fair price)

2. Synthetic products (cheapest)

3. Mink fur (expensive)

4. Fox fur (very expensive)

5. Horse hair (very expensive)

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, we think that the Brilliant Beauty Prodigy is our pick for the best eyelash curler due to the ease of use within seconds of operation of a few squeezes. It is also very ergonomic and also durable in design due to the surgical grade stainless steel frame.