Best Budget Penis Pumps

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The Dr. Kong Multi-Function is our pick for the best budget penis pump, which is made of ABS material for the surface, which makes it eco-friendly. The manufacturing process also left it odorless and safe for your sensitive skin. Also, the TPR has been tested to be skin-friendly with a real skin feeling.

Our step-up pick is the Male ED Therapy and this one also make use of a good vacuum system. In addition to that, it is made with nontoxic material and a manual tie bar also comes along with the product. The construction will have no side effect to you and it will also fit most sizes.

The budget pick is the LeLuv BEST Z-Grip and this one has a durable construction, which also keeps in mind some people who may have larger hands and may feel awkward with those that have smaller grips. This one is made with quality grade silicone that is safe for your skin and will not leave allergies.

A Little Background

A penis enlargement pump male enhancement products that come in the category of sex toys. Their main purpose is to add some temporary volume to a man’s penis. These cheaper cock extenders are uniquely designed to fit the male genitals, so that they can somewhat temporarily vacuum the air and give the impression that they are truly erect and longer or bigger than they should be, which is what most men (and women or respective partners) want during their sexual intercourse.

As contrary to pills and supplements that are meant for penis enlargement, these cheaper cock extenders use a manual or electric vacuum mechanism, and are known to be popular among men and couples. The mechanism makes it different and it acts more like a suction item as a cheaper cock extender and it only has a temporary effect. The effect of this kind of sex toy is not that long as compared to pills and supplements out in the market, but penis pumps work.

Some of them also do not contain latex because some people are allergic to latex. The problem with latex is that it can be the source of allergy for most people, especially with the fact that the male genitalia can be the most sensitive part of a man’s skin, which can cause trouble later on, and may even result into severe dysfunctions and the inability to perform sexual intercourse properly. Therefore, you should know if you have allergy to latex.

For those who do want to have children with their partner, there are special cheaper cock extenders that do not have spermicide. The term “spermicide” applies to anything that might potentially kill a sperm of a man. The sperm is a necessary cell that meets with the egg cells of the female during sex, and this is the cause of fertilization or having an offspring through pregnancy. In some cases, spermicide can also be harmful to the average sperm count.

Some of them are more than just cock extenders – they can also vibrate depending on the model. These are helpful for when you want to add some more experience to your sexual activity and wellness with your partner, whenever and wherever. In short, you get a vibrator and a cheaper cock extender in just one package, which can also save you some budget in the long run, as vibrators can also save a lot of energy on giving partner pleasure.

Cheap cock extenders usually have a price of $20 and below, and can still have the elements and features that you want for it. Many people do not have access to cheaper sex toys, and this is why if you don’t have a lot of money but want to experience sexual wellness and pleasure with your partner, you can definitely try the cheaper cock extender with vacuum technology so that you will have a little upgrade for your personal experiences.

Most erection helping pressure tools include bathmate, penomet pump and hydromax, which provide good pressure for your penile and girth problems.

How we Picked

In choosing the best budget penis pumps, here were some of our criteria:

Maximum length: this is the maximum length that the cheaper cock extender for erection can make a man’s genitals extend at the very most. There are some of them that can go to the length of 9 inches but this can vary, and some can go for only about 6 to 7 inches on the average. It really depends on the manufacturer and the specifications of the cheaper cock extender as to how long it will go.

Materials used: do note that some men may be allergic to latex and this is why some cheaper cock extenders are non latex in nature. The materials should be listed and should be free from latex if you know yourself that you have an allergy to latex or similar materials.

In the same way, the materials of the cheaper cock extender should be durable and should last for many uses as much as possible, so that you will be getting more value for your money.

Lubrication: there are also some cheaper cock extenders that are lubricated but some are not lubricated. This may have an impact to your performance with your partner, or your preferences. The included lubrication for the cheaper cock extender should also be friendly towards your skin, so that it will not cause allergies later on. Some people also prefer those with no lubrication so they can add their very own, so that they will feel more accustomed to it.

Price: since it is a cheaper cock extender, it should have friendly price, such as those below $20. Many people do not have enough budget for a sex toy, and this is what makes the cheaper cock extender very advantageous in that point. Cheap ones include penomet, bathmate and hydromax. It may be cheap but if the quality is good and decent then it can make a great sex toy for adults. Just make sure you are getting good value for what you pay for.

Spermicide or No Spermicide: there are some people who do not like to have spermicide content in their cheaper penile cock extender with pressure, so it should be noted. Spermicide can have the potential to possibly harm the sperm count of an average man, and this is when you should be careful. When you are in doubt, look for a cheaper cock extender that does not have spermicide – unless you absolutely don’t want to have kids in the future!

Ease of use: the cheaper cock extender with pressure should be a hassle-free experience that is easy to learn and use right off the bat. Some who are inexperienced to this kind of sex toy such as the bathmate hydro might be a little bit overwhelmed with that they will have, so it should have at least a set of instructions for using properly, so that they will not hurt themselves in the process of using the cheaper cock extender.

Skin-friendly: you also have to consider the fact that the cheaper cock extender should be skin-friendly in its materials and construction, so that it will not create trouble for your experience such as the hydro penis pump. As we mentioned above, the materials and the lubrication should be just fine for your sensitive parts for pumping so that no kind of rash or irritation will form later on as you use the product.

Our Pick

As our top pick, the Dr. Kong Multi-Function is an odorless product that will make it easier for you to use it whenever you need to, without the foul odor of plastics. It is also nontoxic in its materials so it is deemed safe for you and your skin. The ABS and TPR materials are also of high grade so that they will not harm the environment in any way possible.

The construction of the materials also give a real skin feeling, as opposed to others that are less sensitive to feel and use. It can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap, much like with other kinds of accessories that are related to this one. The length is from 8 to 10 inches and the individual diameter is form 2 to 2.5 inches. It also has a good temperature control and some other accessories included.

Flaws but Not Dealbrakers

The only con but not a deal breaker with the Dr. Kong Multi-Function is that the cleaning can be quite a challenge, but this is true for all kinds of penis pumps out there.

Step-up Pick

As our step-up pick, the Male ED Therapy is also made with durable and quality ABS plastic that is deemed safe for use in the sensitive parts of your skin. It will not have any side effect once you have used it for your pleasure purposes. The pressure can also be adjusted due to the mechanism for the vacuum part of the Male ED Therapy. It is also made with non-toxic materials, much like with our top pick.

The cylinder design will fit most sizes, so you don’t have to worry about thickness or length. The ABS plastic will also last considerably longer than other cheap ones out there. It also has an instant pressure release feature that is not seen in other kinds of products like this one.

The pump trigger with pressure release valve also makes the job easier when you are using this for your intended purposes. Moreover, it helps blood run in and out and is good for penis enlargement.

Budget Pick

The LeLuv BEST Z-Grip is our budget pick, which keeps the operation as simple and as straightforward as possible with the quick release valve. What’s more, the original shape is retained because of the very fact that silicone accessories have been used for making the parts of this kind of product, especially slippery-coated silicone for the hose part of this sex toy, which cannot be easily torn apart.

The vacuum pumping mechanism is attached to the cylinder so that pumps work properly, as a good girth and penile pressure device. It is currently available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large, all with varying but cheap prices.

The only thing that you need to do is to keep it lubricated before using the cylinder. It is a great product for those who are just getting started out with this kind product, which is a cheap cock vacuum extension product for adults.

As with most cheaper products, you need to be patient when using it to avoid stress onto the product and increase the vacuum gradually.

Best Budget Penis Pump with a Cock Ring

The Pipedream Worx Max is a good choice if you want something that also has a cock ring for added pleasure. In addition to that, this kind of product also comes with a toy cleaner to make it much easier for you to clean it up later on from the stuff that came out. Additionally, there is also a moist lubricant included so that you do not have to add lubricant, which is convenient for most beginners into sex toys.

This product has a quick release valve, which enhances the ejaculation and blood flow for the male genitals. It also has a good construction on the PVC opening, which is smooth and steady and will not get you embarrassed in front of your partner. The trigger has an easy to use mechanism that will be friendly towards beginners. The feel is closer to skin feel so it will not feel uncomfortable or plastic like when you are using it.

Best Budget Penis Pump with a Transparent Cylinder

The NewMaxer Male Enhancement is a transparent cylinder designed cheaper cock vacuum mechanism, which is made with medical grade silicone that makes it safe towards your skin. The parts are also sturdy and will withstand most use and will not easily wear out. The technology and mechanism will not have side effects as it is a manual vacuum mechanism. It is also comfortable due to the rubber cushion that has just the right softness, while being easy to use.

You also don’t have to worry about ordering it online – it comes in a discrete package so no one will know what you have just ordered. It not only enlarges your penis – it also helps you to manage ejaculations much better to avoid an early blow-out period. It has a total size of 7 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter. It is also completely waterproof so it is very simple to clean up.

Overall, this is a helpful product, because if you want to easily see your thing while using this product then you can with the transparent cylinder.

Best Budget Penis Pump with Vibration

This Nasswalk Ram Vibrating is not just a cock extending vacuum mechanism, but it is also a vibrating sex toy. It has a bullet that can be removed depending on your preferences, and the bullet has an extensive point of 3 1/2 inches. Not to worry about the product’s elasticity, as it is super stretchy, no matter what size you may have.

Because it vibrates, you don’t have to worry about expending too much effort when making love with someone. It is also an electric penis pump.

The texture, which is ribbed, is a standard on most sex toys but is also incorporated with this vacuum mechanism. What’s more, it also has a variable speed, which makes it easy to use for different people who may want to do it slower or faster depending on what your partner wants. This is highly important to make you feel in control of the situation in your bed and with your partner. You will only need 3 watch batteries.

Best Budget Penis Pump with a Pressure Meter

The Cob Male Manual has a pressure meter, so that you will know how much pressure you are applying to your sword, as it helps to promote the blood flow for better pressure. This kind of pressure will help you to manage ejaculation much better and can act as a training course for beginners. It has a release valve that can be used without much effort. There are also scale lines in addition to the pressure meter that is included.

It is easy to use when you are sliding your penis into the cylinder and applying the right pressure using the set barometer and the hand pump. Just remember to vacuum slowly and gradually and don’t forget to add some lubrication when needed.

Its effect can vary depending on how you use it, but generally, it will definitely help enhanced erection hardness along with the length of your sword. It is also very easy to use due to the t-shaped handle design to make it comfortable.

Best Budget Penis Pump for Ejaculation Training

For those who always mess up during the ejaculation phase (coming out too quickly), you can try the Bombex Vacuum Enlarger. The unique vagina shaped sleeve is a big bonus, plus the 3 silicone sleeves that can make it easier for you to slip it in. There will be a lot of comfort using this product because it accommodates nearly any penis size possible. It can also help increase your size and stamina when practicing ejaculation.

With using this kind of product for a longer period of time, you can train your penis for a longer and thicker erection, eventually. So, for those with problems on premature ejaculations and impotence, this is a helpful product. It will also help promote a better girth and length for your sword and it has a good length of 9.7 inches and a diameter of 2.7 inches. It can be easily applied with any lubricant that is water based.

Best Budget Penis Pump that is Non-Latex

The Blush Novelties  Beginner is a good choice for those who want something that is latex-free. It also does not contain paraffin, phthalates, and fragrances. Because it is made with a durable material called TPE for the sleeve, it is definitely worth buying for its price and durability. In addition to that, the length is just right at 9 inches and the diameter of 2.5 inches.

There is also a cock ring included with this item as a freebie. There is also a quick release valve that is very easy to use. The mechanism gives a good suction mechanism so that it will definitely not fail you during any performance. It is also available in 3 colors: red, black and blue, depending on your preferences. What’s more, the silicone tube is also very flexible for any penis size possible.

Best Budget Penis Pump for Beginners

The Pink Lust Enlarger is a good choice for those who are still beginners with sex toys. It is a good enhancing product that has a total length of 8 inches and a diameter of 2 inches. There are a total of 3 seal ends included with the package, which are all soft and sized just fine for various kinds and sizes of swords.

The transparent cylinder lets you see the vacuum mechanism in action, and also with good stability. It can help with a visible erection, and is a good device with pressure to count on.

The interaction of the bulb and cylinder produces a good result as a vacuum mechanism that can help you to practice good ejaculation and also to promote a better erection and visible length. It comes in a box with all of the needed accessories for you to use, such as the vacuuming mechanism, the cylinder and the soft seals that are of different sizes.

The Competition

There were other cheaper cock extenders that did not make it to our list because they were too much of a hassle to use and were also not very good in construction terms so they may cause some skin irritations to the person using them.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of sex toys in a relationship?

A: There are many benefits of using sex toys when you’re in the bed and love making, such as the following:

Improved sex satisfaction

A sex toy can help you feel more satisfied with your partner because of the really cool things it can offer. It can automatically vibrate and help you to manage sexual energy without much loss.

Added orgasms

Girls will most likely get the benefit from a vibrator, because most of the time, they won’t really get a good orgasm unless they have been stimulated much better than just the fingering technique.

Women don’t have to fake orgasms often

Added to that fact, most women just fake orgasms and don’t really come. Getting them properly stimulated with the right sex toy will definitely add pleasure to your sexual experience and wellness.

Adds intimacy to your relationship

Some women don’t really like getting naked all the time or engaging in too much foreplay, by which you can introduce sex toys to help as a sexual aid.

Q: What are the different kinds of sex toys?

A: A sex toy is a kind of toy that is specifically only used by adults during sexual time. Sex toys can vary in terms of use and type, such as with the following:


This one is usually battery powered and will help aid with rhythmic vibrations to stimulate pleasure to any person.


Massagers are different from vibrators because they are mostly used for your other body parts and provide more mobility as compared to simple vibrators.


Dildos are the most common types of sex toys, as they require no battery to run. They are usually tied to your body or used freely to simulate an erect genital. It can be used by men and women, especially those in the LGBT community.


Rings are mostly used for men for genital erection and stimulation, but there are also instances when women can also make good use of them for clitoral stimulation.

Anal plug

An anal plug is – you guessed it – for anal play. It can be used alone or with a partner. Different anal plugs can have customized parts, such as jewelry and various designs.

Q: What are the symptoms of premature ejaculation?

A: Premature ejaculation is something that can happen if you always end up coming out too early. The only symptom of premature ejaculation is coming out within less than a minute. However, there are two types of premature ejaculation:


This means that almost all of your sexual intercourses ended up with a premature ejaculation, and it’s going to be there for life, unless you do something to help cure it.


You’ve probably had good ejaculation before, but now it worsened due to certain circumstances.

Q: What are the causes of premature ejaculation?

A: Coming out too early can be the result of the following causes:

Lack of experience

Boys who are still too young might not be that experienced with getting off by themselves.


There is a saying that the older you get, the more experience you gain. However, some people do get premature ejaculation at an old age.

New partner

Sometimes, this occurs if your sexual partner is new, in which you just have to get used to him/her and adjust.

Anxiety or depression

Mental health can play a role with premature ejaculation, especially if you have a lot of problems.

Hormonal problems

Over abundance of hormones can also lead to this kind of problem for your member.

Medication side effect

Some medications, especially those with relation to prostate health, may also affect your performance.


Those with physical injuries to their genital can possibly have this kind of problem.

Q: Are there treatments to premature ejaculation?

A: There are many ways you can help resolve coming out too early, such as with the following treatments:

Couples therapy

This is a kind of doctor recommended therapy in which the couple is given a counseling session to further improve and work on the premature ejaculation problem.


In very rare cases, you can take antidepressants to help delay the coming out process.  


This is a kind of medicine that is used for primary and secondary premature ejaculation, and should only be used if there is poor control, with short climaxes, and the ejaculation happens less than 2 minutes. It is also only valid if you’ve had mostly PE in the last 6 months.

Topical creams

There are special and unique creams like prilocaine and lidocaine that can help preserve the ejaculation for later, but this can potentially make you feel numb depending on your preferences.

Start and stop method

This is a manual method in which you stop stimulating your genital when you feel like you’re about to have a blast. It is simply a form of ejaculation training.

Squeeze method

Men can also alternatively squeeze the end of the genital to help keep the ejaculation at bay.

Q: On the other hand, what is erectile dysfunction?

A: Erectile or penile dysfunction is the entire opposite of premature ejaculation – you basically don’t climax at all, or are having trouble doing so. Here are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction or ED:

1. Unable to get an erection – this happens when you can’t get an erection at all.

2. Problems with controlling the climax – this happens if there are troubles with controlling the erection as a whole.

3. Loss of sexual hunger – basically, you are at a loss when it comes down to sexual desire. This can lead to a less bountiful sexual life with your partner, and can also lead to relationship problems and maybe even depression.

Q: What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

A: Erectile dysfunction is a serious matter and it can be caused by any of the following problems, which includes the peyronie’s disease:

Disruption in blood flow

This can include problems with a heart disease, as well as with blood pressure.

High cholesterol

This is also in cohorts with the blood flow problem.


A common complication with erectile dysfunction would be in the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients.

Smoking, alcohol and substance abuse

This is self-explanatory, but because your overall health is depleted with any of the following vices, this also takes a toll on your blood flow and your sexual wellness.

Prostrate disease treatments

If you have a disease related to the prostate, such as enlarged prostate, then that can be a cause of erectile dysfunction as well.

Hormonal disorders

Anyone with hormonal problems may also experience a lack of erectile activity.

Anatomical genital disorders

This includes the peyronie’s disease, which is an anatomical or physical disease that renders the genital less capable.


Other conditions that may affect and contribute to erectile dysfunction include multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, metabolic syndrome and obesity. Complications with surgery as well as injuries related to the spinal cord or the pelvic area of a person can also have an impact to erectile dysfunction.

Q: Which medications or medicines may cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect?

A: The following medicines, if you take them, may also lead to erectile dysfunction when not taken properly or when taken without the consent or advice of your doctor:


These are medicines used for treating depression

Hypertension medications

They have beta blockers and diuretics, both of which are associated with erectile dysfunction


These are medicines used for treating certain psychological illnesses

Cholesterol medications

If you ever have Lipitor as your maintenance medicine then chances are, your testosterone levels may decrease

Medications related to prostate cancer

If you are taking any medications that are related to prostate enlargement then that can also conflict with your erectile dysfunction


These are known as drugs for ulcer patients

Q: What are the dangers of male genital enlargement pills?

A: If you ever want to go ahead and try those pills for enlargement of the male genital, then you should also step back a little and look at the facts first:

Ensure they are FDA registered

If you want to try out these pills, make sure that they are tried, tested and safe to consume by consumers and have been approved by the FDA for consumption.

Read the label carefully

Make sure you absolutely read the label for the list of ingredients, including the contact numbers of the manufacturers, expiration date and any other information that you might find handy.

There is no guarantee

Remember that most supplements out there are just supplements and may or may not really give you a result.

Q: What are the benefits of a genital vacuum pump and who can benefit from it?

A: Most people think that a pumping penis extender is a joke and will not work at all to enlarge the genital, however, it does have a few supportive benefits, such as the following:

Helps in prostatectomy

Those who have gone through prostate surgery may experience decrease in size, in which they may get more support and growth from air vacuum pumps.

Helps in ejaculation training

Those who have problems with ejaculation can help train their genital to be more restrained in holding it in for a longer period of time.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction

Other than with ejaculation training, it can also help those with erectile dysfunction.

Most of them are cheap

You will find them mostly in thrift markets and they will mostly cost less than $25 at the very most.

Better erections

They may also potentially help improve your erections in terms of volume.

Q: What are the ways to tell if you have genital pain?

A: If you have pain in your genital, here are the ways to tell so:

1. Locate where the pain on your genital is pinpointed.

2. Know if it is internally happening or externally occurring.

3. Classify if the feeling is sharp or dull pain.

4. Know if the pain is constant or intermittent.

5. Talk to your doctor if you have certain genital-related conditions.

Q: Can circumcision affect the sensitivity of your genital in any way?

A: Studies have shown that your genital will not get affected in terms of sensitivity when it comes down to circumcision. Hence, many countries don’t really practice it, but in many countries where circumcision is a “test of manhood” and also a “sanitary procedure”, circumcision can be a big deal.

Q: How do you know if circumcision is safely done?

A: There are different criteria to know if the circumcision that was performed was a safe procedure:

Circumcised person is healthy

The person undergoing circumcision should be healthy.

No medical risks

There are no medical conditions that might hinder it.

Strict aseptic technique was used

This means that the technique involved sterilization that has been done carefully.

Circumcision was done by a professional

This is important – only a professional and licensed practitioner should do it.

Q: What are some common misconceptions with sex toys?

A: Sex toys often get misconceptions, such as the following:

“Sex toys are only for single and lonely people.”

Not so – many couples often use sex toys in the bedroom for added experiment and pleasure.

“It is only for people with lack of sexual life.”

Not exactly – many people who use sex toys actually live a bountiful sex life prior to using them, which proves that anyone can use them.

“Sex toys are a luxury for women.”

Actually, they are sometimes a necessity – while fingering is a good technique, it might not be comfortable for some women with body issues, hence a sex toy may be of help. This is because women can’t really orgasm properly without the aid of something like a sex toy – about 75% of women actually fake their orgasms.

“Sex toys are only for a certain sex or couple.”

Whatever gender orientation you’re in, there will always be a sex toy for everyone – even one for all sexes. Most of them will add vibration and stimulation depending on your needs.

“Sex toys should not be told to younger teens.”

Sex toys can be part of sex education – because they are sometimes helpful (as we mentioned, for women), for living a healthier sexual life between couples, and for oneself.

“Only normally climaxing people can use sex toys.”

Not so – actually, sex toys help out those with orgasm problems like erectile dysfunction in men.

“Sex toys may make women feel uncomfortable.”

This depends on the woman, so you should explain your side first, get comfortable and don’t force it from the start. In most cases, sex toys can actually be more beneficial to women than to men, although an equal both can benefit well.

“Sex toys are for BDSM lovers only.”

While Fifty Shades of Grey might have conditioned you with that – sex toys can be used by anybody, regardless of fetish and preferences you have. There are a ton of sex toy varieties out there for you to choose from.

Q: What is the average size of a man’s genital?

A: The average size for a health man’s genital is as follows:

Flaccid size

This pertains to the size of the genital at normal when it is not erect.

3 to 4 inches

Erect size

This pertains to the size of the genital when it is stimulated and is erect.

5 to 7 inches

Q: What is the foreskin on a man’s genital?

A: The foreskin is the layer of skin that is usually removed if the man gets circumcised. In many countries, the foreskin is removed in this process for cultural and sometimes medical purposes. Do note, however, that the lack of foreskin may sometimes result in a less lubricated sexual experience for women.

Q: What are some good exercises for natural genital enlargement?

A: If you have tried them all – pills and penis stretchers – and you just want some better and natural support for your genital without the side effects, you may also want to do the following exercises:


1. Do this in an almost erect position for your genital.

2. Add lubrication to both your genital and hands, forming the ‘ok’ sign.

3. Start squeezing at the base of your genital.

4. Go all the way up to the head.

5. Switch with your other hand.

6. Repeat for 100 strokes, or 500 if you feel like having a challenge.


1. Do this when your genital is not erect or flaccid.

2. Grab the head part and stretch it in the most comfortable way possible.

3. Hold for 15 seconds and then release.

4. Add a little shake to help relax the tension in the genital muscles.


1. Do this when you’re stimulating (a.k.a. getting off).

2. Place your palm over the genital head once you feel an ejaculation might happen.

Q: Which countries have the most people circumcised?

A: Among the many countries that have a lot of their population with circumcised people include:









South Korea




Q: What are some natural ways to increase male potency?

A: Male potency refers to the ability to have a better sex life, in which when disrupted, means that you have erectile dysfunction. Here are ways to counter it:

1. Change in your lifestyle – quit smoking, do some exercise and eat healthy foods.

2. Help reduce anxiety – do some relaxation therapies or seek a friend.

3. Psychotherapy – get help from an expert therapist to find ways to deal with dysfunction.

4. Constriction ring – this can act as a training device for premature ejaculation as well.

Q: Are there foods that can help with erectile dysfunction?

A: There are certain food items that do act like your daily dose of Viagra, such as the following:

1. Watermelon

2. Sardines

3. Tuna

4. Salmon

5. Mackerel

6. Pomegranate

Q: What are some common myths about a man’s genital?

A: Many people get facts wrong with a man’s genital, in which you can check out the following corrections:

“A man’s shoe size is the same size as his penis size.”

Not so – a study at the University College London found no such link with penis size.

“The genital can’t curve.”

The genital can actually form a curve – just ask the couples who did their business while in an MRI scanner.

“Guys who aren’t circumcised are considered taboo or odd.”

It is only common in most countries in which circumcision is part of the religious practices, or the widespread culture.

“Pills can make them grow larger.”

Just like with boobs, there’s no shortcut for penis enlargement, unless it’s actual surgery.

“The genital has a bone that you might break.”

Despite getting a “boner” out of it, the genital is actually not made of any bones at all.

“Bigger sizes result in better sex.”

Not all the time – it depends on your thrust and your partner’s trust (rhyme intended). Additionally, size plays not much of a role in changing the orgasm rate of women.

“The genital is a muscle.”

Okay, so it’s not a muscle and it’s not a bone. What is it? It’s part of the vascular system, because it gets bad if you have bad blood flow.

“Our brain tells us when to come or climax.”

Not so – this directive “comes” from our spinal cord.

Wrapping It Up

As a whole, the Dr. Kong Multi-Function is our pick for the best budget penis pump, due to the close to skin feeling and the good material that is safe for your sensitive and private parts. The materials are also eco-friendly and responsibly made, while the functionality and vacuum mechanism is just right.