Best Condom

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The Trojan ENZ Lubricated is our pick for the best condom, which contains 36 in one pack and is made with latex material. It comes lubricated for a better feel and has a silky smooth finish so that it does not feel uncomfortable.

Our step-up pick is the Okamoto 0.04 and is super thin and comes with a light lubrication. It is also made with latex and has a total of 24 in one pack. They also tend to be more snug fitting so they won’t easily slip off.

The budget pick is the LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive and this one pack comes with a total of 40 with lubrication for ease of usage. It is thin enough to be sensitive and is made with latex that is of high quality.

A Little Background

A condom is something that men use to prevent unwanted sexually transmitted diseases. It is a rubber mechanism that slips into the male reproductive organ and is used for making sexual intercourse to catch semen from men. The purpose of this product is that it will not just prevent STDs but also lessen the chances of unwanted pregnancy overall. They are one of the most easily accessible reproductive health products available for the masses due to their availability and price.

They are also a form of birth control instrument when used properly. The goal of this product is to act as a seminal fluid catcher during the time of intercourse or any form of sexual interaction or activity. They create a mess-free experience for men who want to do their business anywhere.

Preventing the fluid from reaching a woman's body is one of the major factors and reasons as to why this can prevent unwanted pregnancy, because there is little to no chance of sperm and egg fertilization or even meeting. Therefore, it should have no holes to which sperm can potentially leak out.

Contrary to popular belief, it is important that teenagers know about how to use them to practice safe sex at their young age. Knowing about reproductive health is important for teenagers so that they will not suffer from STDs later on in life.

Teenagers are naturally curious about their sexuality so it is important that they keep themselves safe while trying out different things with their partner. Most liberal countries are giving proper sex education to teenagers as young as 13 years old, because this is the age that puberty begins among young teens.

Proper storage is important for them because once they get punctured, they will not function properly. It is also important that you check for holes on the product before you want to use it, otherwise it might not work well. Consider storing it in a place where it is not disturbed.

Most men place them in places where there is less chance of getting damaged and where they can be easily accessed without getting awkward from other people. You should also read the instructions on the packaging on how to store it when not in use.

They come in various flavors, such as chocolate, banana and others, which make them special. Only those of legal age will understand what the flavors are for, though. The flavored ones can be available in your local pharmacy or drugstore and they are also included alongside the plain ones out there. If you do prefer flavored ones, make sure that they are made from safe materials that will not cause potential allergies.

It is also important to know that different sizes work best for different men, because an improperly fitting one will not work well. It can come in various sizes and some can have an XL size.

Just like how different women have various cup sizes for their bra, it is important to pick a properly fitting condom so that it will hold your seminal fluid much better with less leakage, which is what you are trying to avoid when you are using this kind of instrument.

How we Picked

In choosing the best condom, here are some things you need to know about first:

Size and diameter: let's not be shy about it - a properly fitting condom is what makes it much more effective. Just like picking out a bra size for women, it is also important to pick a properly fitting diameter for your size so that it will not leak out the fluid during action.

Flavor: in some cases, men may also pick the flavored ones for certain purposes. They can come in various flavors such as chocolate and banana but the most important thing is that the flavors are safely made with food grade materials that will not cause allergies and other side effects at all.

Ease of usage: you need to consider an easy to slip on product so that it will be easily wearable, especially during times of "emergency". While being easy to slip on, it should also be simple enough but not compromise its durability as well as its ability to hold up the seminal fluid without possible leakage.

Texture and feel: a thinner condom might result in a better feel, but make sure you are not sacrificing the durability factor for the thinness of the product. Thinness can be a great factor because it allows for better breathability and sensitivity for men, as if they are not wearing one. This is an important factor because it allows couples to enjoy without compromise of their pleasure activities.

Durability: the durability of the rubber material used in the product should be of decent quality so as not to get punctured easily. It should have an adequate amount of thickness so as not to get damaged even when you are not using it.

Amount per pack: you should consider the number of products per pack so you can get more value for your money. Usually, they can have 12 to 36 in a pack but this can vary depending on the brand.

Added lubrication: there are also some brands and products that have added lubrication so that you do not have to manually add a lubricator. The added lubrication helps a lot with the sensation of the product overall.

Latex or nonlatex: it is also important to know whether you have latex allergies or not as there can be alternatives to latex type condoms for preventing the instance of allergies caused by latex.

Our Pick

As our top pick, the Trojan ENZ Lubricated is a great choice for those who want one that is already lubricated for ease of wearing and more sensation. It is ultra sensitive and has a classic design. It has a silky smooth finish and comes with 36 in one pack.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The small con but not a deal breaker with the Trojan ENZ Lubricated is that since they are made of latex, those with latex allergies may want something else.

Step-up Pick

The Okamoto 0.04 is our step-up pick, which is an ultra thin and lightweight type that comes with 24 pieces in one pack. It is made with natural rubber latex so it is great for protecting against sexually transmitted diseases. It is also easy to slip on with less chances of falling apart.

Budget Pick

The LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive is our budget pick, which is also ultra thin and sensitive, containing 40 in one pack. It is also lubricated so you will feel the sensation much more. It is also made with quality latex and it doesn’t have an off-putting latex scent.

Best Condom that is Non-Latex

The Durex Avanti Bare is a great choice for those with allergies or sensitivity to latex. It gives you a bare skin feeling and comes with 24 in one pack. It does not have an off-putting smell and is properly tested for reliability and flexibility.

Best Condom that is Ultra Thin

The Trojan Magnum Thin contains 12 in one pack and is ultra thin to wear so it gives you a lot of sensation. It is made with latex and is great for sexually transmitted infection prevention. It comes lubricated as well and has a large size.

Best Condom that is Non-Lubricated

If you want one that is not lubricated at all, you can try the Trojan ENZ Non-Lubricated and then provide your own lubrication method. It has a reservoir end and it is made with quality latex that won’t fail you when it comes down to protection overall.

Best Condom with a Ribbed Design

If you want one with a ribbed design on the base and on the end then you can go for the Trojan Ultra Ribbed, which gives more pleasure to your partner. It has an ultra smooth lubricant as well and comes with 26 in one pack. It has a comfortable shape that gives a natural experience for you and your partner.

Best Condom with a Reservoir End

The Trojan Ultra Ribbed is made with a reservoir end for added protection. It is made with a non-latex material so it is okay for those with latex allergies and still retain a natural feeling. It comes with 12 in each package and is super thin for added sensation with a lubricant.

Best Condom with a Large Size

For those needing a large sized one, the LifeStyles SKYN LARGE is a good choice and it is also made with polyisoprene, which is especially good for allergies with latex. It is also lubricated for added pleasure and smoothness when using.

Best Condom with a Studded Design

For those who want an extra studded design that can help pleasure your partner, the Skyn Extra Studded is a good choice. It has a unique wave texture that makes it effective for stimulation. It comes with 22 in each pack and is also made with polyisoprene so it’s okay for those with latex allergies.

The Competition

While there were others that looked promising, they were not in this list because they lacked in durability as well as a smooth feel. They were also hard to put on for most men, which can make them inconvenient to use altogether.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the uses of a condom?

A: There can be many uses for this kind of product, such as the following:

1. For preventing unwanted pregnancy

It is worth noting that this kind of product is mainly used by those who want to plan their family or keep their birth control method working effectively. One of the main uses of this kind of product is to prevent the seminal fluid and the sperm from reaching the woman’s insides to prevent fertilization from happening and thus, preventing a baby from forming inside a woman’s womb. This is the main reason why they were invented.

They are still used today as a primary form of birth control by teenagers, by adults and by anyone who can potentially get a woman pregnant. Family planning is just as important as preventing unwanted teen pregnancy, so it is important to use this kind of birth control method for males, so that it will work much more effectively in conjunction with any form of female birth control method that you are currently doing right now.

2. For protection against sexually transmitted infections

Another key important purpose of this kind of product is that it can help prevent HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases and infections. By practicing safe sex using a condom, any man can prevent and protect themselves from such really life threatening conditions. However, they should be made with quality materials, as sheepskin ones tend to be less effective in preventing HIV compared to the latex types. With that said, that doesn’t mean latex is always the best material.

This protection happens and works like the way that this product is used for birth control. It shields both partners from the likelihood of transferring sexually transmitted viruses and infections so as not to cause harm to one another. Therefore, these products are not just for keeping out of unwanted pregnancies, but also for practicing safe sex all the time.

Q: What is reproductive health?

A: Reproductive health is an aspect of life that involves around the ability of human beings to reproduce and to give birth to babies. Primarily, it talks about how a man and a woman can make a child through sexual intercourse and eventually fertilization inside a woman's womb, but it also talks about other things like birth control and proper spacing of children, otherwise known as family planning.

Most people are not properly educated about family planning, hence poverty takes place because one family has too many children and cannot support all of them. In poor countries were reproductive health studies and knowledge is only for the rich people, it is hard for families to get access to RH products due to their lack of availability as well as well as other factors.

Reproductive health can also refer to the problems that can occur around family planning as well as during reproduction for men and women. For instance, infertility problems as well as menstrual disorders for women can also be under the scope of reproductive health.

Q: What are condoms made of?

A: Different condoms can be made of different materials, but the most common ones are:

a. latex

b. rubber (non-latex and natural)

c. polyurethane

d. lambskin

All of these materials are important to know about because of the following:

a. Some people have latex allergies, so they should opt for non-latex alternatives.

b. Some vegans are concerned on what’s in their product. Some may include casein or milk powder.

c. Some of these products have parabens which can be linked to reduced sperm counts.

d. A spermicide nonoxynol-9 could be present and can be linked to STDs and irritations.

e. A sugar alcohol known as glycerin can potentially lead to yeast infection.

Q: Why do some of them have flavors?

A: The main reason for having flavors on condoms is for oral intercourse. Flavors help with reducing the bad taste of latex types that taste like rubber, which can be kind of off-putting if you and your partner are going through an oral intercourse, in which case, a coating flavor that is made of food-grade stuff is coated onto the latex to make it much better for the experience. Some of the most common flavors include the following:

a. strawberry

b. banana

c. chocolate

d. cola

Q: What are the most common birth control products?

A: There can be so many ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy, such as the following:



When to avoid

Combination pill

This is the most common type of birth control pill that is mostly used by women. They are effective up to 99 percent of the time and can reduce the likelihood of irregular periods and hot flashes.

Those who are above 35 years old can potentially get problems from them. Those who smoke may also get migraines and headaches.

Male condom

This is used by men and are great not just for preventing STDs as well as unwanted pregnancy. They can come in latex or lambskin but latex is better against STDs like HIV/AIDS.

Don’t go for one that is made of latex if you are allergic to it, or consider those with lubricants. Some may also be allergic to oil-based products so you can try other options as well.

Female condom

There’s actually a female counterpart of this kind of product, but instead of being worn by men outwards, it is worn by women inwards.

They should not be your only protective measure against unwanted pregnancy and STDs, as male condoms are far better.

Intrauterine device

This is implanted into a woman to keep fertilization from happening, which is to keep the sperm and egg far apart.

They are only best used for those who have already given birth, as those who haven’t given birth may experience certain pain.


This is a type of rubber device that is dome shaped and should be fitted inside a woman to prevent the sperm and egg from forming fertilization.

It is not ideal for those who have TSS or toxic shock syndrome. It can be hard for those who tend to gain or lose weight by more than 10 pounds often.

Progestin only pill

This is a type of birth control pill that is okay for women who are breast feeding and do not contain estrogen. They can be used even by those who smoke and have diabetes.

They should be taken at the same time every single day so they aren’t ideal for those who tend to forget taking them.

Extended cycle pill

This type of birth control pill can be taken to prevent unwanted pregnancy as well as minimize your menstruation to only every 3 months a year. Different brands may have different dosages and effects as well.

It’s a fairly new product so there hasn’t been much studies to prove its safety overall.


This is a type of patch that can be worn on most parts of a woman’s body, such as the abdomen, buttocks, arms and the like, and it can prevent unwanted pregnancy by releasing certain hormones.

They may not be good for those with frequent blood clots because of the estrogen that is contained in the patch.


Women take implants which can last up to 3 years and might be much more expensive but will definitely work to a hundred percent accuracy.

Women who are overweight and may be taking St. John’s worth may form complications.

Emergency contraception

This one is ideal for those who want to get a birth control method right away, and can be bought as an OTC product.

Some of them can last very long so they are not ideal if you do want to get pregnant later in life.


Women have tubal ligation while men have vasectomy. These are surgical procedures that physically block the reproductive organs so as not to make sperm or egg cells to prevent unwanted pregnancy. They are ideal for those who have already had many kids.

They are not ideal for those who still want to have children in the near future.

Q: What is the withdrawal method?

A: The withdrawal method is a type of natural family planning method in which prior to the ejaculation, the male organ is drawn out from the female organ. The purpose of this is to keep seminal fluid out of the woman’s womb to prevent the chances of getting pregnant altogether.

Unfortunately, while it can protect against unwanted pregnancy, it does not guarantee you protection against STDs, so it is safer to use a condom for this kind of instance.

To make the withdrawal method much more successful, here are some tips:

1. Consider another birth control option, such as a condom, or even rings or pills for women.

2. Pulling out is about timing – which can be practiced with a condom at first to prevent errors.

3. Consider the morning-after pill as a form of emergency contraception if some seminal fluid gets stuck.

4. Make sure to pull as far away as possible from the woman’s genitals to prevent even small amounts of seminal fluid from coming over and causing unwanted pregnancy.

5. Learning your own sexual responses so that you will know when it will come out is important. The withdrawal method is usually the hardest for most men who tend to be inexperienced. One such good way is to practice with masturbation so you get the feel of when you should pull out.

There are also many benefits to this kind of birth control method, such as the following:

a. It is proven to have no side effects at all, is it is a natural family planning method.

b. You don’t have to spend cash to get it to work.

c. You don’t have to go to the drugstore to buy anything.

d. It actually enhances the way other birth control methods work, such as with condoms.

On the contrary, there can be drawbacks to this kind of withdrawal method, such as the following:

a. It is not ideal for those who are inexperienced with ejaculation.

b. Accidents can potentially happen even if you are careful not to get seminal fluid to your partner.

c. Youngsters who tend to have premature ejaculation can find it hard to do.

d. Your levels of self-control should be sufficient.

e. For couples, there should be enough trust and bond to make the method effective.

Q: What is the average sperm count of men?

A: Most people aren’t aware about the average sperm count of men, which is important for couples who want to have a baby. Here are the averages for most men:

Normal range of sperm count

Okay as long as there’s good motility

You should go to a doctor

40 to 300 million

20 to 40 million

10 million and below

In addition to that, sperm count may also be supplemented by the volume, in which the normal volume is somewhere from 2 to 5 mm. If it is lower than this volume then there can be problems with the prostate gland or the seminal vesicles.

Other aspects of sperm count include the following:

a. Morphology – the norm is at least 14% or more, and this refers to the shape of the sperm head. Normal shaped heads for a sperm in general should be at least 30%.

b. Motility – this refers to the movement of the sperm in terms of a scale of 0 to 4, in which 2 is a good grade. The number of active cells should be at least 50%.

c. Liquefaction – this refers to how the ejaculation forms into a gel-like substance in 20 minutes and gets liquefied. If it does not liquefy easily then the seminal vesicles could have a problem.

d. Cultures – the presence of any bacteria or STD can potentially be detected by a urologist or a physician if you’re unsure.

e. Seminal Fructose – other than testing for sperm content, there’s also another way of telling if the semen is healthy – with seminal fructose, which gets left behind. If there is no fructose then there could be problems with the seminal vesicles as well.

Q: What are the common problems of using this product?

A: There can be many potential problems of using this kind of birth control product, such as the following:



Possible Solution


Some people experience tightness that gets uncomfortable later on, especially during intercourse.

a. You can use a lubricant to make them feel less tighter.

b. Consider a larger size or a free size from famous brands like Durex or Trojan.

c. Unroll it completely before you slip it on to make sure it’s completely fitting.

d. Some brands already have lubrication – you can try those.


Some people experience numbness or can’t feel anything while they are wearing it.

a. Thinner condoms, such as those from Kimono or Maxx, can give you a better sensation.

b. Go for brands that do not contain the spermicide nonoxynol-9 to prevent the numb feeling.

c. Lubrication can also enhance the sensation, so go for a water-based lube or a lubricated brand.


Some people experience breakage when they are about to be used.

a. Consider not leaving any air bubbles when you are using it.

b. Add some more lubrication to prevent breakage.

c. Handle and wear it carefully.

d. Check if the product is expired.

e. Read the storage instructions and keep them in a cool and dry place.


Some people tend to forget to bring them or tend to misplace them.

a. They should be kept in a place that is easily accessible, such as in a pocket or bag.

b. If you’re going to a party and drink or do other vices, consider bringing one with you.

c. Don’t be shy about carrying them – they are meant for safe sex and for protection.

Latex allergies

There are some people who tend to have allergies with latex.

a. To solve this problem, consider getting a non-latex alternative product.

b. Consider a thinner type of condom that  doesn’t contain spermicide.

Putting it on

Most people have phobias of using it because it’s hard to put on.

a. Consider getting your partner to help you put it on.

b. Practice techniques like sock rolling.

Slipping off

Some of these products might potentially slip out when pulling out or using the withdrawal method.

a. To avoid slipping off, hold the base when you are withdrawing.

b. Pull out as quickly as possible when you ejaculate so it has less chances of slipping away.

Oral sex

Oral sex can be awkward with latex.

a. Try products that have flavor to avoid the bad taste of latex (make sure it’s food grade).

b. Consider after-care products like mouthwashes if you want to prevent infections.

c. You can swallow or spit the semen, but letting it stay is dangerous.

Q: Why are there thinner versions of the product?

A: Thinner types of this product are made because of the fact that the sensation can be lost if you do not have sufficient thinness when you are wearing it. Breathability as well as feel are both important things to consider for couples or at least for a person doing it himself. A thinner product does not mean that it is not effective – it is all about how the user takes care of it.

Q: Where can I buy this product?

A: Like most healthcare products that are cheap, this product can be bought nearly anywhere, such as from the following:

1. your local supermarket or grocery store

2. a vending machine

3. your local health center

4. from your doctor or physician

5. small to large convenience stores

6. online stores, if you’re really shy about it

The cool thing about buying this product is that you don’t need to be over the legal age of 18 to buy it and it does not require a prescription at all.

The cost can depend on where you live, but generally, they cost about $1 each but this can also vary depending on what package or brand you order or buy. In some cases, there can be medical missions that give out free condoms for those countries or local areas that do not have easy access to birth control products.

Q: Why are there some brands that are not made of latex material?

A: Those that do not have latex material can give benefits to those who have latex allergies. Nowadays, more and more people tend to have latex allergies, which can be bad news to those who often use condoms. This is why most manufacturers like Durex are now making latex-free types to make sure that those with allergies can still practice safer sex in the long run.

In addition to being latex free, these types of products also tend to be thinner because their goal is to add more sensation and less of a numb feeling to you and your partner. In terms of sexual intercourse, having a good feeling and sensation is important to ensure that you and your partner make the most out of your pleasuring experience. Having a thinner type of product can help with that problem.

Q: What are the benefits of family planning?

A: Family planning has its many benefits to humans in general, such as the following:

1. It lessens the problem of poverty.

2. All children in the family will get equal attention and rights.

3. There will be less likelihood of abortion.

4. There will be less chances of spreading sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS.

5. Teenage pregnancy can be prevented with birth control products.

6. The population of an area will be controlled much better.

7. It helps children to gain more access to education.

8. Infant mortality at birth can also be significantly reduced.

Q: Why are some countries not very open with reproductive health solutions?

A: There are many contributing factors as to why a country does not get enough support for their reproductive health needs, such as the following:

1. Lack of education

2. Insufficient funding

3. Religious and cultural hindrance

4. Availability issues

5. Lack of government action

Q: What are the common reasons for failure to use this product properly?

A: There can be many reasons as to why this product would fail, such as the following:

1. The product is probably expired.

2. There could be manufacturing defects.

3. They could be damaged while being shipped and handled.

4. Improper use during intercourse leads to breakage.

5. It may not be used consistently.

Q: Are there downsides to using this kind of product?

A: Yes, there can be some negative effects to using this kind of product, such as the following:

1. You still have some chance of getting pregnant, anyway.

2. Some people tend to have allergies with latex.

3. They don’t work well against HIV/AIDS and other STDs.

4. Some claim that they don’t feel a lot of sensation when using them.

Q: What is the importance of sex education for teens and older kids?

A: Teaching the youngsters sex education is important because:

1. It will help them later in life when they have kids.

2. It is an important aspect of life and is part of growing up.

3. It can protect them against HIV and STDs in the future.

In addition to that, here are some misconceptions that aren’t true:

1. Sex education doesn’t encourage students to try sex – it helps them to steer clear out of it because they will know the risks of doing so. Instead of trying to keep the topic a taboo or a secret to them, it is more important to talk your kids about it so that they won’t try something that is risky such as unprotected sex without the use of condoms.

2. Sex education doesn’t have to interfere with religious beliefs – family planning does not involve abortion or killing babies, it just means that a couple is preparing for a well-planned family to avoid the likelihood of poverty and health problems later on in life.

Q: What is the female condom and what are its disadvantages?

A: This type of product is meant for females and work in reverse to how the male type is inserted. Here are the different downsides to using this kind of product:

1. They tend to be more expensive – at about $3 for each, compared to a $1 male condom.

2. They are less available as regular ones for males, so they can be hard to find.

3. They tend to squeak while they are being used in intercourse, so they can feel uncomfortable.

4. They are less popular so most women will be afraid to try them at first.

5. They tend to be bigger so they can be intimidating for most women to wear or carry around.

6. They are difficult to insert and remove for most people, especially for those who aren’t familiar with tampons and menstrual cups.

Q: What are the different ways that a sex education program becomes effective?

A: It become effective if any of the following characteristics are present in the program:

1. Age-appropriateness – this refers to how much the lessons are appropriate for the age group. For instance, those around 13 years old may only need to learn about periods and puberty and all of the basic stuff. However, when they reach about 16 to 18 years old, they should learn about safe sex so that they will be ready later on in life.

2. Comprehensiveness – it should tackle nearly all of the aspects of sex education with regards to their locality. For instance, it can also handle situations as to when peer pressure is present, and how to deal with them. In a society where sexual topics are considered a taboo, it is important that students learn the importance of health and safety over peer pressure or embarrassment from others.

3. Willingness – both the students and the teachers should all be willing to discuss topics that can be considered important in sex education. If they really believe in the success of the program then they should not be ashamed of it. Most people tend to get embarrassed if they are talking about terms that aren’t always used in class, such as male and female genitals, but they are all normal and important to talk about in terms of health issues.

4. Communication – in the program, the students should also learn how to effectively communicate their wants and needs towards others, so that they will be effective partners in the future. They should know and learn when and where to refuse or abstain, and what to do with certain situations.

5. Birth control – the topics to be discussed usually centers around birth control products like condoms and other forms of contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy, especially teen pregnancy, which is a major problem for most countries today. In addition to that, abstinence is also something that should be learned by students at a young age to prepare them for future family planning.

Q: What are the pros and cons of using birth control products for teens?

A: It depends on where you live and the situation, but in most cases, there are different advantages and disadvantages for giving birth control products to teens:



a. It can help prevent sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDs.

b. It can help prevent unwanted pregnancy such as teen pregnancy among the youngsters.

a. If teens practice abstinence then this can only lead to much more sexual activity later on.

b. Not all cultures accept this, especially those with religious reasons and concerns.

Q: What are the different types of sexual activities?

A: There can be different types of activities that are regarded as “sex” but they don’t always refer to penetration (when the male penis goes into the female vagina), but here’s a list of common types of sexual activities:

Type of sexual activity

Otherwise known as

What it is

Vaginal sex

Sexual intercourse, or simply sex

The most general way of having sex, by which the male penis goes into the female vagina.

Oral sex

A blowjob

Another common way of having sex, by which the male penis goes into the mouth of the partner.

Anal sex

Anal intercourse

Instead of going into the vagina, the male penis goes into the butt. This is commonly done by male couples.


Hand job

This is different from masturbation, and involves two people touching each other’s genitals, usually done by female couples.

Genital rubbing

Dry humping

There’s no penetration involved – just rubbing each other’s genitals against each other – often seen in Hollywood movies.


Fapping (male)

Shlicking (female)

Basically involves touching a person’s own genitals without a partner.

Q: Is it possible to use a condom for oral sex?

A: Yes, most condoms nowadays do have flavors and lubricated flavors that can be used for oral intercourse, since we all know that latex tastes bad. In this way, you can enjoy intercourse without getting the semen into your mouth – especially for those who feel disgusted with it.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, the Trojan ENZ Lubricated is our pick for the best condom due to the smooth and silky sensation, lubrication for added smoothness and effectiveness in HIV protection as well as for unwanted pregnancy.