Best Crib Mattress

The Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress is our best crib mattres, which is a good mattress for a newborn due to its renewable soybeans composition that is not very harsh on your baby’s skin and is also organic so it is free from harmful chemicals. The fact that is an organic crib mattress means that it is a totally safe and reliable mattress to have.

Our step-up pick is the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Crib Mattress and having a dual side sleep system, the crib mattress can be recycled for your toddler bed as well. It is extremely comfortable for babies and also hypoallergenic for the sensitive skin of your youngsters. It also has the necessary firmness to keep your baby safe and sound while sleeping.

The budget pick is the Dream On Me 3″ Pack-N-Play Mattress and whether you have a baby or a toddler, the crib mattress can work on a crib and also for a toddler bed. It is made with a vinyl and foam combination material that is firm but still soft so it is okay for most babies in terms of its firmness and plush quality. What’s more, the mattress is lightweight to carry around.

A Little Background

A crib mattress is a kind of mattress that is situated in a crib for a baby or a toddler. Crib mattresses are usually smaller than a regular mattress and follows a different sizing standard than a normal mattress. Crib mattresses are also topped with a different kind of cover that is well suited for babies and toddlers alike so that they will not get itchy or feel uncomfortable when sleeping or playing on the crib.
Putting a mattress in a crib is quite easy because of its size that is just meant for babies and toddlers. Depending on the size of your crib, most crib mattresses can also be coupled with a mattress pad that is great for adding more support to your baby, especially if your baby is quite an active one.
Different cribs have different layering styles, but generally, a standard crib will come with instructions when it comes down to putting the layers together. You should ask for your manufacturer’s instructions or user’s manual on how to properly setup the correct layering of a standard crib.
Children are naturally curious when they grow up and this is why you need to strategize your mattress arrangement. Many experts suggest that the mattress support should be lowered so that your baby doesn’t escape easily from the railings of the crib to avoid injury.
Lowering a crib mattress can be easy depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. Most mattresses nowadays can be lowered if your crib that has an adjustable bed frame, so that it can be removed and re-positioned to a lower level to avoid getting your toddler to climb out of the crib, which can be dangerous.
All cribs are built to a high standard to keep your baby safe and sound, because putting a young child in a crib is something that requires utmost safety. Make sure that all of the crib parts you have will be sturdy and complete, and you may also want to reinforce some of the parts with additional screws and the like, or ask a family member to help you out.
Various kinds of mattresses can have an effect on your baby and your budget, so be sure to look for the pros and cons. If you’re on a tight budget then a foam mattress or an inner spring mattress can be a way to go. Foam is usually cheap but you should make sure that the foam is not too soft but not too hard for your baby.
Inner spring is also great in durability but the coils should be as far as possible from the surface for safety. Finally, organic mattresses are the best choice in eco-friendliness and in baby safety but are pretty pricey for most people. Organic crib mattresses are usually made of materials such as soy bean and the like, and are usually marketed for a higher price due to the quality of its authentic materials.
Crib mattresses should be safe for your baby and thus they need to be made with quality materials that are non-toxic and are hypoallergenic. Organic mattresses may be the ideal choice if you really want to value your baby’s safety because some foam and inner spring mattresses are made with low quality materials that may emit a strong smell that is not safe for your child.
Some people think that buying a crib mattress that has already been used can save them money in the long run, but it will actually put them at a risk for their baby’s health, because it’s already been used by another baby or family.
Some crib mattresses can be flipped. Just because you see a label that says “no flipping required” means that it is a hassle-free mattress. In the long run, it may actually be just the same in terms of lifespan and pricing as a regular mattress that can be flipped, so it is still best to go for a mattress that can be flipped so you can maximize the mattress in its usage and value. After all, if your mattress says that it is not required to be flipped, it may be a marketing strategy to cover up its low quality design and materials.

How We Picked

If you want the best crib mattress then you should look for the following:
Size and dimensions: the crib mattress should have just the right size for your crib so that it will not be too loose or too fitted tightly. The mattress should have a snug fit over your crib to prevent injuries and accidents from occurring when your baby plays around the crib and sleeps.
Hypoallergenic: consider a crib mattress that is totally hypoallergenic for its materials. Babies are usually born with sensitive skin so make sure you purchase a crib mattress that doesn’t give rashes to your child and yet give them the best kind of comfort without suffocating them.
Mattress type: when choosing the best crib mattress, consider the mattress type. The crib mattress can be in foam, memory foam, inner spring or organic filling. Foam is the cheapest available out there but it should be extra firm. Memory foam is okay, but it should be firm enough to prevent SIDS. Inner spring is also okay in terms of durability, but the springs and coils should be kept away from the surface as much as possible and not too bouncy. Your best bet for a crib mattress can be an organic mattress, which is usually made out of materials such as soy bean.
Waterproof: a crib mattress that is waterproof means that it is a lot easier to maintain when it comes to “accidents” with your baby. Since it is unsanitary to keep wearing diapers because it can irritate your baby’s skin (diapers are only best worn when going to the mall or outdoors), getting a waterproof crib mattress is much more advisable rather than having to put up with diapers all the time. It makes cleaning your baby’s mess a lot simpler as a parent.
Thickness: do consider a crib mattress that has a sufficient thickness because it will really help out to keep your child safe and sound from suffocation and accidents. The crib mattress should not be too thick to avoid your child reaching into the rails and climbing out of it. However, it should not be too thin so that it will not cause discomfort and suffocation for your child.
Firmness: having a crib mattress that has a good firmness means that your baby will be less likely to have SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome, which is usually caused by a crib mattress that is not too firm. The crib mattress should be firm but not too firm in the sense that it becomes uncomfortable for your baby. You must try to adjust to your baby’s needs yet keep him or her safe and sound while sleeping or playing.

Our Pick

Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress

Our best crib mattress is the Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress and the fact that it is made of soybean means that it is organic. The soybean foam core is of high density and this crib mattress also has a flat sleeping surface. Moreover, it has a cotton wrap so it is soft and comfortable.
It greatly protects from household allergens and it is also lightweight so it is a lot easy to clean and change the covers from. It has a firm foam in terms of structure for a healthier sleeping environment that gives you no sinking at all so it will be a safe sleeping crib mattress for your baby.
It is made with a safe firmness without being too hard for your baby. Likewise, it is also okay for both infants and toddlers due to the design and the lock-stitched binding to keep it tough against stains and the like. Moreover, it’s durable enough that it can be reused for your second child.
Being lightweight and durable as a crib mattress, it can fit in a standard crib due to its just-right size. Moreover, it will stay protected from dust and dander due to the construction. Your baby can feel good after hours of sleep with this firm mattress with less likelihood of discomfort.
Moreover, indoor air quality is emphasized due to being GREENGUARD Gold certified. The crib mattress is also CertiPUR-US Certified foam to ensure there are no harmful chemicals in the mattress. It also conforms to ASTM standards and passed CPSIA testing so it is totally safe for babies.
Containing no phthalates, PBDES, lead, flame retardants, mercury, etc., the crib mattress can also be used in a toddler bed. Moreover, in case of an accident, the crib mattress is easy to clean due to possessing a waterproof surface.
Greatly ideal for babies and toddlers up to 60 pounds of weight, it is easy to change sheets on it due to the lightweight and stain-resistant cover. It is backed by a lifetime warranty for workmanship and materials.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

While not serious cons, the Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress does have a few concerns such as the fact that it may have a very faint and slight smell but it easily dissipates when you unpack it and let it set for a while.

Step-up Pick

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Crib Mattress

The Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Crib Mattress is our step-up pick, which is made with a waterproof liner to make it easy to clean stains from it. Moreover, the mattress is firm without being too hard for your baby. This crib mattress will not be showing any signs of sagging for a long time of usage.
The dual surface mattress lets you choose between the firm side for your baby and the soft plush side for your toddler. This crib mattress is also GreenGuard and CertiPUR Certified so it does not contain harmful chemicals. It is also easy to wipe away accidents or any baby mess due to being waterproof.
Great for improving your indoor air quality, the crib mattress is okay for both the infant or toddler in your home and the mattress isn’t bouncy to make it safe for kids. It is also relatively easy to clean up and it is lightweight. It protects well against dust mites yet remains extra firm for a long time.
The crib mattress fits snugly on most standard crib sizes and it is also low on VOC so it is an eco-friendly mattress to consider using on homes and hospitals. It is greatly sanitary in its design with no large side gaps to add to its safety design. This is important for kids and babies who are active all the time.
In addition to that, the crib mattress is also quite organic due to the very fact that it is made out of a plant based foam layer. Likewise, it is also PVC free to contribute to its eco friendliness. Moreover, the tight sewn seams prove that this crib mattress is greatly durable against dust mites.
Made with quality materials that are safe for your baby, the crib mattress is good when it comes down to durability. It is entirely safe for your baby due to being non-toxic and not containing flame-retardant chemicals, which is why it is has been CertiPUR-US certified and GreenGuard certified as well.

Budget Pick

Dream On Me 3″ Pack-N-Play Mattress

Our budget pick is the Dream On Me 3″ Pack-N-Play Mattress and it is filled with antibacterial properties, which is important to keep your baby safe from sickness causing germs. The crib mattress is a better alternative to a foam mattress, greatly allowing your baby to play and sleep in a comfortable way.
It also has a waterproof cover to prevent hassle in terms of cleaning up the crib mattress whenever accidents happen. The crib mattress is also quite snug around the edges so it is not too threatening when it comes to your baby, since loose fitting can be a cause of suffocation.
The crib mattress generally fits most Graco, Cosco and Fisher Price cribs and play yards. In addition to that, it is made with lock stitched binding to prevent it from easily being torn apart or losing its firmness. What’s more, it will make a comfortable environment for your child due to the perfect thickness.
With no gaps on the sides for additional safety, the material used by the crib mattress keeps mold and mildew away. It is a good inner spring mattress that allows your child to sleep the whole night through without much discomfort. It is also greatly odor resistant for those accidents, making it easy to clean.
Measuring 3 inches in its thickness, the crib mattress is okay for babies and some toddlers and is okay for play pens. If you want your child sleeping comfortably then this is a considerable crib mattress to have for a budget. You can also add a pad protector for it if you are unsure of the thickness.
The crib mattress supports up to 25 lbs and it is also liquid and stain resistant to make it almost maintenance-free. It also conforms to 16-CFR 1633 flammability standards so it is deemed safe for your baby. Likewise, it is easy to maintain and clean using mild soap and water whenever you need to clean it up due to any mess.

Best Crib Mattress with an Organic Cover

Colgate Eco Classica III Crib Mattress

The Colgate Eco Classica III Crib Mattress is a great organic crib mattress to consider that is CertiPUR-US certified due to not containing harmful or harsh chemicals that may otherwise compromise your baby’s health and cause skin irritations. The crib mattress works well in the cold months to keep warmth.
It also enhances breathability in the crib and is the standard size for most cribs out there. The dual firmness of this crib mattress makes it okay for both babies and toddlers. With no harmful emissions at all in its composition, the orthopedic style is great for keeping your baby comfortable.
You can also easily transition your child to the toddler stage with this crib mattress that is dual sided. It also has a organic cotton cover that is highly breathable without harsh chemicals. It is also 6 inches thick so it is just right for your baby. It also has no strong odors with this mattress and has a sleek appearance.
The dual firmness makes it okay for both infants and toddlers and its lightweight foam makes it easy to install onto your crib. The crib mattress is quite firm and flat so it does not compromise your baby’s safety for suffocation risks. It is a good and organic crib mattress with plant oils for the foam.
For both cribs and toddler beds, the crib mattress can help you with the development of your child due to its double sided design, so you do not have to deal with buying a separate toddler mattress for your kid. This is a good point if you want to save more with your growing kids for toddler beds.
Being GREENGUARD Certified also makes this crib mattress eco friendly, with no harsh ozone depleting materials, no strong chemical smells and nothing to harm your baby at all. The crib mattress is also backed by a lifetime warranty for customer satisfaction.

Best Crib Mattress that is Dual Sided for Baby and Toddler

Milliard Crib Mattress Dual Comfort System

If you want a crib mattress that is dual sided and yet safe and durable then you can try the Milliard Crib Mattress Dual Comfort System. The fact that this crib mattress is double sided means that the mattress for infants and for toddlers. It is also hypoallergenic for adhering to the sensitive skin of youngsters.
Promoting both safety and comfort in just one crib mattress, it is sufficiently comfortable to let your baby sleep through the night without compromising on safety and breathability. It has a firmer side and a softer side so it can be used for both babies and toddlers with just a flip of the mattress.
As a form-fitting crib mattress on its toddler side, it is okay for both children development stages without compromising safety. It also has an easily washable cover so you can worry less with accidents made by your little kid. It has a supportive foam layer that helps your child stay soundly asleep at night.
Fitting most standard size cribs, the crib mattress may also be used for a newborn baby with convenience due to the very fact that it is versatile in its design. Made with high quality polyurethane foam, the crib mattress allows your kid to take several naps with great comfort.
What’s more, the contouring memory foam layer for the older kids is supportive. It also has a plush platform on one side that can greatly support proper posture for your child. It is also easy to replace the mattress cover due to the light weight of the crib mattress.
Most accidents and spills won’t be a concern because the cover is water-resistant. In addition to that, the washable 100% cotton cover makes it super easy to clean up. The crib mattress has almost no wrinkles when you wrap around the cover to it, which is also waterproof for less mess.
Great also for toddler beds, the crib mattress may have a faint smell but it is harmless and it is safe to say that it easily dissipates. It will fit most standard crib sizes and it has good overall breathability. In addition, the crib mattress ships rolled up and easy to unpack.

Best Crib Mattress that has an Inner Spring Construction

Serta Tranquility Eco Firm Crib/Toddler Mattress

The Serta Tranquility Eco Firm Crib/Toddler Mattress is a convenient innerspring crib mattress that you can use as your child grows due to the very fact that it has a two-sided design. The mattress is comprised with 120 innerspring coils made of heavy duty material for supporting your baby.
As a matter of fact, the crib mattress produces no mattress noise when your baby becomes active in the crib. It is also great for both infants and toddlers due to the capability of being flipped you’re your baby becomes a toddler. It also has a supportive orthopedic style insulated layer with border wiring.
Being a GREENGUARD Gold certified crib mattress means that it is okay for babies in terms of being eco friendly due to the less VOCs and the lack of harmful chemicals for your child’s safety. The crib mattress is great at ensuring a safe sleeping surface with less likelihood of suffocation.
The crib mattress fits on most standard sized cribs and is made up of many layers for comfort and convenience. With good craftsmanship, there are no toxic materials, fire retardants, PBDEs, phthalates, lead, mercury and the like on this crib mattress in terms of composition.
Made with naturally blended cotton, the crib mattress is quite comfortable for an all night long sleep for your baby. It also greatly resists moisture and stains due to being waterproof so it is easy to clean up. The crib mattress also meets and passed CPSIA testing so it has no noticeable smell.
Likewise, the crib mattress is also made with CertiPUR-US approved foam so you are assured that your baby does not get exposed to harmful chemicals and even allergens. The crib mattress is made for extra comfort and safety in mind for your baby or even for your toddler.
The crib mattress also has reinforced edges so that it will not lose its firmness over time, yet it will have a safe and firm fitting for your crib to avoid accidents for your baby. It can withstand many years of use due to its durable waterproof vinyl cover as well. The crib mattress is a considerable choice for your growing baby due to the capability of being flipped to its other side for reusing.

Best Crib Mattress Made with Cotton Material

Colgate EcoSpring Ultra II Crib Mattress

The Colgate EcoSpring Ultra II Crib Mattress is a good choice for those who want a cotton crib mattress. It has just the right amount of firmness for your baby with no side sagging to prevent suffocation risks. The crib mattress is made with a soft rayon cloth cover to keep your child comfortable in sleeping.
Made with durability in mind, the crib mattress has good cushioning in terms of composition and has no chemical smell so it is not just eco friendly but also safe for your baby. As an innerspring mattress, the crib mattress provides good edge support while being lead-free so it is healthy for your child.
The crib mattress also produces no harmful air emissions due to being fully third party tested. It is also made with 150 thick steel coils at 13.5-gauge each so it is durable. It also fits safely in cribs of standard sizes and is coupled with 9-gauge steel border rods for better strength.
Made for both infants and toddlers, the crib mattress is also made with plant oils so it is organic, thus it has also been GREENGUARD Certified and CertiPUR-US certified for being low on volatile organic compounds or VOCs. This makes your crib mattress totally safe for your baby.
It is a good organic option for a crib mattress and adding to that fact is the coconut shell fiber insulator pad included. The crib mattress is also naturally fire resistant due to its materials, making it safe for overnight sleeping for your child.
Bearing a lot of comfort and durability ,the crib mattress has the right level of firmness for your child. It is made with attention to breathability and it is also made with 2 layers made of natural cotton batting and hypoallergenic foam to make it comfortable for your child.

Best Crib Mattress that Regulates Temperature

Newton Wovenaire Beyond Organic Crib Mattress

If you want a crib mattress that regulates temperature then you can try the Newton Wovenaire Beyond Organic Crib Mattress with its breathable design. It is good for its allowance of air circulation for your baby so it will give you almost no risk of suffocation at all.
This crib mattress is good for a baby who will usually sleep on his or her stomach. Made for both an infant and toddler or even for a newborn, the crib mattress ensures no overheating due to the cool temperature regulation qualities for your baby’s development and comfort through the night.
With a completely washable cover to make it easy to maintain, the crib mattress is a good pick for your baby’s healthy development because it is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. It does not block air movement, ensuring a health and safety environment with no latex at all.
The crib mattress also prevents bacteria growth and it is really light weight to make it easy to change the cover. With no allergens at all and possessing the right level of comfort, the crib mattress is Greenguard gold certified. The mattress also makes an easy transition from crib to toddler bed, providing the parent with a great peace of mind and a better sleep for their child.

Best Crib Mattress that is Quiet with Child Movement

Safety 1st Transitions Baby Toddler Mattress

The Safety 1st Transitions Baby Toddler Mattress is a quiet crib mattress with 2 firmness levels for both babies due to being double sided. The crib mattress has a firm and safe design with 5 1/2 inches in its thickness. Made for babies and toddlers, it can be used as a first mattress.
Great for your child’s development, the PVC-free crib mattress is also made for toddler beds. Passing the Greenguard Gold Certification, it supports up to 100 pounds and it also fits standard cribs. The crib mattress gives you added comfort and yet it meets the 16 CFR 1633 flammability standard while being lightweight and durable.
It is sturdy and quiet and has a cushioning layer but with no chemical smell or strong fumes. The crib mattress features no sagging and yet it avoids suffocation. Made with polyester fiber, the crib mattress easily wipes clean and it is free from lead phthalates and BPA. Likewise, the crib mattress gives a firm comfort.

Best Crib Mattress with an Orthopedic Style Design

Colgate Ultra II Orthopedic-Style Crib/Toddler Mattress

The Colgate Ultra II Orthopedic-Style Crib/Toddler Mattress will definitely fit most standard sized cribs and it also uses coconut shell husks so it is organic with lasting durability. With enough border rods, the crib mattress is also GREENGUARD Certified and you will not worry about sagging due to the design that emphasizes comfort and durability as well as good indoor air quality due to being eco friendly.
It generally fits standard size cribs and it is not too firm or too soft so it is just right. Moreover, it contains 150 coils and it is made with a hypoallergenic foam. Made with high quality materials, the mattress can be used through multiple children.
With a fiber insulator pad, this orthopedic style mattress uses natural cotton so it is soft yet low on volatile organic compounds or VOCs. This innerspring crib mattress is also usable for a toddler bed to give a firm support for a baby or for a toddler.

The Competition

Other crib mattresses that did not make it to our review were not good in terms of firmness because they were reported to be too soft and might cause suffocation. Also, some of them emitted really strong smells that would be a health hazard to your baby.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When assembling a crib, when do you put a mattress?
A: Depending on the user’s manual or the instructions of the crib’s setup, the crib mattress is usually placed after you put the mattress support and the drop side rail. Usually, the mattress is almost the last thing to install before you add the blankets, bed sheets, toys and the like.
Q: What is the correct layering of a standard crib if there are ruffles?
A: A standard baby crib is usually setup with the ruffles first and then the mattress, the mattress protector and then the bed sheet. If you have a mattress support then you can put that underneath your mattress as well. Bumpers should also be installed last.
Q: Why should the mattress be lowered when your child grows up?
A: A growing baby may be able to reach the railings easier if the mattress is not lowered. This is why you should lower the mattress by taking out bottom supports as needed so your child will not easily get out and get injured.
Q: How do I lower a crib mattress?
A: A crib may have a lowering mechanism by unscrewing the foot of the crib to adjust to a lower area to sit lower to the ground. This will allow you to put your mattress in a lower level so that your baby doesn’t escape too easily. You should take out all of your beddings and mattress before you do this.
Q: What pieces of a crib are important in the setup?
A: The typical baby crib has the basic parts such as the boards, the side railings, the main bed board and all of the needed fasteners or screws to put it together. Some cribs may also have wheels if it is a mobile crib.
Q: What kinds of crib mattresses can I buy?
A: A crib mattress may be organic, inner spring or foam. Organic mattresses are the most expensive but the safest for your baby. Inner spring mattresses can be heavy but are durable for active children. Foam mattresses are the cheapest but must have a medium firm feeling to prevent suffocation for babies.
Q: How can a crib mattress be safe for my baby?
A: A crib mattress is deemed safe for your baby if it is hypoallergenic, with a waterproof cover, made with CertiPUR-US foam (doesn’t contain harmful chemicals) and made with organic materials as much as possible.
Q: What are the cons of buying a reused crib mattress?
A: A reused crib mattress , like with most used mattresses, may be unsanitary for you to use, even if it does save you a couple of dollars in the long run. Because a different baby slept on that mattress and it has been set in an environment unknown to you, it can be a health risk altogether.
For instance, because the used mattress is no longer that firm, it can be a risk for SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome due to suffocation of a non-firm mattress.
Q: Should I leave on or remove the plastic cover of the crib mattress?
A: A crib mattress should be removed of its plastic to make it safe for your baby. Instead of leaving the plastic on, you can use a crib sheet or any kind of protective mattress cover to keep your baby comfortable without the risk of SIDS or suffocation.
A crib mattress needs to be in good shape. Some people leave the plastic on to reduce the risk of SIDS or getting suffocation for your baby, but plastic is harmful for your child so it is better for you to just buy a mattress pad that is waterproof and firm enough not to cause suffocation for your baby, and yet still provide the best kind of comfort possible.
Q: What exactly is SIDS?
A: SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome occurs if your child or baby descends to the bottom of the crib or mattress or sinks in because the mattress is not firm enough. This action can cause the baby to lose breathing when they sleep, so it is important to have a firm mattress to cover up this problem.
Providing a safe sleeping environment for your baby is a hard task for moms and dads. Preventing SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome can be tricky when it comes to choosing a good mattress that is not too firm and not too soft, but just right for your baby. Since babies like to jump and play, the mattress may lose its quality so you need to make sure it stays firm to keep your baby safe and sound while sleeping and playing in the crib.
Q: Are bumpers safe to place on your baby’s crib?
A: Most experts argue that placing bumpers on a crib can pose a risk for suffocation among children and babies and may also be a risk for getting injuries because curious babies can climb on them. While they are okay for smaller babies that have the risk of getting injuries among the railings, they shouldn’t be used with older babies. Having a breathable mesh bumper set may be a good alternative, if you really can’t avoid using a bumper for your crib.
Q: What does “bare is best” mean in cribs?
A: A bare crib is something that doesn’t have much toys around as well as minimal pillows, comforters and quilts. Too much items on your baby’s crib can cause suffocation and lack of space for your baby to crawl around, so keep the toys to a minimal.
Q: Where is it best to put up a crib?
A: A proper location for a crib is a place away from breakable items and away from windows and blinds so that you child won’t get curious to pull the cords of the blinds or get into serious injury.
Q: How do I keep a drop side crib safe for my baby?
A: Some parents may be concerned with drop side crib designs because they can potentially cause injury and easy escape for your baby. This is why you can buy an immobilizer to make sure that the drop side crib stays in place when you are not around your baby’s crib to monitor all the time.
Q: Is the drop side feature the only change given to new cribs today?
A: The drop side feature may be gone from most cribs today, as per CPSC standards, but the hardware used for the crib should also be better in durability and the mattresses should be safe for babies to sleep on.
Q: What is the right width spacing of slats in any baby crib?
A: To keep a baby crib safe and sound for your child, you must have a crib that has a slat spacing of 6 cm or 2 3/8 inches or less so that it will not allow the child to escape easily or to get them stuck and injured. The slats should also be in good condition to prevent injuries.
Q: What paint finish should be given to a crib?
A: Because of lead poisoning , you should consider giving non-lead paint finish for the crib. Ask the manufacturer if the crib is totally lead-free in terms of its paint and other materials to avoid lead poisoning for your baby.
Q: Why is the measurement of a crib mattress important to consider?
A: The crib mattress should fit snugly onto your crib because if it is not snug, it will cause injury to your child if fingers get stuck in between the crib and the mattress. So, to be sure, accurately measure your crib’s dimensions and get the right mattress for the job.
Q: Are blankets safe to put into your child’s crib bedding?
A: Unless really necessary , most people nowadays do not put blankets because it can cause suffocation for active babies. If it is really cold, you can just use a breathable and light blanket, but it is still the best to dress your child in a baby sleeper overall.
Q: Is a second hand crib dangerous to use?
A: Unless you are fully aware on how the crib was used (e.g. it was used in the family for one kid and will be passed to the next kid), using a second hand crib from another person you barely know can be dangerous because of potential safety hazards. If you really want to save money for a second hand crib then make sure that the crib is fully repaired of anything that might be a hazard to your child, such as broken slats. Of course, you should change the bedding and mattress for sanitary reasons.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Infant/Toddler Crib Mattress is our best crib mattress due to being organic, CertiPUR-US certified and water/stain resistant to make it easy to clean up.