Best Essential Oils

The ArtNaturals Tea Tree Essential Oil 4oz is our best essential oil, which is made with tea tree oil so it is great if you want to soothe sunburns and other skin infections. It is also good for aromatherapy and has great anti-fungal properties. It is made with a high quality oil that is totally organic.

Our step-up pick is the Onepure Aromatherapy Essential Oils Gift Set and containing 10 ml for each bottle, the essential oil can be used in your diffuser to improve the air quality in your home. The essential oil package includes tea tree, sweet orange, peppermint, lavender, lemongrass and eucalyptus. All of them are purely organic.

The budget pick is the Now Foods Essential Oils Lemon 30ml and the very fact that this essential oil is edible makes it open for various recipes such as for foods and drinks for your homemade organic needs. The essential oil comes from naturally cold-pressed ingredients so it is purely organic as an essential oil.

A Little Background

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy to keep the air smelling good and also to help you relax your senses. Essential oils are the “essentials” of aromatherapy. They are basically the oils that were made up from flowers and herbs as well as other species of plants to give off that aromatic smell to give your home some peace and relaxation.
Essential oils come in various flavors and the more organic they are, the better. A lot of people use it as an alternative medicine and can also be used to cure common mind-related problems like insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression and the like. Many countries around the world practice the use of essential oils for relaxation purposes.
Lavender is one of the best basic essential oils you can work with because of its natural fragrance and aromatic scent that will leave positive vibes into your home. Ylang ylang, a tropical flower from Southeast Asia, also has very good aromatic scents to start with. You can also use peppermint and grapefruit for starters. You can also combine any of these oils for your best custom needs.
Essential oils have been around in the world for a very long time, and have been proven to have a lot of benefits, such as antioxidant and to relieve stress and anxiety. Essential oils are the basics of aromatherapy since they give life to your room and breathe relaxation and peace into your life.
Aside from lavender, orange smells are also great because of its fresh smell that will make you feel inspired and positive thinking. Peppermint is a good smell to put in your car for aromatherapy because it helps you to wake up and stay alert for the day ahead. Jasmine has a calming and soothing.
Various plants used in essential oils make the use of different parts of the plant. For instance, oranges make use of the fruit while lavender and rose make use of the flower. Oregano makes use of the leaves because of its medicinal effects. Different tea ingredients like peppermint and chamomile make use of the leaves to make tea and herbal essential oils as well.
Chamomile tea may be a great way to enjoy natural herbs, but did you know it can also be used for aromatherapy? Yes, chamomile can also be a great way to cure your inflammations and can also act as an antibiotic or antiseptic. People with anxiety or depression can also feel relieved if they chance upon using essential oils like chamomile.
Even if an essential oil is deemed very healthy, drinking it directly from the bottle is not advisable. Instead, you should just add drops to your favorite recipe or drink or add it to your aromatherapy diffuser.
Essential oils can be edible in a different way, by adding it to your favorite drinks or food. For instance, you can add peppermint, lemon, orange, citrus and even lavender and rose to your favorite recipes to add a twist. Adding these essential oils to your food adds relaxation and peace to your well-being.
You have to remember that essential oils can work in various ways depending on how you use them. For instance, most experts say that heating certain essential oils will decrease its quality. For that reason, most people take it as an opportunity to invest in an aromatherapy diffuser that works with ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic diffusers are super quiet, use no heat and can be greatly effective in diffusing your favorite oils. The only catch is that it can be a bit expensive and some may consume more energy, unless you have an eco-saving model.
Essential oils can be found and bought in bottles from your favorite grocery or department store. Most groceries have those oils that are meant for cooking and drinks, such as peppermint, while those for general home use are those placed on home improvement stores, department stores and the like. Some specialty shops may also sell these essential oils along with their own aromatherapy diffusers other than the oils. These diffusers can come in large for the home or small for your car or office cubicle or apartment or dorm space.

How We Picked

In choosing the best essential oils, you should consider these facts first:
Organic: the essential oil should be, as much as possible, fully organic with no GMOs, no artificial flavors and scents and nothing to harm your lungs or the environment. Having an organic essential oil is the first step to achieving a fully relaxing aromatherapy experience at home or in your personal space so that your body will be free from harmful and unnecessary chemicals and additives in the process.
Container: do consider essential oils that are packed in opaque bottles. Having a transparent bottle may look classy if you keep them indoors in your bathroom or bedroom but if your storage involves a lot of sunlight (e.g. near the window) then the sunlight might alter or stain the quality of the essential oil in general.
Flavor or scent: consider the flavor or scent of essential oil that you want to have. Most people begin with lavender oil and then blend it with other scents as well. There are a wide variety of scents to choose from and they all have different effects for your body and mind and senses. It may be best to consult guides or people who are knowledgeable in aromatherapy. You can also purchase essential oil blends, but make sure that they are also authentic and organic.
Intended use: most essential oils can be for general purpose needs, especially with blends. However, some essential oils can be specifically made for insomnia, depression, anxiety, skin rejuvenation, allergies and many more. Check out the ingredient’s benefits and intended use first before you buy it.
Longer lasting scent: while this generally depends on your aromatherapy diffuser, the essential oil should last longer in the air and in the bottle or container so that you will not waste your money in the long run. The formulation should be kept to keep it fresh and long lasting and the container should be tightly sealed to avoid unwanted evaporation in the process of storing it.

Our Pick


ArtNaturals Tea Tree Essential Oil 4oz

Our best essential oil is the ArtNaturals Tea Tree Essential Oil 4oz which can be used with a carrier oil for the best results when it comes to skin problem. It can reduce rashes and can also be used in a diffuser and it is great for skin infections.
Made for most insect bites, warts, Athlete’s foot and other skin conditions, the essential oil is made from melaleuca alternifolia so it is organic and packs a deep cleaning power that can make it ideal not just for your skin but also for your home cleaning needs as well.
With enough therapeutic properties, the essential oil is super organic and is paraben free so it is safe for you and your family and your home. It can also be used with sweet orange oils for a fresh scent in your humidifier. It is also an antiseptic essential oil that can add healing to your skin.
The essential oil can be used with lemon and fir tree extract for those who want to fight irritations in their skin. Made only of natural ingredients, the essential oil can be used for shampoos and you can also add with apple cider vinegar for mold cleaning as a homemade kitchen cleaner.
A few drops go a long way with this essential oil, especially if you have sensitive skin. It will definitely help heal your skin as you can use it with bay laurel leaf oils. With added peppermint, you can help stay awake and alert in the car with this essential oil.
The essential oil can also be used in facial washes for a soothing and refreshing feeling and for fending off fungus and inflammations. Great for acne scars and the like, this essential oil is a cruelty free oil that can be mixed with rosemary and lavender for sleep problems.
You can also get rid of dandruff with this essential oil and it also comes with cardamom extract. The essential oil is great for home or office aromatherapy usage.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not deal breakers, the ArtNaturals Tea Tree Essential Oil 4oz does have a few cons, such as the fact that it may smell a bit odd at first, but it will smell good later on, and that only means that it is natural and organic and without artificial fragrances.

Step-up Pick

Onepure Aromatherapy Essential Oils Gift Set

Our step-up pick is the Onepure Aromatherapy Essential Oils Gift Set which contains 6 bottles in one package. It greatly benefits for your skin as an essential oil and the different scents will definitely soothe and please you a lot.
The package comes with a sheet of paper that describes each scent’s uses so you can use or mix them depending on your needs. If you are a person who may get headaches often then this is a pack of essential oils. It is a great pack to use with your essential oil diffuser for a custom mix.
Great for making your homemade cleaning product, it is made with high quality pure essential oils for your home care needs or for your humidifier as well. Made with a lot of aromatic essences, the essential oil package contains no additives at all and you will love the different aromas.
The essential oil pack is ideal for diffusion and it contains absolutely no fillers at all. You can be mixing fragrances at home at your own pace and you can also use the pack for your own oil burner at home. It will bring about a lovely fragrance that is very natural and organic and soothing and calming.
Also ideal for spa usage, the essential oil can be used for making bath bombs for your custom needs other than for aromatherapy use. It is recommended for external use only such as for lotions, custom shampoos, conditioners, bath soaps and the like.
A few drops of oil can be a great addition to any kind of home care recipe or aromatherapy diffuser recipe blend for this essential oil package. You can even use any of the essential oils for your massage needs. The attractive packaging can make it a great gift for someone.
Including great body oils for you to choose and use for massage purpose, a scented vapor can be released into the air if you put the essential oil package contents on a vaporizer or diffuser.

Budget Pick


Now Foods Essential Oils Lemon 30ml

Our budget pick is the Now Foods Essential Oils Lemon 30ml which can provide you with a refreshing feeling if you want to diffuse at home. It is a great oil for aromatherapy and can help you smell fresh and clean smell all the way.
The essential oil presents a very cheerful atmosphere if you diffuse it in the air or apply it to your skin. It gives off an uplifting vibe so that this particular essential oil is a great mood booster or lifter.
You can also add lavender to this oil to help you fall asleep faster or to wake up feeling refreshed and safe from hay fever and allergies. The aroma of this essential oil is very good and you will love the smell of lemon as you use it on your skin or put it in the diffuser.
The long lasting lemon scent can help you feel fresh, relaxed and may also have invigorating and rejuvenating properties to make you feel ready to face the day. If you want to create a perfume of an organic blend then you can also use this essential oil for your needs.
It can also be an oil for a beverage because it is made from fresh lemon peels. It can also be used for cleaning products such as for pet stains and mold. It can really smell good in your diffuser and you can also add it to tea. Made from 100 percent pure lemon oil, you can also add sandalwood to it.
When you add rosemary, you get a lot of soothing effects from this essential oil. It is also a good spider repellent home recipe ingredient and can be beneficial for your skin or hair. As a citrus fruit oil, it can act as a cleanser for anywhere and anything in your home.
You can also add this oil to your custom made baby oil fragrance. It can be a topical lotion or perfume if you dilute it with a carrier oil. It can also be used as a dry shampoo and it can be used with almond, jojoba, olive or grape seed oil.

Best Essential Oil that Comes in a Set

Calily Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set 10ml

The Calily Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set 10ml is a good complete set of essential oils for your own homemade essential oil mix. The starter kit can help with your overall health and wellness for relieving those headaches. Each of the oils are not overly greasy and are just right at 6 bottles at 10 ml each.
The essential oils can help reduce fatigue and promote a better balance of your body. It is great for aromatherapy needs and comes with a set of lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, sweet orange and tea tree oils. It is a good starter set of oils for your bath water needs and for massaging.
Placed in dark amber bottles, the essential oils can help the house smell amazing after using it with a diffuser. You can also add this to your favorite organic shampoo so it will have a maximized freshness and to give your hair a therapeutic and herbal organic feeling that is fresh and clean.
The essential oils can also be used in a diffuser for a fresh and aromatic feeling. It can also be placed in a facial steamer for your spa needs or for coughs and colds. It is made with a set of pure essential oils that can also combat skin irritation with absolutely no fillers or additives at all for an organic cleaning feel.
Great also for most organic cleaning products, you can definitely feel the benefits of essential oils with the use of this pack of essential oils. Perfect for aromatherapy, they all have high potency and are made with quality oils that can be added to a body wash that is natural and organic.
As a set of therapeutic essential oils, these can be a bug repellent oil set or can be used for an oil burner. They keep your home fresh and clean and can also be added to an unscented lotion. The essential oils can also relieve sore throat and all have very flavorful aromas.

Best Essential Oil in Frankincense

Plant Therapy Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil

The Plant Therapy Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil is a great frankincense essential oil to use for a clearer breathing due to clogged nose. This frankincense oil is a definitely fragrant essential oil to use during bath time as well as in regular days in your home.
You can have more energy with the use of this essential oil to promote a happier and healthier life at home or in the office. It has been steam distilled so it is a calming and soothing essential oil which definitely helps you to sleep better. This essential oil came from the frankincense tree so it is organic.
It can be added to an aromatherapy diffuser and will cling on the skin to help your skin breathe better and feel more relaxed from inflammations. Made with high quality essential oil, people who may have Alzheimer’s can feel more focused with the use of this essential oil.
The frankincense essential oil can bring peace and harmony to your office as it has no fillers or harmful chemicals. It is also widely accepted by aroma therapists around the world to help balance your mood and attain the most natural healing effects.
Frankincense has been a stable for essential oils for thousands of years and can be a beneficial product for acne sufferers as well as for a rejuvenating skin experience. It has a unique scent that set is apart from other essential oils out there. It does not have a heavy smell so it is just right for most people.
It can also act as a skin care product and can help elevate your mind. Your face will become more radiant with the use of this essential oil as it can work wonders for your skin. Also great for meditation, the essential oil is certainly pleasing when you diffuse it.
The essential oil can bring balance to your home and can be used for spiritual gatherings and the like. It is a good oil for skincare and you can also add sandalwood and cedar wood to attain some anti-aging effects in the long run.

Best Essential Oil in Eucalyptus

NOW Eucalyptus Essential Oil 4 Ounce

Made with pure eucalyptus oil, the NOW Eucalyptus Essential Oil 4 Ounce can be used in a diffuser as an essential oil that can help alleviate your bad congestion. It is also steam distilled from leaves so it is pure and brings a pleasant smell to your home.
The essential oil can be used for soothing heels, feet and elbows and the like and can also be used to alleviate nausea and vertigo as well as soreness with its invigorating scent. Coming from small branches of eucalyptus, it can be applied to the back of your neck for a soothing relief.
You can also add peppermint for a more soothing effect for colds and cough. The essential oil can work well for bronchitis as well as for sore knees and shoulders. It is a pure and natural essential oil that gives off a refreshing atmosphere for those with headaches, dizziness and asthma.
It also repels some insects away as well so you can use it as a home cleaner. The essence of cleanliness can be felt with this essential oil that is aroma therapeutic in any way. Taking a hot shower can be pleasing at home with the use of this essential oil.
It can also work wonders for sore throat and it is also not diluted so it is 100% pure. It can act as an astringent and it is also a GC/IR verified essential oil. It feels like a moisturizer lotion and may also help your upper and lower back as well as arthritis.
Great also for burns and sunburns, the essential oil can be used by aroma therapists due to being a wonderful essential oil product that is natural. The essential oil gets the job done at home and those with colds and cough can find this useful.
With no added ingredients at all, the medicinal aroma of this essential oil can also be used for carpal tunnel syndrome as well as for those with allergies and sinus problems.

Best Essential Oil in Sage

Plant Therapy Clary Sage Essential Oil

With a very aromatic scent, the Plant Therapy Clary Sage Essential Oil is a good sage essential oil that is also a hormone balancing oil for women. Made of Clary sage, this can be used in a jojoba carrier for those with PMS or premenstrual syndrome mood swings or menopause mood swings.
It is an essential oil that can deal with most of women’s issues and those who are going through menopause. It has an earthy and fruity feeling and it is also a mood enhancing essential oil that is made for balancing and calming due to its floral aroma.
Also great for bloat relief, the essential oil targets menstrual discomfort due to its nutty and herbaceous feeling and scent. It is also great for hair loss and can be useful for hot flashes at night for menopause women. It is a pure essential oil that can also be used in your car.
The essential oil can also work well for any inhaler and it is of therapeutic grade. It can be an alternative for hormone pills because it contains no fillers at all. It can also be used as a daily moisturizer and it is great at relieving menstrual cramps. The essential oil can give you some improvement in your mood due to having no additives at all.

Best Essential Oil for Sleeping Problems

Sleep Ease Synergy Blend Essential Oil

If you are having trouble sleeping at night then you can try the Sleep Ease Synergy Blend Essential Oil which is specifically made for those with lack of sleep. The essential oil can help you wake up refreshed and it also smells wonderful so it is a great break from stress and fatigue as well.
Made from quality oils, the essential oil can get you to fall asleep in no time if you put it in your essential oil diffuser. It is also great for making bath bombs for your effortless sleep at night after bathing. Giving off a good bed time scent, the essential oil contains no GMOs or additives.
Having a delicate aroma and a pleasant scent, the essential oil contains lavender, geranium, chamomile, palmarosa, rosewood, lemon, jasmine, coriander seed, ylang ylang and rose, made for sleep needs. Each bottle is at 10 ml but you can also select other sizes.
The essential oil can be placed on your bedroom diffuser and it is also not diluted or mixed with additives. Each of the essential oils come in an amber glass bottle to deflect sunlight. It is a very relaxing blend for those who want to stay ready to seize the day in the morning.
If you have lack of focus the this is a considerable essential oil for you. It also comes with a euro style dropper cap and the blend is amazing with its ingredients. There is also an essential oils brochure explaining all of the essential oils included.
Great for your overall health, even kids can sleep better with the use of this essential oil. It has been GC/MS tested so it is safe and healthy for those with sleep issues or just want a good night’s sleep in general. It is also of therapeutic grade quality so it can be used in a vaporizer as well. The essential oil is great for night time and is super organic with absolutely no pesticides or herbicides.

Best Essential Oil in Cedar wood

Plant Therapy Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil

Being a USDA certified essential oil, the Plant Therapy Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil is made of cedar wood and can work great in any diffuser. It can also be an organic deodorant and can also soothe your arthritic hands. It is made of cedar wood atlas oil for helping you attain a restful sleep.
It has a balsamic and spicy feeling and a woody scent as well. The essential oil can be used in a homemade shampoo and is loved by most aroma therapists worldwide for its sweet aroma. It is great for those winding down and want a masculine scent to back them up.
As a potent essential oil with an aromatic scent, the essential oil is of therapeutic grade and is a good quality oil that can be tossed in the diffuser with no problems at all. Also great for hair needs, the essential oil packs a sweet and woody smell so it is good for those who want that kind of smell.
Perfect for grounding, the essential oil can treat any scalp with dandruff. With absolutely no fillers at all due to being organic, it can also be placed in your vacuum cleaner bag for a pleasant smell at home. It can also be an aftershave essential oil to use for men.

Best Essential Oil for Kids

Plant Therapy KidSafe Essential Oil Blend

The Plant Therapy KidSafe Essential Oil Blend is made for children ages 2 to 10 so it is a great essential oil for kids. If you are a newcomer to essential oils then this is a good essential oil to have if your kids have a tough time going to sleep.
Made only of high quality oils, it is a calming and relaxing smell to have for your kids’ bedtime routines. It is a good essential oil that can also make your home smell nice. The essential oil is a mix of roman chamomile, lavender, cedarwood atlas, clary sage, marjoram, blue tansy and patchouli.
Great for children to fall asleep faster, it can be applied to your kid’s chest or neck to help relieve temper tantrums and the like. You can also use the essential oil for a diffuser and it can be used with any carrier oil as well.
If your child takes a nap then this can be a good additional essential oil to use. It can also be a great and soothing essential oil to have before bed for your child that is not overpowering at all. If your kid often tosses and turns in bed then you can add this essential oil to a warm bath before bedtime.
For your child to have sweet dreams and also for a clear respiration, the essential oil can be used on a car trip or if you want to diffuse through the night. It can be used with some coconut oil or any similar oil and it really helps in sleeping in general.

The Competition

Other essential oils out there did not get included in this review list because they were not proven to be authentic or organic, which means they could possibly contain harmful chemicals for you to breathe. It is highly important that the essential oil you use is fully organic and authentic so that it will not harm the environment and so that it will fully relax your senses without the use of additives.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are essential oils?
A: Essential oils are products that require some application in aromatherapy, such as being steamed or diffused in the air with the help of an aromatherapy diffuser.
Q: What are the many uses of lavender as an essential oil?
A: Lavender is best used for skin irritation as well as for relaxation. Most people use their lavender oil as an essential oil for bath time to keep your skin smooth and soft.
Q: Which essential oils give you a totally positive mood?
A: If you want positivity in your life then you can try various essential oils such as orange, lavender, jasmine and peppermint. Orange has a fresh, summer feel and lavender soothes you. Jasmine is pretty fragrant and fresh and peppermint is a good wake-up smell.
Q: What parts of a plant are extracted for essential oils?
A: Essential oils may be made out of the leaves of a plant, but some can also use its roots, bark, stems or flowers. Different plants are made from different parts.
Q: What are the effects of chamomile essential oils?
A: If you ever came across chamomile essential oils then they are more than just for tea. Chamomile is great for its anti-inflammatory effects and it is also a mood lifter for those who are depressed.
Q: Why should you not ingest essential oils directly?
A: Drinking essential oils directly from the bottle is a no-no because it is already purely concentrated that it might pucker up your mouth or make you sick instead. Make sure you dilute it or diffuse it with a diffuser because it is a purely concentrated formula.
Q: Can you put essential oils on food?
A: Yes, most essential oils can be put in your favorite recipe, such as muffins, cupcakes, chocolates, drinks and even your mouthwash or toothpaste to make it more organic.
Q: How are essential oils used in general?
A: There are three primary ways to make use of essential oils: aromatherapy, topical application and as a dietary supplement. Essential oils can be inhaled, applied to your skin or taken in drops to your food or drinks.
Aromatherapy is one of the most common ways to make use of essential oils. They are inhaled using an aromatherapy diffuser which can relieve your stress and clean the air as well. In dietary form, you cook your recipe or make your drinks with a touch or drop of the essential oil. In topical form, you put some drops of your essential oils to make your own organic shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. and apply it to your skin or hair for best results and an organic feeling.
Q: Why should children and pets be considered when using aromatherapy?
A: Any essential oil should be treated carefully because kids and pets so that they will not get in trouble with too much of the oils. Remember that children and pets may require a different dosage than adults.
While it is okay for most adults to intake or breathe essential oils, some of these essential oils may be too strong for kids and for pets, so you should consider a few dosages or read the labels of the essential oils if they are okay to use for kids and your dog or cat and how much to use for them (and which parts of the body will be okay to use them).
Q: How are essential oils different from fragrance oils?
A: An essential oil is always natural while fragrance oils might be synthetic or man-made. Make sure you only purchase essential oil that is pure and does not explicitly call it a fragrance or perfume oil.
Q: What are the benefits of cinnamon bark oil?
A: If you use cinnamon bark oil then it is beneficial for metabolism and it is also a great cleanser for your body and well-being. It is great for your oral health, which can be a good thing if you often experience bad breath and the like.
Q: How do you benefit from bay laurel essential oil?
A: If you use bay laurel as an essential oil then you can help improve your digestion and can also be great for most coughs and colds. People who want to get better health when it comes to nasal congestion and lymph problems may want to take bay laurel essential oil, either diffused or in a massage oil. Sprains and bruises can also be alleviated with it. You can also feel more confident in yourself because of its spicy and refreshing feeling.
Q: What are the benefits of using rosewood essential oil?
A: Rosewood essential oils are great when it comes down to depression and those mood swings such as those being caused by PMS. If you have dry or dull skin then it can help you feel revitalized, even for sensitive skin. People who may have acne or scars can benefit from it as well as those with oily skin. People with flu, fever, colds and cough can feel alleviated with rosewood essential oil.
Q: How does frankincense benefit your health?
A: Frankincense has been used since the ancient times and has been known for its great benefits for keeping you calm, focused and relaxed but with concentration, which is great for those doing yoga or meditation. People who may have some respiratory problems can also benefit from frankincense oil using an aromatherapy diffusers.
If you suffer sleeping problems and get nightmares often then frankincense can help calm you down. If you have bad skin with blemishes then you can also try frankincense oil to balance out your skin. Your immune system also benefits from this oil.
Q: Are essential oils only used for relaxing and for beauty?
A: Most essential oils have a multitude of users, such as for cooking other than for beauty, achieving balance and relaxation. People may also use essential oils if they want to go on a strict diet and eat the healthiest foods possible. Beauty products can be more organic if you make your own at home using essential oils to make your skin feel good with natural beauty. Essential oils have a ton of uses other than helping you to calm and soothe your senses or as part of your next muffin recipe.
Q: What are the benefits of eucalyptus oil?
A: If you have eucalyptus oil and don’t know where to use it then you can try it with a vaporizer or diffuser. Eucalyptus is great for respiratory problems, flu, headaches, coughs, colds, muscle pains, back aches and when you can’t sleep well at night. If you know Vicks Vapor Rub then that mostly contains eucalyptus oil in it, as well as other massage oils and liniment oils, especially for seniors.
Q: Which essential oils can I use if someone has fever?
A: If you have fever or someone in the family has fever then you can try lemon, basil, lemongrass, bergamot or peppermint in your mix of essential oils. Adding ginger and eucalyptus can also be a very vital thing, since it helps heat up your body if you have chills and can help soothe your sore throat or voice. Other essential oils you can use include patchouli, spruce, black pepper, niaouli and bay laurel leaves.
Q: Can you use essential oils for a mouthwash?
A: Yes! A lot of herbal mouthwashes actually contain bits of essential oils, which can help you feel better if you have sore throat or a bad breath. Gargles can be great at treating coughs and colds other than sore throats so do consider essential oils like peppermint or ginger to add relief to sore throat and the like.
Q: Where is tea tree oil best used for?
A: If you have tea tree oil in the house then you can use it for helping to improve your immune system. Tea tree oil is great for cleansing and for your skin to feel relieved and relaxed. If you have blemishes or even dandruff then tea tree oil can be added to your shampoo for an organic experience. Tea tree oil is a very useful essential oil for inflammations as well.
Q: Which carrier oils can be used to help me use my essential oil for topical use?
A: An essential oil for topical use should be used with a carrier oil so that it will be thoroughly distributed and absorbed by your skin. Popular carrier oils include: jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, olive oil among others. Most of these oils already have their own health benefits as well, so you are hitting two birds with one stone.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the ArtNaturals Tea Tree Essential Oil 4oz is our best essential oil made for skin infections, for sleep problems and various other problems at home.